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Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

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Ronin's own Website The most basic money laundering/ponzi scam rivaling Maddoff

Free Peltier Now Worth a read


Write to me if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, information you want me to have or a correction to any information you see here.  I respond to all emails.  CAT  NOTE: I reserve the right to NOT respond to whack jobs that waste my time.

Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case. Here is the Latest story: December 2011 Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.


NOTE: New feature for the site will be an overview of cases of murdered and missing in Indian Country.  If you have a case that you want posted, contact me and I will tell you what I need to be able to post. -Cat

Please read up and follow the "Bring Paula Home" story and help a woman who has dedicated herself to helping Indian People survive and prevent Diabetes. Links on that page take you to her site. Special thanks to my friend, Denis Campbell Updated:Nov 1, 2009

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New Page: Social Services. I will post all the documents relating to TSS, there.

April 23, 2012 ---Printer Version (3)
Full Circle

I've been thinking about this for awhile. Now, it is really starting to bother me. Colleen Rowley was one of the FBI Agents investigating the abuses going on at the Rez. Colleen Rowley has a special designation in that she sued the FBI for harassment. In fact, she testified before congress a few years back, about the threats and harassment she received for trying to get the agency to take seriously, the rape and abuse of a child on a reservation.

She walked in to testify before congress, wearing a bullet proof vest and surrounded by bodyguards.

Take a moment to think about that. She did not feel safe in front of the United States Congress. She knows, possibly better than anyone else, what the FBI is capable of, and that it will kill to protect its own self interests.

She was found credible. Changes were supposed to be made.

Now, she is the one ignoring the abuses of the children on the rez. She knows the Tribal Social Services is corrupt. She knows that the stories she is hearing and has heard, and has read, about children being abused, and money being laundered through that department are true.

She knows that the person who blew the whistle on the whole scandal at TSS is credible. She saw the documents. She 'implied' heavily, that there would be arrests.

But, she stood by, idly as the corrupt kept stealing, children kept getting hurt, families ripped apart, and attempts on the lives of those who gave statements, or had evidence, became 'routine'.  She did nothing.

Evidence of crimes surround her, and she does nothing.

Two little children brutally murdered, no one is charged with their murder, and she does nothing.

Does not investigate the assaults, the affidavits, the statements... she does nothing.

She's special now. She's come full circle.

Now, it is Colleen Rowley that ignores the crimes against children on the reservations.  Now, it is Colleen Rowley that waits for witnesses to be killed... and for all this to go away.

She was supposed to change things in the FBI. Clearly, she only changed for her, and her alone. How special.

Broken Hoop

Everyone knows this, but I will say it here:

No People can survive if they cannot, or will not, care for, protect, nurture and teach their children. 

Allowing the corruption at SLN, especially in TSS, guarantees the extinction of the Tribe.

Weenie Boy's pathetic letter of excuses, and whining, went unquestioned.

He claimed that the Tribe has worked diligently to fix the problems. Quite the contrary. Hiring felons, ignoring the corruption, putting children in danger, deliberately, is hardly 'diligent' work on any scale.

Then, he claimed that the Tribe did not have enough money--

Gee, with all the double and triple billing done where one child became 3, 4, 5 or 6 children, wasn't enough money? What did you do with all that money? I know it did not go to the care of the children, nor to the families that were raising them. That much is clear.

But, typical of the Tribe: Create a problem, deny responsibility for it, made a Sad Indian Face (Not to be confused with Serious Indian Face. Sad Indian Face is really pathetic. A lot of lower lip.) Then make noises about needing more money. Wait for those who are politically connected to put in a plea or two to the Senate or the State, for 'additional' or 'Emergency' Funds-- none of which will be audited, none of which will go to the children.

Don't be surprised if, just like when the SMC Plant was caught defrauding the government and putting our Troops in grave danger (and in the grave), Dorgan the Organ jumped up before the hauling of files was even finished, and got a newer, bigger (3 times bigger) contract, for the SMC Plant to 'do it right this time.' 

Of course they would need more money! Then, and now. Anything they do, any crime they commit, becomes the very platform from which they can receive even more money. Never audited. Never.

Your children are dying. They are being abused. They are being hurt. Your leaders are just greedy, and care nothing for any of the harm they cause.

They will all take places of Honor at the Fort Totten Days festivities. Everyone applaud.

Media still follows the Fighting Sioux bullshit like chickens hypnotized by a shiny object, unaware of anything else going on around them.

Of course, your best and your brightest, the ones in a position to speak up for the children, choose instead, the celebrity of Fighting for the Fighting Sioux Logo. I guess, once that is settled. Years from now, maybe then they can spare a thought for the children-- their own children.  Maybe they should attend more funerals. Maybe they can pretend they care.

We've seen their Serious Indian Faces over the Logo Bullshit. Let's see how important and serious they can look when the children are dying, or becoming sickened, or addicted... while they looked the other way, over something that really has nothing to do with honor, or pride, or what Indians Stand For.

Then again, maybe it is all the Indians have left. The children? Who cares.

Go Fighting Sioux!

The Children? Meh. Nothing there to be proud of.


You know where to find me.


PS: Spring is here and I have a lot of gardening to get in. Chances are I might be delayed on the Monday Blog, from time to time. Don't panic. I can still receive emails.



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April 16, 2012 --Printer Version (5)
April, April, April

Looks like the Turdclan brought in one of their best and brightest. April St. Pierre Longie, a cousin, I believe. She is brought in to run the Finance Department. She's got the credentials. She's done it before. In fact, she was paid for her job working for the tribe, and then billed the tribe from her private company (out in California) so, she was paid, at least twice or "Double Dipping" last time.

One of the big festering sores in the Tribal Social Services (TSS from now on) is that they were never audited and no one from the State or Federal agencies, ever looked for 'back up documentation' on any of these kids that were being billed as Foster Children. No Birth Certificates, SSNs, and no one compared the names of the children to the birth dates that were listed.  If they had, they would have found that most of these children were being 'cloned'. Same child, different birth dates, money coming in for each birth date.  Double Dipping?

In some cases, not only double or triple dipping, but the Foster Parents never received a dime of support for these children, and they paid, out of their own pockets, for medical needs as well as clothing, food, toys, because they loved these children that had been rescued from often, horrendous living situations: Abuse, neglect, addiction, filth... and worse.

But, to TSS, these children were nothing more than meat. Bought and sold on the hoof. No one at the government level did any due diligence in overseeing these programs. Not even checking to see where the checks were being deposited, or who was signing them. It would be so simple to cross check cashed checks.

The Willful Ignorance on the part of government agencies is not just due to sloppiness. Although, those who have been making their fortune off of this aspect of money laundering in the Tribe would love to have you think that it was 'all just incompetence'.

I have looked at this and it is not incompetence. It is systematic. It is patterned and there is criminal intent behind all of it. That means, someone got paid to look the other way. Someone got kickbacks and they were high enough up to be able to order anyone that had received any letters of Grave Concern from Dr. Tilus, or any other medical professional, or even from any of the Foster Parents, to be able to make it disappear.

They could also make anyone in any of these agencies who tried to investigate or would not 'stop looking into it', transfer, lose their job, or whatever it took, to keep this cash cow in their pasture.

So, with the double dipping, I'm sure April will be right at home. It is, after all, her home. She's made millions off of the tribe. 

Nothing like having a relative in charge, surrounded by idiots, to give you that Piggy Bank effect.  Welcome back. Will you be double, or Triple billing the tribe this time?

Risky Business

For those who read the Dr. Tilus Letter of Grave Concern, and who understands how hard it is for someone in his position to come to the realization that his attempts to resolve these issues, in-house, over the years, have been deliberately thwarted by those in charge, and the only way to make it stop is to, at great personal and professional risk, come out with it.

Betty Jo Krenz spoke out about the blatant abuses in the program, and the wrong doing and she was fired on the spot. The harassment and threats began immediately, and is ongoing to this day. This week alone, cars are driving by her home, slowing down, people taking pictures of her house, to the point that the neighbors are noticing.

I have received what I call the designated letter writer, who sent me a lengthy series of emails, trying to shape the narrative to make Dr. Tilus, the man who risked everything to help stop the ongoing abuses of these children, the bad guy.  She even blamed him for the abuses! "He knew about it for 5 yrs and did nothing," she claimed.

That is a tactic used by people who want to twist the truth into a lie. How would she know what he did or did not do? What protocols he went through in his reports? How would that person know? They wouldn't. But she flew immediately to how he was the criminal here and can't be trusted--

And, at the same time, painted Dennis Meier as a hero for trying to clean up the mess. Dennis Meier, who sent texts to Foster Parents telling them that TSS was coming to get the kids the next morning. No reason, no court documents, just come and snatch the children out of their safe homes, such as the Shannon story in the Fargo Forum...  (while you're at it, read the Dr. Tilus story in FF) ...

But, they claim Dennis Meier is pure in this, but Dr. Tilus is the criminal. That is just the mild version of what they do to anyone that dares to speak up.

The Tribe that has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars making themselves the champions of the Fighting Sioux Logo Issue, won't even show their faces or talk to the media about the horrors of child abuse at the hands of TSS.

Much less, I would expect them to explain why they write checks to family and friends, but not to the Foster Parents.

And then Weenie Boy issues a letter with all the whining and whimpering as if he himself is the victim in all of this: It's at the bottom of the "Grave Concerns" letter from Dr. Tilus.

His response was comically evasive in the Fargo Forum Story: "The tribe has been working diligently for years..." Doing what? Exactly?

He addresses the firing of people who bring up issues of abuse or illegal processes/procedures as "burnout" making retention of good workers more difficult.  Burnout? Seriously? You fire people who tell you that you are hurting these children or misapplying these funds and you label it as 'burnout'?

And then he whines about the State cutting funds, making it all the more difficult. Ummm, the State cut off funds a few months ago. These problems have been ongoing for years and years! They didn't just occur when the funds were cut off!

Of course, it was laying the groundwork, subtly mind you, for application for more funds and grants for the tribe so they can fix this horrible problem! Nevermind, they misapplied, wait-- EMBEZZLED, the funds they had received, and they fraudulently applied for and received funds, so clearly, 'funding' was not the problem. It was the systematic laundering of these monies that is the problem.

Well, you can't blame Weenie Boy for trying. Blow enough smoke, faux outrage, helpless Indian act, and someone in government will get the cue to step in and provide both cover, and extra grant money, I am sure!

Besides, everyone knows the man can't read a word. He didn't write this letter. Michelle Rivard, who has been the attorney for the tribe (they have a lot of attorneys) since NLO was in office, most likely was the author of that letter. She's a real snake. A well-paid snake.

So, Fargo Forum, Grand Forks Herald, all running these stories now. Bravo.

The FBI has known about these crimes for years. The State has known for years. The Federal Government has known for years. How about the good people of North Dakota start phoning and contacting the people who were cc'd on Dr. Tilus' letter of Grave Concern, and demanding answers, investigations, and best of all, their jobs.  Demand that those who have been ignoring this, being paid to ignore this, getting kickbacks to ignore this, be fired.

I would have them all investigated for aiding and abetting child trafficking, child abuse, child molest, child endangerment and child porn.  That has been what they have been doing: Aiding and Abetting.

Foster Parents have a gun to their heads: If they don't speak up, their foster child will be hurt. If they do speak up, or could speak up, the other foster children they have, can be ripped away from them. Sure, it's illegal. It's wrong. And if anyone has the wherewithal to fight it in court, which would take years, by the time they do see the child again, they are lost. The damage is done. Most will never even have a chance to see their child again.

I just got word that another child has gone missing. They too, were snagged from Foster Parents, returned to abusive homes, and are now missing. I am working at getting the details on this.

Help Wanted

I see Wands has posted every position in TSS up for grabs now. If you want a job where you can or must ignore child abuse, embezzlement, child suicides; if you enjoy traumatizing the most vulnerable children, and looking the other way while friends and family of those running the program get big fat checks every week, but care for none of these children (or even know their names, for that matter) ... then by all means! Apply for those jobs!

If you think you can step in there and make a difference, think again: You will be fired if you try. You will have no support from the State. Your rights will be violated and the State will ignore it, even though you are covered by the same State rules. They will look sympathetic, mumble something about sovereignty, (which they will not explain legally or in any way that makes sense) and they will have you escorted out of their cubicle and shown the door.

But, if you want to talk about Fighting Sioux Logo, they will listen to you for hours

Stay Tuned

Looks like there three local channels will be running the story, finally, today.

Decide for yourself: Which is more important: Protecting Children? Or Fighting Sioux Logo?

7 x 7

There have been 7 deaths in 7 days on the rez. Some are suspicious, such as the two women in the apartment in Devils Lake. They were not friends with the people in that apartment; lived a few doors down so should have been in their own apartment doing drugs.

Some say "disliked" as one woman was considered a "narc" who would rat out people to get a better deal for herself. 

When the son of one woman called around looking for his mom, he was told that she was there with another woman and that they were 'sleeping'. 

They were dead. 

What is suspicious about this, and this is what I am looking into, is one of the women had 5 grandchildren in Foster Care. Five children can easily become 10, 15, 20-- and someone who liked to narc people out to get a better deal, might just have been considered a threat if she ever mentioned that she knew of anything shady going on with TSS. 

Of course, being a drug addict, it's easy to hide the murder and make it look like her own doing. But I keep remembering that Eddie Peltier was murdered over a traffic ticket that was a threat to a (then) low level drug dealing operation by the Turdclan. What is going on with TSS is millions of dollars. A lot of people can be going to prison if this gets a solid criminal investigation. Despite the State doing all they can to NOT trigger a criminal investigation.

With all this TSS stuff coming up, like a kicked hornets' nest, and people feeling very threatened by any information that leaks out, even from someone like her, which could back up other stories of the same thing.. I can't help but wonder if someone didn't just decide to do her in, and her friend, in case she talked.

There were Five to Seven other people in that house. Think about it: if they were all doing the same drugs, which is how it works when everyone is doing drugs in one place "Sharing", why did only those two die? No one else even got sick.

But, it's so easy to kill Indians and write it off.

A friend told me, long time ago, that an Indian can have three bullets in his head from three separate guns, both hands cut off, and it would be ruled 'suicide'.

How do you hide a Hippopotamus? In a herd of Hippopotami.

How do you hide a murder? In a cluster of murders. But the death of those two women, just doesn't seem to fit. Know what I mean?

You know where to find me.



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April 11, 2012 --- Printer Version  (2)
Social Services is Child Trafficking

This document details to a very limited extend, the kinds of crimes being committed on or against children in the control of Social Services and how Social Services is, in many ways, deliberately putting children in harm's way in order to gain control over their identities and use that to gain pharma prescriptions, as well as putting children in the care of known predators, often removing the children from safe homes with no notice (Unless you consider a text saying: "Get the kid ready, we'll be there in an hour to remove her" as 'notice').

These children are used to garner funding from State and Federal Agencies who ignore the plight of these children and never investigate the 'harm done' reports that come to them.  Their only concern is that the paperwork be made to look right so that they do not have to be bothered with actually protecting the children or investigating the rapes and murders, and other abuses of these children.

Read it now: Letter from Tilus Note at the end of that document is a frothy little note from Marty Alex, trying to cover it all up as if it is a minor issue, in the vaguest of terms, being dealt with.

People are being threatened. Death threats have come down and actual attempts on the lives of people have taken place.

Betty Jo Krenz and her entire family have been threatened as the result of her having stood up for the Children who were, in her opinion, being put at risk. 

The FBI supposedly was going to protect her.  They came from Minneapolis. They never protected her.  She was run off the road awhile back. Late at night. There was a spotter vehicle in a 'proach' and when she went past, they notified their accomplice and she was chased and run off the road.  The FBI had the cell phone numbers of those involved-- but did nothing. They know who did it, and they did nothing.

If anything happens to her or her family, it is because the Tribal Government, the Turdclan, and the FBI coordinated to protect the criminal syndicate on the rez, in order to keep not only the crimes against children, the sex trafficking and pharma racket ongoing, but all the other major crimes that have been in place since before Eddie Peltier was murdered.

They were just building their criminal empire back in the early 80's. Eddie's freestyle was a threat to them on the most remote possibility that he could be in a position to not only know their crimes, but do something about it -- if, IF he wanted to.

You saw what they did to Eddie. You know what they did to Eddie.

They are running that rez to this day-- and they will do it to more people. Four people have sent me this document as of this morning. If anything happens to any of them, it is with the full knowledge and assistance of the FBI.

If you can't protect the children, you cannot protect anyone. Time to stand up. Everyone. On the rez and off. Time to force investigation into the criminal syndicate running the Rez, and the failure of every government agency to investigate.

Now you know why they want to distract you with 'Fighting Sioux' as the 'main issue in Indian Country' and on that rez. Are you that stupid?

What are you waiting for?

You know where to find me.


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April 9, 2012  -- Printer Version (2)

Sorry I am late. I am working on a few things, and not quite sure how I should put them together, or even if they would GO together.

So, here's the problem: I have heard things that I cannot verify and need you all to fill me in.

Question 1.

I heard that Glenn DeLorme has been hired to work in or run, Social Services. I know Social Services is having trouble finding someone who is not a criminal or under investigation to run the show, but that would be ridiculous. He worked there before, and was fired for inappropriate behavior towards clients.

He was also previously a cop, but got fired from that, as well for making 'booty stops': Stopping young ladies, some around the age of 15, for offenses real or manufactured, and then trading sex for a 'warning'.

He then got hired as a cop for the rez, and the outrage went through the ceiling (everyone already knew about his previous jobs, behaviors, and record) so, it would make no sense whatsoever to hire him into to run a department which is already being scrutinized.

Besides, he's supposed to be running a little mom-pop grocery store that he bought in Minnewauken, from the previous Mayor, who owned it but got busted for drugs or fraud or something.

(a.) Where did he get the money to buy a store? He had been fired from every job he had. Is drug dealing that lucrative? Wait, no, if he was drug dealing he would not need to take the job at Soc Services... unless the lure of $20-60K per child and all the young girls he can get access to, was the bait.

Then again, with the State and the BIA only looking at the paperwork, not at the victims, he could pull it off. So, is he working there?

And, if he is dealing drugs in Minnewauken, is he unable to make enough money at it? Or is this just supplemental?  So many questions!

Question 2.

How many Chaskes are working on or for the police department?

(a.) Which of them has worked there the longest?

Question 3.

How many ghosts does it take to fill kitchen of a Chaske?

So, there you have it. Not much news right now... I am working on a few things, but I am trying to get them verified (as much as I can) before I post them here. Retractions are so humbling!

Oh, one last Question:

Who saw the strange lights flying over, then into the Lake and then out again? I'm up to about 6 different people so far.

Okay, One MORE Question:

Anyone see the Thunderbird? It was pretty dark out, but someone saw it. Talk to me.

So, there you have it, questions. Some will apply to the future blog, and some will not. Just idle curiosity.

Spring is in the Air, so I'm sure the ladies in high school will be beating the crap out of each other to see who gets possession/ownership of some worthless male whom they can then support by working all day while he hangs out with the other kept men, dialing up those sex phone numbers and doing drugs.  Yeah, the Indian Pair Bonding Rituals are so predictable.

Remember this: No man is worth fighting over. Nor is any woman. Figure out if you are together or moving on. 

Here is another thing to remember: No school bully has ever gone on to do anything great in this world, nor have they ever found happiness. If someone is bullying you, they are already predestined to be a loser. High School will end someday, and they will have nowhere to go but down.


I have news for you, Pisster. But not just yet. And yes, QBall did kill your son and your brother (not the same person in this case, but you know what I mean).  And you know he did because you have seen him kill before-- more than once.

Summer is coming.

You know where to find me.


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April 2, 2012 -- Printer Version (4)
Feet of Clay, Heart of Stone

Watching what, at one time, appeared to be powerful groups, agencies and individuals, that once looked unbreakable, stumble and crumble, has been an eye opening experience for many of us.

People outside of Indian Country, who thought the FBI was, collectively, a noble, almost super virtuous agency manned by men and women of the highest intelligence and integrity, are beginning to see how the agency, as a whole, is a dysfunctional, fragmented, impotent behemoth that does more damage than good, when it comes to protecting the rights and upholding the laws of our country.

Those who have studied the Leonard Peltier case have seen identical tactics deployed by the very same people that locked up innocent men based on false testimonies of their own creations and which were scripted, via terror and torture to their 'witnesses', and many of the exact same players in both cases, including Lynn Crooks, Dennis Fisher, and Judge Paul Benson, who, coincidentally, all belonged to the same Masonic Lodge. 

The same tactics in both cases were used to flood the media with the government's side of the issue, while barring the Defendant's from speaking to anyone, or even their families from speaking to anyone, by gag orders that did not expire when the trial was over.

Media was sycophantic in their slobbering all over the government 'sources', not even questioning the veracity of anything they were being told, helped to paint the innocent as murderers, and the murderers as 'heroes'.

This is what we are left with, today: Innocent men in prison, based on false & contradictory testimonies; millions and millions of Tax Dollars going into Indian Country, never accounted for; politicians rubbing elbows with corrupt leaders while turning a deaf ear to complaints and pleas for justice or even investigation into the corruption.

The FBI has been, throughout history, the enforcement arm of the Criminal Operations in Indian Country. Reporters never even question their version of events, nor do they even try to get 'the other side'. After all, why would the FBI, The USAG's office lie?

But they do lie. The lies cost the innocent their freedom, their lives are worth nothing, graveyards fill up with murdered victims who are never represented in any investigation or court.

It is as if the Mafia was running a county, and the Government was aiding and abetting their criminal enterprise by all means necessary. The people have no Rights, and no voice, except those raised up in protest, which are met by a jaundiced media with stereotyped sound bytes: "Uprising, Renegades, Warpath" and everyone has a chuckle and moves on to "Next, Sports and the latest Scores! Stay Tuned!".

With attention being drawn to Indian Country by recent events: The FBI Raiding Social Services, etc, but no one going to jail or even being charged for crimes against children, or even for embezzlement, misappropriation of funds... the FBI -- for all its bluster, all it's shiny gear, has feet of clay and goes nowhere.

The murders of the DuBois children goes uncharged, now, as we approach the ONE YEAR Anniversary of their slaughter. Tim Purdon, our noble USAG, the one that 'wants to make a difference in the lives of Indians', has quickly joined to the status quo and deceived the people who pay his wages, by saying 'An Arrest Has Been Made,' when in fact, no one has ever been charged in the murder, despite the overwhelming evidence, DNA, witness statements... The father sits in jail under 'Child Endangerment' charges. Nothing more.

One of the suspected accomplices in the rape and murder of those children, has, by virtue of his family name, been protected from arrest, and has continued to rape little children, while Jan Morely, who is assigned to the rez as the AUSAG, bumbles cases that a third grader could win.

The FBI says they are 'investigating'. Folks, that is code for: "We are tying up all the evidence and no one will ever see it because we won't release it."  The FBI, in this case, as in so many others, when faced with those corrupt who are connected & protected, are the vault into which all things criminal are safely hidden from view-- ever.

People are asking why no one has been arrested. People are hearing the cover story, but knowing it is just a smoke screen. People are losing respect for DOJ, FBI and the State.

Now, they might have to ask: Where do the millions of dollars that the casinos make, every week, go?

I often wonder if the FBI are all getting their cut, or if, only a few-- those closer to the top, are living a little beyond their means.

The most helpless, vulnerable, are voiceless. They are the children. The future of Indians and Indian Country goes into the cold hard ground, while those on the outside, are presented with "Fighting Sioux" as the biggest issue confronting Indians.  It's a PR Campaign to distract us all. After all, we go from murdered children to "Now a word from our Sports Commentator", on a nightly basis. Why not go from raped and murdered children to "Sports Logo Controversy"? You pick. Which gets more air time or ink?

You're the customer, you can ask why your source of News is providing you with drivel rather than substance. You can. Unless your feet are also made of clay, and your heart is made of stone.

Head Start Update

Jane Liska, who abruptly quit her position at Head Start last week, did so on a Friday, right after she went over to the main office and removed several files. No one is doing anything to get the files back from her. They are withholding her check until she returns them, but how will they know if they have not been altered?

They won't.

I have always wondered how a woman, who can't even turn on her computer, has held high paying positions in all parts of the tribe's business. She obviously has something or a lot of things, on a lot of people. She is obviously being paid off by being given jobs she has no qualifications for.  And, it appears, she is not above stealing confidential files to get more 'security' in the future.

Why is it 'obvious'? Because she has stolen files and no one has arrested her. They 'wait' for her to bring them back. I wonder where she will show up next?

I have no idea who has actually been hired into the Administrator's position at Head Start. Or if anyone has actually been chosen.

Given that Wanda White-Trottier put in a family friend with lesser qualifications and then firing the more qualified person who had been hired, as the Nurse: RN replaced with LPN or lower, which does NOT meet the criteria for the Head Start Grants, who knows what or whom they will put in place? It's becoming more and more clear that those who control these things care nothing about the intent of the program, and even less about the children and families that desperately need this program, but more about giving friends good jobs, regardless of qualifications.

The Waiting Game

So, they "wait" for Jane Liska to return files-- but do not arrest her.

Meanwhile, the FBI "Waits" for everyone to forget about the brutal slaughter of two little children-- and make no arrests.

Richard LaFuente "Waits" for the Truth to set him free.

Mary McDonald "waits to see" if the Turdclan will offer more money to her family for her silence, or if they will, because money is tight now, just find a way to kill her off. If they do, no one will investigate.

The State "waits" for Weenieboy and the Tribal Council to make the paperwork 'look right', so they can resume shoveling money, taxpayer money, at the corrupt 'leaders'.

The children "Wait" for someone to care, someone to act, someone to at least look at what has been done to them.

The graveyard "Waits" for the next procession, tiny coffins, all in a row...
Once beating hearts, now crosses of wood, markers of stone.

Now, for sports: “GO FIGHTING SIOUX!”

You know where to find me.




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