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Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

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Ronin's own Website The most basic money laundering/ponzi scam rivaling Maddoff

Free Peltier Now Worth a read


Write to me if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, information you want me to have or a correction to any information you see here.  I respond to all emails.  CAT  NOTE: I reserve the right to NOT respond to whack jobs that waste my time.

Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case. Here is the Latest story: December 2011 Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.


NOTE: New feature for the site will be an overview of cases of murdered and missing in Indian Country.  If you have a case that you want posted, contact me and I will tell you what I need to be able to post. -Cat

Please read up and follow the "Bring Paula Home" story and help a woman who has dedicated herself to helping Indian People survive and prevent Diabetes. Links on that page take you to her site. Special thanks to my friend, Denis Campbell Updated:Nov 1, 2009

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January 30, 2012  -- Printer Version (5)
Home To Roost

So, the second petition on Weenie Boy, the murderer elected as chairman in an election where it didn't matter if the numbers added up or not, is in. There are plenty, if not even more than enough legit names signed to get him out of office.

People take a big risk going after him. His family has murdered people over something as small as a traffic ticket, and others were killed, mostly for sport, but also to make sure no one would get out of line and tell what they knew about that murder.

Turdclan steps over dead bodies to get what they want.

Yet, people signed. The Tribal Council immediately went into a huddle to try and figure what they could do about this. They want to find a way to ignore the petition altogether. But they were told that if they did that, the people would revolt and petition them all out. I am sure that all of those petitions will also be ignored.

So, in order to make a legitimate recall petition go away, and the cowardly Tribal Council (all of them) not wanting to appear to be the ones who flushed it; it has been given over to one of the Tribal Council appointed judges to decide if it is going to be acted on or not.

So, they have now, openly, taken away your voice. They have told you that you can follow all the rules and step up, and they will -- because they always have and always will-- ignore you.

Typically, the next step would be to contact the BIA Agent on the rez. But, everyone knows Rowdy Cavenaugh is in it deep with the Turdclan. His own family has been robbing millions out of the tribe, so he is not about to rock that canoe.  He has never filed one incident report. That was, for a long time, despite the BIA and the Department of Interior KNOWING that major crimes were being committed on the rez, allowing the BIA to turn a blind eye, deaf ear, and of course, say nothing.  Rowdy is as much the BIA's insurance policy that they will never have to address anything, as he is the Turdclan's go-to man for putting a lid on any information or complaints ever going outside of the rez.

Rowdy can even take leave, whenever he wants, without notifying his superiors in Aberdeen. They only find out when they can't reach him. Some supervision, eh?

Let's get their attention, shall we?


BIA, Great Plains Regional Office
ATTENTION: Alice Harwood
115 4th Avenue Southeast
Aberdeen, SD 57401

Telephone:  (605) 226-7343
Telefax:  (605) 226-7446

And, if you get the run around, saying she's not in, or whatever, feel free to leave a message with whomever answers the phone. Write down his or her name and document what day, time you spoke to them-- then send it to me. I'll keep track for you.

By the way, if you want to just call her directly, and demand that the Petition that has been turned in be addressed, and the Tribal Council's refusal to process it in the normal and legal fashion; and if you want to ask her who, if anyone is supervising Rod Cavenaugh and when was the last time he had a performance review... call her directly: 605-226-7343

Tell her you are demanding that the BIA step in and assure the people that their petitions will be heard, and process will be followed.  Tell her to back it up with agents from the BIA--- NOT Donovan Wind, who, during his service as a Tribal police officer and as the Chief of Police for the tribe, failed to investigate rapes, underage drinking parties, molestation, robberies and assaults.  Tell her you want someone not pals with the criminal organization that has been running the place.

I encourage those of you who have been threatened, or had incidents of violence or terrorism towards you by or on behalf of the Tribal Council or Weenie Boy and his family, call directly and let them know that all is not well on the rez, despite Rowdy not filing any reports.

You might ask if Rod Cavenaugh works for the BIA or if the BIA is there to serve him and his family. We should probably clear that up at the outset.

Judge Knot

So, Brooke Black and Justin Yankton are found guilty on the charges of stealing from the LIHEP funds/fuel. Sentencing will be next month.

Because Justin was reinstated, illegally (mention that to our good friend, Alice, while you are at it) and his reinstatement was never recorded in the minutes, and he was given back pay and benefits, the Tribe has had to pick up the tab for his attorneys' fees.  They will also be picking up the tab for whatever pittance of a fine the Judge delivers to him. Given how Carl Walkingeagle and his family, who stole more and for longer were given such a slap on the wrist, I doubt that either Justin, who shamefully stole from the poor and cold of the tribe and then, cowardly creature that he is, tried to hide behind his girlfriend and let her take the fall for him, will get any kind of a real sentence.  If he did, it would seriously call into question the laughable sentence dealt out to Carl & Co.

That alone, would make it so the judges who want their favorites to skate by, will pressure any of the other judges to go soft, flaccid, if you will, in this case. Perhaps so much so, that they can tie it into a knot?

Unless of course, Justin and Brook get the same judge as did Carl & Co. Then, with a wink and a nod, a stern lecture... and then the punch line: Some measly amount, and house arrest. Better yet: Time served.  I can hardly wait.

Any judge that doesn't go along with the program, will of course, stand out, and so will the other cases. Going to be interesting-- maybe.

Meanwhile, just like Carl & Co, or the murderers, all of whom walk among you-- take your children into their families-- and you let them. You act as if the wealth they stole from you, and now parade in front of you as if you are less than they are, is something to be respected.  No one calls them out. No one turns their backs.  Always a friendly greeting, and a wave of the hand... hoping, just hoping, they might notice you and smile back.

After all, who are you to judge? It is as if you have no judgment whatsoever.


The people you should be supporting, in my humble opinion, are the brave people who stood up and put their names to the petition that has earned them, thus far, nothing more than scorn from those who are supposed to be leaders, and complete disinterest from those who are supposed to be making sure that government on the rez runs according to laws.  The Federal Government has got to be made to take an interest in what happens to people out there.

Stand together or you shall all, down to a person, be wishing you had stood by those who were standing up for you when it was still possible. Bad times are coming and it will get a lot worse before it gets better... and it won't get better unless you take the lessons learned and stand up and stand together.

The more abuse you take, the more you will have to take even more abuse.

Lyin' Around

Everyone really anxious to know what the State found in regards to the audit they just did on Social Services. The Good People of Spirit Lake are being told by their leaders that the problems were minor, and everyone is cooperating and all is well. Nothing to see here... move along.

The truth is far from that. The State is not at all at ease with what has been found. Now, it remains to be seen, what, exactly, they will do about it.

Meanwhile, children are being snatched from safe homes and delivered into the hands of their abusers... all to clear up a little problem with record keeping.  A little problem where the money never went where it was supposed to go.

Each one of these children, will grow up never able to trust anyone. Many will not survive at all. Those who do will have to overcome overwhelming odds and pressures to not turn to drugs, alcohol, drop out of school and engage in demeaning sex just to feel like they 'belong somewhere'... even if they never do feel like they belong anywhere. Most will not be able to clear those hurdles.

Look around you. Look around town. You see them in various stages of survival. Most are in jail or have been in jail. Some are screaming at you on the street, others just passed out, lying around... maybe dead.

That is what is waiting for these children. What they become is waiting for all of us who did nothing to stop the abuses.


Write to your State, Local and Federal Representatives. Tell them you want them to take the problems and abuses that happen in Indian Country seriously. Tell them you want investigations into complaints, deaths and embezzlement of tax dollar funds and grants.  Tell them that it is important. Keep telling them until they do something about it, or you can vote in someone who will.

We all have to become very proactive if anything is going to get better for any of us. First, it has to get better for all of us.

Indians did not "do this to themselves". This is what has been done to First Nations ever since Contact and the greed filled hearts of Corporate Thieves who saw the treasure of resources and only one thing standing in their way--- The First Nations.

Time to open our eyes and stop pretending that since we did not do this to them, we are not responsible for what continues to be done to them... in our name, with our TAX DOLLARS.

We can, at the very least, reclaim our own small portion of Humanity and say something; do something; pressure government to do what is right. 

Only a small handful of people get benefit from stealing the resources. But all of us have to pay for the damage done to the environment, the survivors, and we can no longer afford to just let it be what it is. This all has to change. It starts with one. It starts with us.

It won't be easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is. But we pride ourselves on being a great nation and on our Justice System and our Laws. None of that was easy either.

Are we not the dreams of our Grandfathers? If not, then are we a bigger disappointment to them? Or to those we leave to clean up and fix what we could not be bothered to do? Do we do this ourselves and now? Or do we leave it all, in a broken heap of stink, for our Children and Grandchildren?  What will they think of us?

You know where to find me.


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January 23, 2012 ---Printer Version (5)
Burning Question

Justin Yankton's trial was moved from last week over to this week. He's another one on trial for ripping off the LIHEP, Fuel Assistance Program.  This follows the trial, conviction and laughable fine (a fraction of what was stolen in fuel alone) of Carl Walkingeagle.

People are figuring out that it cost more to investigate the theft of fuel than will ever be recouped by the fines or penalties meted out by very lenient judges who seem to feel that the wealthiest Indians stealing from the poorest Indians in their own tribe, is just a minor offense.

So, with the trial coming up on Justin, and him being reinstated and put on paid leave, after being paid back pay for being arrested, and the Tribe paying for his attorney's fees, the burning question is this: Will he get the same slap on the wrist as Carl Walkingeagle? Or much less, because he was stealing for far fewer years than was Carl? Will he be lucky enough to pull that judge that seems to really like the corrupt? Or will he get a real judge and a real penalty?

If he gets a real judge and a real penalty, how is that fair, in comparison to the laughable 'justice' handed out to Walkingeagle? Remember: Walkingeagle involved about 9 members of his family (if not more).

Does the Law mean anything to the judges? It surely is just a joke to the corrupt who have been robbing the tribe blind, almost faster than the money can come in from State and Federal grants.

Somewhere, there is a home, actually, more like 60 homes, that are going without heat in this bitter cold North Dakota winter, while the fat cats that rub elbows and grease palms of the Justice System, snuggle warmly either in their beds, or in some first class hotel the Tribe pays for when they travel.

These freezing cold homes have children and elders in them. They have sick people in them. But, none of that will matter to judges, who have never in their whole lives, gone without a meal, been cold in their homes, or had to listen to their hungry, cold children cry themselves to sleep.

LIHEP was but one of many programs that have been routinely, and always raided at Spirit Lake Nation. Social Services just went through an audit. The State had to be humiliated into actually performing an audit. Although it sounds fierce to know that Rod Cavenaugh, Dennis Meier, or that murderer you elected as your chairman could not prevent the State from demanding the files for audit... many are suspicious that despite the evidence of fraud, falsification, embezzlement, the State will, in the end, issue some lame statement such as:

"There were big problems in the Tribe's operating their Social Services department... but... it's all cleared up now so we are closing the books. Thanks. Bye."

Why? Because anything the State finds will lead to more and more and more things the State should have been looking at for decades, but no one in the State ever bothered to do their job. Always nice to claim "Sovereignty" as the excuse for never looking-- but those of us who know, know that anytime State funds are used in any community, the STATE has an obligation to oversee how those funds are being used and to ensure that TAX PAYER DOLLARS are not being abused.

The state has known, but not known, about the abuses and shameful neglect of the children out at SLN. They have known because they have heard about it-- from this blog, *waves Hello* and from people desperate to prevent child abuse or to get services for children who needed it.

But, not wanting to rock the boat, they have been content to keep shoveling millions of dollars over the years, into a pit that created more and more corruption while more and more children paid the price. Some, with their lives. Others, with damage done that of course, we can all see later on when we find them all grown up and on the streets.  But, we will just resent that Indians don't know how to raise their children, and write them off.

How much could we save ourselves 5, 10, 20 years from now if we just invested in oversight of how the money is being used now? Imagine if it was not okay to abuse, rape, starve children? Imagine how, if the State followed up on crimes they know are happening-- or should know if they did their job, and at risk children, or disabled children actually had a chance to thrive? Maybe even become educated and productive?

Would less crime in the surrounding area be worth it to you? Or shall we just keep sweeping this under the rug? There is no more room under the rug. There are too many broken lives and dead children under that rug.

Kevin made a fortune for himself from doing as he pleased with the funds... and then just left his pals, the ones who helped him cover the crap, holding the bag. He's scurried on back to the ex-wife. And from the big smile on her face, he must have brought a truckload of cash with him.

Big Spenders are looked at with some sort of respect by the State and the Justice System. The Feds have gone through quite a dance, but I really don't expect anything to come of what they found -- even less over the things they have ignored.

I heard that there were several boxes of credit cards found recently. Just as I have been telling you for years, there are people who have access to Tribal Enrollment and Employee records and they have been getting credit cards issued in those names, whether it be an Elder, a newborn child, or someone who has been working their ass off to make ends meet... thousands of cards have been issued to people who never applied for them... and they are cashed out, defaulted on, leaving whomever has had their credit ruined, completely in the dark-- until they get a threatening letter from a bank, or try to establish credit on down the line and realize they are in hock up to seven generations and never spent a dime.

By now, the Feds could, especially with credit card fraud, have started a RICO investigation. But, hey, they are working really hard to try and make it all minimized and go away. Maybe bring a lightweight case before a judge, with a wink and nod, a slap on the wrist, wrap it up, everyone go home, nothing to see here.

But, there is something to see. You just have to know where to look.

Last week, a home burned down in St. Mikes. The home housed 12 people. Ronnie and Johanna Hunt and their family.  Ronnie is undergoing dialysis. The family could not afford heat and could not afford power because someone in Social Services failed to recognize serious need. No one in Tribal Council stood up to get them services. Not medical, not General Assistance, no power bill, not fuel.

One of the children knocked over a candle. They all got out alive, but what little they had-- is gone. The clothes on their backs is all. Nightgowns.

I am sure the tribe is putting them up at the hotel in the casino now. Maybe they will have to pay the hotel bill and maybe not. It depends on how greedy the Casino, The Chairman and the Housing director are.

The shortage on housing has been one of the most visible indicators of corruption to anyone in State of Federal Government who would bother to look.

All the housing funds went into the purchase of 20 trailers-- with no street to put them on, no hook-ups for power, sewage or anything... but a good friend of people in Tribal Council got over $1Million from that deal. A man who was kicked out of his own tribe for corruption. Not sure how much was kicked back to the Tribal Council members who put that through, but those trailers, pathetic tin cans that they are, are rotting, empty.

A family has been burned out and left with nothing. And I guarantee you that tonight, as the wind blows cold through North Dakota, there are more families, jammed into fewer square feet than a first class hotel room rented for Tribal Councilors on a Vegas Rodeo jaunt... and somewhere, freezing cold and with no light, someone may knock over a candle... and no one in Tribal Council, no one in Social Services, no one in the State and no one in the Federal Government will even notice.

Worst of all, no one sitting on the Judge's bench in any court where Justin Yankton is being tried, will care. In fact, they will probably all go out to lunch together after the trial and have a few laughs.

Using 'sovereignty' as the excuse for allowing, nay, funding the corruption that abuses children, puts families in the cold, takes food from the Elders, and steals all hope for the future, is abominable.  Clearly, Indians cannot expect any better from their government.

Apparently, neither can we. Not on their behalf nor our own. We are all Indians now. Only some of us are paying for abuse and corruption while others just sit back, in their offices, look out the window and plan what they will do on the weekend. Meanwhile, take a look at how Indians are treated by the very government we elect, appoint, and pay for. Is that really how you want your tax dollars spent?

Ask why, when Steven Bruce Cartier was caught with more than 1 million child porn images on his computer, did the USAG's office not pursue any leads to any of the people whom he worked with (several level 3 Registered Sex Offenders), and no one that he dealt with and traded with on the Internet? Why did they assume he did it all on his own? Would that even be possible?

My suspicion is this: They dropped that case because it would lead to people in high places-- and people in low places who had people in high places either on the payroll-- or by the short hairs.  Nature abhors a vacuum. That case has left a giant sucking sound, that should have pulled in a lot of big fish-- but yielded only one minnow.

Is the FBI in Grand Forks, and perhaps elsewhere, so invested in protecting the Turdclan, and their own butts from the crimes they committed in framing 11-19 people for Eddie's murder, that they dare not allow one thread of crime to lead back to the rope factory that is Turdclan?

Poopsie always said that if he goes down, he will take everyone with him. And he will. FBI, USAGs, other people who covered up the murder... he will take them all down. Politicians will not be safe. Everyone, will go down.

Is that why no matter what goes on out there, how horrendous it is, that any activity investigated ends up with a cover up, an excuse, a slap on the wrist or being ignored altogether? So no one hits that trip wire? How many more crimes, more murders and rapes, abuses and embezzlements is government at all levels, willing to look the other way and help cover up?

At what point can these people, all of them, continue to look in the mirror and not see dead children? How many cannot hear, in the middle of the night, hungry spirits rustling through their kitchens... or the sound of mothers weeping? How long will all of us: You, me, everyone-- just shrug our shoulders and assume there is nothing we can do, no questions we can ask, no demands we can make of those we pay to be our leaders and Civil Servants, Judges and investigators?

Are we even Human anymore?

Go take a peek at Justin Yankton's trial. Get a taste of what is going on-- in our name. Checked your credit score lately? Turn off the heat in your house for 24 hours. Get a 'feel' for it.

They are not protecting us. They are not protecting Indians. Who, exactly are they protecting?

You know where to find me.


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January 16, 2012 ---Printer Version(5)
Surprise! GA Meeting Tomorrow

I am informed, but so far, only by one person so it may or may not be correct, and if it is correct, they may change or cancel the meeting at the last minute. You know how they do up at the Big Blue.

But there is supposed to be a GA Meeting on Tuesday (tomorrow), at the Blue Building. Why? I have no clue. But you can come armed with questions: Why did they give back pay to Justin and to Poopsie without putting it to a proper vote? Money just gets flung around out there, if you are someone who lost your job because you failed a drug test, I guess. So, everyone that has lost their job because they failed a drug test should also request, on the spot, to have their back pay reinstated. Go back years! Why not?

Your Tribal Council seems unable to figure out a work schedule for themselves. They show up or don't show up, get paid either way. These sudden GA meetings are getting to be a little bizarre.

Also on Tuesday

Justin Yankton, who just got a whack of back pay, and for whose attorney you are all paying, has a court date! I suppose that if he goes to prison, which is unlikely given the laughable sentences meted out by the cornball Judges who hear the cases and think that stealing from the poorest of the poor in Indian Country is no big thang, ... gave Waddling Eagle a slap on the wrist and an teeny tiny fine, which I am sure he paid for from one of those coffee cans he has buried in his yard.  Let's see if Walking Eagle also gets back pay for losing the election, shall we?

Let's See, What Else is on Tuesday?

Oh yes, the State has demanded a series of files from Social Services to be presented to them for forensic audit.  Files that are flagged as possibly tampered with. Or, better yet, non-existent. 

Roger waved his hand and declared he would stop them from auditing the department. He failed. His buddy, Rod Cavenaugh, laughed at all the concern in Social Services, telling them he could, with a simple phone call, get more time, like 30 - 90 days, to produce the files... it was so simple... but he failed.

So, on Tuesday, those files have to be presented. And, if anything is out of order, the tribe will lose its funding for that department.  The State, at this point, with the glare of media hot on their necks, is going to do their job and when they find the files are out of order, non-existent or tampered with... they will not only immediately cut off funding, but seek to recoup all the funding related to those cases, possibly even more cases, from the Tribe. 

In order to make it look like they have been doing business legitimately, Wanda put out the call and recruited as many people as she could, to show up at the Social Services offices Friday, Saturday, Sunday and they are probably there today as well, to construct files.  How do you think that is going to work?

Whom do you think will take the fall when these brand newly built files don't match up to what the State knows is the true files? Will it be falsifying records? Forging signatures? Falsifying State Documents? What kind of charges will be added to the penalties that are sure to come that way?

Those files are due on Tuesday.

Wow, that's one very busy day!

So, someone tell me: How much is Wanda paying you all to forge, falsify and fake these files? I hope you get paid in cash. If there is a paycheck with your name on it, you also, might be in big trouble. 

All this so the thieves in Social Services can steal from the most vulnerable in the tribe. Steal from them and put them in danger. The Children.

I guess the tribe has not buried enough children yet. I suppose they learned nothing from the ones they had to bury.  Not learning from mistakes of the past, repeating them and expecting different outcomes is of course, the definition of stupidity.

People, find a way to come together.

Head Start Horrors

The RN from Head Start did not quit. She was fired. Wanda fired her so that Patricia Longie, who writes such 'sweet' letters to me every time her name is mentioned, can have that Nurse's job.  Becky Larson quit last week, so I guess the Death Threats, assaults and general hostile atmosphere out there was finally enough for her.

Lisa Georgeson has replaced her. No degree in anything. Wanda wrote the termination letter for the RN but, gutless as she is, wanted Lisa to sign it. Lisa, no degree, was not that stupid. She did not sign it. I wonder if someone forged her name on it? Or, were all the forgers already busy at Social Services, Creating history?

I have heard that Patricia Longie, who is an LPN, one step lower than the RN she replaced, was told she could have the RN's job if she dropped her police charges against Jean or Jan Liska, the woman whom she got into a brawl with over the paychecks (previous posting). I don't know if she dropped the charges or not. Personally, I don't give a rat's behind. 

But, I am seriously puzzled at what it is that Liska holds over the Power Brokers in the tribe. She has no skills; cannot even use a computer, yet is given supervisory and director jobs left and right. In all the deficiencies listed when Head Start went on probation, most were corrected except those that related to Liska, who could not do the job she was assigned, and really had no comprehension of what it was.

So, why would someone be told to drop the charges of assault? Why would that be a condition of being given the job?  Is Liska somehow linked to some of the bigger financial scandals? Is she married to or related to one of the less than honest bankers? I just don't get it.

If Head Start lasts beyond March, I will be very, very surprised.

What does Head Start have in common with Social Services? Mostly, that the people running it have no concern whatsoever for the children. It's all about how much money someone can get, for work they never do.

Why I Seldom Say Anything Nice in the Blog

And, my apologies to Gladys Bearwald. I had heard so many nice and good things about her from so many people, I thought I would pass it along. Maybe you could all decide that there was someone there who did their job, was capable of running the program, and persuade her, with your support, to do so.

Well, jealousy took over immediately. One negative screamer after another started attacking that woman's reputation.  She never wanted the position, never applied for it, and as far as I am concerned, people out there don't deserve anyone of her caliber. Clearly, y'all prefer the bullies, the incompetent and the back stabbers.

I was silly to think that the Good People of Spirit Lake would look for or recognize a bright spot. Apparently, Gladys got some crap phone calls or comments along the way. Way to Go Spirit Lake Nation! Children are not important.  Silly me.

So, whom shall I say something nice about next?

If adults don't stand a chance against the bullies and the pill heads out there, what chance do the children stand?

And yes, Gladys, this is the last time I say anything nice about you. For your sake.


The Ancestors are not pleased. The children who have been abused and neglected, were the gift of the future. Now, so many are destroyed. They are like ghosts, as they grow up in a community that cares nothing if they live or die. Cares nothing if they are tormented, neglected or worse.

But, there are also other ghosts. The time is coming for them to be heard. They hold the murdered in waiting, for Justice.

I know they come into your homes. I know you try spells and screams and drugs and alcohol to make them go away. They never go away. They are always there.

The Ancestors have given those who do Black Road Practices, enough time and signs to see the error of their ways. They come back now, to take back from those who have mocked them, and who have misused the practices for personal power.

They come for your family, John Chaske. And for the families of those who have learned these practices from you. They come for the children, your health, your prosperity. All that you have gained, will be lost. You know this is true. They have told you, to your face. Now, they tell your family. Your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews... all feel the icy breath of the Ancestors calling their names, reaching out to pull them close.

They come for the one who smeared pig's blood all over the roundhouse, in order to cast a spell... it all comes home to where it came from.

People with no faces, the cries of children no longer here, monsters in the Lake, that spooky stranger who shows up at the casino with a list of names, then vanishes like smoke, all that and more... and it cannot be stopped.

Those who embrace the Black Road, and those who embrace them, will be summoned to a reckoning.

And those who stayed silent, and who allowed their silence to enable all that creates the suffering out there... all will be summoned.  Those inside the Tribe, and those who conspire outside the Tribe. Those in high places and those in low, all will be called to the reckoning.

There is no more time. There are no more 'Second Chances' for those who have fed off of the despair in the home of the Grandfathers.

They can laugh it off as nothing, but I hear them screaming in the night. Coyotes pick up the notes and carry them to the wind. The wind carries them to the Four Directions. And when it all comes back, it will be from the Four Directions; enough.

The time to heal is now. Find a way to come together, Good People. Or there will be nothing left to save. Nothing worth having.

Each child out there is your last chance. Make this world worth living in. Come together for the children.

Or hold to your pathetic small minded feuds, lies and jealousies. You will wake up one morning and realize that the children you put aside, are no longer there. The silence will cut through your heart like a knife that never lets you bleed.

Ask anyone who has buried their child. Ask anyone who stood next to them. Do nothing, and you are just waiting your turn.

You know where to find me.



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January 13, 2012 -- Printer Version (3)
Friday the 13th, Special Edition

Want to know how bad it is for the children and family in Social Services? Take a look at this document. It lists all the found deficiencies in how the department was run. It came from the Department of Interior, over a review that was done the previous August, and has been in the hands of the Tribal Council, and everyone you see listed, since last November.

I doubt that anything in that department was being run legitimately. Read it for yourselves.  Ask yourself how Kevin could do his job when apparently, he never did do his job.

And, shockingly, when these reports reached the State of North Dakota... their response was --- nothing. They never investigate, audit, etc... regardless of how much danger, neglect or outright harm comes to children in Indian Country. They don't know and they don't want to know.  Even though they are obligated, by law, to protect the children AND to monitor how the funds they deliver are used.  They just don't.

They say it is "...a political thing".  Essentially, anyone can do anything they want to children on the rez. People can take money from the State and the State will never so much as ask how the money has been used or to where it went... if you are on the rez.  They don't care if the children or the families are getting the money designated for them... or if it goes into the pockets of the corrupt. "A Political Thing."

I guess that might have something to do with WHY, after all this time, no one has been charged with the murder of those two little children. It's a political thing. Nothing more.

If they looked, they would have to act on the numerous violations and deficiencies such as the ones listed on that memo from the Dept. Of Interior.  *Sigh.

So, the job of the State is basically to shovel as much money as is requested, into the pockets of the Directors and Chairmen, and never even ask.

But wait... what's this? Dennis Meier was crying in a meeting of the Welfare Board after a fax came in? He was fine until... oh my! What's this? The State is coming? They are going to want answers? They want Social Services to provide documents? Explanations? They want Kevin to appear? (*Poof!).

How did that happen? Who lit the fire under the butts of the State to get them to sit up and 'find a way' to do their job? I have NO idea. But I am hoping to find out sometime next week.

Speaking of Kevin Brownshield

He has quit and disappeared again. Will he show up for the meeting next week? Weenie Boy has declared that he will stop the State from investigating... and that will mean that the State will cut off all funds, so that will mean the Tribal Council and the thieves they run with, will have to find more ways to steal from you all. I wonder whose money they will take? They've already drained all the funds that kids are supposed to have access to when they turn 18. They get a few dollars now is all. Not even enough to cover books if they went to school. It's a joke.

But, we were talking about Kevin, right? I found something interesting about his Uncle Eddy. Ed Brownshield, who owes the tribe tons of money from multiple loans he received and never paid back... seems to have a lot of outside interests. There is a Security company that he owns in Florida, and now this: REAP .  It's a business he runs from Beach, ND. Click on the link and then click on the link with his name on it and discover so many things!

So, where does Ed Brownshield, who struggles to make a floundering fuel business limp from month to month, and who cannot pay back the loans he has taken from the tribe... where does he get the money to start all these other businesses? Do they make money? What are they there for?

I wonder if that is where Kevin put the money he has stolen from the tribe? I mean, Uncle Eddy got the money from somewhere, right? Kevin seems to have loads of money, expensive horses, trucks, equipment, property... I wonder if he 'loaned' or 'invested' in Uncle Eddy's businesses?

It would be a good place to leave all that spare cash. I just don't know. But I wonder. Maybe someone out there knows? :=) I bet you do!

This concludes the Friday the Thirteenth Special Edition.

Children are being taken from safe homes and thrown into dangerous pits out there. This is how your future is shaped: Fear, abuse, neglect, violence.  You might want to find a way to come together. It is the only way

If you do not help the children, you cannot help anyone.

Heads Up

Head Start has had more fights and power grabs. The children have seen enough-- too much. The program is over. If it lasts past March, I will be amazed. Between Wanda and Roger, and their playing favorites and not caring what happens to the kids, that program has been destroyed.

The RN was fired leaving only Patricia Longie, the LVN in place. It's what she wanted all along. Now, the program has too many deficiencies-- and wild animals, with shreds of it in their snarling teeth, like trophies, thinking they have won something. You have lost everything.

You know where to find me.




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January 9, 2012 --- Printer Version (5)
Greetings Earthlings!

Sometimes, I'm not sure what planet we are on, so I thought I would run a quick check.  We'll get to 'From the Rez' in a bit. It's the Head Start Zoo in full swing-- UH-gain.

I was just reviewing some of the major cases of recent fame. Noticed that the Walking Eagles, obviously a criminal family operation, pretty much skated out of those Federal Charges with 120 day sentences for ripping off the tribe in huge fashion, and stealing from the LIHEP program.

To be fair, they were made to pay back a fraction of the amount they stole over the years. Oh, and Carl has to waddle around with a fashionable ankle bracelet on.  Can you imagine? I've seen shoplifters get heavier sentences. But, these corrupt tribal 'leaders' (*cough) have bought influence high and low.

Either that, or the judge was too senile to care about who suffered from their crimes. Too oblivious to the fact that it was money intended for the poor being stolen by one of the wealthiest thieves in the tribe.  It is almost as though some judges have so much contempt for Indians in general, that they see a wealthy criminal come before their bench and they figure: "Hell, he earned it."?  I still cannot fathom how those sentences and that piddly fine even begin to pay for the crime, much less the investigation hours that went into bringing him down.

It is a message to the FBI to not bother wasting their time going after the major criminals on the rez.  All their work will turn into a joke of a sentence. 

Yup, we are on planet earth.

Redaction Action

Probably too late in many ways, I did a redaction on the document that was about why Dennis Miller never should have been allowed to be in any Social Services agency. I blanked out the names, sometimes too many names, to try and protect confidentiality.  The document did not say 'Confidential' so I did not read it closely enough before I posted it in a hurry. My apologies to all. It will not happen again.

I am also told that Dennis is appealing the ruling. I look forward to seeing those documents-- and getting them properly redacted, and sharing them with you and you can judge for yourself.  I maintain that until the matter is cleared up in the courts, regardless of outcome, he had no business working in Social Services. But that's just me--- and about everyone else I have ever known who has worked in the field.

To be clear, I have not worked in the field. I am not a Social Worker. But I do understand the ethics involved about as well as a lay person can.

It takes time to convert documents and to redact them. I will take the time.

Playing Chicken

Sad to say that even after Noah Littlewind met his untimely demise at such a young age on the highway, riding his bike-- children out there have been reported as 'playing chicken' with cars while on their bikes, in that very same stretch.

Either they don't value their own lives, or they think their lives are not valued. No one is getting through to them that this is dangerous, not a video game, not brave, and is very stupid.  They are just little children. They don't know better because they are turned loose out there without anyone preparing them rules, common sense, or guidance.  It's but one of the many ways that children suffer or die out there.

Watch your children.

Watch out for children.

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

Every other day I am hearing that there is a big meeting happening over this or that issue. Always last minute-- everyone rush to the casino, or the Rec Hall or wherever...

And your Tribal Council has no clue how to run meetings (as we have seen in the past and more recently).  Even when it is outside agencies coming in to discuss the irregularities in how the Tribe 'does business' -- your Tribal Council seems utterly unprepared.  Nothing gets resolved. Only more things get broken.

Head Start is the Sinking ship headed for one of these icebergs this week. Monday? Okay-- today.

They finally put an ad in the local paper for a new Director. They also posted it on the website for the tribe. But, they did not post ANY requirements or qualifications necessary.  That's because Wanda has developed a really screwy 'Point System', for applicants to compete for jobs.  The higher your education-- the more points you have.  But no one can explain how it was that an LVN scored 'higher' than an RN on that 'Point System'.

Simple.  You have to factor in who is friends with Wands. IF it is your mommy, you get more points! See?

From The Rez:

There is a meeting between the Tribal Council and the Head Start employees. I don't know if management is allowed in the meeting but I think they are going to bring the petition in and cause more problems.

The petition is against Becky Larson (Director) Jane Liska (disabilities coordinator). Last review there were over twenty deficiencies on the review, all were addressed and corrected and when the review team came back the only deficiency that was still on the review was Jane Liska, she has not done her job since she started at Head start But yet remains there drawing money off of the people she has contempt for (Natives).

She is very good at playing the pitiful Elderly woman who is being picked on. Right now the Academy Award winning woman is asking for letters supporting her?from the Head start employees who witnessed the altercation between her and the LPN that Human Resources hired without the Director's approval or involvement.

The facilities manager for Head start whose name is Troy Demarris and he is not native. He always put in 110% at his job and Paul Lawrence who cannot be kept on the job and wanders around the community wanted the (Troy) manager gone.

So long story short Troy resigned and now the head start pickup is seen parked in front of the Warwick bar and no one seems to mind that. But they raised the roof when Troy was in the Hardees drive-up window line.

No real work has been done at the Head start for the past two years and it will fail, so the Tribal council better pick the next Director well or there will be sixty plus people out of work and a hundred and seventy-five children who will no longer have a school to go to. Lets hope it is not another LPN that has no clue what an Education Program is and how to run it or keep it running.

The program is a 2 and 1/2 million dollar program with a indirect that goes to the tribe of $300,000.00. So now that people know that, let the council hand the program over to another LPN and the Children will be the losers as well as the people of Spirit Lake.

No biggy, right?

Still think not supporting decent people in your community is okay? Still think running off the educated who come back to help their community, is the right thing to do?  You don't even have decent candidates to run. And if you did, you would not support them and they would give up and leave. This is the mess you made for yourselves and this is the mess you leave for your children to clean up--- those who are not playing chicken on the highway with cars.

You know that meeting is just a sham and a dance to get rid of Becky and replace her with someone even less qualified and frankly, less concerned about the kids.  It's all about who you know, you know?

I have a suggestion. Gladys Bearwald. (Someone catch her a chair. She would never expect to see her name in the Blog).  She is the infants and toddlers specialist there.  She knows the program really well and has the right kind of education to make it work. But, she probably is not good friends with Wands so -- points off for that one.  I don't even know if she would take the job if it was offered to her. It's become that toxic out there. But she is someone you can consider. 

'Hey Gladys! Take the wheel a minute, will ya?" The Captain of the Titanic shouts. "I'm going to go down below and see what that noise was."

Jane Liska is the one who took her job away. Jane. How did Jane EVER get any job out there?

The big meeting over Head Start is about a petition being passed around to get rid of Becky Larson. Gee, I wonder who, and their mother, is passing that one around? *thinking*

Meanwhile, Jane Liska is trying to round up witnesses to stand up for her on that paycheck brawl she had with Patricia Longie in the Finance Dept and then in the Director's Office.

This is where I have to check the planet again. Neither one of them should have been handling ANYONE else's checks. But here they are, passing around petitions, rounding up witnesses.

I have another suggestion: Get a roped off ring, standard size. Put a huge set of lights over it. Sell tickets to the event. "In this CowaNohr...." points to Liska, gives height, weight, age, description... then points to the opposing corner... Patricia... and just do it that way.

The money you raise from that should make someone very happy. After all, Head Start is not going to be around much longer. It's being treated like a potato in a food fight. Only with less dignity.

Look at those kids riding their bikes. Look at the traffic gaining on them. Do something.

You know where to find me.




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*January 5, 2012
Now Playing, at the Casino...
See Document link (20 pages)

NOTE: DOCUMENT LINK TEMPORARILY DISABLED. I got this document in a rush and did not have time to go through and redact certain information that pertains to privacy. I will do that now and then make the document available again when I am done.

Okay at Sunday January 8, 2012 4:48 PM I have completed the redactions. My apologies for not having carefully redacted this document sooner. It won't happen again.

Dennis the Menace Meier, who is pretty much running Social Services now, was spanked by the State for his behaviors while working for the *Lake Region Human Service Center (corrected from earlier "whatever" I had planted in here in a rush).  There is a Public Meeting at the Casino, tomorrow morning ( I just found out) regarding Social Services mess. Read this document and see if, like when Kevin hired the child abuser, this was not just as bad if not moreso. LINK  It's 20 pages so it takes awhile to load. It details some very disgusting misbehavior by Dennis at that previous job. Which, less than a week after he was discharged from there-- he was happily working for the tribe. The meeting is tomorrow, FRIDAY Morning... so read fast!

You know where to find me!

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January 2, 2012 --- Printer Version (3)

The chaos caused by voting in a murderer as your chairman, has been accelerated. Word comes that one after another bizarre action by the Tribal Council, each more egregious than the previous, is enabling the Turdclan and their pals to rob the tribe at a pace unimagined even by the predecessors, who stole millions, and who ran up debt and bad credit in the names of Tribal Members who had no idea, some still have no idea, that their identities have been used to secure loans, credit cards, that were then defaulted on.

Earlier we learned that after Kevin quit his job and was gone for a few weeks, he came back and received 'back pay and expenses' for the time when, technically and legally, he was not employed.

Then Justin, who lost his position after being indicted on Federal Charges in the LIHEP Scandal, was voted by the Tribal Council, illegally (not that it matters) to be not only reinstated, but to also receive back pay and expenses!

...And then Joel changed his vote, and then they voted again, and then he received the money and then he received paid leave... it just goes on and on...

And then, James Yankton, Jr., who was fired for failing a drug test, has now received HIS 'back pay' for breaking the law, and expenses, totally over $80K.  No one blinks an eye.

Yes, it was a great Christmas for the murderers and lesser thieves who are running the place. How was yours? Were you cold? Were your children hungry? Were you able to get them anything? Imagine what you could do if you got paid for work you never did, from a job which you were fired from for breaking the law?

Now, Back To Head Start

Becky Larson was on holiday when the Finance Dept cut the checks for the employees. They cut 2 checks for them because the Finance Dept will be on holiday and they didn't want anyone to miss a check. (Especially those who get back pay?) and Head Start was in that cluster.

Jane Liska, who has no skills and cannot even use a computer, had self-appointed herself to go and pick up all the checks for all the employees that work at Head Start. Becky had failed to make arrangements to have anyone designated as 'Check picker upper' I suppose.

Jane also, being nosy, wanted to get her hands on everyone's checks because she wanted to see how much everyone made.

But, to Jane's surprise, Patricia Longie, the daughter of Marcella Knutson (sister of the whackadoodle whom we covered in the previous blog) had already appointed herself to go and pick up everyone's checks.

And for the same reasons, I am certain of it.

And, the Finance Department, which has absolutely NO direction from above, just handed them over to her! They should never have been handed over to ANYONE except the person to whom each check was made out. But, hey, money is just so much toilet paper out there to those that run the place, right?

So, Jane and Patricia get into it. Patricia, whose mother is one of the bullies out there, texts her mommy to come and help her fight Jane (who is in her 60's btw)... and Marcella (who is a teacher at Head Start) scurries right over to the Finance Department to make it a brawl... and brings her husband, Pete Longie.

The question becomes: How many Knutson-Longies does it take to overpower a 60 something older woman?

The police were called to break up the brawl. Which then carried over into Becky Larson's office.

Yup, the children at Head Start get to see every kind of unprofessional behavior, in fact, the worst behaviors by their teachers and staff, courtesy this time of Marcella Knutson, Jane Liska, Patricia Longie and Pete Longie. I don't know who else was involved. Not that it matters.

Do you wonder why programs like Head Start are failing? Why would any of these people be allowed in those doors, ever, under any circumstances, much less as teacher, or whatever other position they inhabit?

How much of an open air insane asylum does this have to become before the people protest? How much more of this rabid behavior is going to be tolerated?

And, when Head Start crashes and burns, where will these good friends of Wanda White-Trottier and Weenie Boy plant themselves? And how much damage will they do there and then? I guess we have to wait, but I suspect we don't have to wait long.

Those of you who maintain friendships with Joel Redfoxes family, the Turdclan, and the rest of the bad actors in this circus, you are the ones riding the beast with encouragement, hoping to get something for yourself.

You are the ones making this possible. If this behavior was not profitable to so many of you, if it were not tolerated, if they were shunned, the tribe would never be in this position in the first place.

Those who do nothing, say nothing, are not innocent. They are the silence that Evil relies on to thrive in our midst.

Who suffers? The Children.

We are in the Seventh Generation. This is the time of the awakening and of language coming back, and the Old Ones returning in the dreams and actions of the children... and what have you all done to the children?

You want someone to save you? Look in the mirror. Find a way. Unite and come together for the common good or no one will survive and nothing will be left of what you think you are today.

Huge things are coming. They can be great and good or more awful and horrible than anything that has come before. It depends on what you have prepared for the Seventh Generation. It depends on how much you have done to make it safe for the children out there.

If it is not safe for them, for the most helpless and the least able, it is not safe for any of us.

Happy New Year.

You know where to find me



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