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Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

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Ronin's own Website The most basic money laundering/ponzi scam rivaling Maddoff

Free Peltier Now Worth a read


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Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case. Here is the Latest story: December 2011 Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.


NOTE: New feature for the site will be an overview of cases of murdered and missing in Indian Country.  If you have a case that you want posted, contact me and I will tell you what I need to be able to post. -Cat

Please read up and follow the "Bring Paula Home" story and help a woman who has dedicated herself to helping Indian People survive and prevent Diabetes. Links on that page take you to her site. Special thanks to my friend, Denis Campbell Updated:Nov 1, 2009

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March 26, 2012 Printer Version (6)
Words, With Friends

Looks like Molly McDonald finally got the pink slip. A simple letter: "Your services are no longer required," is all it took. They could have done that months ago. But apparently, the Tribe's legal advisor pointed out where several of her Conflict Of Interests are, and how it could create a problem for an already troubled Tribal Council and their illiterate Chairman.

Human Trafficking, Baby selling, bribes and the like are only the tip of the iceberg. Apparently, Molly and Chuck Trottier, and a few others, have a little side business that they run. The State will pay for that, no problem. But first, you need to incarcerate juveniles, regardless of crimes committed or not, and then start billing the State for 'services rendered' to them, that were never in fact, rendered.  The State won't audit or check up on it and not one of these kids will ever be interviewed to find out about whether the program is legit or just another scam.

The State is happy to pay out, as long as no one makes them actually look at what they are doing, whom they are paying, and whether it is a scam or not. Not one Foster Family has been interviewed to find out if they ever received a dime of the money the State sent for the kids in their care-- that would uncover fraud.

Not one child in Foster Care has been visited nor their care assessed by anyone at the State level because they would find too many kids were returned to dangerous homes.  Danger being unsafe, as in predators, drugs, violence, neglect, abuse... the usual. The State does not want to know.  So, slapping a fancy title onto a program that basically exploits children who have no way of defending themselves, is rather easy to do. 

Because they are minors, the State can and should investigate-- but they won't. The State has Jurisdiction, but no integrity.

Because it is State Funds, TAX DOLLARS, being used, the STATE can investigate, and should, but they will not. 

Case in point: Social Services --They want the paperwork to look right. That is all. Make it look right on paper. Don't need the supporting documents (Birth Certificates, police records) that would make it 'too difficult'. Don't even look at the faces of the children that are being neglected and abused, because, well, they are just Indians. 

If the State looked, even a little bit, they would find Baby Selling and Human Trafficking, along with other problems. There were 130+ children in Foster Care at the time the scandal broke. At the end of that month, 50 children suddenly dropped off the rolls and no one at the State Level even blinked an eye. At $15-40K per child per year, depending on needs, (averaging around $20K/child overall) that's a lot of missing money and possibly, some endangered children. (Don't expect any arrests. That would just complicate it for the Government.)

But, in order to get away with that, you have to have both the incompetent police departments, and the easily bribed.  For that to work, you have to have corrupt judges. In order for them to feel safe, you have to have bribed or blackmailed elected officials who in turn, appoint said corrupt judges.

As long as the money in Indian Country is never audited, and as long as the People themselves have no means of recourse and none of the elected officials will even listen to their pleas for help... the money just keeps on rolling in, and then on up the line to all those hands out... "Just ignore them. They are only Indians."

As long as whistle-blowers have no protection, and their charges are never investigated (by the corrupt cops, judges, politicians, agencies) nothing will change.  No one wants to investigate because they already know what they will find: Baby Selling, Human Trafficking, Money Laundering, all things RICO. Too much work. Let's all get exercised over that "Fighting Sioux Logo!" After all, it's what Serious Indian Faces want to talk about. It's all the media wants to tell you about. Murdered children? Meh.

The Human Toll

Suicides on Indian Reserves are the highest of any of the groups:

Blacks = 6.6 per 100,000

Asians = 6.7 per 100,000

Hispanics = 9.2 per 100,00

Non-Hispanic whites = 13.3 per 100,00

Native Americans = 24.7 per 100,000


Among Females:

Blacks  = 0.9 per 100,000

Asians = 2.5 per 100,000

Non-Hispanic Whites = 3.0 per 100,000

Native Americans = 9.0 per 100,000

When you live where there is no hope, and where your abusers are government supported, and your government ignores you or abuses you more, and you can't get Justice, or even an investigation into the rapes, incest, assaults, murders, embezzlers, child pornographers, crooked Tribal Councilors, etc, ... people lose hope.

The rates of violence, including rape, is many times higher for Native Americans than it is for any other group.

You might need to have some words with your friends about what you can do to change this. You might have to start with standing up and speaking out. But if that is too much for you, trying standing up WITH someone who is standing up and speaking out. 

The more you tell the truth, the stronger you get and the more the corrupt fear you.

I will remind you all, again, that there has been NO ARREST for the murder of those two little DuBois children. Tim Purdon lied when he said an arrest had been made. Their Father was charged with 1 count each of 'Child Endangerment', NOTHING more.

He stuffed their bloodied bodies between the box spring and the mattress and they rotted there for days.  Does the FBI in Grand Forks think this will just go away? Does Tim Purdon and all his grand speeches about 'making a difference in the lives of Native Americans', get a free pass on this one?

Oh yeah, one BIG problem with that murder: Junior Herman was there. Pisster's son. Yeah, let their little bodies rot in the ground now. Can't arrest any of the Turdclan.  The FBI has them all protected as 'Confidential Informants' who 'inform' on what, exactly? And, is being a Confidential Informant like a free pass to murder and rape little children? Why, yes! It is!

Speaking of Junior Herman, his woman just died. March 22, she took her last breath. Died young, of Cirrhosis of the liver. Alcohol related.  The 'slow suicide'.

She was terrified of Junior Herman and there was no place for her to go. No shelter. And of course, Molly would have given him custody of their little girl, despite his being a sex offender. 

The FBI 'gathered evidence' and they even had Junior Herman's picture up on their string board as a suspect... but a few well-placed words with friends of the Turdclan, and the case was dropped. It went up the ladder high enough to stop the FBI from investigating or making an arrest. That should tell you something about how high it goes up the chain and where you all are, in that particular food chain.

They will tell you it is not closed, but they will never bring it to trial-- not because there is not enough evidence and there were not enough witness statements, DNA, etc... but because 'they don't want to.'.

Why don't they want to? Because it will start that nasty chain reaction that will open up the corruption out there by turning over rocks, and then it becomes a landslide of rocks... and maybe block someone's Road To Success.

They never did any kind of manhunt, and they never told the community that the killer of those two little DuBois children was 'still out there'... they just let it drift... and Junior Herman then raped another little girl.

Junior Herman, sex offender recently got off because the USAG's office, in the person of Janice Morley, who has done exactly as all her predecessors have done, and protects the Turdclan from any investigations (A long standing tradition with the FBI, and USAGs, going back decades), could not pull her case together. He rapes and brutalizes a seven-year old child and gets to walk.

(Bentley also investigated that case, the way he investigates all child abuse, child rape cases -- by bungling it deliberately.) 


Corruption Is King

So, Headstart is or was interviewing for a new Director. Let's have brief look at one candidate and his previous history with Head Start.

Erich Longie, Ph.D. (Call him "Doctor") originally ran the program when it was first begun out on the rez. At that time, it was under the auspices of the Community College-- but "Doctor Longie" so abused the program, the funding and the grants, that it was taken away from college and put under the Tribal Council's control, at the request of WASHINGTON, DC.

Someone at the time even made the comment that they "never wanted to see anything to do with Doctor Erich Longie again."

Shortly after losing the Head Start Program, Doctor Erich Longie was fired from his position at the College. Well, you didn't think he'd steal from one program and not another, did you?

Erich Longie also used to smuggle booze in a flask strapped to his ankle, and bring it to the job. But that's another story, for another time.

Doctor Erich Longie and his family run a website where they purport to teach 'ethics' to Native American Tribes. Wow. Pow Wow, Wow. Pow.

So now, the interviews for Head Start Administrator and up Pops Erich Longie. He's a candidate. "It's in the bag," for him, and he smiles. He's just going through the motions of interviewing. One of his sons is on the Policy Committee for Head Start.

The Policy Committee is supposed to be made up only of parents who have children in the program, and they are only supposed to review policies, such as what curriculum and what schedules, and such. But suddenly, someone as well off as one of Doctor Erich Longie's sons is, has a child in a program designed for the economically disadvantaged? How did that happen?

Even better, the Policy Committee is now, in some way that has yet to be explained to me, in charge of 'hiring' the next Administrator? Does that even make sense?

Well, Wanda White-Trottier in Human Resources is not doing her job, so why not a rag tag collection of parents who are supposed to be looking at things like scheduling and volunteering and field trips--- why not have them do the HR job?

I hear Jane Liska just up and quit, without giving any notice. Not that she ever did any work. I'm looking for information on that. She is the one that got into a slug fest with Patricia Longie, who was hired as a friend of Wanda White-Trottier's, to replace the RN, who was legitimately hired. Patricia, an LPN, then got the job. Go figure.  Words with Friends? It sure looks that way.

And now, here comes Erich Longie... excuse me, "Doctor" Erich Longie, the one who so badly destroyed the program initially that the Tribe almost lost it entirely-- and Washington, DC is going to be happy about this? Has someone had a Word with a friend up there, lately?

Is there any program at the State or Federal level that has not been infiltrated by corruption?

If it were your children, would you care? If it was your tax dollars would you care? The answer is YES to both. If they can get away with it in Indian Country, who's to say they are not getting away with it everywhere? These children, the ones who survive, who don't suicide, who don't die from addictions, and who are not murdered, may or may not be coming to your community, as either an amazing wonderful person you have not met yet; or the guy who beats up small children and sets the apartment building on fire to cover his crimes.

What happens in Indian Country, goes everywhere, and costs everyone. Think about that.

Now, get on the phone and start demanding Tim Purdon make an arrest for "murder" (not "Child Endangerment") in the Case of the DuBois children.

And, while you're at it, tell Jan Morley and Bentley Greybear that anything that has happened to the little girl whose mama just died and left her with Junior Herman, --- anything that happened to her and will happen to her-- is on them.

Jan Morley finds all this rather amusing. Do any of you? She has friends and she has words with them. They all scratch each other's backs, but it is the children who bleed.

You know where to find me.



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March 19, 2012  -- Printer Version (6)
Bad Medicine In-Bad Medicine Out

"They punish us by hurting those we love or care about. That is how the Grandfathers discipline those who mock the ways. They leave us alone, but make us watch our families suffer."

Kevin Brownshield severely mocked the Ways when he declared himself a Medicine Man. Same as John Chaske, after being told to leave such things alone, mocked and defied the Grandfathers and the Old Ways. Clarisse Brownshield, Kevin's sister (Tribal Counselor), mocked the ways when she told her teenage son to pretend he was a Yuwipi Man and do perform ceremonies, exploiting the spiritual hunger of a tribe thrashing in darkness, trying to find a way out.

They all knew better. Chaske helped both Kevin and Clarisse to mock the ways in Sundance and Ceremony. Chaske's children have suffered and died, but he is lucky. He loves nor cares for anyone, so he can carry on, even as cancer eats him from the inside out, bringing a stink that precedes him into any room, around any corner. Now, his grandchildren are being disturbed by ghosts in their kitchens, and in their rear-view mirrors.

Kevin, in order to attack those who were pursuing the Truth, and holding him accountable, smeared pig's blood, from a pig's liver and heart, all over the Round House, where the Sundance is held. An abomination, by any count.

That as he and his sister connived to steal money from every program that was supposed to help the people. It was them, working together, that set out to sell the children, steal from their care, make them meat for predators to feed on, until they suicide. 

All BAD MEDICINE. So, the consequences come down. Clarisse's son now has a skin infection, ailment, that keeps him in constant pain and suffering. No doctor can help him. There is no name for it and there is no cure.

So, again, Clarisse calls in a Medicine Man (she has brought one in at least 3 x in the past two months, to pray for her family and to attack those she sees as enemies.) Only Black Road Medicine Men need apply. There are fewer than Five True Altars in North America at this time... but everyone is a Medicine Man. Thousands of those. They even have web pages! (*Coyote howls in the distance, long and slow).

It does not matter if you are a Real Medicine Man or Not. If you mock the ways, you pay the price.

Clarisse has the Tribe pay for her forays into the Spiritual Ventures. The Tribe pays, but it is only for her family. Tribe pays the fees, the expenses and puts them up at the casino...

Which brings us to weekend before last. That big ceremony, imported Medicine Man, singers, staying in a Cabin on the Resort side of the Casino...

They destroyed that cabin. I am told they got drunk. Screaming drunk. From the looks of it, they were battling the big snakes and the place was ground zero either for the wildest drunken party, or a spiritual battle between fake Medicine Men and the real Beings that inhabit the Ways they were mocking.

The Tribal Council is not willing to pay to clean up this mess. They want Clarisse to pay for it with her own money. That means, she will have to find somewhere to steal the money to pay for the clean up and repairs of that cabin.

And her son is only getting worse. Kevin's Children are getting sick as well. They are far away from Snake Pit, but they are easily within reach of Spiritual Retribution.

The Medicine Men she sent out to attack her 'enemies' came back wounded and their minds are gone. Her enemies are those who tell the Truth.  It's not over, yet. Not by far.

Innocent Suffer

Yes, the Innocent Always Suffer. If only the guilty suffered, no one would commit these offenses and when they did, it would not bother us. So yes, the innocent always suffer. That is the way of this world in all directions.

If you don't want the innocent to suffer, you have to stand up for them. You have to take a stand against the Evil that is in your midst. You have to pray, and you have to speak out. Silence is what is used against you. Your silence makes them stronger.

It is up to all of us, regardless of whether we are 'personally' involved or not, to stand up against Injustices.

A quote that is being attributed to Ben Franklin (but which I cannot confirm is one of his) goes this way:

"Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are."

Everything from Bullies in schools to Thieves, murderers, bullies in your government, must not be comfortable with your silence, nor collectively, with our silence.  If you wait until the outrage comes to your door, you failed the test of being Human Being.

"Minding your own Business" is code for "Let the Bullies take what they want". Don't.

Guess the pressure of everyone knowing Roger Yankton, Weenie Boy, is a murderer is getting to him. Demus McDonald walked into his office last week to seek reinstatement for Sex Predator, Registered Offender, Leslie Brown (a good friend to Demus).

Running Out of Board

Before Demus could say anything after, "Hey I..." Weenie Boy started shouting and foaming at the mouth yelling: "I ain't no murderer! I didn't do it! You know that cuz you were right there! You know I didn't kill him, they did!"  Which of course shocked Demus and stepped him back a bit.

"I was only coming in to ask if.." and Weenie Boy was off again.

"It wasn't me! You were there! You saw them do it!"

Demus was there when Eddie was murdered. He was at Celeste Herman's house when it happened. Demus is the one that held Fred Peltier back from going to his brother's rescue as they beat him to death in the kitchen. Weenie Boy was there too, so he knows Demus was there Because he remembers it clearly.

Everyone up and down the Blue Building hallways heard it. Demus raising his voice to try and get the situation under control: "I just wanted to get Brown reinstated... that's all I came in for, honest Roger!"

The look in Weenie Boy's eyes, so I am told, was that of a scared rabbit, with nowhere to turn. As if he did not know where he was, how loud he was, and who all could hear him.

Hey, Weenie Boy: Remember when I told you that you were In Check? Now, you know what "Check" means. I play chess. You are running out of board.

You've lost millions in Government money, lost even more Tribal Money gambling, you owe your dealer too much money and he's cutting you off, and you can't read any of the paperwork on your desk.  Lawsuits are coming, and now, even you, can hear the footsteps of tiny children behind you... but there is no one there. Then again, there is. You can see Eddie, from time to time, just as you look up. He's right there. Real as anyone. Looking right at you... and then gone. He's waiting.

Why don't you ask Clarisse for the list of Medicine Men she has used to fight her battles for her? They have all lost their minds, but I am sure, for a few dollars extra, they will come back and do a ceremony for you. How about next week?  I see you gave yourself another raise. Oh my, oh my.  You know who's gonna want some, dontcha?

Quick! Look! Over there! It's Eddie Peltier! Now he's gone again. Maybe he was never there? Maybe you never murdered him? You're running out of board and you can't go back in time... but if you could, would you?

I see you have the computer read this to you. How do you like it? Boo!

Meeting Guilty Conscience

What else went on last week? Well, there was more yelling in the Blue Building. Clarisse was yelling at or about Mary McDonald. I guess she needs someone to blame for her son's skin disease?  She's mad that Mary is making 'trouble' for her. Although, I don't know exactly what that is-- yet.

And then there was Turdmother and three of her daughters, walking up the back steps to the meeting in the casino (What WAS that meeting supposed to be about, anyways? Anyone?). As they trudged up the steps, talking out loud, not expecting to see anyone at the top of the stairs, they were arguing over whether or not they could intimidate Mary McDonald by saying she was in the Blazer with Q-Ball, Poopsie, Bruce McKay and Jeannie Charbonneau as they went to dump Eddie's body on the highway that morning, before the sun came up.

That would be five people and one corpse in the Blazer. They want to be sure that if Mary recants her testimony, that they could, somehow, implicate her as one of the murderers in order to prevent her testimony from having any credibility.  They need to discredit Mary before she makes any moves.

"No way anyone will buy that there were FIVE people in that Blazer!" one of the girls was arguing.

However, Turdmother is adamant that she and Poopsie have decided to start spreading the word that Mary was involved in the murder and that way, if she speaks out, they can take her down.

They looked up as they neared the last few steps, and saw someone standing in front of them. I am not sure who they saw or thought they saw. The light was stronger behind him and I guess it gave the appearance of more than one person being there (maybe there were two?). They all turned and ran down the stairs!

They were scared to death and out of breath. Now, Pauline is an older woman and she farts herds of barking spiders when she gets tense. I imagine the sound and smell effects as they exited down the stairs was something quite comical.

Turdmother told Poopsie and QBall that she saw Eddie standing behind that man. She saw him plain as day. He was looking right at her. Well, maybe he was. I don't know.

At the Meeting...

There was a group of people wearing T-shirts that said: "Remember Eddie Peltier". That's all.

But that got Turdmother all riled up. I guess she thought it said: "Remember, Turdmother, your family murdered Eddie Peltier."

But it didn't. It was just a memorial to the memory of Eddie Peltier. Nothing more.

Not to Turdmother. She grabbed the microphone and started yelling at the group that they should be ashamed of themselves! What? For wanting people to remember a man who was murdered? How is that 'shameful'? How?

They started shouting back that it was she who should feel ashamed because it was her sons and nephews who are rapists and whose pictures are all posted in the Blue Building as Registered Sex Offenders. They pointed to her and "Shame! Shame on YOU!"

Well, between that and the encounter on the steps, Turdmother had a very bad night.

So, what WAS that meeting about?

Just a Reminder:

An innocent man remains in prison, locked away from his family for more than 20 years now. Shame!

And NO ONE HAS BEEN ARRESTED FOR THE MURDERS OF THOSE TWO LITTLE DUBOIS CHILDREN. NO ONE. Tim Purdon's office lied when he said an arrest had been made. The only charge leveled at their father has been "Child Endangerment" as if 'running with scissors' or not wearing a seatbelt.

And No one has arrested his accomplice, Junior Herman, for his part in that heinous crime. And he has raped another child, and gotten away with it because Jan Morley and Bentley Greybear think it's a joke. They treat it like a joke.

USAG Jan Morley, even told the parents of that child that she reads this blog and laughs. She finds all these horrors, humorous? I wonder if she has a Medicine Man she can call. I have a feeling she might need one.

The spirits are stirring and they will not be settled until Justice is done.

"Schmogha" (however you spell it) is when the spirits begin to torment the guilty and will not let them rest.

Warriors wear T-Shirts that proclaim an injustice and shame those who have committed that crime, and others. Maybe there is hope for the Spirit Lake Nation. Just maybe.

It has begun.

You know where to find me.


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March 12, 2012 ---Printer Version (3)
Looks Good On Paper

You can say anything to the media these days and they will report exactly what you say, without questioning it or even looking deeper to see if perhaps what you are saying is untrue, or if there is much, much more to the story.  Newspapers and TV used to do "Investigative" Journalism. No more. Those days are gone. Now, they are essentially, nothing more than the stenographer who repeats, verbatim, what is told to them by those who have power, authority or political clout.

Case in Point: The Social Services debacle at the rez. They know, the reporters do, because they were told, about how many children were involved, at risk and how they were at risk. They were told that children were being used to squeeze money out of the State for their care, but that money, those dollars, your TAX Dollars, were not going for the care of the children at all... it was all going into the pockets of the people in charge.

That when someone blew the whistle on this, that person was fired, harassed, stalked and worse. But most of all, in order to make it 'look good on paper' for the State, these children were snatched from safe homes, with little or no warning (Most cases there was just a quick phone call or a text, and the children were taken within the hour, even in the middle of the night) and then dumped back into environments that were not healthy, not safe, where they were not wanted, and no one expected them to arrive.

No one could prepare the children for the transition, and where they were dumped, where there were sex predators, drug and alcohol problems, criminal activity, they didn't even have a change of diapers or food for them.

Suddenly, the number of children in Social Services went from over 130 to fewer than 80. The State never even questioned it. Literally, within a week, 50 children drop off the charts and no one in the State really wants to look.

In fact, the State is only concerned about 78 of these children. Not for the reasons you might think. Not for the safety of these children. Not in the least. But for the 'paperwork'. Absolutely none of the paperwork on any of these children, these 78, or the other 52 that went off the radar, was ever in order.  The State was happy to shovel money up until the embarrassment of it all came to light and was in danger of maybe, MAYBE some media outlet actually asking questions...

No worries. The paperwork can be invented from this point forward. The State made no on site investigation of any of these children, the homes they are in, who all is in these homes-- and is not even asking the former Foster Parents if they ever received a dime, or under what conditions these children arrived to them, or were taken away from them.

No one wants to look and see if these children, traumatized, at risk, in danger-- are ok. No one. Not the State, who only wants to look at the paperwork, not at the faces, and they will not investigate.

Nor will the BIA. BIA took away funding-- funding they never audited, investigated or questioned for years, and only after they were embarrassed by the situation and also 'AFRAID' media might ask a question.  BIA took away the money, and leaves in place, the very people who failed to do their jobs-- including Rowdy Cavenaugh, BIA Agent, (Brother to Piggy Cavenaugh, who has also raided programs, funding and is not qualified-- and we know none of that matters to the Government).

They'll take away the money, but they won't look at the children.

And the Newspaper stories on this? Nothing really. Looks like they just copied and pasted the Press Releases from the State and the BIA. No questions. "Here's what they say so that's all there is."

Tell me this, Good People of North Dakota, and every other State: If more than 50 children suddenly disappeared from the radar of those who are supposed to be protecting them-- People who are being paid to do that very job, wouldn't you want to ask some questions?  Wouldn't you expect your Newspapers or TV News to ask a question?

They won't ask, so you have to. Write to the Senators, The Representatives, the Governor, the BIA, and everyone at the State Level who is involved with funding/overseeing Social Services. Write them, fax them and phone them.

Or, do 50 little children, some only a few months old, really have no value?

I know if they were fetuses, the Right To Lifers would all over this. But they are living, breathing, fragile children, so, *shrug*, not worth much. Worth even less, I suppose, because they are not white?

Prove me wrong. I dare you.

Making Up Rules

I see Molly McDonald has made up a New Rule to protect Weenie Boy from being recalled by petition. She made up a rule that he can't be petitioned until he has been in office for over 1 year. I'm sure that she can extend that anytime she wants.

That is the McDonald Family Alliance with the Turdclan that has been in place for over 30 yrs. It was cemented even more solidly when that family sold their then teenage daughter, Mary, to be sexually abused for days by the Turdclan in order to make sure she would do as she was told, and lie about a man she had never met... and keep him in prison to this day.

Mary is a grown woman, children of her own, and I wonder how she would feel if someone lied about her and put her in prison so she could never have seen them grow up?  Her lies, her perjury, have kept Richard LaFuente locked away from his life, his family, his children and now grandchildren, all these years.

The government doesn't care about you. They don't care about your children. They just want to keep the corrupt in the places where the money lands so the machine keeps on turning.

All of you who embrace the McDonald family, suck up to them thinking they have standing that will help you-- take a good look: They are tied to the most evil in that community. They poison the water in the church by touching it. They make it so it is not safe for anyone to try and get the evil out of office. They make it so that the children are sacrificed to known sexual predators, just so they can keep an innocent man in prison, while the guilty--- they own you all.

The College is now running out of money. Russell McDonald has drained it to sustain that lifestyle he and his family enjoy.

The SMC Plant is going under. Bills are being put off and not paid.

The Tribe is so busy protecting the cancer that is eating them alive, they cannot save themselves...

And the State only wants the paperwork to "look" right.

The BIA only wants the money back.

And your journalists, the ones who allowed horrendous lies by the prosecution to imprison innocent men, never asked a question back then... just repeated what they were told, like a megaphone with no brains, just volume-- those journalists and those newspapers... well, they're satisfied.

After all, it all looks good on paper. And none of you is questioning any of them.

NO ONE has been arrested for the slaughtering of those two little kids last spring. Nor, is anyone in media asking about it, or why.

Silence protects whom?

You know where to find me.

You know where to find me.

You know where to find me.



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March 5, 2012 -- Printer Version (4)
Hollow On The Inside

It took me weeks to track all of this stuff down. It seemed too good to be true. I got word that Poopsie was hocking everything he owned and some stuff that he doesn't own... to get bail money to get Haley out of jail. He is.

He got that huge sum cash 'back pay' voted to him by the Tribal Council, with utterly no precedent, no procedure... and it was over $150K. Normally, that would be a lot of money to anyone else out there-- but not to the Turd Clan.  They are used to being able to walk in anywhere and take what they want. 

Those days are just about gone. He can't just walk into the vault at the casino and fill his briefcase and pockets anymore. Especially not since they loaded up Joel, and Kevin Brownshield just before Kevin skipped out of State.  (Kevin had several trips where he filled up his 'computer bag' with cash from various operations on the rez, but the Casino Vault was always a special, endless fountain of cash... and Kevin was one of the favored few who could -- with an escort, walk in and fill'er up!

That Tap got turned off about the time the State and the BIA started "investigating" where money was going. (Don't worry, it will pass-- but not fast enough for Poopsie)

Poopsie was then given a made-up job by Peggy Cavenaugh to "watch the landfill". I kid you not. $4K a week to 'watch the dump'. And he never shows up there. It is, after all, a made-up job. It's just an excuse to give him cash every week-- and he needs a lot of cash!

So, that lump sum 'back pay' did go into a major drug buy in South Dakota. It was an online drug sting. Oops! She got popped, then she phoned her Poppy to get her out of jail. Bail was too high I guess. Or, he had no money. Or both. He started borrowing money from everyone: A hundred here, a few hundred there... after awhile, people started saying they wanted their money back... so, he started selling flat screen TVs for cheap. I don't know if they all came from his house, I doubt they did. I suspect Jackie helped him push a few out of the back doors of the Spirit Lake Casino Resort.

Play Stations, Nintendos, flat screens, furniture... and his vehicles... all gone.

He had just bought a Yukon and a Dodge --for cash-- on December 31, 2011. By Mid-February, he was trying to hock them everywhere. Ended up selling them or hocking them both.  His daughter, Penny, had the back window of her car broken into-- and money stolen out of that.  Poopsie can't look her in the eye, so I am assuming he did it. She keeps money in her car? What? She either needs to have a wad of cash on hand at any given moment-- or she doesn't trust her own family, her own house. 

For some reason, after her car got broken into, she started yelling at her dad, calling him a "Pill head"-- yes, yelling. Everyone heard it. And then he hocked her car or sold it. I have no idea where she hides her money now.

The State took away tons of money from the Social Services Program, and so did the BIA. In fact, they had demanded a return of cash funds for the previous month. It appears that each child, depending on needs, is worth about $20-50K per year to the tribe-- or at least, to Social Services. Money, by the way, that the real Foster Parents never saw. (Where did it go?) *shrug.

Saturday Night: Ryan Leaf got mad at Weenie Boy and rammed his truck into WB's house. Well, that will ruin a weekend!

Not sure what Ryan is mad at Weenie for. Ryan is the designated pisser for the drug tests for the family out there. Lately, he has been getting drained a lot. And, he is supposed to be paid for every clean test and something tells me Weenie has also fallen behind on his payments. Or wrote a bad check. Not sure. But it was not an accident. I'm sure of that.

So, Poopsie is hocking everything to throw bail. I imagine that their house is pretty much hollowed out on the inside... and ready to fall in on itself in one screaming ball of hate and paranoia.

Petition Peculiarities

The petition against Roger was all in order, but he has found ways to ignore it for months. Molly McDonald and Pete Belgarde are working to keep him in place by inventing laws that don't exist. There is a recording of Larry Levinthal, Tribal Attorney, talking on the phone to Patty Cavenaugh and a few others in a room (I doubt that he knew he was being recorded) where he said that Molly was completely off her rocker and her rulings were causing big problems for the tribe.

Everyone laughed when he said she was off her rocker. "Well," said one person, "she IS a McDonald." To which the entire room broke into howls of laughter. I am going to get a copy of that (I have it) and put it on the web for you all to listen to.

What struck me as odd about the Petition on Roger was who it was that was taking it around, who had started it: It was Porky Cloud (of punch-the-Head Start-Administrator-in-the-Face-for-firing-her-daughter -from-the-program, Fame).

Porky is NLO's (Myra's) sister. They have depended on the Turd Clan for everything they ever stole from the tribe.  Then, when Porky, instead of filing the petition, turned over the names to Weenie Boy, one at a time (also weird) and those people started to be threatened with disenrollment, a beat down, a burnt home... the usual, I thought:

Oh! The usual! They are in it together to prevent anyone from challenging Weenie Boy on his corruption! Of course! That made perfect sense. Well, in that world.

Then came the second petition (people got angry at being intimidated? That's new) and it too, got all and then some, signatures needed to oust Weenie Boy. (That is the one that is currently stalled). But it too, was being pushed by former members of the Tribal Council. The most corrupt members of the Tribal Council: Shelly Lugar, chief among them.

Then I put more pieces of the puzzle together:  Duane Jackson had, the first day he was installed in office (after Justin Yankton had been yanked out by petition) (it can be done), gone rummaging through boxes and found a box full of credit cards... the same credit cards that I told you about years ago, where the Tribal Council had taken the personal information of Tribal members and gotten credit cards on those names-- but sent to a different address (most of which went to where they had their Ronin Headquarters on Baker Street, at one time... I think it was Baker Street. But, I digress...)  Shelly, Myra, and Peggy, and more of them... had all been using those cards; some with a credit limit as low as $500 or as high as $10K, as their personal, disposable, piggy banks!

People found out about the credit cards and demanded an investigation. The FBI was nearby, so... the cards were all turned over to them... and Weenie Boy had no way out-- he had to call for an investigation into who had ordered and used the cards. Had he not, he would have been the first one looked at.

Besides, he was mad. He and his family thought they controlled all the money scams, drug trade, and corruption out there. Those credit cards were a surprise to them all.

When the investigation is over, it will point to jail time for Myra, Shelly and the rest of them. This is one crime that Weenie Boy was not in on. The irony is: They want him out and they started that petition in the first place to use to hold over his head in order to threaten him so he could not proceed with an investigation. But, 'Bright as they are' they did not count on the FBI being there and Bank Fraud is a biggie with FBI and with the Secret Service... so this has to be looked at, and Petition or no, it will be brought home.

The first petition was a threat-- empty threat. The second Petition now languishes as Molly makes it up as she goes along.  Larry Levinthal has started to lose his mind, wondering if the bargain he made with the Demons of Spirit Lake, oh so long ago, are coming home to burn him; And Poopsie tries to bail out the daughter who got busted in the drug sting in South Dakota, while the State continues to posture as if they are doing their job, taking away the money, while ignoring the children who are presently at risk, in homes a dog would not be safe. The BIA is making noises about the money, but not the welfare of the children they too, refuse to investigate or protect.  The vaults are closed... There is a truck stuck in the side of Weenie Boy's house. Weenie Boy can't read any of the documents in front of him, because he's completely illiterate, but he knows they are all going to bite him. He stares, blankly.

Janice Morley hears the sound of a child somewhere, hanging herself, and she laughs. Molly laughs. Larry Levinthal can't find a jacket that fits him. He doesn't know who he is anymore.

And the Tribal Council, unwilling to give up the life style they are accustomed to, have begun to raid the vault and the funds from the SMC Plant. So much so, that the plant cannot pay its bills and will be out of business in 6 months or thereabouts.

There are fancy drawings, architect's drawings on the table over there. They are for a Taj Mahal of Tribal Government Buildings. Very luxurious and elaborate, well appointed and fitted out.  The Tribal Council watches houses go under water, roofs fall in, children get sick, the Elderly live with rats, but they plan to build an edifice to themselves-- a very special, royal looking place, with the money that is disappearing faster than the belongings in a Turdling's House.

They want to look all proud and strong. They bristle up and put on SIFs (Serious Indian Faces) if you mention Fighting Sioux Logo... but they are, the Tribe itself is, hollow on the inside, just waiting to collapse.

The people have to learn to come together. They have to learn to teach their children Respect, not fear. They have to save themselves, and time is running out, money is gone.

Poopsie sits on his scooter, wondering how much he can get for it if he were to sell or hock it. Slowly he eyes the other things within reach, not any of them his, that he can take and sell.

This is the man that the FBI, several judges and politicians, a few USAGs are terrified of. That quivering mass, stewing in his own diaper, unable to bail his daughter out of jail because-- he just spent the money getting high again, and payday is a week away.

You know where to find me.



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