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Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

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Ronin's own Website The most basic money laundering/ponzi scam rivaling Maddoff

Free Peltier Now Worth a read


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Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case. Here is the Latest story: December 2011 Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.


NOTE: New feature for the site will be an overview of cases of murdered and missing in Indian Country.  If you have a case that you want posted, contact me and I will tell you what I need to be able to post. -Cat

Please read up and follow the "Bring Paula Home" story and help a woman who has dedicated herself to helping Indian People survive and prevent Diabetes. Links on that page take you to her site. Special thanks to my friend, Denis Campbell Updated:Nov 1, 2009

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February 27, 2012 -- Printer Version (4)
System Fail

Indian Country is designed to fail. It was created to 'store' Indian People under the guise of "Sovereignty". The government initially installed Indian Agents, abusive White Overlords, who 'managed' the Indians and had total control over everything from what food they received, if any, to who would be blamed for a crime.  Indian People, who had survived for tens of thousands of years on the land without polluting the water, fouling the air, or ruining the soil, were denied basic rights and had no recourse. 

It was a system whereby healthy, strong, self-sustaining people were taken, by force and by lies, and crippled into a dependency for basic needs, such as food, and it was designed to break the spirit of Indian People.  Children were stolen from villages and sent to residential schools, and the horrors of those torment factories, yielded broken spirits, broken bodies, and confused survivors who were told that everything they were, was wrong.  And they knew, no matter how hard they tried to save their own lives by complying, they would always be Indians and would never fit into White Society.  They would return to their communities like empty broken glass bottles left on the doorstep. They looked around at their own people and felt like they did not belong.

If all you know about Indians came from some movie or a daytime black and white tv show, consider yourself brainwashed into complete ignorance.

Those two children who were murdered last May, were murdered by their father, and one other person (if not two other persons). But NO ARREST for the MURDERS has ever been made. Tim Purdon, the USAG, lied when he told everyone that someone had been arrested. There was an arrest, but for 'Child Endangerment'.  Does that sound like child rape & murder to you?

No one will ever be arrested for those murders. I guarantee it. Why? Because one of the people who committed the crime was Junior Herman, Pisster's son. He is a registered sex offender. You can read about how Janice Morley, the USAG's 'hired help' in Spirit Lake Nation, managed to blow off another case of child rape, this time, a 7-year old girl, despite the evidence available. She of course, blames her incompetence on Bentley Grey Bear, who never should have been investigating a Federal Crime.

Jr. Herman got off. He's done it before and he'll do it again. And more and more, the message is clear: If your child is raped or murdered, don't expect any justice from the government. Don't expect any investigation from the Government. And absolutely, if the perpetrator is a Turdling, expect they will get off completely or with some sloppy warning.

It's starting to show. The NEW YORK TIMES writer, Timothy Williams, has noticed something is wrong in Indian Country. Last week he wrote an article:  Higher Crimes, Fewer Charges on Indian Land . He examines what appears to be government shirking their obligations to investigate any crimes in Indian Country.

Timothy Williams ends his article with one story that is baffling, but which clearly illustrates how the FBI does nothing but does manage to thwart investigations by their proprietary of holding onto the evidence, even when they won't file charges. 

Thomas W. Weissmuller, a former chief judge for several tribes, said he presided over a trial on the Swinomish Reservation in Washington State in which a 31-year-old man was accused of pouring root beer schnapps into the root beer of a girl who had recently turned 13. The girl, unaware of the alcohol, drank the soda and passed out. The man covered her face with her own clothes and raped her.

Mr. Weissmuller said that in spite of a DNA match and statements from two relatives who interrupted the attack, federal prosecutors did not file charges.
Though convicted of rape in tribal court, the man served only one year in jail — the maximum penalty in the tribal system at the time. The Justice Department declined to discuss the case.
“I don’t know why it wasn’t prosecuted federally,” Mr. Weissmuller said. “I believe it was a very clear-cut case.”

See? Even if you have a Tribal Judge willing to actually do their job, the FBI will get in the way. Children, especially the very little children, suffer the most, die the most.

Now, imagine the zoo of horrors in Spirit Lake Nation, where the Leadership is all corrupt, the Tribal Police are drunks and clowns, and the Tribal Judges are there to personally enhance their own business ventures, and to protect their families from answering for crimes.  Now, if one or more of those judges had a business that would only thrive if children could be processed through their enterprises, guilty or not, you can see the odds for the survival of children on that rez has just dropped even more steeply.

With children being used, especially by being placed in dangerous environments, with pedophiles, just to rack up State and Federal Funds, and where babies are stolen and sold, the term is Human Trafficking, you can add to the embezzlement, drug manufacture and sales, rapes, murders, molests, incest, assaults and more, to make a more complete picture of what life is like growing up on the rez. 

Now, look at the millions of dollars being made by a handful of people who can exploit the system of dysfunction and government/judicial neglect in Indian Country, you have to then look at who is connected to whom in Indian Country-- and you might not like whose doors those paths lead to. 

These are the big players in power that the FBI protects. They are not protecting you and me. They are not protecting the victims or witnesses to major crimes in Indian Country.  Once you understand the FBI in Indian Country is merely the enforcement muscle for the thugs who make their fortunes in Indian Country, you begin to understand why some of these horrendous cases, which, if just one or two would be an aberration, are in fact, the rule, not the exception, and why nothing will get better in Indian Country and why no one will ever be arrested and tried for the rapes and murders of those two little children last may-- or any of the ones before them, or since.

If they take Jr. Herman to trial, he will bring down his family for the murder of Eddie Peltier-- and several other murders.  James Yankton has promised that if he goes down, he will take everyone with him. He means it: FBI Agents past and present, judges, politicians, businessmen, bar owners... everyone.

Now you know whom the FBI is protecting in Indian Country.

Now you know what they are doing with all the evidence they have taken in all their raids on Spirit Lake Nation: They are hiding it. Hiding it from anyone that would ever want to bring a criminal case against people who can bring down powerful people.

They do it in Spirit Lake. They do it everywhere in Indian Country.

Now it makes sense.

Now what?

Duane Jackson just got his daughter, Lonna Jackson, installed without a vote, as the Secretary Treasurer. They are not even pretending to care about the rules or your vote out there.

Now what?

The Government is taking away funds from programs riddled with corruption--- but will not investigate that corruption, even though it involves the welfare of little children. They won't do the job you think you are paying them to do.

Now what?

Tell me what options you think people in Indian Country have to save themselves.

I'll tell you what: They have only one: Fight. Stand and fight. Speak up and speak out and stop being silent. It may not change anything but they will not go quietly because there is no future in it. There are no safe children in it.

And what they do in Indian Country, they do to the rest of the country. Where do you think those broken spirits go? Where do you think the drug addicts, and the rapists go? What do you think damaged, traumatized children who survive, grow up to be?

Maybe you should be looking at what you can do to help change things. If you don't, it will be coming to your door, or a neighborhood near you, very soon, if it hasn't already.  Demand your media give you real information and issues about what goes on in Indian Country. Screw the phony Fighting Sioux Logo bs. Complain when your news readers use bigoted terms that paint Indians as 'wild' or 'renegades' or other Cowboys and Indians terminology. It's wrong. They are telling you that there is nothing serious to see here. Just them over there, making a little noise. Go Fighting Sioux! Nothing else counts.

Now what?

You know where to find me.

~Cat West


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February 21, 2012 -- Printer Version (3)
Illegal Intimidation Tactics

It's time to call the BIA again:

BIA, Great Plains Regional Office
ATTENTION: Alice Harwood
115 4th Avenue Southeast
Aberdeen, SD 57401
Telephone:  (605) 226-7343
Telefax:  (605) 226-7446
or Alice's Direct line (If she has not thrown her cell phone in the trash after last time when she was forced to actually do her job) 605-226-7343

Here's why: The Tribal Council has refused, repeatedly, to honor the petition to recall Roger Yankton. And now, in violation of their own laws, protocols, bylaws and anything else that would even remotely smell legal, Weenie Boy has thrown in with his cousins on the Tribal Court and the Tribal Court is demanding that everyone who signed the petition show up in Tribal Court, this Friday, and state why they signed the petition! As if they committed a crime?

At that point, the Tribal Judge, who is appointed by Roger or can be fired by Roger, will decide if you had a 'good enough reason' to sign that petition!  Call the BIA and tell them that the Tribal Court and the Tribal Chairman are using illegal intimidation tactics to deny the people the Right of Recall/Petition.

The list of grievances against Weenie Boy grows by the week: Reinstating recalled Tribal Councilors with illegal votes, giving back pay to his relatives who were fired for failing a drug test the previous year, and to the tribal councilor (Justin Yankton) who was recalled by legal petition, for embezzling from the LIHEP fund. There's more:

The Tribe has lost more funds do to corruption of Programs than at any other time in its history. Roger is more than incompetent, he is corrupt.  He is a menace to the Tribe. But Molly and Pete will be there to be sure that it goes to their court and they alone have a say as to whether or not your signature 'counts'.

Finger Pointing

Jan Morley, who failed as Prosecutor to conduct a proper investigation of the rape of a 7 yr. Old Girl, is pointing the finger at Bentley Grey Bear's incompetence for the loss of the case. The one she never properly supervised, the one she failed to call the FBI in to investigate and the one she was not prepared for in court. Yes, Bentley is incompetent. That is his job. He is just a glorified body guard for the Turdclan.

But Jan Morley is doing exactly the same thing as Bentley. She is either faking incompetence so she can shrug her shoulders at cases against the Turdclan that just seem to fall apart, or she is actually really incompetent.

But in this case, she called in the family of the little girl to make sure they knew it was NOT her fault, it was Bentley Grey Bear's fault that the child rapist got away with another one.  She calls them in to tell them it wasn't her fault? Really? Not her fault she failed at every step of the way to do her job? Well, gee, Bentley, looks like you serve yet another purpose: You can make it so Jan Morley is not responsible for all her failures too!

And, when the family told her they were going to get this out to the community and drop me a letter (please do, I would love to hear from you) Morley laughed (sounds a lot like Molly's laugh) and said that 'we read that from time to time. We laugh at what is in it. We know who writes it. It's Chuck Trottier. He used to be A CI on the rez.'

Well Jan, you are really that stupid? Even Bentley Grey Bear knows who I am. I am who I say I am. Just ask your friends in the Turdclan the next time you are out having drinks with them. I'm sure Poopsie will show you the pictures he had the casino surveillance take of me when Chuckles and Mary Wide Legs took me in there for 'dinner' so Poopsie could have a good look at me.  (And he determined at that point that I was no threat to him and his empire. That was so 1997!).

So, Jan, if you were trying to prove you were incompetent, you have succeeded.

I do like how she says she reads the blog and laughs at what is in here. I guess some people find dead babies, pre teen suicides and child rape just plain hilarious, right?

So, is Tim Purdon really relying on you to do the job? Really?

And, is the FBI squad out there, in leotards? Doing that dance? Never miss a step, those guys. Look at the form. Look at the grace. Look at the nothing that comes from any of this.

Now, go look at the graveyard and tell me how many new, tiny graves will be dug this spring.

I hear you, Jan. I hear you laughing. So does everyone else. It's just that we don't think it is funny.

By the way, Jan, how is your nephew, Geremiah Holy Bull doing? Or should I say, 'has he raped anyone lately'?

Has Anyone Seen This Woman?

TurdlingHaley Yankton has not shown up for work in over a week. She was not scheduled for any vacation time. Not that it matters if you are a Turdling.  Word is that the Fed Ex Wednesday delivery of drugs was not making enough money for the Turdclan, so Poopsie took a chunk of his 'back pay' and gave it to Haley to make a Drug Run in South Dakota and she got popped. 

Don't worry. If that is the case, it will be kept hush-hush.  Like Poopsie, she will gladly sell out her friends, get them busted, in exchange for a walk. The Turdclan still has enough friends in the Federal Ballet to make that happen.

On second thought, don't worry if you haven't seen her. I am sure she will show up.... to collect her back pay.  They always do.

Well, there you have it. The criminal syndicate that calls itself Spirit Lake Nation, continues to operate under the protection of Janice Morley, USAG, and Bentley Grey Bear, as well as the Corrupt Tribal Council and the rest of the BIA operation out there. Children are being raped, and the rapists, the judges, and Janice Morley are all laughing.

You know where to find me.



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February 20, 2012 --- Printer Version (6)

Most communities would be devastated by the suicide of a 12-yr. Old child. Not Spirit Lake Nation. Not one of the so-called "Leaders" really cares anything about any of the children. They are all more than happy to raid the programs, install their unqualified family members and cronies to run them, and pocket the money for themselves.

The Social Services Program, as it was being run under Kevin Dauphinais, aka "Brownshield", was more of a Human Trafficking operation, than anything designed to help any of the families out there, and certainly, the well-being of the children was considered a joke to him and his friends.  A very sick joke.

I heard awhile back how one Foster Parent who had a child since she was an infant, had that child abruptly taken away because, after all those years of not receiving either the STATE support, or any help, they said something about it.

Apparently, they complained to someone in the State and word got back to Kevin, within the hour. And the Child, who knew no other parent or home in her life, was dragged away before nightfall, and placed in an environment where there were known pedophiles.

When the girl and the parents complained to the court, Judge Molly McDonald, hearing the girl tell of being raped... laughed. Not figuratively, but out loud. She laughed. And the child was again sent back into that snake pit.

Now I hear about a 12 yr old girl, who had been raised, since infancy, by a loving Foster Family. She was safe, bright and happy.  And, again, because the Foster parent said something to someone about what was obviously criminal in Social Services... word got to Kevin, and the story is the same.

The courtroom scene as described, is the same. Molly laughing as a child cries telling about being raped. Molly called her a liar. Sent her back.

At the age of 12, the girl suicided.

And Molly laughed.

Are these two different stories? Possibly. This is a scene that has taken place over and over again, between Social Services and with the aid and assistance of the Tribal Court--- judges all appointed at the pleasure of the Chairman.

Children continue to be dragged out of safe homes, with no reason given, and handed over to anyone at large. Typically, it is to a dangerous parent, pedophile environment, drugs and abuse.  The child is never safe again. The Tribal Court backs up whatever Social Services wants.  There is money to be made here. 

Lots of money to be made. Programs getting the stamp of approval from The State, which never investigated any of the cases, but rather, would just ask, on a yearly basis, for one case summary.  Never bothered to look.

Well, now, they are looking. And more children have been grabbed out of safe homes so that the paper trail could be destroyed. More than 50 children are now unaccounted for in that system. That, in less than six months. Possible more children are missing. There is no way to know.

The State, humiliated by the revelations that they do nothing to protect the children and that they have in fact, been shoveling money into the programs without any audit or investigation; and only after the BIA was also humiliated into investigating and pulled their funding from the tribe, is 'threatening' to pull their  Title IVe monies out of the tribe. They gave the tribe 30 days to pull the entire program into compliance (or get better forgers?).  Roger "Weenie Boy" waited until almost two weeks and requested an additional 15 days to get things in order. He got the extension.  Just more time to destroy files and hide bodies... tiny little broken bodies.

The BIA did not take any steps to protect the children, mind you.  Just to keep from "knowingly" or "with reckless disregard" funding an obvious criminal operation.   The BIA has kept in place, the Liaison Agent, Rodney Cavenaugh, whom they know is both lazy and corrupt. Nothing really changed, but they can say they are not paying for it any longer. Still paying the salaries of the most corrupt BIA Police Department, Agent, and ignoring complaints, but at least, not funding the harm to children.  Not investigating, not even looking, but going through the motions of being "fiscally responsible."

Changing nothing, really. Because of the Indian Act, and Indian Lands and People's being placed under the "Guardianship" of the Federal Government, the Department of Interior, to be exact, like the game, the buffalo, the parks... as if Indian People are in fact, "Property of the US Government", the Federal Government, along with granting Tribal Leaders free reign to do anything they want, while simultaneously denying Individual Indians from registering complaints of any sort directly with the Federal or State Government, ensures that corruption is not only likely, but will be well-funded and preserved.  They call it "Sovereignty" and it is the blanket excuse for not doing their jobs-- despite the fact that STATE and Federal Government has the right and the responsibility to audit programs that receive their funds.  And that any child in that State is the responsibility of that State to ensure their safety, education, and protection. Nowhere more so than where STATE FUNDS go to the support of that child.

Ok, now the State is willing to withdraw funds. Big whoop. Not investigating criminal charges of fraud and abuse; of Child endangerment; of Human Trafficking; and turning away (talk to the hand) any possible investigation into the 50 or more children not accounted for.

One of the conditions is that during this interim, "no more children are removed from their Foster homes..." Wow, what about the ones that already have been? What about after? And, since you never did any real investigations, don't really know what children are where... how will you, The STATE know if any more children are snatched? It would be funny, in a dark way, if not for the rapes and suicides. Do I make you uncomfortable? Go have a cuppa coffee and talk about that Fighting Sioux thing. I hear it is the only thing going on in Indian Country. Absolutely the only thing. Just look at the ink that has been spilled on it. (Ignore the blood on the walls).

They do not investigate the Suicides, nor the rapes. They don't care. They don't have to. They still get paid if they don't look. But if they do look, they might see that someone in their own structure, hierarchy, department, is also involved. Someone is giving the heads up to Social Services to tell them who is making the complaints, what is being said, and giving them a chance to retaliate by removing the child and placing them at risk, for reasons both criminal and just plain punitive. 

Shame on the State of North Dakota. Shame on the BIA.

That little girl had nowhere to turn. Nor did any of the children who were sold off before her, or since. Her death is the Fault of the System that ignored her as much as it is the fault of the criminals allowed to continue on, running the programs in the way you would expect a criminal syndicate to run them.

The FBI Protects The Turdclan

Tim Purdon, you lied. When you made a statement to the press about the two murdered children, you said an arrest had been made. People thought there had been an arrest for murder, but that was not true last May, nor is it yet true. You arrested the father for Child Endangerment. Nothing more. No charges of murder have yet to be filed in that case.

But, somehow, probably through the worthless Badgers in the Tribal Police, every witness that also saw Jr. Herman, a registered sex offender, also go into that house where their bodies were found, when the children were known to be present, and indeed, several times that day that they were murdered... all those witnesses have managed to be outed and their statements handed directly over to Poopsie.

They have been beat up, threatened and now, deny their statements. Jr. Herman is Pisster's son. He knows about the Murder of Eddie Peltier. If he goes to prison, he talks and down goes the Turdclan... and Poopsie has promised that if he goes down, he will take everyone with him: Everyone. That includes the FBI agents who helped him cover up his crimes, the judges he paid off, and the politicians at all levels: City, County, State and Federal.

So, any surprise that there has been no real arrest for the murder of those two little children? Raped, stabbed, beaten, sliced and abused? What are you waiting for, Mr. Purdon? More witnesses to come forward? Yeah, right.

More recently, Jr. Herman raped and beat up a 7 yr. Old girl. He just got found "not guilty". Why? Because Bentley Grey Bear (him again) is the one who investigated the crime and managed, as he always does when it is anyone in the Yankton Family, to 'accidentally' mess up the evidence and the investigation to the point that nothing was left on which to build a case.

And, Janice Morley, who is supposed to be supervising or directing any of these major investigations, shrugs her shoulders and acts like there is nothing she can do.  Bentley is really good at throwing cases. He's done it often enough. He's the go-to man for the Yankton Clan. (His Daddy would be so proud of him!)

But this is nothing new. This is how the USAG and the FBI manage to never have anything to investigate. Or, they investigate it like performance art, but never make an arrest.

As when Steven Bruce Cartier was found to have over ONE MILLION CHILD PORN IMAGES on his computers, and known to work with at least 3 level 3 Sex offenders, but was tried as if he was on his own and did it all on his own. They never investigated any of the computers that were in the reach of any of the known and registered sex offenders that he worked with.

And, that bust came just 2 days after Poopsie suddenly got rid of every computer in the casino, despite them all being brand new less than 6 months earlier... suddenly, as evening set in, loaded every computer into the back of a truck, which was driven by Roger (over to Steven Bruce Cartier's house, maybe?)... and then replaced with new ones.  It was "ALMOST" as if someone had given a heads up to Poopsie that the kiddie porn his family was into, was going to be busted... pure coincidence, right?

And the USAG at the time got a conviction without really trying. Never even looked at the immediate circle of pedophiles she knew were operating in that rez.  Now, who did she and her family have dinner with right after that trial? It was a 'celebration' at her doing her job-- protecting the Turdclan from any prying eyes.

Does anyone in Law Enforcement believe, for one second, that the man generated over 1 Million images and videos on his computer stash… and no one else had any ‘sharing’ or involvement? Me neither. Conviction. Case Closed. No looky. Safe!

Well, now the FBI, so I am told, is "investigating" (A-gin) both the Social Services, especially Kevin's expenses... and Clarisse covering up for him... (his sister, guys, look it up) as she can being she is on the Tribal Council and that is what they do best: Cover up the missing money.

And, I am told, the FBI is also 'investigating' the fact that so many of Bentley's cases (go back about 15 yrs, boys, there's plenty there) seem to fall apart in court-- especially where a child is raped and the perp is a Yankton. 

I used to get all excited about these "Investigations" but it is like watching a ballet. Thrilling. Amazing! But the steps are all managed and no one ever goes off script. If they did, the whole dance would fall apart and people would laugh.

So yeah, the FBI is again on the rez, doing that same old dance.

There is an echo being carried on the wind out there. You can hear it in the middle of the day. It's a child screaming for help, sobbing, followed by Molly McDonald ... laughing.

The media wants it to look like the State is really taking this seriously. They aren't. They are taking away the money. They are not investigating the harm to children. They are not trying to save these children. They are not even trying to protect these children. The Media are all doing a dance of their own. They want to be able to 'keep access' to people in government. That's how they get all the big stories they will never write or broadcast. It's like an invisible trophy of some sort.  Something they keep between them. Like a Secret.

If 50 children disappeared in 6 months from your community, and no one knew where they were... would you just ignore it? Who would you complain to?

Now, if you are considered the property of government, and you had to go through a protocol wherein you could only be heard if the people you are complaining about agree to be investigated, what would you do?

Is this really how the State of North Dakota and the BIA and the Federal Government and the FBI want to dance? It's the same show, over and over again. I am not impressed. I've been watching this show over and over now. I know how it ends. It never ends. Neither does it go anywhere. (Meet me in the lobby).

(Go Fighting Sioux. Just fucking go, will ya? Make room for something that really matters to Indian Country.) I do love how the SIFs (Serious Indian Faces) all hold that this stupid Logo thing is about the dignity of Indian People. They never once mention their children. Fighting Sioux Logo? Really important. Children in danger? Suiciding? Not so much. And it is what media wants to feed ALL of us, as 'relevant' and 'news'.

A 12 yr. Old Girl was placed in danger, because the person who ran the program was mad at the people who were filing a legitimate complaint on him. He punished them by hurting her. Better yet, by putting her where he knew she would be hurt. And he and his pal, Dennis Meier, have done it at least 50 times in the past six months.

You know about it now. What are you, all of you, going to do about it? Most of the people who read this blog don't live on that rez. You all have more power to do something about this, demand investigations and immediate rescue of these children. You have more power to protect them than their own families and their Foster Parents. At least complain to your TV and Newspapers that perhaps, despite the vital importance of this whole logo thing, they might want to bring you something of substance.  Something you can all relate to. If not the abuse of the children who are trafficked out there, then at least, perhaps, the millions of tax dollars fed into that criminal operation. Either or. I really don't care. Anything but that stupid Sioux Logo crap.

There's that nasty echo again. The screaming, the sobbing, the laughing.

You know where to find me.



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February 13, 2012  Printer Version (4)
Media Window Into Indian Country Has Shades Drawn

Show of hands: How many of you are directly affected by the "Fighting Sioux" logo issue? No, I mean "directly", as in, it costs you money, it throws you out of your home, it murders your child, or it makes you live in the cold? (I'll wait).

What is going on in Indian Country, the corruption that is literally, getting children murdered, could not have started without government designing a system that totally disempowered Indian People as individuals, and denies any legal recourse when the complaint is corruption or abuse of power.  It could not continue without the dedicated ignorance of media that refuses to treat Indian Country issues as important or relevant.

When media does look, even for the slightest moment, such as the Wounded Knee takeover, that they might want to know what is actually going on and what led up to it--- government is willing to step in between the eyes and ears of the press and the Truth as told by those who are involved, with tanks, soldiers, FBI and demand that the press stay well back, say, 20 miles or more... and we only get one side of the story: The government and Dickie Wilson, back then.

Somehow, the public seems to like being dumbed down like that.

It's not like that anymore. The government and corrupt Tribal Leaders don't have to get the military involved and the FBI doesn't have to draw a line, miles from the event, to bully the press from delivering to anyone outside the Red Line, some horrific truth that, if the public knew about it, would be outraged and probably demand of their Government leaders and various appointed or elected officials, that things be investigated or made right.

No. We don't have to pull out a squad of clean shaven goons in oversize sunglasses anymore. We throw out "Fighting Sioux" as the big story in Indian Country. A fucking logo.

So, let me tell you what your media is not telling you.

The State of North Dakota has been shoveling money into the Spirit Lake Nation tribe for decades. Money they have never audited, and when confronted with complaints about abuses, misappropriation of funds, they shrug their shoulders and say: "Yeah, I know. Nothing we can do about it."

When they are told that at risk children are being taken from loving and protective Foster Care homes, where the Foster Parents have received no money for their care or special needs, and delivered back into the hands of families that are dangerous to those children. Pedophiles, assaults, abuse... and I am told that one girl, after being taken from her Foster home and delivered into the hands of a pedophile relative, committed suicide.

Nobody cares. The Tribal Judges are a joke. They are looking at ways to make money off of the incarceration of Juveniles. Some are in the business or partnered with businesses that get paid outrageous sums of money from the State and the Federal Government, to jail kids, move them from jail to jail, and bill the government for counseling, drug testing, some sort of indoctrination program... with no proof that any of these services are ever rendered. None required. Just send a bill to the State, and get your check.  The same names show up in partnership on these schemes, over and over again.

When it was revealed that Kevin Brownshield's mother, who had NO Foster children in her care, was receiving State Checks for the care and upkeep of Foster Children who were, in fact, living with families who received no compensation... what did the State do? Nothing. Not a thing.  Their excuse was that whatever the Tribe wanted to do with the children, regardless of what it was, including rape and assault, the State could do nothing. That goes contrary to everything I have read about the State having jurisdiction over any child living within it's borders, regardless. It is the STATE'S OBLIGATION. One they have been thrilled to ignore.

"I already know what is going on out there," the woman in charge said. "I read about it in the Blog." Yeah, doesn't investigate, doesn't question, 'reads it in the blog and does nothing.' Then, presented with documented proof-- shrugs her shoulders. For real.

When these at risk children were being snatched, with NO notice, and placed back into the hands of dangerous parents, because the State was telling Kevin that there was a trouble maker out there and they would have to account for the money they received... these children, who are nothing more than money for the corrupt, were dragged out of safe homes and put in jeopardy. 

All this so Kevin, and his helping hand, Dennis Meier, could shred any documentation relating to the money owed to the real Foster Care Families. The State did nothing.

Somebody at the STATE LEVEL had to be giving Spirit Lake Social Services, Kevin, Dennis, et al, a big heads up as to what was coming and what he had to do to cover it up. Why? Because the timing of it all, and because the STATE did not want to intervene... and if they had to look they made it abundantly clear they did not want to find anything. Mostly, it is the timing of it all. You can say "coincidence" all you want, but it won't wash.

But, the Troublemaker kept stirring things up. She had blown the whistle, she had been threatened, and she had been danced around by the incompetent Tribal Council, and she was not going to be silent.

The State told Dennis Meier that they were going to do an audit on the files that they had records on. Files that should be within easy reach, as they bill the State, regularly on those files for those kids. Files are kept in offices. The State also, very carefully, warned Social Services that they would have a Forensic Auditor looking at these files. It was a neon sign saying: "We are being forced to look like we are doing our job... please don't make any forgeries... you will be caught."

Clearly, the State was, at least for an hour or two, concerned that they would look bad for allowing these horrendous abuses of children take place-- and worse, funding it. Or, someone was getting paid off and didn't want an investigation to come knocking on their cubicle.

The State was feeling the pressure. A few Newspapers and the local TV Station did interviews. This was going to be big. Well, it should have been. Especially after the State found all those forged files.

But, what is the story they bring you? What is the earth-shaking important issue of the day? Fighting Sioux Logo.

Lots of press on that. Loads. Speeches too.

Anyone get up and speak about how these children are being hurt? Raped? Murdered? No, they gave you the Serious Indian Face (SIF) and told you how important the Fighting Sioux Logo Bullshit was to them-- as a People. (Sing "Honor Song" here).

Media ran with it. There, they did their obligatory story about Indians. They can all put their pens away now and not worry about it. Nothing to see here, moving on...

And in the middle of the day, some battered child gives up hope of anyone, anywhere, caring.

How does all this evil, in that snake pit of a reservation carry on? Because no one wants to know.

I guess it is worth it to you all to let your state spend millions of dollars that they know do not go to the children, or any of the other programs, but rather, into the pockets of the thugs who run the syndicate out there. 

I thought money was tight and people wanted to be fiscally conservative with their tax dollars. I guess that was a joke too, eh? Just something that comes out of politicians' mouths, but nothing they really mean. Hell, most of them are happy to shake hands with the very criminals they are funding, and pose for photo ops while they hand them even bigger checks!

I guess it is okay with everyone in North Dakota, that they pay a little extra in taxes, so children can be hurt and abused, and the people whose salaries are being paid to oversee it, go have another cuppa coffee and discuss that whole "Fighting Sioux Logo thing".

I guess that is all you want to know about Indian Country, your State, Your Tax dollars. I guess it's worth it to you-- just so you don't have to look.

The biggest heroes I have seen in this world are the journalists who go to war zones to bring us the story of what is happening in War Zones of far away nations. They risk their lives, and many have been killed. The biggest cowards I have seen are the journalists who won't even look in their own backyard, and who roll up their car windows if they think they hear an Indian Child screaming for help.

Go, Fighting Sioux. Yeah.

You know where to find me.



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February 6, 2012  --- Printer Version (6)
The Boys Are Back In Town

I told you that once you let a Yankton take the wheel you would all be in for the crazy cars ride... and you can't get him out, can you.  Normally, a petition, especially a petition with all the signatures on it that make it clearly, the "will of the tribe", would be enough to get him tossed to the curb.

But, he and his family, and their friends, change the rules to suit themselves.  In this case, they decided that the petition, instead of going to the vote of the people at the GA, would instead, go to a Tribal Court judge.

There are several Tribal Court Judges to choose from, most of whom are beholdin' to the Turdclan and will do whatever they tell them to do. But apparently, one judge is also a signer of the Petition.

Last Friday...

Whoops! I guess that was the judge that Weenie Boy had decided would test his fate... and Oh Snap! He can't do it because he also signed the petition! So, instead of calling upon any of the other judges... and as if they did not know that judge had signed the petition ahead of the meeting (they did) and lining up one of their other judges to do their dirty work for them (and they were close by) (it would have been easy)... Weenie Boy and his thugs decided to use this as an excuse for yet another delay.

Oh shucks folks! We have to go find another judge! I guess it will be another week or two, or who knows, before we can try and have this meeting again.

Who screamed the loudest? Zit Puppet. Yup, Brian Pearson, who personally while he was Secty-Treasurer for the Tribe, along with his mommy, NLO, who was Tribal Chair, had robbed the tribe of millions of your dollars. Millions.  And there he was, at this GA meeting, screaming louder than anyone. What a show! He was dragged out by BIA cop (and his best friend) Larock.  Cameras caught it all.

And then, his auntie, Porky Cloud (Famous for punching Becky Larson in the face because Becky had Porky's relative fired from Head Start) gets on camera and says that her poor nephew has had his life threatened over this. 

Well, by whom? No body gets murdered out there without the Turdclan stamp of approval. QBall, Zit's Father, is the designated hit man for those pesky problems that need to be solved right away.

I doubt that his life has been threatened. It's all for show. I find it laughable that he poses as the champion for the tribe on this because he's one of the crooks.  No, if he wanted to help the tribe, if he really had a change of heart, he would have, long ago, fessed up to his crimes and the crimes of his family.  He would have told investigators how the money laundering scheme works out there.

This was just a song and dance.

But, given the Turdclan's willingness to murder people in their own family to get what they want, starting with Zit's Great Grandfather, who, along with several other members of his family, were poisoned by a pot of coffee, prepared by one of their relatives--- so that a business deal that is bad for the tribe, but good for certain powerfully connected people (Including a judge, I am told), could go through -- Zit could find himself on the wrong end of a bad show-- just for the sake of making it look good.

That pot of coffee had to be poisoned by a member of the family. One who was willing to kill several members of his own family with a pot of poisoned coffee, for a pot of money. Yeah, James Yankton Sr. seemed to make a small fortune shortly thereafter, stealing from the housing fund for the tribe. He got caught, but was never arrested. Rather, the government allowed him to retire on a handsome pension.

More recently, Willy Boy, Zit's Cousin, who was murdered. Run off the road, because he was speaking out about Turdmother and what all he knew about her. And then there was Scott, Zit's uncle, who was murdered because QBall wanted his house.  Unfortunately, it was left to Scott's son, in a will QBall did not know about. But I think Q still has the house. Rules, laws, mean nothing to that family.

So, if Zit Puppet was really being threatened, and had any real fear for his safety, he would have, long ago, told the truth.

It's just a show. He never went to jail after they hauled him out of there. Yes, he was drunk. And, if he had gone to jail, it would be a violation of the terms of probation for his most recent prison term for Felony Drunk driving...

So, if they really wanted him out of the way, but didn't want to kill him, they would have violated his probation and had him hauled away. But they didn't. It was all for show. It never would have taken place if the cameras were not there.  He does know how to play the media. And they fall for it every time. Every.Single.Time.

Now, let's see if the Turdclan wants to make it a 'reality show', shall we?

Earlier Last Week...

Just as Weenie Boy was holding a meeting in his office with some of his pals on exactly how they could, if they showed up to the meeting, armed, deter anyone from voting against him... the Suits walked in. Did not knock, just walked in.

Thugs make a rapid exit. Weenie Boy, there, alone, with the Suits, was now being told that the meeting has to go forward--- and to start making phone calls now to make sure that all the Tribal Councilors would be in attendance. You know, not on some expensive junket somewhere, spending tribal money...

'Hi, it's Rog, I have 2 FBI Agents standing over me right now... and we are on speakerphone...' something like that?

He was not a happy man. Like John Gotti being told he can't go kill someone... it just ruined his day.

But they came up with that "If a judge signs it..." scheme... I am sure of it. They will stall this as long as they can.  I wonder what they will come up with next time? 'Can't vote on a Full Moon'? Let me know.

Yes, there was a lot of shouting. Having scheduled the meeting for 1 PM, they made sure that most people who worked could not get to the meeting, and those who only had one car in the family would have to hustle relatives and neighbors to get a ride to the meeting... or not make it at all. Keeping the numbers of attendance low at these meetings is key to them getting what they want.

By the way, they never did enter into the minutes that they illegally reinstated Justin Yankton, and gave him a lump sum of back pay and benefits. I wonder why? Hey, who needs rules? The Turdclan has never followed rules before, why would they start now?

I hear that FBI were at the GA... I hope they took notes. I hope they were not the ones from Grand Forks... they need to be in prison themselves. I hope it was the 'Good ones', who so far, have arrested no one, but look really busy.


Worth mentioning that both Justin Yankton and his girlfriend, Brook Black, were found guilty of stealing from the LIHEP. We await with bated breath, the sentence (wrist slap) of the judge.  Meanwhile, Brooke made it to the  Friday Night basketball game. All smiles! Yeah, steal from the poorest in the tribe, and on a cold Friday night, while they can neither heat their homes or cook their food, you attend a basketball game.

Worse, you all just let her. No one called her out on it. No one said "Shame on you!" Not a single one of you. And you wonder why it just gets worse out there? Take a look at how you treat the criminals out there-- like heroes.

Take a look at how you treat the children out there... Like Garbage.

Gee, I wonder how THAT will turn out?

The Price Is Right

Joel Redfox! Dennis Meier! (insert name here) Member of the Welfare Board! Come on down! ... to Aberdeen, South Dakota! The State hasn't done anything yet, but the BIA wants their money back! $238,000 -- to start with. More later, I am sure.

You know, the State told you what they expected from you. You tried to ignore them. That didn't work. You were told that the files would be looked at by a Forensic Auditor... but just the same, you recruited a small cluster of forgers to try and create files that never existed, in order to cover your crimes... did you think they would not notice?

All you had to do was go in there, hang your heads, say you had lied and offer to work with the State to make it better. They were looking for a way to give you a way out... they could have seen how 'sincere' you were and given you a second (make that 100th) chance... and you could both mutually declare that there had been problems in the past, but that the way forward was clear now, and all those problems had been dealt with and would never occur again... but no. You turn to your criminal instincts... stinks, and made it even worse.  Providing forged instruments to a State Auditor is -- I believe, a felony.

So, now, you must trot on down to Aberdeen and hand over a lump of cash. More will follow.

Who will take care of these children now? The Tribe had its chance to prove they could keep children safe, and they failed.  Now, who will clean up this mess? Who pays the price for the abuses in the programs that were supposed to protect the children? I'm sure that we will see the abusers at the Basket Ball games... cheering and being cheered on, by the home crowd.

I hear the State is also looking at not only pulling funds, but on recouping funds the same way as the BIA is demanding.  It will be even bigger.  Something for people to think about before doing business with anyone on the rez or with the rez.

This Tribal Council is the clumsiest and the most corrupt. They have spent more time trying to figure out how to shut down this blog than they have on trying to do anything for the community.  They are more concerned with making sure no one calls them on their criminal activities, than they are about doing anything to help the community.  Greedy and sloppy.

And now they are humiliating the tribe, once again, by making sure that those convicted of felonies and other crimes, are on the payroll of the tribe-- specifically as Tribal Councilors.

Brian Pearson, felony drunk. He got off really light despite multiple parole/probation violations in that they never indicted him for his many arrests for having drugs, drugs, alcohol, and underage drunk/drugged people in his vehicle... just felony drunk. You all paid for his legal fees. Court costs. I'm sure there is more.  His mother was Chairwoman, so he never paid a dime.

Then there was the Carl Walking Eagle/Kazena Family stealing from LIHEP... you paid for all of that. Yes, you paid for his fine as well. One of the perks of him committing the crimes while being a tribal councilor. No penalties.. at least, not financial. You paid for ALL their court costs.

You paid for Justin's legal fees, court costs and any penalties he incurs. Plus you gave him back pay, bonuses, and other expenses.

Time to recall everyone on that Tribal Council. You really can't afford any more criminals. Nor can you afford the cowards that let them get away with it.  Worse, those who help them to get away with it.

You really can't afford it. The BIA is taking away the funds. The State will be taking away the funds... and that casino is on a razor's edge ready to be shut down as well.  Your crooks have bankrupted your tribe.

You cannot take care of the children who need you, and now, you can't take care of yourselves.

The Tribe may not even exist at the end of this year.

You have to fight for your tribe by fighting for the children. Fighting to make them safe. Demanding that your elected leaders have integrity, education and cultural values.

You have to make it unwelcome, in your tribe, for those who commit crimes. You know who are committing the crimes. Stop treating them as if they are heroes. Stop cheering them on at the Basketball games. Stop smiling at them as if you like them. They are killing your tribe. They are robbing your tribe.

If you cannot protect the children, you cannot protect yourself. If you keep in mind, everything that you do: "How will this make our children stronger? Healthier? Smarter? More confident?" If you think of that before you okay some bullshit project that only glamorizes the throne of the Criminal Kings, you will save yourselves.

If you think about the children, and the future, before you allow someone to hire their criminal relatives, you will save your tribe.

Demand that the unqualified and the criminal step down and move out of positions. Rowdy Cavenaugh has only protected his own criminal family as well as his friends. He should be removed, by the BIA, and investigated. You have their number. You have their address. Demand it.

Or wait until the wind blows through your tribe, through the broken walls of substandard housing, where children cry from hunger, neglect and abuse. 

I don't know what comfort you can find if you don't stand up.


All of you who have protected the Turdclan, in their murders of Eddie Peltier, Gilbert Fassett, Sam Jackson, and others... all of you, and your families, will face a reckoning.

The spirits are coming for your children and grandchildren. They will frighten you in your homes, and they will push your cars into the cold waters of the lake at night... They will lure your children in the middle of the day, calling their names, beckoning in the guise of an old friend they thought was in the grave.

Protecting the murderers, and protecting those who protect them, has taken your tribe to the point of no return.  The more you protect them, especially the murderers, the worse it will get for the tribe. Until there is no tribe.

Time for Mary to tell the truth. Or everyone in the tribe will suffer.

It's so close now, you can see it.

You know where to find me.



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