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Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

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Ronin's own Website The most basic money laundering/ponzi scam rivaling Maddoff

Free Peltier Now Worth a read


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Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case.  Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.


NOTE: New feature for the site will be an overview of cases of murdered and missing in Indian Country.  If you have a case that you want posted, contact me and I will tell you what I need to be able to post. -Cat

Please read up and follow the "Bring Paula Home" story and help a woman who has dedicated herself to helping Indian People survive and prevent Diabetes. Links on that page take you to her site. Special thanks to my friend, Denis Campbell Updated:Nov 1, 2009

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June 28, 2011  --Printer Version (3)
Short Notice

From the Rez:

Let all the readers know that there is a general assembly tonight at 5 PM, The crowhill and fort totten district wants to put justin yankton back on the tribal council. they want to do this before his federal court hearing! Only the people could put a stop to this.

There will be additional Blog Posting later this afternoon. Just wanted you all to have this now as it will be happening in a couple of hours. They keep scheduling these District and GA meetings so that anyone that has a job can't get there without taking time OFF.

Pass it on. These criminals are being supported by the other criminals on the Tribal Council. The two NEWLY ELECTED TC Members: Joel and Hopsty, are trying to get REAL WORK Done while the corrupt are just not showing up or too busy trying to protect their felonious friends.

Later, That Same Day... The Blog Continues..

Lettuce review:

Carl Walking Eagle and just about every member of his family, was indicted in that Fuel Assistance Program scam.  So was Justin Yankton. Myra immediately placed them both back on council so they could continue to rip off the tribe.

Carl lost his election to Hopsty. (Yay Hopsty!) He might have won had not so many members of his family been in jail at the time. Myra didn't run and that put Weenie Boy in as Chairman. The latest in a long line of sick, perverted, thieving, violent, corrupt Chairmen of SLN.

That left Justin Yankton, who was not up for election in that last vote. He and his Pattie Robertson, aka "Pattie Cavenaugh" were also indicted, but Justin is pawning it all off on his common law wife, and getting his name 'redacted' from her indictment. What a man! Steal from the Elders and the poor, and then make your woman take the blame!

The General Assembly Meeting that was earlier today was where Weenie Boy was going to try and put Justin back into his seat so that the Tribe would have to pick up the tab for all his legal bills. Hey, Yanktons stick together, right?

I don't know how that went.

I do know that very little of important, substantive work is getting done by this Tribal Council, all of whom, (except the 3 newly elected) took that huge $25K bonus for Christmas because they 'deserved it for working so hard' (Stealing is hard work!).

The reason very little is getting done is that the Tribal Councilors won't show up to do the work. Hopsty and Joel are often the only two there. Period. They just don't bother with doing any of the work that the Tribe desperately needs.

It seems to me that the Tribal Council has essentially degraded into a club where the gang meets to see how much of the Tribe's money they can take for themselves.  I guess Hopsty and Joel are "making them look bad" by actually showing up and trying to get the work done.

So, you all need to show up at every district meeting and General Assembly meeting and voice your concerns over what is being done and what is not getting done. You need to make them look at you.

Case In Point

The Ft. Totten District Meeting the day before, where Clarice Brownshield, who knows she won't get re elected next time, tried to pull a fast one on her District, and essentially, the Tribe. She tried to put her cousin, Emma Cavenaugh in charge of the Food Pantry for that District. There is no Food Pantry for the Ft. Totten District, and they probably need one. It would be a good idea.

The problem is, they did not post the job, and Clarice just wanted to hand it, and a fat paycheck, over $30K plus expenses, per year (no taxes, mind you) to run a job she has no qualifications to run. She was not expecting anyone to show up at the meeting. The only ones there were her family and a few others... Her brother, Kevin, the one who is traumatizing and endangering Foster Children, was not there. He has a job, so he doesn't bother showing up. Besides, people might ask him questions?

From the sound of it, it looks like Clarice had already given the job to Emma and this meeting was just a formality.  Ruh Roh. There were Questions. Oopsie. Bad move Clarice. (Hey, Clarice, wasn't your family just involved in that Fuel Assistance Program scam? And with your brother placing all those kids in danger and sending your mom those fat checks that are supposed to go to caregivers, did you really think that NOW was a good time to run one more scam on the tribe? Hmmm? Kind of makes the whole family look like a bunch of crooks, know what I mean, Jelly Bean?)

So, since the job was just invented, never posted, and Clarice could not or would not answer basic questions, it did not fly.

Sorry Emma. Maybe Kevin can cut you some checks for Foster Care you aren't providing.

Meanwhile, Children are being murdered, abused, traumatized, suiciding. The water is rising. The murderers are running the Tribe. Millions and millions and millions have been stolen from all of you... and you have only two, newly elected Tribal Councilors, willing to show up and get real work done.

If you want things to change out there, to get better, you have to at least show up. It's even better if you show up and make demands: Like having the GA  and District Meetings on a Day and Time when MOST people, especially those who work, can attend.

You can demand that the meetings be open.

You can demand that jobs be posted.

You can demand that expense accounts be posted.

You can demand that children be protected.

You know where to find me.


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June 27, 2011 ---Printer Version (3)

Kevin Dauphinais now wants everyone to "Pray" because he was in a sweat ceremony, part of his Sundancing, faux Medicine Man training and an event supposedly happened.

Two child spirits walked into the sweat and started speaking Lakota, but no one understood them, so they stopped and then began speaking in English. One of the words they used was "Catastrophic".

Everybody Pray. Kevin is here to save you! Hahahah! Coyote and Owl will teach you before the week is out, a harder lesson. Pray. Indeed! And look as righteous as you can while you are on your knees. Pretend to believe the words you mouth. Faking it always worked before, right? The Creator/God is so easy to fool!

AhhhOOOooooOOO-Yaaaaaah! Hahahaaaa! Whooooo Yaaaaa! Who are ya?

This sweat was run by John Chaske. John Chaske is BLACK ROAD and has been warned many, many times to not do these ceremonies. But he persists. Those who follow him do so, on that same Black Road. Kevin follows him.

Now, if these two child spirits did come in and say these things, it is a warning to Kevin and to John that they are bringing catastrophic consequences down on that Tribe.

Having children brutally murdered is not enough for ya? Then wait until you see how many ways both Kevin and Kristy are setting children up to be molested, abused, neglected and perhaps also murdered.  Why does Kristy, with a conviction for child abuse, have a job as a CPS worker? Anyone explain that to me? Kevin?

The waters are rising, and the children are in more danger than ever before.

You have a murderer as your chairman.

You allow Piggy Cavenaugh and her family to raid the funds that were supposed to help the tribe to heal and find wellness.

You allow abusers and embezzlers to run Social Services and place children in danger while stealing the funds for themselves...

You are, as a Tribe, protecting the worst of the worst, the most guilty of the guilty, the Darkest of the Evil that exists out there. Those are the ones you protect with your silence.

The children are at greater risk now than ever before.

So quickly that well-attended funeral has been forgotten. So quickly those small coffins went into the ground... out of sight, out of mind? 

And now, from the Black Road, an even more dire warning?

Have you figured it out yet? That you need to end the violence and the killings by protecting the innocent?

A lot of you are Right to Lifers out there. I hear from you often enough. You tell me that life begins from the moment of conception and you fight to the death and support groups that murder and bomb and terrorize doctors and nurses and women who need abortions for reasons that are, in fact, none of your business. You go that far to protect a few cells so they can be born regardless of circumstances... but you are silent as the children, once born, are neglected, mistreated, murdered?

You are silent as their mothers, many of whom you call whores and sluts, struggle in poverty to raise them.

You are silent as those who abuse and murder children are allowed to hold jobs that directly affect the lives of these tiny children? Who in the world are you, anyways? Does life not matter after it arrives here? Do you only celebrate victory until they draw their first breath and then you abandon them?

Has the word "Hypocrite" shown up on your foreheads yet? It should!

The community has to act as ONE and protect the innocent or NO ONE is safe.

This is not a political cause. There is no money being raised and no politicians being sent to legislate against women's rights, healthcare, or equal pay... all those things that make it necessary for women who struggle to support their families or to have a life of their own, seek abortions... all those things you could fix as a community, a State, and a Nation and drive down the need for abortions... but you proudly stomp on every one of them and then pursue, financially and politically, supporting those who make the situation worse.

Here is a cause for you. They are alive. They are here. They are real Human Beings. If you really do care about life, if you really are Pro Life, you would not make it so hard for these children to live. But it is real work. It is real involvement. You just don't have the time.

Easier to stand with a placard demonizing women you do not know, threatening doctors and staff who only work to provide care, and fill the air with your contempt, hatred and ignorance.

These children are in danger. Children have been raped, molested, neglected, abused and murdered, but you cannot be bothered with them. They are not your problem, not your responsibility?

You take a way a woman's rights to make these decisions for herself, and then you abdicate your responsibility for the consequences? Weaklings, cowards and merchants of fear, hate and ignorance.

These are the children that need you. But, it's really not fashionable, is it? You would actually have to learn about it, do something about it, and make it better. So much easier to just condemn total strangers, than to protect the children.

Shame on all of you.

Meanwhile, let us all wait for the Catastrophic outcomes of ignorance, neglect and corruption. These children are being traumatized, terrorized and abused while you polish your halo in time for Sunday. Yes, you do look smug. It is what Christ would do, right? Your savior will forgive you as you indulge in hypocrisy. I am sure of that. It's how you teach yourself to ignore the damage you do unto others.

It's where the Black Road takes you.

You know where to find me.


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June 24, 2011 -- Printer Version (3)
Family Ties

Congratulations to Dana Yankton, Roger Yankton's son. He has been given the job as Surveillance Director. What are his qualifications for this extremely high paying job? Why, none really-- except of course, he is son of Weenie Boy. No education, no certification... and there ya have it.

The job was previously held by his Uncle Poopsie, who failed a drug test.

So, Dana, you got that whole thing down with zooming the cameras in on the cleavage? Your Uncle entertained himself for hours with that feature.

And, there is also the expense account, travel expenses, free car, clothing allowance... wow. Not bad for a guy with really, no qualifications. So, congrats!

Pouty Rowdy

Rowdy Cavenaugh has been the BIA Agent on the rez for what? Ten? Fifteen Years? He has it in his head that he is actually the one running the rez. The new Tribal Council Members want to pass policies and he wants to thwart them. They want to open up the meetings and make it so there are no closed door meetings. A rule that was in place until NLO and Walking Eagle shut the doors (with Rowdy's approval) and did all their dirty work behind closed doors--- like that land sale that NLO did where she sold her worthless land to the tribe for over $100K, and information on that only began to leak out 9 months after it was a 'done deal'.

That closed door meeting they had where they gave themselves additional Christmas Bonuses of over $25K... well, we could go on and on...

So, the new Council wants the doors open... and Rowdy says they can vote on whatever they want but that it has to go to him for at least ten days and he has to approve it before it is legal.  The new Tribal Council, and I suspect the Hopsty and Joel new council, arrived with real spines and told him that he has no say in what they decide to do.

Then the pieces of the puzzle came together... Rowdy Cavenaugh... brother to Piggy Cavenaugh... Ah ha! That is why she has never been investigated for her crimes of embezzlement. That is why, with absolutely no qualifications whatsoever, she has been allowed to run the Clinic.

That is why no one investigated her when she broke into files and violated, repeatedly, client-counselor confidentiality. That is why she bought all those computers for her family out of the Clinic's funds and no one investigated. Ah ha! Boy am I slow!

Made The News

It was amazing how Stenhjem could be North Dakota's Attorney General for over a decade and never once step foot onto the rez. Never once step on any toes on the rez... and corruption flourished. He never asked for help, never really thought there was any need for it. Is he really considering running for higher office? Wow, I guess there will be some political favors he can pull in.

Then again, as a GOP, corruption and such really don't matter. They have so much of it already. He won't make waves. He'll fit right in.

Tim Purdon less than a month into his first term as US Attorney General, real investigations started taking shape, real arrests started happening and real corruption started being exposed on the rez.

Walking Eagles got busted, Tribal Councilors got busted (but re instated thanks to NLO and Pouty Rowdy who okayed it), Turdclan got busted-- even Kalum who robbed the St. Michael's Post Office, as he has done before, (with his cousins) got popped. Wow, the untouchables are getting bracelets and attorneys!

I hear that there was a news conference on Thursday and Janice Morely made statements about how the US AG's Office is going to be addressing the corruption that is on all the reservations in North Dakota.

Wow. I think that is for real.

But Janice might have to actually deal with Poopsie on that one. So far, he has kept her under control. She is compromised by her nephew, Geremiah Holybull on Turtle Mountain Rez. She goes after Turdclan, they start going after him... it could get a bit 'itchy', if you know what I mean.

Kind of hard to clean up the corruption when you have to look the other way... That's how it got this bad to begin with.

Oh the family ties that bind, and burn, and worse.

I wonder if these traumatic, horrendous "legalized kidnappings" by Kevin Dauphinais and Kristy Wishinsky, snatching kids out of safe, certified Foster Homes and sticking them back into dangerous environments, with parents who are violent, drug addicted, pal around with registered sex offenders, and in homes where there is filth, mold, and worse... just so he can close the books and destroy the paperwork... I wonder if Tim Purdon's Office will look into that? Which Tribal Judge signed off on those papers? Was it Molly?

This so soon after the horrendous abuse and murders of those two little Shaw/Dubois children. 

So, what is the tribe expecting? You know it will happen again. You know it will be worse.

Why are people with records of Child Abuse, neglect, endangerment being allowed to work as CPS workers?  Aside from their willingness to perform sex acts with Kevin, what are their qualifications? Is this how you protect the children?

By the way, Kevin was once a child of neglect and abandonment himself. He was known as Kevin Brownshield until he graduated High School, because his mother didn't want him. Not sure why he resumed the name "Dauphinais" but suffice to say, his giving checks to Lorna Brownshield, the woman who raised him, was illegal. It is embezzlement. No different, maybe even worse than the ones that ripped off the LIHEP Propane program.

He is using children to shovel money into his and his family's accounts.  Children are paying the price.

I'm glad I don't have a Crystal Ball. I don't think I'd want to know what will come of those children or what the news Next Week will be.

The children are not protected. They are abused and exploited by the very people who are supposed to be overseeing their safety, well-being and care.

The Whistle Blowers are all those little children have right now. The Foster Parents who had those children ripped out of their arms, have nowhere to go to fight for those babies. 

If you think your culture is important enough that you take to the streets, put your faces in front of cameras over the Fighting Sioux Issue, show me what you will do to protect those children from the corrupt in your own tribe that are, in fact, setting them up to be killed.

Frankly, I think the UND should be embarrassed to have the Nickname "Fighting Sioux". I'm not seeing any "Fight" in you. Just warm spots on your blankets, bags of chips and a beer fridge. 

Fighting Sioux is like the Dinosaur of of Tribes. They don't exist anymore. But they were magnificent when they walked this earth. Magnificent!

You know where to find me.


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June 22, 2011--- Printer Version (3)

I'm getting emails from people about Wanda Jackson, and how she died.

I'm going to give them to you, in synopsis form:

From the Rez:

1. Don't make a big deal out of nothing. She was a heavy drinker who was drunk at the time and ran her car off the road and into the slough. She had run it into the ditch, just the front end in the water, just the previous week. Don't make something out of nothing. I'm trying to help you.

2. Alcohol was probably involved. She blew a tire on a bad stretch of road and went into the slough. Looks like she tried to kick the window out of her car... (She was found in her car)  She was on her way to Jeannie Charbonneau's for a party and never showed up.

3. She had a massive heart attack and lost control of her car and it went into the water. She was already dead.

4. She was not a heavy drinker and I never saw her drinking or around people who did. She was in good physical health and she and Jeannie Charbonneau were not friends.

I'm sure even more guesses will float in. Every single one of these is "possible" but they can't all be right. There needs to be a proper, thorough investigation of how she died. So we all know. Take away the guesswork, put in the science.

Given that she was the Administrative Assistant to the embattled Social Services Director, Kevin Dauphinais, aka "Kevin Brownshield", who just had the whistle blown on him for embezzlement, and she was in a position to know what happened, who got money they were not supposed to get, etc... her sudden departure by death is a very lucky break for Kevin Dauphinais and Kristy Whishinsky.  It could just be a coincidence. It really could. But only an investigation will tell us for sure.

Anyone that thinks her death, or anyone's death out there under these circumstances, should just be blown off as no big deal, needs to rethink their own casual acceptance of any scenario told them by people who might not want certain rocks turned over.

A lot of murders have been staged out there to look like "accidents".  I seem to recall that Jeannie Charbonneau seemed to be the go to person to set up the story in one particular murder... Eddie Peltier's murder, to be precise.  Went with Weenie Boy, QBall and Poopsie and Bruce McKay, all stuffed into Poopsie's Blazer... with Eddie's body in the back. He'd been washed and redressed so it's not like it was a 'bad thing' or anything. Right, Jeannie?

Then, when traffic had passed, they dragged his body out and with screamin' Jeannie in the front seat, Poopsie drove over the body... they were setting up an "Hit and Run" scenario... which failed miserably.

Jeannie then walked to the police station, with Weenie Boy (Your new Chairman), and gave several false statements about 'finding his lifeless body on the road'... Jeannie is a go-to person for this sort of thing. So, her name coming into this sets off one flag for me.

Poopsie and Weenie Boy are known for carrying around big screwdrivers and puncturing people's tires that they don't like.  Typically at basketball games, but sometimes at Bingo, or even in the parking lot at wherever their job is.

The Turdclan would be more than inclined to remove any perceived threat to Kevin and his position as Social Services Director.  Kevin was able to get Lemon Longie, the oldest brother of the Turdclan, out of prison where he was serving time for child rape, and threatening to talk about what he knew about Eddie's murder if they didn't get him out-- fast. Kevin, as the Tribe's representative, gave a glowing report on Lemon's viability as a member of the tribe.

I can easily see one of them tampering with Wanda Jackson's vehicle, knowing she would be working late and that is a dangerous road to drive at night... Your Guess is as good as mine, right? We need an investigation so we KNOW.

Friends of Kevin

Among Kevin's pals is Galen Robertson, who went down for that horrendous rape where he and a friend or two, tied up Galen's Girlfriend's 17-yr old daughter and raped her for hours. Only Galen went to court on that. Everyone wonders why the other guys didn't go. Word is, that Galen used to build garages for people and keep an extra key for himself and let himself and a friend in when he knew there was a woman or young girl home alone.  He would also crawl into windows to rape women and/or young girls.  He bragged about his exploits.

Kevin has, as a requirement for the job in Social Services, that you must have sex with him. The women openly talk about him and many say he is such a bad lay that if it weren't for the job, he'd be left alone, with a towel.  Most of the people treat it as a joke.  I hear a lot of people tell me they have been "laughing at Kevin for a long time". 

Laughing? Really? This guy is putting children in danger in order to cover up his crimes.  You laugh at him? Why do you not demand his dismissal? Laughing at someone is fine, unless you allow that person to continue to hold a position that is as vital as Social Services and involves children.  A guy who has, as his best friends, child rapists.

Kevin came "Down from the Hill" early in order to phone up foster families and tell them he is coming the next morning to take the children from their homes and return them to the very parents who had mistreated them to begin with.

What's the hurry Kevin? You broke your big bad spiritual contract to abruptly remove children from homes where they were safe and drop them back into the cauldrons of violence and neglect? Why? Need to close the files and destroy the paperwork? Ahhh! So that is what it is!

He has done exactly that. Taken the kids, with no warning, no time to prepare them, out of homes where they were safe and well-cared for, and thrown them, like bags of trash, into the dumps that were never fixed; parents who have had no rehab, no anger management, and who remain violent and addicted and who will, in all likelihood, hurt those kids again.

How many dead babies, violently raped, murdered, battered and abused, will it take before the Tribe stands up for them and protects them?

One woman who stood up for them, Betty Jo Krenz, had to stand alone. She was fired and left on her own. Where the hell are all you Good People? Where are the voices that stand up and support her?  Do you think your silence makes you safe? Is your safety more important than the protection of those children?

Is this the stuff the Tribe is made of? Cowards who laugh at those who are hurting children and setting them up to be raped and murdered? Is this really who you all are? Where are your voices?

Where is your outrage? Where is your anger?

I remember a lot of yelling and screaming and spit flying around not so long ago over the nickname of the UND "Fighting Sioux".  Wow, it was really important to stand up and be counted then, wasn't it? But not for the children? Not for the courageous woman who stood up to reveal the wrongs and the dangers? 

Maybe, if we made the kids into tiny mascots for some college, you might think about it enough to get really involved, speak out, make signs, protest, speak up. Maybe.

You know where to find me.


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June 20, 2011 EXTRA!!! -- Printer Version (1)
Administrative Assistant to Soc Services, Found Dead

Details are still coming in. But it appears that Wanda Jackson, the Administrative Assistant to Social Services, was found dead late last night. Her car was found in the water, and she was found several hours later, near Ross Acres. I am not familiar with where that is. Anyone have a map?

If you saw or heard anything, report it to the Office of Tim Purdon. Do not trust your BIA Badgers! They work for Weenie Boy and the Turdclan now. They always did, but now they do it outright.

She was in a position to know exactly what went on in Social Services and who was on the take, on the make and who was stealing, embezzling, and which children were wrongfully placed or returned.

She knew a lot. She was, by every measure, according to the information that is coming in, a very good woman. She was someone who cared about her job, the community and the children.

There had better be an investigation into her death as I suspect it was murder, and into the entire operation of Social Services.

Now that Weenie Boy is running things, expect more 'sudden deaths'. The Turdclan only knows two ways to eliminate any threats to their empire: Violence or murder.

Kris Whishinsky is desperately trying to cover her own tracks and make it look like children and paychecks are properly aligned. They are not. Children go in one direction, and money goes another. Children are taken from safe homes and put into dangerous 'returns' on her whim.

If the community doesn't stand up, and I mean NOW, to protect those who are trying to protect the Children, expect it will get worse, and worse. and worse. What you have seen in violence and murder is nothing compared to what awaits you if you do nothing.

Wanda Jackson, you will be missed. You cared. You worked hard and you tried. Rest in Peace if you can. But I suspect yet another Spirit has joined the ever growing army of Restless Spirits. This won't be good.

You know where to find me.


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June 20, 2011  --- Printer Version (4)
Questing & Questions

So, for those who don't know what "Going on The Hill" means: It is when someone who is planning to Sundance (generally) goes through the process of 'fasting' or Vision Questing. No food, no water for four days. All alone, up in some remote spot (or in a sweat lodge) for anywhere up to 4 days and nights.  There is a process to this, so do not try this at home.

A person either finds a vision or does not. Most don't. Some of those who don't lie and say they did. Sundancing is supposed to be about spiritual renewal and gaining insight and strength.  It is a time when a person's spirit is opened up to The Creator and the Ancestors and can absorb their teachings, if any are forthcoming.

So, when I heard that Kevin Dauphinais was 'Going up on the Hill' I was a little shocked. Then again, so many frauds go out and pretend to be spiritual in order to hold status in their own community. A lot of fakes out there.  Kevin is one of them.

How can a man who robs his own people, puts children in danger, allows children to be hurt, even begin to call himself a 'spiritual man'?

I have a feeling this won't go well for him. The Spirits of the Rez are stirring and there have been warnings.  Those warnings have been ignored. It will cost those who step over that line. Their families will suffer. All that they love or hold dear, will wither and fade from them. It is The Way.

And, while he is absent, who is in charge of Social Services? Why, none other than Kristy Hoagland Wishinsky.  She has a history of drug abuse and child abuse. How she even got that job, I don't know.

But, her hatred of children is being expressed during Kevin's absence, by the ripping of children "left and right" from homes where they were safe and cared for, and placing them in homes where they are in fear and danger.

Does Kevin not think this will affect him?  How can he create nightmares for children and families, over and over again, and think that none of this will ever touch him? Or that none of this will ever be taught to him?

Many, too many, people mock these spiritual ways.  It is a dangerous thing to do. It is a dangerous thing for the person who mocks, for their families, and for anyone that binds themselves to the person and therefore, to the mockery.

Most who mock these ways don't care about anyone else, not even their own families. That is why it seems to take a long time to show on them. But eventually, slow and certainly, it shows.

Turdmother, who supervised the clean up of the murder scene when Eddie Peltier was slaughtered in Pisster's house, wants to be viewed as a spiritual, respected Elder.  She is the very stink that permeates every ugly thing that happens out there.

Her beadwork has long since lost its appeal. Needles break in her numb fingers.

Her murdering son, Poopsie, wants to smudge people off at funerals, and play the role of 'Shaman in Charge'.  Who would let something that ugly and poisoned "clean their spirit with smoke"? Who would want that on them?  People are learning to say "NO," and turn away. 

That family is paying the price: Qball has murdered his own nephew and his brother Scott, and gotten away with it.  But Kalum is going to jail for a very long time, Weenie Boy (the new Chairman) has a daughter who just pled guilty to meth distribution... and the whole family is on pills. Pill heads. Not prescribed by a physician, but street style. They are all addicts. Every single one of them.

But they want to appear, every single one of them, as 'spiritual, respectable' people. They are neither.

And now Kevin goes up on the Hill...

Protecting Evil

Kevin who, by representing the Social Services for the Tribe, spoke on behalf of Lemon Longie, and got him an early release from prison where he was serving time for child rape. He continues to rape and molest children. 960's are filed on him, but Kevin takes care of that...

And now, he goes "Up on the Hill".  What does The Creator and the Ancestors have in mind for him? We'll find out. All of us. It will show. 

Meanwhile, the Tribe tolerates having these unqualified abusers, embezzlers running critical programs for the community. I guess there have not been enough raped and dead babies out there. I guess no one can connect the dots that by allowing corruption in these vital services programs, people get hurt. Not sure what it will take. Do you know? Tell me. Please.

One Whistle blower cannot change everything. The community has to stand behind the person that raised the issues and protect them, and support them, and demand Justice. But the community doesn't. They sit on their blankets, watch whomever stands up get knocked down, one at a time.  Apathy protects Evil.

If everyone all stood up at once, it would change before dark. If only half of stood up, it would change before Dark. But you sit and you watch and you wait, as if your life, and the lives the babies out there, is just a show on TV.  Do you drink beer and chomp down bags of chips while you are watching?

Our Ancestors all stood up and fought. Many were killed, but they stood up and they fought. We don't fight. We wait for someone to come along and fight for us.

Those who would claim the culture as theirs but who do nothing to earn it, nothing to protect it, nothing to teach it, are as fake as any man or woman going Up on the Hill ---Hiding bottles of water and bags of chips. 

It's not yours until you earn it.

Meanwhile, Arliss still has her job working with children, despite the child abuse charges against her and her history of violence. Kristy Wishinsky can now feel powerful as she throws small children into the hands of abusers.  Kevin still cuts his mother, Lorna Brownshield, a check that should go to someone who is actually fostering the children.

Travis DuBois sits in his cell, staring up at the ceiling, his eyes revealing that whatever was inside him died and left a long time ago... he is an empty now. Ready to be thrown away. Trying to pretend he did not rape and murder his little children...

JR Herman is back walking around on his job... His membership in the Turdclan has all but guaranteed he will not be arrested or investigated for his part... ever. The Grand Forks FBI protects the Turdclan because, as Poopsie said, a long time ago: "When I go down, I am taking everyone with me."

And he will. So, they do all they can to keep him happy.  So many people in so many high places are getting uncomfortable watching as one-by-one, two-by-two, four-by-four... his allies in the murders get taken down for drugs and rape and murder...

They will talk.

That is why Poopsie encouraged Kevin to get Lemon out of prison early... so he would not talk. It's why they can't afford for JR Herman to go to jail--- he will talk.

They will all point to the Turdclan... Poopsie will then point to the people in high and low places that helped him plan it, cover it up, and frame the innocent.  Very Important People -- people used to having drivers, tinted windows and escorts; access to the most powerful, will be revealed for the ugly, perverted cowards that they are. The scandal will go far and wide... They protect Evil. More and more... they have to. They would go from being 'respected' and 'looked up to'... to being spat upon.

Those Who Harm Children

The Tribe tolerates Lemon, a convicted child rapist, living amongst them. Why has no one petitioned to have him thrown off the rez? Or does the Tribe think that only those who disagree with the powerful, should be floated off the rez and lose all they owned? 

Because the tribe protects the Evil out there, no child is safe.

And when it happens again: Everyone will wail: "HOW COULD SUCH A TERRIBLE THING HAPPEN?"

The funeral will be well-attended.

And then, in a week or so, everyone will go find a well-worn spot on their blanket, and sit.

The screams of children fall on deaf ears. Their bruised bodies ignored by unseeing eyes. The rustling of bags as greasy fingers reach in to shovel the last crumbs into an unsmiling mouth, is deafening. 

You know where to find me.


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June 16, 2011---Printer Version (4)
Mark Your Calendars

These are some of the court dates for the latest hearings on the criminals who have been robbing the tribe blind.  There will be more.

Carl WalkingEagle's court date is Aug 9th, 2011 at 10am this is a continuance

Justin Yankton court date is Aug 30th, 2011 @ 10am also a continuance

Martina Kazena is July 12, 2011 @ 10am also a continuance.

All will take place at
US Federal District Court

(701) 297-7000
102 N 4th St, Grand Forks, ND 58203

Worth noting that Myra, before she left, gave Justin and Darwin their jobs back on the council. Felony charges are nothing to her. Those programs, along with all the other programs out there, have been getting robbed by her and her pals for decades.

The reason you need to get down there and attend these court dates is--- it's your money that is paying for their lawyers. Not only did they give themselves $25K extra bonuses for Christmas last year, on top of the money they saved by robbing the Low Income Heating Program, but they also decided that if they were charged for a crime, or anyone in their families were charged with crimes, you, the Tribe, should pay for their attorneys.  I hear Carl Walking Eagle has an entire Law Firm representing him and his family.  Perhaps you all should demand an accounting?

At least show up in court. Stare at the backs of their heads. Let the courts know that you care about your community and you want to see Justice. You came for Justice. You are watching.

It’s not going to be exciting stuff, at least not for awhile, but make your presence felt. Show up.

Everyone Needs a Whistle

Betty Jo Krenz got fired, so I am told. She exposed Kevin Dauphinais criminal behaviors to the New Chairman, and the Tribal Council. Their solution? Fire the Whistle blower. Kevin still gets a paycheck, the perverts and abusers still 'work with Children', Kevin's mother still gets paid for Fostering Children she has never even met... but the Whistle blower., so I am told, is fired.

Someone risks their job to bring forward allegations, documentation and solid proof of corruption in a program that is supposed to protect children... and they get what for it?

You all should be applauding her as a hero and making sure her job was secure. She was the only one who was not corrupt. Of course, they had to get rid of her.  So, when the next child is raped, beaten, murdered, drugged, or goes missing, will everyone be shocked and ask: "How could that have happened?" 

Connect the dots. They are not hard to find. The path is as well worn as a hundred years of cattle going from water to feed trough. You can all see it now, right?

  • Murderers run the place.

  • Corrupt hire their family.

  • The Qualified are not allowed to hold positions.

  • Drugs are openly sold, manufactured in the community.

  • Cops are a joke.

  • The courts are ruled by judges who are insane, or been fired for sleeping with prisoners at their previous job, or just plain not qualified. (And no, a GED is NOT the same as a license to practice law)

  • The programs are fleeced and those who need services are laughed at and pushed away...

  • Drugs, Alcohol, Violence, Anger are all the coping tools available.

  • The Drug Tests are a joke

  • Alcohol is more common than the Cold

  • Politicians defer to whatever your Tribal Chair says, ignoring facts, refusing to investigate.

  • Money just disappears.

  • Children have no safe place to go or be if their family is the danger.

You all see it around you all the time. You all need a whistle. The Tribe needs a spine.

Your silence protects the corrupt, the guilty, the evil. Your voice could protect the innocent, the children and the community.

Everyday you choose to stay silent, you risk the lives of the children, the future of the rez.

Time for you all to start talking. Start talking to each other. Put aside your petty feuds. Either start talking to each other, or keep silent.

Richard LaFuente remains in prison because Mary McDonald keeps the Truth to herself. Her family prospers because she keeps the Truth to herself. She protects the evil out there.

It is a mirror: The innocent suffer for your silence. The guilty thrive in a cess pool of corruption and fear.

You can hear the laughter of Weenie Boy and Qball and Lemon as they stroll the Blue Building like they own it. They do. They own you. Your silence says so.

Lemon, who raped his daughters, viciously, including the littlest one who has multiple handicaps, is out and about. He gets Tribal money. He calls himself "Johnny Ringo" so no one will know who he is.

Hear that laughter? Watch where you step: The bones of small children snap like twigs and someone might know where you are. Someone might see your lips shut tight. 

The booze won't save you, the drugs won't ease the pain; the slot machines rob you with a teaspoon, and the things you steal still leave you cold.

The Lake wants to isolate the rez. Surround it and cut it off and drown it. Like flushing a giant toilet in slow motion. 

Those children were not the first to be murdered so brutally out there, and they will not be the last.

It will happen again, real soon, because the silence tells every force of nature, you have not learned the lesson. It will be repeated. You can connect the dots, the well-worn path...

And, you can blow a whistle, now, and be counted as one who did something to try and make a change... or you can drink, drug, gamble (yes, Bingo is gambling) and pretend there was never anything you could do. 

Yeah, you will lose your job. You will be threatened. You might even get hurt. That is what happens when you are fighting the evil. When you are going along with it, it's much easier... until you have to bury small children.

Richard is far away. You can't see his suffering personally. So it is brought to you in a way you cannot miss. It is brought to your community, your doorstep.  Just so you don't miss this very important lesson. The cost of protecting the Guilty, is the suffering of the Innocent. Get it? Do you get it now? Or shall we play this horror another time, real soon?

Say hi to Mary McDonald and her brothers, sisters, mom, dad and Uncle... tell her she's doing a really great job of keeping the Evil safe out there. Tell her it is time to make it safe for the Innocent and the Children. It is time she tells the truth. Give her a whistle. Or just whistle at her. She'll know.

You know where to find me.


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June 14, 2011  ---Printer Version (3)
A Voice For The Children

How much courage does it take to do the right thing and speak up? The Tribal Courts don't care. They are stacked with accomplices and allies to those who committed the Murder of Eddie Peltier. Children are just meat to them.

Who will speak up for the children of the rez? Who will speak up about how Social Services has neglected them, ignored their safety, placed them in dangerous homes and cheated the program out of money?

Apparently, one person will. One person, with more courage than all the previous Tribal Councils & Chairmen, has that courage. One person is speaking up. One person is putting it on the record and forcing your new Tribal Chair to do his job, whether he likes it or not...

This just in from the rez:

When you get a chance, ask your contacts on the rez about Spirit Lake Social Services. This last Friday, the Director and a social service worker, Betty Joe Krenz, were called into the council and chair they meet in the conference room.

People said, "the Directors face was red as a tomato" and he could not answer the questions that the Chair was asking him. The findings are shocking. Betty Joe "blew the whistle" she is a parent aid for social services and she has access to all the files on foster care children.   She has been very busy this past spring and her findings are:

Social Services has been cutting a check to "the directors mother", for foster care...for the past 6 years.....

how are the kids Lorna, Kevin's Mother has been watching????? Geez don't know? They have been in the state of South Dakota for the past 6 years! (Remember these are Federal funds she has been getting)

Second, a Benson County Social Service worker "Carol Riley" oversees Tribal Social Services foster care program. She is supposed to be tracking and conducting audits on the foster care side of Tribal Social Services. She has, kinda, sort a...looked the other way on this issue.

(The Writer goes on to speculate that she and Kevin are 'involved' and that there is a third side to that love triangle: Someone also involved with the program at the County Level.)

Back to the letter:

They use there positions as a tool to do whatever they want and if you poke around, the front will appear to be CLEAN...(Another Program proclaiming its" A Good Clean Program" and Come to find out...its no different then all the rest of them corrupt bastards!

.....there is more to come...but poke around you will find a lot of interesting things...its right up there with the Voc-Rehab program.

PS: Carol Riley;.remember this name. She coaches Kevin, and between the two of them they send poor little Indian kids off to white families (Out of State 90% of the time). Those Kids come back abused, sometimes molested, raped and traumatized forever...she and Kevin are the Biggest snakes in the grass you ever seen (They are the Biggest Problems in the System of Social Services).... You see MYRA supported this program ...Kevin hide behind her skirt......

So, there you have it. A program run by the corrupt. The person who spoke up will probably lose her job. It's at great personal risk that a person steps forward and does the right thing. Do your part now. Stand up for her. She is standing up for the Children. The Children are the Future.

Weenie Boy, as Chairman, had to attend this meeting. Remember: He is illiterate, can't read a word, would not understand any reports. His mission is to upend every program out there and place his family members and those loyal to his family, in all the key positions.

His daughter, Leslie, pleaded guilty to distribution of meth a few months ago. His nephew is being hunted, and everyone says it is in relation to the murder of those two children. He is a registered sex offender and lived only a few doors down.

As more and more corruption gets exposed to the light, and more arrests are made, the wall of corruption that has protected his family from investigation into multiple crimes, multiple murders, is crumbling around his family.

This meeting, and the reports that will come out of it, will bring in the Feds. This was NOT what he had in mind. Dismissing the head of that program and replacing him, and everyone else, with his family members, was the plan. Oh well.

He's going after the casino next. He want Matheny out of there. Poopsie wants his old job back. His sisters want more money. His son wants more money... so, Matheny is on notice.

Gordian Knot

There are many variations on the story of the Gordian Knot. Save to say that it was used to hitch an Ox Cart and was such a complicated, complex, multi-layered, many-tied knot that no one could untie it.  It was one of those "Must solve this riddle before you can claim victory" stories from long ago.  Alexander the Great, it is said, simply took his sword and sliced through the knot, releasing the pin that held the Ox Cart. (That is ONE variation of the story.)

The 'Knot' represents situations so intractable, unsolvable, that few even try to rectify the wrongs, or set things straight. They would only fail in the complexity of the corruption. Those who 'solve' the situations do so with bold, decisive moves, such as just cutting through it rather than trying to preserve the rope that has tied so much in a tangle.

There is so much corruption out there, so much outright wrong-doing by so many, and for so long, people have just become accustomed to it, accepted it, and felt it was impossible to change.

Then, along comes someone that decides it is time to just make a bold move and cut through the BS and not worry about 'preserving' the illusion of functionality, and does the right thing.

It's a bold step, speaking up like that. But it is a very small part of what needs to be done out there. This is only ONE step that will help, hopefully, to make it safer for the children who are taken, with no voice or choice of their own, into a system that has, up until now, consumed them like meat, and spit them out at 18 to fend for themselves, now that there is no more income to be made from their 'situation'.

There are Gordian Knots in almost all the programs out there. The casino is a huge knot of corruption, and the SMC Plant is notorious.  The tribe's investment into Ronin, with the millions it claimed are in there, is also corrupt.

You have two new Council Members: Hopsty and Joel. Watch them. If they are cutting through the knots and exposing the corruption to the light of day, support and protect them.

You have a woman who has put voice to the corruption that has created a world of despair for the children out there. Protect her and support her. She has taken the first real steps to changing the future on that Rez.

The Children are the Future.

You know where to find me.


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Here's a link to a story called "Big Iya". One of the legends from the Woodlake area Peoples. I will try to get it onto a web page of its own, but I need to do some reformatting. The legend also comes with a paper called "The Parasite Society" all-in-all, 2 pages of easy reading.

June 12, 2011 ---- Printer Version (8)
The Supernatural World

We are told that we only use ten percent of our brains. That we are capable of far more than what we actually know--- Both Good and Evil. Positive and Negative.

I say that it comes down to AWARENESS. We are less aware of who and what we are, where we are, and the effects of our actions and behaviors on others and the world around us, both seen and unseen-- known and unknown. Ignorance may indeed be "bliss", but it is also very dangerous.

Before Contact, Indian People were more aware of who they were, where they were from and where they were going. Aware of the people and environment around them, and most of all, aware of the effects they were causing by their own actions and behaviors.

It was understood through stories and legends, how Forces interacted and how we, individually and collectively, could tap into this or that energy and go with that river. Follow the Water.  Some were more gentle rides, but if one was not paying attention, it could quickly descend into rapids, or over the falls or even-- into rocks that would crush us and leave us lame or gone from this world.

Indian People knew that there was more around them and they were connected to, and part of, something much greater than themselves, always.

Then came Contact. With Contact came the Padres and their 'Religions' which were politically based, and their book was essentially, plagiarized from older books and legends, from people they called "Pagans" and whom their church sought out, hunted down and destroyed anyone that would have the awareness, remembering and generational knowledge of who they were, where they came from, and what effects their behaviors had upon others and the world around them. They brought Fear, and condemned anyone that questioned them.  They still do.

They inflicted this Fear-Based 'Religion' on Indian People in the harshest and most extreme ways.  It is impossible to control people and get them to surrender their own personal power unless you can first disconnect them from their source of Awareness.

Indian People understood, before contact, the Forces and Rhythms of Weather, Climate, Seasons, and they had DREAMS. Dreams wherein they had contact with their Ancestors and with Guides, some of whom were Supernatural Beings, such as Thunder Beings, Star People, and they not only survived in this place, but thrived, and the land and the animals thrived with them.

When Columbus landed and saw Indian People for the first time, People of Color, great physical strength, grace and Awareness, he declared them: "In Dios!" (In God!).  The Padres that he was forced by the Royal Sponsors of his adventure, to take with him, immediately saw that they had to break these people down in order that their own Order not be revealed as a lesser, "man-made" ideology.

Since that time, Government and the Church have conspired to keep people disconnected from a greater awareness. It is how they can control the resources for their own corporate profit and personal wealth, at the expense of every living creature, the land, and the Human Beings who once were the Caretakers of Paradise.

But still, the Supernatural exists. Despite all the disconnection, all the Fear and all the learned ignorance and ridicule, the Forces of the Natural and the Supernatural cannot, despite their empty prayers, and lies, be controlled by any man, Government or Church.

The imbalance becomes more revealed everyday. The sicknesses of Mind, Body, Spirit; and of the Lands, the Waters and the Air, all the result of careless, selfish, ignorant and disrespectful behaviors that do, my friends, affect us all, is but one aspect.

There have always been places where the Natural and the Supernatural meet in this world. In the Waters, the Lands, the Creatures and the Human Beings themselves, have all a place where the Seen and the Unseen connect.

Religion has destroyed the balance of the Supernatural the way Government has destroyed the balance of the Natural.  Fear has brought a need for Power, and the Need for Power has opened only the Darkest Doors.

The Church has offered absolution to those who commit darkness to others and upon this land, for a fee.  What 'Real God' would have need of our money?  The Government has conspired with Corporate Bodies to rape the lands and diminish the well-being of every Being upon it.

The Church says that it offers "Salvation" but that is not the case. How can any Church that conceals the perversions of its Priests, and then condemns the souls of those whose pain was so great they could not bear this life, offer 'Salvation' to anyone?

How can a Church, that supported slavery, that stole children, that murdered children and women in order to keep the FEAR, offer 'Faith'?

How can any Church that offers Absolution for pieces of Silver, represent any True God?

When we need to pick up our Bibles and read to know the difference between Right and Wrong, we are already so disconnected that we are more lost than we know.

We are born knowing that we are loved, and that we are part of something amazing in this world. Babies first gesture in this world, after the dismay of having to breathe and cry... first gesture is to smile.  And yet, the Church tells us that we are born into Sin.  Who can look upon a newborn and tell me that child is a sinner? Only the Church that offers absolution, for Silver and Gold, and the Government it conspires with to starve, enslave and disconnect that Child from their birthright of Love, Awareness, Connection and Balance-- that's who.

The signs are all around us. We must reconnect to what is Greater than our self as an individual and collectively. We must, if we are to survive, remember who and what we are. We must, together, build our strength.

There is an ever increasing Darkness showing itself in places that were Sacred and Holy to those who knew and understood the Balance.  No Government and No Church, all of which are run by Politics and for Wealth and Power, can stand against these Forces of the Natural and the Supernatural.

If we wait for them to do it, our lands will be barren and blow away, our waters will burn with fire, the winds will tear down anything we erect, and our Spirits will wither and sicken with Fear. We will be consumed by the Ignorance and the Ignorant and all that we could have been will be lost.

But in each of us, even in our darkest hour of pain and grief; of longing to belong and of sickness--- in each of us, as with the lands around us and the sacred waters--- is a place so sacred and still connected to both the Natural and the Supernatural Forces that brought us to this place and which know us and remember us, even though, for our lifetime, we may have forgotten Who we are, why we are here and how we are so very, very strong when we reach that connection that makes us again aware of EVERYTHING. We must all, as much as we can, acknowledge that we are aware of that. Perhaps then we can begin healing, and will not have so many of the Innocent, whom we failed to protect, taken from us so brutally.

There are some that would have us close our eyes and forget. That would only make us more disconnected, and allow even more hurt and sorrows to take us by surprise, individually and collectively.

We have not learned from the loss of those precious babies that our acceptance of the Evil in our midst, those who protect the Evil, is in fact a choice that is costing us, ALL of us.

The suicide of a young man who was by all accounts, a gentle spirit, has not taught us anything if we accept the rumors and gossip that maybe, just maybe, his suicide had something to do with those murders... Anyone that would blame the innocent, and the Innocent who are not able to speak for themselves, nurtures the very evil that has shat upon the community and continues to do so.

The next lesson, my friends, will be louder and harder. And it will not be confined to the rez. This lesson goes out to the Neighbors who think they are immune because they have done nothing wrong and they have done nothing to help.  The next lesson is a bigger one, and it is for all of us to hear, feel and know.

VIP Hwy 20

There was a VIP car on the rez last week. I don't know who it was. The windows were tinted dark, and it was escorted by two unmarked government cars. It was heading down Hwy 20, towards Warwick and St. Michaels.

Was it perhaps a Senator who needed to cover his tracks and talk directly with those whose corruption he supported? Maybe.

Was it perhaps an Attorney General, past or present, who needed to talk to someone directly and not be heard on the phones? Maybe.  I don't know who it was, but whoever it was thought it best to meet in person and to be unannounced.

Last week, there were some marked and unmarked Police cars on that same highway. I hear that they stopped one vehicle, pulled a bunch of Indians out of it and threw them into the unmarked cars and drove away. What the heck was that about?

And then, on that same Hwy, Supernatural Beings have been seen. A headless man who, in the early morning hours, was thumbing a ride. The driver slowed down, not sure of what he was seeing, and then as he got close, and it moved towards him, he sped off, leaving nothing but dust, but could still 'see' the man 'staring at him' in his side view mirror.  The headless man was headed towards Devils Lake.

The Snakes, those giant supernatural creatures that have the glowing eyes, that come out of the fogs and dust, are being seen by people who travel in the late night hours, and who convince themselves that it was just their imagination-- right down to that burning metal smell that accompanies many of these sightings.

Some say the Devil Himself, the Namesake of the town, is headed that way. He has a smile on his face, if you dare to look, and eyes that see you, know who you are, even if you have forgotten. He has a crooked mouth, and looks unreal, but he is real, and he is on his way.


It's time to remember who we are, or at least acknowledge that there are Forces in this world who KNOW who and what we are. If we are to regain the balance, the healing of ourselves, individually and collectively, we cannot do it with hate, intolerance, lies and fear.  We have to do it by reconnecting to who we are, all of us, and finding our strength, energy and light in the Natural and Supernatural places of our existence.

The more we try to ignore our True Self, or replace our connection to the Supernatural with the teachings and practices of the Unnatural, the more we will suffer and the more we will lose.

Believe what you will, but know that what you follow is what you become. If you are to follow those who teach fear, intolerance, hate and greed, you become what they walk upon to get where they are going.

If you are to follow the Natural Ways of this world, and share compassion, understanding, and tolerance, you will become the foundation of the Future, and others will build upon your legacy, and become stronger and more complete in their journeys.

Walking Around

Having a murderer elected as your Chairman in an obviously rigged Primary and Election process, does not bode well for the Tribe. He must be forced out by recall petitions immediately. Nor can you have his accomplice in that or any other murders, take his place. You must find among you, before it is too late, a better choice.  You will not find a perfect choice, but you must do better.  The vote count did not add up. It was rigged.

Just as he did when he had a job at the Blue Building before, Weenie Boy, who can neither read nor write, and who is only there to embezzle as he did when he worked for HUD Department, is 'walking around, staring at the women in the office, and smiling.' There is a little drool that forms at the corner of his crooked mouth.

The phones ring and there is work to be done, but he is not there to do it. Callers are told that he is "Walking Around," and everyone knows what that means.

As long as you remain disconnected from your True Self, from your dreams, from the Supernatural Forces that are able to guide you, and from everyone around you, things will only get worse.

Government Greed

The GOP had promised JOBS when they were elected, and foolishly, people elected them despite them having been the ones that plunged us into economic collapse by giving tax breaks to the wealthiest to the point where not only do Oil Companies that make Billions in profit every quarter pay NO taxes whatsoever, they are both 'refunded' the royalties they are supposed to pay for extracting the resources that belong to us all--- and given billions more in 'incentives'.

The GOP, in The House of Representatives where Bills initiate, have not offered a single "JOBS" bill since they got in. They have ambitiously set out to deny women access to safe abortions, declaring a petri dish collection of cells as having more Rights than the woman or little Girl whose body is pregnant against their will or desire.  They have increased so many restrictions on abortions that women who are poor will have no access to abortions, while those who are wealthy can afford to travel to places where it is no big deal.

They insist that Rape is an Act of God and that the child conceived in Rape has to be carried to term. Clearly, the Church Doctrines about Rape and God are being practiced by Government!

Doctors who provide safe abortions are being murdered by organized Domestic Terror Groups, who shoot unarmed doctors and nurses, bomb clinics, and all the while, GOP has cut funding that would put a stop to these murderers, and cut funding that would support children born to the poor.  They have attacked women, relentlessly. They have attacked the poor they created by their own practices of Greed and imbalance.

GOP has fought against all the Financial Reforms that would prevent Banks and Money Funds from defrauding the public. Whom, you might ask, are they protecting?

They come to your churches and where the flag pins on their lapels, crosses and other symbols that make you think they are like you. They are not like you. They don't even like you. They just need to convince you to act against your own best interests. They slyly hint at their own deep racism, imply that the President is not really legitimate, or eligible. Racism is easy. It divides us by colors. So simple even a blind man can see it. Divide and conquer. Indians are Red. Some are more Red than others. Divide, and divide again... smaller bite-size pieces, easier to consume.

Now, they are going after Medicare. Changing it from a government program with less than 2% overhead, which has provided care for seniors for over 50 years... they want it to become a Voucher Program (which they want to call "Coupons" but it is the same thing) and have to go through the High Profit, Insurance Companies who will take their cut of 15- 65% by denying care and raising premiums to the Elderly. What do you think that will do?  They say they are doing this to 'Save Medicare'.  It is the opposite of what they are doing.

And, not satisfied with that, they are going after Social Security.  They want people to put their money into the Stock Market. This idea was first floated by George W Bush who praised such companies as Enron and their super high earnings, as being a good place for people to put their money to grow for their retirement. Enron collapsed 4 months later and their criminal activities have never been fully investigated. They bankrupted everyone that invested in them and their employees. A few top Management People got all the money. Meanwhile, the cost of electricity skyrocketed and has never come down.

They tried again to sell that idea just before the last stock market collapse. Now, today, they are doing it again.

I put this in here to remind the Good Red State of North and South Dakota, of the damage they are inflicting on themselves and everyone else by voting for people who sell them lies. The GOP has always gotten out the evangelical vote by saying they are 'saving babies' when in fact, all their policies do is make it impossible for women to raise their children, or keep them fed and healthy or in a safe neighborhood.  They create more poverty and then condemn those who are poor or who have lost their jobs, as "Lazy" and 'worthless'.

If you want to save babies, make it safer in this world for babies to thrive. Don't condemn their mothers to poverty and sickness. Don't create more economic imbalance. Think about it.

They promised you JOBS and they promised to cut the deficit. But all they have cut is the programs that are needed to make jobs and improve the economy. They have cut the revenue, which makes the deficit even bigger. If they were ever serious about the deficit, they never would have cut the revenue that was paying it down.

They are creating more and greater poverty to create more fear and suspicion, to create more separation between all of us as we scramble to get a scrap or two for ourselves, while the very wealthiest pay less and nothing, and we lose our jobs, our security, our health, and our dignity.

We are all Indians. They are taking away from all of us, and those of us who vote them in, don't hold them accountable, allow them to create more strife and suffering, we are bringing the Fear to our doorsteps.

GOP has become a terrorist Political Group bent on destroying our government and handing it all over to the Corporations. We are becoming a Plantation Nation where Human Beings have no value.

Take a look at the rez. Now, look at where we are all going. The Map is clearly drawn. All the poverty and futility that is the rez, all the corruption and lies that is their government, will be yours.  Will you last as long as they have?

Fear comes at you, in shouts and lies. The Truth is steady and firm. But we must listen, and remember who we are, where we came from, reconnect and find our strength once again. It is there. It is almost too late. Almost.

You know where to find me.



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June 6, 2011 --- Printer Version (6)
Bad Omen and Thank You

In Canada, at least on the West Coast, the tribes are called "Bands".  Many have recovered the culture that had been stolen from them by a government that disrespected all things that are or were, Indian. People were arrested and killed for Potlatching.  The ceremonial masks that had been in families, many for over a thousand years, were declared illegal and confiscated by authorities, put on a bonfire and destroyed.

Robbing the culture, right down to stealing the children and traumatizing them, shaming them for being Indian, or speaking their own language in Residential Schools. Much the same as it has been in the USA and Mexico.  Whole villages were robbed of every child. There was no laughter, no play, no passing down of traditions, language, stories, and skills.

Even as late as the 1970's, potlatching, where a community bonds together, celebrates and settles differences among their different clans, was against the law.

300 years of these kinds of oppressions and abuses have left their mark: Many Tribes and Bands, completely wiped out by small pox, or their culture all but erased.

The Potlatching and Ceremonies are coming back. It is how the People are rebuilding themselves. It is how they are Returning to who they are, finding strength and balance, dignity and respect.  Culture is everything. And it is working.

One thing I learned while living surrounded by these various Bands, was their Respect For Dignity. Potlatches were enormous events. Years in the planning, tens of thousands of dollars in give aways, food preparation all week to ready for the hundreds or even a thousand who would show up to partake in the Potlatch.

Be it a Pole Raising, Adoption, or Chieftain Potlatch, regardless of how much planning and effort were already underway, if there was the death of an Elder, it was postponed. If there was a funeral for one of the members, the Potlatch was postponed.

It was considered disrespectful and a bad omen to hold a Potlatch if there was a tragedy or funeral on that same day. Typically, they would postpone for a week or more. Space for the dignity of the dead. Something the European style 'Government' never understood, nor respected.

Indians just understood. It did not have to be explained to them. It just was not done. Period.

So, I was rather shocked that on the day of the funeral for the DuBois children, whose murders have seriously shaken the Tribe, the New Chairman and newly elected Council Members held their Swearing In Ceremony. No space for the dead? No recognition? No dignity?

How very non-Indian such a thing is.

The funeral was well-attended. I hope there was comfort for the mother and surviving sibling of those two precious sweet spirits.  I hope there was comfort for the community in coming together, to stand in respect.

But this does not bode well for your Tribal Council, and more so for your new Chairman. The irony is that a Murderer was sworn in as Chairman on the day that two murdered children were put in the ground.

The picture is being painted very clear, for those who know what they are looking at.

When someone asks for a Sign, but then refuse to acknowledge it when it arrives, will bring upon themselves, Bigger Signs.

Sunday was the Wopida or Wopeda, depending on how you spell it.

This is where your new Tribal Council Members and Chairman spend tribal funds to put on a feed to bring the community together. It means "Thank You".

Noticeably absent from the event was the nephew of the new Chairman. Some say he was arrested, others say he only had to give a DNA sample.  That killer of those children named him, Jr. Herman, as part of the crimes committed against those children.

Jr. Herman has a prison record for molesting children, and lived nearby. He and Travis were friends. There are so many registered and unregistered sex offenders in SLN, and no active monitoring or supervision of any of them, especially those in the Turdclan, that it is more than likely "True".

The money Weenie Boy, Roger Yankton embezzled from the housing program was huge. Why do you think there is such inadequate, and limited housing on the rez to this day? Millions drained out of that program into his pockets and the pockets of his family members. Obviously, they spent it on drugs and Kiddie Porn.

Give Thanks? I'm sure he is grateful to once again have authority and access to the Tribe's funds. His family needs to have someone pay for their lawyers. Leslie Yankton pleaded guilty to meth sales last April. Now, Jr. will need a good lawyer. Who better to be your Chairman than an embezzler? Someone who has robbed you before, and will do it again.

Someone who was there and helped his brothers and his sister, Pisster (the mother of Jr. Herman), murder Eddie Peltier.

The swearing in ceremony could have been postponed by a day. Could have made room for the dignity of the dead. But so eager to take the power, authority and privilege, that they could not wait until the community had paid their respects and given comfort.

I don't know about Hopsty or Joel, the new Council Members. I think they will do better than what has gone before.

But the symbol of the Tribe, the person that represents the Tribe to the rest of the Country, is a murderer.

Give thanks.

It's a part of the culture that is coming back. Ceremonies. Ceremonies help a community to bond, become stronger, grow and prosper. But not if the ceremony is conducted or brought by someone with blood on their hands.

The police from Standing Rock, Turtle Mountain and several unmarked police/government cars have been swarming all over the rez. People have been pulled over and arrested for drunk driving.  They even had a "Paddy Wagon" on hand to load up the several that were being busted.

All these outside agencies have to come in because your own cops, the Badgers, have never done their job. They've been the joke that has been a part of the problem. Not investigating rapes, molest, assaults, especially if Turdclan or their pals were involved.  Looking the other way while underage drinking and partying was openly done. (Can't miss those bonfires!).  Ignoring the drugs, drug dealers and meth cooks who stink up the community, and never investigating robberies.  Not sure what your badgers are good for, but when the job absolutely has to get done, they have to call in people who know how to do it. How embarrassing. Give thanks.

Your current Tribal Council spent over a million dollars on a bus for the basketball team, while houses fell apart or never got built; elders and the poor had no fuel for heat or cooking. They spent over a million dollars on crap trap 'mobile homes' purchased from a man being sued by his own tribe for fraud! The trailers are rotting in a field because they had no foundations to put them on. $100K for a single-wide, schlocked together, fall apart mess? And they bought how many of those? Give Thanks.

A Question For The USAG

Back when Steven Bruce Cartier was busted for the biggest cache of kiddie porn in the world, over 1 Million images, why were none of his connections ever investigated? Why was it determined that he acted completely alone? Especially with all the sex offenders he worked with and for, being right there, in the middle of all those children? Why did they not pursue even one of those leads?

Now, will you find some of those same images and the connections to Steven Bruce Cartier on Travis DuBois computer? Don't be surprised.

And when you do, think, just for a moment: Could this tragedy, these horrible murders have been prevented? The question should burn through your sleep all summer. Now, ask the woman who was the prosecutor on this, what her connections are to the families that run the banks that get the monies from all these illegal enterprises, embezzlers and thieves. 

I hope you nail everyone involved in these murders. Those who participated actively, and those who made it impossible not to happen by their complacency, their incompetence, or their willingness to close the books a little too soon, so it would not lead to people they might know.

There is a little part of each of us that played a part in how this all came down. Those who ignored the warning signs, and who could have stepped in sooner and prevented this, this is yours.  You who did not do your job, this is yours. So is the next one, and the next one... and all the little horrors that happen behind closed doors, with children screaming, that you ignore. This one is yours.

You know it is going to happen again because nothing has changed.

A Question For Molly McDonald

Aside from your family being part of the most horrendous murder, up until this one, the Murder of Eddie Peltier, did you have anything to do with this one?

Was Travis one of those fathers you winked at, wrote emails to, and gave custody rights to without consideration for the safety and well-being of the children? Is this one of yours? If it is, may you see it in your mirror, in your sleep and hear it in every quiet moment. If not, then perhaps the rapes, molest, and abuse to which you have put children at risk, will catch up with you. If not this case, then the next, or perhaps the one after that.

Just like Eddie's Restless Spirit haunts your father, mother, uncle, and worst of all your sister Mary's night terrors, this will become yours. If not this one, the next and the next. Give thanks.


As the community struggles to regain its footing after this tragedy, and under the authority of a murderer who has taken the top position for himself and his family, people can see an overwhelming mountain of work that has to be done and almost no tools with which to work.

There will be those who just want to 'put it behind them' and forget about it. Never speak of it again. There are those who want to get angry and retreat into more self medication with drugs and alcohol...

And there are those who will keep talking, keep speaking up, and working to get people to come together and make the necessary changes, in themselves and in their community. Overall, one thing has to change: The guilty cannot be protected.

It costs us all the innocent when we protect the guilty. It is a simple Truth. You can protect the Guilty or the Innocent, but not both. If we will not protect the innocent, they will be taken from us. In the end, there will be no innocent in our midst. Only the guilty we have been protecting, and they will devour what is left of us.

Change is hard. It is awkward but it can be done. It is a long, hard, slow, heart breaking process full of missteps and mistakes, but it can be done. Revive your culture. Involve the children, live by the laws of respect, dignity, healing.  Show the way so that others can find it when they are ready. The language is coming back, the songs are coming back, the ceremonies will also... when those who do them do them in the Right Way and have no blood on their hands. Done in the wrong way, the ways of power and ego, they will continue to sicken those who partake and the whole community at large.

We all feel it. When we are all together, we feel the strength. We feel it when we all raise our voices, and our hands. You feel it when you speak your own language, and hear others speaking it. You know you belong to that language, and to those ways. Belonging is a powerful sense of being. It takes away "longing".

That is where the healing must start. Not in a church where the preacher is an accomplice to murder, rape and molest. It starts when we all remember who we are... and begin to reconnect.

We all know that together we are stronger, more powerful, and something flows through us all that connects each of us to one another, and to the past and future. A powerful energy begins to stir when we begin to wake up and realize who we are and what we can do.  Remember, and Give Thanks.

You know where to find me.


I warn you now: John Chaske was told to not do the Sundance, but he has, because of ego, defied that and his family has paid. So have those who follow him.  Still, his ego drives him. I have seen his work and it is not done well. It is not done right. It should not be done by him. When you remember the ways, you will not follow a false teacher.  Your prayers go sideways when you follow those who are driven by the Black Road.  This year will be very, very bad. Listen to what your own spirit is telling you. Learn to follow your True Spirit. That is where your strength will grow.

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