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Good Luck! You must choose between a murderer & his accessory for Chairman! Hahaha! Joke's on you.


NOTE: "*" indicates a corrected or ammended posting.

Ronin's own Website The most basic money laundering/ponzi scam rivaling Maddoff

Free Peltier Now Worth a read


Write to me if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, information you want me to have or a correction to any information you see here.  I respond to all emails.  CAT  NOTE: I reserve the right to NOT respond to whack jobs that waste my time.

Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case.  Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.


NOTE: New feature for the site will be an overview of cases of murdered and missing in Indian Country.  If you have a case that you want posted, contact me and I will tell you what I need to be able to post. -Cat

Please read up and follow the "Bring Paula Home" story and help a woman who has dedicated herself to helping Indian People survive and prevent Diabetes. Links on that page take you to her site. Special thanks to my friend, Denis Campbell Updated:Nov 1, 2009

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April 27, 2011 ---Printer Version (3)
The Money Scam, M' am

You have a General Assembly Meeting tomorrow. You may want to know what is going on before you go and listen to them sound all official and not answer any real questions.

Millions of Dollars come into the Tribe, and none of you ever sees a dime of it. Your programs are embezzled from, crimes covered up and you never see a dime of it.

The Casino brings in millions in profits, every month, and they refuse to disclose to their own people how much it is.  It goes into the pockets of those in power.  NLO has managed a scheme whereby she and her cohorts keep you in the dark, and the cold, while they skim and divide amongst themselves, that which was intended for the entire community.

For a long time, we have watched money come in from Grants based on real need and real projects. We have also watched grants, poorly written, fail, and those who write them and fail not only keep their jobs, but get paid the 'bonuses' (as in the case of Russell McDonald, now in the run off against a murderer, rapist, HUD Funds embezzler). 

The money that comes in, finally, when it does, is often through the efforts of others who come into the mess, untangle it, write the grants properly, and have the education/certification to run the grant programs (typically required by Government as a requirement for getting the grants to begin with).

Then, something happens. The money is in. And then, the person who came in and cleaned up the mess and made it possible for the money to come in, is fired.  They are replaced, typically, by friends of the Tribal Council, specifically, a very close friend/cohort of NLO, and they typically are not qualified to hold the job in the first place-- or have held it in the past, made a mess of it, and now, after it has been fixed, get to step in again.

That 'housing' joke that was a deal made between the corrupt of the Spirit Lake Tribal Council, in dealing with a known corrupt (ousted because of his corruption) official from another tribe.

This cycle of stealing the money as soon as it comes in, and the people never seeing the benefit from it, and worse, the incompetent being placed, over and over again, into positions where they can drain the funds, all that has to stop. It won't with this upcoming election, but you have to stay vigilant nonetheless.

This came in from the Rez today. Give it a read. I know: "Here we go again."

Well Myra just cant stop.... down to the end she Hired Mary Cavanaugh Back into Planning as the DIRECTOR.

Mary Cavanaugh is the one who recommended to the council to buy the 20 homes..(which they did-- Stupid idiots!) Without even having a street to put them on, and without any infrastructure to hook them up to.

Not even a water line or an electrical hook up.The homes in Fort Totten (Brand New) at $90,000 a piece are sitting in a prairie (This is the Planning Director for the Tribe).

A history lesson on Mary Cavanaugh, She is the one who left Planning last year after the people got wind of the " Homes-without-infrastructure".  She is the one, who used all the planning dollars on a contract for 2 years and did not accomplish ANYTHING.

...Then, requested or recommended to the Tribal Council to give the GRANT dollars back (in the meeting minutes i might add) for the re-construction of the Jail! $2 million of it!! Once they (the council) where told they can't give the money back, she ran like a scared coward and left Tony Delorme to clean up the mess (which he did) along with other projects, got them going and cleaned up the mess.

NOW, she is hired back!  Rumor has it that Tony Delorme and Darren Walking Eagle walked out when Mary Cavanaugh came back in (haha). I guess they told her "I suppose you want credit for what's done now?"

Darren Walking Eagle was cleaning up Kenny Greywater's mess (5 years of it).Rumor has it Darren Erased all his work and left it they way it was, (hahaha jokes on you, Mary).

Anyways back to Mary (Shirt0-tail rider);  she is Myra Pearson's Best friend and cohort in corruption. She is the one who ACTS like she knows what she is doing but is clueless in everything. 

The one thing she can do is kiss Myra's ass and go around the blue building and use tactics as in saying the "chair" wants this.  Little does Mary know that she is being used by her "Bestie" friend Myra, as a pawn in this chess game. Mary is too stupid to realize that she is the fall guy or dummy in this "dog and pony show". The joke is on you Mary.LOL!

By The Way Myra, NLO,. Oh, Myra  everyone is on to you.

Myra, what about the $106,000? I wonder if Mary knows that she is done or gone after election or as soon as, NLO is told to leave, and her other buddy, the little sex offender joe...Oh, oh, I mean Little Joe.

I disagree with the writer on a couple of points. Mary doesn't care if she is out after the election. The money she makes and steals in the upcoming weeks will tide her over. Therefore, the JOKE, as it were, is on the Tribe. Myra and Mary have been friends forever. What a parting gift for the tribe, eh?

Speaking of Little Joe, I remember the Urinal doing a cute little story about him, and showed a picture of him sitting in a cluster of small children, beaming. A sex offender in a bouquet of children? Being praised by the Urinal. The same paper that just praised NLO for being "Heroic" in her work at the tribe. Praise that came from the Mayor, who really should and does know better. I wonder if Little Joe will get another photo op from the Urinal's PR arm that loves to embrace the perverts and the corrupt of Spirit Lake Nation?

Let me know how that meeting goes. The loss on those trailer trash homes that are rotting is over $1 Million now. But, it's only money, right?

Let me know how that meeting goes. And, start getting copies of the minutes of these meetings POSTED on your Tribe's Website so everyone can see what they are up to. There is no excuse for them keeping you in the dark, and in the cold.  Well, maybe there is, but it is not a "legitimate" reason.

Let me know how the meeting goes.

You know where to find me.



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April 26, 2011 -- Printer Version (2)

I knew that the mention of Blood Quantum was going to raise some hackles. It needs to be discussed.

The best lecture on Blood Quantum as an Issue I ever heard/watched, was on You Tube. Floyd Westerman RedCrow gave an excellent talk on the topic. It's worth a watch.

Blood Quantum is how government intended to do two things: Breed Indians out of existence, by declaring that after so many generations, mixing blood with other Indians as well as with Non Indians, made a person no longer an Indian; or, by forcing Indians to Inbreed to the point of disability.

Our lives are not created as a process of subtracting our heritage, but rather of adding to it. We are a collection of EVERYONE in our lives who has gone before us, and created offspring, who eventually created us.

To start subtracting from our existence based on some government formula that is contrary to common sense is how we, in order to still qualify as Indian Enough, cut ourselves into smaller pieces.

It has always been to our advantage to add to our families and even to adopt other people to make our families, our clans, our Tribes, bigger and stronger.

That being said, we are left with the problem of limited funds coming from the government and too many people to fight over the scraps, losing our dignity in the process. Becoming racists in the process.

The problems are not issues of purity. That is a false issue. The problems are in the corruption that runs so much of our lives that we can't see that we are being robbed, but we know we are being robbed, and we fight one another instead of uniting. We have forgotten how to unite. How to become more, bigger and stronger in numbers.

We think that the fewer of us that exist and can claim Blood Quantum, the more of the dwindling financial resources will be ours. It never turns out that way, though, does it?

We need to change, entirely, how we deal with one another. We need to look more intelligently at what our resources are and how we can use them to our advantage and preserve the world, heal the world, for the Children we borrow it from.

We are capable of all of that. But we have to remember who we are, and what we can do, as Indians, as Human Beings, as Neighbors and Nations of people just like us.

Until we start looking in the right places, the corrupt will continue to steal from us, laugh at us, while we battle one another.

And as we tear one another down, trying to get more of what paltry little is put on the table for us by those who handed us laws that say we must subtract from our existence, more and more of our history, our heritage, our bloodline, we will know we are being robbed, but we will blame the wrong people.

We need to look at ourselves and in what ways we are helping those who diminish us, to tear us down. We need to start working together and to build ourselves up again, by building up one another.

The Children are taking the poison as you read this. They have no future in a world where all that they are is deducted from their entirety.

And, as the one before you or after you is deducted from their entirety, so will you be deducted, erased, for the sake of purity in a line that is broken and rebroken in order to look straighter than it is.

No natural tree or family tree grows in straight lines. That is against nature. They grow in shapes and curves, twists and turns, making the grain stronger, the limbs and branches reach farther, the roots deeper and deeper into the Mother Earth from which we all came into this world.

Inbreeding gives straight lines that go nowhere.  They are weaker and prone to stupidity and violence. They lack the diversity that gives strength and resiliance.

We need to start.

Even with the corruption, we can begin to remember who we are, and teach that to our children. We can at least give them something that will ADD to them and make them stronger.

We know they will need that strength, for we have, in our self-pity and other sorrows, allowed their lives to be robbed from them and from our future.

It is time to begin the reconnection. Reconnecting to heritage, culture, and to who we are, in sum total, without deductions. And, when we are ready, we can then reconnect to those around us whom we recognize as our Brothers and Sisters.

That is how we survive. That is how we thrive and that is how we win.

No one can come in and do this for us. This we must do on our own: For ourselves, our children and the children yet to come into this messed up world. This is OURS to do.

Cry later. Work now.

You know where to find me.


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April 25, 2011  --- Printer Version (3)
Math Matters

I read over the official results posted on the Tribe's website. The numbers for the Chairman don't add up. You don't get 'typos' in statistics.

But the numbers don't add up. Perhaps they will say it is a 'typo'? If they do, that proves that they don't even double check their results. Further, it opens up the question: What other  numbers were perhaps "Typoed" in the count? Was a "20" reduced to a "2"? A "40" turned into a "4"?  or as in Roger's case, was 2 counted as twenty?

Nothing about that vote count passes the smell test. Were the boxes stuffed in advance?

Being reckless with the numbers tells me that the Present Tribal Council really doesn't care about the integrity of the vote. I mean, Carl Walkingeagle shows up in court to plead Not Guilty to his indictment on the Fuel Assistance Fraud charges, and you ALL know he is as guilty as sin... and yet he is allowed to keep his name on the ballot?

Well, why not? You are running a murderer and his accessory as the two top snakes.

I think the outcome of this vote was 'known in advance'. 

I think most of you did not vote for the murderer who cannot even read. I think we have a vote that is reminiscent of the way Dickie Wilson ran his fixed votes down in South Dakota. Remember the GOONS? Expect that will be next.

One thing for sure: The real numbers don't matter to them. They are taking what they want.

Was It a Joke?

You all have a lot of work to do. And a rough road ahead. I don't know if the government will step in and investigate how this vote went down, or any of the previous votes.  You have to find a way to get drugs and alcohol out of the community. You have to stay on that school and make sure that the education that your kids need in order to escape the nightmare that is Spirit Lake Nation, is there for them.

And, you need to find a way to come together as a community.  Put aside your feuding for the sake of something bigger: Your children and the future they will have or not have, depending on what you do here and now, to make things better.

The money for the programs is going to be gone. Weenie Boy and Russell are both thieves. They'll fill their own pockets faster than anyone has ever seen up until now.  Carl will get back in so you can count on the Tribe paying all his legal fees, along with his wife's and Justin and Justin's Wife.  All of that will be money taken directly away from the tribe.

You will never know how much money the casino makes and you will never see a dime of it.

You had a chance to get up off your asses and vote in the right person, and you chose to treat this election as a joke.

Well, the Joke's on you. And your kids. And your community.

I have no idea how many of you actually voted. The numbers, like I said, don't add up. That should make the election void... but it won't. They'll just treat it like a joke. They'll treat all of you like a joke.

That is what happens when snakes take power.

Devils In The Details

I've heard from several people who are furious at the sycophantic praise heaped on NLO by the Mayor of Devil's Lake.

I figured he was just a moron, lucked into office, but really had no clue what was going on right under his nose. I was going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was just stupid.

Turns out I was wrong. He knows all about the crimes committed by Myra and her offspring. Seems that the mayor has a Dual Role in his town:

From The Neighbors:

Take it for what you will, but it is somewhat ironic that Richard 'Dick' Johnson is not only the mayor, but also the Lake Region Law Enforcement Center's administrator as well. (Not be confused with Dr. Richard Johnson, the Devils Lake radiologist.) I would think that Mayor Johnson is in a position to be quite well aware of the activities of Brian Pearson and many, many others. Unlike the position of mayor, the law enforcement center administrator position is one he has held for many years.

So, Good People of Devils Lake, are you beginning to wonder about the deals he has made? The alliances he has struck?

He called one of the most corrupt people in the region a “Hero” and praised her to the skies for her accomplishments—without naming a single one. What was the purpose of that piece again? Just a PR spiel? Who, exactly, was he trying to convince? I think you all know better.

Just the same, ask him.

It is starting to look a lot more like Hell, isn't it?

You know where to find me.


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April 22, 2011 --Printer Version(7)
Earth Day, Get Down to It

Earth Day is about preserving what we have, respecting the planet, Mother Earth, and living responsibly thereupon. The First Earth Day had many celebrations. There were by some estimates, over 20 Million people all over the nation, taking part. I remember, there were a lot of Indian Tribes celebrating that day. Everyone was coming together, in a very big way, for the first time.

It was powerful. And powerful forces moved to oppose it. Corporations and their allies in Government, worked overtime to prevent us from holding either of them accountable for how they treat the land or the people. 

Too many of us went to sleep. And now, we are in a battle for our very existence and our right to health care, and a secure old age, as well as finding out, daily, how we are being poisoned by the very things that are poisoning the lands and the waters and the air, as we mindlessly consume their products and ignore how they manipulate media and government to conceal from us, the Truth about what is happening.

It is time to rise again. It is time to get down to the hard work of defending Mother Earth and one another from those who would abuse and exploit us.

Mayor May Or May Not Be On Glue

The Good People of Devils Lake may want to take another look at how their mayor chooses his allies and heroes. A recent article in the Devil's Lake Journal shows him beaming about how much he respects Myra Pearson, aka "NLO", and touting how much good work she has done for her tribe.

Is he on glue? The woman has robbed the tribe of millions of dollars! And, just the previous week, she used her position to create a resolution to sell 15 acres of worthless, un tillable land to the tribe for approximately 100x what it would be worth on the open market. 

And Devil's Lake Mayor holds her up as some Paragon of Good Leadership? You may want to check his standards--- or his IQ.

Most people I am hearing from in the Tribe are outraged by his praise of the very woman who robbed them of so much.  Even Devils Lake Police can tell you, her son, Brian, who was arrested multiple times for drunk driving, controlled substances, involving with minors, etc... he was a menace to the community.  Myra spent tens of thousands of Tribal Dollars on attorneys to get charges dropped, court costs, and keep him on the loose to do it again and again.

How would your Mayor praise her if he had managed, as was likely, to run down one of his constituents?  How would you feel if your leader, perhaps even your Mayor, wrote himself checks for tens of thousands of dollars and checks to his friends in the hundreds of thousands of dollars? Let's say that happened and then another Mayor Praised him to the skies. How would you feel about that community?

He is representing Devils Lake when he makes these grandiose statements, about someone whose entire career has been bent on criminal activity, embezzlement, and theft.  She has appointed judges to the Tribal Courts that have no qualifications sitting on a bench. They were there to allow her and her family to escape charges and shut down investigations. They also rip apart families, and throw very young, vulnerable children into the hands of total strangers to them, and ignore the cries of little girls being raped in their foster homes.

Oh yeah, Devils Lake Mayor has a real "Hero" to worship.

I'd keep an eye on him if I were you. He's either as corrupt as she is, or too stupid to know better.


A lot of heartbreaking emails and messages are coming out of the rez. They don't know how the two worst candidates rose to the top for the runoff. They don't know how a man, Carl Walkingeagle, who is facing felony charges, can even be allowed to run for office, much less be in the run off.

It is as if a dark, heavy blanket has, once again, covered the tribe. It has.

I will post their messages because heartbreak and despair need to be voiced and heard. But I want you to remember: We don't quit.  Don't give up. Don't let them just walk all over you. Stand up, speak up and be heard. Hold them accountable.

You know where to find me. I am not quitting. I am still here. We will be reporting more and more.

It looks terrible right now, but it will only end badly if YOU quit. Don't quit. They want you to quit. That will make it easy on them. Go back at it and try harder, do more, and don't feel sorry for yourself. Self pity will bring you down in places where they can't. Don't take yourself down. Look at the children. If you are going to lose a fight, make sure you leave your mark on the other guy. That means, don't quit. Don't make it easy.

Now, From the Rez, 1:

A person asked me to send this to you...we all feel this way please post...
I am for the first time ever, so emotionally lost and without hope. We continue to cry and our faces are without content and inquisitively look for a way to change this current situation we are dealing with (the results of the election for Chairman).

The people of Spirit Lake are mentally sick and without cause. The people in the Blue Building say nothing, do nothing hoping that they have a job in a month or so. This is the worst I seen the people; hopeless or worthless just the same it is a shame.

Other nations are rising, other nations are thriving wanting more for themselves and their people. Whereas, we sit here with nothing literally nothing.

I heard someone say: "Did you see Myra in he the paper? It said she a is a 'hero'." Others and I ask, "What has she done?" Its the same as when she 1st started. She stole from us, lied to us. 

Now these two; a snake and another snake, are the top two. We shake our heads. We just said this is what we have to deal with. All our jobs and security are washed away its like a tornado hit this place. 

We don't know how to even start or begin to clean it up. There is emptiness to this place and despair is just around the corner. The people just laugh and shake there heads, sad but true (this is all we can do). 

Evil laughs and chuckles come from the families of the yanktons and mcdonalds waiting. Just as a hungry wolves, wait to kill its prey. They wait to get in there to do what? Cheat the people? Steal from them? 

Our spiritual people are needed most. We need them.  Where are they? We must turn to prayer. We must take up our pipes and our faith in one another to stand up. There is evil pure evil at home. The water is starting to take us. Wakan Tatanka help us. 

From the Rez, 2:

The lake is coming now to surround our community and push the animals on to the land. We will be isolated and alone.

The State will not help us nor will the Federal Government. We will have to do what we can for ourselves. We will lose our resources faster than we did before and we will not have enough to take care of our own poor and elderly.

We will not be able to take care of the other tribes' people flooding into our community like the lake is. We will have to raise the blood quantum to 1/2 in order to keep our population down and to enable us to care for them.

We have made a joke out of the ways our old people left us, including the land and our name. Now we will pay for that by what is going to happen to our community, our reservation and our tribe.

We as a people seem to have lost the reasoning of our ancestors. We seem to think that there are no consequences for what we do collectively as a people, nor individually.

The whole course may have gone too far to recover. Maybe that it is meant to be this way because of what we have done. The cornerstone of our religion is to take care of our children and we no longer do that. Parents give the children to Social Services without any consequence for doing that. They remain free to drink and work and make more children to dump in our Social Service system.

We don't even have enough stable families to be foster parents for the amount of children we have in foster care. We used to always take care of the Elderly and the sick but we no longer do that either. IHS is all about employment for other tribes and not about taking care of our own people.

Go to the clinic and you will see, on any given day, the amount of people there from other tribes while our own people no longer want to go there.

We have dozens of programs that are supposed to help the people but they don't. The programs are dominated by families for employment and services and, if you are not part of their family, you go without.

There are Elderly that sit at home with no lights or heat, while our leaders steal free fuel and anything else they can get their hands on.

Once our leaders were sought out to lead the people. Back then, they were never paid for it. They did it because it was important to them and to us, to lead our tribe.

But now we pay them a large salary and they don't do anything for us, and they steal from us, and care only for themselves and their family.

We have a Casino that is run with other tribes in mind, they run our children off and tell them they cannot reapply for six months? is this what we had in mind when the Casino was built? Why cry about the unemployment rate when this is how they are treated when they are trying to learn to work and care for themselves and their families. Remember the promises? If we build the casino we can employ our people, and have enough money to take care of ourselves, we won't be dependent on the Federal Government. Remember that? Like smoke in the wind...

You know this is true because I have heard these experiences told in the Blue Building. Go to another tribe's Casino and see if they will hire you. Go to another reservation and try and get a home to live in. Go to another reservation and try and use their clinic. You will see that we are the only tribe that allows that to happen here.

Then I hear these same people that are here say," You cannot discriminate because we get Federal or State Funds". But go to the other reservations and see for yourself what they do, and they get the same funding we do.

Our tribe as a people have to wake up or we will cease to be a tribe. We are losing our way and there is no leader coming that will help us find our way back, we will have to do that as a people. There are many of you out there in the community that know what I said is true. And there are many who want this whole business to stop, now we will see who wins the elections and see what they do about the problems that I have told about.

I didn't really need to tell the problems you already know that they are there and need to be changed.

Don't lose Heart. We are all in a battle between Good and Evil. We are all fighting. The Tribes are fighting impossible odds and winning.  Some have to fight harder. Our nation is in the grips of a movement to disempower the people, give everything to Corporations and the wealthiest 2%, and they are pitting people against one another with lies upon lies, trying to scare people.

Fearful people who believe the lies are doing their dirty work for them. Politicians are working to take away our votes, our lands, our dignity and leave us bankrupt as a nation. But we are waking up and we are standing up and we will not give up. This is how it ends, one last battle between Decency and Evil. Quitting is not an option unless you want Evil to prevail.

We are All Indians Now. And we won't quit. There are forces moving that we cannot see with our eyes. It is moving to help us to help ourselves. It won't be there to help us if we are not here to help ourselves.  Cry later. Weep and mourn later. For now, it will take all we have for longer than we ever thought we'd have to fight, and harder than we thought we ever could fight. This is how we win.

Teach your children Right from Wrong. Teach them how to be strong.

You know where to find me.


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April 20, 2011  --Printer Version (3)
Election Results

Good luck! Either because you voted for a murderer or his accessory to murder, or you did not vote at all, the choice for Tribal Chairman is between Russell McDonald, who should not even be enrolled as a member of the tribe, and Roger "Weenie Boy" Yankton, one of the murderers of Eddie Peltier!

Everyone is pretty much stunned by the numbers on this because neither of those two is that popular.

But, since every election has been rigged so far, why not this one?

How embarrassing regardless of which of those two gets in. Weenie Boy cannot even read, and HE will be representing the Tribe? To the public? To the Government? And he's a pill head. Did I mention Murderer? Rapist? 

And then there is Russell. His family has lied and cheated, and Russell is one of those who benefits from his sister being raped and taped for days, in order to get her to perjure herself and keep an innocent man in prison.

So, if you think having the Fuel Assistance Program abused by the wealthiest thieves on the rez, some of whom are 'elected', imagine what this selection will do for you all? Joke's on you!

And so are the suicides and the drug overdoses that are sure to come as programs fail, and people, especially the young, when confronted with a wall of futility and social apathy, decide the graveyard is home.

This is what you get. This is what is left when you allow the educated, the well-intended, to be run off the rez. This is what happens when those who overcome the odds and get an education, and then come back 'home' to make things better, only to be run off by jealousy, and no one in the community stand up for them... they are gone. This is what is left. Most of you have chosen this path with your silence, and now, the whole Tribe must walk it.

You have judges appointed that have no business holding a gavel. Molly McDonald will be impossible to oust now. She can continue to engage in child trafficking, by allowing children to be ripped from loving and caring homes, and put into homes where they are not protected from predators--- who flatter Molly and send her love notes. 

Those children may not survive. They may be murdered, or suicide. Molly's family, the McDonald's feed on their bones.  But, not enough of you cared to vote for someone half-way decent.  So, now you can stand with pride and say "I didn't vote. No one was good enough."  It's on you.

And, I see the Crow Hill selection is between the recently arrested Carl WalkingEagle and Hopsty. I don't know much about Hopsty, but apparently, Crow Hill and Carl's family in general, really like having the embarrassment of a soon to be felon, holding political power over the community.

You know his entire family voted for him. You know they cheated the poor, the elderly, and young children out of their fuel assistance... now you know what that ENTIRE FAMILY is. They are all criminals.

To anyone inside or outside, it appears that the Mafia has held elections, and chosen the biggest criminals in their midst for key positions.

One Last Money Grab?

Your current Criminal Council has passed a resolution giving NLO over $106,000 for a few acres (15 acres at over $7,000 per acre) of land. Yes, she decided to sell her land to the tribe at a price she could never get for it on the open market.  And, with a few quick signatures, you got robbed again.

SO, where DID that money come from? Which program was robbed to pay her? Criminal Council is always claiming they are poor and broke when anyone needs Fuel Assistance or programs need funding, but for NLO? A quick $106K? Not a problem!

Worthless Webcraft

Nowhere on your Tribe's site are the official numbers from the election. I guess their over-paid webmasters are still too drunk, hung over from celebrating the primary victories? So, in their place, the Blog will step in.

Here is the unofficial list of who survived the primary;

* Chair - Russ McDonald
Roger Yankton

*Crow Hill Rep - Carl WalkingEagle
Hopsty Littlewind

* Wood-Lake - Joel Red Fox
Craig Brown Sr.

Craig Brown Sr. is married to Punky Brown, and she was ousted half-way through the first part of her term when she was elected. But they got a taste of the money, and they liked it. So, now we see.

Like I said, you all allowed your best and brightest to be run off, leaving only the corrupt and the incompetent remaining in key positions, and jobs they are not qualified for. Good luck on this.

I'm sure the graveyard is thawing out. And it's getting hungry again. How many children will not survive this year? We'll see.

You know where to find me.


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April 18, 2011 --Printer Version (3)
Loose Ends

People are asking, so I also want to know: Does Arliss still have charges hanging over her head? Are they investigating her assaulting her child? Assault and battery? Child endangerment? The irony of all this being that she works with children.  The most vulnerable have little or no protection out there.  Not until many loose ends get resolved.  

The daughter she beat so badly, and her sister, are they still in the custody of their father? The man who never held a job, but who has lived off of every woman who would have him. Does he get money for taking in his own daughters at this point? Not that he cares, but it would complete the circle of irony that he never supported any of his children, always lived off of his women, and now, his children would be supporting him.

It's just a loose end, I'd like to know how it turns out.

Soup To Nuts

Weenie Boy, one of the Murderers of Eddie Peltier, who is now running for Tribal Chair, put on his feed this weekend. He served a paltry fare of soup and fry bread. He told the few who were there, only family, for the most part, and not even all of them, that he was saving the 'Big Feast' for his "Victory Party".  So, he told the assembled drunks, and a few of those who are making it a point to attend every feed, regardless of how toxic the person is that serves it, some rambling, "When I am King of the World" , running jokes.  So, I guess you can say that he was serving "Soup to Nuts".

Why It Is Important

Knowledge Network is doing a series called "Homeland". It shows 4 stories of Native Americans and their struggles to protect their land, their culture, they way of life against the destructive giants that exploit the resources of this land, destroy the environment because they don't want to spend the money to do it right. 

The damage is permanent. The land becomes unlivable. The Energy or other Corporate Entities that do the damage, walk away. The people are left with nothing. No place to live. And, the home they remembered, the land that had been in their people's care and trust since beginning of time, is toxic, and destroyed.

The BIA and the Department of Interior, along with a few key politicians who aid and abet them, create policies and practices that pit billionaire corporations against impoverished reservations.  So, with government and powerful wealthy corporations working together to destroy Indian Way of Life, Indian Lands, it takes all a community has to stand up to these monsters and demand fairness, respect and dignity.

The communities that have won, are communities that work together and stand together, for years, decades, to oppose the giants.

Spirit Lake has not a chance in this battle. Corrupt leaders, lack of education, make Indians on the rez easy to walk over. It happens before you know it. It happens while you watch it.

Getting mad doesn't help. Doesn't even slow them down.

If you are going to save anything of what you are, who you are, you need to clean house now. You need to elect the best that you can from what you have, and make them accountable.

You need a Tribal Chairman with an education and who can talk to both Business and Government and stand up for the people of the Tribe. 

If you treat these elections like they are a joke, things that are bad now, will get so much worse, so much faster than you have ever seen before, that you won't even have time to cry.

You need leaders who will not sell you out. Leaders who will not steal from you. Leaders who will make the Tribe stronger.

The stories in Homeland are stories that began years ago. But the story of Indian People is one that goes back to the beginning of this world.  We have to find our way back to that. All of us.

If these few tribes that are fighting back is all there is, out of 317 reservations, how long before they are worn down? How long before all they are is spent in this effort?

We are all waiting for everyone to wake up and realize who we are, where we are, and what we need to do to help one another in order to help ourselves.

Elect the best possible leader for the Tribe. Not for the family perks. Not for the joke. Elect and hold accountable those who are either going to make the Tribe stronger, and bring more healing, because we need it-- all of us---Or pave the way to the graveyard, one child at a time, the promise of future, broken & buried.

It's not just you that will be buried. It is not just your community, but all the communities that needed you to join with them, will be missing what you could have brought to the battle. What you could have done, to turn it around and make it better. What you could have done to bring us all together.

We are facing, in the Corporate and Government abuse of the lands, is nothing less than genocide of Indian People.

Missing in Action

When the rivers are gone to sewers for the Corporations toxic byproducts, the land will die. The animals will be gone. The Air will not let you breathe.  Your children will wither into sores and deformities.

The Tribe needs to address serious issues on all levels: Cultural, Spiritual, Economic, and at the same time deal with education, addictions, lack of jobs, corruption.

The battles have been raging for a very long time. Spirit Lake Indians cannot sit on their blankets and cry about how angry they are. It is past time to stand up, speak up, be heard and help one another. It is past time. We are late to this battle and we are missing in action. All of us.

We have to come together as communities, as neighbors and as a nation if we are to survive. We have to find more allies and be willing to fight harder, and give up more of our sleep to the struggle we are in.

Eyes Open

It is time to wake up.

Ancestors are calling and telling us that THIS is OUR time. They did their part. They did their life's best in their time. This is OUR time.

If we fail to do this, if we fail to come together, we all perish. All of us. Indians and Non-Indians, we all perish.

I have learned that the Truth is never silent. It shouts to us. We know it. We hear it. We feel it. We must stand together and speak it.

Corporations don't care. Government is run by Corporations who buy each man of them with wealth and promises. But, we can change that. We can stand together. But first, we must stand up, and walk off of our blankets and do what we know is right and say what we know is true.

We must never be silent.

All we have is a vote. Our votes affect our communities, our State and our Nation. It must be used wisely and often. We must hold accountable those to whom we have given authority.

We have more in common with one another than we realize. When our eyes are fully open, we will cry a river of tears for all that we have not seen.

These are your words, your stories, your reports.

I am just the messenger.

You know where to find me.


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April 14, 2011 ---Printer Version (3)
Promises, Promises

I got this little ditty from the Rez today. I take it they are pretty fed up with the selection from which to choose and the way things have gone down in the past. Let me share it with you, and my response to them:

From the Rez:

In light of some of the new faces that will be running for the open seats in this years tribal election it is still not possible to escape corruptions grasp.

I realize that many people, you as well, are looking to Marty Alex to win this election and be accountable for his actions but you must realize that this is the same thing that many of those in office right now had promised as well.

Now I am sure whomever is elected next will not necessarily be corrupt but it seems when someone promising steps into office they change in some way after they get the votes they wanted.

Justin, Carl, Brooke, Barbara and whoever else will be indicted, are some prime examples but that's not the only way those people change after getting into office. I read in some earlier blogs that the people were excited and hopeful that Clarice was in office, but if you see the way Donovan and herself act around the reservation, especially in the casino, you will find somebody that holds herself above others.

When you start asking people "Do you know who I am?" and when tribal employees start to fear you because they think they will be fired, I think its probably time you find a new line of work.

 Jason and his girlfriend are no exception to this rule either: there are so many people that do not have the means to send their child to headstart, yet these two still managed to get their kids into that program.

Collete seems to be taking the most advantage of her boyfriends position, I met her once and she used to seem to have a such a bubbly personality, but as of lately has an air of arrogance about her. Those that know her know exactly what I mean.

I hope that these people know that they are not untouchable and can be removed from there positions through our democratic processes, but that means that the youth have to wake up and pay attention to what is going on around them.

Maybe in the future we will find someone who can lead the people to the prosperity they rightly deserve and they put forth the effort required as well but that day is not in our near future. Until then we can only pray that we do not loose any more youth to stupid choices and that those in office now might wake up before it is too late.
You don't need to find me, just find the right answer

By the way, notice the nifty homage to my sign off? ;-) I kinda like the "Excalibur, Merlin" tone in there.

My Response:

I am aware of the fact that no one can pass the smell test.

I am angling for the most doable under the current circumstances.

If people make no choice, then the choice will be made for them.

If you think it can't get any worse, think again.

I am not here to 'find' or 'give' any answers. I am just the messenger.

Trust me, the Turdclan wants you to be so discouraged that you will not vote. That way, they can not only stay in power, but seize more power for themselves. AND access more money.

Just because you vote for someone doesn't mean you like them or your trust them in this case. It means they are the person you are going to hold accountable for the kind of job they do.  Can you see yourself making complaints to any of the Turdclan or their pals? And, tell me when you do so we'll know when to start looking for your body.

Bribing The Vote

"Vote for me and I will give you a Per Cap!" That means $2000 kids. I hear that is the campaign promise issuing from the Accomplice Family Candidate, Russell McDonald.  Remember: It is his family that keeps Richard LaFuente in jail as they use their sister, Mary, to lie and cover up the real killers, Poopsie and the Turdclan.

So, is he really trying to bribe you all? Let's take a look at this one.

Is he going to pay EVERYONE $2000? Or just every family? Or Just Every voter? Or just those who vote for him? The difference is several hundred thousand dollars, for those who have the numbers and do the actual math.

So, where will he come up with this tasty bribe? Does he know that the Tribe has this kind of money laying around not needed in any program or designated for anything and he can just hand it out, like Boss Hogg, at the end of the election?

It's your money to begin with! He's literally, trying to bribe you all with your own money!

By the way, THAT is illegal.

Very Boldly Stupid, but also very illegal.

But, it is a refreshing change for him. Typically, he is taking money from the tribe he is not entitled to, so his offering to share some of your own money with you is kinda sweet.

Someone needs to look into this 'magic money' now, during the election and definitely investigate AFTER the election. Regardless of him not getting in... he needs to be interrogated on where exactly he planned to get that money from and how he was going to manage it.

I am stunned that he and Weenie Boy are running, given that they have that murder in common. I know, McDonald's were only accessories, accomplices, and perjurers, but hey, you should be over that about them by now, right? 

I'm sure Richard is over it. Let's ask Eddie if he's over it. Oops, not quite. There was a sweat lodge last summer. Eddie showed up. He had something to say. Everyone heard it. He's not, as the Turdclan had hoped, "over it by now."

Let me know what Eddie Fish has to say this next time. He's not shy. He'll talk.

Slim Pickens

So, for those still unhappy about the scant choices for office this election, I remind you: This is what you have to work with. Work with it.

And, if you want better next time, go find better and work with them and support them and get them elected.

If all you do is sit back and see what is presented to you, your choices will always be limited to what others want to give.  If you want something better, you have to go out and get it. Sometimes that requires actual work, participation, and yes, putting yourself out there.

Seeking Perfection

There are some who turn up their noses and sniff that none of these candidates are good enough for their vote, and declare that they won't vote. So, things get worse and worse while we all sit and wait for perfection to rise up out of a litter box. It won't ever happen. You have to clean up what is out there before it will get better.

You clean it up, one election at a time. You keep it clean, by attending the meetings and speaking out. That is how you do this.

And, anyone that gives you crap for voting for someone who turns into a total snob, and criminal, you can always say: "That was what we had to choose from. At least I voted!" 

Think of this as your banquet table. All the food on it is all you can choose from. Eat none of it and you will starve to death. IF you want better, get out and farm it, grow it, protect it, nurture it, and harvest it. THAT is when the table will be more nourishing.  Until then, it's slim pickens.

You don't have to like it. You just have to find a way to use it and make it better next time.

You know where to find me.


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April 13, 2011 -- Printer Version (2)
Criminals In Charge

Yes, being corrupt has its perks. NLO has waved her magic wand and re-instated both Carl Walkingeagle and Justin Yankton! It's as if they never were indicted! They get to collect their full paychecks, go on trips, get perks, but here's the best part: They don't even have to show up at work! That's right! They stay home! You pay for it all.

And guess whose back at the casino? More on that after the break.

From the Rez:

First Myra reinstated Carl W.E. and Justin Y. Now they are allowed to stay home until their term runs out.

Justin was at work yesterday and is probably getting rid of evidence in his office while the investigation is going on. What a let down for the people, to finally get someone in office that shows promise and then becomes a dismal failure and an embarrassment to the people.

It shows what money does to those who value it above all else in this world. The other thing I was going to tell you was that James Yankton got his job back at the Casino. How that happened is anyone's guess, but that is the way things go on this reservation.

It is a major HUGE embarrassment to all the people of Spirit Lake to have the Devils Lake Journal Headlines, "Spirit Lake Tribal Officers indicted on embezzlement charges".

I don't think the people of Spirit Lake realize what that means to those who don't know us. It could just as well have read,"Spirit Lake people cannot handle their own affairs, they cannot take care of the poor and the children. They are too dysfunctional to elect qualified and honest leaders from their own community."

The people are commenting that more investigations should be conducted into other programs here, namely the Voc Rehab, Recovery and Wellness, the HIP program that was bankrupted and left by the former Director.

The CHR program that is run by Fred Longie and has been for the past twenty + years,despite the fact that he has not a high School diploma or any qualifications.

The Casino which oddly enough was not first on their list of programs that should be investigated. Even the Headstart Program for not advertising the Directors position is suspect. But NOT the casino?

We are spending tens of thousands of dollars on people who are not from this tribe. We give them jobs, housing, and they in turn make fun of Spirit Lake people. They say things like, 'Your people cannot take care of themselves and so we have to come down there and run your programs for you'. Or 'Your people are so lazy they won't work so we have to come and work there so your casino will run; your police dept cannot find men from Spirit Lake that can qualify to be police officers so our people have to come in and protect your people'.

These are just some thoughts and comments I have heard in the community and in conversations with people from here, might be something in all that you might be able to use

Suspicious Power Outage At The Casino

Those of you who have been frequenting the casino lately have seen a lot of thug looking young men and a few women milling around. Clearly, gang style. They are always on their cell phones. Can't miss them. They don't fit into any regular casino demographic, but they do fit the Spirit Lake Casino Gang.

My, my, my! Poopsie got his job back at the casino? NLO's Magic Wand might be working overtime covering up these crapsters!

And then, last Friday Afternoon, around 2, the power went out. Yup, all the machines quit working. Some people got tired of waiting for tiny little hand-payouts and just left.

This was not your average kind of power outage. This was an inside job, made to disrupt everything, including the back up systems (which were disabled). Word quickly spread that "All the computers are down... and they have to be reprogrammed..." The first thought that comes to mind? Yup, they were creating a scene to justify destroying evidence on their computers.

Just wait and see. All the computers will be hauled out around sunset, loaded into the back of a truck and taken to a dump somewhere.  All brand new computers will be brought in--- clean as a whistle!

Last time they dumped all the computers, Qball and Weenie Boy were driving the trucks. The computers were less than 4 months old. But they had gotten word that a Kiddie Porn bust was about to go down, so they had to get rid of the evidence from their computers really quick.

Chuckle's brother-in-law ended up taking a really big fall on that one. Steven Bruce Cartier (see appeal filing here) had all these computers, many of which had been in the casino or in Turdclan homes and offices, and they had millions of child porn images on them.

Expect it is going to happen again. New computers anyone? Everyone?

Yes, So much Corruption, So little time.

This is why you need to vote--- and demand investigations, and keep on them until you get them.

Staying at home because you are mad, will only get you more of this humiliation and disgrace.

You know where to find me.


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April 12, 2011  ---Printer Version (2)

In my previous posting I said that Kent Conrad was both a Representative and was no longer in Congress. WrongO! He is a Senator (*head smack) and is still in Congress, but will not be running to retain his seat in 2012. (*Smacka Smacka!)

So, the wild-eyed GOP will be sending in the hyenas to take his place and cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid completely out from under the Seniors.  You see them trying to do it now. They can't wait to take all that extra money and give it to the wealthiest 1%, who presently control 90% of the nation's wealth and pay no taxes. Or pay less in taxes than does the janitor at your school. 

They cut off the revenue intake by removing the taxes on the wealthy, and increase the hardship on the rest of us by cutting out programs, services, and de-funding agencies that are supposed to protect us against economic fraud and abuse, or collect the taxes in the first place. They are attacking women's rights, boldly, as if they were the Taliban.  You see them doing it now. But they want you to think they are doing it for your own good.

This last round of deep cuts they made to the budget? It will actually increase the deficit and put even more people out of jobs and losing their homes. North Dakota is so wildly Republican, they think you will believe they are your heroes. 

Think about it. Learn about it. Talk about it.

Meanwhile, Senator Conrad, your VIP Room at the Casino awaits you. It might smell a little moldy, but what the heck, it's run by murderers. You call them your 'friends'.  Enjoy it while you can.

Don't Worry About Susie

Susie Fox was arrested at work for beating up her elderly father, last week. Yeah, violence is how they like it out there. Put people into jobs that pay too much, for which they are not qualified, and watch how they get away with... whooops! I guess she didn't get away with that one!

Her Foster Daughter was kicked out of school for Marijuana use. Yes, nothing says 'wholesome home' like placing children where they can learn how things run on the rez: Beat up the Elderly, smoke a little weed. Who cares?

Hmmmm.... Foster Daughter... was she one of Molly McDonald's 'placements'?  Susie and Molly have been friends for a very long time. Fostering pays extra money for that household.

No, wait. I'm absolutely positive that Susie cares. Really cares. Like she cares about her elderly Father. She just has an 'off' way of showing it.

Election Blues

So, Carl Walking Eagle is absolutely OUT of the election. Send his nephew packing as well.

Skip Longie robbed the tribe blind last time he was in there. Remember the nickname he got for buying a Zamboni for his grandson's High School so that the kid would get a place on the hockey team? You all paid for that. He started a lot of the corruption that has been in every level out there. He has been helping other tribes fake enrollment as well.

That leaves Marty Alex.

And I hear you are pissed off at his girlfriend for stealing Pow Wow money. I also hear that she never did, and that it was a lie. It doesn't matter. He is all you have at the top of this stinking pile this time.

Those who are bitter, and I might add, with very good reason to be, say that "None of the Above" should be on the ballot. 

Marty is not perfect, but you can hold him accountable once he is in.

Otherwise, if you decide not to show up because you don't like your choices, The Turdclan and their huge family will vote in Weenie Boy, and you can't hold him accountable. He and his family murder anyone that gets in their way. It's a habit with them.

So, bite down real hard, and vote. I am recommending Marty Alex, and that once he is in, you hold him accountable. He's not a thug, not a drunk, not a killer and he has an education.

I would also like to see the Tribal Chair position be a 2-year position. It should be rated and voted on every election.

If you don't vote for Marty, you will get much worse than you bargained for. It's a real possibility.

So, vote for him and look him in the eye, really hard and let him know, you are watching him. We make progress one election at a time. It didn't get this messed up overnight, and it will not be fixed in just one election or even in three or four... but you can keep moving it into the light, or you can whimper like babies and watch it get worse.

Keep me posted.

You know where to find me.



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April 11, 2011--- Printer Version (2)
A Campaign Promise FIRST!

So, the upcoming election has changed shape drastically.  Walking Eagle is out. Make that both of them. You vote for that family, you vote for the corruption to continue and gain more power.

But, the Walking Eagle family is big enough that they have the votes to swing an election either way. It's clear they can't make it at this time, but they have received a campaign promise like I have never heard before.

It comes from Weenie Boy (The illiterate, murderer, rapist, embezzler from the Turdclan) who now sees these indictments as a chance for him to be a 'Shoe In' for the Chairman slot.

His promise to the Walking Eagles and all the others who were busted (and those yet to be busted) is that as Chairman, he will have the power to protect them from charges!  Umm.... it's a little late for that, Dirtwad.

I have never seen an outright declaration of criminal intentions in a political campaign before. "Vote For Me and I will keep you FREE!"

That may have been true prior to several things taking place, but it no longer is. The events that have occurred, just in this past year, have pulled too many threads out of the fabric that had protected the corruption:

Dorgan the Organ is no longer a Senator. He quit because he saw the writing on the wall and he was tired of getting hourly phone calls from the present Chairwoman, demanding favors for her criminal family.

Kent Conrad, also no longer a Representative in Congress. His frequent flyer miles to the Casino and whatever he traded for that, no longer of any value. 

Poopsie lost access to the Casino. He no longer has the Security, nor the bag loads of cash at hand. That's all Paul Matheny's now. Paul is out for himself.

Obama's DOJ is taking seriously, matters that affect Indian Country. The Cobell Ruling, the First Nations Farmers rulings, and now, these investigations into the abuses of the Federal Funds.

So, when these clowns get busted, it's not the same as it was back when the SMC Plant was raided, and the wheels immediately began spinning to protect Carl McKay and the rest of them. Those wheels are gone.

Besides, how many more State and National embarrassments does the Tribe have to go through? Having Tribal Councilors busted for this kind of thing is really pathetic. Imagine what kind of chatter will generate when Turdclan start getting busted, especially if one or more of them is in Office!  The readers and viewers will think that the Tribe, overall, is corrupt or stupid. Don't risk it.

More than ever, you all need to get behind Marty Alex. You know the corrupt will be pushing for their Get Out of Jail Free Card, and Marty needs all the Big Family Votes there are.  It's time to protect the Tribe, not the corrupt.

If you want to end corruption, and I know most of you do, you have to do your part to prevent them from being protected.

Besides, how much more embarrassing could it be than to have Weenie Boy up there, unable to even read his own campaign posters?

If the DOJ ever wants to open up an investigation into his decades running the HUD Program, and the millions of dollars he squandered and put into his family's pockets, it will make this humiliating Fuel Bust look like petty theft.

Take this primary and the main vote seriously, my friends. The opportunity has come, and if you turn your back on it, it may never come again.  I want to see a full turnout.

And remember: Do not allow anyone to touch your ballot or "put it into the box for you".  Last time Merrick and Susie Fox did this, they changed ballots and destroyed some.  Take the day off and sit in there and scrutinize this process.  Get Scrutinizers for each candidate present at the counting of the votes. 

The Votes should be counted, that night, on the stage, in an open, General Meeting where people can walk in or out and observe for themselves.   The Count should never be done behind closed doors by those who already have the power. Never.

You know where to find me.


To read the indictments, go to the Documents page.

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April 10, 2011 --Printer Version (2)
Turning Over Rocks

It's like you can't kick a rock out there without turning over more and more corruption. Is there any program out there that is not being abused?  So far, all I can see is that Head Start Program is the only one that is being run properly, by someone who cares about both the laws and what is best for the children. And she has to fight off Harpies who want to be able to not show up for work, not do their jobs, and still be paid, regardless.  She was attacked, on the job, by Porky Cloud who slugged her in the face.  Still no charges against Porky?  It pays to be related to the Tribal Chairwoman!

Vocational Rehab Program is one I am getting info on now. This is from a person that is new to me, so I will put it out there and you all tell me if it is right or wrong.  Don't judge until you know for sure. Talk amongst yourselves and investigate. Insist on accountability. Let me know what you find out.

Do you think that now that Carl (Walking Ego) is going to to be out they will get rid of Martina, his sister who runs Voc. Rehab?

She and her daughter, Tanya jetty and Tanya's daughter Sheila Jetty and Carl's other BROTHER, Bruce W.E., steal from that program.

They have two other boys who really don’t require much to keep quiet, also working there. It makes you wonder how Tanya can go to college and get her masters degree and still collect a 40 hour pay check and write out checks to her own kids and her sisters-in-law; Lora Jetty and Kara Jetty.

They all have a star blanket and a beaded dream catcher on their beds and hanging in their car that Tanya buys from local people for little or nothing but writes it off as 3 times more .

I heard that Martina and Tanya sold Calvin Littlewind's painting to an art gallery for over $10,000 maybe more, but they bought  cars and 4 wheelers and snowmobiles  for Tanya's family. Tanya's husband, RJ Jetty doesn't work. He owns a few head of cattle that voc rehab paid for. He uses the tribal buffalo programs tractor's and equipment  and yet they also get to get fuel assistance .

The people who really need to get help from that program are denied and Martina later uses their names for a write off !!! Maybe You can help or get feed back on this .

I have heard most of this before, from others. Especially the part about using other people's names for the Fuel Assistance Program, but using it for themselves. Meanwhile, the people whose names are on there, either go cold, or pay for the fuel themselves.  I sure hope that the US Attorney is looking into that.

I have very little faith in the Prosecutor on this thing. She has very close ties to Turtle Mountain. It is my understanding that her nephew, whom she protects from charges out there, is what gets held over her to make sure that she does not step on the wrong toes, if you know what I mean.  Janice Morley will have to prove that she really will do her job. So far, I have not seen it.

And, when are they going to get around to investigating the Casino? Top to bottom, it stinks of corruption.  That count is never really counted, you know what I mean, Jelly Bean? *Nod your head, Fred*

It is good to see that finally, someone has started to turn over the rocks out there. There are a lot of pieces in play on this board. They all need to be looked at carefully.  They all lead to murderers.

Welcome to the End of the Beginning.  The real work, the really hard work, is just up the road. Either we all pull together, to bring this into the light, or we can expect nothing to change: Either in Indian Country or anyplace we like to call Home.

Vote in the Primary, April 19. Vote in the Main Election. Vote for the best you can get and hold them accountable.

You know where to find me.



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April 8, 2011 --- Printer Version (4)
Watch Your Queen

Chess is not a fast game. Chess requires strategy and intelligence. It takes a long time and the best players plot their moves in such a way that they force their opponent commit fatal errors.

There is another Chess term where it is considered a 'courtesy' to warn your opponent that they are about to lose their most significant, powerful ally piece: The Queen. The Queen can move in all directions and as many spaces as she likes, save one: She cannot move as the Knight moves. That Funky "L" shape is the Knight' alone. No other piece can move like that.

Since The Sacrifice

Now that the pawns have all been sacrificed, and the bigger pieces are are being thrown under the bus, the Queen remains as the last key position before the King is taken down. The Queen, in this case, is Naked Lawn Ornament.

Since Poopsie got fired from his key position at the Casino (Check), and then got busted when the SWAT Team kicked down his door looking for other members of the criminal enterprise (Check), Poopsie has been sacrificing bigger pieces in order to slow down the inevitable.

His position in the Infraguard gives him access to FBI and Local Law Enforcement warrants and investigations information, confidential or not. This means, that if they are going to take down Poopsie and his Kingdom, they have to work everything from the Potomac Branch of the DOJ.

We know the Grand Forks FBI is comfortable as their protector and defender of Poopsie and his family. They got into this habit back when Special Agent Helleckson went (quickly) to the Dark Side and became an accessory to every crime Poopsie ever committed. The drug sales, alcohol sales, the rapes, the murders and the embezzling and stealing.  Every agent since Helleckson's reluctant retirement, has quickly gotten on board with the program. It has paid well, I have no doubt.

But, it's hard to pay people when You and Your Family (The Turdclan) no longer have easy access to hundreds of thousands of dollars a week that come into the Rez at the casino, and through the Government Grants for Housing, Health, and Services.

The Casino is gone, Weenie Boy no longer runs HUD or the Personnel Department, QBall is keeping every dime he can steal from the Sewer Department, so that leaves only one Key Player on Poopsie's side of the board, now that the Tribal Council is no longer in a position to hand over cash and favors to anyone.

That ONE Person, that one remaining Key Player is NLO. She holds the paperwork on Ronin, has access to the money that is laundered through that fake corporation, and she alone has the influence and access to all the money that is 'off the books' in large numbers.

She is the Queen on this board. She can do a lot of fancy moves, near and far, save one: She cannot move the way of the Knight.  She has to move in predictable patterns.

Her connection to the Turdclan has never been more elevated than now. She knows about their crimes. She was there for many of them. She has kept her mouth shut and she has covered them financially. Now, with the exception of a few minor players, She is the next one to go down. But she is their only connection to the money at this point. The money to keep the remaining allies, quiet.

Feds are onto her. They know what she has done. She will roll over on everything she knows about all of them.

The Queen and the Bishops

The Queen is very close to being captured.

That will only leave the Bishops, in this case, Tony McDonald-- The "Reverend" McDonald, and his brother, Demus.  They can only move diagonally, and not on the same colored squares. They will be sacrificed quickly when the Queen goes down (Go ahead, I know you are thinking it!) they will go down as accomplices and accessories in the Murder of Eddie Peltier.

There will be no Queen to intimidate the Tribal Council into giving their family cover, or jobs. There will be no fat paychecks coming in for jobs they were given regardless that others more qualified ... There will be no more boxes of cash payouts, 'gifts' of cash...

The Bishops will become hungry and jumpy... their moves will become more erratic, confused. They will not be able to protect the King. The Queen will have been taken out of play, and will not be able to pay them, or cover for them.  The Hunger will set in, and the Fear will follow.

The Bishops are used to being paid well for covering the crimes of the Turdclan. *Every member of their families have been given key jobs, in order to keep the family together.

(*Note: Only one has walked away from that family. One of Demus's Daughters, walked away. She took care of her dying mother and watched as her father and the rest of the family abandoned her. She knows. She will be the only survivor in that whole family because she did not partake in the poison of corruption.)

Until then, there are so many "hands out", so many palms that need to be greased. The Queen! The Queen! She's the only one that can facilitate that now. She is the key piece that keeps Poopsie at this point, from having to admit, the Game is over, in just a few more moves. But once she is gone... so does the money.

The Queen is in the line of fire. She's watching her moves. Not sleeping well. She stops mid-sentence when she hears footsteps. Jumps like a chicken when the phone rings, debating whether or not to answer it. "Tell them I'm not here." She should give her secretary instructions to tell the truth: "Tell them I'm not all here."

When the Queen is taken, the Bishops will fall.

And when the Bishops fall, they will tell all.

Blow by blow. The Murder of Eddie Peltier will be told, as it actually happened: From the planning, the luring, and the baseball bat, and in whose hands it was held as Eddie was bashed out of this world and into the next. Left Unrecognizable to even his own family, dressed in the clothes that belonged to his killers, dumped on the road in a pathetic "Hit and Run" scenario that failed.

The lies that were told to blame the innocent and cover for the guilty,will be revealed.

Bishops are greedy, cowardly, and stupid. They'll get angry when they are not paid for their silence. They have bills running up, and they don't like being put off. "Sell something!"

When the Queen is captured, she will hand them over, like sacks of warm shit, reeking of their corruption, and the evil they have committed. And they will be scared and they will be angry, and they will talk so fast they will be told to slow down and to repeat this or that, because they talked so fast it was hard to understand.

She will hand them over because she will look down that long dark road and know she needs to buy herself a lighter ride, if she can get one. She will hand them over because she is what she is: weak and greedy, only thinking of herself.  Like those who stole the fuel from the Elders and the families, winter and after winter.

And when the Bishops fall down... The King, who can only move one square at a time, just like Poopsie, who can barely walk now, will hear: "Check and Mate."

The Game will be over. The Whole Story told. Start to finish. Each person involved, including Pete Hager, Jeannie Charbonneau, Mary McDonald, all the players, will be put on trial. Each will point to the others, and the others will point until there are no more to point to...

And the Tribe will have to pick up the pieces and begin the healing process. They will have to examine every position held out there, gained by corruption, and root them out.

Wounds will open up, inside and out... and you all will have to deal with where you want the Tribe to go from there: Back into the darkness and the corruption, anger and ignorance-- or into the light.

Eddie's Spirit will find Peace, and so will all the others.  Once their stories are told, and the Truth has come out, Peace will come.

That is what is coming.

I feel like I should warn the opposition at this point, because I know the Bishops are reading this, and the King's hands are shaking: (whisper) "Watch your Queen."

You know where to find me.


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April 7, 2011 --Printer Copy (3)
Sacrifice Pawns

Those of your familiar with the game of chess know that term: "Sacrifice Pawns". It is where a player, in order to protect their king and not lose the game, and whose strategy has failed to gain them ground, starts throwing pieces in the path of the inevitable winner.

The moves are not designed to change the tide, for defeat is assured. However, they do slow down the inevitable "Check Mate", and sometimes frustrate the Winning Opponent who likes to keep score, not only on how many "wins" they can rack up, but in how few moves.  The winner will still have the win, but the forced capture of the pawns, ups the number of moves required.

Sacrificing pawns can only up the count of necessary moves, but cannot change the outcome of the game.  Sacrifice pawns, almost always, leads to the King standing alone, as bigger and bigger pieces are then thrown into the path of the inevitable, and "Check and Mate"

When all these minor league drug busts were happening, and months of investigation time and money had gone into relatively minor 'captures', it served to make Poopsie a 'valuable' asset to the FBI and justify their paying him as a confidential informant.  It also moved the competition into jail and left the drug market wide open for Poopsie's kin folk and pals, to take it over.

He was essentially, buying cover on a few levels.

The problem with sacrificing pawns is always that you run out of pawns and have to throw Bigger Fish into the line of fire.

And these particular minor league pawns that were being flung into the jaws of "Major Drug Enforcement" was that they would roll over to buy themselves a better deal. They all rolled over on bigger fish.

Roll Playing

Eventually, all these little pawns get angry.  And they keep pointing to the fact that in order to capture them, authorities had to step over and ignore, major meth dealers and bigger crimes.

And... running out of pawns, and small crimes, and with a laundry list of bigger fish to fry, it was only a matter of time.

Enter the Obama Administration and the sudden departure of key political players: Kent Conrad quit his seat, and Byron Dorgan quit his seat. These two politicians were very cozy with the Turdclan and with the Tribal Council.

Then, Drew Wrigley retired... and a new Sheriff came to town. Enter, Tim Purdon, US Attorney.

Bigger crimes were investigated and one of the most shameful schemes perpetrated by the Tribe's Leaders and King makers, has come to light. The Fuel Assistance Program, which is supposed to make sure that no one goes cold in the winter or is unable to cook their food, heat their houses, just because they are poor on the rez, has been, almost from the very beginning, hijacked for the wealthiest, greediest in the Tribe, while elders, and the poor, families with small children, went cold, got sick, winter and after winter.

And now, high profile busts. Made the papers. Made the news. And more to come.

Looks like we are all out of pawns to sacrifice, and you know these guys are going to roll over on even bigger fish to get themselves a better deal. Elevator, going up.

Soon, the King will stand alone, surrounded. Check and Mate.


There is still work to do. This is just the beginning.

I have been receiving dozens of emails telling me that I have done a great job and "Happy Dance" and all kinds of praises. I thank you. But it was not me.

This is the result of two things only: People on the rez willing to come forward and speak the Truth and, so far, ONE Government Official doing his job. They deserve this credit, not me.

Imagine what it would be like if more government Officials had done their job, long time ago? Even 10 years ago? Even 5 years ago?

We have it now. We have, at least ONE willing to do his job. And he is doing it really well.  Maybe next winter, there will be warmer houses and fewer sickened children and elders.

Jutters and Barbara were getting filled up on propane every time they wanted it. There was no limit for them. They never paid a dime for it. You did.

Carl Walking Eagle and his whole family are corrupt. They are going down.

I am told that all the Tribal Council was busted on this, with one exception: Naked Lawn Ornament. I am told that all the offices were closed today and the Tribal Councilors were nowhere to be found, except for NLO.

I still don't have all the names of those arrested on this, but I am sure we will find out by the time court rolls around. Since so many are already Rolling over... trying to be the first with the righteous information on the bigger fish. Being first counts. Being second, gets you nothing.

I wonder what they are saving her for? Something really big? Ronin perhaps? She is not innocent. She is not even honest.

I wonder if her heart doesn't skip a beat, just a little, every time the phone rings or the sound of approaching footsteps comes down the hall, towards her office?

Yes, it is taking way more moves than I would like, but I got over that a long time ago. I know what is coming... and so do they. 

The Board is almost empty now... it's your move.

You know where to find me.


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April 6, 2011 --Printer Version (1-1/2)
Getting Froggy

First off, a small correction: Craig Brown, Sr. has worked a day in his life. 7 yrs in fact, as the Driver for the Health Clinic. He's still a flake. But he's employed. It's a Federal job.

Now, for the arrests: Apparently, all the most recent arrests are for Fuel Assistance Program abusers. People who are taking advantage of the Fuel Assistance Program, that is intended for those who are below the poverty line.

There was 'not enough money' in the program this last winter and many of the Elders and low-income homes, with small children, went cold. People got sick. Meanwhile, people such as Barbara Walking Eagle, Justin Yankton "Jutters" had no problem filling up on propane using the Tribe's program.

They all provided falsified applications to 'qualify'.

Barbara Walking Eagle was 'walked out' by Bentley Greybear and a Federal Marshal or FBI Agent. She was not, as reported earlier, "handcuffed". (Oh Snap!) Most of those arrested, if not all, have thrown bail and are running around free --for now. Do keep me posted.

Stealing from a Federal Program is a felony.

Also, they should look into Carl McKay's family. His mother gets in line for the assistance. I'm sure Carl helps himself, as well.

So, those who are taking the most money out of the Tribe, the corrupt, are now finding that there are limits? Let's see what will happen to them over this.

And, while they are looking into Justin Yankton's abusing programs, let's see if he has a couple of kids in the Head Start Program. He can't say he qualifies, but, those kids are in there. Hey, if you can steal from the Tribe, it's 'Free', right?

There is a whole list of people who abuse the Fuel Assistance Program. Let's see how many they get.

Crazy As A March Hare

Alice in "Alice in Wonderland" pursues a March Hare down a rabbit hole and all the world becomes warped and out of shape. That is where that saying comes from. "I'm late! I'm Late! For a very important date!" he mutters to himself as he flees down that rabbit hole. As if a talking rabbit is not crazy to begin with?

I am getting word that Molly McDonald and Pete Belgarde have both been fired as Tribal Judges. Neither had any business ever sitting on the Bench to begin with, and the damage they have done to the community, has left its mark.

I need to know if they are for sure, gone. Some people are saying that Molly is the one that turned in the Fuel Assistance abusers on the Tribal Council because she wanted there to not be a quorum so they could not fire her. Who knows?

Pete is completely out of his mind. He was part of the planning and cover-up in the Murder of Eddie Peltier. He lied in sworn statements, and contradicted himself to 'amend' them and make them fit the new scenarios, as they arose. All designed to point away from the Turdclan and towards a visitor, Richard LaFuente, who was lured to the rez in order to be the fall guy.

Pete talks to trees. That's okay-- a lot of people talk to trees. But Pete also talks to soda cans, trash cans, water faucets, light switches, and imaginary enemies floating just above his shoulder. His mind has been going for decades, and now it is completely gone. Is it Eddie? Who knows?

But if you hear a desperate voice saying: "I'm Late! I'm Late! For a very important date!" Chances are, it's Pete Belgarde, or the March Hare he is chasing down that Rabbit Hole where so many have gone trying to protect the Turd Clan.

Rolling Over

And, as it goes with so many bullies and thugs, when they find they are caught, they start crying like babies and squalling like cats in heat. They are desperate to make deals and will talk about every crime they know and turn in their own mother to get a better deal for themselves.

Each little rollover, brings in a bigger fish and a bigger crime. One thing most of these arrested today have in common is 'Ronin'. Let's see how long it takes the Feds to figure out the money laundering scheme that involves not only SLN, but a lot of other really big tribes. Millions of dollars embezzled from each tribe each year and laundered through Ronin and their fake investments that only pay off politicians and key players in the Department of the Interior.

All that money that built Ronin was from Federal Funds diverted from programs that were supposed to be for helping the Tribes.

Maybe after a few more corrupt players go to prison, things can start to actually get better for the people who have had no voice and no protection from the corrupt for so long.

I think I hear NLO: "I'm late! I'm Late! For a very important date!"

Want to annoy them? Make the sign of Bunny Ears. They'll know what you mean. And... it's almost Easter. A "Two-fer".

You know where to find me.



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April 5, 2011 -- Printer Version (3)
Watching Snakes Eat Their Tails

I started getting emails yesterday, and was trying to look into it to see what was going on so I could share the most accurate information with you.

First, an email saying that Barbara Walkingeagle had been busted, at the school, by the Feds: FBI and one or even two other police agencies. Handcuffed and frog-marched out of the school, where she worked at a librarian.

She is the wife of Carl Walkingeagle, who is running for reelection, and so is his son. I could not figure out what she was arrested for, not because she is so innocent, but rather because she is involved in so many aspects of the corruption out there. From simple things like misuse of Tribal Credit cards, to the paperwork that she is signatory to, such as property deeds for Carl's investments in Las Vegas and elsewhere, with Tribal Funds, but only in his name and a few variations of his name. W. Eagle, Weagle, etc.  She may also be signatory on the Ronin paperwork. I am not sure on that. Been a while since I have looked over all of that.

I know she plays the victim, and people even feel sorry for her being married to Carl, but believe me, she does her fair share.

From the Rez:

Barbara Walking Eagle, Carl’s wife: The feds went to Four winds this morning and arrested her and hauled her off in handcuffs.

Carl and some others (don’t know who-all but I think they said one was a lawyer) all went down to Grand Forks where they have her in jail.

Carl is footing the bill for rooms and meals and what ever else.  I don’t know what she was arrested for, but I always thought that Carl would be the one who would get arrested.

Hmmmm. I wonder if Carl brought any of his girlfriends or boyfriends with him on this trip. He hates to be alone in a hotel bed when he is out of town. Oh, and you can bet that 'Carl paying for it all' means that Carl is putting it on the Tribal Credit Cards or just using whatever cash he can haul out of the safe to pay for it all. Rooms, meals, gas, rental cars... and a lawyer. Don't worry about Barbara, she will get the best lawyer Carl can spend the Tribe's money on.

Not enough money to fix the houses, feed the Elders, or keep houses warm in the winter... but by golly, we can afford to spend, spend, SPEND if Walkingeagle wants to!

Parade of Marching Frogs

And now, emails are pouring in since about 7 AM. I am hearing from people I have not heard from in years, and from people I have never heard from before. There are more high profile types being hand-cuffed and frog-marched out of there.

The Feds arrested Barbara, Carl W. E. wife

his sister Martina Kezana

Patty Cavanaugh who was the head of the fuel assistance program.

I guess the Feds are waiting for others to return from travel to arrest them.

Apparently they are waiting for Carl W.E. and Justin Yankton to get off the plane, they were waiting for the others outside their homes this morning. *Yooo Hooo! Carl is in a hotel with a lawyer and a small mob of supporters in Grand Forks! Get him quick, before the bill gets too high!*

I am told all this is over the fuel assistance program that Patty Cavanaugh runs.

Martina Kezana runs the Vocational rehab program, she is Carl's sister. I don't know what they arrested her for.

I don't know where Justin and the rest of the TC are right now but they are on travel (surprise) hahahah.

Now, with Carl's family going down, speculation is high and very likely, that they were rolled over on by Poopsie and the Fly Catcher in order to buy their way out of their bust earlier.  Poopsie always said that if he went down, he would take everyone with him. Either he played these cards to buy his way out of that one, or he is just keeping his word and taking everyone down with him.

Either way, it is another wall of support and corruption that is now gone from Poopsie's Kingdom. So, if he did roll over on them, and it is likely he would and he did, he essentially is tearing down his own shields.  Like burning one's own house to stay warm in the winter. Satisfaction is fleeting.

I hear Justin is in deep crap on several levels as well.

So, Keep all this in mind when you go to vote on April 19th. You don't want Walkingeagles, in for sure! Nor do you want Brown in there. He is the husband of Punky Brown. He has never held a job in his life, but is one of those men out there that has spent his entire life living off of women.

Skip Longie robbed the Tribe blind last time he was in there. Bought a Zamboni (those things are NOT cheap!) for his grandson's school's hockey rink. Nothing near that amount was ever spent on the Tribe's schools. His justification was that it could carry a sign on it advertising the casino, while it is smoothing the ice.  He was laughed at. He's a bully, and a thief.

I still say that Marty Alex is the best choice out there.  And, he can be held accountable and either petitioned out or voted out if he does not do the job. Get rid of the corruption, one vote at a time.

Oh, there is more coming in. I am still sorting through my emails.

Wouldn't it be funny if Molly McDonald, Russell McDonald and Mary McDonald were all also arrested in this sweep? Or do we have to wait until the June busts for those to go down?

You know where to find me.



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April 1, 2011 ---Printer Version (2)
Fools Rush

Sorry, had to use that title.  Here is the Official list of Candidates and Districts. I actually got this from the Tribe's own website... I KNOW!

Tribal Chairman: Rez Wide voting:

Phillip "Skip" Longie aka "Zamboni" --will explain later
Freeman Whiteshield, Sr.
Leander Russell McDonald (He prefers to be called "Doctor")
Gerald Thompson Sr.
Vincent F. Greyhorn, Sr.
Michael T. Alex ( I know him as "Marty Alex")
Silas Ironheart, Jr.  ( I think of him as "worthless")
Patricia Christianson <-- Who is she? I have no idea!
Lonna Jackson (we've already discussed her)
Roger Yankton, Sr. (Yeah, elect a  rapist, murderer who cannot read or write)

Notice that Myra is not showing up as a candidate? Also, Jutters pulled out at the last minute to avoid the conflict of running against his uncle and splitting the vote and pissing off both sides of his family.

Crowhill District:

Carl Walkingeagle (Incumbent, incompetent, a thief, embezzler)
Yvonne DuBois
Darren Walkingeagle (son of Incompetent)

Woodlake District:

Jason Thompson (Incumbent who has managed to stay off my radar)
Jolene Littlewind
Eric DuBois
Craig H. Brown, Sr
William D. Cavenaugh
Alberta Redfox
Joel Redfox

Ft. Totten District -- Tribal Blue Building
Mission District -- Recreation Center
Crowhill District -- Crowhill Recreation Center
Woodlake District -- Food Pantry

Polls will be open from 9 AM until 7 PM
Absentee Ballots Available -- Contact Yvonne at 351-8262

Remember: Voting is how you make a difference. Stay engaged in the process. Don't be discouraged by the low caliber of some of the candidates. Know that if you want to make it better you have to participate.  If you don't like who is running, I have to ask why you did not run yourself or did not support a better candidate. These are what you have. YOU know them better than I do. Vote.

And then keep attending meetings and keep holding them accountable. Giving up or giving in to cynicism is just cowardly and stupid.  And make sure NO ONE touches your ballot but you. YOU put the ballot into the box. Don't let their lackeys handle your ballots and alter them like they did last time.

Keep me posted on how it goes. This is only the primary. This is where you cut the worst out and get the best of what you have in. VOTE!

You know where to find me.


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