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Ronin's own Website The most basic money laundering/ponzi scam rivaling Maddoff

Free Peltier Now Worth a read


Write to me if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, information you want me to have or a correction to any information you see here.  I respond to all emails.  CAT  NOTE: I reserve the right to NOT respond to whack jobs that waste my time.

Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case.  Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.


NOTE: New feature for the site will be an overview of cases of murdered and missing in Indian Country.  If you have a case that you want posted, contact me and I will tell you what I need to be able to post. -Cat

Please read up and follow the "Bring Paula Home" story and help a woman who has dedicated herself to helping Indian People survive and prevent Diabetes. Links on that page take you to her site. Special thanks to my friend, Denis Campbell Updated:Nov 1, 2009

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March 31, 2011 --Printer Version (4)
Nest of Serpents

The McDonald Family has been key to keeping the Turdclan in power and out of investigations. Now, they are trying to fill every critical position with a member of their family.  Russell McDonald is typical of how they operate.

From the Rez:

Russ McDonald was enrolled in Fort Berthold as a Three Affiliated Tribes member. He used their tribal education funds to go to school and get his Doctorate Degree.

He then switched his enrollment to Spirit Lake and came to live in Devils Lake. His degree is in Geriatrics and this is the study of the ageing, he hasn't written anything to help the Elderly and uses the Elderly to do research.

so far no one seems to know what he is researching.

He was working for Tribal planning but the tribal planning department was a waste of the tribes money having a dept that didn't produce anything. He is now the Academic Dean for Cankdeska Cikana Community College and is now working on getting the rest of his family employed with the college.

He has gotten two of his sisters working there now. One of his sisters is a Judge, Molly McDonald, who just made a ruling handing a nine-year old girl over to a parent she doesn't even know. And is responsible for the remark, " Grandparents have no rights when it comes to their Grandchildren".

You don't have to look far to see where this whole family is going, they do not belong on Spirit Lake but are making a living off of the people.

The whole McDonald family is dysfunctional and shady. They are involved in all kinds of things that are borderline illegal but never get into trouble.

As with all evil, they can get away with all these things because here we say that “evil takes care of evil.”

There was a large crowd at the Tribal Building people that wanted Molly gone from the court because of the cases she has mishandled so far.

I heard there was a huge crowd there, with horror stories of how Molly went about destroying families in the most insane ways. Handing over children from safe homes with relatives, into the hands of fathers or others whom the children did not know--ever. She has done this, repeatedly without following any protocol of checking backgrounds on placements, or abiding by any laws, other than the voices in her head. 

She had a couple of other jobs before this. She failed at all of them. The question is not so much "Should the Tribal Council fire her," which is obvious that they should; but rather, "How in Blue Blazes did she get hired in the first place??"   Tribal Council needs to look at ALL their practices of hiring, especially in critical positions and where the person being hired is, them self, a lawless person.

Everyone knows the McDonald Family. Everyone knows how they helped murder Eddie Fish and how they have conspired to keep an innocent man in prison. 

How much of the Tribe's money has gone into their pockets as they are rewarded for participating in the most egregious evil out there?

The same goes for Pete Belgarde, who also has no business being a judge. Nor does June Gourd.

The idea of appointing judges who are friends of evil, or who are ignorant and unqualified, or all of the above, makes a mockery out of the Good People of Spirit Lake Nation.

And, when you see how children are horribly disregarded and families torn apart by mean-spirited rulings such as have come from the Bench of Molly McDonald, take yet another look.  There was a time, not long ago, when the children of Tribes were taken away from their loving families and handed over to abusive other parties who raped them, and shamed them for being Indian.  What came back from those legalized kidnappings, were Indians who were angry, confused, ignorant of their own ways and unable to connect to their culture or even their families.

Much of the troubles with addictions, alcohol, violence and abuses on the rez, come directly as a result of decisions being made that damaged the children--deliberately.  Is having an Indian do the damage now any better?

The other thing, and I want you all to think about this, is what is her motivation? We know she is wrong, but is she also getting something of a bonus financially or otherwise from all this? Handing children over to foster care, for instance, puts a lot of money into the pockets of those who are foster parents.  In many cases, it's barely enough if the foster parent is working for the benefit of the child.

But, if the Foster Parent is just in it for the money, the children are neglected, abused, mistreated and the money is pocketed. One of Molly's sisters is such a "Foster Parent". I have pictures of her bragging that her children bring her her beers,  ".. but don't tell or they will take them away from me. Hahahah"

The idea of uprooting children, who cannot defend themselves, and placing them in the hands of a total stranger to them, with no background checks and not protocols is CHILD ABUSE. It is detrimental not only to the children, but to the community they come from and the community they grow up into. 

I hear that Molly really likes to be liked by men, and is catering to their wishes in order to have them look up to her. That would not surprise me. That whole family is deranged and dysfunctional. They have to be in order to perpetuate the perjury of Mary McDonald.  They have to be in order to allow her, as a teenager, to be handed over as a sex toy to the Turdboys, for a few days. She is damaged goods. I know that. WE all know that.

But Mary KNOWS right from wrong. The longer she is silent, the more evil she allows and the more sickness comes.  We may never hear Mary McDonald finally speak the truth. But we can stop rewarding her family for their participation in the Evil that still hovers over the tribe, like vultures, waiting to pick the bones of what is left.  The Children are what is left... and it is their bones the vultures smell.

It is shameful that children are seen as having no value. They are the future. This is not okay.

If anyone has any stories on Molly, contact me. I will keep your identity a secret.

What goes on in Tribal Appointments matters. It counts. It either hurts or helps the community. Appointing people to positions out of favoritism NEVER helps.

So, when is Voting Day for the Primary?

You know where to find me.


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March 30, 2011 -- Printer Version (2)
Aaaaannnnd They're OFFFFF!

Your candidates for Tribal Chair are:

Marty Alex
Skip Sr. Longie
Patty Mint
Russ McDonald
Freeman Whiteshield
Si Ironheart
Lonna Jackson
Vincent Greyhorn
Roger Yankton

Marty Alex is seen as the one BEST HOPE for the Tribe. He is educated, clean and can represent the Tribe with dignity. 

Skip was chairman before and misused Tribal Funds to buy favor with his son's High School by purchasing their hockey equipment or something like that. I guess he won't be doing that now as the kids are all out of high school?  He also participates and facilitates the false bloodlines that have muddied up the whole M'dwauken Tribe mess. Giving full Native Status to a man named, appropriately, "Crooks" who has not one single drop of Native blood in him.  Skip has facilitated, aided and abetted, and participated in more money thieving schemes than I can count. He would be NLO only with different plumbing.

I don't know anything about Patty Mint.

Russ McDonald comes from the family that makes it possible for the Turdclan to get away with murder. His whole family has prospered from covering up that crime and falsely accusing Richard LaFuente of the murder that the Turds committed.  You know what he is.

Freeman Whiteshield I don't know anything about. But I did have one cynical writer tell me they would vote for him because they see him as the least qualified and they think these elections are a joke.

Si Ironheart Not qualified, not honest. He's supposed to be running the EPA Dept out there. But he has no degrees, and no clue. Has created more problems that others have had to solve. Will do the same if he is elected.  Oh yeah, his down line is big on sports. One of his kids or grandkids was a big bad basketball star-- who got busted for drugs. Si had been covering that up for years. He thinks that you will put your love of basketball over what you know is right for the community.  We'll see.

Lonna Jackson is Married to or whatever, is married to a non-Indian Medicine Man who bought his altar from Black Road Medicine Man, Crow Dog.  He has been the 'go-to' voodoo hoodoo dude for the Turdclan ever since Joe Tiona dropped dead. She is determined to have him enrolled as a full-blooded member of the tribe.  He has only hurt people. No good can come from  him or from electing her.

Vincent Greyhorn I think he was one of the judges out there.  I don't know anything about him.

Roger Yankton aka, "Weenie Boy". He can't read or write; has ripped off the tribe when he ran HUD-- which is the reason so many of you don't have decent housing to this day; ripped off the tribe when he ran the Personnel Department (now being run by Wanda White-Trottier-- equally unqualified except she can read the blog for herself and doesn't have to have someone read it to her). He is a rapist, and he likes to vandalize other people's cars, or homes, and oh yeah, he along with his brothers and Pisster, Murdered Eddie Peltier. By all means, elect him. Show that you have no respect for yourself or your community. Elect a murderer who is stealing from you as you read this. (He still has Tribal Credit Cards to use however he wants.

I guess his family figures that you have all gotten over their stealing and murdering, raping and vandalizing. That you will see him as someone to be respected.

Do let me know how this turns out.

The primary vote is next week? Or is it this week? Find out. Tell me.

I know more of you are paying attention. More of you are showing up at the meetings. Make it count. Vote. And make sure no one messes with your vote.

And for those of you who will sell your vote for a few dollars or a few beers, take a look at the misery around you. Ask yourself if you want to be one of those who makes it all possible, or if you have some sense of self-respect that will enable you to do the right thing.  If you can be bought for a few beers, you are agreeing that you are trash-- like the empties scattered around you.

Your community deserves better. In order for things to get better, everyone-- and I do mean EVERY one has to take part in making it better. I don't care who you are, or who you are related to, you know what is the right thing to do. Do it.

You know where to find me.



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March 27, 2011 ----Printer Version (2)
I Heard Your Mom Has Cancer... Bummer

Imagine getting a diagnosis as shattering as Cancer, or Diabetes, or any other life changing illness. You just found out about it. You are trying to deal with it, take it all in, readjust your life, wrap your mind around it.

Then, after you get yourself together, you want to be able to break it to your family... in a way that will not fill them with shock and fear. No matter how you do it, it will stun them. So, now you have to to take all that on as well.  It's a lot.

Now, imagine, as you are driving home from finding out, word of your diagnosis has already hit the Moccasin Telegraph. Confidentiality is always breached at the clinic. Piggy Cavenaugh & Rosalie Baer (Bear?) tell their cousin, whom I am told, is addicted to Bingo... and she blabs it all over to anyone that will listen.

That is unfortunate. I knew one other woman, I called her Bingo Queen, who seemed to think that being the center of attention, having all that inside information to share, regardless of who got hurt or how badly, was her privilege.

What is it about Bingo? For that one split second when you yell "BINGO!" , everyone looks at you. You are the star... until there's another Bingo that is.

Having confidential health information on people is also a way to get attention. To be the center of attention. Revealing who has to go onto kidney dialysis, who has a brain tumor, heart condition, cancer, diabetes or even athlete's foot, is personal. It should not be spread around for attention.

If you are the go-to person when people want to find out private, confidential information about others, please, please, please rethink yourself.

Imagine how the other person feels. the one trying to wrap their mind around a shattering diagnosis, and how to break it to their family. Imagine how they feel when their relative comes to their house and says: "I heard at the Bingo Hall that you have a brain tumor."  Now what?

You are adding to that person's hardship. You are adding more misery to that family. You are denying them the right to deal with this in their own way, in their own time. You are doing it for childish reasons.

Please stop.

Please learn to respect confidentiality. If you care for people or you don't, allow them to deal with it in their own way.

I hear a lot about different sicknesses out there. I don't divulge it. Unless it is contagious and it involves the local rapists, abusers and people need to know to protect themselves.

I don't put anything in here that is not already general knowledge. For instance, Poopsie has no bowel control. That has been obvious to everyone for years. He's publicly crapped himself more times than most can count. Pisster pees all over herself. She stinks. She doesn't bathe. Everyone can smell it. Everyone sees the wet stains down the front of her pants. These are not secrets. These are broadcast facts. Common knowledge. QBall is another of the Turdclan rapists. He has had so many venereal diseases I'm surprised his dick hasn't fallen off.

Their pals and other abusers on the Tribal Council? Also fair game.  Although, I don't disclose what I have heard until I know they have already shared it with their family--most of the time. Walking Eagle is the exception. He has drained the Tribe's finances into his own pocket and people need to take a good hard look under his hood, and see if they can get it back before he dies.

Those abusers are fair game.

The rest of the people out there, deserve privacy.

I am concerned about the cancer clusters in certain areas. I think they should be looked into. But that is someone else's job, not mine.  I've been keeping track of a few areas. Red dots on a map. I don't post that. But strong patterns are emerging.

I hope to have a complete list of who all is running for Tribal Council early in the week.

Meanwhile, those of you who breach confidentiality for any number of self-serving reasons: Extortion and attention, shame on you. Treat people with respect. Especially those who have issues of healing.

You know where to find me.


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March 22, 2011 -- Printer Version (2)
The Insanity Run

Among those running for Tribal Council is a murderer. Roger Yankton, aka "Weenie Boy" who helped his brothers & sisters murder Eddie Peltier, cover it up, and more... is running for Tribal Council.

The man who cannot read, cannot spell and cannot speak past 4th Grade bad grammar, wants to have the honor of representing the Tribe... in public, at meetings, and wherever the conferences go. A murderer.

You've all seen him walking around with that oversized screwdriver in his pocket. You've seen him walk up to cars belonging to people he doesn't like and stabbing the tires. Then just smirking and walking off.

He robbed the HUD Funds for over a decade while he was running that. He had help of course: His family and his, ahem, "Assistant".

So, who's going to show up at the big dinners he's going to throw? Nah! Just wait for the Beer Runs! He'll use the Tribal Credit card and fill up the back of that pick up with enough beer to drown half the rez, and then you will all 'owe' him your vote--- those who can be bought for a few beers. Others will have to be bought off for a few dollars. Anyone that votes for him has to ask themselves "What price do I sell for today?" and "For how much beer or pocket change, am I willing to sell out my Tribe, my own people, for a man I know is a murderer, a thief and a bully?

And there are other losers running as well. Just can't wait to get their hands on the Tribe's Piggy Bank.  There has to be at least one person running that has good character, integrity and is qualified. Talk amongst yourselves.

From the Rez:

Cat, Post as a reminder to the Spirit Lake Oyate

As we head into the primaries, a lot of enrolled members and their families have a lot to keep in mind. All of those people who lost jobs and health benefits need to remember who took their jobs away, these people who lost a means of living need to think hard about who to vote for.

What is so rich, is the people behind the loss of jobs are working.
The Mohawk who took four enrolled members jobs away is gainfully employed. Members of the Policy Council who helped this action are all gainfully employed. Especially one who is not a member of our tribe.

Lets go on to the enrolled members of the court system who lost employment, one a 30 year veteran. The Personnel office people who lost work have a lot of family who vote. The highly qualified ICWA person has a big family who vote. The most enrolled members who lost jobs were under the current administration.

So good people of the Spirit Lake Nation do you really want this to keep on happening? Your parents, children, brothers, sisters, all need to vote for the most honest, educated,
and experienced people to work for your best interests.
Do you want to see someone sit in their office who doesn’t

Do you want to see someone sit in their office who doesn’t have time to listen to your problems and needs. Who have a high salary, travel first class, does favors for family/friends, and never ever tells you what is going on for the Tribe and the people?

We haven’t seen the children’s money for years, is it still there?
We have a lot hanging in the balance so vote for the good of all the people, the children, Elders, youth, and families.

An enrolled person

Pay attention and vote. If you don't do it and make sure it counts, then you don't count. I'm not the one telling you that. You are the one telling yourself that if you think you don't have to get off your ass and support a decent person. If you don't get in there, and help out, and vote, you can be sure that you won't like what you get.

Now, go be a grown up. Think about the kids. Think about the future. Think about it and then do something about it--VOTE!

My offer still stands to any candidate: Send me your campaign speech and I will post it. So far, no one has ever done that. I can only guess that you are either afraid of having people read it and holding you to it, or you are one of the crooks who knows I will tear it apart if it is fulla bulla.

How brave are you if you are afraid of a blog you say you don't read?

You know where to find me.



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March 18, 2011 --Printer Version (8)
Children Don't Count?

That was quick! I barely got this out and the corrections came in! Good job and thank you!

Guess who still has her job, working with young children? Yes, that's right, Arliss Krulish. Her own girls are traumatized for life by her constant abuse, and of course, more recently, by her taking out whatever bad mood she had that day, on them.

Worse for the girls, their father is a total jerk. I don't think he beats those girls, he's far too lazy for that. Douglas Lohnes has lived off of women his whole life.  Holding a job is like holding a hot coal in his bare hands--would scar him, I'm sure. 

He and Arliss once ambushed and beat up his ex-wife outside of the Blue Building. The ex has a rare condition that they both knew about: She is a female hemophiliac. I can't remember what it is called, but the intent in ambushing and beating her, then stomping her when she was on the ground, his boots and Arliss's, was to murder her.

I guess she had too much to live for. She survived, barely. Took a lot of hospital for that one. Now, he has custody of his daughters by Arliss. I don't think he beats them. At least, not unless he has someone else hold them down.

And now, Arliss has her job. Lucky kids out there, eh? Wonder how they grow up with such a horrible outlook on life? Take a look at who is caring for them at home. Take a look at who is working with them in the community.

When children feel like they don't count and nowhere is safe, something inside them dies. They don't know how to react to care and affection, or to violence, only how to run away from any mistakes they make, before they get caught, and everything gets worse.

Personally, I think Doug and Arliss are perfect for each other. He's terrified of her. That didn't stop him from living off of her. It's what he does. Just too bad there are children involved.


I get word that Russell McDonald is going to run for Tribal Council. He prefers to be called "Dr." because he managed to get a Ph.D., which he has never figured out how to use, except to title himself: "Doctor". 

He's the one in those Tribal Council notes from a few years back, who insisted on being paid for writing grants, on top of his salary pay, even though he did not file the grants on time, nor were they properly filled out, and so they failed. But yes, the Tribal Council (previous) kind of chuckled and then voted to cut him a check for several thousand dollars for failing to do his job properly.

He has a wingman on all this: Cindy Mullah Mala (or however you spell her name) She is the one that sweet talked the Tribal Council out of a building that was supposed to be a cultural center for the entire Tribe, but after it was built, she decided she wanted it for her own home. She got it.

Russell is very disrespectful to the Elders. He tells them to sing the songs his way, not the way that they were taught. He says the Elders are children and he's the teacher.

Refresher: Russell's pappy is Tony MacDonald and his Uncle is Demus MacDonald. Demus helped keep anyone from going into the kitchen and helping Eddie while he was being beat to death by Poopsie, Weenie Boy, Pisster, and QBall. Eileen Eagleman was there, but she says she wasn't. She was. She watched.

Tony MacDonald, Russell's father, then offered up his then 15 yr. old daughter, Mary (Now Mary Lohnes) as a sex toy for a few days and let the Turd Boys do whatever they wanted to her. And they took pictures and they still have those pictures and if she ever tells the truth, they will show everyone those pictures. As long as she keeps her mouth shut, Richard stays in prison, and the Turdclan does not have to worry about being investigated for Eddie's murder.

There is also a question about how much Sioux Blood Russell has. Apparently, he should never have been enrolled. But, then again, there was a wild, brain-damaged person running the enrollment for years. He did whatever he was told. He would not know how to look up or research a bloodline if his life depended on it. He drank himself to death. No idea who took his place.

But, Russell, er "Doctor" MacDonald, Teacher of the Elders, brother of woman who was raped for days and who agrees to tell all the lies... he is running for Tribal Council?  I guess he thinks everyone out there forgot? Doesn't remember? Never knew?

From what I have seen of government, on and off the rez, the Crazies are emboldened by the ignorant. They have no shame.

Russell's whole family has benefited from the lies his sister told, and from Demus helping to murder Eddie and then cover it up. What kind of man let's his sister be raped, and helps to keep her quiet about it? What kind of man disrespects the Elders, takes money for failing, and lies to everyone? I think Russell is just like his daddy and his Uncle Demus.

Then again, if there is ever a court case on this, it will go before judge "Molly" MacDonald. Still unclear on her qualifications for the job. She's Doctor Russell MacDonald's sister. She has hired her sister, Ardell to work for her. Methinks the MacDonalds want to have everything for themselves. Oopsie! Today Ardell decided to work for the college. Insane.

Allowing these kinds of creeps to hold key positions in the Tribe is what keeps the people down. This is why you need a Tribal Council that will work for the people and not just rob them blind.  Pay attention. Get someone you can stand behind and support, and run with them for Tribal Council.

Let's start with integrity and see what we can get after that. I'm not expecting perfection, but I am hoping you can work together to make it better out there. For the Children.


No country in the world has had stricter building codes than Japan. The companies that build Nuclear Power Plants make billions off of government in loans, grants and tax breaks, as well as profits from centralized power supply. The World Bank, which controls the economies of every nation, retaliates against any country that does not make way for nuclear plants, coal and oil.

Energy should never be centralized. Never. It should be generated, via alternate means (Wind, Solar, Geothermal, etc) at homes and businesses, or in localized hubs, with the excess sold back to the central power grid for storage and for other businesses or start up structures that require power but have not yet installed their own.

The power companies should be paying YOU. But that is not how it is set up.

If it was, a tree going down would not kill off power to the entire region. There would be no nuke plants melting down while government and authorities lie to the people about 'fixing' what anyone who knows anything about those plants knows-- they cannot be fixed.

They were never intended, nor could they ever be designed to withstand such a serious earthquake. But the companies and the banks that sold them to the people, lied to them. They figured they could make billions or trillions before it ever came to pass-- and they did, and it did. 

They made billionaires out of liars, and now look at what is happening in Japan.

Japan will not recover from this. Not in the next 20 years. Chernobyl is still too hot to be livable. It's been over 30 years. The billionaires are fine, thanks for asking. They have many homes they can move to. It's only the people who suffer.

An earthquake and a tsunami, and now, radioactive meltdown, being delivered in incrementally alarming doses of truth, because above all, the illusion of "safety" must be maintained -- not just in Japan, but everywhere that these monsters have been built.

Don't say it can't happen-- it did.

Don't lie and say it will withstand--it will not.

Don't tell us we are safe--we are not.

The only thing that makes us safe is information. Accurate information. Truth. Allowing us to make informed decisions about what we will allow and what we will not. We need to know the truth about what is necessary and what is not.

The kicker on all this is: Nuclear Energy is the most complex, expensive, dangerous way to boil water. Further, all centralized power plants deliver less than 10% of what they generate. The lines they travel on and through, lose 90% of the electric power they started off with. Think about that: Centralizing Power makes it less efficient, more costly-- to us.

Decentralizing it, spending the money to equip as many homes and businesses as possible, will make it more efficient, less expensive, and create income for those of us who generate it from our own homes and businesses.

Power companies can still make respectable profits from selling what is stored to places that cannot generate their own. If they whine about that, perhaps we should look at the Electrical Grid being a government run utility. Government should never be run for a profit. It should be run for the people. Businesses are not government and vice versa.

We would have clean energy, more reliable energy and it would either cost us substantially less or pay us.

We could take just one year's subsidies for the Oil Companies, that don't need it as they have never lost a dime, regardless of crisis, and create enough clean energy for all of us.

Think about it: Take the price of oil and tell them to shove it.

The Middle East would no longer be profitable to war in or on. It would not benefit warlord bullies and Despots to run people out of their villages, bulldoze them and move the oil companies in.

Yes, the oil companies will only make a few billion a year and they will have a product that will be harder and harder to sell...

It's already too late for the Gulf of Mexico, Sudan, and other places in South America that have been destroyed by Oil Corporation Politics, but we can still save ourselves. It's OUR tax money. It should go to work for US.

And, if we don't need oil, we don't need nukes. Whatever happens, we can survive it. We can repair and rebuild it. Unless it is radio active, or covered in oil.

Karmic Comedy

I am appalled at some of what I am seeing online of ignorant, compassionless bigots saying that Japan is getting payback for WWII. They have no idea what they are talking about.

But if invading another country delivers this kind of 'Karma', can you imagine what the USA is in for?

Japan is no better and no worse than any other modernized nation.

Their biggest mistake was in believing the lies of Corporate hounds that told them this would be a great way to make money.

Imagine if they had spent that money, instead of on building these nuclear bomb power plants, on alternate energy systems.

Japan, for all their mistakes in going in this direction, did so with the strictest building and construction codes on the planet. How well do you think we will do when "Payback" hits the USA? And, will it seem so funny?

Spiritual Reconnection

People used to have a connection to the world and to every living creature and to the seasons. Religion and governments came along and worked to disconnect, by force and fear, people from their spiritual connections.

People used to be connected to each other, and to other peoples by common respect. We have, for the past Five Thousand Years, been dismantling those connections, and disabling ourselves, departing from the stronger collective into the weaker isolated individuals.

The longing to belong and 'be like' others is strong. That is why peer pressure works, for better or worse, on individuals, making them behave in ways that allow centralized governments, more and more to not question, either the actions of their government, nor their own actions in blind support of that government.

We need laws and regulations to protect us from exploitation and abuse.

The Imbalance has reached the point where the majority of people are exploited and abused by the tiniest fraction of a very few, wealthy, powerful behind-the-scenes people and families.  We, for the most part, cannot perceive this yet. Accustomed as we are to believing what we are told, not questioning even that which makes no sense, and which defies logic.

Our inner voices of instinct and compassion have been smothered. Drugs and alcohol, addictive destructive behaviors, keep us lost in this fog. We are only concerned with our tiny part of this world and care little for our greater region and our fellow citizens, much less the greater world and the people far, far away.

Compassion and caring have been drummed out of us, overall.  Living in abusive environments, wherein the corrupt and the bullies get to make the rules, makes compassion and caring seem like weaknesses.  We prove to ourselves, by proving our ignorance is our strength, and our hatred is our power.  Our children kill small animals for fun. They torment the weak and the helpless for sport.

We raised them to be this way when we allowed those who rule over us, to abuse and exploit us and we did nothing, said nothing and refused to stand up for anyone that was standing up for us. We watch them fall and we laughed at their demise.

We are spiritually disconnected from this world,from every living creature, from each other and we are lost. We have lost the things that connected us, especially in times of need or crisis. We have lost our sense of balance and cannot see the imbalance that is tipping us, literally, off the face of this earth.

We watch as children are abused, ignored, exploited. We pay the salaries of the people who do this and the salaries of those who appoint them and the salaries of those who are supposed to lead us. And we do nothing.

Laughing at suffering of others; creating pain and suffering for others, is not a strength: It is a sign of our weakness, our inability to connect to the greater numbers we will need when a crisis comes to our shore, our lands, our homes.

We are all Indians now. I'm watching as the Middle East rises up, having had enough. Against the odds, and without weapons, brave souls face tanks, bullets and worse, to make a mark, even if it is just the stain of where their blood spilled, so that this world -- that part of it, will be better for the children and the children yet to come.

I watch in the Midwest as GOP governors and governments move swiftly to take away rights from the people to vote, or to have any control over their own local governments. GOP plans to create more and more crisis so they can declare financial crisis, and then hand over everything, every dollar, every park, every utility-- to their corporate masters.

Plantation Nation is looming on the horizon. Media is corporate, so they did not show the hundreds of thousands of people who protested, for the past 4 weeks, in the freezing snow, to turn this around. The same media that surrounded, embedded with and cheered on the mindless fakery of the Teaparty, every time they so much as farted. Every rally they had was covered, wall-to-wall, and many of the networks participated in 'directing' the crowds to make it more 'sensational' than it actually was.

Those rallies lasted, at best, a few hours. This is sustained protests, weeks on end, in every state, and they do not even get mention on nightly news. We are distracted by endless coverage of Charlie Sheen's mindless rantings. Charlie has only taken a back seat to the Japan Crisis.

We must find ways to inform ourselves. To seek out the information, discuss it and learn what is true and what is not so that we can, each day, make better and better informed decisions.

Or, our children and our future are in the hands of people like Arliss who will abuse them or Douglas Lohnes who will exploit them, live off of them, and do nothing to protect them.

We have to find a way to reconnect to one another. It starts when we realize that caring about other living things, other people, is not a weakness, but our greatest source of strength-- Unity.

We know that the powerful who have been abusing us, and this planet, fear that. They fear us reconnecting to one another. Otherwise, they would not be trying so hard to make it look like these record breaking protests (bigger than the Viet Nam Era) were not even happening.

We are waking up, and it is dark, and we must find a way to find one another. Reconnect to that part inside of each of us that knows we are Human Beings. It will hurt, but it will make us powerful again.

You know where to find me.



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March 12, 2011 -- Printer Version (3)
Witch Hunting?

The term "Witch Hunt" meant people who were in positions of power going after people on the false premise that they were 'witches' or evil. Typically, it was just so they could strike at that person, with no real excuse so saying that they were a witch was all the excuse they needed.

Thing is, if the person they were persecuting was really a witch, they would have all been turned into toads. Trust me, if there was a real witch, with the powers they claim she had, their balls would shrivel up and they would not be able to speak nor walk in her presence.

They only attacked people they knew could not fight back.

But their basis for proving someone was a witch was that the person could not prove they weren't a witch.  The tests were various absolute tortures, one of which was to dunk the woman into the water. A nice, icy cold pond or river was generally handy. If she floated up, she was determined to be a witch and was then burned at the stake.

If she drowned, which most did, they would justify it as 'she had been possessed by a witch spirit and now that spirit has left her' -- thanks to their good work. It was up to her neighbors to bury her after that. Most of these women had no families. The persecutors gave themselves kudos for 'saving her soul'. Real Heroes. Leaders in their communities and churches.

No one could really prove they weren't a witch and people in positions of power and authority used the possibility of hunting for the witch to do all sorts of horrible things to women in the community.

*Note: People who invoke God as their authority don't believe in that God, and it only works if YOU believe both in God, and that God being so stupid & weak they would need a low-life speaking for him/her. Anyone that tries to scare you with God, is not a believer. It is safe to disregard any threats they make, or power they claim. It's all lies. Example: Tony MacDonald and his whole family. They are accomplices and accessories to Eddie's murder. (*sigh). I digress. Back to our topic…

I received the following letter, but I could not post it for over a week because I did not know what, exactly they were talking about. It took a few more emails from others to clear it up. I could not believe that yet again, more abuse on the Director of the Head Start Program, and the Program itself.

From the Rez:

Cat, Please post

To the people targeting the Head Start Director. Here is something to think about.
The HR person and people on the Policy Council. You are saying the Director is posting to Cat, took her computer away and made her feel as low as possible.

Think about this, if you all succeed in getting rid of her, are any of you going to be able to bring in any kind of Early Childhood Education program for the 175 families who will lose an education for their preschool children?

Do you have the skills it takes to get funding on any level for all these families to replace the Head Start program. I doubt this very seriously.

So as you judge, connive, and pick on this person, also think of how you will answer to 175 families, when the Fed get sick of all the problems and shut the program down. Can you find FREE child care services for all the people who will need it?

Do you have the skills it will take to do a grant, budget, and financial reports to any form of Grant. Are any of you educated enough to complete a task of that size. Think about that.

Concerned Person for the Children.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cat, Please post

The Director had her computer taken away and searched? Because they either thought she was me or thought that she was writing to me?

Apparently, whomever decided to go onto that witch hunt just wanted to abuse the Head Start Program, a little bit more. I don't know why her computer was taken, or on what basis it was deemed legitimate.

So, who was behind this witch hunt?

I am sure that being the honorable person they claim to be, they, upon finding that the person they were after had not, after all, written to me, apologized to that person profusely. How embarrassing to go on a witch hunt and come up with nothing to drown or burn!

Something tells me that Wanda White-Trottier is the one behind this witch hunt. Who else would have the authority to abuse in this way? Who else would be so obsessed with me that she doesn't care what rules she breaks, or how much of a raving fool she makes of herself on Facebook, yelling and screaming sexual epithets at me? That's our Wands!

I am sure that since Wanda claims to be a person of integrity, she has written a profoundly moving apology to the person whose computer she had taken. I'm sure she has publicly apologized for her error. I'm sure she'll never do it again.

Then again, it's Wands. She doesn't care what rules she breaks; they don't apply to her. She's special. She's the wife of Darwin Brown's secret lover-- only it's not a secret, the whole Tribe knows. So, the rules don't apply to her. She's protected by the Tribal Council.

She doesn't care if she puts the Head Start Program at risk. She doesn't care if the children have no program, the parents have no daycare. Why should she care? She's very special. Just ask her. She'll burn the program to the ground because she's on a pill-fueled snot fest.

How much snooping did you do? How embarrassing for the Tribe to have, literally, a raving incompetent such as you, running the HR Department.  Or any department. As if the Tribe has not had enough embarrassment.

Here's your problem Wanda: I'm the witch. And you can't go after me without getting yourself badly burned. Even then, you can't touch me. So, going after other people to get to me, is childish, petulant, and laughable. AHOOoooo-Yaaaaa! Yip!Yip!Yip! Hahahahah!

Shame on you for persecuting the people who are doing their job.  This is why so few qualified people stick around. Shame on the Tribal Council for protecting Wanda while allowing the Director of the Head Start Program to be abused, assaulted and persecuted. If the program fails, and it will if she quits, it will be entirely your doing. Or I should say, your lack of integrity. Why isn’t Porky Cloud in jail for assault? Still workin’ on it?

What you do directly affects those kids. They are the future of that Tribe. If that is not important to you, get out of the way and let someone who cares, take the jobs. Allowing Wanda White-Trottier to continue to go on her personal vendetta at the expense of that program, those children, is inexcusable.

Hey, Wands! I hear your bus drivers got fired. Well, they got high and quit, then wanted their jobs back. They were laughing like it was all a big joke. Joke's on them. Why don't you go through their computers? Bet you will find they  have written to me. Then, what will you do? Hmmm? Let me know what you find.

I figure that since you like witch hunting so much, we can go hunting together.  AHoooOOoooo Ya! Hahahaha!

Your friends are not your friends.

You know where to find me.



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March 10, 2011
Taking It Out On The Kids
--Printer Version (2)

These kinds of postings are the hardest for me to put onto the blog. Anytime I hear about children being hurt or bullied, I want to reach through the internet and grab whomever is doing it and tell them to take a look--- way down the road, to what they are creating in that child.  How they treat their children, if they have any, will be reflected back, louder, each generation.

Arilss Krulish, who is the Director of Early Childhood Tracking Program out there, is about to be arrested, if she has not already been locked up. She beat her two daughters, age (guessing here) 11 and 13 so severely their father had to take them to the Social Worker and the Social Worker took it to the police. I don't know if it was Tribal Police, or who, but it is in the hands of the Feds now.

Beat them that badly, just before she left for a workshop in Las Vegas.

I don't know what happened to Arliss when she was little. I understand her mother was a raging alcoholic. She has a twin sister that I know of who also works out there. There is a lot of that out there. The mother was not able to raise them, or care for them. Their father, who was not Indian, did the raising. He passed away a couple of years ago.

The twins, from what I am told, are like Night and Day. One does all she can to make things right and Arliss can't seem to control anything in her life, no matter how much she tries, especially her temper.

Arliss has 'crapped her way to the top' as they say. She shit on just about everyone who was ever her friend, lied, connived and got what she wanted, then never wanted what she had.

Something is wrong inside of a person like that. In her case, it made her mean.

It's on tape, what her daughters told to the authorities. Arliss came back from her Las Vegas trip and she had her daughters taken away from her, and she is not allowed to contact them at all.

She knew she would go too far. Her father appeared to her a while back. He had been dead for a couple of years at the time and she was on her way back from the Casino, and he just appeared in the car, right next to her, looked at her. Never said a word. But it was a warning.

It scared her, but not enough for her to get help or to change what path she was on. And now, here we go again. Alcoholism/Addiction leads to neglect and abuse, leads to more neglect and abuse. And the legacy continues.

People are not alcoholics because they are weak or imperfect. They are alcoholics because they cannot process alcohol without craving it. It's a chemical imbalance that seeks to increase the imbalance of the addict. It destroys their lives, and the lives of their families, their children and their children's children.

This is why there needs to be REAL programs run by REALLY qualified individuals, not political hacks, to help people to recover so that this cycle of abuse will end.

There needs to be parenting classes out there. People need to be required to go to parenting classes so they have an idea on how to deal with issues and events that will come up, and they cannot feel that violence is the solution to any or every frustration, aggravation or disappointment.

Good parenting courses help people feel like they have control over the situation if they have control over their own reaction to it. So many homes have so much violence in them, people think it is ‘normal’, and they don’t know when they are going too far, until there is a crisis or a tragedy. It doesn’t have to come to that. It just doesn’t. And, it shouldn’t.

I don't know all the details of Arliss's life or why she is so different from her twin sister, but I can't help but feel it goes back to her mother, and her mother's mother/father... and on down the line.

Alcohol was the poison the White Man gave to the Indians and now the Indians go find it for themselves, and it costs them any chance at a decent life, family, dignity.

Alcohol is not an excuse, but it is a cause.

I feel bad for those young girls being beaten and terrified by the one person in their life that is supposed to protect them, guide them and who is supposed to stand up for them when others try to put them down. 

I hope it is better for them with their father. But those girls, at that age, no longer have a mother they can turn to.

Her father's ghost sitting right next to her, scared her, but nothing changed.

And now, everything has changed.

The Future resides in the children. If you do not protect them, guide them, educate them, you have no future. The community has no future.

Everything changes.

You know where to find me.



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March 6, 2011 --Printer Version (7)
The Power They Fear

The common theme that has run through the rez, all this time has been the lust for power. The Turdclan bullies used Black Road Medicine to keep themselves out of reach from the consequences of their murders, rapes, drug dealing and general corruption.

Poopsie gave out Eagle Feathers to his 'trusted few' each thinks they are the only one who has one. Each is told to not tell anyone else they have it. The quill is beaded by Turdmother, as she muttered spells under her breath, telling those who heard her that she was praying, or it was 'nothing'. Sometimes she would put a cross to dangle from the beadwork, sometimes, a hawk's feather, and in one case, an eagle's talon. 

All this was her thinking she had the power of magic in her fingertips, and in the spittle that came from her mumblings. But, she never had power.  Except from those who believed she had power. They believed it because they thought they had none, except what she, or her reptilian sons, loaned to them.

The lust for power is strong out there. People who feel powerless, crave power. They give themselves over to those who claim power. In so doing, they surrender their own power, never realizing what they have lost, save that they know, only from that empty feeling inside them, that they have lost something.

And as they pray to those feathers, each time, something more is taken from them. They feel robbed, but they continue to surrender, and the cycle of power lusting continues.

For those who wonder and who wish for power, I can only tell you this: Those who truly have it, as a Gift from The Creator, cannot be bought nor sold, nor will they sell any part of what is part of them.

Power is useful the way electricity is useful. If there is a lamp, you have light and by that you can see your path more clearly and travel more surely, with purpose and knowing. Those who would steal power on the other hand, are those who would stick a fork into the outlet, thinking they can master that, despite the obvious limitations of them not having nor being the lamp.

Those who light the way, and they are few and far between, have an obligation that is the heaviest load a Human Being can carry-- and carry it they must, or they have no purpose in this world and will perish on an unmarked path.

Those who try to claim that power as their own, will bring to their lives, to their families, only more suffering and loss.  Those who try to sell that which is not theirs, that which comes from the Creator, bring an undoing of themselves, and all that they gained, will crush them.

Those who crave power, fear power. Those who claim power, live in fear.

Old Ways

The Old Ways, where land and Humans understood harmony, balance and respect, brought healing in times of hurt, and visions in times of being lost or hungry.

We are familiar with those who have tampered with the traditional ways. Crow Dog has sold altars to those who lust for power, and each altar has been not only the undoing of the ones who bought it, but also brought sickness and suffering to those who attend the ceremonies held around it.

People used to understand this, and have no dealings with anyone who had tried to take or abuse power. But a lot of things have transpired between the days of old, and a lot of things have been forgotten or lost.

Now, when someone tries to steal power, or pretend power, they gain a following of fools who think they have something great coming to them, when all they have is a slow burn from being too close to those who stick forks into the outlets.

When Contact was made, and the puny Europeans and their pox ridden Churchmen came to this land, they were in awe of the beauty, strength and of the knowing in the people they encountered.

They wanted this power for themselves. They knew they could not conquer the people unless they first stole all their power. So they stole their Pipes, and killed their Dreamers and Visionaries. But the power they were seeking, still eluded them. They stole the land, and destroyed the waters, starved the people, but they could not conquer the people. 

In order to completely take the land, they had to completely destroy the Indians. They stole and they starved, and they herded the People as if they were cattle, from pen to pen. The Buffalo, Brother to Indian People, were slaughtered in mindless waste, for sport of the ignorant.  This broke the hearts of Indian People, but it did not break their spirits. Indians did not go away.

They outlawed ceremonies, made healing illegal. Their churches carried the hate, calling the gifts they could not take for themselves, Evil and Witchcraft.  They took everything of value: Buffalo, language, Spiritual Practices, Visionaries, horses, children and the lands... But still, Indians did not go away.

They broke every Treaty, but still, Indians remained. A reminder that this land, this powerful, beautiful land, does not belong to those who steal it. It belongs to those who care for it. It belongs to the Old Ways.

They tried terrorizing the people, stealing their children, forcing a religion onto and into them, to crowd out their own ways, and leave them lost.  But still, Indians survived. Their children, those who survived and those who returned, came home to families they did not know, and languages they had forgotten.  They brought with them, the fears, behaviors and shame inflicted upon them. They resented being Indians, because they were taught that being Indian was a powerless way to be. They had no idea!

So, now, in order to finish taking everything from everybody, and giving it to just a few, there are poisons in the community, that call to the children and tell them, for this minute, this hour, all the pain will go away... and some children take that poison, but the pain only gets worse.

Some give that poison as a gift to other children, telling them this is the way to belong. But it is only the way to be lost. The children take that poison, alcohol, drugs, and they feel like they belong to the lost.  And we lose Indian Children, eaten up by futility of injustice and corruption, willing to consume the poisons, given to them by other children, thinking that at last, they will belong.

The rites of drugs and violence try to replace the rites of passage of the Old Ways. Courage is not tested, but stupidity is. Silence replaces truth, and Lies, lies, lies... protect those who abuse.

And the Darkness grows. And it continues to grow... but Darkness has a fear. Darkness fears the Light. The spark of courage, of unity, of laughter and of Truth being told, makes the Darkness quake, knowing that it can be banished by just one light. Just One Light will reveal that we are all here, in the same place, and we are all, each of us capable, of bringing a light.

The Darkness fears US.

It fears us realizing how powerful we are when we decide to be our True Self.

Indians are still here. As long as there are Indians, the Land will never be completely lost. The Land and the Waters, The Wind and the Sun, could find Harmony and Healing. There is a chance for this place as long as there are the Original People who were put here to care for it.

Those who tried to steal the power of this amazing place, who killed the Visionaries, Stole the Pipes, Outlawed Ceremonies and Dancing, could not kill the Indians, and the Spirit is alive.

The people are wounded, but they are waking up. Something inside them is waking up. Dreams are coming back. The language is returning. The languages were supposed to be lost forever, but each teacher passed it down to their children, and their children kept it alive, and now it is being taught in the schools, spoken in homes... awakening spirit.

I saw a group on horseback riding alongside the road, next to the safety belt (trees) when I was out there. At first, it was a small group, maybe ten riders. The leader held a pennant that streamed out in the wind. The horses began to canter and the riders moved in a motion, like waves of tall grasses in the winds.  There were more horses and more riders joining in... the spirit was connecting, through the horses, to the land, to the rhythm of what once was... that could never be extinguished.

For that time, that ride, those riders were escaped from the world of futility and nothing making sense into a rhythm of balance, unity, strength.

Each time I think that the suicides, the murders, the addictions and the corruption are winning, I see those riders, and the riders from long ago, who rode with them, and I know the Spirit is still alive.

The battle continues. The only way left for Indians to be defeated is by their own people. They may be wounded, lost from their old ways, addicted and falling down on the cold sidewalks of cities where once were villages or hunting grounds of their Great-Great-Great-Grandfathers... afflicted with all the damage done over generations... but they are still here.

Indians are unbreakable.  They cannot be separated from this land. Even if they don't know their Old Ways, the Old Ways know them.  They are not forgotten and they are not lost. 

The more we realize how much strength there is in Unity, Truth, and Courage, the more we gain, from one another, and from Brothers and Sisters who stand with with us.

The mistake made by those seeking Power was that they were seeking Power. It is their undoing.

The gift in this world is our Mortality. Peace at the end of our road. Power is the Burden of those sent to carry it through this weary world, where it is not understood, and so many try to steal it, corrupt it, disrespect it.

Fear is how we got lost, and Greed is how we are controlled, if we lose our sense of being Human Beings.

There is more to this existence than we will ever know in one lifetime or in a thousand. There is more to this Universe than we can imagine.  All of this is ours to seek and explore and wonder at, if we allow ourselves to survive.

Those who try to make us fear them, do so because they fear our awakening. Once we awaken, Fear has no power over us. They will flee to the shadows, and be routed out, not by angry mobs, but by methodical cleansing of the lands, the waters, and the Spirit of the People.

The Awakening Has Begun

I have seen the shift out there. I have seen it close up, and from far away. Those who used Darkness to cover their crimes, have lost more and more influence and power.

The People standing up, brought in a new Tribal Council. And they will have to stand up to this one, and the next one, until they get leaders who are accountable and not corrupt. It did not get this way overnight and it will not be fixed in just one or two elections. But it is happening.

Poopsie losing his job at the Casino, and being brought down over a drug test that he failed. He had always made a mockery of those tests, and then, one day... he had to take a real one and he was gone from his power seat at the casino.

No one ever dared touch him before, but now, he has been brought down, and he continues to be brought down.

I am still standing by the report of him and his wife being busted for drugs. Until I learn otherwise, I take it as real. And it happened in a most unexpected way.

All those drug busts that he had steered to other Reservations in the past, to clear the way for him and his family to have the business to themselves... all those drug busts began a domino effect.

People talked to get out of trouble. Druggies are not brave, not strong. And when they cannot bully their way out of a situation, they sing like canaries and point to all the others. Eventually, there were no more small fry to point to.

There were too many who told the same stories on Kalum and on other members of Poopsie's little clan.

So, the SWAT Team showed up. I am told they were looking for Kalum and for Desmond Driver. Desmond is married to Poopsie's Daughter, Sky.

And as the SWAT Team headed for Poopsie's house to arrest them, a phone call was made to warn them that SWAT was on the way. There is always a phone call made. Mary Lohnes, aka Mary MacDonald--the same woman whose lies keep Richard LaFuente in prison and keep Poopsie and the real murderers out of prison, was probably the one who made the phone calls.

Like she has done so many times in the past, making that phone call, probably from her cell phone, to warn the murderers whom she has protected... about a bust rolling their way...

So, SWAT arrives and, big surprise, Desmond and Kalum have disappeared. But, Poopsie and the Missus are at home... now, here is the unexpected part: When SWAT arrives, they don't just knock on your door and take your word for it when you tell them the people they are looking for, that they KNOW were just at the residence, are no longer there-- and go quietly away.

Nope, they have warrants and they enter and they look for them---and they look for drugs. Well, they could not find Desmond and Kalum, but they did find drugs, and Poopsie, and the Missus. 

You know, it would have been better for them if Mary, or whoever, had not made that call to warn them. It would have been better when they got that warning call, if they had not answered it and let Kalum and Desmond get away. SWAT would have just taken them, and that would have been it.

But that phone call made them have to look for them, and anything else they could find.

I know the cops know about those warning calls. I wonder if they were really after Kalum and Desmond, or if they wanted to have an excuse to go through that place, overturn it, find the drugs. I just wonder. Coyote was laughing, so who knows?

Phony Medicine Men are abandoning their Altars, throwing their Pipes into the Lake, hoping to escape the thing they know is coming. Pretending they are humble men, as their children continue to sicken and to die, taking with them the children of those who protected them.

Those who thought the consequences of running with, protecting, marrying into the clan of murderers would not come back on them, sense the earth shifting under their homes, and cast a wary eye upon the innocent children they brought into this mess with them. They know what is coming, even though they pretend not to. They are Indians, and they know. They have always known.

Now, Turdmother complains that the power has been diluted by Poopsie using it all up, and giving away those feathers. Her beads spill from her lap, and needles hide in carpeting and furniture, as if intentionally sticking her. Those silly feathers, held in the sweating hands of fearful men, offering prayers for their own protection, as the darkness flees the light of the coming dawn.

The People are Waking Up.

You know where to find me.



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March 1, 2011 Printer Version (3)
Oopsie Poopsie!

Hot off the press from a reliable source: Another drug sweep went down, and this time Poopsie & his greasy looking wife got busted. They turned him loose, not sure if he threw bail or talked his way out of it, but they kept her.

Let me guess: He's going to feign surprise and shame that she let him down? Does she not realize his close ties to FBI? His reputation as a Law Enforcement Officer? Oh wait, ... wrong. That is what said to his daughter, Angela, as he popped her across the mouth, splitter her lip, when she had tried to file a complaint in Fargo with Social Services (Bruce Hart), about Poopsie raping her for years and years. She was 14 at the time... Dennis Fisher (is he still in prison for shop-lifting, assault, resisting, tampering with evidence) who was supposed to be the Assistant USAG at the time, had run to the Social Worker's office, demanded she be released back into Poopsie's custody, based on his account that he had 'found grass in her purse' (she didn't own a purse, btw) and he was angry because he was a cop... Judge Benson (may he rot in Hell) also put pressure on to release her back into his custody-- which is what happened.

They all pretended to not know Poopsie was the main drug dealer on the rez, dealing out of the back of his cop car (Bigger trunk, no questions asked of a Badger), and that what was common knowledge back then was that he was raping his daughters, and just about anything else, male or female, with a heartbeat. (Heartbeat was optional, I learned later).  Oh, if you wonder how that all turned out, take a look at Kalum, Angie's son by her daddy.

So, did he feign outrage at his wife being arrested? We'll see. I mean, this is a guy who has gotten away with several murders. Skating out of a pill arrest should be a piece of cake for him. Right?

We'll see.

I mean, he lost his job at the casino due to his drugs, and now... this? Hmmmmmm....

Bet he wishes he had not laughed, all those years ago, when he was warned that his fall would be-- blogged.

So, this leaves the rest of the family, all of them, driving around in their fancy trucks and cars, looking for a new pill dealer. Don't worry, they still have their meth dealer--Kalum.

If they have mandatory DNA for anyone arrested out there, that family alone, could tie the system in knots just with their inbreeding genetically stunted family trees.


Not many people made it to the meeting. Part of the idea of having the meetings during the work week instead of after hours or on the weekends. Can't be asking our overworked Tribal Councilors to work on the weekends, now can we?

They are saying that the letter from the Department of Interior meant that because there was no reliable or accurate Voter Registration for the Tribe, no one knows how many people are eligible to vote on the rez. Therefore, none of the resolutions put through or voted on are legit, including the 2-yr terms, because no one can say for sure, what percentage of eligible voters voted.

Imagine that? The Voter Registration is a mess out there. Surprised? I wonder how many of the discarded ballots would have made a difference?

Demand an accurate Voter Registration from your Tribal Council. They just gave themselves $25K bonuses each... they can afford to hire staff to get the voter registration straightened out.

Oh, and they don't want anyone spreading rumors about St. Michael's going to flood this spring. So, if it floods, everyone act surprised, ok?


Richard Yankton is considering running. So I am told. I think he tried that once before. Let me know what you think of him. Hey Richard! You want to post your Election Statement? Send it to me. All of you, I will post them on their own page.

I hear Weenie Boy is making noises that he wants to run also. I find that laughable. He'll be caught up in the next drug sweep. His brothers will probably get busted, again, because I can't really see them changing their ways.

Still being told that NLO will not run... we'll see.


I find it ironic that Poopsie, who so often is the finger pointer on these pill busts, getting himself tangled up in one of them. Could it be that he is losing influence? Someone forget to give him the heads up?

Here's thing: He will rat out everyone, on everything-- including FBI Agents who have been complicit in his criminal enterprises. So, if you don't cut him loose, he will cut loose.

Maybe him being busted was accidental? Maybe they will concoct a story on how he was the Confidential Informant? Maybe he will get an award?

Either that, or FBI Agents in Grand Forks and beyond are shredding files and taking early retirement as you read this.


Poopsie's Black Road Medicine Man drops dead. Suddenly, about 2 years ago. He tries to use a fake Medicine Man (bought his altar from Crow Dog so is all Black Road) (and the guy is not even Indian--Richard Street), QBall kills his nephew, Willy Boy, and their brother Scott; Poopsie fails a drug test, loses his job at the casino, is not even allowed in the casino. His wife fails her drug test, loses her job. Now-- this.

Wait, did this happen on Monday night? On Steak Night? Did he get caught buying pills because he could not get into the all you can shove in your face Steak Night at the Casino?

Let's see if it comes out in the newspapers. Keep me posted.

Remember: Voting is important. Hold everyone accountable. Things are shifting. Be a part of it.

You know where to find me.


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