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Ronin's own Website The most basic money laundering/ponzi scam rivaling Maddoff

New Link: Free Peltier Now Worth a read


Write to me if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, information you want me to have or a correction to any information you see here.  I respond to all emails.  CAT  NOTE: I reserve the right to NOT respond to whack jobs that waste my time.

Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case.  Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.


NOTE: New feature for the site will be an overview of cases of murdered and missing in Indian Country.  If you have a case that you want posted, contact me and I will tell you what I need to be able to post. -Cat

Please read up and follow the "Bring Paula Home" story and help a woman who has dedicated herself to helping Indian People survive and prevent Diabetes. Links on that page take you to her site. Special thanks to my friend, Denis Campbell Updated:Nov 1, 2009

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February 28, 2011 UPDATE Printer Version (1)

I received an email saying that the Tribal Council is having a General Meeting tomorrow in order to discuss Upcoming Elections. I have no idea where or what time and it is not posted on their website. Then again, the only website that has been a priority for them, has been mine, so that is not a surprise.

You will have to contact your Tribal Council to find out if when and where this meeting is going to happen. If it does happen, you need--in the opinion of that writer-- to bring that letter from the Department of Interior with you and ask NLO WHY she never abided by the 2 yr term rules, why she never honored the legitimate petitions recalling her (now felon son) and recalling her. She has held her office illegally for the past 3 years, or longer.

I have heard that she is not going to run for Tribal Council again. However, she can make more money sitting back and collecting from the positions she holds in Ronin and other businesses and organizations that were illegally bought with Tribal Funds.

I hear that Walking Eagle is saying he is going to run. I doubt that he will live long enough to fill his term and that would put the tribe in the position of having either a special election or just appointing one of his kids as his replacement. Supposedly, he has quit drinking. Big whoop. <snark>. He too, has benefited from the illegal transactions in businesses such as Ronin that have illegally used Tribal Funds to fatten him and his friends up.

If this meeting is held, please take notes and let me know what was discussed so I can share with the rest of the class.  Your Tribal Council still fails to accommodate those who work, or who cannot make it to the meetings, and they do not post their minutes or even publish them so that others will actually know what is going on.

This concludes the UPDATE.

February 28, 2011
She Got In The Way Of His Knife --Printer Version (3)

Back in August of last year I got a bit of info from the rez:Attempted Murder, Swat Team, etc where a BIA Cop tried to stab his wife to death, then fled, eluding police, back to Turtle Mountain, where he had a stand off with the Swat Team.

Guess what? The guy got less than a slap on the wrist. The courts, who favor cops over people they try to murder, decided that if he completes a few hours of anger management, he will have the charges removed from his record.

According to AP:

BIA Officer Might Have Assault Charge Dropped
A Bureau of Indian Affairs police officer accused of cutting his wife with a knife in Devils Lake will have an aggravated assault charge dropped if he completes a domestic violence program.
By: Associated Press,

DEVILS LAKE, N. D. (AP) — A Bureau of Indian Affairs police officer accused of cutting his wife with a knife in Devils Lake will have an aggravated assault charge dropped if he completes a domestic violence program.

Forty-one-year-old Duane Gunville had been scheduled for trial Thursday. Ramsey County State's Attorney Lonnie Olson tells KZZY radio that he and the defense attorney agreed to defer prosecution.

Olson says Gunville's wife changed her story and said Gunville did not attack her. He says the woman said Gunville was going to attempt suicide and she got cut when she tried to take the knife away last August.

So, it looks like it was HER fault for getting in the way of the knife as he was making stabbing motions.

Yeah, poor guy. <snark>

I think anyone that has ever had to break up a fight between very young siblings, where one bit the other, has heard the excuse: "Her arm was passing by just as my mouth was closing...3 times."

Any court that buys into this plea is a joke.

I can understand a six-year old trying it, but I cannot understand a Court buying it.

Remember: Her wounds were defensive. He was stabbing her repeatedly, ran from the cops, and had to be taken down by the SWAT Team. How is this NOT a case of assault with intention to kill? Are North Dakota Courts that backwards?

Of course she changed her story. It is what happens when battered women, addicts, alcoholics, have no community support system, nowhere to go. They change their story. Big surprise.

Anyone else got into a rage, stab 'repeatedly' flee from police and have to be taken down by the SWAT Team would be in prison. Period.

But now, it's 'her fault' for getting in the way of his knife? Or: 'her fault' for changing her story because she has nothing else she can do? Wow. Wow. Wow.

Let me guess: He's still a cop? Still have a badge and a gun? Somebody, tell me! Please!

If you cannot and will not protect the children from rapists, drug dealers and abusers; and you will not protect battered women, exactly what are you expecting from the children who grow up and witness this kind of crap? They live in a community where this happens all the time. It's compounding the generational PTSD that affects everyone out there. Government endorsed/enforced abuses destroy cultural ties and make healing impossible.

Keeping the people in a constant state of surreal abuse, especially with the courts even considering such pleas puts every single person in that community at risk on several levels.  So much for the courts even pretending to care about Justice or protecting the innocent. 

Now, everyone that does not live on the rez, ask yourself what your community, your neighborhood would be like if you had to live with the courts presenting such wild ass arguments in order to keep a bully out of jail?  Would you feel 'safe'?

Is it any wonder that Indians don't feel they will be treated fairly? They don't talk to Law Enforcement? They don't turn to the courts for Justice? There hasn't been any Justice. At least not yet. We are all still waiting. This was just a 'taste'.

I have seen the worst Judicial rulings come down where Indians are concerned. The most bizarre trials, rulings and verdicts. It is not the same Democracy we all think we have.  It is designed to dismantle the very fabric of community. Time to take a closer look at the rulings that affect Indian Country and ask yourself if you think they in any way, are Just.  Ask yourself that if it was concerning you, how would you feel about the police, the courts and the system in general?

I think you'd be outraged if it happened once. Imagine if it happened all the time, every time? So, where would you go with that outrage? How would you cope? What would you teach your children? How would they feel about themselves? Their community? The whole system?

Oh, and ‘stay out of the way of knives’ that might be held by someone who has no intention of hurting you, but who will stab you, repeatedly, by ‘mistake’. Honest mistake. Really. Just ask the Jug head Judge that is considering this, for real.

You Know where to find me.


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February 22, 2011 -- Printer Version (5)
Couldn't Do It Without You

Ahh... let's review the last blog. I went after the Redfox family pretty hard. Yes, they do vote in a block, Tokio District, but they don't get much out of it. I am told that they are among the nicest people out there, just a lot of drinking problems. I'm sure that whomever buys them the booze, or hauls them to the polling place, gets their votes.

They don't work, for the most part.

So, that makes them, what? Bad people? No. In fact, very few people out there can be called 'bad people'.  They are people who are the result of all the damage done, to their family, their culture, for generations by systematic abuses endorsed and enforced by the Federal Government. 

People turn to alcohol and addictions early on because, for most, that is all there is out there. It is their only vacation from otherwise unbearable circumstances. It makes the circumstances even more desperate, but it is that vicious cycle that must be broken.

I got the Redfoxes mixed up with the Foxes. Susie Fox, NLO's secretary/Administrative Assistant was the one who, in the last election, was one of the people tampering with the votes and disallowing eligible voters.

I hope the Redfoxes, who are a big family, will, regardless of who tries to buy them, take a good look at that one moment of effect they can have for their district and for the tribe, and vote for the best person. It's asking a lot of people who have so little, but it is important. 

They too, have children and grandchildren who need a better future. Voting can't be a joke or a party, it has to be something they do, for their grandchildren.

Imperfection R Us

I make mistakes in this blog. Sometimes big ones. This is why I need YOUR voices. I sometimes hear from people I never heard from before, only after I make a flub. Mixed blessing.

The same writer tells me that Carl WalkingEgo is sober now. Has been dry for about 3 months. I have my doubts. I suspect he has taken a break between binges. He has not stopped robbing the tribe, embezzling, so if he has dried up, good. He'll be sober when he goes to prison.

I am also told that NLO is not going to run again. However, she is going to retain her connections to Ronin, which is where most of the Tribe's money has been side streamed for the past 6 years or so.  Ronin also controls the Casino for the past few years or longer. I doubt that she will suffer much. She also has set herself up for a huge payout at the end of her term. Not legally, mind you, but she'll take it none the less.

Justin Yankton will probably run for Tribal Chair. Given the field out there, he is probably the best the tribe can do at this point. Keep an eye on him. He is capable of doing good work, but he has also succumbed to the lure of money and power to a degree and it is a mixed bag with him. But, I think he has a conscience. And, if you keep on him, he will, in my opinion, do the best job.

There may be a few others who might run or who are thinking of it. To me, these things need to be planned out and worked on at least a year in advance. All this last minute:"Hi! Here I AM! Vote For ME!" is unrealistic. 

One would think, the Rez being what it is, everyone would know everyone out there by now and all it would take is someone raising their hands and saying, "I'll do it," and people will already know all they need to know about that person.

But, from what I have seen, so many decades of people feuding, gossip being the only network out there (and they never retract gossip), people are suspicious of each other, do not know each other and are fragmented. Which is how, for so long, the corrupt have stayed in power. Both in Tribal Council and in the very cogs and works that are supposed to run the place.

The biggest, hardest step for anyone to take out there is to get to know the truth. To not be afraid of the Truth. To be willing to hear it, and know it is right--even if it means that whatever they have believed about this or that person all this time, has been wrong.

People cannot be afraid to be wrong. We are all wrong at least once a day. It's not that big a deal. You make a mistake, you own it. Move on. It's the cover-up that makes it all stink worse and get bigger.

Imagine how much easier it would be for your kids to admit their mistakes and learn from them if they see that you also make mistakes, and own up to it and move on.

So much time is wasted with people afraid to make a mistake or to own up to any imperfection, out there. They lie in wait for the next person to make an error and then jump all over them, finger pointing, shouting, jumping up and down.. as if somehow, that mistake makes them either a bad person or weaker or 'defective'. What a waste of Good Indian Learning!

Mistakes are embarrassing. I know. I have made my share. Those of you who follow the blog have had a laugh or two as I get set back on track. But I am still here. Mistakes don't end you if you own them. If you own them, they don't own you.

But, if you expect perfection of others, you expect it of yourself. And that creates a level of social tension that cannot help anyone, especially you.

I gave up on perfection as soon as I realized my bowed legs were not going to look good in short skirts. Ever.

I had a friend say something to me, decades ago, that made a difference. "I just realized how you can get so much done in your life!," she said to me. "You are not afraid to make a mistake."

I had never, up until that point, realized there was a fear of making mistakes out there. But now, I see how that holds back individuals and the communities they live in. My awareness of my being unafraid to make mistakes, from that point forward, was my secret superpower.

There is no way a hero is going to emerge and save the tribe. This is a long process, not a cartoon, comic book. You will not get perfect candidates, and mostly you will not get really good ones. But what you will get are people who want to help and who need to be supported in what they are doing and held accountable when they go off the track.

Nothing will get better if we all hold out for "Perfect". Trust me, I know from "Perfect".

Noises From The Past

Skip Longie is making noises that he will again run. Were there not enough scandals last time? Let's hope he stays out of it. His ties to the fake M'dwauken papers which have cheated the real M'dwauken out of their birthright, is despicable. He has some sort of money laundering connection with Mystic Lake. All those 'Million dollar loans/grants" that came from Mystic Lake? Ever wonder WHERE that money came from? Let's just say, it all goes 'round and 'round.

He gets in again, forget any progress that has been gained.

What Has Improved

It may not seem like it, but things with this Tribal Council are, incrementally, improved over the previous. For one, the meetings are scheduled and posted. Remember when NLO would change the meetings times, dates, places sometimes 3x a day? And it was always last minute. You had to chase down the elusive magic meeting spot.

That is a big difference. It actually allows you to get in and hear and be heard.

I see they have made a big deal of how they put in a computerized accounting system -- that covers the paychecks.  The cash count is still a bit of magic hat out there. Computerized systems are only as good as the data input into them. Garbage in, Garbage out. "GIGO" as it is called.

BUT, it is a step in the right direction. Before, it was always up to the never-sober Secretary/Treasurer who did not keep records in any manner that could be tracked or audited. At least now, some of it can be tracked and audited.

The meetings are also held in places where there is room for all who want to attend. Remember how they used to slam the doors shut and not let people in? They don't do that anymore.

Now, if they would just hold the meetings in a way where they could allow those who have jobs to attend the meetings... they could give time off from SMC for that if they wanted. Also, they should post the topics at least 2 weeks in advance so that anyone that wants to enter a letter or documents, whether they can attend or not, can do so.

It's not perfect, but it is, because so many of you are getting involved, way better in some ways and a little better in other ways.  A lot of work still needs to be done. It needs to be done by everyone. Those who are elected need to be diligent and do their best. Those who vote for them need to keep on them and keep track and hold them accountable.

This can be done in a civil and peaceful way. There is no need to ever threaten or intimidate anyone--unless you know you are dead wrong. In which case, that is your problem.

The more people on the rez treat each other with respect, the more they will have respect. Practice voicing your opinions with respect and see how it changes out there. Respect is a powerful thing. It makes people stronger.

You cannot do it alone. You need each other.

I cannot do this blog on my own, I need all of you.

There are no advertisements on this blog. I get no money for it. Nor would I accept any. I pay for the domain and the hosting. I am only the messenger. If you want to improve the accuracy of the message or the direction of it, do what so many have already done... write to me. This is your voice. I cannot do it without you.

We know I am not perfect. I do not expect you to be perfect. WE are, together, imperfectly, moving forward. It is getting better. Not fast enough, not good enough, not really enough... but never quit.

You know where to find me.


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Notice: See Documents Page for Cobell Ruling Information. Contact them to inquire about filing for your share of the settlement: 1-800 961-6109 or go to their website:

February 21, 2011  Printer Version (4)
Criminals In Tribal Council

Back in 2007, y'all passed around and signed a petition to oust Zit Puppet.  And another one to oust NLO. Both were dismissed by NLO, with an assist from Vern Lambert, who, faking legal expertise, used a math formula that was pure nonsense, to calculate that you did not have the gazillion signatures required. Turns out you had enough. More than enough.

Also, NLO decided to claim a 4-year term despite the Elders and others saying it was only 2 years. Turns out her claiming a 4-year term was also–illegal.  She tried to stall it and get the Department of Interior to certify the election TWO YEARS LATER.  On the Documents Page I put a link to the letter she received in response to that attempt. It laughs at her and they refused to certify the election.

The whole Tribal Council knows about that letter, and they all kept quiet. They should have had her removed immediately, and her son as well, but they did not. Later of course, Zit Puppet, after countless arrests for drunk driving and assorted offenses, many involving minors, was sent to prison.  He then got an early release and returned to the stage at the General Assemblies and was paid for his 'consultation' work for the tribe. You also paid for all his legal bills, court costs. He was again sent to prison this last week, for about 7 years for again, drunk driving, driving under suspension-- the usual. (Surprise!).

None of those costs should have been charged to the tribe. Essentially, he and his mommy, robbed you. And, as she has illegally held her seat for more than 4 years now, having been legally recalled by petition and illegally dismissing that petition, all her salary, expenses and benefits were, in essence, stolen from the tribe.

All of the Tribal Council who served more than 2 years, are also in there illegally. They are all complicit in her crimes and guilty of their own.

Now, I hear that she is running again, and so is her pal, Carl. Or Carl is installing one of his sons to take over the dynasty.  You cannot tolerate this. You MUST find someone of good character to run for those seats and you must support and vote for those persons.

Read the letters and you will understand.

Oh yes, Russell McDonald, who has been robbing the tribe blind and mucking up every program he was put in charge of, is also planning to run for Tribal Council. Turdclan will completely support him. They need a McDonald in there, regardless of how incompetent or corrupt, simply because it was the McDonald Family, Demus and Tony, who conspired with Poopsie and Weenie Boy and Q-Ball, to use a then very young Mary (Tony's Daughter, Demus's niece, Russell's sister) to lie about being involved with one of wrongfully accused and for claiming that he confessed to her. (Richard is still in Prison, Mary. Let me know when you are ready to tell the truth. It's only been 25 or so years. Say, how has YOUR life been in the meantime? Good?)

With Pete Belgarde in place as one of the Tribal Court Judges (he too, conspired both in setting up Eddie's murder, and in covering up for the crime), the Tribal Police about as comically inept and corrupt as possible (Ray Cavenaugh is now the Chief of Police. Yeah, I hear about him all the time, too), The Turdclan needs to be sure they have at least 2 people in Tribal Council that can thwart any attempt by any other Tribal Council members to open an investigation into Eddie Peltier's murder, and the crimes that were committed in covering it up.

I am told that it comes down to whomever the Redfox family supports. In the past, they have used that large family voting block to elect those who will give them key positions, high pay. They vote, as a block, not for the good of the tribe, but to increase their own family wealth and power.

Maybe this time they will decide to vote for what is best for the tribe? I mean, isn't that what Real Indians are supposed to do? Or are they not Indians? Let me know.

Head Start Catching On

I understand that Porky Cloud has not yet been arrested for assault. She punched the Head Start Administrator in the face because her daughter (Porky's) was being fired for essentially, not showing up and not doing her job and breaking all the rules. Porky is NLO's sister, and therefore, it is the niece that is being fired or whatever they are doing with her.

The past Eight Years in the Head Start Program has seen 8 different Administrators come and go.  There is a little group of trouble makers that always manage to make the situation unbearable or unworkable. They don't do their jobs, and in fact, I suspect the cook has been, from what I can see, taking the money that was supposed to go for hot meals for the kids and pocketing it or spending it on pills. The kids are given some slapped together sandwiches and told to shut up.

When the Administrator catches on, then the cook and her pals start up a petition to have that administrator removed.  Anyone that tries to fire anyone for not doing their job, ends up being sabotaged by the same batch of clowns, and the cycle just keeps on spinning--with the kids not getting the benefit of any of the program that they are supposed to.

The current administrator has a degree, but no management experience. I guess they thought she would be a pushover on this job. Apparently, not so. She has started writing up and terminating the slackers. Enter Porky Cloud with a fist to punch her out.

Still, she is not gone. She got the job by "moving into it". The job was not posted. It seldom is. She was 'Acting Administrator' and then, when the other one got fired (see tactics listed above) she was placed into the spot.

Now, by placing her in there, not advertising the position, NLO thought she had it made. They could say that the program was headed by someone with a degree and they could qualify for the funds. No one ever came to check out how the funds were being spent, so there was no worry they ever would. Just needed to look right on paper.

It also makes the current Administrator on thin ice and easier to get rid of the minute NLO thinks no one is looking. She can be dismissed as only 'temporary'. Or, they can advertise the position and fill it with anyone they want, just to move her out. It would all appear "Legal".  Nothing would change except that it would only get worse, and the kids would be eating cold sandwiches-- if they were lucky.

Here's the thing: Consistency is important for any program to run efficiently. This is for the children. This is their first foray into the system. Is this where they will get a taste of the corruption? Or will they have someone fighting for them?

Oh yeah, I hear the cook deeked out and was MIA when the last drug test came around. I wonder if she was hiding out at Wanda White-Trottier's office? Do they buy their pharma from the same sources? Yes? No? So, the cook skipped by on that one.

Also, I hear that the bus drivers were at first strutting down the hallways laughing at the fact that they made the blog for their ability to abuse the system, do what they want and not have to follow any rules... and now one of them is gone.  I am hearing that the second one is saying he will come back but he will only drive the bus, not clean it. Nothing else. He will be paid for 8 hours even though he only works, four hours, tops.  We'll see.

Funny how all those smirky types lose it when people actually stand up for what is right.

I am surprised that so many are still so smirky out there. I guess they don't believe you can or will stand up. Are they right? Let me know.

By the way, those little kids eating cold sandwiches and being ignored by their teacher (who has her lunch with the cook for some reason), those little guys are the future of that tribe. You might want to see to it that they are treated with a little more respect. They have a big mess to clean up or become a part of when they are older. That part, my friends, is up to you all.

You know where to find me,



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February 15, 2011 --Printer Version (5)
So Many Men, So Little Time

I got this little gem on Valentine's Day:

Guess who made the Big Time? Or should I say, "The Big House"? Zit Puppet is now cooling his helium heels in prison with his 6th DUI in 7 years and his 5th Driving Under Suspension.

Of course we know that the number of times he has driven drunk in the past 7 years, is everyday, minus the brief time he spent in jail up until last year.

His brother,  the cop, Terry Morgan, regardless of how reckless he was, how drunk he was always pulled him out of trouble. Imagine, having your mother as the Tribal Chairwoman and your brother as the cop. No one ever bothered to call anyone but the brother. Not like any of the cops ever would have arrested him.

That's the beauty of having a corrupt system: The judges have no clue about any laws, the cops are lazy, untrained, cowardly and won't arrest anyone related to anyone politically connected.  Of course, they will beat the crap out of anyone else, but other than that, the uniform is a waste of thread.

Terry Morgan comes from a long line of corruption. It's in his blood. His mother, Naked Lawn Ornament, conceived all her babies while being drunk and naked at parties with Turdclan.

Terry protected his brother from the consequences of his drinking and driving on the rez, but he did not protect the rez from Zit Puppet's drinking and driving. No one ever took away the keys. No one ever did their job.

So, now, it's back to prison, this time for about 7 years. We'll see.

Comes at a bad time for Mommie and her pals. He was their campaign manager. Now he's in prison. Who will run their campaigns now? Who will bribe? Who will bring the beer? How will NLO and whomever Carl WalkingEgo plants in his spot, ever manage their campaigns?  Will they actually have to talk to people? Angry people?

You do know that NLO is illegally in her position as it is now, don't you? She knows it. I wonder why she has not shared that letter from the department of the interior. The one that said she used false numbers to defeat the recall petitions of both her and of her son? She was, after all, despite the pseudo-legaleze salad spouted by Vern Lambert in support of her wacky math, legally recalled and should have stepped down immediately.

But, there she sits. Still stealing the money. Still keeping her drunken sons, in jobs they are not qualified for.

It's not harmless. Corruption hurts people. People get killed. People get murdered. Nothing gets investigated.

And anyone that parties with or marries into the Turdclan, well, sorry kids, you are fair game. You think you can lie down with Turds and pretend there is no stink on you? Wrong.

So, don't write to me and tell me how effing hard your life is and how unfair I am being because you only benefit from the corruption indirectly. 

You know who they are. You know what they are. If you tie up with them, then we all know what you are.

And those who prosper because of political favors? You have been a cancer on the Tribe for decades. I have a list of names of those individuals. But you already know who they are.

So, while Zit Puppet is enjoying the All Male Follies at the Big House (and probably wishing he could spend the rest of his life there) I want all of you to be grateful he did not run down your child.

And, while you are at it, start phoning in and reporting the drunk and/or impaired drivers on the rez.  Y'all have little ones out there. Y'all have teenage nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters... the cops won't do anything to save them if you don't start holding them accountable.

It should be easy now, Zit Puppet is put away. His brother only has all the other members of his family to cover for.

And when it does happen, and it will, that one of them runs over, maims or kills someone you love, just know that had the tribe come together sooner, started talking to each other sooner, started insisting on an end to corruption sooner--and worked towards it, you might not be making that trip to the graveyard. You might not be planning a funeral instead of a graduation or wedding or birthday.

Side Note:

This blog is in no way perfect. I don't pretend to be. But until the Good People of Spirit Lake Nation have a place where they can air their grievances and be heard, this is it.

Until there is a fair court system to address those grievances, this is it.

Until there are cops out there that are ethical, trained, able and willing to do the job... this is it.

You know there are drug dealers operating right across the street from the cops. Nothing is done.

You know there are rapes which are never investigated.  Assaults that are laughed at. Molestation that goes on without any rescue of the children. Everyone knows it is going on.

The first line of protection should be the police.

Until you have that, all you have is this blog.

You want good news? Send it.

But do not complain to me that this is not good enough. It's all you've got.

Do not complain to me that I am causing all the suffering out there. I am not. The suffering began long before I was born and it won't stop if no one is willing or able to talk about it and find a way to deal with it.

Until the elections are fair, laws are enforced and the people can feel safe in their homes, or know that a real cop will show up when they need them... until them, this is really all you have.

There has always been complaining, jealousy and lying. There have always been people trying to knock anyone down that tries to improve their own life or the lives of others. None of that changes anything if the people who want to make change have nowhere to go to speak out.

A lot of what is wrong out there is wrong. A lot of what appears to be wrong is misunderstood and until it is spoken aloud, printed if you will, and sees the light of day, it cannot be discussed, remedied or debunked. 

Most of you have only one version of twenty available out there, of any particular event. I post what I get and you can all discuss the same information. If it is wrong, we get that sorted out.

But most of what I get is from people who really care, but who have nowhere to go with their documents, what they know is going on, or secrets that have been eating them alive, except to this blog. 

That is how you all learned about Ronin, about the Tribal Council paying Russell McDonald Grant Fees on top of his salary, even though the Grants he wrote were all wrong, late and never garnered a dime for the tribe.

That and so much more.

For 10 years or more, you have been coming here because there is nowhere else for you to go.

We do our best. Occasionally, we get had. Up to you to make this what you want it to be.

If it goes away, what will you have? Who will listen to you? How will you know? How long will it take?

I remember the first 7 years of this blog and Poopsie and even Zit Puppet, among others, saying that they were going to shut it down. They even gave dates. "In a week, a day,..." But they can't shut it down.

No one says that anymore. They know they can't shut it down. It is your voice. It is not perfect, but it is all you have.

You need more. You need government that is not corrupt, courts that are Just, police that are men and women of integrity.  You need schools that are safe and educational for your children. You need people running the jobs, the clinic, the Fire Department... that you can rely on to work for the community, not for the joke of being paid for being crooked, stoned, drunk, or so fulla pills they can't see straight, talk straight.

You'll know when you have made real progress out there, not only because your homes will be repaired, your food better, schools better, jobs better... but because you will have a Tribal Council that demands the Justice Department opens an investigation into the Murder of Eddie Peltier, and the Investigation that followed. They will insist, and it will happen, and the Truth will come out… about everything: all the murders, all the rapes, all the incest and the corruption. All the money will be revealed. The thieves will be made to answer.  The Federal Government will have to investigate the role of the FBI in it's keeping the corruption in place on the reservations, throughout Indian Country, for all this time.

Eddie's Spirit can rest. Your children will be safe. Life will change for the better.

And Until Then...

Don't pester the Elders. They only know what they were told in ceremony. They have never met me.

Anyone that wants to know if Cat West is my real name: Ask Poopsie. He knows. Ask Bentley, he knows. Ask Chuckles and Mary Wide Legs... they know. I met Carl WalkingEgo's nephew when I was out there. I can't remember his name. Weenie Boy knows who I am. He tried to stare me down at Bingo, but quickly turned away. They know who I am. They were warned that I was coming. They laughed when they saw me. And now, I am the narrator of their downfall.

Anyone that tries to hurt anyone out there thinking they are me, is just looking for an excuse to use violence on someone they can't beat intellectually.  I hear there are smart people out there, both men and women, who have been accused of being me. Pathetic. Childish. Stupid. You've seen my picture. That is me. You know who to ask.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to hear from some of the bravest, most decent people I could ever hope to meet. People who have, at great risk, given me information.  Important information.

So anyone that is whining and complaining out there, that they don't like this or that, think about it: what have you done to make it better? What secrets do you hold that keep the corrupt in power? Whom are your really angry at? I guarantee you, it's not me.

I'm just the messenger.

You know where to find me.


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February 10, 2011 Update  --Printer Version (4)
Marcella Strikes Again

Apparently, I am the source of ALL the suffering out there on the rez. Just ask Marcella:

On Feb 10, 2011, at 2:10 PM, marcella knutson wrote:

Cat I had a lot of people come talk to me about the posting, Most said I have more guts then you at least I am willing to let people know who I am and not hide behind a blog. They asked me if I knew how you were, no I don’t but like I told them you never have anything nice to say about anybody or thing, and all the stuff you print or talk about is always down grading never anything positive that happens or anything positive about anybody. So you don’t think parents or people should let there children work, she was going to graduate that may I see nothing wrong with kids the age of 14 getting a job that help them learn responsibility kids can work in DL at age 14. As far as terry and my daughter it is what it is and I’m happy for her or them. I would really like to know who skye is and see those pictures she has or is skye someone like you a lie spreader nothing better to do, maybe unhappy with your life so try and make everyone else life miserable.
And another thing 2 of the people as I told you before were my uncle and cousin. What get me is that we know they were railroaded on the murder, but they did not seem to learn for the experience they went through because out of all those boys maybe 2 or 3 have changed there life style, still always drinking all the time,making babies they don’t take care, don’t work cause they would rather drink. I know what happen to them is wrong and that the people who did do it be punished, cause people do know who is responsible for the murder, but by the way you are doing thing nobody would want to talk to you, only when they want their lies spread. (sorry but that is the way it is) 

My Response

I'm not 'hiding behind my blog'. I have given my real name. 

You forget that I went to bat for you and your sister when you were being floated off the rez.  I know. Not good enough for ya. 

There are bigger issues out there than your jerk of a son-in-law who you know is corrupt.  I have posted what people send me. If you don't see any uplifting or good news about anyone it is because you don't send it to me. Blame yourself. 

Getting a job at 14 or 15 is fine. But the Casino, or a Bar is not the place for underage children to work. If you can't see that, your problem.

Plenty of people talk to me. Those who don't and then want to blame me because they don't see their side in here are too stupid to discuss. I can't fix stupid. 

The reason the murderers get away with all of this is because of the overall situation out there. It is multi-generational PTSD from systematic government and Church abuse. 

You blaming those who have not 'recovered' after being further abused and tortured by the same system by being falsely accused and being threatened, tortured and imprisoned for a murder they did not commit is you not being able to see outside of your tiny little world. 

You appreciate nothing that has been done for you.
You complain about the message and do nothing to change it or make it more positive. 

You, unfortunately, are just a whiner. One of many. You do nothing to make it better, and stand up only for the corrupt in your own family. Epitome of the vicious cycle. 

Let me guess: The people that came by singing your praises: Related to Myra? 

You can go away now. I'm done with you. 

If you want to see 'good news' in the blog, send it. Or shut the fuck up. 


For the record I have a lot of people giving me information. Skye never contacted me. I got pictures off of her Bebo site. This is the picture Marcella was complaining about: randall

I had not looked at this picture in years. I had mistakenly remembered it as a picture of Terry Morgan. I told her that. Apparently, she did not get it. Or can't process information all that well.

I told her that I had ripped it from Skye's Bebo account and she twisted that into Skye being my source and spreading lies.  How does one even begin to have a discussion with someone that far out of range?

BTW: This picture has been on the Thistles pages for years.

People like Marcella, who live in these tiny, wadded up little worlds, who do nothing to make it better for anyone, complain loudly only when it affects someone in their personal world, even if that person is someone they know is abusive, corrupt, and scream loudly to defend them--- just makes me wonder about the priorities they have warped into.

Notice how she attacks the people who were the most affected, destroyed by the whole frame up and says not a word about those who committed the murders? Notice how she holds me accountable for the suffering out there, but not a word about those who are actually in control and in power?  I guess having a member of the Turdclan for a son-in-law gives one a whole different perspective on what is really wrong out there.

I'm done with her. Those who support her point of view, go for it. Those who only want to complain and do nothing about it-- You know where to find Marcella.

Those who want to make a difference out there and those who want to see more positive news, information about the place--

You know where to find me.



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February 10, 2011 --Printer Version (4)
Do The Math

I received an email from Marcella Knutson, which I am posting here. It speaks for itself:

cat sometimes people write lies to you, I guess when you believe everything you hear and print it, they get their gossip out . Terrry Morgan did not get picked up for a DUI, He Don’t even drink. How do I know,because he is my son in law. And another thing he was not buying my daughter clothes to sleep with her. I raised my children to take care of themselves and not to depend on others. My daughter had her own job at the casino and had been working for about a year before Terry Morgan, she had her own car, a bank account and had no bills to pay so she did not need his money. An she was 2 months away from being 18 when this took place with him and her and they did not have a baby until she was turning 19. They also got married this past November after her 22 birthday.

It just leads to more questions for me: Why are underage working at the casino?

She also said that it was a 'different Terry' that got picked up for DUI. Maybe it was. Terry is not an uncommon name. We'll check on that.

And remember: Terry was married at the time, with children when he took up with this not-yet-legal young lady. That speaks volumes as to his character. He is also a member of the Turdclan, and so I doubt that he is sober on any level, but hey, I'm not out there, you all are. You know more about that than I would. He is Zit Puppet's brother and because of that, Zit Puppet was never arrested despite his driving drunk on reservation roads, for years. Even stole a car outside the casino and wrecked it, but never once got arrested. Integrity is not big on the Turdclan Register.

She had a bank account, a job, and her own car and was underage. He had a wife, children, that he cared nothing about.

He married the girl he has a child (or children) with, and maybe it will work out for them. She is probably a really decent person. Guys like him tend to get involved with decent women, and then make their lives miserable. Maybe not this time. Good luck on that.

Anyone that wants to talk to Marcella about this can do so directly. I don't think the woman is afraid of up front conversation. Like most mothers/grandmothers out there, she's been through enough to know what is what. Go ahead, talk to her.

I kind of like Marcella. I just wish she had a son-in-law worth defending.

Bitter Cold Facts

The Fuel Scam being run on the rez is a real piece of work. Here's from the rez:

Ed told us he would put a tank at my place and propane would be cheaper from him than where I was buying it. That lasted a couple of years.

Then he was always higher than everybody else. He buys his propane from Vining Oil. They never had their own sales near Ft T and DL. Now they sell out of Cando and Devils Lake.

Dave Vining won't be beat in the oil and gas business. He is a big player state and region wide.  My guess is Vining will start under cutting to get the tribal heating contract. He  knows how much propane goes through Ed.   

Ed also has the contract to do the IHS billing for most of the Aberdeen area. He has an office in New Rockford that handles this. I was told that operation was handled and financed by Adnon Aldayal. Adnon is from Saudi Arabia and married a lady from New Rockford years ago. Adnon was the guy that set up all the tribe's 401K retirement accounts through Oppenheimer.   My guess is Adnon is behind SiouxPer also. Adnon is an investment scout for people from Saudi Arabia. I also think he has set up deals for the tribe.

Also, last year, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, last winter, gave free fuel to all the reservations and to some of the poorer inner city neighborhoods. Ed got that fuel for free––and he charged the people of Spirit Lake his usual high price.  Someone needs to look into that, as well.

So, whomever, or whatever is backing Ed's business, plus Ed defaulting on his oversized loans, makes me wonder ...

And with his niece running the Fuel program, not allowing payment to anyone but Ed's company, not letting the people choose a lower price, to stay warm/cook... perhaps there are a few issues that need to be brought up at the General Assembly Meeting. Bring all of Ed's family members who make it possible, onto the stage to answer to the people. Put Ed's scrawny ass up there too.

Y'all are cold, overcharged and someone's family connections are making it all possible.

This is just one of the many, everyday important facets of life on the rez that affect everyone out there, one way or the other. 

Letting murderers, drug dealers, rapists run the place makes all the worst things possible.

Start talking to one another. Demand integrity from your Tribal Council. You'll know when you've got it from them when they convene a special investigation from the Department of Justice, into the Murder of Eddie Peltier and several others.

You all are cold, hungry and angry. Richard LaFuente has been sitting in Prison for a crime he was falsely accused of, and those who did the accusing are still safe from any real questions.  Put Mary MacDonald up there... ask her if she has any thoughts of Richard rotting in Prison, or Eddie rotting in the ground.  Ask her if she'd like to tell the Truth now. Ask her if she is ready.

There are some bitter cold facts that are known to everyone out there. They just need to be spoken aloud.

You know where to find me.




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February 7, 2011 --Printer Version (5)
Corruption Everywhere

I have been compiling notes from various sources on the rez. They were, all of them, remarking on the same issues. So, I decided to put it into a compilation of 'greatest hits'.

From the rez:

Propane Game

The SIOUX-PER company is under Ed Brownshield's name but someone else owns it and he thinks our people don't know that. He owns 51% of it and probably didn't put up a dime to set the company up, the people from Sheyenne did. They knew that he could get the tribes contracts.....$$$$$$

He has been a con artist all his life, he rang up tribal loans to the tune of $150,000 and I think he got more after that. He has that clown mentality where everything is a joke and he won't talk serious when he is on the spot.  He is also one of the dumbest people I know of, he is not ignorant, just stupid.

Note: Difference between "Ignorance" and "Stupid": Ignorance can be cured with education. Stupid is hopeless, and often proud of how they have avoided learning anything, from anyone, all their life. It's that sociopathic form of stupidity. Sarah Palin, for example, has weaponized stupidity of this sort.

Back to the rez:

He is the kind of person that you don't want to talk too because they give you a headache. He gets on my nerves and he is always trying to use big words but they are out of context and he sounds even dumber than he looks. He went to school in Jamestown and had a woman do all his work but as soon as he was done he dumped her and then took off back here.

The propane company is supposedly owned by Ed Brownshield, who is Eddy Peltier's Uncle. The thing with this is: Patty Robertson is the Director of the Fuel Assistance Program and is the person who pays the propane company, she is also a niece to Ed Brownshield.

Right now he is in tribal court over owing the tribe money. He told the people that he is getting these problems taken care of.

He told the people that he hired a woman that had no experience in handling financial matters, the amount that was stated was $250,000.00.

So, apparently the tribe loaned him— or he owes the tribe for making a loan— or he billed them for services that he didn't provide.  Either way he told them that he is working real hard on the issue.

So we as a tribe give him $250,000.00 to buy propane which he sells it back to us with the fuel assistance funds. Basically. we are buying the propane twice. Does that sound right? I mean to me it sounds that way.

The other thing is he has been getting these kinds of loans since way back. Not little loans —big loans, in the $100,000.00 range.

I remember the people complaining about him and asking how he can get a loan like that when the Banks will not loan him a dime.  He even said that this time that the Big Companies get loans to buy the propane in bulk, and that since he cannot get a loan he cannot compete.

Siouxper-Propane seems to be or is a monopoly on the reservation.

Vining oil charges $1.59 per gallon and Siouxper-propane charges $1.98 so it is .39 a gallon more for the propane we bought for that company to sell back to us at a higher price than the non-Indians charge from their company.

I thought I would run this by you to see what you thought. You have patty Robertson funneling the money from the Fuel Assistance program to the Siouxper-Propane company owned by her uncle. Even with all that money going towards that company, he cannot keep his company going. He wants the tribe to loan him more money so he can compete with the companies that charge less per gallon than he does.

Note: I believe that Clarice Brownshield, Tribal Council Member, is also one of his nieces. Let me know if you find this is incorrect.

The people should be able to choose which company they get their propane from— especially when they can get more for what little they get from the Fuel Assistance program. From what i understand is that an individual can only make $16,000.00 per year to qualify for assistance, so that is around a $1,300.00 a month? but it goes up according to dependents, how much higher it goes I don't have a clue.

What do you think about all this considering how frigid the weather is right now? How are the people who have an income of less than a thousand a month surviving? I feel bad for them especially if it takes these guys three days to respond to someone that runs out of heating fuel, and if they don't have any money they have to wait until they can come up with $250.00 which is the minimum that they will come out for. Let me know what you think of all this.

I think it is wrong in all directions. Anyone else have an opinion on this? Is any part of this inaccurate? Let me know.

The way I see it, he is gouging the Fuel Assistance Programs money because no one will complain because they are not paying out of their pocket.

A Little Ed Brownshield History & Mystery

He fooled a lot of people but he cannot fool his own people here. They know him too well. Anyhow his past is that his uncle shot and killed his dad in the 50's and he got out and disappeared and he was found in the lake under the ice.?? The theory they put out was that he tried to cut across the bay from Minnewaukan and fell through.

But, if you ask what he was doing in Minnewaukan no one can answer. People die here like that all the time, and they don't do any kind of decent investigation. Just like when that young girl burned up in Crowhill she was found in the hallway of the house and her two children had died from smoke, and one of the EMTs said that one of the cars outside had a gas cap off and that someone started the fire, but there was no investigation then either.

It is absolutely scary to know that anything can happen to you and no one will give a damn.  Maybe that's why there is so much suicide here. It appears hopeless to the young people and there is no way to give them hope when they have already lost it.

Something does not make sense when a person can borrow money from the tribe with no security to secure the loan in case they default. How can anyone find out about something like that, and that is big money that is changing hands if that is going on the kind of amounts people get killed for?. I wonder what he did to end up in Tribal Court? or if he didn't pay his kick back?

Circus: Badgers

Terry Morgan

The other thing I was going to tell you is that the Chairwoman's son, Terry Morgan. the one who was buying that little High School girl clothes and left his wife and children for her, got a DUI and cannot drive the Police Cars now.

I don't know why they didn't fire him for getting a DUI.

And also the other "Officer" that stabbed that Robertson Woman and had a standoff with the SWAT from Minot is around here again. And, he is with the Robertson woman again. She is trying to say it was an accident. This whole place is like a giant circus and keeps getting worse every year.

Bus Drivers

Bus Drivers that make more money than the teachers and drive only four hours a day but get paid for eight. No wonder there are so many of these people working without any qualifications and experience, they are all getting their little piece of the pie at the expense of the Spirit Lake people.


It's a game that is being played at the expense of our people. When it falls it will fall like dominos and people will be surprised who all gets caught in it. How many others are there who are making big loans like Ed Brownshield who have no way to secure them, and no one knows that they are getting the loans?

Like organized crime they will have to put together a task force just to find out how far all this goes and who all is involved in it, all the former TC members for sure because they all get jobs invented for them when they lose their seat on the TC. The TC this time gave themselves a $25,000.00 Christmas bonus and the tribal members all got $300 and they don't question it.

Like I've been saying for over ten years: RICO ---billions. Might be worth it for the Department of Justice to look into it. Task Force is a good idea.

You know where to find me.


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February 3, 2011  -- Printer Version (4)
Non Violence is a Voice

The protestors in Egypt are peaceful. The thugs sent in to derail the protests are violent and armed. The government is paying each person who attacks the protestors $8.50/day. It seems like so little, yet, in a country where so many are starving, it is easy to round up gangs, if you give them enough to feed their family for the week, and you give them guns.

The protestors are holding their own. When they push back against the thugs, they return to their peaceful protest.

I hope that this holds on their part. I know they are being burned, shot, killed and worse-- but if they can continue to hold true to their commitment to oust the corrupt regime of Mubarak, and they do it without 'attacking', they stand a better chance of winning and of forming a more responsive government in the aftermath.

Violence is the tool of the oppressors. In the chaos of violence, only lies are heard and believed. Fear drives the masses, and revolutions fall apart or become co-opted by the very elements they were working to overthrow. 

Oppressors fear Peaceful Protests because those are the ones that succeed. The violent protests, the attempted coups, those rally even stronger opposition on the side of governments, and from other governments.

This is why the oppressors always work to drive protests into violence. This is why you must remain calm, and direct, in your commitment to make viable changes in your community, your region, your state, your nation.

ChristiansMuslimsThe Good People of Egypt are committed to Unity. What gets little play in the Western Press is how diverse the people are that are working together. Muslims pray 5 times a day. It is their faith, and from that, they draw their strength and inner peace. They are vulnerable in that square when they pray. Christians have linked arms to surround them and protect them so that they can do their prayers. See Link (I don't know who took the picture, so I can't credit it here)

They are Human Beings first, and their religions are not, as many in the Western Media would have us all believe, a war between Christians and Muslims. People standing together, with a shared goal of Peace and Freedom, can find Justice.

The Corrupt Fear Unity

They also fear the Messenger. Journalists are being targeted by the government thugs. They are abducted, beaten, threatened, and their cameras are being stolen. The Corrupt Oppressors need to eliminate witnesses who can tell the story of what is going on. Once the journalists are removed, there is only one side to the story-- the narrative that suits the Corrupt.

When the government attacked the Peaceful Protestors at Wounded Knee, they would not allow journalists anywhere near the scene. They only wanted one version of events to be told. Theirs.  The conditions on the rez, the corruption that was being protested, was never allowed to be told to the outside world.

Here, in the USA, the Corporations that are corrupting our government don't have to send thugs out to silence the journalists. Most newspapers are owned by a very few powerful corporations. Most of the media is owned by very powerful Corporations. They decide what is news and what is never brought to air.

Real Journalists, Messengers, are still out there. Still trying to bring the story home. Still having to be edited by their corporate masters who decide what 'angle' or 'bent' can or cannot be put forth.

Predatory Media Moguls

In the case of FOX NEWS, they simply round up the lunatics, put them in make-up, hit the lights and have them read the made-up fiction that borders on sociopathic fantasies. They call it 'entertainment' and they have no regulations that would hold them to any standard of truth. 

Our Messengers are essentially, silenced. The few that are out there, in the wilds, are endangered species.

FOX is not there to bring us news or information. They have lost viewers, and sponsors. They are not in it for the money. They are a political operation bending public opinion to the extreme far right of the political spectrum.

Some would argue that they have fallen off the spectrum completely, and gone into another dimension. They exist solely to promote the GOP, Ultra Right Wing Point of View. They care nothing for the damage they do to the country, the economy, or to the future.

They are the voice of powerful exploiters. They try to keep us from the truth, divide us from each other. They fear unity. That is why the only voices they have on their shows that discuss Egypt, are supporting Mubarak.

Huckabee is a low-life masquerading around as Good Christian, possible presidential contender (what? Again?) And he is on their payroll as a ‘commentator’. They support the tyrant, the tyranny and they are opposed to the unity and Democracy. It doesn’t get much plainer than that, kids. They are watching people being beaten, burned and killed while peacefully protesting for democracy—and they are cheering on the Oppressor.

Same with Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the Right Wing scream shows on radio, TV and the Blogosphere. All pretense of being Patriotic, or even for Democracy, is erased-- if you know what you are looking at, or what you are hearing and reading.

They are the bullies and the thugs, bought and paid for by the corrupt moguls who want to control the media message, the government, by bashing and beating down anyone that dares to speak the truth.  No different than the hired thugs bringing noise and violence to the protests in Egypt.

Journalists are risking life and limb to bring us relevant information from far off lands where people are struggling to throw off the corrupt governments that have been oppressing them.  But here, in the USA, they are silent on the oppression of First Nations People. They are silent on the exploitation of lands, resources and tax-breaks.

We are led to believe that this awful corruption, government oppression, only exists in far away places where they speak a language we don't understand and worship in a Faith we don't understand.

It's right here. And it's costing all of us.

The economic, spiritual, educational, political, and physical oppression of First Nations People allows the corrupt but powerful corporations to exploit the resources, abuse the people in the process -- and never worry that a nation dumbed down by failed education, will ever want to turn over those rocks.

The wealth of nations resides in the wise use of its resources. Most of those resources are in Indian Country.

The corrupt that exploit their own people, creating more poverty, more addictions, more futility, abuse and suicides, are protected by a Federal System that ignores the cries of the people, and heeds only the call for back up when the people protest or revolt.

Then, the tanks roll in. The FBI sharpshooters draw a bead, and the media chases sitcom stars with embarrassing addictions. 

Whatever complaints you have, and there are many--tomorrow there will be more, I promise-- the only way to succeed at changing things is to stand together, Non-violently, and keep talking, keep telling your story, until someone listens.

The minute you try to resolve anything with violence, you lose.

In the same way, when you are peaceful, but determined, those who use violence against you have already lost.

Spring is coming. There will be elections. Nothing changes until those who are in power are people who have integrity.

The Tribal Council just gave themselves each, a $25,000 bonus. They give each of you, $300. What does that tell you about them, and their 'integrity'? Does anyone remember when the people who served on Tribal Council were not paid? They did it to help their community. Now, they just help themselves.

Look at the Elders Committee: They work hard, they serve the community-- and they don't get paid a nickel. They bring their concerns to the Tribal Council and they are virtually ignored, unless the Tribal Council needs them in order to qualify for additional funds... in which case, they are paraded around like show dogs, and then ignored as soon as the money comes in.

Egypt is battling in the square. They are fighting and dying for fair elections and a chance to have a future. All you have to do is stand together, get off your asses and vote, and make sure the vote is fair. No more handing your ballot to their people so they can change it, throw it away. Hold them accountable.

Keep telling your story until someone listens. Never quit.

You each have to be your own messenger. There are people out there now, carrying the voices and stories of Indian Country. Get in touch with them. Start uniting with people from other communities. Find your common bond. Strengthen it. Find a way to come together; within your community and with other communities. The voice grows stronger. The World will listen.

The corrupt are oppressing you, exploiting your community. Toss them out. Replace them. And, if the ones you elect don't do the job, petition them out.

Keep voting, keep standing together. Keep supporting those you know are doing good work: Whether it is on the council, in the schools, or the Head Start Director. 

All over this world there is suffering and there is courage. No matter how bad we have it, it is easy to find places where more have it much worse. We can see ourselves in the bigger picture and in the smaller picture. The events and the circumstances are the same. The outcome depends on our waking up to see what is going on and realizing what we can do to change it. 

Human Beings were built to help one another, not hurt each other.

How dare the Tribal Council give themselves obscene bonuses while there are homes going without heat, repair, and families not having enough decent food. Shame on them. Each and every one of them.

You know where to find me.


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February 2, 2011 Printer Version (7)
Deals With Devils

Cat WestI'm watching as events throughout the world unfold. The Rising of Egypt is fascinating. A tyrannical thug government has, with the economic, military assistance from the West (That would be "America") oppressed its own people for over 30 years.

The United States seems to have made deals with devils all over the globe. We know little about these alliances, or what is behind them. Mostly, we get a shrug from politicians who claim they have no choice if we are 'to protect our interests in the region...'...

Ever wonder what, exactly those interests are? I would think that our Nation's Interests would be in helping other nations to be free and have democratically elected representation, like we do here in America.

We seem to forgive the tyrants we support, as if, somehow, magically, by associating with us, our values will rub off on them.  We kept China on Most Favored Nation (MFN) status, before, during and after, they crushed peaceful protesters in Tianamen Square-- as they slept. 

So, what ARE our 'values'? What exactly are our "interests" in any of these regions, that we deal with such brutal devils, who have no respect for life, liberty or Human Rights?

Here, There, Everywhere

We look closer and we see: It is corporations that seek the pennies-per-hour slave labor, and prison labors of countries such as China, Haiti, and nations so small we cannot even find them on a map. Consider slave labor a 'resource'. 

Corporations, without regulation, pursue the total exploitation of resources of nations and other lands, without regard for anything except how much money it can make for them, their shareholders, as these products made with slave labor, are sold to us for premium prices.  China even has a USA Zone, where products are made, but stamped: "Made in the USA". 

Consumers cannot make choices based on conscience, politics, ethics. We are deceived. Laws are put in place to make it easier to deceive us.

We support tyranny in the Middle East, countries such as Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar (pronounced "Cutter" btw).. because our interest in those regions, again, is corporate: Oil. It's not just that we want them to sell us their oil--rather, it is that the corporations want to control ALL of the oil in the world. 

And, while oil companies are arbitrarily raising the price of both Oil and Gas (OPEC meets infrequently, and it involves a lot of propped up Sheiks, their 52 wives & entourages, and is a cumbersome process. The price of oil is set not by OPEC, as both Corporate Media & our own government would have us believe, but rather by the Spot Market, which exists only in the market, and has no country, land or office. That explains why the price changes hourly or even more frequently)

... ahem, as I was saying... while Oil Companies are topping their profits every quarter, they are also getting tens of billions of TAX DOLLARS as 'incentive' to keep on producing oil (as if profits of Half a Trillion Dollars a year is not incentive enough?).  Meanwhile, mere pennies are tossed to the 'alternative energy' studies and companies. Pennies. And, even that is being taken away by this new congress that is entirely out to benefit the billionaires, with no regard for the average, much less for the poor of this nation.

Oil is a resource that is commercially exploited, controlled by a few corporations.

Water is also a resource. Timber is a resource. Minerals are a resource. Resources are what makes a nation wealthy. It gives us something to use to take care of our own and to sell/trade to others.  But, if we allow only a few private companies to control all of the resources, exploiting them with no regard for the abuses to the people, the land or the economy, we become poor.

Nations with a wealth of resources become poverty pits from the unbridled exploitation of its resources by a few Corporations, who install, support & defend tyrants who become fat and wealthy while the people suffer, the lands wither and the waters turn foul.

Every nation where there has been horrendous poverty, famines, and Human Suffering have been nations whose resources have been exploited by corporations with the help of 'governments' who 'support our vital interests in the region'. Every single one of them for the past 300 years.

Control of the Information

Knowledge is key to protecting ourselves, defending our resources, saving our future and making it safe for our children. Those who control the Gates control the Kingdoms. Access to information is key. Information can be considered an 'essential' of life in so many ways.

China has blocked the word "Egypt" from all the search engines in China. They don't want the people to see the people of Egypt rise up, defy death and tyranny, and overthrow their Oppressors.  Chinese people do not have guns. Yet, Chinese government is afraid of their own people even knowing what is going on in other countries.

Information is the most powerful weapon/advantage we can have. Knowing how to understand it makes us stronger, more powerful. Education is Key.

How The West Was Won

Exploiters, very wealthy, powerful exploiters of resources and labor, need tyrants to hold power. Otherwise, they have to answer for the damage they do. Otherwise, they have to pay for the resources they remove--and nations become wealthy and the people prosper. Prosperous people are not willing to send their sons and daughters into mindless wars, endless wars, so that corporations can exploit the resources of those nations being conquered, torn down. 

Resources belong to the People. Privatizing them has been the goal ever since the first Trading ships touched these shores, bringing with them, their corporations and their churches, seeking to conquer lands and peoples to claim the resources for themselves.  The role of the Church was to divide the people from their spirits, from their spiritual connections to the lands. Make it so they would not be able to care.

Spiritual Oppression, Mental Oppression, Physical, Economical and emotional Oppression with the non-stop racism on FOX Network News, the Fear Mongering of Glenn Beck, who then sells GOLD to those who fear that 'illegal immigrants' are coming to take away our country and Obama is taking away our guns! We can't save ourselves without guns! We need more guns! -- Except, in Egypt. Well, India overthrew the British without firing a shot, and the British was the most powerful Empire of the time. But, we need guns, so we can shoot each other... Fear! Racism! Run! (But first, buy this overpriced Gold...) So, essentially guns are to make us more afraid, not less.

Indians were forced into bad treaties, and every single treaty, every single one, was broken. Broken so that the lands could be stolen, the resources exploited for the advantage of corporations. 

Settlers came, looking for a new life. They were fed lies about the 'heathens', and fear, ignorance and greed divided the people. Us vs them. Cowboys vs Indians. Soldiers, poorly paid, mistreated themselves, sent to do battles to conquer the lands, so they could use settlers to displace Indians, fight the Indians, and then use those skirmishes to justify the massacre of Indians, and for breaking treaties. Racism was the cover used to keep the people divided.  Education was for the elite. Ignorance served the powerful who reigned over the Ignorant who believed what they were told in Church and by the Authorities.

Settlers struggled to make the land work for them. Indians suffered under levels of cruelty for duration of generations, the effects of which, are still felt to this day-- while Corporations, "Private Enterprise", took control over all the resources:

How The East Was Lost

Egypt is not the first uprising. Tunisia had the Jasmine Revolution the previous month. Yemen is having 'Days of Rage'... all the oppressive regimes, all those 'Protecting Our Vital Interests in the Region', are quaking. They will fall. Some will be bloodier than others. Iran is still in turmoil.

All of these nations were exploited by Corporations who propped up puppet governments, against the will of the people, and it was financially and militarily enforced by The USA and other Western European Nations, for the sake of corporations.

What was done to Indians, here, is being done all over the world.

Racism is the key to keeping Corporations safely in the shadows, and Tyrants firmly in their Palaces.

But, as we are seeing in Egypt, where the people have no guns, the People are winning. The demonstrations are peaceful. Noisy, but peaceful. The government has tried to infiltrate their ranks, create violence, looting... and it has not worked. The Demonstrators remain committed to two things: Peace and Winning.

The People are United. They cannot be bought off, scared off, or fooled. There will be difficult days ahead and missteps as one government falls and another stumbles in to remake the nation, but it can and will be done.

All these nations can either become truly free, or saddle up with new radical tyrants who will both hurt them, and come after us. Now we can be scared. We made them mad. We made all this possible.

Other nations will offer assistance, but that comes with a price: Status Quo. Things going back to 'business as usual'. The People of Egypt will not accept that. They will be free. And together they can build, repair, and make a better future for their children and the children not yet born.

(Outcome of other countries in revolt? Still up in the air. We know the Powerful, Wealthy interests will do all they can to regain control over the resources, supporting tyrants while staying in the shadows as brother fights brother)

Corporate news media, such as CNN, are trying to color this revolution as a "Muslim Uprising". It is not. Why are they doing that? Because "Muslim" is the new "Indian", the new 'fear word'. It is the cue for racists and their fear mongers, to run through, setting fires and keeping us from looking at what is really going on-- and how it can happen anywhere that the people, peacefully, stand together for the common good.

The Devils On The Run

The Deals with the Devils are all coming apart. The Good of the People: Freedom, Rights, and a voice in how they are governed and HOW their resources and lands are used, will catch on like a Prairie Fire and sweep across all lands.  It's in all of us, if we know how to look at what we are seeing.

Those people, without guns, without violence, facing death, torture and who have had so much taken away from them for so long-- they are our brothers and sisters.

They are standing, facing real bullets, abusive government, defiant. They have one flame burning in them all: Dignity.

I have heard some people saying, in support of Egypt "We are ALL Egyptian!".  I laugh. We are not. They are doing this amazing revolution bare-handed, shoulder to shoulder, with courage while most of us won't even get off our asses to go vote to save our community, our rez or our country.

Corporations need to be regulated. They are not people, despite the Supreme Court Ruling. People have responsibilities to one another, to the land and to the future. Corporations only answer to shareholders.

But it is possible to see through the lies. It is possible to walk away from the racism, and become, in that moment, a sea of Humanity, united with our brothers and sisters. Knowing.

Home Is Where The Hate Is

Meanwhile, back on the rez:  People are divided by Indian on Indian Racism. Families feud. People don't ask what or why, they just get mad and lash out. Alcohol and drugs are thrown in to poison the minds, distress the families, and kill the future. "Dry Rez" my ass.

The puppets in the Tribal Council continue the 'Status Quo' of business as usual with the same devils that have been exploiting the resources and the people, poisoning the lands, the waters, and raiding the economies of tribes throughout North America.

North America, a land rich in resources: Clean waters, Forests, Minerals and Oil. All "Privatized", exploited, yielding pollution, toxic lands, exploding water wells, cancers and poverty for the "Public".

We are all Indians. We are all facing the same common opposition, and they want us to think that we are enemies to one another while they go on, raiding the resources, driving down the wages by killing off the Unions, and outsourcing manufacturing to pennies-an-hour nations run by Oppressors and then blaming "Illegal Aliens" (Racism always needs a target) for our economic woes. 

Now, they look at Egypt and they raise the price of oil & gas, because there is no one to stop them. There is no regulation to make them be responsible.

There is only us, and we are divided. We mistrust people we have never met and don't want to know them because they are different. We are ALL on the Rez. We just don't know it.

Education is key to knowing how to save ourselves. The price of higher education has just gone through the roof, creating two things: Debt Slaves and an overall protection of Higher Education as a privilege only for the wealthy.

Funds for schools are cut every year, and then we blame the kids for dropping out. We blame the teachers, who often pay for supplies out of their own pockets, for the poor quality of education in poor areas.

The School System on the rez is still being played by the powerful. Beazley is still in place even though she doesn't meet the residence qualifications to be on the School Board.

The Head Start Program is embattled because of a pill head running the Personnel Department like the Kingdom of the Red Queen in Alice and Wonderland: Favors for her friends, off with their heads to those who are not her friends.  The Director is NOT her friend.

All supported by a Tribal Council that is still dominated by NLO, WalkingEgo, and their 'potted plants' in various departments. Anyone that comes in trying to make things change, will be on their own. They will be co-opted by the bribery of easy money, or isolated to where they can have no effect. Some choice.

Look at how Justin Yankton, "Jutters", turned his back on everyone the minute he got in. Darwin Brown gave us Pill Head Wanda. She is an embarrassment to the whole tribe. Especially when she is out drinking at the bars, loaded up on pills, screaming my name in some sexual way. *Shudder*

New elections are coming this spring. It may or may not be futile. But you need to work now and find opposition to run and at least try to make a difference. 

As bad as it is, and it really does suck bog water, it is nowhere as bad as it has been in Egypt.

All you have to do is unite behind some decent candidates, show up to vote, and then show up at every meeting and hold them accountable.  Make a choice.

Ignore the racism and the feuds. Make peace with your brothers and sisters. Help one another get off of drugs and alcohol. Make it important. Stay in school. That is all you have that stands between your life in a room with broken walls, or a chance to make a better life for your family. Do not give up so easily that you skip school, or think that drinking and drugging will bring you any kind of future.

The drugs and alcohol are there to poison you. To make you poison yourself. To rob yourself of the future.

Those who make millions out of the oppression of Indigenous Peoples in The Land of the Free, want to keep the Status Quo. They don't want you to see what can be done when people actually believe in themselves and stand up--together.

Behold Egypt.

You know where to find me.


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