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Ronin's own Website The most basic money laundering/ponzi scam rivaling Maddoff

New Link: Free Peltier Now Worth a read


Write to me if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, information you want me to have or a correction to any information you see here.  I respond to all emails.  CAT  NOTE: I reserve the right to NOT respond to whack jobs that waste my time.

Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case.  Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.


NOTE: New feature for the site will be an overview of cases of murdered and missing in Indian Country.  If you have a case that you want posted, contact me and I will tell you what I need to be able to post. -Cat

Please read up and follow the "Bring Paula Home" story and help a woman who has dedicated herself to helping Indian People survive and prevent Diabetes. Links on that page take you to her site. Special thanks to my friend, Denis Campbell Updated:Nov 1, 2009

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January 27, 2011 --Printer Version (2)
Roof Goof

The roof on the jail is, apparently, fine. Looks like someone started to shovel snow from it and quit, I am told. That also sounds about right.

So, the roof on the Jail is fine. Won't have to be spending any coin to fix or repair that and no one has been hurt. All good news.

Now, let's all go over to where the First Responders have to work and see what kind of a hole that place is. That roof leaks, the pipes leak and there is mold everywhere. The ambulance drivers on duty have no sheets on their cots. Piggy doesn't want to spend the coin there.

How about, since the jail is in such good shape, the Tribal Council take the money they have put aside for trips to Vegas, Hawaii and other venues, and spend a little fixing up the quarters for the EMT team.

Or has Piggy already submitted forms for the repairs and spent the money on 'other' things?

Mold will make a person sick.

Cold Comfort

The winter is bitter cold and there are elders who have to choose between a few dollars for heating or their meals or their medication. The Tribe is getting money for fuel and housing, and that money is not getting to the people who need it.  Elders should not have to beg for fuel, food or medicine. Families with small children, should not have to beg for fuel, food or medicine.  It's hard to be proud of your heritage when your current situation is that you must beg your own leaders for the crumbs of the cake they've been pigging out on.

Gas Station?

A few months back, the Turdclan with money they have robbed from the Tribe, purchased the gas station on Hwy 57.  They gave it to Pisster to run. That is a good thing because she lost her job at Head Start. Probably drugs, drunk, not showing up.  (That Director is so picky! Sheesh!)

That gas station is the perfect cover for the transfer of drugs and other contraband going into and out of the Rez. I mean, who is going to notice a lot of vehicles, making very brief transaction stops -- at a gas station?  I wonder if anyone is watching?

Life as a murderer is a gas.

Sweating The Outcome

There was a sweat held in St. Michaels. Guess who showed up? Eddie. And, apparently, he had plenty to say.  He's stirring. He's aware. He will not rest until the guilty are brought to justice and the innocent are set free.  He had even more to say. Maybe later, we will discuss that.

He's stronger now. His spirit is stirring more now. He's making himself known, heard and seen.

Those screams you hear coming from Turdlings in the dead of night? Ignore them. You can't help them.  It's when they start screaming in the middle of the day, that you know it is coming to a close.  Who was that that startled Weenie Boy the other day? Said his name, clear as a bell, but when Weenie Boy turned around, no one was there? I don't know. But I do know that he was driving, and he thought he was alone. He cranked up the radio really loud and stepped on the gas, almost spun out. Who was that that chuckled, just over his shoulder and saying "Whoa!"   He arrived, pale, sweating, unable to speak or blink. 

Poopsie said he'd take care of that. He can't. Maybe, just maybe, they are sweating the outcome of things started long ago?  Coyote is laughing. Did you really think this would not return? And did you not realize that when it did return, all those other murders would return with it?  Coyote warned you. Shooting that coyote didn't make those cries stop.

And now, even more eyes see the Truth. Even more ears hear the Truth. Even more people KNOW the truth.

Sweat it.

You know where to find me.


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January 24, 2011---Printer Version (2)
Jail Roof--*POOF!*

I got word, but only from one source so let me know if this is in error. This source is usually right. They said that the roof on the Tribal Jail collapsed. Too much snow! So, no one was hired to shovel the roof? I know, Tribal Council doesn't have enough money. *Cough

I hope no one was hurt. I have, as I said, no further details on this, so I don't know.

The other irony is this: I am told that Tribal Council was wanting to build a new jail and use the old one for a Funeral Home. Funeral Home would be a real going business out there. People die younger, harder, faster out there than most people realize.

Also, having their own funeral home would make it easier to cover up murders, or other suspicious deaths.

So, if they were wanting to turn it into a funeral home, the irony is that if anyone was killed, it's already creating 'jobs'.

Allowing the fundamental structures of government out there to rot away, is not acceptable. The horror stories that come from people who have worked or have seen the ambulance/rescue garage or whatever you call it, are horrific: Mold, mice, leaks, bad plumbing and Piggy won't put sheets on the cots for those who have to sleep over on 'watch'.

She does, however, use the credit card to buy all new computers, around Christmas time to give to her family as 'gifts'. Did she do that again this last Christmas? Anyone know?

The Jail holds people against their will. They cannot just walk out (Unless they are Kalum and they give him the keys and tell him to be sure and lock up behind himself). If there is mold, or other unhealthy conditions, the jail is responsible for what happens to people who work there or who are incarcerated, that get sick.  And if the place catches fire, or the roof collapses, the Tribe is responsible for that, as well.

And, if that roof collapsed and anyone was hurt or killed, serious questions have to be asked of the Tribal Council as to how funds that are intended for such things, get spent--and by whom.

Let me know.


The Casino remains with a lot of questions as to its future. Records, apparently, were not 'well kept'-- which is a nice way of saying that the books are a mess.  What the Turdlings have done to the place is horrendous. Millions of dollars vanish from that place every month. Still, no one is keeping records and the Tribe, the People, are not getting any benefit from it.

It really needs to be investigated. From top to bottom. Start at the roof. Check for leaks, weak spots, illegal antennae arrays, that sort of thing. Meanwhile, get someone in there to dig through the records, especially the Count Records. That is a joke.

There is a second safe in Poopsie's Office, sorry, "Old Office". You might find some very interesting items in there.

If the Tribe ever gets rid of the corruption and gets honest, skilled, competent people to run things, there will suddenly be loads of money 'found' to make fundamental repairs to things like government building roofs, pipes, windows... and who knows? Maybe a few houses, or a few hundred houses, might get repaired.

So, how are those $100,000 each "mobile" homes or "Crap Shanties" (I'm being nice), holding up for the few who have gotten them? Imagine how much of a real home could have been built for $100K. Imagine also, the skills being taught to the younger generation as they were being taught carpentry, basic plumbing, electrical, landscaping... etc, as they were being built.

Go ahead, imagine it. It never happened. Those homes were purchased from a man who is under investigation by his own tribe for corruption, embezzlement or worse! But this current Tribal Council decided it would be 'a good deal'. Go figure.

Winter is especially hard out there for those not taking vacations to warmer climes. Especially hard on those without enough heating fuel, or insulation in their homes. People who deserve better than what they are getting. For them, every day, every storm, every freeze—is a gamble.

You know where to find me.



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January 17, 2011 Printer Version (2)
Don't Lose Head Start to Corrupt Politics of Turdclan

From the Rez:

Cat, Please post this asap

Head Start & Early Head Start Parents:

This whole mess with the Head Start program is not about the Director, nor Catalina Whiteman Herman. The federal government grants funding to the Tribe for you families & your children. The money is meant to provide services to your children. This means they will have a safe place to learn, eat, play and take a nap.

Their education, social skills, and physical growth take place in the centers. Without you,  the parents, and your children there would be no funds and no program.

So ask for a meeting with your district representatives and tell them what you want to happen before the whole program is lost because a staff person is causing trouble. The Director does the GABI (grant) on the computer to request funds to continue having the program every year. She is educated with a four-year degree, has the skills in technology to complete this task for your children. She has to make sure all government reports are done in a timely manner. She works with the budget so the money lasts for the fiscal year.
She has a very big job to maintain.

Catalina, the Culture Teacher, has not been doing her job-- in any capacity for a very long time. Ask yourselves, how many Dakota words do your children know by this time in the school year? How much time does she spend working with the children? She is the Culture teacher. Lies to the Elderly, going to the preschool centers during work hours to drum up support to get rid of yet another Director, working harder at not doing her job, and in general causing trouble for the program.

You should have been asked to meet with the chairwoman about what you wanted for your children. This whole program should be about what is best for your children and not what Catalina Herman wants, or what lies to believe about the Director.

If people who work for Head Start continue to make the program about themselves and what they want, and not what is best for the children, the program funding will be lost , and there will be no place for the preschool children to get an educatio. The same for the infant/toddlers. What will you do for child care education? Is this fair to you and your children? Do you really want one whiny, lazy, staff person ruin what is in place for your children now? Think about it, step in and make demands for your rights as the parents cause once the program is gone, it will be very difficult to get back.

Concerned Enrolled Member

From what we have all seen, for decades, anything that the Turdclan and their pals get involved in, usually involves them taking money for nothing. Taking money away from the project or program or business it was intended for, and putting it in their pockets.  The are not qualified for the jobs they get, don't show up, make a mess of it, but never ever have to worry about being fired... well, until recently.

The Head Start Program is for the CHILDREN. The children are the future. It's not okay for the Turdclan to dismantle it for their own greed and laziness, nor for their incompetence. The only reason they even have jobs is because they don't have to do any work and it gives them income for their drugs, alcohol and compulsive gambling habits.

Other people get jobs to clean up after them and try to limp the program/business along so that the community "might" get something out of it.

If you cannot stand up and demand that the children be given their fair chance, you may as well go now, and map out a larger graveyard. One with a 'Children's Section'. Because that is where they are headed, sooner rather than later.

Take a look at the faces of these small children. Ask yourself who will stand up for them if you won't?

They are too little to fight the corrupt that are stealing from them. But you are not. Or?

You know where to find me.


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January 13, 2011 Printer Version (4)
Head Start or Heart Break?

The Head Start program on the rez is in big trouble.

The program is well-intended to help children, especially pre-schoolers, to get a chance to socialize in an environment that also prepares them to understand and feel at home in the education system.

If there are problems, hearing, eyesight, dyslexia, or social behavioral issues, they can be seen here, early, before they set in as auto responses to authority or conflict. They can be addressed in a non-threatening way, so that the child can more easily find their way in this world, starting with education system routines, and not be intimidated or fearful.

Parents are helped out with dealing with any issues when the Program's Outreach goes to do home visits & interviews.

But, like so many programs on the rez, especially those that receive large Federal Funding, this one has gone awry under the corrupt eye of both the Tribal Chairwoman and the Head of the Personnel Department, a well-known pill head.

The program has had 8 Directors in 8 years.

One has to ask if that indicates the Directors were incompetent to begin with-- in which case, why were they hired? Or, if the environment is so toxic that no one, regardless of qualifications, can long endure the harassment and toxic atmosphere and either quit, resign or do not renew their contracts at the end of the year.

I know there are qualified people out there, trying to make a real difference in their community. I know they can and many probably have, applied for the position of Director.

The Program requires people of certain qualifications: Degrees, Certifications, in order to get Federal Funding. Few of the Inner Circle of NLO or Pill Head, have those qualifications.

They are allowed to work in the programs or for the programs, and be paid, regardless of whether they show up or not, or are qualified or not.

Even the bus drivers get away with extorting the program.

Two that come to mind are Jimmy Baker and Paul Lawrence. On the very first day of the week, the start of the program, they refused to show up and drive the buses unless they were both given a $3/hr raise. It took several hours for that to be arranged to their satisfaction. They made it retroactive and were paid for the entire day, even though they only worked a couple of hours.

Everyone with the nerve to threaten, harass or extort, gets their way. They are still holding those jobs, by the way. And, I'm sure the next time they want a raise, it will go the same way and be handled the same way.

These are the people who are in charge of the lives of the children they transport. They care nothing for those children. They are extortionists.

If they did not like the wages being paid, they could have opted to find another job or negotiate at the time of hire. But that was not to their advantage. Making it so the kids were late, or could not get to the program, worked for them. The children were used as pawns.

I find that despicable.

What other terms and conditions did these two negotiate? No drug tests? Overtime? Paid Holidays? Mileage? Extra sick days? What? And who's going to stop them? NLO? Not likely. This is her style of doing business. Corrupt.

These two drivers only drive the buses and they are paid for 8 hrs a day. They have no other duties. They don't do maintenance on the bus and they don't even clean them out. They do not work 8 hours a day, but they claim it. That entitles them to more benefits as well.

The Director of the Program has been both lauded and slammed by people who write to me. I have posted both.

However, I am wondering how long any Director, regardless of who it is, can stay in that job when they are literally, assaulted by the fat mouthed mother of one of the employees that they tried to fire-- for not showing up for work--multiple times!

The mother, Porky Cloud, is a relative of the Tribal Chairwoman... so of course, she can punch anyone in the face if she wants. No charges, no arrest, no nothing.

So, we have employees who don't show up, followed by an assault when they are terminated. We have bus drivers who pretty much can drag the program around by the short hairs, get paid, anything they demand. There are other employees, I am hearing about, who do not do their job, do not show up, or who are impaired when they show up and the Director sends them home. Then, the Director writes them up. Then the Director suspends them. Then the Director fires them. Then the Director gets punched.

Think about that. The Director is getting no support from the Tribal Council, especially none from the Tribal Chairwoman, who, as she often does--make that 'always does'-- protects members of her family from the basic rules that others must follow.

This is all happening as the Program is coming up for review to see if they do, in fact, still qualify for the Federal dollars. Dollars, most of which no one knows where they go as they go through NLO's hands before the program ever gets a look at a single dollar. I'm sure there is a substantial "Handling Fee" by NLO and her minions, for dealing with the funds.

In order to qualify for the dollars, which they cannot do if this current director quits, they will apply for an Extension (which is very open ended and can go on for years) and they will list as their reasons, all the turmoil that is caused by the Director quitting.

Quitting? Yup. None of them will quit on their own-- they will be fired, but it will be written up as Quitting and Myra will take her sad song of being beleaguered by these 'terrible people' as she is so nobly trying to "help my people..." (a moment while she chokes up...then moves on...)

She is already setting up the firing squad. It has to look official. It has to look like it is not her fault.

She called a meeting this week, with the Staff. Not the Director, of whom there have been 8 in 8 years, remember, but the Staff. She is going to get them to complain about the Director. The Director who got punched in the face is being targeted for removal. Jimmy Baker and Paul Lawrence are also involved in this.

Why would bus drivers who just extorted more money out of the program be chosen to discuss how unhappy they are with the Director? There are others. I am slowly getting the names in of who is on this team that wants to remove this Director.

The Director who has not quit, despite being punched in the face, is now being conspired against by the Chairwoman, who is manufacturing complaints against her, by her employees-- for no other purpose than to get her out before the Federal Government comes in and wants to audit and find out where the money has been spent, and how the programs are run.

NLO doesn't want the current Director in place to respond to those questions. The answers might trigger an investigation ---on where the money went.

What other reason would NLO have for gathering up an army of Staff, to try and generate complaints? Especially Staff that have been lazy, not showing up or extorting extra money out of the program?

She's writing down their names "To make it so they won't be retaliated against by the Director." Yeah, "Immunity". All of those who have received warnings or been suspended; all those who think they can show up when they like and be paid for a full day, regardless, are now 'immune' from being fired or written up because NLO can and will support their lazy asses by saying the Director was 'retaliating' against them for their 'honesty'.

It also gives NLO cover so that she can say, as she points to the names on the list: "It's not me-- it's all of them."  She is such a cowardly little weasel. Ever notice how nothing is ever her fault? Yet she takes credit for the good work of others in a heartbeat.

That, my friends, is how your Head Start Program is being run.

Previous Directors of the program are: (And I have only 3 so far) Blanche Wanna, Bonita Morin, Beverly Greywater. If you can get me the other names and possibly the year or time period that they worked, let me know. I know Bonita Morin has a higher education degree of some sort, possibly a Masters.

It's a problem in so many of the tribes: They put Credentialed, Degreed, qualified people and keep them there just long enough to meet the Federal (or State) funding requirements. Then, they get rid of them, one way or another, and the funds disappear into various pockets. "Reabsorbed into the General Fund" I was told by one tribal bookkeeper for another tribe. "It's the same everywhere," they said. And, sadly, from what I have seen... it is so.

The problems of a community cannot be solved by children who have no future in that Tribe.
To make it so that the Tribe has a future, the Children must be the FIRST PRIORITY on all levels.

Federal Programs that are gamed by the Ruling Elite and their pals put the most unfair burden on those who have the least chance to succeed.

I hope the Federal Government, when they come to rate the program, takes a real hard look at the history of that program and how it has been run or mismanaged. I hope they see the pattern of funding and dismissals as a Red Flag. I do.

I am going to make the Head Start Program it's own page. I am going to compile all the information I have received in the past and anything you all want to add to it. And I will post both sides of the emails. The complaints and the responses. Let you judge who is telling the Truth, who is Lying, and perhaps, see if maybe you can all find a way to come together to make this a better world for the Children, who are in reality, The Future.

You know where to find me.


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January 10, 2011 Printer Version (7)
ZsaZsa Correction

Ahhh! She is still the offspring of a Turdling, but her daddy is Weenie Boy, not Poopsie. Her mommy is loudmouth Josie McKay. Yeah, that one. Carl Walkingego's female mistress. (He has males that he prefers, but I don't know what you call them: Misterers?) I really wonder who is her father. No, actually, I don't.

Apparently, our favorite Pill Heads, Beasley Stensland and her pals on the school board over rode the rules about people who are arrested for drugs being fired. That and she failed her drug test until Chuckles gave her (wink wink) another of his 'specials' and declared her 'clean'.

Let it be known that at least 2 people on the School Board, possibly 3, objected to her staying on at the job. But, if your related to Naked Lawn Ornament and she's the Chief Counselor for the tribe, and your best friend is another Pill Head and runs the Tribal Employment Department (Wanda White-Trottier) you can pretty much do what you want.

Poopsie is still fired. His job is being advertised in the local papers. Wow. Watch your back Paul Matheney, you know how that Turdclan gets upset over little things: Murdered Eddie Peltier over a speeding ticket. Cannot imagine what they have in store for you for firing Poopsie.

So, Poopsie still get to hold all his other positions? Law & Order Committee? Infragard? Special Confidential Informant to the FBI? Gaming Commission? Anyone grab his hard drive?

You know, if you empty out the storage closet of all his man diapers, you can put in a few more filing cabinets.

Who's Next?

Well, this Christmas, Love Bug's family was missing him. His friends were missing him. There is a real empty place in the house, a quiet that hurts...

You'd think that Iris Black, after running down and killing a child, might have changed her ways. You'd think she might have learned something. You'd think she'd want to.

After all, she is free because her daddy is a rez cop. She's not in jail thinking about what she did. She didn't miss Christmas, or New Year's for that matter.

Her daddy can keep her out of jail on the rez, but apparently, that is not going to save her. She's going to do it again. There is no addiction treatment out there, and if there was, she would not have to go.  There is money for the program, but Piggy's family thinks of that funding as 'their allowance'.

Nope, Iris Black was at it again last Wednesday. Made the local papers. Got arrested. Just wanting to 'have fun, ya know.

From the Devils Lake Journal, Thursday-January 6, 2011: Link

Devils Lake, ND —
Charges have been leveled against two people involved in a high-speed chase south of Devils Lake early today, at speeds that approached 100 mph.

Police received a report of an impaired driver coming up Highway 20 south into town. They responded to intercept the vehicle near Wally's Supermarket, however, the driver took off and led the officers on a chase that ended near the National Guard Camp entrance.
The car was driven by Nathan J. Smith of Bismarck, who was charged with fleeing, DUI, driving under suspension, no liability insurance and was served with a warrant from Burleigh County.

Iris Black of St. Michael was a passenger in the car and faces charges of driving under suspension after briefly taking off in the car while the authorities were interviewing Smith. She was also charged with giving false information to an officer.

There were two others in the vehicle who were not charged.

Devils Lake police, Ramsey County Sheriff's officers and the ND Highway Patrol all responded to this incident.

She was not in trouble until she MADE herself trouble. She wants trouble. This is serious. She is obviously too impaired or she is brain-damaged and should be supervised.

She's already killed on child. Who is next?

The Language of Violence

The reason I do not allow violent hate speech on this site is because nothing good ever comes of it. Those who would use violence or intimidation to gain power are the wrong people to ever be given power.

When FOX News gives non-stop misinformation, lies and racist rhetoric across the nation; or Sarah Palin goes out of her way to put gun sites on targets of her political opponents, while ramping up her hate speech, her lies; and While Rush Limbaugh spews the most contemptuous disrespectful, racist rants across his radio show... people are listening.

People who don't know any better, assume that it would not be broadcast, COULD not be broadcast if it were not all true! People lack the fundamental ability to critically assess what they are hearing or seeing and realize that it is garbage, propaganda, designed to tear our wounded nation divided, broken, unable to heal.  Unable to move forward.

The language of "Them vs US" is rabid on the Right Wing Airwaves. There is no "Liberal Media". That is a lie perpetuated so that those who run 88% of the airwaves, can claim victimhood if anyone dares to point out that they are untruthful.  FOX even went to court to get an exemption from telling the truth in their 'news' programs. They claimed they were not 'journalists' but rather, 'entertainers'.

But this frothing, stinking stew has been non stop for the past 10 years, and worsened in the past two.  They want to keep people afraid, uninformed, misinformed.

They create chaos so they can take power. They use all the dark tools of deception to get it and to keep it.

Trauma is their favorite and most effective tool. They spew their messages out there hoping that just one crazy will step up, 'decipher the code' and know what they have to do: They have to kill Democrats! They have to KILL Liberals! The message is clear. It is reinforced with the same buzz words being used repeatedly, and the constant drumbeat of phrases such as: "Second Amendment Remedies"-- if they don't "get our way at the ballot box... well go to the bullet box!" ("Get a gun and kill the opposition" In case you missed it).  Catchy, yes?

Well, someone did just that. There was a crazy, a 'loner', the kind of person that hears messages and knows what he is being told to do. He heard those messages from those he admired: Sarah Palin, and FOX NEWS. He didn't know it was 'Entertainment' according to the ruling and he didn't know Sarah Palin is just a flamethrower for the rabid Right Wing.

Six People are dead. Among them, a 9-year old girl. Christina Taylor Green. (Link) She was born on 9/11/2001-- the day of America's worst attack on home soil since Pearl Harbor. She was born on a day of terrorism and she was killed by a domestic terrorist. The irony. This 'hero' who heard the call of FOX NEWS and Co, and who worshipped the word salad that dribbles from the lips of Sarah Palin, who also made sure he understood that the mission was to shoot... she posted a map with a gun site squarely on Gabrielle Gifford, D- 28th District, AZ picture. 

Gifford's opponent, also part of that whole insane Teaparty nonsense, had campaigned holding rallies where he invited people to join him in shooting a fully loaded M-16 and help us wipe Gifford off the map.

I'd say that as dumb as the shooter was, he got the message loud and clear. It was constant, and it was specific and it was reinforced--daily, hourly.

He walked up to Gifford and shot her in the head, and then proceeded to shoot everyone around her: 76 yr olds, a 30 yr. Old, a child. He did not care.

GOP now wants us to think that they are shocked and appalled at this. That they are victims too. They are not. It is only their side that has advocated violence against their opponents. It was GOP Michelle Bachmann, Jim DeMint, and our now crybaby Speaker of the House, John Boehner, and a few others, who stood on the balcony of the capitol building when Teabaggers gathered below, with their signs, some bearing nooses and some with other symbols of intimidation on them.  Signs that declared 'Death to those who voted for Health Care Reform!' and worse... and those GOPers stood up there and waved to them, encouraging them. Thanked them! It was appalling.

It was a clear signal of approval. We lost the vote, so go out and kill. Now, they want to pretend that all their hate speech, all their violent metaphors and other tactics, had nothing whatsoever to do with this horror in Tucson. It has everything to do with it.

Sarah Palin started scrubbing the gun sites maps off her websites, but left it up on her FaceBook page...where her most loyal fans send her notes of support. Her minions erase the negative comments about her within minutes, but leave up horrible comments that claim the little girl would have grown up to become a bleeding heart liberal, and that they essentially justify her murder by saying: "If you could go back in time, wouldn't you kill Hitler?" That statement has been up for hours. They know it's there. They want it to stay. It is what her 'base' is about.

GOP prides itself on being without compassion for people. They support corporations that rob us blind, and want to deregulate, remove safety restrictions and lower the minimum wage... all so business can make even more money while we are killed, bankrupted, and the environment poisoned.

Everyone else, even a little girl who had just been elected to her student council, 'is a bleeding heart liberal.'

Hate speech is out of control. We have Freedom of Speech, but that does not mean we are not accountable for what we say.  Those who incite violence as a political tool, should be held accountable.

Ask yourself this question: If a Muslim student in Detroit had posted a map with targets on people and one of those people was killed, or shot... where would that student be today? In jail. No bail. Right?

But give Sarah Palin a national forum, and huge exposure, and she is free to place gun site targets over her opponents. No consequences.

We cannot accept Hate Speech as 'free speech'. It comes with accountability. We have to hold those who promote this violence, accountable. Cannot let them pretend they had nothing to do with it. They created it, encouraged it, promoted it, so--they have to take responsibility.

We have to respond to it by speaking the truth to the lies. We have to hold people accountable who incite violence or attacks--equally. Be they a Muslim student with a grudge and a 20 visit web page... or a Quitter who has national prominence, a job at FOX NEWS ('Entertainment'?) and Millions of dollars from very wealthy donors.

If we apply the laws unequally, and it appears we are doing just that: We are no longer a democracy. We are a Third World Kingdom ruled by intimidation and violence from the 'Christian' Right Wing Extremists.  Special rules for special people.

I put 'Christian' in there because she claims to be a Christian. Media does not hesitate to equate everyone else's religion with their crimes as if that religion itself is a crime. We just don't notice it until we realize that the terrorists in our midst are both White and Christian.

We are that used to 'hate speech'. We excuse it from those who are not of color and who are of the Christian Faith as 'not what they meant when they said 'kill' 'hang' 'disembowel' and 'get rid of..' while showing us gun sites on a map, over their pictures, their districts, their names.

If the shooter had been anything but a white male, and had a religion other than Christian, and had or followed a website with targets on it, gun sites specifically... how would media be covering this sordid tale?

Presently, it is with Kid Gloves.

GOP and Palin, like most thugs and bullies, claiming to be 'victims' of the violence they promoted. Claim to be being treated 'unfairly'. Why? Because being White and Christian means they are entitled to better treatment than say, you or I? Better than someone who is a person of color? Muslim? Buddhist?

Hate speech hurts people. Calling for violence makes you responsible for the violence that answers.

If we allow this to go without full and equal investigation and indictment, such as would be in play if the shooter was Black, Hispanic, Indian, Asian, Muslim... and if the people he worshipped were radical clerics with websites, cross hairs... if we don't demand this be treated as severely and as importantly and relevantly ... expect more. There is nothing to deter the crazies, nor the propaganda networks that drill it into them, nor the Spokesmodels who promote it.

It won't stop, nothing will get better and we will all be ruled over by thugs and intimidation if we don't stop this now. Demand from everyone in government, that this be treated as cause and effect.

Unless you forget: The problems in Indian Country are because people are not important. Thugs and the corrupt rule over every aspect of their lives with violence and intimidation.

We are this close (thumb to forefinger) to becoming as lost as the broken promises that oppress Indian Country.

This language of violence and intimidation is there to oppress us, make us afraid to do what is in our own best interests. Designed to make us afraid to support those who would best serve our country. It has to be called out. The nation needs to wake up.

The radical clerics of the Right Wing, FOX & Company, is still calling the faithful to worship them and giving them very plain maps and directions to follow. Turn them OFF. Talk to one another. Find the Truth and find the courage to stand in that light.

Otherwise, we can expect different sets of rules for different protected classes of people. Those who have connections in say--politics can do whatever and not be held accountable, even if they get someone killed.  Kind of like Iris Black, running over a child, but not held accountable for it. You know it's going to happen again. It has to. She is not being held accountable. She's still doing it.

There have been other shooters, domestic terrorists, inspired and led by the FOX & Co hate speech. But they were stopped before they could reach their targets. But FOX kept ranting and amping up the Hate Rhetoric. This one got through. "Completed the Mission."

And they are still doing it. Expect more, and expect worse. They don't look like terrorists because they are white. But they are as terroristic as any wild-eyed cleric shouting 'Death to America!'. None of those clerics, btw, ever pulled the trigger themselves. None of them flew the planes themselves. They didn't have to. Nor did Charles Manson ever murder anyone. But we arrest and imprison them. Why? Because we know who incites violence & murders when we see it.  Or-- do we?

You know where to find me.


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Mish Mash

By now everyone has made and broken their New Year's Resolution. Good, now that that is out of the way-- Let's see what has transpired over the break:

Let's Talk, let's argue:

I keep hearing from Jolene Littlewind who claims that I was saying 'bad things' about Mike Meade (her nephew) by mentioning that his death has never been investigated. That yes, she wants to know what happened, but doesn't want it mentioned. "he's different". Go figure.

She did correct my spelling of her name. "It's Jolene, not 'Joleen'." Ok, done.  (Again, the usual caution: people write to me claiming to be someone they are not. Don't assume it really is her until you ask her yourself.)

So, until she can tell me what 'bad things' I have been saying in the posts about his death, I'm just going to ignore her. I know there is a lot of attention seeking where no matter who is hurt or is killed, someone else needs to make it about themselves rather than about the real victim.

Remember the fights that broke out at Chris Cavenaugh's funeral? Everyone was playing victim and the family feud erupted, police were called--- what a circus. How totally unnecessary. I'm sure it is still going on.

I doubt that there will be any real investigation and the truth will never be known. There will be theories out there, and one will become the 'official theory' and the rest will continue to play in a bizarre counter melody to every tragedy out there.

A real investigation would put a lot of this to rest. But take a look at what you have for cops, FBI clowns, and of course, the joke that is Tribal Court.

So, murders go uninvestigated, rapes are ignored, child abuse runs rampant. Feuds between former friends, family members and between total strangers erupt. People have to pick sides. It's a subsurface warfare that never ends. Most of it is based on lies, misunderstandings, or just plain idiocy. But, for those who want to generate attention for themselves, no event too low to stoop in order to make themselves the center of it.

My mom used to be that way when she was alive. I used to have to reign her in. "Shut up! It's not you that's being buried! Not about You!" I know there are people like that in just about every family. Even mine.


Poopsie is still fired as far as I know. Then I heard that his wife got canned because she failed her drug test, and his daughter, Zsa Zsa (who picks these names? TV addicts?) was picked up for drugs or was tested and failed her drug test, and was fired... but her mother came screaming down on the School (Yes, she works for the school) and they let her stay hired through last month and will either terminate her or not rehire her sometime this week.

Yes, Zsa Zsa got re-tested, this time by Chuckles and of course, she passed. How much extra did he get for that one? His going rate for a clean test is an extra $50. Bet he got $100 because it was "Christmas". 

Any legitimate test of any of the Turdclan, Turdlings and their offspring will yield positives for pills, cocaine and meth. It's common knowledge. It's out in the open. It's a joke. It's what is running the rez.

Wow, looks like the Turdclan is drawing a lot of heat for their walk of crime. There's more...

Wayback Machine:

Remember when Vern Lambert wrote a bogus ‘legalese’ letter to support NLO dismissing the petition against her son, Zit Puppet? That letter was based on a fraudulent tribal member count, invented by Vern Lambert specifically to support her nullification of the legitimate petition.

BTW, NLO KNOWS that the method used to 'count' tribal members in order to nullify a legitimate recall petition of Zit Puppet, was bogus. She even received a letter from the Department of the Interior telling her that she was in violation. Essentially, she is illegally serving as Chairwoman of the Tribe.

That MAY be coming back to bite her on the butt this year. As in JAIL time. I’ll keep you posted.

But, these are the people who are running things out there. Creating the futility that is driving both the addictions, violence and suicides on the rez.  It is what keeps the unemployment high-- over 80%.

More Bad News For Turdclan & Co

Now, I hear that the casino is being looked at for 'missing money'. Not the nickel and dime crimes which they set up fall guys & gals, but big money. Millions. I hope this is true. I will let you know if I get anything solid on this.

The problem with busting small fry and fall guys is that people talk, flip, turn, worm... tell what they know to anyone that will listen. They have nothing to lose.  Watching Turdlings walk all over their friends and then throw them under the bus, or kill them, has an effect: People know they are not their friends and their is no loyalty. Anger replaces fear. People talk.

If they are investigating the casino, they are investigating the Gambling Commission Board... and guess who all sits on that? NLO, WalkingEgo, Poopsie and a few other familiar and not so familiar names.

If they are investigating the Gambling Commission Board, it's going to lead right to Ronin--- and again we see: NLO, Walkingego, Poopsie, Carl McKay and his wife... oh yeah, this would be a very good year!

Remember those bogus 1099's you made decent people fill out and file with the IRS? Yup. Big mistake. You thought you would get the tribe to pay your taxes while you skated? I'm seeing complications with that plan. Was Walt Hollifield the one who thought that one up? Effing Brilliant. AHoooooo Waaaaa Yaaaaa OOOOooooh! Yeah. Coyote loves it. They baited their own traps and stepped in them. Perfect.

All this is going to make for uncomfortable times for the Turdclan and their cronies. They are going to look around, realize what company they are keeping and do whatever they need to do to save their own hides: Talk, turn, flip, rat... oh yeah. Lovin' it.

So are the many decent, hard working, upstanding people of the rez who have had to endure the humiliation of being from Spirit Lake, where everyone knows, Turds are in charge, nothing works right, nothing is done right. 

The Justice Department is, where it can, going after the corrupt on the rez. Billions of tax dollars going into Indian Country, never accounted for. Criminal families running everything from jobs to drugs, police to clinics, schools to food. 

Good people have been trying to change this for decades. Good people have endured this for years. This might be the year where the Good People gain ground.

You know where to find me.


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