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Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

NOTE: "*" indicates a corrected or ammended posting.

Ronin's own Website The most basic money laundering/ponzi scam rivaling Maddoff

Free Peltier Now Worth a read


Write to me if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, information you want me to have or a correction to any information you see here.  I respond to all emails.  CAT  NOTE: I reserve the right to NOT respond to whack jobs that waste my time.

Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case. Here is the Latest story: December 2011 Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.


NOTE: New feature for the site will be an overview of cases of murdered and missing in Indian Country.  If you have a case that you want posted, contact me and I will tell you what I need to be able to post. -Cat

Please read up and follow the "Bring Paula Home" story and help a woman who has dedicated herself to helping Indian People survive and prevent Diabetes. Links on that page take you to her site. Special thanks to my friend, Denis Campbell Updated:Nov 1, 2009

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December 28, 2011 --- Printer Version (5)
Going into the New Year

2012 is supposed to be the End of Times. The Purification. The End of the Mayan Calendar... take your pick. My favorite is that sunspots will erupt and first we will lose all our electrical and technology and then we will scorch. I'm not making fun of it. I'm just saying that if it is that big, nothing can stop it, why worry? Live your life.

I say, the here and now is what we have to deal with. For all we know, there is another Mayan Calendar somewhere that picks up where this one leaves off-- and it's lying in some museum somewhere, giggling.

But even if this is the end of time, the Purification, I say we owe it to ourselves and the children to do as much right and good as we can, while we can.

Also, may I remind everyone that we already had the Y2K debacle back at the end of 1999.

Speaking of Debacles...

Typically, I have few regrets. I have seldom ever regretted trying to help someone. Until yesterday.

There was another debacle back in 2006 when I received emails from a woman who was crying about her messed up family and how she and her sister were being excluded, unfairly, from the land, home, property which they owned and paid taxes on. For what? For trying to get their drug addicted relative away from bad influences.


She had previously written to me on her horrendous experiences from back when she was Weenie Boy's live-in. How he had beat her up so many times she lost count. How she got away from him one night, by hiding in the water-- more afraid of him than the snakes that were in the water with her.

She was quite heroic in all that. She later stood up to him and even made him pay what he owed her for the trailer... and how he cried to his mommy because she was being so mean to him... on and on.

I had been warned to not get involved with her. That both she and her sister were crazy and that if I helped them I would live to regret it.

But how could I not?

She more than proved herself by giving me inside information on things.

Flash forward to this past week:

Michelle Knutson gets in touch with me. Why? Because she wants to tell me that Becky Larson is unfit to hold the position at Head Start. Why? She goes on and on about some gossip she had heard-- and it really holds no bearing on whether or not Becky is 'qualified'.

I asked her (since i had not written about Head Start in so long) why is she talking about that? It is not even current? I had said in my postings that Becky was over her head and did not meet the qualifications, but that she was doing her best under some really abusive circumstances.

I kept waiting for the Tribal Council to post her position-- but they never did and they never will.

1:) They would have to pay a qualified person, substantially more to take the job.

2:) A Qualified person would KNOW what funds are supposed to be in, and how they are supposed to be used and would ask questions.

The Tribal Council would rather let the program flail and fail, which it is, rather than risk hiring a qualified person.

Meanwhile, Wanda had made a promise to Michelle's sister that her (Michelle's) daughter could have the job. She hired the daughter in as a RN or LVN (not sure which) without following any protocol. Problem is, they already had a nurse there, and there is no money in the budget for a second one (who also has nothing to do) and so some other part of the budget now has to be raided to pay Wanda's friend.

That's okay, because the new hire has been prancing around telling everyone that she plans and has been promised, that she can replace Becky Larson.

She is no more qualified, and maybe even less qualified, but having friends in high places--- hey, there ya go!

Meanwhile, Becky Larson has been receiving threats from Roger who tells her: "You're in Check!" (as if he plays chess?) and she has found threatening notes on her car and has even had to call the police... So, Becky Larson's job is plenty stressful and the only one that the Tribal Council wants to replace her with, is someone more friendly to Roger & Wanda.

So, then I get this email from Roger's Ex, and she starts bitching about Becky Larson. I ask her what's in it for her? She says nothing. She doesn't live in SLN, doesn't work with her, doesn't have children in that school.

Well, that only leaves her wanting to up the pressure on Becky Larson. Now, who could she be wanting to do that for? Hmmmm... let us scratch our heads. (Wanda, Her Sister, or Roger? All three?)

When I confront her on her obvious ploy, she gets irate. Starts name-calling and telling me that the blog is full of crap and everyone knows it. Everyone knows that I only post whatever anyone says and it's all lies... "and you spend too much time going after Roger and Joel."

... Because I would not post her attacks based on gossip? (Follow that logic, if you can!)

I spend 'too much time on Roger and Joel'? Let's see: Roger is a murderer and he and his whole family are corrupt. They killed Eddie Peltier (and a few others). And now he is in a position to make decisions that affect the whole tribe--- a tribe which has been swarmed with FBI Agents like no one has ever seen before--- and then there is Joel, whom I have spent very little time on, frankly. He has a conviction for Sexual Assault. His family is big enough in Woodlake to elect him and keep him in. That is Woodlake's problem.

Not like the Tribal Council follows any rules, laws, bylaws or protocols.

But no, Michelle Knutson, who claims to have no reason to be after Becky Larson, goes after Becky Larson and then gets furious when I tell her I won't be a part of it.

She machine guns emails at me like a professional spammer.

I tell her to quit wasting my time or I will post her emails. She keeps coming at me. I told her I would "make her famous."

So, when I get them all off of the DVDs and out of the archives, I will post them all.

She claims she will post my emails on her FB page. I can't stop her, nor can I stop her from making things up and forging them, so it is unlikely I will have access to her FB page. You all know her, and her family.

She was silent on everything except her own problems with Weenie Boy, her exclusion, and then -- out of the blue, her attack on Becky Larson, which seems to coincide with Pillhead Wanda's attacks on Becky and Weenie Boy threatening Becky.

I never hear from her on anything else. She says she thinks that the Truth is important to her, (so if she hears gossip and likes it, it is the 'Truth'.)

She was not interested when the children got murdered. She was not interested in any of the fires. She was not interested in the rest of the stuff going on out there... but for some reason, Becky Larson was an outrage to her. (And her niece is ready to step in!).  (Pure coincidence, I am absolutely certain of it! *Pop!)

Then she says she 'tried to email' me about "Nola" (Noah Littlewind).
Tried to email me? What went wrong? Her fingers painted on? Both her arms broke? She said I got it all wrong about how he was killed in that traffic accident.

No, I didn't. I got it right.

So, I am posting this about her, as I said I would. You all probably already know her as a sticky mess no one should ever try to help. I learned the hard way that she is nothing but stink.

She said something about 3 names I asked her about that ( it came from someone else?)... I have no idea what she is talking about. But, like everything else I have heard from her this week, I'm sure she's made it up, and it will be convincing-- unless someone asks a follow up question.

She wants to drag a lot of other people into this. And she probably will.

But I am done with her. Do what you want, believe what you want. Assist her on any emergency at your own risk. She will, someday in the future, when you don't do her bidding or buy her bullshit, snarl and bite like a rabid gopher.

It's just that the timing of this attack on Becky Larson was so 'coincidental' to the threats by her Ex on Becky Larson, and her niece vying for the position that she herself is not qualified to have.

So, maybe she and the lovely ex are back together again. Maybe his getting Chairmanship made him all sexy to her again. I don't know. Maybe she was only doing it for her niece. She gave no good reason whatsoever for the attack and smears. Nothing she said made any sense.

And, anyone, (me) who won't go along with her mindless smear campaign, is the enemy. Okay. I'm telling you all, but you all already knew about her.

I put all her emails into the spam folder now. And, until the sunspots blow technology off the globe, I have all I need to ignore her. She is not truthful and has no credibility. She creates stink and drags as many people into it as she can-- only because she knows their names, not because they have done anything. Trust her at your own risk.  Help her and then watch your back.

Update: She is obviously having second thoughts on this as she said that "I was just saying that if you make me famous, I will make you famous." Yeah, her little Facebook page is a real threat. She obviously is picking up tricks from her Pillhead Friend, Wanda.  If I was to let anyone's threats of whatever nasty things they want to say to or about me on Facebook stop me, I would have quit years ago. Frankly, after reading over Wanda's (she has now locked up her page-- oh Snap!) I found them hysterically comical. I'm sure Michelle will be right up there with that.

Let's see: Her Facebook page is limited to her drunken friends. The Blog goes out everywhere and has a reliable following in the thousands.  Oh dear! It would appear that Michelle has brought a thumbtack to a sword fight! 

I don't post gossip. I verify, as best I can, all that I post. If I make mistakes I always print a retraction and occasionally, an apology.  But I never bow to blackmail. And if someone as petty and vindictive as Michelle Knutson wants to try threatening me and bad mouthing me because I won't play her game... so be it. Thumbtack.

If she wants to name people, possibly put people in danger, true or not, well, that tells you what kind of person she is at the core of her being.  I worry about people who are my sources and I worry about people falsely being accused of either being me or being my source.

Michelle is feeling immune lately. She and Roger have obviously made amends. She feels very powerful indeed! But she is a thumbtack on a rampage. She will get people hurt and she will hurt her reputation (if she has one) if she doesn't smarten up and realize that people are not endeared of someone who is only in it for herself and will lie to get what she wants.

Moving On

I will keep after the murderers. I will continue to inform you, best as I can, of what is going on and where the corruption is; who is stealing from you-- and I will continue to point out that you all need to find a way to come together, find decent candidates, support them and get the corruption out of your tribe. Your children are dying, suiciding, becoming addicted, giving up and the party goes on -- even louder.

Happy New Year

You know where to find me.



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December 23, 2011 --- Printer Version (4)
Merry Christmas, Mary

Christmas. Family. Belief in Christ. Well, two outta three ain't bad, eh Mary? I'm talking to you, Mary McDonald or Blueshield or whatever your name is now. Your daddy is a preacher, and your lies have kept Richard LaFuente in prison for decades. Your lies have stolen his life from him.

Your lies have kept him away from his family and all the things in this world that you and your family enjoy, are at his expense.  Your family has been well-paid for your lies. Your brother Russell has failed, but been paid well at every position he has been given.  He gets paid for Grants he failed to produce on time or which he failed to produce at all. He has put more of your family to work at the college, so many in fact, that I am surprised they don't change the name of the college to "McDonald Family Piggy Bank".

You, personally, have profited from your lies. Every job you have been given is a "Thank You!" from the Turdclan for the lies you refuse to recant. Lies that keep an innocent man in prison, and the real murderers as your closest family friends.

Do you really believe in Christ? I know your daddy doesn't. Nor does your mother. They never would have sold you into this when you were just a teenager.  They were paid well, as well. So was your Uncle Demus, who was there when Eddie was murdered, and helped to prevent Fred Peltier from helping his brother while he was being murdered in the kitchen.

Everyone in your family has profited from your lies. Do you believe in God? I don't think so. Unless you think that all you have to do is quietly pray to no one in the room that you be forgiven for your lies and your cowardice. And you pray for that, right? I mean, you get it automagically from your God, right? You don't actually have to really 'do' anything to right the wrongs you have kept in place all these many years.

Imagine if you had been wrongly accused and locked away and your family did not even know you. Imagine if you did not see your children again until they were grown and had children of their own, and you had to only get visits from them on rare but glorious Saturdays--- and the only pictures you have of them or they have of you were taken in front of a cheesy prison mural designed to give the impression that you were in some other place than a concrete enclosed, stinking prison cell.  How would you feel, Mary?

This is what you have done to a man who has done nothing to you, and done nothing wrong.

You, Mary. Your lies.

Did the Truth ever matter to you?

Do you know how brutally Eddie was murdered by the very people who pay off your family and you? Was it a good trade?

Your sister, Molly, the Judge, has done more harm to children than I can count. She would never have that job if it was not for you.

Nor would your brother have so many high paying jobs. Nor would your Uncle Demus have been so gainfully employed, being the drunken moron that he is.

How many children have been hurt because of your family? Can you count them? Do you know their names? Do you know what Molly has done to them?

How many Elders lost benefits and services because Russell was so inept? Do you care?

Look at Richard. Look at his children. Look at the Grandchildren that he only recently got to meet.

Look at how he has to wear prescription sunglasses because the prison welding job he had did not provide safety gear, and he needed to be 'busy'.

In 25 years, he has not committed one infraction of the rules. Not one. He has done everything asked of him except confess to and show remorse for, a murder committed by your friends and for that, and with your lies keeping him locked up, he can not see daylight.

When, sweet Mary, do you think that Richard will have suffered enough for your sins and the sins of your family and friends? When will you have enough decency in you to tell the Truth and open the doors and let him out?  Shall we see if you and your family can have more for longer? Are they not yet full enough?

Merry Christmas, Mary.

Richard's Story

Texas Monthly has done another story on Richard LaFuente.  Mike Hall has done a great job of showing howRichard LaFuente & family much of a travesty it is that a man who is obviously innocent, has done his time in exemplary fashion, has been punished for NOT LYING about a murder he did not commit. There are pictures of Richard on the Fathers Day link on that same page.  I urge you all to read it. You will get an insight into the amazing faith and strong character of Richard LaFuente in the overwhelming situation of being held both a prisoner for a crime he never committed and a hostage to the whims of a Federal Parole Board that answers to no one, nor does it follow any rules or protocols itself has made.

And yet, Richard, despite all this, every day, finds something to hold his spirits up. That one man has more courage than the sum total of all the families who have benefited from the lies told by Mary.

I don't know anyone that can maintain a positive outlook, and remain not bitter in the least, under these circumstances.

Mary's life is easy. All she has to do to keep her whole family prosperous, is to never ever, ever --- tell the truth. She would not last one day in the Hell she has sentenced Richard LaFuente to. 

So, Mary, what did Santa bring you this year? I know it was not a mirror. I doubt that you could ever look at yourself for what you have done and what you have become.

Everyone, when you see her, phone her, Facebook her... tell her:

"Merry Christmas, Mary". 

And when you do, think of this man:


Think about his daughters and their children-- his Grandchildren.


Yeah, that crappy mural in the background makes it soooo much better, doesn't it? You can almost forget that this man is in prison for a murder he never committed. You can almost forget, Mary, that you did this to him.

You know where to find me.


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December 19, 2011--- Printer Version (3)
Justin Case

Well, Duane Jackson's first big entrance as the replacement Vice Chair for the Tribal Council was a big bust. He talks tough, but he's got nothing behind it.

The big GA meeting he had planned in Tokio last week, he was going to 'take care of business' ended up with him and the rest of the Tribal Council shivering in their seats.

Let us go to the notes:

Betty Jo Krenz was supposed to speak there. She was an invited guest. I don't know why that woman keeps standing up for the people out there, clearly, they do not stand up for her. But she does. She shows up and when she takes the floor to speak about what happened in Social Services and why she no longer works there, Kevin, that Toy Story Cowboy, who looks like a pile of dog poo piled into an oversized Cowboy Hat, jumps up and grabs the mic from her hands!

Does anyone do anything? No.

Toy Story starts screaming and yelling that he's a Holy Man, and he insults her by calling her Wasicu, and he goes on and on... and not one Tribal Council Member called him on it. Not one. So, I guess the meetings go this way: You all show up and then chaos reigns. Whomever can grab the microphone and yell, gets to.

Weenie Boy never once called him down. In fact, he backed him up. He stood behind Mrs. Krenz and said, loud enough for it to be heard in the microphone: "You had better excuse yourself", to her!

Kevin's mother, the one being paid for Foster Children she is not caring for, yelled a few things at Mrs. Krenz without even introducing herself.  (This is how you run meetings? Like Fight Club? What an embarrassment!)

Ray Cavenaugh stood over there, arms crossed, smirking.

On and on and on, went that hatful of hate, until people just started walking out. Out they went. Most of them.

And, when most of the people were gone, Toy Story continued to rant... demanding at the end of his rant that Betty Jo, who has done nothing wrong, who has only told the truth, be excluded from the rez so that he and his crooked family can steal money and sell children with no one there to stop them or mention it. 

That is how Clarisse, his sister, A Tribal Councilor, a Sun dancer, likes to work it. Threatening people that if they don't go along with what she wants, they will be disenrolled, or they will be excluded, or both.  Yeah, a Holy Man and his Holy Sister. "Holy" as in "Holes in their heads". 

Breaking the law means nothing to them. It costs them nothing. The government will back them up if anyone complains, and tell the victims that they have to go through Tribal Court first. And that can take forever, literally, as Tribal Court has no rules and follows no protocols or rules. They also make it up as they go along. But, if they did agree that the Tribe did wrong, (which never happens, which is why Tribal Courts are set up as they are) Then and ONLY THEN, will the Federal government step in and say-- let's have a look here.  Indians have no legal recourse against the corruption in their own tribes.

And then, with the rant reduced to demands for Mrs. Krenz exclusion, and most of the people gone, Turdmother spoke up and said she wanted her son, Poopsie, to be reinstated back at the top job in the casino.  He failed on a drug test that was NOT administered by his pal, Chuck Trottier. 

And then, the motion came to reinstate Justin Yankton. Yes, the LIHEP scandal Justin Yankton.

Larry Levinthall told the Tribal Council that they could not do that because they needed 20% of the Tribe to be in that meeting. We were now down to a handful, mostly Kevin's family and Justin's. 

But, since the Tribal Council makes up its own rules, they declared that it didn't take 20% to oust him (he was dismissed because he was indicted on the LIHEP Scandal. (Don't worry, he's a real man: He's getting his woman to take the fall for him). It pays to have the same last name as the Turdclan.

So, they voted, and no surprise, he was reinstated. He was immediately given paid leave and back pay. So, he essentially is on paid vacation, has back pay, and the Tribe, legally, is picking up the tab on all his legal expenses, and any other little expenses he might want to be paid for. He just doesn't have to show up for work. What a guy!

So, as the rest of you are scraping what you can to heat your homes, stop the leaks, deal with the mold and vermin; as you are struggling to feed your children, get them warm coats and boots, just know that Justin Yankton is well-taken care of. What's a few Hundred Thousand among friends, right?

Wow, and Justin Time for his Christmas Bonus!

Those of you who have information, documents, and you keep them to yourself instead of sending them to me... are, by your silence, allowing your tribe to become the biggest, most pathetic joke on the planet.

This tribal council does not even try to hide their contempt for you, the rules and they don't care how many children get murdered, suicide, addicted, or starve.  They don't care about the abuse. They only want access to the money.  It won't end until everyone sees what they are doing. Send me the documents, tell me what you know, and I will see to it that everyone knows.

Not one of you stood up for Mrs. Krenz or demanded that Rules of Order be followed for the meetings. You have all given away your voices to the most corrupt among you.

How much longer can one woman stand up in the place where ALL of you should be standing up, but none of you are?  When she is gone, if they can get rid of her, do you think things will be better or worse out there? Do you think the children will be better or worse off?

What, exactly, are you waiting for?

You know where to find me.


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December 13, 2011

Meeting tonight at Tokio Rec Hall.  5 PM  Important you attend!  Bring your note pads. I want info!

Tell me what you think of all of it.

You know where to find me. ~Cat

December 12, 2012 --- Printer Version (3)
Special Meeting/GA

Last week there was supposed to be a special meeting. Posters went up and everything. Well, 'posters went up.'  Not like your tribe's website would actually have anything there to inform you.

So, people started showing up for the meeting-- only one problem, most of your Tribal Council members had taken their Christmas Bonus money and headed out, first class travel, to Las Vegas for a week. They always go there when the Rodeo is in town. I'm sure it is just a coincidence-- over and over again.

Someone went around ripping down all the posters.  Clarisse pretended like her keys don't fit the locks. It was a particularly bad acting job. It was panned by all the critics. "Not worthy of an Elementary School Play" wrote one. "I was more convincing when I said the dog ate my homework," said another.

She said there was no meeting because the meeting was never called by the Tribal Council. (Umm, yes it was.).

So, here's the deal: NEW Special Meeting/GA is on Tuesday. I am assuming it is at the usual place and the usual time so that people with jobs can't attend, or will have to leave early, or take a wage dent for leaving... But I urge you all to attend.

Why? Because you have questions and you have a new Vice Chair, and you need to know what is going on.

FBI has been crawling all over the place and turning over rocks. You have a right to know what that is about.

No one has been charged in the murder of Destiny and Travis. You have a right to know what is going on about that and WHAT, if anything, your Tribal Council is doing about that.

The petition against Roger, being taken around by NLO's sister, Porky Cloud, has had enough signatures on it for over 2 weeks now. What are they doing with it? Keeping it as a Christmas List? You have a right to know what is going on with that.

I am sure you have many questions of your own.  You need to attend this meeting and find out as much as you can-- and then tell me, and I can tell everyone else.

So, remember: SPECIAL GA MEETING, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13th.  Find out what time and exactly where. If I find out, I will post it.

What's That Smell?

I told you that John Chaske is Black Road and not to dance with him. Those who have, have suffered, substantially over the years. Yet, they keep on coming back-- hungry for ceremony. Better to have no ceremony than to trust your spiritual well-being to Black Road.

The Grandfathers are not pleased. John Chaske is rotting, from the inside out. I doubt that he has one more dance left in him. Mocking the ways, and claiming spiritual powers, will show itself on anyone who does it.

Take a look at your Toy Story Cowboy out there, Kevin Dauphinais. Everyone has said the same thing: He is melting. He looks waxy. He looks like he is 'rotting'. And now, "he stinks, bad".  Both he and John Chaske can be known in an area long before they are seen, by the putrid smell they give off. 


The Time of Reckoning is nigh. "They are here. They see. They know everything. They always have." Many more people are hearing, seeing and know what I am talking about. The children are telling of dreams where they talk to Old Ones. Shushing them, ignoring them, won't save you. They are all messengers. Ignore them at your peril.

The Grandfathers are coming for all those who have assisted the evil out there. I don't want to guess what is in store, but it cannot be avoided now. It has gone too far.

If you want to clear your path before that reckoning begins, time is short. Shorter than you realize.

"Nothing is Forgotten. We become lost, but then, when we find ourselves, everything is there, here, where it always was."

Comfort v Corruption

There was a time when if you saw an Indian going hungry, their whole tribe was hungry.  They took care of one another. It made it possible for them to survive impossible times, even up until today.

They pulled together so that we could all have this day. No one was without clothing or shelter unless all were naked and had not a home.

But not these days. These days your leaders steal the warmth from the homes of the struggling poor, take the food from the cupboards and leave little children hungry, crying, alone, and in rags.  What kind of "Indian" behaves this way?

Now, it is winter. You know who needs you to cut firewood, bring fuel, food, clothes, or make repairs. You can see it all around you. Do what you can for one another, and you will, by these simple unspoken deeds, become Indians again, in a strong way. You will, in these small ways, build your strength and overcome the corrupt who have, with your silence, your cooperation, made life a living, futile hell for your children--your future-- the future of your tribe.

I know there are good people out there, quietly going about the work of connecting to others, recognizing children, listening to their language, and teaching them how to be proud of who they are and know that they can be even more, in their lives.

I know there are people out there, quietly reminding each of us, of who we are and that we have value.

Every child out there needs protection.

They don't all get it at home. Few find it in the schools. None find it in the Tribal Police.

It is winter now. Do what you can. Make a point of it. In your own, quiet way. And speak out and tell the Truth-- you might just change the life of a child, or of all the children, into something worth living.

You know where to find me.


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*December 5, 2011 -- Printer Version (5)
Clown Car Winds Up Again

Here's the latest and greatest on Joel Redfox's situation. He will fight the recall, and he is not willing to step down and save the tribe further embarrassment. I am told that he has hired Larry Levinthal (not sure of the spelling at this point) as his attorney. Larry does all the legal work for the tribe, or should I say, all the 'dirty work'.

He's the one that helped Zit Puppet screw that accountant out of all his money when he refused to pay for the audit that was performed. All the work that was done, mostly without any cooperation from Tribal Council or then Secty-Treasurer, better known and the biggest drunk on the rez, Brian "Zit Puppet" Pearson, Myra's bastard son.

The accountant had the nerve to ask for itemized accounting of expenditures and expense account payouts! Who do you call when you want to screw the innocent and help the culprits? Larry Levinthal! (so sue me, Larry).

And, guess who is paying for it? Of course the Tribe is paying for it!

I have updated the Documents Page so that the court documents on Joel show up in the index table.

Pillars of Virtue

Two women barred the entrance to Joel's office because they don't think that someone of such low moral standing should be sitting on Tribal Council. Shelly Lugar and Emma Cavenaugh. (Never mind that Roger, a murderer, whose whole family is nothing but criminals, rapists, incestuous, thugs-- is your Chairman!).  They think that blocking the door to Joel's office is how you can become one of the Pillars of Virtue in the Community.

Shelly, or Seashelly as we love to name her, lived with a rapist boyfriend, Galen Robertson, for years. She paid his legal fees, paid off complainants, and even after he raped her own underage daughter (tied her up in a chair and him and his buddies raped her for hours), she paid... wait, she didn't pay--- The Tribe paid all those bills. Ever wonder why the District always ran out of funds by the first month?

And Emma-- didn't she marry her stepfather?

Worse, neither of these bright, shining paragons of virtue, live in his district. Should not there have been a warrior woman or man or dog, from Woodlake? No? Maybe Woodlake doesn't care? Hard to tell these days.

The Family That Pays Together

Here's a not-so-surprising piece from the rez:

Well his (Weenie Boy's) long lost son is Terry Belgarde. Terry Belgarde's mom is Arlene Belgarde! She is second in charge in the finance office and she had a son with Roger Weenie Boy many years ago.

As far as i know Roger never claimed him in public or signed for him. Well anyways, Weenieboy and Arlene signed a check in the amount of $200,000 for services provided to the tribe by Terry Belgarde.

Now for that amount the tribal council is suppose to meet on it, but Weenieboy's saying Myra Pearson always signed checks for that amount! So what's the problems with him signing a check for that amount?

So, what 'services' has Terry Belgarde provided to the tribe? Nice when Mom and Dad can just slice off a fat check like that, isn't it? Now, was this a contract that was given? What was it for? Were there bids on that contract or was it just 'gifted', family style?

The Belgardes go way back. Pete Belgarde, that babbling fool in the corner over there, was in on the planning of Eddie's murder.  Turdclan takes care of their co-conspirators and accessories -- for life. Under-qualified and over paid. Or 'gifted'. Don't you just love those rigged draws at the Casino? Want cash? Vehicles? Other Prizes? Snuggle up to the Turdclan. So easy!

You may want to bring out these little things at the next GA. You might want to give Joel and Weenieboy and Arlene, all chances to explain themselves.

*I said I would post anyone who had a different take on this, and I found one that I think is worthy.  Here is the 'other side' of this tale:

Cat, just wanted to tell you that Terry Belgarde is not the son of Roger Yankton, but of his brother Scott. (They meant) "Alex"
Terry is married to a non Indian and worked off the reservation for years. He has never really associated with the Yankton family and was raised by his mother Arlene.

He entered into a contract via the TERO office to do work surrounding the roads and flooding there, just like every other contractor, the only difference is he is an enrolled member. When he went to collect his payment, the TERO employees (not the director) who signed off on the agreed payment started playing games and held off on paying him.

The director, Allen McKay had already retired. After lots of drama, he had to be paid because his papers, contract and documentation were all in order.

Arlene is the half sister of Pete Belgarde, however they have different mothers. (just wanted to clarify that)  She is really a decent person, she was a single mother and is raising her granddaughter (her daughter died at age 24).  I have never heard of her ever having any legal problems, and don't think she would risk her job by doing anything illegal.  Thats just my opinion. 

Out She Goes

Clarice has lost an ally (and relative) in the enrollment department. Marie Martin was escorted out of the building for her radical actions of summarily disenrolling "enemies" of her family. Also, she apparently has removed from the premises, enrollment records and other documents.

Now, the Tribal Council is 'waiting' for her to return them.

Really? Can't pick up the phone and call the police? That is theft of Vital Records!

There were Suits in the Blue Building at least 2 days and nights-- you could have shoulder tapped one of them if your phones weren't working, and the carrier pigeons weren't flying.

Thuppa Thuppa Thuppa

(Call me anything you want, but don't call me late for thuppa!)

So, last Wednesday night, the Suits were still on the premises and cop cars were racing all over the rez and a helicopter (searchlight and all) was flying low over Crow Hill.

Turns out there was a Pharmacy that got broken into in a nearby town, and the Oxy and other drugs were all stolen. The robbers got away and a police chase ensued-- and the car that was being chased was found, abandoned, in Crow Hill.

FEDEX Wednesday

You know, with all the Suits being on the premises so much, I guess that FED EX Wednesday drug distribution has been thrown off schedule.

FedEx Wednesday is when Turdmother has the delivery truck show up at her house with all her online prescriptions.  The place becomes a parking lot just prior to, during and for a short while after the delivery, with everyone coming to get their 'fix'.

But, it has been dicey with so many FB EYES on the scene... so I guess someone decided to go get the distribution for their district at a nearby Pharmacy.

Car Chases is how people get killed on the roads out there. Robberies are how people get killed out there. Drugs are killing people out there. Only two days until Wednesday!


I am also told that there are more than enough signatures on the Petition to recall Weenie Boy. Ironically, it is NLO's sister, Porky Cloud, who is taking that petition around.

So, who have we got pointing out the corruption and flaws in this Tribal Council? Why, the corrupt and the flawed from the previous Tribal council!

Ed Brownshield

Ed Brownshield is supposed to be on the agenda for the next GA. He's already in Tribal Court for not paying back a dime of the loans he took out back when Skip Longie was Tribal Chairman. What brought this up was him coming back for more loans whining that he can't make a profit because other companies are undercutting his prices.

Not sure how this works, so if you know, feel free to submit corrections:

Ed Brownshield, back in the 90's, got substantial loans to start up his propane business, even though he had no property or any collateral to back up the loans. If he had property, it was not used as collateral. The loans were (brilliantly) unsupported.

In order to make sure he could repay those loans, he was given an 'exclusive' contract to supply propane to the tribe.

He is also free to supply any other venues he can get his business to.

He charges full price, which is apparently more than other propane companies charge. So, the people pay more to buy from him.

This was supposed to be a good deal for the tribe, how?

And now he wants more money because he can't make enough money to pay back what he already owes because even with the exclusive to the rez, he is not making enough money? So an additional loan would be un collateralized, unsupported and already in default?

He is literally saying that can't make enough money to support his business and needs another 'loan' to add to the other loans he has not paid back.

Was there some magic fairy dust in there that I missed? How is this supposed to work?

Again, this is supposed to be a good idea?

So, if anyone there can clear this up for me. I would love to post it.

Meanwhile, stand back! That Clown Car is gassed up and revving its engine...

You know where to find me.


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