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Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

NOTE: "*" indicates a corrected or ammended posting.

Ronin's own Website The most basic money laundering/ponzi scam rivaling Maddoff

Free Peltier Now Worth a read


Write to me if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, information you want me to have or a correction to any information you see here.  I respond to all emails.  CAT  NOTE: I reserve the right to NOT respond to whack jobs that waste my time.

Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case.  Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.


NOTE: New feature for the site will be an overview of cases of murdered and missing in Indian Country.  If you have a case that you want posted, contact me and I will tell you what I need to be able to post. -Cat

Please read up and follow the "Bring Paula Home" story and help a woman who has dedicated herself to helping Indian People survive and prevent Diabetes. Links on that page take you to her site. Special thanks to my friend, Denis Campbell Updated:Nov 1, 2009

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November 28, 2011 --Printer Version (3)
Turkey Trot

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving Holiday. I think of it as a time when we give thanks for our friends and family.  I just can't get into that Pilgrims thing. I think of Pilgrims as the "Illegal Immigrants" whose descendents are now trying to keep out people whose families lines go back to the First Peoples.  Things have become that upside down.

When Pilgrims came here, you could breathe the air, drink the waters right out of the rivers. If they had learned to live Indian Ways, we would still be drinking waters, clean, fresh waters, right out of the rivers.  But, that is not how it turned out.

We go forward from where we are. We remember history, but we go forward from where we are.  Some things cannot be undone. Others, that can be healed, take time.

Give thanks while you can, because it means there is still time to heal.

Other Turkeys

The more I look into those sexy emails, the more I realize they were, all of them, faked. Yes, someone who has access to the emails on the servers, concocted the whole thing. How do I know? Same way you all know. Yes, you all knew, in the back of your minds, it was a lie.

For one thing: How they were delivered: All printed out and stuffed into everyone's inbox.  I gave plenty of time for the person who 'got them' in the first place, and who printed them out, to send me the long headers from the emails so that I could see if they have been faked.

Example of "Long Headers" on email is this:


There are ways to read these to know if they have been faked, or tampered with.  Anyone smart enough to know how to "steal" those emails would be smart enough to know how to attach "Long Headers".

The other, really obvious thing on that whole email thing is this: People who get ahold of something as juicy and racy as those emails were supposed to be, want EVERYONE to know they got the scoop. These were all handed out anonymously.  That intrepid individual has yet to pop their head up out of the hedges and claim the prize.

You know they have no reason not to. They were not the ones mentioned in the emails. No reason for them to hide, right? Unless, they were afraid that someone would expose the truth, that they are faked emails, cut, pasted, added to, deleted from, stitched together like and printed out to do deliberate harm to everyone.

I also think that whomever the culprit is, they were hoping you'd send these to me and I would just run with them without investigating them to see what they were or weren't, and then, technically, I would be doing their dirty work.

You may or may not like the people in those emails, but the Truth has got to mean something to you. If you want to bring them down, do it legitimately, not by some turkeyshit sneaked into mailboxes, by some sneaky person who probably just wants to take the heat off of Social Services and all the other scandals. 

You need to not lose focus on what is important and relevant out there. Social Services is broken. It is hurting the very people it is supposed to be helping-- The Children.

There are real issues out there that require everyone's attention. Being side-tracked by this bogus bs is like the Tribal Council doing a Press Conference to announce they are spending money, not on improving life for those in need on the rez, but rather, in some bogus lawsuit regarding the Nickname of the College.

The lawsuit on the nickname is not how you protect and defend your culture. Protecting the Children is how you protect and defend the Culture, the Honor and the dignity of your Tribe.  The Nickname was given, from all I have read, in a Pipe Ceremony. The People who received it, own it. What they do with it is between them and the Pipe. Them and God. Them and them. You are no longer involved. You don't give something, then control how it is used or not used.  If the college wants to give it up-- it's theirs to give up!

There, solved it. Now, spend all that money that would have gone to lawyers and travel and all kinds of PR BS, and spend it on the Children, on the housing, the food, the roads, the healthcare, the schools, the Ambulance... I'm sure there are plenty of more worthy places to invest the Tribe's dollars than that turkey.

Turkey OUT

I am told that there are enough signatures on the Petition to oust Weenie Boy. More than enough. It should be turned in this week. I encourage everyone to sign that Petition just to be ON THE RECORD as having stood up against part of the evil that has been running that tribe for decades.

Let me know who you plan to put in his place. I'm sure you have so many to choose from. Bet now you are all regretting having not stood up for decent people who went to school, came back to help the tribe and were run off by the ridicule, the cronyism.  This is what you have left.

Roger ran on the promise to get rid of Molly. You were all so dumb to believe he would ever do that. Her family is so tied into his family over the murder of Eddie Peltier, that he would NEVER get rid of her.  He would make noises, but she can run him scared by saying: "My sister, Mary has been thinking about recanting her testimony and telling the truth..." That is how they all got their jobs for life. Covering for a murder, perjuring their Mary, in Federal Court.  Those who witnessed and helped in the murder (Demus) also gets money for life, job for life.. whatever he wants.

So, you will get rid of Roger, but whom will you replace him with? It's a clown car. He needs to be gone. Let's see if you do much better when you replace him.

You know where to find me.


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November 23, 2011 -- Printer Version (4)
Corruption Requires Complicity

In order for corruption to exist, people who know about it have to stay quiet. People who find out about it have to ignore it. Unchallenged, corruption thrives and grows, at the expense of the innocent and the community as a whole.

I'm still shaking my head about that "Honor Song" that the Tribal Council insisted on singing in front of the press just before they made their big announcement that they were going to spend tribal funds, which we are always told they don't have enough of, to engage in a court fight over the Fighting Sioux Nickname.

No one up in front of those cameras has any honor. Not one. Weenie Boy is a murderer, but those who could put him behind bars and free an innocent man, clear the names of those who were falsely accused and wrongfully convicted, they all stay silent.  The community descends deeper into darkness by the silence of those who are complicit in the many crimes, including murder, keep their silence.

And then there are those like Joel Redfox. He goes to church, very active in the community, seems to be an all around good guy, except he is gutless, spineless and oh yes, he never should have been on council in the first place. Why? He has a conviction for Sexual Assault.

There was all this buzz about him failing to register as a sex offender. If he is required, and I do believe that sexual assault requires registering as a convicted sex offender, and he has not registered, he can be put in jail for failure to register as a sex offender. How many sex offenders do you really want on your tribal council anyway? Can't you at least get rid of the ones who have plead guilty? (REF:Case No: 36-06-K-01072
Sexual Assault, Misdemeanor, Halloween, 2006, pled "Guilty")  His wife bailed him out and paid his fines. She did it under her father's name: "Huntsalong". Too embarrassed to use her own name. I don't blame her. I am not sure why she sticks with him. He has convictions for drug paraphernalia, but he claims it was brand new, never been used and it was 'for someone else'. Oh yeah, "I was holding it for a friend".

Joel knew, his wife knew, his whole family knew he had no business even running for office, much less sitting on council. But everyone of them stayed silent. He should not only be thrown out of office, he should have to pay back every dime he was paid, and every penny of the travel and other monies he received from the Tribe. Plus, he should pay back the per diems and lodging and any registration fees the tribe paid on his behalf. 

You're going to need the money. Your tribe is launching a lawsuit over a nickname.

Bonus Shot

Weenie Boy wants to keep Joel on Council. He's a perfect puppet. He is, along with his family, especially with Poopsie's contacts in State and Federal Government, working to overturn the SORNA laws or to get an exemption for Joel. There are still some very powerful people who are beholdin to the Turdclan, or who are worried that something about their behaviors might get out. It would not surprise me to find out that in a short while, all this 'disappears' and Joel will be able to claim it never happened.

But, meanwhile, to appease the peasants, your generous Tribal Council has decided you will, after all, get a teeny tiny Christmas Bonus, after all. They won't tell you how much because frankly, they had not thought about that. Now, they have to divide up all that they were taking for themselves and figure how how many crumbs will go to the people.  Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy! Lucky you!

Funding Fun

You have to look at the Tribal Council Minutes from November 10, 2011. I am baffled. Just like that (snap!) they can approve a $24MILLION project with $900K to start it off. They are saying they won't need loans and they can do it all with 'grants'.  Grants my fat fanny. The Casino pulls in millions per week over and above operating costs. It should be funding all of these 'projects' and many more. I'm wondering where they assume they will get these grant monies from? What programs or projects will they raid to pay for this?

What is it? It sounds like they are building a building for Head Start. I am all for that. However, I know how they operate. They get funding for a project and then the money disappears and few if any of the projects ever get finished. There is never a true or accurate or even itemized accounting for where most of the money goes.

Using Head Start as a cover for this, if indeed that is what they are doing (and forgive me for not trusting them to do anything honestly. After all, there are so many examples of corruption, one cannot walk through the rez without seeing broken promises, bad roads, leaking roofs and hungry children.)

If anyone knows what this project really is, and how they think they can get $24 MILLION in grants, let me know. I'll share with the rest of the class, I promise!

Apparently, the Chair (that be Weenie Boy) will have signing authority. Kiss it goodbye, kids.

Fleetwood Mac Attack

You know that album Fleetwood Mac put out way long time ago: "Rumours"?  GREAT Album! Pick any tune from that and play it in the background of your mind as I relay to you this next morsel.

By now, many of you have already received copies of emails allegedly between two people out there who should not be writing such things to one another. But shit happens. And, as it happens, this might be more shit than truth.

I got a copy of the emails and they are interesting, for sure. But what I need before I can vouch for the authenticity of these emails, is the LONG HEADERS that come with each email. When someone wants to doctor up emails, it is easy enough to do. But, if you have the long headers, and they are complete, it makes the whole pile look a lot more authentic. It has to be authentic before you start passing this kind of thing around and blasting people, and their children's, lives into pieces of ridicule.

I'm not saying it cannot be true, I am saying that before I can buy it, it has to be proven to me. So, send me the Long Headers (Google: "Long Headers, How to find, copy, paste, send") and I can sort through it.

Meanwhile, ask yourself this: "If this was being sent around about me and it was true, and it was going to have a devastating affect on my kids, my marriage, my life, what would I do?"  Now, ask yourself the same question only add " ...and if it was not true.." 

I am sure that every one of you out there that has passed these around just knows it is true. But, what if you are wrong? Will you own up to the people named? Will you apologize to them? Their children? Their spouses? What are you prepared to do to make it up? 

So, send me the emails again, only in complete, long header form. I'll take it from there.

If you don't have the originals and the long headers, ask the person who sent it to you to give them to you. If they don't have it, or can't get it, then you all have a lot of work to do.

Meanwhile, I'm giving benefit of the doubt because if I were to run with this red meat, right or wrong, true or untrue, the least damage that would be done would be that it would crash a very needed program out there and that would be devastating to children and families, and to the future.

Let's all see if it's worth it to all of us to hurt the Innocent. That is who gets hurt in this. Not the guilty. Regardless of who is guilty. It's the kids.

Think about that. (Music ends)

You know where to find me.





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November 21, 2011-- Printer Version (4)
Relatively Blind


The Clown Car Syndrome

So, the vote to recall Darwin, despite his antics to have the doors closed 15 minutes after they were opened, went off without a hitch. He was recalled by a 2 to 1 margin, if not greater.

He could have had one more vote if he had bothered to man up and show up. But, like the cringing coward that he is, he hid. No show. But he was getting updates via text messaging all the way through it.

I'm sure that made him peeing his pants in private, a whole lot better.

He has been replaced by Duane Jackson. People are happy that he has been replaced, but iffy as to how the replacement will do. Who can blame you? There have been so many disappointments along the way.

Duane is the Father of Lonna Jackson and there are concerns that he will put her in positions she is not qualified for and the whole process will remain the same. Much like a Clown Car Chinese Fire Drill. Everyone changes places and positions, but nothing changes.

The big drawback to Duane is that his son in law is a fake Indian named Richard Street, whom you have heard much about in the past as having purchased an altar from Crow Dog and practicing Black Road Medicine on behalf of whomever pays him the most. Richard and Duane are like spiritual identical twins.

I have heard that Duane is no fan of Richard. But we shall see if he turns a blind eye to his own family and allows them to carry on and do more damage, or if he actually steps up and does some good for the District and the Tribe.

Bonus Shot

You know how in some games, you can sometimes get a bonus shot? Let's see how that plays out on the rez. The Tribal Council is saying that no one will get their Christmas Bonus this year. I am sure that won't apply to the Tribal Council who already has bonuses and raises in the works for themselves. But you all? Go pray to Santa, your Tribal Council has spent all your money on themselves.

I wonder if Darwin still gets his bonus? And that huge severance paycheck? And all that garbage put in place by previous Tribal Councils that allows them to rob you even after you oust them from office. Someone do a check on that for me?

Now, to take out Clarice, Roger and the rest of them. Not a one of them worth spit from what I have seen. And put people in who will spend the money on YOU, not on creating a life of luxury for themselves. Enough!

Somewhere, Over The Rainbow...

I posted a blurb about Clayton Rainbow. I had been hearing over the years from people who were angry at him for enrolling so many people who should not have been enrolled, and those who were not even Indian, and how much that has cost the tribe, and how hard it will be to clear it all up if anyone ever gets to the point where they can or will do that.

I had been told that he was a drunk and did whatever it was that Skip or the rest of them wanted. He passed away awhile back. He had worked enrollment some 20 years ago.

So, I hear from a relative that I had him all wrong. That he had sobered up back in the 70's or 80's and changed his life's course. There was of course, high praise and telling me how much he was loved. 

That he was angry with Skip Longie for enrolling his kids who were not enough Indian to qualify. That he was angry over a lot of stuff that was done.  Maybe that is also true. Maybe a lot of the stuff that he got blamed for, were things done without his ability to stop it. It's a possibility. I have seen too many frame ups of the innocent and convenient fall guys out there to discount it entirely.

What do you expect? Relatives stick up for each other out there, often to the point of blindness. I feel for them because all they have left is the denial that got them through the rough spots.

But, I like to keep an open mind. Especially if it is someone I have never personally met. So, I asked around.

I got some really negative feedback from people that had a low opinion of him and could not or would not see any changes he made in his life. I can understand that too. People, especially when they are under the control of addictions, cause a lot of damage to others and to their own reputations.

But there was also input from one of my very reliable sources, who also knew him personally, but only after he was sober. That person remarked on how he never saw him drunk or even take a drink. Talked about how sincere and earnest he was. Talked about what a good family man he was.

None of my sources has an axe to grind in this. But it brings up something very important and something I think needs to be looked at more, both on the rez and in other places as well: The Healing is not just for the person afflicted, but for everyone they have affected.

Addictions are sickness and they tear a person down into an ugly heap that reaps scorn and ridicule, fear and loathing by many. It is heartbreaking to families and loved ones.

If and when the person who is addicted seeks and gets help, there is usually love support and hope for a better life. But healing is not that simple. There are often setbacks, relapses, and more betrayals.

People lose trust. Once it is lost, it is almost impossible to get back. Betrayal is hard to overcome.

Healing is hard to take hold because it requires deep searching into all of us. Not only for the one undergoing treatment, not only for their family, but to everyone they interact with.

People are cautious and people will hold grudges as a way to protect themselves. People will be slow to accept that real change has taken place. That is understandable. But we cannot continue, years down the road to look at anyone as if they have not made any changes.

We cannot, by holding onto old pains of our own, refuse to recognize strides made by those who offended us. We must find a way to look at them with new eyes. It takes time.

In the same way, we cannot continue to turn a blind eye to those we love, who are going deeper and deeper into darkness and trouble. We cannot pursue denial as a form of love. When we do that, we are not helping those we love; we are protecting ourself. We are saying that the person we love is not really good enough to love, not worthy, as they really are, but only as we choose to see them.

If we refuse to recognize when someone we care about is hurting themselves or those around them, and we refuse to face it and call them on it, we make it harder for them to face it and to deal with it. We delay any chance that they will admit they have a problem and we are telling them that if they do have a problem, or if we are forced to see/admit they have a problem, we will no longer love them.

Rejection and the fear of rejection drives so many who would get help, if only they knew they would not be abandoned; we drive them even further from the light that would allow them to regain themselves.

And when they die, or worse, when they hurt others so badly and horribly we are all repulsed, we have mostly ourselves to blame. But that anger is always misdirected. It always becomes only them and what they did, not on how it was inevitable and we ignored it.

The lesson here, in a perfect world, somewhere over that Rainbow, is that we have to see people as they really are, accept the changes for good and recognize the decline into darkness, or we will lose out, miss, some of the best people in our lives-- forever.

More to Come

On the politics and where your money is going and has gone, This story is just starting to open up. Everyone's eyes are just starting to open up. The work is just beginning. We have to keep our eyes open and look at people around us. We have to see them as they are. We have to weigh that against what we knew them 'as', back in the day. People change. Some for better, some for worse.

Something Is Coming

"The Beginning of The Return of The Ghosts--
When the grass is tender and green and the sun is the strongest"

I don't know who wrote that, but I have an idea. If you know, tell me.

But the ghosts are returning.
Change is already in process.
I know there are many who will hold denial close, close their eyes and try to pray it away... but they will fail.

It's already happening. They are coming back. Be ready to stand in the light or to scramble for the retreating darkness that cannot save you.

You know where to find me.



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*Of course, I just got word that they have done something very extreme to keep the voter turn out as low as possible in the Recall of Darwin: I am told just now that they will do it at 9 AM tomorrow Morning, and they will LOCK THE DOORS Promptly at 9 AM. So, get there early. Very early. They will lock the doors by someone's early watch setting, you can bet on it. So much for everyone can watch, open and transparent. This will be as crooked as a dog's hind leg, as is everything they do.

Meanwhile, they are still looking at who they can disenroll, legally or not, to keep anyone from challenging them. Meet your new Crime Family Overlords! (Roll Tribal Council)

November 17, 2011 ---Printer Version (4)
Irony And The Wrinkles

Note: There is a Recall on Darwin on Friday (I will let you know if that changes) I am assuming it will be in the St. Mike's Rec Hall, but check with your Blue Building postings and find out. Weenie Boy is saying that everyone can vote and they will not lock the doors and that everyone can stay and watch if they want.  We'll see.) SEE UPDATE ABOVE

From the Rez:

Let the people know that there will be a recall hearing on darwin brown on the 11-18-11 at the St. Michaels rec-center, at 10 am. not sure about the time but will asked around here. i am sure it is.

Like I said, if any of that changes, I will let you know.

That was only part of what went down at the meeting this week.

A lot of you were really upset that your entire Tribal Council voted to disenroll the family of the Petition carrier. Using some flimsy excuse that their mother had disenrolled (to take care of a relative in her home Tribe) therefore, the kids must all be disenrolled with the added insult that the Tribal Council was going to force them to pay back all the money they had ever gotten from being enrolled in the Tribe. Like Vultures picking the bones.

But you all showed up and something fundamentally important was said:

Ignatius Jackson was a full blood and he was married to Sadie who was from Wisconsin and a Winnebago. They said if you can do that to them then you can do that to anyone.

Another person said, that will not go no where, there is a process you must follow to get disenrolled, and that in the CFR no tribe can disenroll anyone unless there is a tribe that the person is moving too, meaning if they cannot be enrolled anywhere they cannot take them off the roll once they are on.

Which leads us to the irony part of this whole thing. I am told and I believe it is true because I have heard it many times from many sources, that Darwin's sister, Marie Martin, who is running the Enrollment Office, is as incompetent as they come. The one before her was a chronic drunk named Rainbow, who just did whatever the Turdclan and or Skip Longie told him to do.

There is a mess in that enrollment, and it does need to get squared up. Especially with "More applications arriving daily". You may all have to go directly to DNA at this point.  Carl Walking Eagle is not even Native American. He was adopted but carries the credentials of a full blood. Look at the damage he has done to the tribe!

Nope, lots to be fixed in that pit of snakes. Decent people will be working through the muck of it for years.

Jobs that are critical to the well-being of the Tribe and of the People should never ever be the political payoffs that they are. Decades of cronyism and nepotism have created a cess pool of corruption and incompetence out there.

That is why you get something as stupid and hateful as Marie, on behalf of her corrupt, incompetent, drug dealing brother (the drugs are sold out of your house, Darwin, that makes you the dealer), trying to disenroll anyone they perceive to be an enemy of their corruption.

Everyone on the Council that voted to disenroll that family needs to be gone. Period. Not a single one has the integrity needed to be trusted with anything that has to do with the well being of that tribe.

Want to see more: Here come the Wrinkles!

Let me preface this next part with news that many of you out there are already aware of: Lyndon Greybear was arrested in Fargo on Sunday for attempted murder and arson. Two small children left in his care, were beaten and then their bedroom set on fire, and the door locked so they could not get out if they came too.  Lyndon then went down the street and started another fire. I guess to ensure that the first fire got to burn thoroughly? I don't know. It is a horrendous crime against children.

Lyndon had, until about a year ago, been considered fairly steady and responsible. He then lost his job at the casino where he had been the Supervisor of the Poker Tables. Apparently, not showing up for days at a time, being drunk, causes even those who have political allies, to get fired... Not always, but sometimes.

So, it has been known for over a year that Lyndon is not reliable, has substance abuse issues.

It had been known since Sunday that he had been arrested for this crime. (The kids survived by the miracle of somebody speaking up, calling the police and them kicking in the doors, btw. So, speaking up is how we save lives. Remember that.)

That news was so horrendous and it spread through the rez like the wind.

So why did your illustrious Tribal Council, at the same meeting where they voted to disenroll the children of a Full-blood, did they vote, on Tuesday, to give Lyndon a Job Appointment? Water Resource Board Commission?

Yvonne motions tn adopt Resolution AOS·12·014 for all Crow Hill District Committee
Members that have been newly appointed, 2 by Darwin, all in favor:

• John Chaske, Tate Tapa Tribal School Board. Debbie Lavallie declined.
• Orailia Diaz, Spirit Lake Welfare.
• Lillian DeMarce, Spirit Lake Tribal Health Board, she declines.
• Winfield Chaske, Sr., Spirit Lake Enrollment.
• Joanne Smith, Cankdeska Cikana Community College. Joanne declines.
• Vernon Lambert Sr., Spirit Lake Law & Order.
• Vernon Lambert Sr., Spirit Lake Constitution.
• Waylon Shaw Sr., Spirit Lake Housing Board Commission.
• Lyndon Greybear, Water Resource Board Commission.
• Winfield Chaske Sr., TERO Commission Board.

Now, 'splain that one to me, Lucy.

The only thing I can think of is that Greybears are using their political clout to get Lyndon on the payroll so that his legal fees will be paid for by the Tribe. That is All I can think of. That, and pure corruption.

Take a look at some of these appointments, will you? They read like the Who's Who of Political Payoffs. Chaske, Lambert, Greybear... Black Road Medicine, Native Law Quack, and Attempted Child Murderer.. That is the BEST you can do?

Remember how Vernon wrote the nonsensical dismissal of the petitions that were carried against Zit Puppet? The Dept of Interior said it was incomprehensible and unintelligible. But it is what NLO wanted/needed to dismiss the petitions, one after the other. 

The corruption won't end as long as you allow the corrupt to run the place.

So, there you have it. And that is just this week!

But Wait, There's More

Yesterday was court day for Kristi Wishinsky and her big, bad Restraining Order against Betty Jo Krenz.  Apparently, Kevin, despite promising over and over to show up and testify for her at that hearing, never did show up.  Poor, pitiful Kristi was on her own.

But she had a plan. She brought in a stack of folders, pat, pat, tap, tap, all in a stack. That was her 'evidence'.  Her "evidence" , all those folders, were full of printouts of this website!

I guess there was the dramatic pause, or the hurried blurting, (I don't know because I wasn't there-- really, I wasn't) where she pointed to Betty Jo Krenz and said "She is CAT WEST!" (Heavy Dramatic Chords please).

Which, apparently, the Judge laughed at.  Well, not sure if there was actual laughing, but it was clearly a stupid half-witted thing to do.  Yup, that was the 'Big Move'. That was it. Nothing more.

She lost.

If I can get any more details, I will share them with you. (If I could afford to buy the transcript, I would post it here! LOL).

There is a lesson in all of this: Drugs make you stupid.

You know where to find me (not in court)


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November 15, 2011  -- Printer Version (2)
Stealing Enrollment

Sorry, I got to this late. I was away from my computer when it came in.

Here is proof that your tribal council, in order to retaliate against a man who carried a successful petition to recall Darwin Brown. They now seek to disenroll not only him, but his entire family.

Your entire Tribal Council voted on to do this! It is a meeting happening as I am typing this.

Naked Criminal Thuggery on behalf of your Tribal Council.

Discussion with Winona Fox, Tribal Enrollment: The Council inquires about the total of
enrolled members, Winona states there are 6,722 and more applications arriving.

Clarise motions to approve ten (10) out of (12), Darwin 2nd and motion to adopt
Resolution AOS·12·013.

Clarice motions to relinquish the enrollment for the following individuals, based on the
recommendation of the Enrollment Committee meeting, November 08, 20 II:

Phaedra Jackson 3030U5547
Philmore Jackson 303U05546
Adrienne Jackson 303U06285
Pernell Jackson 303U05983
Payton Jackson 303U09855
Eric Wanna Jr. 303U09938

And to also check into the monies that Paula Jackson's children have received and to
correct the other peoples that have relinquished their rights. 2nd by Yvonne, all in favor,
and motion carried.

Yvonne motions tn adopt Resolution AOS·12·014 for all Crow Hill District Committee
Membeni that have been newly appointed, 2nd by Darwin, all in favor:

Now, they not only want to disenroll them all, but to force them to pay back however much money they have received while they were legitimately enrolled! Retroactive disenrollment? And for what? Trying to get corruption out of the Tribal council?


Added Note: There will be a recall on Darwin, November 18, at the St. Michael's Rec Center at 10 AM Do find the time to attend.

You know where to find me.


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I know, you all thought I would do one of those 11.11.11 blogs. Surprise!

November 14, 2011--- Printer Version (7)
The Power of Power

The Feds cleared out on Wednesday morning or Tuesday night. The Blue Building is back to business as usual.

Your Tribal Council is going for some sort of record on corruption and incompetence. One or both.

A man brought around a petition to have Darwin Brown recalled. You know what it is like out there. People afraid to step up and put their name on something that would most likely, set them up for retaliation from the thug or thugs they are trying to have removed from office.

So, when someone does find the courage to bring around a petition and talk to people about the problem, and then those people are brave enough to sign a petition, it's a rather remarkable thing.

So, the Tribal Council was supposed to meet on Thursday when the Petition was being handed in. It was handed in at the arranged time... and your heroic Tribal Council, each and every one of them, booted it out the back door!

There was Weenie Boy, who can't read a word, staring like moron, at a pile of papers on his desk-- no clue as to what any of it said.

Sam Merrick lost his mind at about that time, and went yelling and screaming at Weenie Boy that the Tribe was going into 'Receivership' because of all the stuff the Feds were finding from their scouring of the files in the Blue Building. Weenie Boy doesn't know what 'Receivership' means. So he yelled at Sam to get out of his office. Sam was defiant and yelled back at him.

Unheard of. Sam has always been such a docile puppet doing whatever the Turdclan wanted. He could be paid off with tiny amounts of cash or a six pack. He's no moral giant. But something tells me he's lost his fear and admiration, ergo - his loyalty, to the Turdclan.

Darwin, who wants to defy the petition so he can 'help the people' , is using one of those age old tricks used by all morons in power: Get rid of the messenger. The man carrying the petition is legitimately enrolled.

Darwin Brown's sister, Marie, is the Enrollment Clerk for the tribe. Apparently, she thinks that just striking someone's name off of the rolls is how you get rid of the enemies of your family. She did that. It is called "Enrollment Fraud" and it is a chargeable offense. Forging or falsifying enrollment records is a crime.

And, immediately thereafter, she or the Tribal Council (one or both) tried to dump this hot mess onto the Elections Committee. Marie proudly pointed out that she had dis enrolled the Petition carrier within an hour of that person bringing in the petition.

Here's the problem with that: We know that a lot of enrollments are illegal. They were done without following the most basic or fundamental criteria. There were payoffs and there were friends of the powerful who needed a place to hide, or to hide their money from the taxman, or to be able to commit their crimes protected by 'Sovereignty', and the 'look-the-other-way' practices of the Tribal Police and the FBI. Anyone try to bring issues to the State or Federal politicians? Those too, were happy to look the other way.

The business of enrollment has thoroughly polluted the Spirit Lake Nation. It's a mess that will take a very long time to sort out. But it cannot be accomplished by arbitrarily or summarily dis-enrolling the ones you don't like.

Besides, at the time of the petition being carried and signed and turned in, the messenger was enrolled. Unless Marie wants to try her hand at Time Travel, go way back, and try to do it before all of this, which would also be impossible because the man is a member of the tribe. A real one.

Better stay out of the Way Back Bus, Marie. You've messed this up six ways to Sunday as it is. If the Feds get called in to look at Enrollment Fraud, it's going to tear up a whole lot of criminal enterprises out there.

Wisely, the Elections Committee (or is it "Elections Board"? Anyone?) dropped this hot potato back onto the Enrollment Committee (Board?) and told them they have to straighten it out. And no matter how they decide or what they decide, the petition is in and it is legit and Darwin is OUT. (Somebody arrest his sister, will ya?)

Anyone who thought for a hot minute that there was anything NOT criminal about him, can rethink it now that his sister has pulled this stunt on his behalf. *Big RED flag waving: CORRUPTION OVER HERE! HEY! LOOK AT ME! ENROLLMENT FRAUD! HELLOOOO!

Seriously, the tribe is in deep and constant crap because you all have got to get your act together and start working together and find decent candidates, people of character to nominate, support and elect.

If someone wrote a soap opera based on Spirit Lake Tribal Politics, no one would believe it. But it's all true.
It's just as stupid and incompetent; just as crooked and corrupt as it looks. (Honor Song, please!)

Financial Knots

Two Wrongs don't make a Right and illegal enrollments cannot be undone except by legal processes-- and that takes time and procedures.

Regardless of whether you manage, on down the road to dis-enroll those you don't like, the fact that when they signed the petition they were in fact ENROLLED means their signatures count. All the Tribal Council does is create more legal tangles for the tribe to pay huge attorney fees and settlements.

The Tribal Council has been ridden by scandals and corruption as far back as the eye can see. This one is just more incompetent than any of their predecessors. Although, precedent for all of this was set by all of the previous Tribal Councils, at least as far back as Tino White and Skip Longie. (If ONLY the Blog had been around back in those days, eh?)

This Tribal Council is going to cost the tribe millions in lawsuits. And, it may cost the Tribe something more valuable: It's charter. If the Tribe is found to be run by those using office for the sole purposes of criminal operations, the Tribe could be wiped off the books and lose status. It would become nothing more than a giant Mafia bust.

The Tribal Council knows what is going on. They knew what Marie was doing. They did nothing to stop it. They wanted to see if it worked. If it did, then Marie would be their go-to person anytime a pesky petition reared it's little head. Whomever was driving it would be at risk, nay -- at certainty, of losing everything. Outright thuggism and Goonism. I don't think our Tax Dollars should go to support that kind of criminal operation, do you?

It's costing the Tribe in dollars and dignity.

Pressing Matters

It has, especially by the goofball Press Conference, cost the Tribe any credibility.

This is the attention the tribe is getting as your Tribal Council, drives roughshod over rules, bylaws, procedures, protocols and the laws of the Tribe, The State and the Federal Government. This as they blindly grab for more of your money, more power for themselves, and attempt to intimidate anyone who would legitimately and legally petition against them.

Why is Weenie Boy allowing Kevin to continue on at his job? Same reason as he allows Molly and Pete to be judges. Same reason as any of their pals and cronies have jobs: To pay them back, keep them in the fold, and to keep control over the funds that flow into the rez from Federal, State and other organizations. And most of all, to have all those funds filter first through the fingers and pockets of the powerful.

Your Tribal Council cannot seem to show up to work, any of them. They cannot get anything done, but they can find time to show up for a presser, which they open with an "Honor Song" (*slide whistle Irony). The presser was for the sole purpose of putting the most important business of the Tribe on display: Suing over the UND Logo and Nickname.

But, fixing the roads, the homes, getting food, heat and school issues resolved? Getting the Elders decent food, transportation to medical care, or even a regulation ambulance? Nah!

They will, of course, give themselves more bonuses this year. They each took over $25K last Christmas. I think you all got what? $300 each? Yeah, the power of power and the ability to do nothing. Awesome!


Meanwhile, Kevin has taken to wearing a suit instead of his usual casual garb. I guess he thought that if he wore a suit, the FBI would mistake him for one of their own.

Kevin is not bright. I have heard that he looks FAS. That he has a really tiny head and misshapen features. He accentuates his small head by wearing a big cowboy hat, which makes him look like that cowboy character from Toy Story.

Now I know why people were calling him a Pinhead. He really is one!

He would not go into his office. He just drove around talking on his cell phone, in his suit, looking brave, like a cartoon character.

How much is it going to cost the tribe by the time Kevin and Kristie's bizarre behaviors and criminal actions have played out? Who knows. I do know that getting people to lie on sworn statements is called 'suborning perjury' and it is a felony. How many felonies can the tribe afford to pay for? And where will they get the money? Well, for darn sure, it won't come out of their Christmas Bonuses! Yours? Perhaps. But not theirs. It just would not suit them.

Apparently, your Tribal Council and your Chairman are not worried about the expenses, judgments or cost of lawsuits. They still have Kevin running the show, and running up the bills.

Receivership? Who has time to worry about that? There's a logo that's way more important!

Dead children? Yeah, so what?

Feds swarming the building and digging up evidence of EVERY financial crime committed? Not like they'll do anything. Right? I mean, the Grand Forks FBI never does anything. Why should the Minneapolis FBI be any different?

*Whisper* "They are different."

Darwin Out

Regardless, the word is that Darwin is OUT as of next week, after the hearing. That hearing just a day before Kevin returns to the hot seat and is grilled by the Welfare Board. (Put another chimney in that roof as there will be smoke from the constant grilling going on!)

"Smoke" Reminds me of --

"Question: How do you hide a Hippopotamus?"
"Answer: In a herd of Hippopotami"

*Speaking of "smoke', I hear that there's a firebug loose in Ross Acres. Didn't Lemon Longie get out of jail recently? My suspicions: How do you get rid of evidence? You burn it. How do you hide the burning of evidence? You burn a lot of houses.

*We now resume our regularly scheduled reading.

Getting Darwin out is only half the battle. Got to figure that the Tribal Council will do all they can to put in someone just as bad, if not worse, as his replacement.

Oh, and yet another person being wrongfully excluded or dis-enrolled at the whim of the vengeful Tribal Council. I hope you all show up and support the man who carried the petition. That is what has to happen if you are ever to regain your community and your dignity.

Now, time to get Clarice out. Time to reverse the unwarranted dis-enrollments and exclusion orders. It's time to stop tolerating the abuses of people in power.

After Clarice is out, Justin has to be recalled.

And yes, Roger, aka Weenie Boy, has got to go.

All he does is shrug his shoulders, has no control over the Tribal Council, and has allowed the judges who have done so much damage and abuse to the children and the community, to stay on.

Sure, they are 'fired' but since he has not found their replacements, and has not even looked... they get to hold onto their jobs and continue doing damage and endangering children.

I'm wondering what it was that Molly has planned for February and why she needs to stay on as a judge until that time. What other business ventures or funding is she after? Anyone know? Let me know. Whatever it is, it's a scam and she will drag the Tribe down with her, whatever it is.

The Tribe is under huge embarrassment from the behaviors of the Clown Car Council and your Chairman being a murderer and all.

The more the public sees and then learns about how people who covered up murders, steal Tribal Funds, and sing Honor Songs at press conferences over issues that should not even be on their agenda, while ignoring issues that have languished or been ignored completely, the more the public will lose respect for Spirit Lake and all Tribes, based on their behaviors.

More Pressing

I would have thought that a more pressing and pertinent issue for a "Press Conference" would have been to demand there be an arrest in the murder of those two little children.

Why is Grand Forks FBI stalling on this one? Why has their father, who hid their dead bodies under his mattress for days, in that blood spattered, filthy house, only charged with 'child endangerment'? Why can't the Grand Forks FBI bring themselves to arrest a Yankton? Junior Herman was, according to all witnesses, there. Several times. For hours and hours at a time. For those who don't know: Jr. Herman is a Level 3 Sex Offender.

So, what exactly are those big brave FBI eyes from Grand Forks looking for? Or are they bothering? Indian Children not really worth their time.

Then again, arresting anyone from the Turdclan brings complications. Especially if that someone can bring down powerful and important people with accounts of their participating in corruption, murders and more.

That would have been a more "pressing" issue of interest and importance to the tribe, than is the bickering over a logo at the college.

I mean, seriously.

Send in The Clowns

Now, you can see why, when the FBI really needs to get something hidden, they call in the Grand Forks Clowns.

But when they want to dig for the missing millions, they call in the real FBI, from Minneapolis and Washington, DC.

Maybe in their scouring of the corruption, and their looking to see where the funding has gone, they might come across a few tiny, broken bodies, and want to get answers to those questions as well.

One can only hope.

You Know Where to find me.


Let me clarify the Fighting Sioux Nickname debacle for you all:
The name was given, I am told, with a Pipe Ceremony.
There was recently a big battle and the vote came down to "Let UND Keep the name."
The State decided it should go, anyway.
It is now between the State and UND.
The Tribe is out of it or should be.
Once the name is given, especially with the Pipe, the givers have no say whatsoever as to whether it is kept or not if the receiver of it no longer wants it. UND is essentially an agency of the State.

Nothing SLN says, at this point, means squat. Not to the State and not to the Grandfathers. It's done.
To Hold a major Press Conference over this when there are clearly more pressing matters which the Tribal Council chooses to ignore outright, makes a mockery of the Tribal Government and of the Tribe.

Simple. Took 15 seconds and you didn't have to sit through a bunch of dishonorable people singing an Honor Song. Or do you like it better with that bitter little touch of irony? Get it? "Irony"? "Iron" "Press"? *sigh

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November 7, 2011 --- Printer Version (5)
Truth Coming Out

The "Suits" are still swarming the Blue Building. They know what they are looking for. People are walking up to them and handing them information. "Hi, you might be interested in this." And a folder or an envelope gets handed to one of them.

People are finding the courage to do something.

Of course, there are still the stupid who will continue to lie to protect the bigger stupid above them... but then again, there are people, when asked, who will tell the truth. And tell it completely.

The Suits are finding this 'refreshing'. And, it is speeding up their investigations, and opening up new avenues of investigations and new suspects to be connected to various corruption and crimes out there.

People are tired of being accomplices to the thugs that are making life unbearable, unlivable, on the rez.

The Truth is coming out.

Remember this: If you cannot make the rez a safe place for children to grow up, no one is safe. Not now, and not when those kids get old enough to drive, commit crimes of their own, or suicide.

The Truth has to come out, or the rez drowns in its own fear and cowardice.

Maybe the children will have a chance someday.

Maybe they will grow up in a safe and clean home; go to a good school; get a good education; come back and get a good job helping their own community to heal, thrive and move forward.

There are some very brave people out there right now. They are speaking the truth.  They are not hiding.

They are doing something about it. Fixing it. Thinking of their children, your children and the children yet to come.

...and the crap storm is blowing up all over Kevin and his family and his friends.

Every program out there suffers from corruption.

Even Head Start, which is a program I see as the only thing between small children having a chance and children not having any chance, suffers from the corruption out there.

If the Tribal Council was not so busy skimming money from programs, stealing from the heating programs and making themselves richer while the community sickens and dies, Head Start would have had, by now, a qualified, Top Notch Director.

What they have is a woman who is defiantly struggling to make the program work, on extremely limited budget, battling a corrupt system, who is way over her head. She has even been punched in the face by one of NLO's relatives, who did no jail time. (I was told she did do jail time, but I could find no record of her even being arrested, so it's all bullshit). It's unfair to her, and unfair to the children. But the Tribal Council, by ignoring the Head Start program's needs, can pocket that money for themselves. 

Stealing from the community they are elected to serve is a tradition with Tribal Councils that goes back decades.

Originally, the Tribal Council was people elected, who received no pay, but did their work to help their community. Now, they get in, stuff their pockets, get nice houses for themselves, make their families rich, and crap all over everyone in their District and their Tribe to do it. Doesn't matter to them how poor you are, how Old or young you are; how sick or disabled you are.  If there is money in a program, they will find a way to put it in their own pockets.

Ronin is a fine example of that. Where did the Tribal Council get the $9Million they claimed to have invested in that company years ago? The same time the sick were being denied travel, medicine and care. The same time as the houses went into disrepair; families were being torn apart by poverty, alcohol and addictions-- and the schools were becoming the joke of the State if not the nation. Where did they get those millions? And the millions since then? And just how much money did they pay themselves for 'investing'?

Oh, I know where to look, boys, if you ever need a map of embezzled funds, I can definitely set you on course!

Dominoes Falling

People are upset that Carl Walkingeagle, one of the biggest thieves ever to sit on Council (Personally, I think Tino White, Skip Longie were contenders along with Naked Lawn Ornament), got such a light sentence for his decades of stealing from the LIHEP program. (Low Income Heating Energy Program), while some desperate elders had to scrape up money to buy their own heating fuel, sacrificing decent food, medications and more -- Carl and his piglet wife get nothing except a little embarrassment, probation, and a tiny fine.

Considering that Carl ripped off more than that program, people are disgusted with the Justice System for essentially, rewarding him by making a joke of the sentence rather than an example that crime doesn't pay.

But Carl did pay, and he continues to pay. Not in money, but in information. He has had to cough up details of corruption schemes, most of which he set up with Longie, White, NLO and Poopsie... and that is why the suits are out there.

That, and because someone blew the whistle on Social Services, which is tied into virtually, every other program on the rez, and therefore-- connects even more of the corrupt to their crimes, directly.

The Feds did not want to come in and do this big investigation.  They knew it would become a can of worms. They knew that if they started turning over rocks, they'd find more and more rocks to turn over, and the stink would only get deeper and deeper.

They didn't want to have to do this one.

Let's all thank Kevin for making sure that the crap storm came directly down on everyone that has ever had anything to do with any of the corruption out there. (In a moment). It was by his paranoia, stupidity and outright thuggery, and his co-pilot in that clown car, Kristi Wishinsky, who had to push and try to bully someone that apparently, knows how to fight back. 

All they had to do was get rid of Kevin. He could have resigned. Wait, he did! But then he came back and rescinded his resignation... and the Tribal Council shrugged their collective stupid shoulders, and let him.

And, he thought he was king. He came back, and then started threatening and harassing, slandering and libeling... both he and his sister, Clarice Brownshield, (along with the co pilot) figured they were big enough and tough enough to bully people into letting them rob the tribe, outright, in the worst way, through the children, some more.

But, in pushing and shoving, lying, slandering and who knows what else... they put themselves and the Tribe, square in the sites of the DOJ. 

All they had to do was walk away, take a fat fee, walk away. Allow the Tribe to hire qualified people to fill the program... but they just   couldn't   let   go  of  the  control  of   the  money.

They have intimidated and threatened Foster Parents, who finally had enough...

People who used to be afraid of them have had enough... and now, you see how it was for Kevin in that meeting with the Welfare Board.

If he makes it to the second part of that meeting, he should bring a clean pair of pants to change into. He's going to need em.

The dominoes are falling. The Inside people are talking; ratting each other out as if it was a singing competition.  Evidence is showing up. Crimes are being revealed...

Who knows where this will end?

Some guy in Standing Rock just got nailed for corruption in his kickback scheme of selling trailers to the tribe at inflated prices and kicking back the money to the key man. I wonder who else will go down in Standing Rock for that one?

You think they'll be quiet? Or do you think the same people might be involved in that scheme that saw the tribe spend over $1 Million on piece of crap trailers (at the cost of $100K per trailer, mind you!) (IN NORTH DAKOTA where you can buy a really nice home for less than half of that, brand new). Wouldn't it be funny if Justin and Darwin went down on that one? Darwin going down is nothing new, but Justin? LOL.

Justin got his girlfriend to take the blame for the heating oil (LIHEP) theft. Wonder whom he will try to pin the overpriced trailers scheme onto?

And everyone that goes down, wants a better deal. So they talk. And talk...

And now you know why the suits are crawling all over the place.

And why Good People have had enough.

I wonder where it will all end?

If the Feds trade up on these talkers, it might just reopen a few Murder cases and open a few prison doors and free the innocent while marching in the guilty, slamming the cell doors behind them, and throwing away the keys.

It might.

Going to be a really hard winter this winter. There are families struggling to feed their children and themselves and keep their homes warm and to have coats and mittens, boots and hats.

Your Tribal Councilors have, so far, taken good care of themselves. You all are still on your own.

But now you see what you can do if you want things to be better out there. Better for you. Better for the children. Better for everyone.

If you have any documents you want to get to the Suits but you are afraid to walk up to them yourself, send them to me in a ".pdf" format. I will see to it that they are delivered.

A few people standing up now is making a huge change there. Imagine if more of you found the courage to tell the truth. Everyone out there has a piece of that truth, and they need to tell it.

You know where to find me.


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November 4, 2011 --Printer Version (3)
Questions Without Answers

So, the Welfare Board met yesterday, Thursday, with Kevin Brownshield. They have questions. Lots of questions. Apparently, Kevin has no answers. The meeting went on for hours and hours... Kevin all shaky, hands clammy, upper lip beading up with sweat--- and then, at the end of the day, they went into recess. They were supposed to fire up the hot seat for Kevin again today, but he asked for a delay so he could 'find information' (which he should have had all along, if you ask me).  Next meeting, as you will see from the letter from the rez below, will be in 2 weeks, on the 17th. IF he still shows up.

Here ya go--

From the rez:

For immediate Posting
Just in from the REZ :There was a Tribal Welfare Board Meeting today at 2pm the Blue building!!!!!
Well the little bastard finally got called to the carpet, and he was as red as, a beet.

The Tribal Welfare Board asked all the right questions:

Why are there so many employees that come and go?
Why are so many foster kids not being looked after?
Why did you hire a felon?
Why did you put our kids in homes where felons reside?
Why did you assume responsibility as the Indian Child Welfare Act Director (ICWA)? As Director of Social Services?
Why are you not a Licensed Social Worker?
Did you not know that, these two positions contradict each other? 
Where is all the money?
How come you can't do your job as an Administrator? 
Why in the 5 years have you not assumed OWNERSHIP for your actions? 
How come you are always blaming the courts, the council, the chairmen, the workers?
Why is there only one person. working.... what's his name... the white guy who does your job -- and his job and everyone else's job...who's that guy? (Dennis)

All Kevin could do is tremble. His face reddened at every other question that was asked of him. His hands couldn't stop shaking. And to think he used to make fun of the old Director of ICWA saying, "You should see his hands shake!".

Well, FYI Kevin the jig is up and you should be ashamed of how you conducted yourself. And when your hands were shaking today...that was the old ICWA Director's spirit shaking your hands and trembling your heart...

There used to be and ole saying, "Walk the walk or talk the talk" news flash can't do either one. You're a joke. You embarrass the tribe by your actions and are, by those actions, subjecting the tribe to major law suits.

And not to mention your embarrassing period (a real Native Savant). Oh and by the way, don't think we can't see what you and Wanda T have been up to...but...that will catch up to her real soon, really soon actually......
Note: Next meeting November 17, 2011

Okay, that is how it went down. I will let you know as more information comes up... and from the looks of my inbox, there will be loads!

I hear that the suits with guns and briefcases are swarming all over the Blue Building. And it looks like they are in for the long haul. They have partitioned off the assembly room, at least half of it, for their base of operations.

Meanwhile, The Clown Car Makes a Stop

And what, with all this commotion going on all around them, did your illustrious Tribal Council do? They held a Press Conference! Yes! All of them in one place, which in itself was amazing because no one has been able to get them to show up and do their jobs for weeks...

But before you get all excited: "Was it over the housing scandals? Was it over the Tribe paying a Million Dollars to the Felon for those trailers that are 'valued at' $100K each (seriously? You think those tin cans cost more than a well built home with real walls?)" --Nope, not that.

"Was it to talk about the millions in missing money?" -- Nuh uh.

"Was it about the scandal of the children being used as money? The scandals surrounding the murders or the Social Services or the Tribal Judges?" Nope, huh-uh, and 'yeah, right'.

What was so urgent and important that it actually found all the Tribal Councilors having enough time to all show up at the same place at the same time? (Lights! Camera! Action!)

It was to announce they are suing over the Fighting Sioux Logo.

Could you possibly write a sillier script? The Clown car screeches to a halt, all the Tribal Councilors spill out, assemble at a table and tell the media... "We're suing over the logo.."

Wow. Logo. Can I get a war whoop?

They all piled back into the Clown Car, and the circus goes on.  And on... And..

You know where to find me.


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