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Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

NOTE: "*" indicates a corrected or ammended posting.

Ronin's own Website The most basic money laundering/ponzi scam rivaling Maddoff

Free Peltier Now Worth a read


Write to me if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, information you want me to have or a correction to any information you see here.  I respond to all emails.  CAT  NOTE: I reserve the right to NOT respond to whack jobs that waste my time.

Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case.  Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.


NOTE: New feature for the site will be an overview of cases of murdered and missing in Indian Country.  If you have a case that you want posted, contact me and I will tell you what I need to be able to post. -Cat

Please read up and follow the "Bring Paula Home" story and help a woman who has dedicated herself to helping Indian People survive and prevent Diabetes. Links on that page take you to her site. Special thanks to my friend, Denis Campbell Updated:Nov 1, 2009

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October 31, 2011  Printer Version (5)

That was quite the Emergency General Assembly earlier in the week. It was announced that both Molly and Pete were OUT as judges. Molly had said she would not fight it, but then she did. Not sure what Pete is doing. Says he's talking to a lawyer, but he's probably talking to a coffee maker. He really doesn't know the difference anymore.

During the heated meeting, Tony, Molly's dad said that Molly should get to be a judge, 'because she was a veteran.'  I give up. No other qualifications?

Her sisters are going around the rez saying that Molly just 'wanted to make a difference'... and indeed she has. She has made life worse for scores of people, mostly the children.

Today is supposed to be Molly's last day, but she wants to be kept on the payroll until end of February. I'm wondering why "February"?  I have some guesses, and I am looking into it.

The Tribal Council claims she is fired, but she claims they didn't 'follow procedure'... which is hysterical because A: They never follow procedure and it has never bothered her before, and B: She has never followed procedures in anything.

We shall see.

Also, that Little Joe Alberts, high-level sex offender boyfriend of Naked Lawn Ornament, was finally fired from his job because: "He never did his job (all these years, and they just noticed?) and -- AND because "Too many vehicles have gone missing.." Yeah, I know. I'm wondering 'how many missing vehicles' is considered 'allowable'?

And yes, the ongoing saga of Social Services: Susie Fox was fired. She never should have been appointed as Treasurer because "she's a felon" ... it gets better. She has two Foster Children, thanks to Kevin and Kristi (another felon) and Felon's are not allowed to have foster children. I dunno, did Molly put her okay on that one? Probably.

Boo Hoo

So, it appears as if the Tribal Council is shakin' it all up. Nope. More like they are 'shakin' in their boots'.

You see, Auditors, people with badges, guns and briefcases, are crawling all over that Blue Building and auditing all the programs. ALL of them.

Susie Fox might just be the reason that College Students didn't get their grant monies. There might be a few forged checks she knows something about.

Missing Vehicles? Ask Bentley about that one Police SUV he burned awhile back. Ask him who told him to take it up the hill and set it on fire. I'd sure like to know.

Why is the Tribal Council all shook up?

The 'errors' that are being found are profound. Not small stuff. And the tribe now has limited time to get everything in order, which means coming up with millions of dollars of 'missing money' or the Tribe could go into Trusteeship. That means that the Feds will come down and run every aspect of that tribe for a minimum of 18 months... maybe longer.

It means Big Daddy is watching.

By the way, I know where at least $9Million of that missing money went. And I bet I can find another 30 times that if you give me a few minutes. It's not that hard. Call me. You know where to find me. *wink

How did all this happen?

Mostly because people stood up. People stood up for the children. They wanted the department that is supposed to protect children, held accountable for their corruption, neglect and abuse.

The whistle blower got fired, and you all got fired up. You would not let it go quietly into the next child's grave. You demanded answers. You stood up with and for each other... and the corrupt got scared and tried to bully you, and it blew up in their faces. 

What used to work, no longer does.

I hear there are recall petitions in on Roger, Clarice, Darwin and Justin. I have not seen any of them. Clarice is going for the pity by spreading word that she has stomach cancer. Yeah, true? I don't know. I do know that a lot of sick people have not been able to get help because of her. I know that she is up to her eyeballs in her family's crimes. I know that her brother, Rodney (Rowdy, Roddy) Cavenaugh, who is the liaison for the Tribe for the BIA, has been covering up his family's crimes with her. 

I know that Kevin will probably not be a free man for very long, and she might be able to get treatment for any illness, real or imagined in jail, when she joins him. And it would not surprise me if suddenly, the BIA is looking pretty stupid for not knowing (or bothering to find out) what kind of things their "Liaison" officer is up to out there. BIA might have to care.

While they are at it, they can care about what Donovan Wind has been doing. I thought he was transferred to Standing Rock. Turns out, he is working for Internal Affairs in the BIA. So, why was he giving Raymond Cavenaugh and Bentley the heads up about the FBI looking at them? Maybe the BIA doesn't like the FBI. It's anyone's guess.

Piggy Cavenaugh is being investigated. Her program money has gone everywhere but to where it was supposed to; she has no qualifications; hires only family... this will be fun. The suffering she has caused to the entire tribe has been overwhelming.

The Suicide Prevention Program is also being audited.

I'm pretty sure that Wanda's mishandling of every job out there will get attention too. Wonder if she will be stoned out of her gourd when they interview her? Then again, when is she not? It's going to be embarrassing. No doubt about it.

Darien's Boy ran a FaceBook posting about how his house had gotten robbed: All the electronics and big screen TV were taken... but he posted that from his computer, so I wonder about that too. I suspect that it's a set up for Darien to destroy evidence... but it won't hold up. I mean, look at all the dope they left behind, and the pills!

Questions will be asked: Was it reported? Who investigated? (Oh please tell me it was Bentley, Raymond or Terry!) (the Three Stooges of Tribal Police).  How much of his dad's (Darien's) and mom's (Wanda's) information from work is therefore "missing"?  Oh yeah, 'had a burglary'... that will cover it.

The kid didn't sound at all distressed. He made some comment about 'all the new people coming into ND because of the jobs.. so you get bad people with them..' which makes no sense, because all these people migrating to North Dakota are not moving onto the rez... (that didn't fly, try another one. We'll wait)

You know who did sound upset? Kevin's 15 yr old son when he complained that he lost a pound bag of weed! Yes, he posted that on FaceBook. He was upset. Darien's kid? Not so much.

I can see the 'we got robbed' cover stories aren't working from here. And Clarice, slandering people to cause drama to create dust to make it so people won't know what your crimes are? Not working either. You're going to have to work a lot harder!

Get well soon, Clarice. I want you to enjoy every minute of prison. Boo hoo, eh?

Other Factors

Carl Walking Eagle and his wife got off with essentially a slap on the wrist for their stealing the low income fuel vouchers for themselves.

Everyone knows why he got off lightly. Some are saying that the judge was bought off. It's possible, but I have a lot more emails over the past 8 mos of people telling me that Carly Boy has been talking his head off to the Feds to get a break on his sentence.

Did he tell them about Ronin? Probably not all of it. (I can fill in the blanks, kids).

Did he tell them about the casino? Probably.

SMC plant? Oh yeah!

All the drug dealing from that bar he bought with tribal funds? Maybe not.

Doe they know about the tribal funds he used to buy properties out in Las Vegas? Hmmm. I wonder.

Do they know all his aliases? Not sure. They might want to revisit their 'deal' with him.

More Work Ahead

This is just the start. And it is late in coming. But there is so much more work to be done. The children are still not safe, and until they are, the future is uncertain.

Where Noah Littlewind pulled out into the road and got himself killed, you would think there would be caution by the parents, the children and the drivers. But there is not. Children still playing chicken with vehicles. That's right. They are still, deliberately challenging traffic. How do you think it will turn out next time?

What are parents doing to teach them not to get stupid and get themselves killed? Have parents made it clear to any of them that they are loved? That they are important? That they are valued? That it would be the worst thing in the world if anything happened to them? That their families would miss them?

You better get on that right now. The kids think it's 'smart' and that they are testing their 'courage' by doing such dangerously stupid things. They are, after all, just children.  Their parents spend more time at Bingo than with them... something has to change.

If a tragedy won't change how people behave  out there; not to their children, not to their families, not to their community and not to themselves; then only bigger and bigger tragedies will occur until you've had enough... and you start to change how you are, what you do, and why.


These are the times that will be recalled when future generations of Spirit Lake tell how it was their family, their ancestors that stood up and defied the bullies in their own tribe. Stood up and forced the government to come in and clean up the mess they had protected for so long. Or, this will be a footnote in history on how a tribe vanished, erased itself with apathy and corruption.

It's time. It's your choice.

You know where to find me.


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October 25, 2011--- Printer Version (1)
Time Machines Set For General Assembly

General Assembly Tonight--- General Assembly Tonight!

So, on the radio, the Tribal Council announces just about an hour ago, that there will be a General Assembly Meeting TONIGHT from 5 PM until 7 PM.  You know how they love to close the doors just on the dot, or even a little before, so you either have to wind up the rubber bands in your time machines so you can get off work at 5 PM and appear at the General Assembly at 5 PM, or you will miss all the fun.  

They do that so they can say they told you, but you did not attend. They really hate it that the old General Apathy has given way to The People WANTING to hear and to speak.

Also, it means nothing to this Tribal Council, as it has meant nothing to the previous Tribal Council that little thing about giving "X" Amount of time to notify people of the General Assembly.  It went from 1 Week, to 48 hrs. and is apparently down to Less than 8 hrs now.

Crooks like to make it up as they go along.

So, those of you who have jobs, or need to arrange for child care, you are out of luck. Your Tribal Council is once again, pulling a fast one, as fast as they can, on you.

Also, they won't tell you what the agenda is until you get there. I know. Clowns.

This is why, so often, when I refer to the politics on the rez, I describe it as a Clown Car. Endless antics and dramatic gestures coming out of what should be a tiny, straight forward system.

Good luck on that!

You know where to find me.


PS: Just in Time For Halloween

I hear the "Ghost Cars" are back. These are the cars of people who were murdered out there, on that highway. There's a couple of Pick Up Trucks, and some regular cars. You might even recognize them if you get close enough before they vanish into thin air. One belongs to a woman who used to work at the casino.  She tried to get away from her ex boyfriend, a cop. He lured her out there, and then ran her into the lake.  She's coming back for him, specifically now. But several of you have reported seeing her... I think he knows.

One of you described a car to me that I am fairly certain belonged to Mike Meade.


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October 24, 2011-- Printer Version (5)
Snapshot of Corruption

From the Rez:

Blog this want you to put part of this in your blog: I will write it out but have not thought of all the kinks, hope you find them all. I have been thinking ever since I heard some people talking about this.

Enrolled members? An enrollment certification is only a piece of paper that says you belong to an Indian tribe, like Spirit Lake.

It does not qualify you to do brain surgery, or even drive a car. it is just a paper showing, sometimes inaccurately, that you are a member of the Spirit Lake tribe. From what I know now, there are at least 60% of the enrolled members who should never have been enrolled.

I have even heard that there is a price for that distinction now. So if you have enough money you can enroll yourself at the blue building. You can buy your way into this tribe, regardless of whether you have any of the blood of this tribe, or any Indian blood for that matter. What does this say about us, as a People?

An audit of our rolls should be done. Anyone who cannot produce the criteria needed to be enrolled should be taken off of the enrollment.

A person's work history and and education should be the only things looked at when someone applies for a job. At the present there are unqualified, uncertified, non-degreed people who are working because someone appointed them.

If you have a Personnel Director with no qualifications why would you need them for any job?

If the GM of the Casino has only a GED how did he get that job? It is the same with the Judges. Did they go to Law School or are they just former Police Officers? Would not a law degree be some sort of basic qualification for even working in the courts? Why are our judges not required to have practiced law or graduated from law school?

Some cops who know how to write a speeding ticket and beat up drunks at the jail find that is all that alone, qualifies them to be judges.

That is a small window that shows the amount of corruption going within the borders of the reservation. When corruption is the rule that means there is no protection for the people.

If you don't believe that, just go look at the new pictures hanging up in the Blue Building. There are a lot of dangerous people living within the borders of our reservation but their pictures are not hanging up there, alongside of the other Sexual Predators, and they should.

A couple of Police or Lawmen come to mind when I see those pictures. Don't you ever wonder why they don't drug test the Police Officers? Don't you ever wonder why you cannot get a job on your own reservation?

Look up corruption in the dictionary and you will see why. I wish everyone would wake up to what is going on here. There are people from all over the country living here. Some of them sell drugs, beat up tribal members, burglarize homes, abuse the women and the children from Spirit Lake and are never told to leave.

As long as corruption rules it will be like that, and there will be more murders, more injuries to innocent people and their property.

One of the judges is taking advantage of an Elderly woman by living on her land in a house he bought for a dollar. The lease was for the former owner of the house and does not apply to him but he told them that it does.

Is that the kind of judge you want in our courtroom where the issues of law and order are determined? The police officers I mentioned before, do you want them to investigate the rape of your daughter or Grand Daughter? Your Mother?

The people better wake up or they will have to fight these people in the court system that was designed for those who need protection, but which are run by those people that we need to be protected from.

If they have control of it and the jail and the police officers how are you going to fight them? Just some thoughts for the people out there, hope you are reading the blog, it is our only newspaper that cannot be censored by the BIA or The Tribe when it comes to their wrong doing against our people.

Without the blog you would never have known that the Director of Social Services was stealing money for himself and his family, and in spite of that he is still working? The person who brought this to light was fired the same day she brought this all to the attention of the Chairman, why wasn't the Director fired and charged? easy answer: his Aunt is on of the Tribal Council's members, look up that word corruption again.

The Blog is not perfect, but I make corrections when they are needed.

And for those of you who complain that the blog never has anything good to say about anyone... I remind you: I am just the messenger. If you want something praised in this blog, you will have to send it to me. That would require that you get involved, in some way, and change something. That would require that you speak up. That would require a very small amount of courage. Courage is hard to find out there... but I have found it.

I find it in those who work, stand up to the corruption and who, when there is nothing else they can do, contact me and give me the information so that I can share it with you all.  The blog comes from you. I only write what you tell me. It's that simple.

Babies For Sale: Standing Rock, Inquire Social Services, SLN

Good people of Standing Rock, you also have been victimized by the Social Services Team of Kevin and Kristi. I understand that at least one, possibly more, of your babies was 'sold' to a family without your knowledge.

Selling babies, especially to people outside of their culture, is a form of cultural genocide, not to mention illegal.

You know there is proof of this or I would not be writing about it. You know this is wrong or you would not be appalled by it. You know this is true because you have always known that it is happening out there. You think your cops care? You think your Judges will do the right thing on this?

Will the Good People of Standing Rock demand and investigation into what has been done to their people by Kevin and Kristi? It remains to be seen. I have my doubts.


I know there are people in Spirit Lake who are trying to fix the damage those two have done.

But the SLN Tribal Council is so corrupt and chaotic right now, they can't even help themselves.

Lorna is back to her job at the casino, driving the shuttle. Lorna, caught up in the LIHEP Scandal, is allowed to work at the casino and for the casino. So much for not having a criminal record, much less a felony, to be able to work there.

Then again, Felon Carl Walkingeagle still has lots of friends in high places.

Yes, the criminals are still running the place, robbing the place, stealing the children, stealing the future...

And the poison they bring to Spirit Lake... spreads out to surrounding communities, and to other tribes.  That's how poison works-- it spreads, sickens, and kills.

The Blog will go away, when the poison is gone. Until then, the Blog will ride that nag until everyone sees it for what it is:A Window on Corruption.

Those two little ones that were murdered? Phone your FBI and ask them what they are waiting for. We know that one of the 'suspects' is rotting in jail--- but we also know he was not alone. The other one still walks among you... maybe his picture is hanging in the Blue Building. Maybe it isn't. But your children are not safe.

I am just the messenger. I show you were the poison is. You already know, but are still, many of you, deep in denial. The Blog is not the poison, it is the message.

Clarice, Bites Her Own

Clarice will cost the tribe millions in court costs, at the rate she is going. One slander and liable after another. One abuse of authority after another...

But, she said something interesting at her District Meeting Last week.  This one she allowed people to attend, not just 'family'. 

She got up and slandered Betty Jo Krenz, making false claims about her to the assembly. Claiming Betty Jo did this or that and because of that "Social Services Is Bankrupt"... (*record screech)


Yes, you heard me: Clarice said that Social Services was broke, busted, no money... and that it was because someone, she claimed Betty Jo Krenz, had misappropriated funds to take a State sponsored course at UND.

...And she got called out on it. The State paid for the course, the lodging, the meals and the travel. The tribe paid nothing. Nada. Zip. Butkus. ZERO.  The course was free.

But, her saying that Social Services was bankrupt -- was true.

But we know it was not because of Betty Jo Krenz ---

And we know it was because of her Brother, Kevin.

And we heard it directly from Clarice-- The program is broke.

Good job Clarice. Your attempt to smear Betty Jo Krenz has ended up with you, unintentionally revealing that your brother bankrupted the program.


The last stages of the failing corruption are signaled by panicky moves and missteps by those who had previously held control and power over the situation. The more they try to cover their crimes, the more they reveal their crimes. I like to think of them as living in a place called Panica. What scares them? Their friends and family, their accomplices turning on them to cut a better deal for themselves. What scares them even more? The people they used to oppress, standing up to them. Calling them out. What scares them the most? The Truth being revealed.  Once you know the Truth, you cannot Un-know the Truth. Denial is weak.

Yes, the Stupid are panicking.

Their friends are former friends and turning on them. They try to throw dust in the eyes of the people by attacking people who have done nothing wrong; create chaos and drama... and a small but growing sense of Truth and calm, one step at a time, is over taking them.

The lies won't work.

The lies won't work anywhere anymore.

The people are standing up, everywhere... telling the truth.

Even on the rez, the Truth won't stay down, won't stay quiet any longer.

Oh yes, the bad guys still try their lies, gossip and attacks...

But next to the calm, collected facts and truth, the bad guys look frantic and pathetic.  You can see it in their eyes. Fear.

It's ending... Everywhere.

You know where to find me.



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October 17, 2011 --- Printer Version (4)
Soup to Nuts

We are going to start with Head Start Program and what needs to be done there, and end the blog with who's in jail. I hope you can appreciate the allegory as children, sweet and innocent, need our protection, and guidance, will either not survive, or likely end up in jail themselves, if we don't do all we can NOW to protect them and protect the programs that guide, nourish and teach them.

Head Start

I like Becky. I think she's done as good a job as can be done by someone who really is not certified or does not have the necessary degrees to hold down that job. She was appointed. She fought for the kids. She endured more crap than anyone should. But...

She is in way over her head. For the program to continue, it has to meet the basic criteria, and submit the basic reports necessary to insure the program will continue to get funding. She hasn't done that.

I am told that she plans to hire an assistant, perhaps someone close to her, to write those reports and assessments for her. That is wrong. That is HER job. Handing it off to an Assistant, regardless of title, is wrong.

But the community has no one qualified, so what can be done? We don't want the program to be terminated. It is often the only thread of a lifeline many children have at a very vulnerable, barely verbal age.

What has to be done is this: The Tribe has to go to UND, not United Tribes or any other politically connected institution, (also Myra has too much influence in UT, so it is out of the question). They need to go to UND and recruit someone of Native American Heritage, who has or is close to gaining, the necessary and required degrees that it would take to run that program. 

That person will have to be transitioned in, not just abruptly replace the outgoing.

Becky needs to be kept on in some capacity for at least a year after the transition. She has qualifications, but not enough for the job she is presently holding.

And we cannot have Head Start turn into another "Club" where someone, instead of doing their job, hires someone else to do their job, while keeping their job.  The kids deserve better... and there just is NOT that much money floating around to make it both a club and a fulfilled program for the children.

That is my suggestion. I hope you seriously consider it.

The Tribe would not be in this position if it had not allowed for those who did go to college, gain their degrees and came back to work in their own communities to make things better; to be run off, mocked, ridiculed and name-called while someone more politically connected, with no qualifications whatsoever, took the jobs they were unworthy of, over and over again.

Becky has done nothing wrong. She has done the best she can. But the TRIBE, especially your Tribal Council, has GOT TO DO THIS RIGHT.

Head Start is often the only place where some of these kids get a hot breakfast or lunch. Soup.

Kristi Wishinksky Loses Her Mind

What Kristi is thinking, I have no idea. She's nuts. She went and filed, on Friday, to have a restraining order filed on Betty Jo Krenz, claiming "Disorderly Conduct".  I am really eager to find out what she is using as proof or evidence on a slanderous/libelous charge as this.  I wonder if she got Terry Morgan to falsify a police report. He seems handy when the Lunatic of the Tribal Council wants someone harassed or falsely accused.

I know WHY she did it. She wants to prevent Betty Jo from showing up at any hearings or meetings where she is being discussed, or to try and discredit her in advance as charges are sure to follow for her criminal behavior, and for her fraudulently holding the position in Social Services that she has for as long as she has. She knew that her felony convictions meant she could not have that job, but she took it anyway.

However, it might have been a mistake for Kristi to go after Betty Jo. We'll see. Kristi filed her order of protection petition late on Friday, so that Betty Jo would not even know about it until business hours on Monday or Tuesday. Surprise Betty Jo! I'm telling you now!

So, Kristy, what's the plan? Got witnesses who are willing to face a few charges for giving false testimony or filing a false report with the courts, as you have? Are they willing to have that on their record? Pay the fines? Go to jail? Get sued?

Or did you file this piece of ridiculous nonsense strictly on your own? Oh my! Oh my!

I bet it hurts to be the craziest and the stupidest person you know, doesn't it. (Not a question.) Nuts

QBall in Jail

I have word that QBall has been sitting in the Ft. Totten Jail for at least a week. That he was arrested for trying to rape a 12 yr old girl.

The details are sketchy, but the story goes like this: QBall tried to snag a young girl and drag her into his van and rape her. She fought back and bit him hard and got away. Ran home, and her daddy jumped in his car and chased down QBall's van, which was leaving the scene.

He catches Qball and crowds him off the road. Jumps out and asks Q what he thought he was doing. QBall says he was just "Trying to give the little girl a ride home." Ever notice how REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS LIKE QBALL are so helpful to little girls?

From what I understand, the father really didn't like that answer. That may have something to do with all the blood that has been reported as obvious in his van.

Question is this: He is a registered sex offender. Attempted kidnapping, rape is a felony. Why is he sitting in Ft. Totten Jail all this time? Why was he not, before the night fell that day, hauled off to Fargo?  How long can his criminally corrupt, murdering family, including his brother, the Tribal Chairman, keep him out of the prison cell that he really should be in?

Now, he had three cell mates when he was thrown in there. One of them woke up in the middle of the night to find Qball trying to have sex with him. He kicked Q in the mouth (which gives you some idea of where Q's mouth was at the time), called the guards and had Q removed to another cell. QBall has a private cell. I bet he has the same privileges that Kalum Yankton had when he was in jail. The cops brought him cell phones, gave him time with his girlfriend, let him come and go as he pleased.

A lot is not right out there.

Ghost of Badgers Past

Speaking of the jail and the corrupt Badgers that work as Tribal Police...

Remember Donovan Wind? He used to be the Chief of Police? I hear he went to Standing Rock.

Well, he made a trip back last week. Took Bentley Grey Bear and Raymond Cavenaugh out behind the Police Station and spoke with them. Something about the FBI sending three agents from Minneapolis to talk to him about ... them? Anyone else have a surprise visit from the former Chief of Police, Donovan Wind, lately? Let me guess...

Keep that hush-hush. Right?

We come full circle with this. I bet there's enough hot water on the boil to make more soup. I know where you can find some hungry kids...

You know where to find me.



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October 14, 2011-- Printer Version (4)
Kevin Keeps Screaming My Name

Again, the Tribal Council, collectively, with their thumbs up their butts, has allowed a rogue former employee to put it in the precarious position of yet another law suit for Slander, Libel and Harassment.  Who pays? You do.  Trust me on this. He's doing damage at an escalating rate, along with his sister, Clarice, who sits on council and becomes a part and party to, his crimes.

The illegal exclusion of Annie Howard, based on outright Slander, is also a form of harassment and the Tribal council will have to spend tons of money it says it doesn't have when YOU need it for medical, fuel, schools, home repairs, etc... on attorney fees, court costs and of course, huge settlements to their victims.

What you need to know, before I go a step further is this: Kevin officially and formally resigned his position with Social Services, effective as of September 30, 2011. Kristi was fired by the Tribal Council. Even so, Kristi showed up and rummaged through the office and files, threw tantrums, cried, screamed... and then, three or four days of this, Tribal Council, with the collective IQ of a bag of dirt, realized they might have to get rid of her. Not sure what kind of oatmeal they eat, but it really slows them down.

"Duh, I dunno. Me neither. You? No, not me. You? Nuh uh... ummmm...."

This is how your impotent Council deals with urgent issues. Kristi should never have been let back in the building.

Meanwhile, Clarice, in order to either pave the way for her brother to return to the job he had resigned from, or to distract from the crimes of her brother, or to intimidate anyone who could or would or might even think of talking to the authorities about the crimes of her brother, or her family for that matter... energized the Tribal Council to act urgently to exclude Annie Howard from the rez... based on known and provable lies and perjury by Terry Morgan.  They moved so fast and furious, they didn't even follow their own protocols, rules, or bylaws. 

In other words, they acted like thugs and bullies to harass and intimidate and innocent person, for no good reason, no true reason whatsoever.  Who are these people?

These are not the casual and frequent abuses that are rampant out on the rez where people are floated off with only a few minutes notice and their property confiscated by those in power who then divvy up the looted properties amongst themselves.  Those people have little education and/or little or no means to access legal recourse.  They get away with it. Have gotten away with it, for years.

But now, they pick on someone who is educated, works for the Federal government, and is fully capable of suing both the Tribe and the individuals on council as well as the Directors of departments and the Tribal Police! 

Heads up Oyate! Your liability is enormous on this.  Seriously. Huge.

All throughout this, apparently, Kevin has been screaming my name. Not sure why. (I wonder if he wakes up in a cold sweat because he hears me laughing?)

More Damage

But wait... there's more!

After Kevin's recent tour of failure where he quit the job, left the State, tried to reunite with an ex-wife who spits every time his name is mentioned, and he had to drink his way back to North Dakota, ... he, like Kristi, returned to the job as if it was still his.

During this time, he decided to create even more and more expensive legal liability for his department, the Tribal Council and of course, for the Tribe (that's y'all) who will have to pay for his criminal behaviors.

He issued a threatening letter to ALL the Foster Parents, and signed it as the Director, which is in fact, a lie. Therefore, 'Fraud'.

In that letter, he falsely claimed that Betty Jo Krenz is going around claiming to work for CPS or Social Services (or both) -- which she is NOT-- and that if ANY of these Foster Parents has any contact with her, speaks with her, they will have their Foster Children taken away from them -- immediately.

Think about that, for a second.

No, take a whole minute. I'll wait.

(tick, tock, tick tock...)

The Tribal Council allows first, Kristi to return to an office and tamper with files, after she had been formally dismissed, terminated, fired... for 3 days. Liability goes through the roof on that one.

Then, they allow Kevin to return, issue letters fraudulently, that threaten the health, safety, well-being of the families and children in Foster Care... based on pure slander and libel.

Now, again, he is -- with the blessing of the lamest Tribal Council -- (by virtue of their inaction), begging for lawsuits that will come, that will cost the tribe Millions. 

Your Tribal Council is NOT protecting the Tribe.

They are not following their own rules and protocols.

They are allowing criminal acts and behaviors to occur under their own roof, and simply shrugging their shoulders as if they either don't know or don't care...

Foster Parents are outraged and lined up waiting for the Tribal Council to come back from their paid-for-by-the-tribe lunches, so they can demand action on these threatening and harassing letters they received.  I'm thinking: "Class Action"? 

Your Tribe has a DA on staff. Is he never consulted? Or is he as dumb and corrupt as the rest of the Tribal Council?  Can he be sued as well? I think so. I really do.

Meanwhile, Head Start

Marty Alex continues to try and get his wife, Georgia, back into Head Start. She was removed after it was revealed that she was using the Credit Card for the program as if it was her personal piggy bank. Spas and shopping... okay, she got caught and agreed to pay it back... but it was still a crime.

She was outraged when she got canned. She thinks abuse of Federal Funds is no big deal. Marty is using his position and all his connections to try and get her back in.

This past week, he went with Joel Redfox, to Washington DC -- not just to get more funding, but to petition to get Becky removed as Director of the Program. Becky was appointed. Becky has been slugged in the face by one of the slobs who thinks that Head Start should be for political paybacks, not for the Children.

Joel, I like you. I cannot possibly see how you could be so stupid as to go to DC with the husband of the woman who robbed the program you are trying to get funding for. It makes no sense. It makes you look stupid, makes the tribe look stupid and corrupt, and it makes Indians looking to use these programs, look pathetic.

Becky, so far, is the ONLY one in that program at the Admin level that has actually fought for the children. The rest of y'all are just itching to get your fat greedy fingers on those credit cards. Shame. Shame. Shame!

Where's Kevin?

Meanwhile, as Kevin has been allowed to operate in the same way as a criminal thug in charge of a crime syndicate, and put the Tribe at high risk of lawsuits and of losing funding -- or more-- where is Kevin today as those outraged Foster Parents are lined up, waving those fraudulent letters? 

Well, he claims to be in Bismarck... saying he is "Taking Betty Jo down."

He forgets: Bismarck is not his crime family. They demand proof. They might even want to look at his credentials. They might find out how many box tops he sent in to get his degree from a Diploma Mill. Who knows?

I will keep you posted.

What's that noise? Screaming? Oh, it's just Kevin screaming my name in the halls...

... Why? I wonder. I haven’t done anything. I am just the messenger.

Sweet Dreams, Kevin.

You know where to find me.


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October 10, 2011  -- Printer Version (4)
Fugitively Speaking

Well, looks like Kevin has run out of running room. He's back in the county. Not sure where all his horses are, but if he sold them, he's probably broke already.

I've got to organize his rap sheet for kiting checks around town a few years ago. Apparently, he has no self-control when it comes to checkbooks: his or yours.  One of his check kiting charges came from his writing checks on a non-existent account.  That's no accident. That's theft.

But let's come to the present. While he was running away, er, reuniting with his ex wife who wanted nothing to do with him, and people who had been trying to make appointments to get information or answers the past two months didn't even get their phone calls returned, Kristi the felon child abuser returned to work.

Inasmuch as she was personally handed the letter of termination, which I am told she hid and then pretended A: It never happened and then B: "Oh yeah, that. Well, the Tribal Council ruled it was only "misdemeanors"..." which is fascinating because that means the Tribal Council has some secret super powers where they can change a felony charge and conviction into a misdemeanor.

After about three days of the Tribal Council having their collective thumb up their ass, someone decided that maybe they could have the Tribal Police escort her off the rez.

During her return stay, she was seen and heard screaming at the phone because she also could not reach Kevin (who was doing all the 007 stuff he learned watching the Tee Vee: and using only throw away phones which each had a different number... and Kristi did not have the numbers... so...)

And Kristi desperately needed to reach Kevin because the locks on the files and the combination on the safe had been changed and she could not get in... and there was paperwork she needed to shred... so she was crying, flinging herself onto her desk, pounding the desk, crying, crying, crying...

Kevin claims he is returning to work on Tuesday, 'to help Kristi fight for her job'. Yeah, right. Then again, he might actually show up. They say criminals return to the scene of their crimes... and he too, has paperwork he needs to destroy.

It just plays better for that romantic hero script he has in his head if he can claim he's doing it all for her... I just don't get it.

Lack Of Investigation

There were two very small children murdered a few months back. Their father, who had sandwiched their brutalized corpses between the mattress and box springs of his bed for at least 3 days... Travis, their father, has yet to be charged in the crime-- for anything. 

Could it possibly be because Jr. Herman, according to witnesses, was seen going to that house all the time and during the time when those kids were murdered? For those who don't know, Jr. Herman is a registered Sex Offender, but of course, related to all the right people. Why, he's the nephew of your Tribal Chairman! What a surprise that no investigation, no charges... That is how they do it in Indian Country.  The corrupt run the place. If you complain to your congressman, you get a letter back saying that you have to deal with your own government first, and then if they agree they are breaking the law, and they agree to be charged, you can then bring charges against them.

If you complain or protest, the corrupt then call in their chits on their stooges in government and in no time flat, tanks will roll in and put down the 'uprising'.

So, never complain about the vote where the numbers don't add up, voter intimidation, vote tampering, theft, embezzlement, or programs being run by the unqualified and the incompetent and the corrupt... or you will see FBI come to your door and tell you to "keep it down". If there are any number of you, and you decide to protest, regardless of how peaceably, the sharpshooters and the flack jackets roll in.

Or, you can speak up and keep speaking up, and learn how to all stand together, and keep telling the truth until the truth is heard.

Get it? You can give up or you can stand up.

So, why don't a few of you phone your local District Attorney, your Attorney General and perhaps the FBI and ask them WHY there are no charges laid against the people who killed those children? Do they know who did it? Or is the community still in danger? You know, see if you can get an answer. Only takes a phone call.  For the more tech savvy, try a few faxes.

Be polite, just ask. Let me know you can get anything out of them. Or, we can wait until the next horrendous murder of the innocent, the next suicide, the next fatal drug overdose, next reckless driving causing death of a young person... it's your community, it's your graveyard. Choose which one you want to fill up.

No Answers Yet

Several of you have asked me about Annie Howard being floated off the rez. I don't have any answers for you yet. All I know is that it was based entirely on Clarice bringing Terry Morgan to the Tribal Council and him stating that she was drunk and he covered it up with 'chewing gum' when that accident happened.

The Tribal Council voted, all but one, to immediately float her off the rez as a danger to the community.

Consider this: It happened on a highway and there were more than one, possibly up to three or 4 police agencies responding. Do you really think that if she was impaired that Terry Morgan could cover it up with a stick of chewing gum? I mean really.

The police (according to the newspaper reports) cleared her of any of that. Real police with real testing equipment, real training and no gum.

Now, consider this: If Terry Morgan is lying about lying in order to help Clarice illegally remove someone from the rez for nothing more than paranoia or spite, is he really fit to be a Tribal Cop?  I know the standards are low.  You can be Chief of Police if you beat your wife, sell drugs, or hang out with the meth cooks and dealers.  You can wear the badge if you ignore reports of rape and if you refuse to answer calls that you think might make your family look bad, or just annoy you.

But if you A: Lie and cover up evidence or tamper with an investigation into the death of a child, why would you be allowed to be a cop?

and B: If you lied about lying, aren't you really well past the expiration date on corruption?

The woman was cleared, but Clarice and the entire Tribal Council, except one who did not vote, are now all liable and have made the entire Tribe liable for a lawsuit that could run well into the millions by the time the lawyers are paid, someone tries to bribe a judge or two, and she wins her case anyway because the charges against her are provably not true... So, why is Clarice not yet recalled?  How much damage does she have to do before the tribe can no longer afford to have her around?

Defamation suits are big. And yes, the Tribe will have to pay. Clarice, I am sure, will also have the tribe pay her legal bills. As will each of the Tribal Members who voted, illegally, to remove the woman who, by the way, is a Federal Employee, from the Rez.

Smart goin' Clarice! Darwin! and the rest of you jokers.

Worse, Clarice is promoting this BS story to Hopsty, who is the grandmother of the child who died in that unfortunate accident. Clarice is exploiting the worst kind of grief there is, the death of a child, in order to actually put the tribe in legal jeopardy.

If you had not allowed the corrupt to run off all the people who struggled, overcame the odds and got an education, if they had not been run off, there might have been someone in the building smart enough to know that this was going to be a very big, very costly mistake.  They Play, You Pay.

And please, I have all the copies of the exclusion order I need. I have no idea how so many of you were able to get your hands on it, and I thank you for forwarding it on to me, but I have it now. I need other documents, and I have asked a few of you to go hunting for me.

Had to chuckle a bit. I asked for it I suppose, when I said at the end of my last blog: "Documents, people, Documents!"  Wow, you guys are GOOD! at least 9 of you responded! It kind of blew my mind. In a good way.

You might want to ask your Tribal Council what they plan to do if and probably when, a lawsuit comes down. When they smugly curl their lower lip and say "We'll let the lawyers take care of it," you might want to ask them if they thought of consulting a lawyer before they stepped in it. Or, how much do they think those lawyers will be costing the Tribe and what programs will have to suffer just so they can play "Who's the Stupidest Person On Council?" (My Money is on Darwin, who rents to his cousin who deals drugs out of his house... but it could be Clarice. Gonna be a close call.)

Rumors and Possibilities

I'm working to verify some very big news right now. If I can't get a straight story by Weds, I will ask you all what you know. If True, the empire around Roger's ears, is crumbling faster than he can pay it off or patch it up.  I will let you know.


You know where to find me.


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There will be corrections to this posting as they are available. Check back for latest updates. I'm going to list them here as they come in. 1. "Not Fired"

October 3, 2011 Printer Version (6)
Child Welfare

Last week was interesting. The previous Friday, Kristi was fired from Social Services. (Finally!).  Weenie Boy himself, 'wrote' the letter. (He is illiterate. If he had 'written it' himself, it would be unintelligible). But it was signed by him. So, that is one felony Child abuser that is no longer working for Social Services. No longer overseeing the placement of children.

But Kevin Dauphinais still has his job. He just doesn't show up for it anymore. He took off and now just phones in or "Facebooks in" from "an undisclosed location" (Like Cheney?) to declare his "fightin' words" as he hides like a little chicken.

He had made it a point of saying that he would be gone by the end of the month as he was, like a returning hero, journeying back to New Mexico or Arizona (or wherever his ex-wife lives) to reunite with her... all very romantic and a good cover story for those who do not want to believe that he is running away so that the Feds, who are looking for him to 'discuss a few discrepancies', can't find him.

Yes, he and Dani, who had divorced him some years back, were madly in love, once again... *sound of galloping hooves as he rides off into the Southwestern Sunset to be with his woman...

Except there was a slight glitch. He found Dani had 'taken up with another man and wanted nothing to do with him, ever again'... so I guess Dani didn't read the script that was running in his head? Note to Kevin: A woman divorces you because she wants to be away from you. Try to get a grip on that one, will ya?

So, he's not there, and he's not where he should be, but he is still pulling a hefty paycheck out of the job he either has quit, or has not quit but is not working... and phoning in from 'hiding'. Portrait in courage? If he has done nothing wrong, why is he hiding from the law?

Meanwhile, his sister, Clarice Brownshield, works ever more diligently-- to protect her brother and her corrupt little family.

There was a sudden last minute invitation to Betty Jo Krenz to attend a St. Michaels District Meeting.  They wanted to hear what she had to say about what was going on in the Social Services, where she was the Whistle Blower who was then fired.  Betty Jo Krenz obliged.

She was then asked, by Joel Redfox, if she would attend the General Assembly meeting last Tuesday. Since she had previously been told she was put on the agenda and would be speaking, she of course, said she would.  Okay, she's on the agenda and she is invited by Joel Redfox, and people are notified she will be attending.

Along comes Tuesday and the General Assembly meeting...

Betty Jo brings and armful of handouts and is passing them out and speaking to people before the meeting comes to a start. 

I am told that Clarice Brownshield, who was sitting at the table on the stage, started 'shaking' and swallowed her lips in a grimace. Crossed and uncrossed her arms. Then got up and left the table and approached Betty Jo, tapping her on the shoulder, interrupting the conversation.  She asked, twice, more like 'ordered' Betty Jo into the hallway.

Not sure what went on, as no one really saw Betty Jo say anything. They were mesmerized by Clarice's meltdown. She became more and more shrill. Weenie Boy shows up, as do a few others, and Clarice quotes some "Article this" and "Paragraph that" declaring she had the right to not allow someone to speak or even attend the General Assembly, for no cause. (I cannot find that rule or Article, Paragraph anywhere. So if you know where and what it is, show it to me. ) Clarice knew that Weenie Boy would not know one way or the other any of the rules or regulations because HE CAN'T READ.

Clarice became more and more agitated, and drew a lot of attention to herself.

It fell to Mike Tollefson, a Badger, to 'escort' Betty Jo off the premises and off the rez. Meanwhile, a woman came up to Betty Jo, as she was being walked off, and asked for the handouts, which I am told, were then handed out to everyone until they ran out. (I want copies of these, so get them to me so I can share them with the rest of the rez.)

I am told that Tollefson, to his credit, was not pushy. In fact, he appeared to be more embarrassed by Clarice's shrieking and sputtering, and not happy about having to escort anyone away from the meeting. I am told that his head was down and he was shaking it like a man walking to his own demise.

So, that should have been the end of it. Apparently, Clarice never told any of her fellow Tribal Council members that she had 'expelled' Betty Jo from the meeting. No explanation was given. People were still expecting she would come back into the meeting and do her thing. Oops.

The General Assembly continued on without Betty Jo. Darwin was looking sick and nervous. There were several motions to discuss the recall petitions that are in on him and on Clarice. But both he and Clarice had planted enough family members in the audience to jump up and continue discussing the EDF checks (or whatever they are called.)

The people who tried to bring up the recalls and the reasons for them, were told, over and over again, that it would have to be put off until the next General Assembly meeting... Protocol you know.

That was the end of it.

But no.

Return of the Messenger

And then there was a few Elders who decided they wanted to hear what Betty Jo had to say... so THEY invited her to another District Meeting a few days later... And would stand by her so she could not be 'disinvited'.

I know that she went to that meeting. I know that Darwin or whomever was there, tried to get her removed, but the people who had invited her, stood by her and she stayed and she spoke-- and again, passed out handouts. (I need copies of those).

So, the Truth will not be silenced? The Messenger will be heard? The people will stand up? Oh my, my, my! This is getting good!

*Sound of galloping hooves... is that Kevin I hear? Whimpering? Is that his crumpled shadow? Trembling?

The man who declared himself to be a Holy Man, a most powerful Holy man-- a Heyoka, no less! Running from a Messenger?

Didn't he just pray, and his sister pray with him at that sham of a Sundance last summer, for Power and Protection? Did not The Great Mystery appreciate the mockery?  Perhaps, O wise, powerful, Heyoka Holy Man, this IS the answer to your prayers?

*sobbing continues. There, there Kevin. Don't worry. Clarice is still working to protect you from the Truth.

Silencing The Messenger

Annie Howard, who was, regrettably involved in that accident that killed little Noah Littlewind, was once employed at the Casino and Kevin was her supervisor. He slept with her. He sleeps with all the women he supervises. His declared goal, and I have heard this from three men who know him very well, and whom I am sure do not speak to one another, have told me that Mr. Holy Man has told them that his goal in this life is "to sleep with as many women as possible."

So, he took up with Annie ... and when she wanted no more of it, he pursued her, stalked her, threatened her...

Annie had friends in some of the bars where a drunken Kevin would show up (Holy men are always drunks, right?) asking for her or threatening her, and got himself beat up a few times before he got the message and left her alone. Slow Learner.

And True, I am told, Annie used to be a big drinker. But also that in the past couple of years, she has drastically reformed and seldom, if ever drinks now, and never to excess.

Terry Morgan has, apparently signed an affidavit saying that Annie 'admitted' to him that she had been drinking, when at the scene of the accident. He further states that he gave her gum to cover up the smell of alcohol on her breath.

Clarice is using that to drive an Order of Exclusion against Annie Howard, so that Annie will not be around when the police, the Attorney General, or anyone else, comes asking.  Clarice is also making it look like it was Hopsty who pursued the Order of Exclusion. Hopsty is Noah Littlewind's Grandmother and her broken heart is grieving as hard as a heart can, and still keep beating. I think she is being used here. Badly.

Clarice has also, based on this supposed statement or affidavit from Terry Morgan, encouraged the Littlewinds to pursue wrongful death damages against Annie Howard.

Here's the deal with that.

Terry Morgan was not the only cop on the scene. There were cops from surrounding communities, and Annie was given tests for impairment and she passed. She was not impaired. This is not something you can cover up with 'chewing gum'.

Further, if driving impaired and causing death is reason to seek an order of exclusion, why is not Irene Black, who was stoned on Oxy and alcohol at the time she killed Love Bug, and who fled the scene; or of the more recent death which Terry Morgan also ignored the prior emergency calls saying that his cousin was spinning donuts in the residential area, driving recklessly... and then he killed a man about an hour later... who was just trying to get to work... why would not those people get the same treatment?

Further, if Terry Morgan is admitting that he tampered with evidence or manipulated an investigation into a traffic death, why is HE not being excluded from the rez? Further, why is he still a cop?

And since it is provable that what he is saying (If indeed he is saying this and Clarice is not just making this all up to get her way -- again), since it is provable that she was not impaired, therefore he has lied or worse, perjured himself in a sworn Affidavit, why is he still a Tribal Cop? Or does any of that really count?

Now, as to the Littlewinds pursuing a civil case: That means they cannot prove a criminal case against Annie. Further, any judge or jury, Defense attorney, would want to hear more about their part in Noah's death. Why was he not supervised? Was he wearing all the bike safety gear? Why was he not taught to be careful and not pull out into the road?  This could go very badly.

I suggest that the Littlewinds really think this through. Your pain is great, and I know there is also anger mixing into your grief, but is this really the damage you want to further inflict on your family?  I'm not saying you should or should not do this. I am saying that, if you are moving forward with this, based on any statement by Terry Morgan, it will only go badly for you. Get the best possible legal advise. Proceed only with a very clear head and a pure heart. Anger will blind you and mislead you.

If you lose this case, Annie Howard will have grounds to pursue you for libel and slander and worse. Just think about it.

Clarice is desperate to silence the Messengers. She would use a grieving family and mislead them, just to try and accomplish that. She is not a woman of good character. She is not honest.

Bad Checks, Holy Man

One of the things that Annie might know something about, is Kevin writing bad checks a few years back. Not just being overdrawn once or twice, but several times and even writing bad checks on accounts that did not exist.

With his penchant for writing bad checks, writing checks to his mother for foster children she has never met, what else will be disclosed?

A warning to all of Kevin's former bed buddies: Clarice wants your silence. Hit her up for the cash. I'm sure she will be happy to write you a bad check for it. But if she gets scared you won't cover for him, she'll do all she can to have you removed from the rez. Word to the wise.

Oh yeah, that Sundance was somethin' wasn't it?

*See corrections in this section

The job that Annie had and from which she was just fired, based on the lies, was as the Tribe's liaison with FEMA. She was one of the people working to get better housing for the Tribal members. Especially for those displaced by the rising waters of the lake.  *Note: Correction 1: Annie was not fired. Her job is Federal and she still has it.

Let me guess: Her department just got the funding, so Weenie Boy can now give the position to a family member... hey, his cousin, Russell McDonald, whose incompetence has ruined every program he has ever gotten into-- is now in charge of this project. Good luck. Kiss that money and any housing that might have yielded from Annie's hard work... Good Bye! *Blowing Kisses. *<< We'll see how this turns out.

Oh yes, there is so much more. But time and space are limited. You will just have to wait until next week for the next installment.

You know where to find me.


PS: Documents, people. Documents.

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