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Sep 05, 2011   Sep 9, 2011  Sep 19, 2011  Sep 26, 2011

Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

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Ronin's own Website The most basic money laundering/ponzi scam rivaling Maddoff

Free Peltier Now Worth a read


Write to me if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, information you want me to have or a correction to any information you see here.  I respond to all emails.  CAT  NOTE: I reserve the right to NOT respond to whack jobs that waste my time.

Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case.  Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.


NOTE: New feature for the site will be an overview of cases of murdered and missing in Indian Country.  If you have a case that you want posted, contact me and I will tell you what I need to be able to post. -Cat

Please read up and follow the "Bring Paula Home" story and help a woman who has dedicated herself to helping Indian People survive and prevent Diabetes. Links on that page take you to her site. Special thanks to my friend, Denis Campbell Updated:Nov 1, 2009

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September 26, 2011 --Printer Version (2)
Brownshield Family Meeting

Clarice Brownshield, of the same Brownshield family as the LIHEP fuel scam scandal, Kevin's sister or step-sister... the Kevin that doesn't know how to run Social Services and who places children and family in danger, that Clarice, had a family meeting this week. Only her family attended. It was supposed to be a meting for her District, but she never told anyone about it--- except for her family. So they were the only ones to show up. So, we know whom it is she represents -- just her family.  The rest of you? Hah! Good luck.  She and her whole family should be utterly, absolutely ashamed of the way they have conducted themselves. But they won't. They will take the money that is intended for the Tribe, the families, the children, pay themselves, hold private family meetings and laugh at the rest of you. Time for a recall petition? I think so.

BTW, I hear that Ed Brownshield is in Tribal Court because he has not repaid any of the two giant loans he got from the tribe over the past 20 something years. He went in and wanted another big loan... but they told him he had to pay. So, he's in court.

Brownshields are not used to paying back the loans. They are only used to taking the money. What better way to plan how to steal than to hold private family meetings?  Want to bet she paid herself for holding that meeting? You betcha!

You might want to ask her about her behaviors lately. A good time to do that will be at the General Assembly Meeting on Tuesday. Clarice wants to remove Betty Jo from the Agenda so that her brother, Kevin, won't have to face the music on what she has to say.

Clearly, that is why she only let her family know about the 'District Meeting.'

Hurry Sundown

The young are dying faster on the rez than just about anywhere else in the country. Mary Two Hearts suicide was a heart breaker. It's that bad out there. Even though the spirits of the suicided scream all night and warn others, young people still see no way out other than by their own hand.  Protecting the Guilty out there, has it's price.  How many more children are you willing to lose before you decide to change how things are done out there?

Alden Black was killed in his truck roll over accident last week. He apparently had an accident 3 months ago and broke his neck. He was in a neck brace. He should not have been driving. Now, age 19, he's gone.  Leaves behind a daughter, born only a year ago, last May.

Were any of these deaths preventable? Yes. Most of the deaths of the young people out there are entirely preventable.  What are you willing to do to prevent the next one? So far, I don't see much.

The sun sets earlier and earlier out there.  The children don't even see the next morning, the one where they are valued, needed, and have a real purpose.

The future is not being lost, it's being thrown away. Tossed aside by those who would rather nurture their petty feuds than unite to clean up the toxic dump that is polluting the politics, the homes, the schools and every aspect of life on the rez. 

It's dark now. How many of you will be at Bingo only to find another death on the rez when you return? Why do you even bother coming back? It's not like you care.

It's getting darker, sooner.

The first step to changing things out there is to change yourself. Change how you look at others. Stop seeing yourself as the victim and start seeing how you are, so far, a survivor. And, as a survivor, you have much to offer others, some whom you have not yet encountered, but who will need your help if they too, are to survive.

Surviving Counts.  Change how you look at yourself, how you look at others and you will start seeing, in small ways and then in larger ways, what can be done out there to make it better. And then you can see what it is you are supposed to do, how you are supposed to do it, and who is to help you, and who you are to help.

If you cannot see how others have helped you, you are blind. If you cannot see how you can help others, you are blind. Open your eyes.

You know where to find me.



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September 19, 2011 -- Printer Version (4)
Chaos & Corruption

Someone asked me how it was that such unqualified people could have such important jobs on the rez, many of those jobs critical to the safety of Tribal Members and more importantly, the children, who are, daily, at greater and greater risk because of the incompetence and/or unconcern of those charged with this safety and well-being.  I had to answer: "Corruption"

Corruption causes the chaos, and puts people in danger. It also robs the people of the tribe.  No one has seen hide nor hair of that $9Million that Myra and Carl were bragging about having invested in Ronin a few years back, now have they? Nope. Nor do we know the source of those millions and what programs were robbed to make Myra and co wealthy.

For instance: Albert Thomson was killed just trying to get to his job. It never had to happen.

From the Rez:

Doug lawrence was the driver who killed a guy who was only trying to make it too work! Doug was drunk and high on meth. He and one of Myra Pearson's nephews were in the truck that killed that poor man! They was passing on a curve in the road that is posted with a no passing sign! I heard that Terry Morgan was the first cop on the scene so you know what that means, his cousin will get off and wont be charged with anything!

I heard from a friend that they were in Fort Totten prior to getting into that wreck. They was raising heck and spinning around in the housing area. People did call the cops and the only cop on duty was Terry Morgan, so nobody responded to those calls I heard. They could have saved a life if they was doing there job!!!!

For those who don't know, Terry Morgan is one of Myra's many offspring via the Turdclan and her excessive drinking. Which is also how she got the Indians Name: Naked Lawn Ornament, given how many times she was thrown out on the front lawn of the Turdlings after she had been used up.  Clothing was optional and generally, she was naked. 

The corruption of NLO's regime and family connections continues to inflict itself on the tribe. Now, Albert Thompson is dead because one of her 'special' sons did not want to do his job nor did he have to, where it was a family member involved. Over a decade of him not arresting his half-brother (the other half a sister?) who was a chronic and dangerous drunk driver on the rez, as well as a rapist, proved that Terry Morgan is a bad cop.  Now, someone is dead. Good job, Terry. 

There should be signs up around the Cop Shop and around Social Services: "CORRUPTION AT WORK"

Speaking Out

I have received word that this next General Assembly Meeting will be a barn burner. Betty Jo Krenz, the whistle blower who spoke out about the corruption in Social Services, is on the agenda to speak to the people. Kevin wants to ban her, so does Kristy and so does Roger. 

If you care anything about the children and the families out there that need Social Services, you need to find your way to that General Assembly meeting and support that woman and hear what she has to say. And then get to your computer and tell me!

It is clear that Kevin is incompetent and corrupt. It is clear that children and families that come into contact with him through Social Services, are in danger.

With the money he embezzled from the program going to his step mother and perhaps to other family members, another question arises: How could he afford all those really fine horses? Is that also where the missing money went?  Inquiring minds would like to know.  The questions need to be asked. And they need to be asked in a Federal Audit of that program.

It is unacceptable that children are being neglected, placed in danger, abused and used as a money making scheme by the corrupt in that tribe who are in positions of authority. 

The children are in danger not only from Kevin and Kristy, not only from corrupt cops who look the other way when friends and family break the laws, or even kill someone, but also from the Tribal Courts and Molly McDonald.

People are telling me how 'disappointed' they are that Weenie Boy did not keep his promise to get rid of Molly.

Seriously? Did you think that given the history of the McDonald clan covering up the murders of the Turdclan, that one of the murderers would risk pissing off one of the McDonald's by ousting her from her position as Tribal Judge? That is why and how she got the job! Same for Pete "Talks to the Trash Can" Belgarde. Pete was a direct player in the murder of Eddie Peltier. 

So for those 'disappointed' that the illiterate, incompetent, incontinent, murderer they elected did not in fact, 'get rid of Molly like he promised', I have to laugh and laugh!  Your expectations are amusing, like glue.

More Blood, More Cover Up

QBall's van was seized and impounded. There is a lot of blood on the passenger side. So, what was it? Another rape and beating? Murder? Who knows? Given that QBall would be put away for life if he gets nailed for rape or assault, I am sure that the ever stalwart Terry Morgan will make sure that nothing happens to the evidence in that van... which is parked in the tribal junkyard... where I am sure it is really safe.  Really, really safe.

And when the Feds decide they might want to look at it, and they find it has been tampered with, they can all collectively shrug their shoulders and say: "Oh Snap!" I mean, who knew? Right? Who could have predicted? *Looks around.

So, when that mystery gets solved, I'll let you know. Or you will let me know.

Odds on QBall being investigated? Zero. He can't survive prison again. He cried the whole time he was in last time. Poopsie had to pull strings with the AG's Office, the FBI and a few well-heeled politicians to make sure Q was happy and safe so he would not talk about the Murder of Eddie Peltier, or of Sam Jackson, or of Gilbert Fassett... or... or... or...

And Poopsie doesn't have unlimited access to the cash from the Casino like he used to.  Well, Weenie Boy does. He put his son in charge of the place.  Yeah, they're safe for now. Safer than that van.

Karma Notes

I've often said that Tony McDonald didn't have a leg to stand on as he shrieked from the pulpit and condemned those who spoke out against him and his family-- especially those who talked about how he sold his then teenage daughter, Mary, to the Turdclan as a sex toy for several days and nights running. He was paid well for it.  And the Turdlings and the FBI got Mary's perjury to put and keep an innocent man in prison, where he remains today.

Turns out that Tony doesn't have a leg to stand on. Literally. Doctors removed his only remaining leg this month or late last month (it's not important). Again, as with the first leg, they found there was no blood in it.  Ouch, Tone, that must really hurt.  Have Lavigna sing to it.

The man is rotting from the inside out. So is the rest of his family. All drunks.  Mary, how you doing these days? How has keeping that lie worked out for you?

The whole tribe is rotting from the inside out.

Young people committing suicide, children being killed... and you all still don't get it. Protecting the Guilty puts the innocent in danger. You continue to protect the guilty. The innocent are taken, brutally, from your midst.

Four Winds has taken the step of forbidding access to Kristy now that they have seen the documents that detail her criminal history around children.  What is stopping the rest of you from figuring out how to come together, stand together, and remove the corrupt from your Tribal Council and your Tribal Services?

The least you can do is show up at the General Assembly.  You might want to see what the one person who is fighting to save the children, looks like. 

It would be nice if you could see that same thing by just looking in the mirror.

Karma is waiting.

You know where to find me.


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September 9, 2011 -- Printer Version
     Protect the Children or Protect the Criminals

Apparently, Betty Jo Krenz tried to file on behalf of the Families and Children of Spirit Lake last week, a restraining order with documentation, that proves that Kristy Hoaglund (aka Wishinksy) has a record for child endangerment, drug abuse, etc. Not a "One Off" situation, but a repeated pattern. See Rap Sheet for Kristy. Also see the court ruling on the 2007 case: Kris 2007  (I will post these on the documents page soon after I post this blog)  (Note: Links will not work in PRINTER VERSION).

At first, when confronted with the affidavit requesting a restraining order, Molly McDonald pretended to be all for it. But being as how Molly herself has placed so many children in danger, jeopardy, and been a threat to children, I am not surprised that upon reflection and, apparently, in consultation with the Prosecutor she rejected the affidavit because Betty Jo is not an enrolled member.

She has made no moves to remove Kristy. Betty Jo apparently was prepared for this and went to the school and passed out copies of the documents I have posted here (which is how I got them) to anyone and everyone who would take one. I am told that she was swiftly and forcefully escorted off the premises.  Of course! Anyone that tries to protect children will be quickly and/or forcefully 'removed', so that the criminals can continue on their merry way with no interference from any authority.

So, if you are an enrolled member and have had to endure any contact, past, present or perhaps might in the future, with Social services, and especially Kristy (Wishinsky) Hoaglund, you need to get an affidavit form from the Court House and fill it out and then state the following:

Wording for Affidavit: Now each and every individual that is enrolled that Kris has contact needs to go to the court house and file a protection order using the words that state "as an enrolled member I am fearful that my family child and or children are in imminent danger of psychological and physical maltreatment as long as she is working in this capacity.

"See attached documentation. (You must print out the court docs and attach them to the affidavit  or, use the case number(s): Case No. 36-00-K-01091, Case No. 03-03-K-00047, & case No.  09- 06- K- 04302The documentation covers her rap sheet from 2003 - 2007. Her last offense was in November of 2006, but was not ruled on until 2007.

It is also my understanding that a person convicted of crimes against or harmful to children are not allowed to perform in any position that puts them in either direct contact with or affects the lives of children for a 15 yr period that commences when the guilty party has completed their rehabilitation. It is not clear from the available documents that Kristy Wishinsky Hoaglund Gardener has completed or even attended any classes that would pertain to her 'rehabilitation'. Also, if she has, it is clear that a 15 yr waiting period has not passed. "

In this way you can start to stand up for the most vulnerable, tiny children in your tribe who cannot defend themselves nor protect themselves from the abuses of a department that uses them to get money intended for their care, but which goes to personal accounts that have nothing to do with their care.

I think Betty Jo has done all she can at the Tribal System level. She has tried her best. Now it is up to you. I will encourage Betty Jo, if she is reading this blog, to take her documentation to the STATE level and to force it down the AG's FAX Machine, and do the same with the Fed AG, Tim Purdon and his office.

Meanwhile, there are more young people to bury out there. More dying and more unanswered questions.

This is YOUR chance to do something. Don't let it pass you by. Don't wait until the bad news comes to your door before it becomes something you want to become 'involved' in.

Your inaction protects the criminals. Only your action can protect the children.

You know where to find me.



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September 5, 2011 -- Printer Version (3)

It's been 28 years since Eddie was murdered. He would have been a grandfather by now, I bet.

Richard LaFuente, is still serving time for the murders committed by your Tribal Chairman and his inbred family. Richard has grandchildren he never met, and children he was torn away from. Imagine what it is like to have your children torn away from you... it should be easy now that you have, again, experienced the wrenching loss of a child...

The Innocent always suffer for the crimes of the guilty. Can you get a feel now, for the suffering of the innocent? Or shall more innocent perish until you understand that not standing up for the Innocent will continue to bring only more grief to the place where only the Guilty are protected?

Or shall we gaze, just a little longer, into this ever darkening mirror?


Newspaper articles say Noah Littlewind was 10 years old. The service for him was held in the school auditorium yesterday.  The children are fragile. They are young. They make mistakes. The mistakes should not be fatal, but sometimes, they just are.

Everything, so it seems, conspired to take a perfectly average day and turn it into a tragedy. A family outing, visiting with friends, the boys taking to their bikes after dinner... the sun low enough to temporarily blind the driver.... the older brother saying not to turn into the street... but the younger one seeing the crosswalk... not looking... just a kid, thought it was ok... and now, every life affected.

Families are hollowed out in the absence of one who is never coming home. A 12 yr. old brother is traumatized for the rest of his life... and a driver, no matter what other problems she may have had in her life... will never get over this.

It can happen where no one was really at fault. It can. Children are fragile, they move fast, they don't think because they don't know... and then...

Here we are again.  Following a tiny coffin to the grave...

Protecting the children is the responsibility of everyone out there, regardless of whether or not we have children, it is our responsibility to do all we can to protect them, guide them, prevent them from being hurt, crippled, killed...

Sometimes it is not preventable, but most times, it is.


This is why it is not okay to allow people with records of being abusive or dangerous to children, to have any say over what happens to the children on the rez. Because children get hurt. Because children can't defend themselves.

Allowing anyone to steal from the children, whether it be Kevin Dauphinais and his mother cashing checks that are intended for the Foster Children, or someone like Georgia, who steals from the Head Start Program by using the credit card, which she never should have had access to in the first place, for her personal shopping, gambling, whatever.

Marty, her husband, is supposed to be protecting the program, but he is choosing to protect her job. That is so typical of all that goes on out there. (And yes, he was still the better choice for Chairman given that the one that won is one of the murderers of Eddie Peltier, and the third guy in the runoff was an accomplice after the fact-- or maybe before?)

Leaving Molly McDonald and Pete Belgarde sitting as Tribal Court Judges, knowing that they farm kids out to abusive, dangerous homes in order to please or payback their 'friends' is putting every child that lives out there, in danger.

Knowing that Kevin Dauphinais and Kristy Wishinsky put children into unsafe, dangerous homes where they were not even wanted, just so they could destroy the paper trails & files that would prove that the children, when fostered out into safe homes, were not being given the funds they were supposed to be getting. Those checks were going to Kevin's mother, and several other people who were not fostering children, but cashing in.

They knowingly put children in danger, steal from them... and you all know they do these things. Your silence assures that children, some younger than was little Noah, are not safe.

If you had known that Noah would be in danger, I am guessing that just about all of you would have spoken up, stood up, and prevented it. You would go back in Time and you would have stopped him from getting on his bike and riding into the path of a sun blinded driver.

But you could not know that. You could not have foreseen that. It was not obvious at the time, or even before.

But you do know about Kevin Dauphinais, Kristy Wishinsky, Molly McDonald, Pete Belgarde... and more.  These are things you know... these are dangers you know... some of these are children you know.  So, why are you still silent?

Is it easier to bury children than it is to stand up for them?

If they are not worth protecting and saving, who or what is?

You know where to find me.



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