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Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

Your Chairman is a murderer. Good luck with that.

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Ronin's own Website The most basic money laundering/ponzi scam rivaling Maddoff

Free Peltier Now Worth a read


Write to me if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, information you want me to have or a correction to any information you see here.  I respond to all emails.  CAT  NOTE: I reserve the right to NOT respond to whack jobs that waste my time.

Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case.  Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.


NOTE: New feature for the site will be an overview of cases of murdered and missing in Indian Country.  If you have a case that you want posted, contact me and I will tell you what I need to be able to post. -Cat

Please read up and follow the "Bring Paula Home" story and help a woman who has dedicated herself to helping Indian People survive and prevent Diabetes. Links on that page take you to her site. Special thanks to my friend, Denis Campbell Updated:Nov 1, 2009

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August 29, 2011 --Printer Version (3)
Miracle Needed

I received word this evening that a young child, a little girl, Harley Andrews, age 5, needs prayers. She is in intensive care for injuries sustained in an accident. I don't have the details. Her family must be out of their minds with worry. Injuries are serious. The note asked for a "Miracle" and they believed that miracles can happen. Perhaps this little one, despite the injuries, will pull through.

Those of you who know the family, do what you can. Those of you who do not know the family, but who understand the nature of a crisis such as this, send your prayers, best vibes and whatever else you have in your heart, to where it is desperately needed right now.

It is at times like these when the more a community can stand together, the stronger everyone becomes.

Other Miracles

I received an uplifting letter from a reader last week. They are, like so many, struggling to improve their lives, raise their children, and miss the rez-- but don't miss it.  It's home, or it was home, but it has become too toxic and they have had to move away, with no plans to return. 

"What do I tell my children?" They ask. "How will they learn their culture? They can't learn it away from the rez and the rez is not safe enough for them to learn it from "home".

The writer then told me about a friend they grew up knowing, who was drunk all the time, and seemed not to care about his life.  They expected that he would be dead the next time they saw him... but he was changed, completely.

"He had suddenly stopped drinking. I don't know why," the writer said. "He was sober and he was going to college and he was making a real life for himself." They said it was a "Miracle". They wanted me to write about him so that others would also see that change, extreme change for the better, healthier is possible...

But I could not do that, not with his name. It would make him the target of those who want to take him down, out of jealousy or whatever drives people to drag other people down who are trying to make something better of their lives, despite the odds.

So, there is a story, but there is no name. Know it can happen. It can be done. And be done by those from whom you would least expect it. 

I wish I knew the reason for the change. I wish I knew the inspiration. I am sure it is different for each person, when it comes, when it happens -- and awakening.

Head Start

When Head Start is no more, the program gone from the rez, there will be single parents out there, who will have no safe place for their children to go while they are out, improving their own education, or working to make life better.

Becky Larson is holding it together as best she can, but is not getting any real help from either the Tribal Council or any of the other Departments' Administrators.  She has endured phenomenal abuse and disdain from those who are politically connected.

Georgia, who stole from the program and from the fund raising projects and was fired last week, has filed a grievance to get her job back. A job where she stole from children... and her husband, Marty Alex, is doing all he can to help her write the complaint/appeal/grievance. His education not wasted at all if he can get her back into the job where she betrayed every trust.

To think he was the best choice you had for Chairman, between the 3: A murderer, the murderer's accomplice, and Marty-- married to a thief.

Marty is supposed to be overseeing the Head Start Program. He's supposed to be helping the program, but he is helping to tear it down.

The community is not aware, fully, of the damage being done and how far it is has gone. But when the doors close, and the children have nowhere to go...

... Think about the children. They are the future. They cannot protect nor defend themselves, nor can they stand up to the bullies in politics. Without the community coming together, and at least supporting and standing with the one person out there who is doing all she humanly can, there will be more need for miracles out there, than we can possibly guess or want to know.

Meanwhile, pray for the little one. Pray for all of them. They are the future of the Tribe, and they are vanishing, slipping away like smoke in the wind.


Long time ago, the lake was higher. The rez was a collection of islands. And then the waters receded. People built homes where the water used to be. They were warned then by the Elders, that one day, the Lake would return and reclaim it all again.

The waters are rising. There will be flooding. There will be islands again. All that is loved and all that is evil in that place will be swallowed up and drowned.

It is not the evil that is drowning that community; it is the apathy that is allowing it.

Evil can be found everywhere, but it can only thrive where the people refuse to stand up to it. It is flourishing in Spirit Lake, Devil's Lake ... it does not matter. It's all just as wet.

The innocent are taken first. The rest just watch. And then it is their child, or the child of someone they know...

It's getting closer.

Maybe a miracle will come. Maybe not.

There is strength in numbers. There is power in belief.  If only the people believed in themselves, there would be no need for miracles.

You know where to find me.


PS: I just checked my emails.. a note there says that Noah Littlewind was killed today (Sunday) -- hit by a tractor Trailer. I have no details.

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August 22, 2011---Printer Version (5)

The water is rising and the road workers are, day and night, working on racing against the lake.  The accident that took 19 yr old Grant Davidson was partially because of that. He ran into the back of a front loader. He was a good kid. By all accounts, everyone liked him. But he was also intoxicated.

It could have been worse. I hear that there were friends of his riding with him, but that he had dropped them off just before the accident. There could have been a a much bigger, multiple funeral.

The service was at Four Winds last friday. I wonder, was the person who gave him the alcohol there also? Do they connect the dots that giving alcohol to minors causes this kind of grief? Or, is it all a part of being cool?

Who knows what Grant could have been. Who knows what kind of a life he would have had.

Connect the dots: Don't be the 'cool one' who supplies alcohol and drugs to minors. Give them a chance to be mad at you, the next day, when they wake up, still alive.  Give them a chance to grow up. Give them a chance to survive their mistakes. 

Young people don't have the judgment. Don't give them the poison.  And if you do, by all means, show up at the funeral. Pick out your next victim from among the surviving friends and families.

I don't know who gave him the alcohol. I wonder if they can face themselves. My guess is, they don't care.

Meanwhile, the water rises; workers race the lake, and people with no faces are seen again... walking. They are always walking. They look like very young people this last report... and they were seen going towards the Blue Building.

Last time the spirits started showing up, in broad daylight, the spooky man showed up at the casino, with the list of names. You remember him: He shows up, sucks the energy out of the air. Very pale face, sunglasses, slicked back hair, long black coat... smells like the bottom of the lake, and vanishes from surveillance the second he walks out the door.  No one sees him until he is inside the casino. No one sees him the second he goes through the doors. Like smoke.

Meanwhile, the children are not safe. They are treated like meat. Only for the money that those who are supposed to be protecting them, can steal from them.

But the upside is: Lavina McDonald will be there to sing, with that lovely voice of hers, at the funerals of your children.  It is her family that has made sure, no child is safe... what a lovely, lovely voice.

Dances With Eagle Killers

More sorrows are coming. More children are going.  The people have not learned that what they do and what they don't do, all has an effect on the lives of everyone around them.  Dancing with the Black Road Man, whose helpers are the very people stealing from the children, and the Eagle Killers who supply them with feathers for their spikes and for their bustles ... all wrong in all ways. The Sun Dance is a powerful thing. It is supposed to heal the community, and the dancers sacrifice for the community... but not this dance. John Chaske wants spiritual power. He was told to leave it alone, but he touched it anyway... and he is addicted to it. He is addicted to it, and it is tearing at the community... taking away the innocent, the young, the loved ones. 

What do you think will be left by the time you figure it out?

I'm not holding my breath. I know it is going to get worse. The People have to stand together, and they continue to shut their doors, say their prayers, and ignore the cries of children.  Their prayers ask for wealth, power, and protection from their bad deeds. Santa List: "I want, and I want, and I want..." Nothing is learned. "Amen".

One of Seven

One of Seven Brothers has passed on now. Not sure how. Not sure where. Not sure why... It was not expected. His aunt is Turdmother. That is about all it takes now. She gets to perform her best Victim Drama at yet another funeral of yet another relative. Will she fling herself onto the casket this time? Will her wails deafen the hall? We shall see. 

Although he was not one of the children, his departure was not expected. People don't have a long life expectancy in that place. Indians used to live to a very old age, and were respected elders, grandmothers and grandfathers, keepers of the stories, the dreams and the history.

Now, the young have nothing to grow into, and the Elders have no reason to teach. Without children, there is no future, and no reason to get old and teach the stories and the ways to --who?

So many die without seeing anything change out there-- except the water rising even higher, the roads washing out, people feeling trapped, in a place where the Spirits are restless and the children are not safe.

Spirit Lake could be a place to be proud of, and a place to come home to, if only it was safe for children.

Missing Money, Missy

Georgia got fired, formally, from Head Start. Apparently, it was not just the credit card she used as her own personal shopping spree... she also stole from the parents. They did a fund raising for the program, and there was over $300 collected. "I'll just keep that locked up in my desk," Georgia said. "Whoops! It was 'stolen'."

Well, technically, that was the truth. She did steal it.

She goes running to Wanda White-Trottier to get her job back. Wanda won't help you unless you can blackmail her or bribe her with pills. So, Georgia, what gifts did you bring?

I still find it funny that Wanda thought that Georgia was me. Remember when they took her computer? That was one of the ways they found out about her stealing. But they were looking for was evidence that she was either writing to me or... get ready, posting the blog from her computer.

Too funny. This takes way too much time and work to put together. Did anyone ever see that woman actually work? On anything? Nope.

I still can't believe you let your last election go to a Murderer. You could have had his accomplice or you could have had Marty Alex--- Marty being married to Georgia, and all. Still, you allow a murderer? You think your choices will be getting any better if you don't stand up? If you don't protect the children?  Can you imagine what you have to choose from next time?

...and Mister

Social Services is panicking and looking for a fall guy right now. Missing money, and Kevin Dauphinais is long gone. And, shortly after the whistle was blown, and Anne Jackson died in that very convenient accident, all her paperwork, in her office (she was the Administrative Assistant), was destroyed and is missing. The checkbooks that Kevin used to pay his family and friends, is missing...

Anne wasn't dead more than 30 minutes before her office was ransacked, paperwork destroyed. Yeah, sure, an 'accident'.  A very convenient accident. Was she run off the road? Were her tires tampered with? The steering? Any combination of all of the above? Or none at all? She was drinking. She was a known drinker. 

No one saw the accident, and Tribal Police have no intention of getting in anyone's way by actually investigating anything.  "Drinking, Indian, Lost Control..." (where have I heard that before? Hmmm)

A very convenient accident. Paperwork is missing. Tribal Council will shrug their shoulders. Auditors will ask questions and get blank stares.

Meanwhile, the search for a fall guy goes on. Someone that is damaged, or that can be damaged... someone convenient.... know anyone?

So, Kevin, those horses you bought with the money that was supposed to be for the children--- how are they doing? What grief have you brought to Dani this time? I bet it is just getting started.

Come Hell or High Water

An innocent man rots in his prison cell, while the true killers suck the life out of your tribe, one child at a time... and laugh.

Sooner or later, the Lake will win. Sooner or later, those left on the rez will have no way out.

What do you think the children see when they try to look into their own dreams of a future? Sacred lands turned into scarred moonscapes (Sold off, cheaply, to gravel mining corporations),  Corruption, abuse, addiction, neglect and death.

There are people out there, working to make it better, but they cannot do it alone. There is a horses program out there, that reconnects the youth with the strength, grace and beauty of horses.  Horses give youth a connection to the land, their community, their history and to their own potential. 

There are teachers who are working against all that is futile out there, to be there, to teach, to reach out to and connect with those who still have a flicker or a spark of hope in themselves and know, even if they can't explain how they know, that they can make a better life. 

There is hope out there. There is a spark, a flickering of flame. Somewhere, on a good day, someone is feeling the hoof beats of the horse they are riding, syncopating rhthm with their own spirit song. It's giving them balance in a world and a place that makes no sense to them, but which they must survive in order to become what they are meant to be.

They are becoming something more...They are determined, and to give back to their community, and make things better, come Hell or high water .... just give them the chance. Give them a chance. There is hope out there, and a struggle to overcome all the obstacles, anger, fear, and torment.  They can do it. Give them a chance.

Road crews race the lake.
Horses gallop through the trees.
A teacher reaches into the hearts and minds of students, hoping one or more of them will believe enough in themselves to reach out into the world, and grab hold of their dreams, and make it.

You know where to find me.


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August 15, 2011  Printer Version (7)
How It Should Be

I hear from Sun dancers a lot. I also hear from the Helpers. I also hear from people who just plain know better and want to be sure that I share the information with all of you, so that there can be no confusion.

The Sundance is supposed to be sacred. It is supposed to be a Walking Way Of Life, not just an event that is attended and played for attention, and then disrespected the rest of the year.

I received so many emails on this, I have to combine them to keep from repeating many of the same statements they contain, over and over again.

So, here, in condensed form:

The Sundance was for people who would suffer pain and hunger and thirst so that "Oyate" The People, would not suffer.

It takes at least a year of preparation under a person "who knows what the real purpose is" to get the proper instruction. For instance: it is not a fad or a compulsive thing to do. You must change your life and remain true to the religion, spiritual path, you are embracing.  You cannot go back to your old ways of drinking, drugging and taking advantage of others in any form.

You must serve as an example to the young people who need to find their spirituality and serve as a person of dignity and character for all to see in everyday dealings. This must always be in the forefront of your mind.

Every aspect of Sundance is a private communication between you and The Creator of all things.

To sit in the bar and show off your Sundance scars to women and tell about how much it hurts is plain stupid. You are making fun of a religion that is thousands of years old and it has its laws. And it will punish those who would make a mockery of it.

No one will teach you these laws because they know you will not believe and you will use them to become an instant Medicine Man, "Just Add Water".

To be a  real Medicine person you must be born to it. There is no school for it and you cannot one day wake up and declare that you are a Spiritual Leader.

To live this way of life is easy if your heart and values are in the right way. If not, you will never be able to live it. You will go back to drinking and stealing and back to your old self that had never any character to speak of. You will embezzle, steal, rape, molest, womanize, murder and brutalize the innocent... until the end, which will not be good. But it will be what you brought on yourself, the Religion of the Dakota is old and always deals with those who would mock it.

Now, about Heyokas:

Heyoka are special. They are gifted, but it is not a gift they want. It causes them to not belong, not fit in. They are often called: The Ones Who Do Things Backwards.  They have a powerful medicine that can profoundly heal others. They cannot be any other way than what they are.

The most powerful True Heyokas are the ones that are, literally, struck by lightning. They don't ever brag or announce or even talk about being Heyoka. Many resist the calling because it leads them to a life of great difficulty and of not fitting in with others, of staying apart.  It is hard for them to raise or even be a part of their own families. They are not really understood by anyone.

When there is a Heyoka Dance, you never see their faces. They enter the ring, backwards, dancing with burlap, or other covering over their heads. They never look at you.

Heyokas never call attention to themselves.  They often have food or other offerings left at their door or brought to them by a close, trusted relative. They bring messages to the Heyokas and the Heyokas pray for the people.

I know of one Heyoka who resisted the calling, and did not want to be Heyoka. His life became more and more difficult and scary, until finally, as a sign he could no longer resist or doubt, lightning struck on all four sides of his home. He knew that if he did not answer the call, the next time, lightning would not miss the house. 

I know of another Heyoka, who is so intimidated by what is put upon him that he has almost completely retreated from this world.  He has done prayers when called upon, but has resisted picking up the Altar. He knows how scary it is, and how so few are there to help, and how many are there to betray, and he does not feel up to it. His suffering is often unbearable. The suffering of his wife and his family, is unbearable. 

He does not feel strong enough to pick up the altar, despite having been told many times to do so.  Yet, he has endured so much suffering, both in his health and in the lives of those he loves. He has already proven to himself, by suffering and surviving, that he can be strong enough, but he doesn't want to be Heyoka. It is not a choice. This will go on.

How It Was

Now, in condensed form:

I would tell you more on Kevin Dauphinais .. just to let you know just how big of a show off he was at the Sun Dance.

...he claims to be a Heyoka. A Heyoka, as you know is supposed to be a powerful person amongst the Dakota people.  They are believed to have very strong mystical healing powers but no one knows what they look like because they live alone away from people.

Family members would take them food and water and leave it on the door step and leave. Only when someone is very sick they would take offerings to the Heyoka's family member and ask the assistance of the Heyoka for a healing ceremony. A ceremony would be put on... then the Heyoka would come out to the ceremony. He would have his face covered with a burlap hood as no one would see what he looked like. 

Then, after the ceremony he would leave immediately back to his house. That is the way of a true Heyoka. They were pretty powerful people and now, around here, everyone wants to claim to be a Heyoka, even Kevin.

So, at the Sundance, Kevin comes out into the arena on the third day during the Kettle Dance, all painted black, war hooping like hell just to get the attention of the people that were in the audience. He wanted them to look at him while he put on his best show-off moves, dancing around like he had ants in his pants, making a total ass of himself.

He looked more like an African Zulu doing a Zulu dance instead of a sun dancer and for someone who claims to be a sun dance leader and spiritual heyoka, he should know that you don’t try and fight another person at a sacred place like a sun dance, and you don't steal from others and give what you steal from others away to others as 'gifts'.  The truth is coming out. People are talking and word is getting back telling what all he stole out their and who’s camps he raided.

So, Kevin steals from the children in the Social Services program to give to his mother, friends and family. He then starts fights near the sweat at the Sundance, and he goes through people's tents, stealing whatever he wanted, and then gave some of the things that he stole, but didn't want to keep, to others as 'generous gifts'.

I hear that Kevin has, after getting a DUI while trailering his horses, quit his job and left the State.  He was seen hanging out with Weenie Boy, all back slappy happy.. and now, Social Services is facing an audit. And it gets worse: After Anne Jackson was killed in that accident, all the paperwork she had kept in good order, (she was meticulous in her work), mysteriously 'disappeared'.

Receipts are missing, no one knows where the funds went, checkbooks are missing, paperwork and files are all missing.

Maybe Anne's death was an accident, but someone wasted no time in taking advantage of that in order to cover their own trail.  Their own, swerving all over the road while hauling a horse trailer, trail.

It's a Federal Offense to embezzle funds from Social Services or other government agencies. So, unless Kevin can find a place outside of the USA to hide, chances are, someone will be knocking at his door... and it won't be to leave food offerings or ask for prayers.  I don't think his ex wife, Dani, or her Tribe, the Navajo, will harbor him. He's bad news and bad Karma. He brings a lot of Spiritual Consequences with him, and it will impact anyone that gets near him.

Sad Note

A young man lost his life. From what I am told, his vehicle rear-ended a large Road Equipment truck, or hauler.

From the Rez:

Grant Davidson, just turned 19 years old! He was a good kid, everyone loved him! Comes from a very good family.

The burial of children, young people, is epidemic out there. Good families lose children too. It is the cost of maintaining the imbalance that has permeated the rez. The imbalance of an entire Tribe protecting the most evil at the cost of the innocent, the young, the ones with the greatest potential, the ones who could carry the tribe into a better day, are being taken away.

It's been going on for decades. It won't start to turn around until the People of Spirit Lake, stand up, speak up; stand together, speak out for one another and what everyone knows is right in this world.

Every time a child or a young person dies, the question has to be in your mind: Could this have been prevented? Could it be that we are being shown what loss and sorrow feels like so that we can start to care about one another?

Once you start caring about one another, you become stronger, and you can find more comfort and fewer sorrows.


There was a meeting last week. The Tribal Council listened to the stories and concerns that people who have been abused and terrorized by judges Molly McDonald and Pete Belgarde, as they destroyed families, removed children from safe, loving environments and placed them back into abusive, neglectful, dangerous households... to cover for Kevin Brownshield/Dauphinais' corruption.

The stories were heart wrenching. They each got a listen.

Now, will the Tribal Council do anything? Probably not. Molly still has her job. The Turdclan keeps her and Belgarde in place for several reasons: To stall off any investigations into their crimes, including murder, and to pay them off for helping cover up the Murder of Eddie Peltier.

Hopsty and Joel are the newest members on the council. They can only do so much.

Meanwhile, this last weekend, Darwin Brown took his whole family to Montana and the Tribe paid for it. His excuse was that he was going to look at Straw Houses. Also known as "Bale Houses". Those are all good and a great idea for the tribe, but it does not justify his taking his family on a costly, tribe paid for, excursion. Not sure how he can justify that.

Don't expect any Straw Houses to be built on the rez. Darwin really prefers to give millions to the corrupt former chiefs of other tribes who then deliver schlock trailers for a cost of over $100K each. Imagine what you could have built if you had even half of that?

So, I don't expect much from the Tribal Council. Clearly, Darwin was busy making vacation plans.

Fired or Fried

Georgia was fired from Head Start last week. Becky Larson, who has courageously been keeping that program together, finally got permission to fire the woman who had embezzled, using the program's credit card. 

Georgia knows who her friends are. First words out of her yappy mouth? "I'm going to tell Wanda! She'll make you have to hire me back!"

She was referring to Pill Head, Wanda White-Trottier, who is head of Personnel Department, has no qualifications, but is really good friends with Darwin Brown. Darwin and Wanda's husband. Darien, are on the down low, but everybody knows, so it is low, but it is not a big secret.  I wonder if Darien went as 'family' to Montana with Darwin? Always bring along a butt buddy, eh Darwin?

See how corruption wraps like kudzu vines all throughout every aspect of life out there? And Georgia knew just who to go running to, to keep it going.

Georgia, accept that you are fired. You should be in jail. It could be way worse. Keep it up and it will be worse. Keep going to your fried friends and for sure, it will get worse.

Stealing from the Children and children's programs out there, is a sign that spiritual rot has taken hold and is destroying the future. That is why there will be so few children in it. There is no safe place for them now, there is no room for them later. They are taken and will continue to be taken, until we make it safe, healthy, and worthy of children to live on the rez.

Karmic Decay

Tony McDonald is being eaten from the inside out by several cancers. He has been the biggest enabler of the Turdclan. He willingly, joyfully, gave his teenage daughter up to be raped and filmed by the Turdclan, so that she would become compliant and say the lies about Richard LaFuente, that have kept him in prison, since 1986. 

Tony, whose own brother, Demus, was present at the time of the murder, have gained much from their assistance, aiding and abetting in one of the greatest horrors ever to visit Indian Country. His family was rewarded with cash, land and cattle. The cattle starved to death, died of diseases.

His daughter, Mary, all grown up now, has never worried about where she would work. She was given jobs in the Police Department, as a secretary, dispatcher, office manager... whatever gave her access to where she could alert the Turdlings if anyone was trying to get a report in on them, whether it was for rape, assault, theft, or ... murder. She carried the family tradition of covering, aiding and abetting them in their crimes.  I understand that she is now the one running the Suicide Prevention program on the rez.  That explains why there are so many suicides. I'm sure some of the money actually goes to the program.

Her brother, Russell, who never got one grant through, but was paid as if he had, has ruined every program he ever touched, including the Elders Program and now, the College. He has succeeded in getting all of his family members hired into working all the best paying jobs in that college. He runs it like his own private kingdom.

Her sister, Molly, who was fired from her job in Corrections at the State Level, immediately got herself a Judgeship. She's one of the worst Tribal Judges ever to sit on the bench. There are no requirements to be a Judge in Tribal Court.  You must be a friend of powerful people, willing to render decisions favorable to them and their families, and really, really, hate the people of your tribe enough to crap on the word "Justice" and deny even small, vulnerable children, a safe home.

So, now Tony is dying of cancer? His family is out in front of the college, selling tacos to 'fund raise' for him.

Given that the McDonald Family has pretty much sucked the life blood and the funds out of every program in the Tribe, one has to ask:" How much are those tacos?"

I suspect it is not so much the coins they can get from their filthy tacos as it is their craving public attention and sympathy. 

Yes, they are pitiful, aren't they?

And those who shelter them with their silence, what are they? What are you?

You know where to find me.


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My Bad! My BAD!! I mistakenly wrote Kevin Dauphinais name as Kevin DuBois! Sorry DuBois! (So much for putting these names into the autocorrect)

*August 8, 2011  -- Printer Version (2)
Spiritual Mockery

So, those of you who got robbed at the Sundance that Black Road John Chaske put on, don't say you were not warned.  Kevin Brownshield/Duphenais, who was in charge of the Men's Dance, was seen going into the tents of those who were dancing... and coming out with either gatorade, or snacks and yes, there was a lot of money went missing. It's called: Stealing.

So, the Black Road Sundance, Thief in Charge... that was it for the Men's side.

Ladies? Did Clarice Brownshield keep up the family tradition of taking from people to help herself?

It's not a Sundance if it is done with a series of violations. Chief among those violations is the man himself, John Chaske.  He was told to NOT do these ceremonies. But he could not resist the 'power' of being looked up to by those who are desperate to reconnect to spiritual ways.

His whole family has suffered, many have died horrible deaths, because of his mockery... but that does not stop him. Those of you who support Chaske, welcome the mockery, and bring down upon yourself, your family,  and your community, all that the Black Road has to offer.  Suffering and despair.

So, You Think You Can Dance?

So, as you look around, smell the meth cooking just down the street, see the children going hungry and with marks and bruises you know are no accident... Keep on dancing.

The waters keep rising, babies keep dying... keep on dancing.

The corrupt have taken over every part of your life, and will cause grief and horror for years to come in the lives of your children and grandchildren... keep on dancing.

The Black Road steals from your spirit, it's minions steal from your tents, your homes, your lives... all the while you are dancing.

The innocent languish in prison, the Guilty live fat and laugh at you...

The mockery continues, because you would rather dance to the Black Road Drums than to turn away and stand up for the innocent.

There is no peace in your graveyard. Coyotes dig for the bones, to carry off as trophies... strewn along the Black Road... as the dancers close their eyes, and pray.

Heads Up Head Start

It just gets better and better for Georgia. She steals from the Head Start program, but does not lose her job, but now, because people have noticed that she didn't lose her job, she has just quit showing up. Still on the payroll mind you... so, in a sense, still stealing.

She's not showing up because she thinks she will get fired. I doubt she will get fired. They only fire the innocent, the whistle blowers, those who try to do their job.

Weenie Boy has invoked some sort of rule that says the Director of the Program can neither hire nor fire those who work under her direction. That will be done by an Advisory Committee. So, those bus drivers who got busted for dealing drugs? They can be back. The ones that were stealing the money that was supposed to go to "HOT MEALS" for the kids, pocketing that, & throwing cold, dry sandwiches at the kids? They can be back. The Teachers or Assistants who don't show up, or who suddenly, in the middle of their shift, just take off and leave the kids under attended? They can all have their jobs back.

The Director will bear the heat for anything that goes wrong, missing money, kids getting hurt, but has absolutely no say in any of it.

Who is on that "Advisory" Board? Well, let's have a look. Oh lookie! It's Little Joe Alberts! Registered Sex Offender, who is not to even be around children. We last saw him in a bouquet of children featured in a newspaper article that was praising his work with children... so, of course, he is on the advisory board. He had Weenie Boy have so much in common.

This is where Weenie Boy gets to put in all his friends and family, and steer all the jobs and contracts to his family and friends.

Meanwhile, the program that was intended and funded to help the children, and to help the struggling parents of young children, is being used to line the pockets of those who are openly boasting about how they murdered Eddie Peltier... and how they will do it to you if you say anything.

Keep on dancing! (Cue the Drummers!) (Cue the Singers!) Try not to look because you might see, they are stealing from the children.  But is it really 'stealing' if you in fact, just give up and let them?

You know where to find me.


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August 2, 2011 -- Printer Version(4)
Criminal Stupidity

The Head Start Program is one of the programs that the GOP in Congress want to cut out. They are cutting and defunding every program that helps the poor, the elderly, the disabled, women and Children.  Those who are fighting to keep these programs funded and viable, are struggling against an insanity that just says: "Government should be run like a business".  Everything should produce a profit and nothing should cost a dime. They want to 'Privatize' everything and get rid of agencies that protect consumers from poison products, predatory financial firms, and which protect us all from the total destruction of our waters and lands and air we breathe.

They are determined. The 'Debt Ceiling' crisis was created by extremist Republicans in Congress who decided that by choosing to default on our bills-- The Debt Ceiling is not about future spending, it is about paying for the stuff that has already been bought-- including the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which George W Bush had kept 'off the records' by asking for and getting 'emergency funding' from his GOP "Conservative" pals in Congress.

Barack Obama put those two wars on the books so that we could see the 'True Cost' of what we were involved in. GOP jumped all over that declaring that he had 'RAISED' Government spending by "More than a Trillion"... nope. He just put it out there so we could all see it. 

GOP in Congress and the White House for over 8 yrs, went on a spending spree that did not invest in America. Rather, it squandered the surplus, gave takes breaks and billions in bonuses (that $8Billion cash incentive W gave to the good people at EXXON came from our Taxes, by the way) and with a super majority needed for every vote now, undoing the harm is not only difficult, but downright impossible.

GOP is determined to squander the surplus, which they have now done in every state where they took over the Governorship and the houses, given it all to their wealthy supporters, declared an economic crisis, and demanded that we cut, slash, demolish, all the programs that help the general public.

Head Start is on that chopping block, my friends.

That is why it is so important that it be run by people who are qualified and responsible and who have integrity.  So there will be no excuse for it to be 'shut down', "Privatized" (where our tax dollars go to some private corporation who then renders lower quality, charges higher rates, and whom we cannot check their books on how the money is being spent).

People in Washington DC who are fighting for these programs, especially those who are trying to save it for Indian Country, are a bit stunned by your illiterate Chairman, Roger "Weenie Boy" Yankton, demanding of the DC monitor if she in fact 'understood' the program! Note: She has been running it at the Federal Level for almost 20 yrs.  But that is how he works. Tries to look smart by asking someone who knows more about everything than he does, if they are qualified. How embarrassing.

His questioning the qualifications of the person who has been running the program at that level, rather than making him look smart, has raised alarm bells. Her credentials are public record. He should have known that. (But he can't read, remember?)

And it has not gone unnoticed in DC. The reason for the discussion was because of 'irregularities' in the books at the Tribe's end.

Remember how Georgia stole, er "borrowed" the Head Start Credit Card to go on a spending spree?  Apparently, she is being allowed to pay it back. I don't know if it is 50¢ a week or $50. But it will take forever. But we can be told, with a straight face: "She paid it back!" as if there was no crime in her stealing--"borrowing" it to begin with.

Weenie then went on to praise the very person who has been running the program, Liska, at the Tribe level. The very woman who did not notice that money was going missing, several people were not doing their jobs, bus drivers were stoned out of their minds (and getting busted for drug sales), and who has total contempt for Indians. 

The irony is that she also has total contempt for Weenie Boy. She wanted her boss, Russell McDonald, to win the election. 'He is educated. Roger can't even spell his own name' kind of contempt.

But, she is incompetent, so she gets to keep her job. If she were a whistle blower, like Betty Jo Krenz, she would have been fired on the spot.

Weenie thinks that his whole I'm-the-man-in-charge act on the phone has put to rest any questions about how that program is being run, has been run, and will be run.

Unfortunately, it has stirred up more questions, more scrutiny. Meanwhile, Georgia still has her job. She needs to have her job so she can 'pay back what she stole', from the Tribe's children.

Speaking of Stealing...

Looks like Justin Yankton has managed to blame his girlfriend for the fuel assistance scam, and he gets to skate free. Never mind that he demanded Kim Carlson sign blank checks which he then cashed for himself or his family, or he altered to change the amount or who was payable... and when the heat came on, he pointed the finger at Kim... who never got a dime from any of it. That was the Victim's Assistance Fund Scandal.

Justin, I think you have used up your "Get out of Indictment Free" cards. You have blamed women in order to escape investigation. So far, it has worked for you. But it also makes you look incredibly stupid. You seem to hire or sleep with women whom you have "NO IDEA" are "CRIMINALS".

Kim got indicted and went to trial for his crimes. Yanktons are good at getting other people to take the fall for their crimes.  Just say you are a Yankton and the FBI will bend over backwards to find someone else to frame & blame. It's a reflex with the FBI. Like breathing. They can't help it.

But remember: Georgia outright stole from Head Start and gets to 'pay it back' without any kind of penalty. Awesome. The Innocent get blamed & punished while the Guilty laugh.

And More Stealing

Kevin Duphenais still has his job. So does Kristy. No one who said they would speak against them, has had the spine to do it. All is quite. Kevin now says he is moving to Arizona to live with his Navajo Wife & kids. Yeah, no violence in that relationship. The kids haven't seen a good knock down, drag out, split lip fight since Kevin and her split up.  But that is about to change. Look out Arizona!

Meanwhile, Kevin continues to cut checks for his mother and his family-- continues to steal from the Social Services program-- and doesn't even have to 'pay it back'.

His sister, Clarice Brownshield, is on Tribal Council and if anyone asks her any questions about the money, even the $25K she herself (along with every other Tribal Council member) took as a Christmas Bonus last year, Clarice gets up from her seat and walks out on the General Assembly Meeting.

Whatever you do... never, ever, question a real thief. Wait until they have an innocent person framed for the crime, and then, everyone stay quiet and let them go down.

It's easy. You've been doing it for decades.

Richard LaFuente continues to rot in prison for the murder committed by your Tribal Chairman and his family, back in 1983.

You have been protecting the evil and the guilty at the expense of the Innocent for so long, and have become so accustomed to Black Road and to sitting on your blankets, that even those who are appalled at the abuse, neglect, rape, molest of children... and the grinding poverty out there, if they stand up once, thinking they can make a difference... they then look around, see that the rest of you are just waiting for them to be knocked down and that you have no intention of helping them to help you to save yourself or even prevent the next child murder... that they too, just fade away.

Weenie Boy is smiling. He and his family own the tribe: Financially, Physically, & Spiritually.

How does it feel to be 'owned'?

I would ask your children, but they are self-medicating with drugs and alcohol. They grieve over wounds you ignore. Some of them are murdered. Some of them suicide. But none of you can be bothered to get up and off your blankets.

And you think those who are looking for any excuse to cut out Federally funded programs are not seeing this too?  They will use, as an example, all the abuses they find in how Spirit Lake has mucked up every program, and then use it to not only defund all those programs, but also as a template to defund the same programs throughout Indian Country.

This is what they do. They find ways to take from those who need it and for whom it was intended, and find ways to give it to their own friends and family.  It's the same way the corrupt in the Tribe run business. Wow, tiny little tribe, and way Big Bad GOP Government! We are all Indians now.

But it is the Indians who will pay first and most. It is with the goal in mind of making Indian People an extinct classification. Look for the term "Mainstreaming" and "absorption" to become more frequently used as opposed to the truer term: "Genocide".

Allowing the corrupt to carry on; punishing the whistle blowers; blaming & framing the innocent; watching children die... it's just all in a day in the life, eh Blanket People?

You know where to find me.


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