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Ronin's own Website The most basic money laundering/ponzi scam rivaling Maddoff


Write to me if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, information you want me to have or a correction to any information you see here.  I respond to all emails.  CAT  NOTE: I reserve the right to NOT respond to whack jobs that waste my time.

Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case.  Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.


NOTE: New feature for the site will be an overview of cases of murdered and missing in Indian Country.  If you have a case that you want posted, contact me and I will tell you what I need to be able to post. -Cat

Please read up and follow the "Bring Paula Home" story and help a woman who has dedicated herself to helping Indian People survive and prevent Diabetes. Links on that page take you to her site. Special thanks to my friend, Denis Campbell Updated:Nov 1, 2009

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December 29, 2009 ---Printer Version (5)
Almost Over, But It Is JUST Beginning

It's going to take a day or two for me to completely reset the blog for 2010, so don't worry if I miss a few days.

I see Wayne Trottier is a hot topic with many of you out there. I hear that he has never attended a Board Meeting, and he claims he doesn't have to attend any meetings or interviews called by the Tribal Council. You know, the ones who pay his salary? The ones who put him in that job?

Supposed to be a big meeting here in the next few weeks. A showdown of sorts. They demand that Trottier show up and answer a few relevant questions. He's already bragging that they have no power over him. He can do what he wants.

Amazing how the Tribe allows a man with no higher education to take the top job of educating the future of Spirit Lake Nation. Pay him well over $100K a year to spit in their faces, too.

I guess he thinks this fallout is because he and Chip Anderson forced Rick Smith to resign over the Basketball Scandal. It could be. I guess Rick was safe and sound and was willing to do their bidding, until it hit the fan and he was the one to take the fall.

Apparently, there is enough scandal to go around. Enough corruption to be obvious, even to a Tribal Council that would rather not have to deal with all these old business issues.

But, people are encouraged by the NEW Tribal Council. They are seeing that effort is being made and some things are actually getting done. However, with such a long list of things that remain to be corrected, there are bound to be delays for some of the bigger ticket items.

Many would consider the fact that the school is run by well-connected political flunkies, a Major Issue.

Many should realize that their school board is comprised of 8th grade dropouts, and their family members. Perhaps that is one place where the Good People of Spirit Lake can make a real difference in the lives and education of their Children. Impeach the corrupt, Recall the Incompetent and Vote out the worthless.

Beasley is about as bad as they get. She takes her orders almost directly from Turdmother and Poopsie. It makes her feel "Powerful". What year did she drop out of school? Her whole life, with the exception of her marriage to Stensland, has been pretty much sex, drugs and booze, and not really caring who is the father of her kids.

What was it she told one daughter who wanted to know if Poopsie was her father? Oh yeah? "I dunno. I was drunk at the time. Who cares?"  WTG! I am sure there is a Mother-Of-The-Year trophy in there somewhere. You just have to shovel to get to it.

Okay, the other part is this: Every time the School Board calls a meeting everyone on the School Board gets $150. Doesn't matter if they show up drunk or stoned, or even at all.

So, being the School Superintendent or on the School Board pretty much means you don't need any real qualifications, right? Just need to have some Turdclan in your corner, helping you to drive the drunks to the Blue Building on Voting Day.

All you drunks who sell your votes for that cheap ass vodka? Take a look at the community you are selling out. Take a look at the kids you are selling out. Take a look at the suicides in your community. Do you really want to sell your soul for that drink? Or can it wait until tomorrow, when you will still be a drunk, but the voting will be over?

Yeah, I know: Addiction/Alcoholism sucks. It's a struggle of monumental odds. You got that way out of a sense of futility in your own family, your own community. Right now, you probably feel real sorry for yourself. Right now, you are blaming everyone. Right now you are getting really mad at me. Right now, your only friends, the only ones who understand you are the ones who sell you the drugs, buy you the alcohol.

It's not that they understand you. It is more that they know they can get whatever they want from you by keeping you crippled by your addictions. They are not your friends. They are the ones who offer you poison when what you need is someone to help you get to where you can stand up again.

Piggy Cavenaugh drives around in the GHS car, and takes the salary she is not qualified for. She ruins the Health Care, the Treatment and Recovery programs. Ruins them. Takes the money for herself. She has no degree. Uses her position to extort 'job security' from the most vulnerable of the tribe: The abused, the damaged, the addicted and the raped.

So, you are a drunk and addicted and you have nowhere to go? I feel bad for you. I do. But as long as you keep selling your soul for a fix, a drink, a hit or a few measly dollars, know that you are, by your one vote, each of you, making it so that the kids who have nowhere to go, can't get a proper education, and will likely end up just like you--- or planted in that graveyard before they ever taste real life.

Your past does not have to be their future.

You've got the unqualified snubbing their noses at the entire tribe: Wayne Trottier, Chip Anderson, Beasley & Son, Weenie Boy, well, the entire Turd Clan..., Piggy Cavenaugh and her family...

There is a lot to clean up out there. Tell the Tribal Council to unblock the Blog. Tell them you have lived in the stinking dark long enough and you want access to information that you can't get anywhere else. Tell them that if they really want to help the tribe get back on its feet and regain dignity, it starts with treating them like grown ups and letting them have unlimited access to the internet.

...Unless they are afraid.

This blog only scares those who are guilty and corrupt. I have no clue as to why the New Tribal Council would be afraid to let you see it.


Take a good look at that old Ambulance you have rolling around out there. That thing is waaay overdue for replacement!

Considering that the Tribe, with the help of NLO and Zit Puppet, and with the full vote of the School Board and Wayne Trottier, paid out almost $1 Million for a super deluxe Team Bus, for a basketball team that had to give back the trophy, and who shows up stoned and drunk at parties, then posts pictures on the web..

Maybe the Tribe would like to invest a few thousand into an Ambulance that has some life left in it. One that can actually save lives out there. Put the money where it matters, not just where it is all showy.

And, while you are at it, since you have that super deluxe bus for your tribe... use that to drive the Elders to their doctors' appointments. Use that to get them around. Show a little respect, for once.

Just don't let any of the Turdclan near it.

2010 Ghosts of Murders Past

I plan, in 2010, to start taking another look at the Gilbert Fassett murder. Yeah, got Werner Kunkel framed for that one. How do I know?

Well, considering that Poopsie, soon as the body was discovered, after he made his fake police report...asked the FBI (Helleckson) to go out and do a crime scene investigation... that was supposed to start on a Monday or Tues. So, on Sunday, Poopsie hired a cutting crew to go out to the crime scene and remove a few trees.

Clearly, it was done, once again, to cover up one of his murders. I mean, why bollix up a crime scene before the sharp-as-a-rock FBI flunkies can get in there and take measurements and stuff? Only one reason: To cover up any incriminating evidence that might lead right back to him and his Turdlings.

Now, what did Gilbert Fassett do to Poopsie? Wasn't a cop like Eddie, so it wasn't a traffic Ticket. What did he have that Poopsie was afraid he'd reveal?

Only question is: How many times did you stab him, Poopsie? You get all emotional when you are in the middle of blood spatter. Did you stop at 30? 40? 100? Did you break the screwdriver off at the handle?

Ooops! I guess no one was supposed to know it was a screwdriver stabbing. My bad. But that is your trademark weapon, isn't it? You and Weenie Boy especially love that screwdriver stabby thing that you get to do. Was it the same one you used on Sam Jackson that night when you stabbed him in front of everyone? Or do you get a new one every time you do a kill?

Familiar Territory

There is also a pattern on where dead bodies seem to show up around there. Almost as if the same person is doing all the killings. But that can’t be, can it? I mean, you have all the “guilty” in prison. Don’t you? But still… those bodies keep showing up in such similar places, familiar territory. Almost as if it is the same person or persons, doing the same kind of murders, over and over again.

Gee, kinda makes a person wonder, doesn’t it? Eddie, Gilbert, Russell Turcotte.. and there are more... scattered around... but with similar things, in familiar territory. Wonder how so many murder victims can have so much in common? Could it be they all have the same killer(s) in common?

Oh dear, now the FBI is mad at me! Have a drink boys, have some extra cash. Need an underage bed buddy? Poopsie will take care of all of that for you. You'll get over it. You always do!

Someday, Poopsie, we will sit down and have a long chat. You wear the extra heavy duty diapers when we do. I know I scare the shit out of you.


Having the corrupt running every important office, taking your money and funds for their own personal use, cripples the entire community. Worse, having murderers, rapists, running all the key positions in the community, sickens the entire tribe.

Leaving crimes and victims of crimes without Justice, kills the future of the tribe.

Silence is the accomplice to every crime.

How much time do you think you have left to do what you know is the right thing to do?

Every child that walks into that graveyard and never comes out again... is because you don't care enough, and because you are too complacent to do the work. You think just sitting there and watching it happen, waiting for someone else to step up and do it, is okay.

You are an accomplice to every crime, every suicide.

Healing only comes when you lose your fear of what the sickness is, or how deep the wounds run. Looking the other way, pretending it is not up to you, allows the sickness to grow and the festering to poison the whole tribe.

Healing also requires help. Healing also requires an accomplice. Everyone is an accomplice. You just have to decide on which side you are on: The hurting? Or the healing? Don't tell me you don't want to get involved. You are all, we are all, already involved.

2009 is almost over. 2010 is just beginning.

You know where to find me.



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December 22, 2009 Printer Version (2)
Santa List

A lot of people have a lot of questions for Santa this year. Just things they want to know:

  1. Why is Wayne Trottier paid more than $110K per year to run Four Winds? What are his qualifications and why can't we, for the money, get someone who can and will do a better job for the kids?

  2. Why are Beasley and her son on the School Board? What are their qualifications?

  3. Why does Piggy hold the job running the clinic? She has no degree. People who have the training and degrees have been run off. She and her family abuse the access to patient information. Why has the Tribal Council not yet done anything about this?

  4. Why does Piggy get to use the GHS car to drive around to South Dakota to visit family and friends? To go shopping? To go to the casino? Why has the Tribal Council not yet looked into this misuse of Tribal Property?

  5. Why is Weenie Boy, who is profoundly illiterate, still running the Personnel Department? Why does HE have the say over who gets what job? What are HIS qualifications? Why has the Tribal Council not yet looked into this ugly mess?

  6. Why are the children dying so young? Why are they suiciding? Why are they so addicted to drugs and alcohol?

  7. Why are drugs and alcohol so accessible on the rez? Why do the cops, some who live directly across the street from the biggest drug dealers, do nothing?

  8. When are rape and incest rape going to be considered a crime on the rez? When will there be investigations?

There you have several of the questions that come into my inbox weekly. Questions that have been coming in for more than a decade.

I'm not Santa. Nor am I the Tribal Council. But, the good news is: You do have a Tribal Council and you can, often as you like, keep raising these questions.

Sexual Offenders List

I hear that the Law & Order Committee is working on getting funding for a Sexual Offenders list. Given that the guy who runs the L & O is one of the biggest sexual offenders on the rez, I find it laughable.

What's that you say? He's never been arrested? Now, why is that? Hmmmmm... Don't expect his brother, QBall, to show up on that list either.

(Note to Santa:#9) Why does QBall have such a high paying job? And why does he get to keep his 'office' in his dead brother's house, and pay no rent? After all, he did murder his brother so that he could take the house from him. I hear that he is also taking the Judge to court, suing the judge who ruled that said that Scott's Will was valid and that Scott's son owns the property.

Are you beginning to see why people feel their Tribal Council, their Tribal Police, and their Tribal Courts are a joke out there?

Can you see how this gives the people a sense of constant injustice and futility?

Did you know that "Sense of Futility" is the NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF SUICIDE?

We now resume our blog...

All you need for a Sexual Offenders List is for your lazy-ass, unskilled, over paid webmasters to post those pictures, names and addresses-- and the details, on the Tribe's website.

So, we all know that getting the 'grant money' is just another game played on the Tribe. The people who are working to get the funding, most have no clue that the money will only go into the pockets of the biggest offenders in the community.

I don't know why they don't know it. But they don't know it. It has happened over and over again, with little, if any, of the Federal or Private Grant dollars ever going into the proposed project they were designated towards.

So, while we are at it:

Question #10 for Santa: Where did NLO and Walking Ego get all those Millions of dollars to invest into Ronin? And Where is that money now? Who has gotten it?

Tribal Council, you have your list. Do something.

You know where to find me.


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December 21, 2009 Printer Version (2)
Delicious Irony

I got some instant feedback on the pity party thrown for Mr. Smith in the last posting.  Turns out Mr. Smith comes from a very distinguished family out there. He is Slime Smith's Uncle.

And here is the story on how that kid got into trouble, but how Rick Smith over-played his authority. Apparently, the Tribe is not happy about the humiliation of having to give back the trophy.

From the reader:

Mr. Smith resigned because he admitted falsifying school records of the boy in question. (The boy was caught smoking pot in the front entrance of the school.  Also the same boy was caught doing the same thing out of high school as a member of our fire department while they were out of state.  Now the fire department is prohibited from leaving the state to fight fires)

Mr. Smith changed the date of the expulsion so it would appear he was eligible.  The school had to return the trophies earned his senior year, which was the last year they went to State, and they cannot play in the post season this year.

Cheating is nothing new here. Teachers would say players would be ineligible to play because they were failing their class, yet they were allowed to play! 

Rick Smith is the uncle of Slime Smith. Slime is the son of Duane Smith who is one of Galen Robertson's buddies. Don't know if it is true or not, but duane was supposedly present when Galen raped that girl and also owns the bus that it happened on. 

Well, there ya have it. Mystery solved. Cheating is okay, lying and falsifying documents is just fine, until someone from the outside takes notice and you have to return the trophies.

This is not the kid's fault. The kid is a kid. He was supposed to be getting guidance and he was getting lessons in how to be a repeat offender.

I'm glad he graduated. However, he caused the community a lot of embarrassment. Not as much embarrassment as Slime and his daddy have caused, what with Hit and Run, Rape and skate, and all.

I wonder how much the Tribe will want to clean up the corruption at Four Winds, now? Or shall we wait for another embarrassing moment?

I find it so very, very funny that a family that has gotten away with so many major crimes, gets nailed on something so relatively minor.

Then again, I have always been a big fan of Irony. It is also a sign that those who have been in favor with the Turd Clan are finding themselves less and less powerful these days.  Time was when a simple thing like this would have been laughed off. (Like Hit and Run or Rape).  Apparently, those powerful alliances aren't worth so much lately.

What is over-looked in all of this, is this: The kids are being exploited and taught that there really are no rules. That it is only important "Who" you know, not "What you have learned".  Is this a really hopeful future you are building out there?

How about we drop Basket Ball for one year. Drop it completely. No games. Have all the practices you want, but no games. Focus on the VALUES you are teaching to your young. Focus on teaching them life skills.

Start by setting examples: Teachers teach, coaches coach. Kids do not attend alcohol and drug parties thrown by ANYONE, and if ANY TEACHER, COACH, ADMINISTRATOR OR SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER IS CAUGHT DRUNK OR WITH DRUGS OR FAILS A DRUG TEST THEY ARE GONE.

These kids have no idea where the boundaries are. They have no idea on how to set their own boundaries. They need real educating. Values and curriculum. Stop emphasizing the stupid sports as the only thing you value from them.  Give them the opportunity to make a real life for themselves, and feel good about themselves. Or is it too much to ask?

You know where to find me.


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December 20, 2009 --Printer Version (4)
Merry Christmas--You're Fired!

Well, my hopes that the big shake up at the Tribal Court was that the faux Judges, those who have no law degrees (real ones, not the 6 mo. How to be a Legal Assistant Bull pucky that June Gourd proudly hangs on her wall), that those judges would be dismissed and real scholars would be in their places.

Nope. Nope. And Nope. Apparently, the only person to be fired, and apparently without any warning, was the Court Clerk, Myra Hunt.  Supposedly, this was because Myra released a check to someone who owed money on Child support. I am hearing that she did this at the direction of June Gourd.  June Gourd, not willing to be accountable for her own major errors, has laid this on the clerk as if the clerk could or would be able to do this on their own.

It's just an excuse mind you. It is not anything anyone could or would be fired for. Rather, Naked Lawn Ornament wanted to give a high paying job to a friend of hers. She wants Mary Cavenaugh to be the "Chief Judge". Does Mary have any qualifications? Or is being a pal to NLO the only requirement needed?

I hear NLO also took her to Palm Springs, at Tribal expense, just to have company to party with. That would not surprise me.

I am still waiting to get more info on this. Too bad it was business as usual and the Tribal Council just let this blow by them like a prairie breeze.

Oh, and Merry Christmas to Mary Cavenaugh. I see Santa has been very YOU.

Four Winds Stinks

For years, almost as long as I have been writing this blog, in fact, I have been hearing horror stories about Four Winds corruption.

Teachers not allowed to teach, students allowed to waltz into and out of classes at will. Never discipline a student related to the Turdclan... you can be fired. Let them run the classes.

I know that basket ball is like the biggest thing out there. When the team got to State, the entire rez could talk about nothing else. With so little to make a community proud, the winning ways of the team brought a real sense of pride to the rez.

The team was led by Rick Smith, Athletic Director.

Rick Smith was fired, recently, over the whole ineligibility of one player issue.

I am told it was a minor infraction. A player was ineligible by 6 months. Not like he was "a 21-year old or anything like that." as one writer puts it. Apparently, the kid was allowed to play in the spirit of what sports are to be about. Let me explain from what I have been told:

The kid had a few rough patches and sports was about all he had to look forward to. He was allowed to play as he finished out his Senior Year. This kid was suspended or expelled for a semester early on in his high school years, this 'technically' cancels out his eligibility to play sports for the duration of that time he is deemed ineligible.

I have a lot of questions over all of this. If anyone can clear this up or has another take on it, let me know.

My problem with the whole Basket Ball thing is, basically, the corruption apparent. The players, many still in their uniforms, partying (see the Thistles pages), drinking and getting stoned.  Also, along with them, people who were supposed to be "mentors" to these young men, supplying the party, the drugs, the alcohol.

These kids are held up as heroes to the community, all the while being misled, encouraged into behaviors that are damaging, illegal and hardly what you would want in the role models these sports heroes are supposed to be for the community. Especially for the younger kids who line up, in adoration, to shake their hands.

I am no fan of the Smith Family. I have, many times, gone after their most famous family member, Slime Smith, the chronic drunk who heartlessly ran over an old man and left him to die on the road. Then he fled the scene and went either to the Marina or to his grandmother's house (depending on who is telling the story) to wash the evidence off his bumper and grill. He was arrested, bailed out and has yet to go to court.

Won't matter if he does. If it is Tribal Court, we can pretty much figure how that will turn out.

The point is this: If you are going to fire someone, do it right. Do it for the Right Reasons. Do it thru a legitimate process.

I don't know if Rick Smith is related to Slime, but I suspect they are related. He was everyone's hero when the team excelled and they went to State. Everyone ignored the partying and the drinking and drugging. You all turned a blind eye to it because you didn't want to know.

There was plenty to confront the School, Athletic Dept., and the entire Basket Ball team on, long ago. But as long as everyone needed 'heroes' everything was ignored. Even when Money Mike was killed after a  party at Kalum Yankton's house where he was given all the meth and alcohol he could take.

I am told that he left the party, chased by Kalum Yankton and others, and his vehicle rammed until he went into the lake. Missing for over a week before Bentley Grey Bear would allow anyone to search for him. Good job, Bentley-- in case I haven't told you before. Good effing job. Bentley, at the time, was taking his orders directly from Poopsie, the incest father to Kalum.

Heroes died, kids are posting pictures of their Basketball team getting loaded, and the adults who are supposed to be supervising them -- contributing their delinquency.

No one gets fired. No one. Not even the guys in the photos posted all over the web.

Suddenly, with a minor infraction, and the team nowhere near a championship, Rick Smith is fired.

I just don't get it.

Why can't or should I ask, why WON'T the tribe insist on procedures being followed? You know, a standard that holds everyone equally accountable? Why won't the Tribe, especially the new Tribal Council, insist on FAIR PLAY?

Is it because they like the idea of people holding jobs or being fired based solely on favoritism? How does that give anyone confidence in their government? How does that give anyone a sense of security in their community?

Especially when it comes to the kids. I want the Sports department to excel. I want them to engage the kids in a higher level of activity, sportsmanship and raise their self-esteem. I don't want them exploited for their talents and then led down a path that will only destroy any chances of them finding a real life after high school.

I want the heroes of Spirit Lake Nation to be real enough that everyone can feel good about them. Everyone can use them as a role model for those who are growing up in the community.

Education should be foremost. When your scholars return from universities and they have acquired the skills and the knowledge to make things better in Spirit Lake, use the structures of Fair Play to put them in positions that will make it better for everyone in the community, not just for the favored few.

Sports are great-- but only if they lead to self-esteem, and sense of fair play.

Demand that your Tribal Council rid the court of the unqualified. NOW.

Demand that your Schools adhere to real rules. Not just the arbitrary hiring and firing, mostly directed by bimbos like Beasley Greywater and her family. What is she doing on the School Board anyways?

Demand that all these positions of appointment or hire rest on the real educational qualifications, certifications, and on passing a real drug test. Not the Pay-to-Pass scheme currently run by Chuckles and Mary Sleeps-With-Everyone.

Insist on the kids who are playing sports, in the school, pass drug and alcohol tests--regularly. They love the sports and that may be the one thing that makes them decide to not go down that dark road, this time. Give them a reason to NOT do drugs.

I feel bad for those who got fired, apparently without procedure or warnings. I do. I also find it interesting that the people who write to me about these things are often people who ignore it and do nothing about it until it affects them personally, or someone they care about.

It is time that all of you take an interest in what goes on out there. Don't wait until it is YOUR TURN to have a complaint. Everyone out there knows something and everyone keeps their mouth shut until what has been happening to everyone else, happens to them.

The way to prevent it is to stop it now. The way to stop it now is to stand up for those who are speaking up and telling the truth. Stand up with those who are standing up for what is right. Stand up now, because when it is your turn, you will be knocked down and looking around for someone to stand up for you. I may be the only one, and I am not enough.

You know where to find me.


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December 18, 2009 --Printer Version (5)
Cobell Case Summary

I have people writing to me with questions and with ideas as to what the Cobell settlement means. I am going to link to two websites that sum it up pretty good. One is an almost hour long video featuring Sen. Dorgan. I find it ironic that he praises Sen. McCain as one of the people who worked so hard to get this case resolved over the last 13 years.

Additional, in print only, information on this settlement can be found at: HERE

From what I have seen of McCain, he has two faces. He pretends to be sympathetic to Indian Country Issues, but his main effort goes into securing land rights for resource extraction for major companies, most notably, Peabody Coal, in AZ, which has plowed through sacred sites, and who, to this day, due to McCain's constant interventions, pollutes what is left of the air that the poorest Indians in our nation must breathe.

So, Thank YOU Sen. McCain!

The settlement only pays up to the surviving Indians. Unfortunately, it pays nothing to the families and heirs of those Indians who died while this case was being fought and stalled.

What you cannot allow to happen is for this settlement to write a check to your leaders and for them to then take a cut (handling charges) from that, and then distributing it or not, as they see fit.

The one thing to remember above all, is that Cobell fought this case, against a wall of obstacles, relentlessly, for more than 13 years. ALL Indians benefit from the work of this one, primary force, behind the settlement.

This is what ONE Indian can do. But did not do it alone. This is a major feat and it was accomplished by many coming together. It was accomplished by those who did not just get angry and walk away because they did not get what they want.

To say the government 'mismanaged' the resources on Indian land is a laugh. It was systematic theft.

The Senate has to sign off on this before the year's end. Our good senators are too busy posturing and trying to destroy any chance for Health Care to be accessible to all people, so don't count on it. They are too busy lying, misrepresenting, twisting the most important legislation of the last 70 years.

It has become clear to me, that too many of our elected, GOP outright who are willing to allow 45K+ people a year die for lack of health care, in order to say that they beat this president, do not have The People's interests at heart.

Too many, GOP and Dems, are being paid millions of dollars by the Insurance Company lobbies, to ruin the bill so that we don't get health care and the Insurance Companies, who have a list over 200 pages long of 'reasons' to deny claims (Such as childhood acne is a reason to deny cancer treatment. Athlete's foot is a reason to deny care for any injury or illness) (You think I'm exaggerating? I wish I was!).

Our Senate has stated that they are onside with major corporations, not the people. They state it in their outrageous behaviors, lies and their corrupted votes.

Since the Cobell settlement first takes money from the government for "mismanaging" the land resources, (about $3 Billion, total) it also leaves the door open for 2 very important things:

1: That Corporations will now be held accountable for the resources they extract from Federal (Indian) lands. This will drive up their costs significantly because they have, up until this ruling, only had to bribe people in the Dept. Of Interior with cocaine, whores and a few lousy dollars.

2: That the accounting will be left open and cases of resource thefts of the past, which can be directly tied to the Dept. Of Interior's corrupt behaviors and the major corporations use of bribes to steal from Indian People, can, in theory, lead to criminal investigations and for Corporations themselves to have to pay up huge fines.

A third issue is that since it is the Taxpayers who are paying for the crimes of the Oil and mineral, timber and water extraction Corporations, could be tapped to pay back to the government, their share of the the revenues generated.

So, my expectations on this are minimal. However, there are some very conscientious 'watchdogs' (Sen. Al Franken from Minnesota, for one) who are very engaged in getting this matter resolved and done so fairly. His questions are about "How do we make sure that each person who is entitled KNOWS they are entitled?"

Even though this is an historic settlement, until you can get ALL the senators to do their job and sign off on this (I am not sure how many are required, but I am assuming a minimum of 60--will continue to look into this)-- until they do that, no one gets anything.

However, as it stands now, the FIRST payment due to ALL Indians is $1500 each. There is expected to be follow up settlements that relate to this.

YOUR Tribe's web site should have been keeping you posted on this information all along. Your Tribe is paying these worthless webmasters way too much for what pathetic little they are doing. Oh Yeah, related to Turdclan. Well, there ya go!

Another reason for you all to protest and get the Blog opened up so that people can, as grown ups, read the information for themselves and make their own judgments on things. This notion that the website is blocked to protect you, is bullshit. It is blocked to protect those who have committed murders and those who continue to commit crimes against the Good People of Spirit Lake Nation.

This case is monumental in more ways than I can count. It means that the Federal Government can no longer treat Indians as non-persons, with no rights. We still do not have all the Rights, but this is a biggie. This is a path cut through the Red Tape Forest that allows Indian People to actually be compensated for what they have been robbed of. There is much more that can follow this precedent setting case.

Elouise Cobell is the hero here. She is an Indian Woman. She cut this path so that others may follow.

I want to see her raised up as a role model for what can be done by and for Indian People. I want you to teach your children about her, today, as you would teach them about Sitting Bull, Geronimo, Nicholas Black Elk, Fools Crow.

Powerful People

This is what can be done when we don't give up on what we know is right. This is what can be accomplished by ONE Indian with the help of others. This is what can be done when we come together.

This is why Indians are so feared, that Federal Government supports only the corrupt leadership. This is why your corrupt leaders do nothing about rape, drug manufacture and distribution. This is why they look the other way as Alcohol, drugs and underage parties are allowed to run wild on the rez.

They want Indians to feel that they are nothing and that no one cares and that they can do nothing. They want to reinforce the sense of futility amongst us, and the divisions not only between Indian and non-Indian, but racist divisions among various tribes.

This settlement goes to ALL Indians. Yes, non-Indians were shoulder to shoulder with Elouise, and this monumental case came to this settlement. It is not bound to only one tribe or one Indian... It is for ALL.

If Indian People are to ever wake up to what they can do, what they are capable of doing, they must put aside petty differences, demand accountability from their leaders, justice from their courts, and enforcement--EQUAL enforcement from their police departments.

To get that, you must be stronger and healthier than you are now. You must be educated and you must appreciate those who have gone on to gain the necessary education that will make all things more possible in your communities, in your lifetimes. If not in your lifetime, then in the lifetime of your children, and the children just to come.

Young People need role models of health, intelligence and ethics. If they cannot find them in their own homes, they must look at those who do embody these qualities, regardless of where they are at or from, and see how they can grow into that.

The young on the rez are the most abandoned. Many have compared them to the packs of stray dogs that roam the rez, malnourished, dangerous, and dying young.

The body needs good food. The Mind needs Good Teaching. The Spirit NEEDS good guidance and healing.

I urge every young person out there, who is feeling despair and futility, anger and shame... to know this one thing above all other things: You are more important in this world than you will ever know. What you do, now, and later on in your life, will affect people you have never met.

Every one of us has, in our lifetime, at tender age and later on, experienced set backs, let downs, disappointments and tragedy. We survive so that we can help others by what we have learned, both about ourselves and about this world, through this hardest process.

If you are thinking about ending your life, know that you are essentially, ending the lives of many who know you, and many who have not yet met you, because you are willfully removing from this world, your value, your worth, your future good works.

If you abandon the future, others will have less to get them through. The cycle of abandonment must stop.

Even if you cannot see the point in staying on... know that you cannot see it because it is so huge, you have not yet grown into the size you need to be to understand it. Do not take that away from us. We need you.

Those of you who think you are powerful when you take away someone's self-esteem, or make them feel worthless, know that you are of no value when you do that. Our only value in this world is when we can help another person, in ways large and small, to find the truth about themselves and their value in this world.

We come into this world of struggle and strife with little to help us and so much that can hurt us. All we have is one another to get us through, lift us up, and help us find our way to a better life. It is so very worth getting there.

We were built to help one another find what is the Right Thing to do. Help someone recover from abuse. Help someone recover from addiction. Help someone recover from ignorance, racism, jealousy.

Help someone recover from violence.

Help someone recover from the shame of having murdered so many and gotten away with it, help them to come to Justice. Only when they come to Justice will they ever know Peace. And so will we all.

In seeking Peace, we become our most Powerful.

You know where to find me.


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December 15, 2009 --Printer Version (1)
Tribal Court 52 Pick Up?

I'm getting information in that there has been a big shake-up in Tribal Court. That all the judges AND the clerks have been dismissed. None were qualified to be judges to begin with, but apparently, after a rape last summer got posted on the internet (really smart), someone decided that enough was enough? This is all just happening now, so information is very sketchy.

I also hear that June Gourd, one of the judges, is claiming to have a degree in "Criminal Law." Oh, sorry, should have warned you not to be drinking anything before you read that. Did it come out your nose?

She is claiming that her vocational training to be a 'legal assistant' is somehow the equivalent of a degree in 'Criminal Law.'  Not sure on this one, but I suspect that the local manicurist would have had more schooling than she does to do what she do. Do-whack-a-doo-doo.

People are becoming hopeful that the new Tribal Council is being more vigilant than the lazy drunken, doped up one of the past. Of course, they still have to get around Naked Lawn Ornament and the Sloth King, "WalkingEgo".

I know that NLO personally appointed June Gourd as Judge because she was easily bought off and easy to control. Well, so was the last judge and her clerk... until they took off with everything in the safe, much of which was NLO's secret stash of 'secrets'.

So, any of you have any information on what is actually going on with this, let me know.

Personally, I hope they shake up the cop shop next. Hire those who have both training and experience and the credentials to go with it. Get some real cops in there. Get some real work done. Let people feel like they can turn to the law to defend themselves. Not have to feel like they have to 'take care of business' themselves.

Cops and Court, if they are run right, will go miles in stabilizing the community and giving people a sense of peace.

Is it asking too much to have people who are qualified hold down these important positions? I would think that it would be the basic premise for integrity.

Wow, "integrity". I might be getting my hopes up too high, but I'm sensing a real change out in the badlands.

Now, go take care and make sure the Elders have enough heat for this winter.

Those of you who need to feel a real high... go shovel snow for the Elders and for the single mothers out there. Just do something for someone else. I guarantee you will feel better than what any rec drug could ever do for you.

Start small: Smile.

You know where to find me.


December 10, 2009 --Printer Version(5)

People who know me, know I am very big on dreams. I value dreams. I think anyone that dismisses dreams disrespects one of the strongest connections to both Spirit and Creator that exists.

Looong before Contact tribes thrived and grew strong, were able to find food, be warned of adversities, migrate to unfamiliar territory as if they had a map, all through dreams.

Dreams and Visions are the only true way we ever find our way in this walking world. The importance of dreaming, Vision Questing is just as relevant today, and many strive, but only a very few achieve. A whole lot do, sad to say, 'fake it.'

But, regardless of whether you fast and purify in seeking visions; or if you have dreams great or common, it is important that you know your dreams are important.

Your dreams are important. Your plans are important. Your goals are important.

Eddie Fish Had Dreams

Eddie was a dreamer of sorts. He had plans for is life. His plan was to be like his Rock n' Roll idol, Eddie Money. Eddie Money was a cop for awhile, and then the made his career in music.

Eddie Fish, saw that as a good plan. He was only going to be a cop as long as it took for him to get an act together and try his luck in the Big Time.

For those who don't know who Eddie Fish was, Fish was the nickname for Eddie Peltier.

He had already quit the Devil's Lake Police Department. He needed to collect a check while he was in between 'gigs'. He had not yet put together a band. He was not really sure how he was going to do it. He knew he had to "Actively be seeking work for which he was qualified" in order to get a check, so he applied at the Highway Patrol.

Poopsie was already still seething over the traffic ticket Eddie had issued to him for driving too fast and without a license (Poopsie did not get a license until years later). The thought of Eddie becoming a Highway Patrol Officer, putting him even further out of reach of Poopsie's influence, was the constant grinding on the ego nerve of Poopsie.

He planned to murder Eddie, for several reasons: 1: because he liked to kill people and get away with it. 2: Because he was still embarrassed over the ticket he got (and Poopsie copes with embarrassment by getting angry, and copes with anger by killing the source of his anger). 3: He thought that if Eddie ever did make it to Highway Patrol status, there would be many, many more embarrassing events. 4: The only power, real power that Poopsie had over the community, was his badge. The only thing he had to fear was another badge... and Eddie might not be that easy to bribe. Eddie might want too much.

Poopsie worked himself up over his bad dreams about what Eddie had done, and what he would be able to do. Besides, he was extremely jealous of Eddie. Eddie was very good looking, smart, and had talent and personality. Everybody liked and respected Eddie.

Nearest Poopsie ever could come to being liked was to buy people off, or bully and intimidate them into not saying anything about him. No one respected Poopsie. No one ever has respected him. Not his family, not his kids, no one.

Who knows where Eddie would be today if he had been allowed to follow his dreams. He might have been a first rate Rock n' Roller. He might have been a greasy lounge singer working for tips, picking up chicks, driving a car he could not afford. He could have been any number of things, good, great or mediocre.

Imagine a reality where Eddie had lived long enough to follow his dream. He might even have a family, grand-children, some 8X10 glossies of his days in showbiz. Maybe even a record on the wall.

But those dreams were stomped out by an ugly wart of a human being, so jealous, so ugly and so stupid that he thought killing Eddie would be the end of all his problems.

Instead, his sickness became the sickness of the entire community. He still, along with his ugly Turdlings, controls enough of the community to strangle it financially, spiritually, and the children are killing themselves before their dreams can even take shape.

Eddie Fish could have been there for his sisters and his brother. He could have been there. He could have been here, now. But instead, you have his killers walking around in your money.

So, ask Poopsie, Weenie Boy, QBall, Pisster and Turdmother... ask them all how long they think the community should suffer before they step up and own what they have done. What they have done to Eddie, and to so many others; Fulton Myrick, Sam Jackson... and so many others... dead.

They continue to rob the community. They continue to destroy the dreams and you are left, all of you, without dreamers to take you all to the future.

How long does an innocent man have to stay in prison, unable to even think about his dreams, while the killers walk among you, like they own you?

Don't stop standing up. Don't forget, that the darkness that walks among you, still sickens your children, takes away your future.

Keep ridding yourself of these corrupt. Keep holding those you elected, accountable. Keep supporting them when they stand up for you.

This is your life, it is not a spectator sport. Just 'watching it all go down' doesn't earn you a seat at the big table. This is not a show, this is your life.

In Other News

The US Justice Department has finally handed down a decision in the Cobell Case. This is a case that has been fought for decades and has been before the courts for over 17 years. It fundamentally changes, in favor of the INDIVIDUALS in the Tribes, how the resources are paid for when they are extracted.

Oil companies, among others, have been exploiting a corrupt Dept of Interior, BIA and disorganized/corrupt Tribal Leaders with vague, nebulous rules about sovereignty, and ownership, to extract without compensating those whose lands they extracted from.

I remember this case first caught my attention around the same time that Eddie's case did. I thought it odd that the Tribal Councils involved, were doing, essentially nothing to help their people. There were two women who were, however, outstanding in their pursuit of getting this case hauled from court to court, and engaging the media.

I am sure there were others, as well, but it was an almost impossible struggle against a corrupt system and a series of ignorant, apathetic, complicit Administrations. Still, they did not give up.

Peter Jennings, I believe it was, did a full length documentary on the disgrace, the shame of our nation, allowing oil companies to rip off Indian people, making billions while allowing those they were robbing to live and die in poverty.

The documentary, Which I saw a couple of years ago, only showed once, as far as I know. It was at 3 AM on TV, a few years after Jennings had already died. Not even media, which pretends to be there to entertain and inform us, is very careful to not shine lights into those corners where their Boards of Directors derive much of their money, most of their power.

Media would have us believe that there is no interest among the general public in finding out and learning more about what goes on in Indian Country. But that is not true. There is a real hunger for people to know. People are seeking and being misled by stereotypes, and charlatans. 

History books are written by people who don't want us to know anything about what our true history is. It is a place to start, but it is not a place to finish.

This Cobell ruling came down without any news coverage whatsoever.  One of my readers forwarded it to me.

This is going to change how a lot of things are done out in Indian Country. This ruling, essentially says, Indians have been getting ripped off: Resource Extraction Corporations have been getting a free ride.

Given that most of the corruption in Indian Country is by political design to both extract the wealth without paying for it, and launder the profits back into the system that maintains the corruption; this ruling is a very big domino falling, and others will follow.

Keep your eyes on it, folks. You have no idea how big this is going to get.

And we owe this to the Obama Administration, which, in their first year, managed to break through all the crap and bring this otherwise endless case, to the right conclusion.

Electing people of integrity is important. It affects all of us. It changes 'future history'.

No one we elect will ever be perfect. We must not let our differences and disappointments in those things divide us or discourage us. Overall, the people we elect make or break our future. That is why, regardless of whether it is Tribal Council, Mayor, President, Senator, or Governor, we must be politically active, aware and hold ourselves accountable in holding them accountable.

It is important. It is fundamental.

I will disagree with Obama on many things. I will argue against many things: But I trust his basic integrity and sense of fair play. I trust his intelligence and I admire his steadiness when he remains the most under attack president ever.

I find it ironic that while the bitter, angry, twisted GOP were all throwing major fits over every move the man makes from "Spicy mustard" on his hot dog "How UNAMERICAN!" to the feigned outrage, lies that, from day one, the opposition, instead of coming together to heal a nation betrayed into wars and economic collapse, seek only to make him fail.

In order to do that, they have to make the nation fail. And while they are hard at work, creating lies, fear mongering, and in general inflaming the ignorant... all for the sake of retaking the power they lost... while they were so busy going after mustard and trying to undermine the financial recovery, now, trying to rip Health Care Reform away from us.. while they were doing all of that... the Cobell Ruling came down.. and they never even saw it happen.

Those corporate giants that have run amok in Indian Country, taking the oil & gas, the coal, the minerals, the Uranium, timber and waters,... lost a big one. They lost the one that had funded most of their fortunes for generations.

It's like they were chasing a truckload of pennies trying to get them to spill onto the street, while the armored car, carrying the real fortune, passed them by.

Keep your eye on this one. When I get the actual decision, which is going to be several pages long.. I will post it. Or at least, provide enough of a link so that you can search it out yourself.

You now have the right to own the property and to the resources therein. This is a ruling that affects ALL Indian People. Considering that it had been tied up in courts, stalled and ignored ...I did not think I would see it in my lifetime.

We may never know or remember the names of the people who fought for this and would not let it die. But their work was good. It is important, far into the future, that the work we do is good. Our names being attached to it, is relevant, but getting the work done, not quitting, is by far, the most important part. Fame is nothing. Good work is a treasure for all time.

If you know you are doing the right thing, never quit. Regardless of how it turns out, don't quit.

You know where to find me.


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December 7, 2009 --Printer Version (5)
Remember Who You Are

A note to Clarice Brownshield. You were voted in by good and decent people. You were attacked by the corrupt and false petition was brought against you. Remember that it was by the efforts of good and decent people who showed up to support you against that false petition, that made the corrupt back down.

You cannot ignore these good and decent people. You cannot become like those who have gone before, and think it is all about you. It is not. It is about your community, your tribe, working against incredible odds and opposition, to heal itself.

Take the time to thank the Good People for both their vote and for their support. Take the time to stop and talk to them. Remind them that you are a good and decent woman, Tribal Councilor, and that you have not forgotten how you got here, and whose support has allowed you to stay in a position to where you can do the most good for your people, your tribe and your community.

A note to Darwin Brown, Justin Yankton, Jason Thompson: See note to Clarice Brownshield.

It is most important that, as Tribal Councilors in a wounded community, you must stay in touch with the people you represent. That means you are available to them when they come to your office, or you can make a reasonable date appointment and spend time with them, to hear them out, (some might have really good ideas), and let them know THEY are the most important aspect of your job. Because they are.

And, it is up to you, to make it a point to drop in on your constituents, bring tobacco, and ask them their opinion on things planned for the tribe or needed in their lives.

At first, they might say nothing, or not much. They won't trust that you actually are the change they voted for. But continue to do it. Continue to be there, go there. Continue to be responsive, and continue to listen to them, collectively and as individuals.

And, you will see, in your community, voices rise to guide you, support you and help you to do what you need to do. You will see your people, in your districts, gain confidence in you, trust your judgment more, and think better of themselves and their community.

Take the time to listen. Take the time to explain. And then watch what comes of that!

Value Life

Lucas Littleghost, for some reason, so I am told, jumped into the river last week (November 24th) and floated away from those who loved and cared about him. The Obit says he died in the hospital, with his loving family around him. I don't know if he ever regained consciousness or not. People tried to save him. He was 24.

I don't know the circumstances. I have a suspicious mind, I always wonder, since they don't investigate the deaths of Indians, they don't do autopsies on Indians, they don't really even make the news when they are murdered or die under unknown circumstances, anyway, I suspect it could be more.

And, I am not alone. More than one writer has suspected that there is a serial killer murdering young Native Males and dumping their bodies in the river. But, since it is only Indians, I guess it's not worth looking into, eh? Yeah, I am sure there is something waaay more important out there.

Suicide or not, this has to stop.

Violence is Failure

Yes, it can be suicide. Raised in an environment of futility, hopelessness, low self-esteem, suicide is very likely. But so is murder. Violence is used as the solution to just about anything in Indian Country. Jealousy, anger, easily escalates to violence. Violence is so common, that it escalates into ultimate violence so swiftly, a petty feud can end up as a murder. 

Violence at the common levels experienced in Indian Country creates more violence. Worse, it becomes the only and the ultimate 'coping skill'. Drugs, alcohol, make it worse, and more frequent.

Remember: Eddie was murdered. His murder was planned and executed, over a driving citation.

Violence against another is a clear indication that you have already lost. You can see no further than your own fists. You lose. Even if you win the fight, if you throw the first blow, you lose. You are wrong and you know it. You failed.

Violence against yourself, whether you cut yourself, or try to off yourself, is just as wrong.

Violation of Trust--Nowhere To Go

The second suicide last week was Chris Feather. He was 22. Apparently, he killed himself over a woman. Tiffany. I hear she is an RN, and is 37 years old, a relative of Piggy Cavenaugh. She either worked or had access to the mental health clinic on the rez.

Here's the big problem with that: Piggy is not qualified to run that Clinic. She should be removed, immediately. She has run off all the good, qualified, educated, degreed and certified health workers. She has opened up confidential files, violated privacy, breached confidentiality, and used information against those who have come for help.

Ethical people have had to leave because they could not, in good conscience, allow clients to come in and reveal themselves, knowing that Piggy would find a way to breach confidential files and they could not protect anyone from her, her family, or her friends.

People on the rez have nowhere to go to heal. The one place where people are the most vulnerable, and need the most protection, is where they are the most in danger.

Doesn't matter if they are seeking counseling for alcohol, drugs, rape, or if they are contemplating suicide, they have nowhere to go for help. Piggy has abused her position, threatened and harassed good people, and essentially, made the clinic a place where people who are the most vulnerable, and their lowest point in life, run the greatest risk of being exposed and exploited for personal and political gain.

I wonder. If there were a safe place, run by qualified people, ethical people instead of Piggy and her clan, I wonder if there would be a chance that people who are having serious issues would be able to heal. I know that it is absolutely critical that people who are having acute or traumatic issues in their lives, have a place to go where they are able to get help and guidance and healing.

Suicides are no surprise. People have nowhere to go. Piggy gets a paycheck and your children are dying because she is where she should not be. Think about that.

I know that because of that, Chris Feather had no place to go.  No one has. The suicides on the rez can go directly to the feet of Piggy Cavenaugh and the damage she has done.

People have to die like that so that the unqualified can hold a position they abuse? Is it really worth it?

Talk To Each Other

Your new Tribal Council needs to address the issues of so many unqualified people being in key positions, doing the most harm. You have Poopsie using the Casino as his personal Piggy Bank, whore stable, drug den. Your community goes hungry and cold while he pockets the wealth for himself, and the casino is known as the worst in the country.

That corrupt, stinking, foul casino is the only thing some people know about Spirit Lake Nation. You can do better.

His family, especially the Turdlings, have ruined everything they have touched.

So why does a convicted rapist, Q-Ball, hold down a high paying job in water and sewer? Why is his son allowed to do drugs and get paid an administrative wage. And where is QBall's office, anyway? Oh yeah, he killed his brother Scott so he could steal his house from him, and not pay any rent. (No investigation, no autopsy, no problem). WHY is he allowed to do this? Because he is a big bully? Is that all it takes?

Make It Work Right

Key to improving things is requiring degrees for positions that are Administrative. Enough of your children have overcome the challenges, beaten the odds, gotten the best educations and come home to help their people--only to be run off, not allowed to function and having to watch as 'friends' of the powerful take positions and ruin the community for lack of knowledge and skills. Worst of all, their lack of ethics and integrity.

Call your warriors home now. You need them. You need their skills. You need their integrity. You need their love of community and desire to really help and to heal. Start calling your warriors home. Or continue to watch your future float down the river, or swing from the rafters.

Call your warriors home. Learn new coping skills. Learn to value life again. Learn to live again.

Go talk to your Tribal Council Members. Tell them what is on your mind.

Those of you who have Walking Ego and Naked Lawn Ornament, look around. Find a better choice. You can do it.

You've already begun.

People are telling me that they see a difference in the People of Spirit Lake, these days.

People used to tell me that Spirit Lake People were like Zombies. Head down, dark, suspicious, and there was like a dark blanket over the place.

Now, people are telling me that they can see the people are more awake, standing up, defying the corruption, losing their fear of the bullies.

People are starting to look good out there. People are starting to look alive in Spirit Lake Nation.

If others can see it, so can you. The bullies fear you. Don't stop standing up. Ever.

Don't stop believing there is a reason to live and a purpose to your life.

Value YOUR Life

And no one, absolutely no one is worth killing yourself over.

Everyone has been dumped, lost a love, or been betrayed. Everyone. And we have all gone on to have even more love in our lives. Survive more betrayals. And life is so worth living.

Just seeing and hearing that the Good People of Spirit Lake Nation are doing what so many thought was impossible, is exhilarating.

Imagine how, when you are older, and whatever heartbreak, disappointment or betrayal is behind you, you can then reach out to someone going through the same thing, and pull them forward, into a better future--imagine how good that will feel.

Give yourself an idea of how good it will feel: Go do something for someone. Help them shovel their walk, carry their groceries, split their wood... something. Anything. Do it.

You will feel a high that is beyond any drug. I promise you. And it will last you much longer. You will connect with something much greater and stronger in yourself by doing something, anything, to help another person. You don't even have to know them to feel good, at a cellular level, in your whole being. It will change the vibration of your existence.

Imagine, having gone through what you have, and survived it, how much you can help someone going through this same ordeal—and make it an easier bridge to cross. You will have reached further into the future than ever you could imagine. That is why we go through crap. So we can help others get through it, and move on to a better life.

Plan to survive anything that comes at you. Plan to survive because you know something way better, more important, more vital is coming. You just need to be here to meet it.

Know that someone, up there, in the future, is counting on you to be there to help them when they need you the most. And someone further up, is waiting for them, at a critical time. It all comes back to you, being there, when the time comes—to meet it.

You know where to find me.


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December 1, 2009  Printer Version (6)
WIND FARM IS A GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is always so very nice when I can bring you very, very good news:


This project will make Spirit Lake Nation the very first tribe in the United States (or maybe in all of North America?) that owns and operates a Utility that produces energy for themselves, and the region.

This project is not just about jobs, it is about careers. Every skill level will be involved: From the basic skills, on up to the advanced technical skills. There will be apprenticeship and training programs to make sure that everyone that works on this project gains not just a paycheck while the project is being constructed, but also, earns a skill level that will qualify them to work on any project of this nature, anywhere.

You only have to want to work, show up, be ready and able. I suggest you also be interested in not only applying what you know, but adding to that skill level.

Further, this Wind Farm will be run by the Tribe.

This project is something that you can all take great pride in. It would not have happened if you had not come together, put aside differences with one another, both great and small, and demanded that this project be carried through.

You, by getting out and by voting and getting rid of most of the scum that was destroying your community at the Tribal Council level, and installing qualified, decent and hard working representation, YOU made this happen.

Working tirelessly on this project, relentlessly dogging any opposition and overcoming any obstacles that were in the way, were two of your own: Frank Black Cloud and Casey Brown.

Details are still sketchy as this is just coming in over the past few days... but the way it looks is this: Nabholtz/Casey Brown will be running the operation from the company side, and Frank Black Cloud will be running it from the Tribe side.

It has been more than three years since this was first proposed. Three long, arduous years of overcoming corruption, replacing the corrupt, and proving, over and over again, that this project is not only 'feasible' but will be highly practical and very, VERY profitable.

When you remove people who are corrupt, and replace them with people who have real integrity, and who are NOT afraid to be held accountable and to make the hard decisions... the community has a chance, at long last, to move forward.

Work Remains To Be Done

To insure that there are no setbacks, no infighting, and that those who have been robbing the tribe blind, and burying the people in futility, more work needs to be done.

You need to get rid of Naked Lawn Ornament and Walking Ego so that none of the profits from this amazing venture, will be siphoned off into their pockets via "Ronin" or some other Ponzi scheme. You need them to be OUT OF OFFICE.

Start looking around now for strong candidates who have the education, and the integrity, and the strength, to do the most important work of leading the tribe into a better future.

You need to keep holding onto and supporting those whom you elected last time, as they are the reason this Wind Farm is happening. It is because they have integrity and they are in it, not for themselves, but for the people.

That phony baloney recall that Walking Ego and Naked Lawn Ornament cooked up against Clarice Brownshield was an attempt to install one of their puppets, and to sabotage any hopes for the tribe's future.

You all were ready and willing to challenge that petition after Myra had, by once again, bending all the rules, allowed it to go through. When she saw that you were ready to challenge it, and to hold up one of her own previous "legal" documents (the quasi-legal letter from Vern Lambert, aka "Pimp Daddy") she realized that she had painted herself into a corner.

Instead of humiliating herself with the vote, and leaving herself wide open (a familiar pose for her) on being recalled herself by the exact same standards, she just 'dismissed' the petition without a vote! That also, was illegal.

She does the things she does to protect herself. She has tried to play it up to Clarice that she was 'protecting her' and that Clarice 'owed' her, but we all know that is not true. She did it to save her own sorry flat tire ass. Hers and Walking Chicken's.

That petition cannot be brought up again. Nor should it.

But Myra and Carl need to be removed. If not by recall, then most certainly, by next election. START TALKING NOW. Figure out your game plan.

She and Walking Ego will be trying to buy your votes by spending your money on booze for the voters. By actually paying some of the bills and accounts they are supposed to be paying. Don't be fooled. Don't let them steal another election from you.

All they have done since they have been in office is steal from you. They have made themselves rich for it. They have left your elders freezing and your children addicted to futility.

There was another suicide Monday night. And there will be more. We can't wait for Myra and Carl to decide to do the right thing. They have already done so much harm. And they have already robbed us all of a better future.

Those children dying, are the future of the tribe--dying.

Weenie Boy Must Go

Weenie Boy is illiterate. He is not qualified to have the job positions he has been given over the past 2 decades. HE is NOT the one to be running the Personnel Department. He nor his family should have control over who gets what jobs.

Tell your Tribal Council to find a more qualified person to run that department. It is more important now than ever it has been before.

And NO, he does not get a severance package.

Poopsie Must Go

Poopsie and his whole family must go. They are to be thrown out of that Casino and replaced with qualified individuals who have the education and the degrees earned to prove it. They must have integrity. And they must be answerable to the people.

The accounts of the casino must be made public. How much everyone gets paid, how much money comes in, how much goes out and for what.


Get rid of these clowns who have taken all the fat and left the rest of you with dried bones.

Get him and Walking Chicken OFF their private little "Law and Order" Committee. Good people doing hard work to get grants to improve the Tribal Policing and Drug projects, only to find that those monies only go into the pockets of Poopsie and Walking Ego and a few of their friends.

Poopsie should have NO access to anything to do with Policing, Law And Order, Cops, FBI anything. He was thrown out for his abuses and corruption. Giving him access and control over funding, is like throwing the fox out of the henhouse, but leaving the door open and turning your back.

Allow those who do the good work of getting the grant monies in, be able to apply them to the projects and programs for which they are intended.

I understand that most of the people who work on that committee get paid nothing. Irony is that Poopsie and Walking Ego pay themselves in cash for the meetings, whether they go or not.

Get the Blog Access

This Tribal Council, with the exception of only two individuals, has nothing to fear from what is written in this blog. They must unblock the blog and give everyone access to the information.

To keep the blog blocked would be only for one reason: They are afraid.

I don't think the new Tribal Council Members are afraid of the truth. I think they know that is what got them in there.

Just The Beginning

The good news is just the beginning. Much work needs to be done. You can all see by this, that your good work does pay off.

There is so much that is broken that needs to be fixed. Now, by this, you know you can do it.

This is your work. This is yours. No one came in from the outside and made it happen. This is yours, brought to you by your own.

You must work to route out the corrupt and hold accountable those you put in positions of responsibility.

Your future is depending on it. Your future needs to see that you care enough now, to do the work now, and to keep doing it, so that they have a chance at a better life.

Cop Shuffle

Donovan Wind For Brains, apparently, has been gone for awhile. You have a new(er) Chief of Police: "Dustin". So, tell me about Dustin. Does he also wait for Poopsie to tell him what to investigate and what to ignore? How can you expect him to do anything, or any of them to do anything, when Poopsie still controls all the levers of the Police Dept?

And, Bentley is now working in New Town. He has been replaced as Special Suck Up to Poopsie by Raymond Cavenaugh. I found it funny that Bentley was saying that he did not trust Ray because he was sucking up to Poopsie a Big Time.  Yeah, Bentley would know about that.

Ray is cousin to Eddie Peltier. That is supposed to make a difference? Let's hope so. But, as long as Poopsie is running all things Police, what are the odds? After all, Bentley's own family was stomped under the boot heels of Poopsie and the Turdclan as they framed his brother Loren Grey Bear, for the murder they committed.

Yet, there was Bentley, shining up to Poopsie; running errands for Poopsie; burning a police car for Poopsie; reporting to Poopsie every time someone wanted to file a complaint against Poopsie's family... and where did that get him? New Town.

Make It Stop

What you are all up against out there, are formidable odds. But you have already overcome a major obstacle in retaking your community from the clutches of the corrupt. You have already overcome a lot of darkness by putting your efforts into doing something rather than just complaining.

Now you know you can.

But those who want to keep the people down will resort to anything and everything. Not just the drugs and alcohol, but the Abuse of Ceremony, that happens out there a lot, which is intended to keep the people down.

They use Black Road practices to stay in power and to keep the Truth from coming out. Terry Morgan is, while being both stoned and drunk, running sweat lodge ceremonies for himself, his mother, his cohorts.

They pray AGAINST you. They pray against the Truth. Know that. Know that about them. Do not trust them. Stay away from them and their Black Road ways. Keep your children away from them, and the Black Road of despair that they will put them on if you are not vigilant.

Richard Street, not even Indian, BTW, continues to hold fake ceremonies. Women are saying that they can feel 'hands going up my shirt' or 'between my legs' at these ceremonies. Yes, that is because he uses the darkness to feel up the women.

Ceremonies should only be done by people who are ON the Red Road. Those who practice on others and who are on the Black Road, bring only more misery.

You cannot stop them from doing these ceremonies, but you can protect yourself by staying away from them, their ceremonies, and not allowing your relatives to participate.

They lose power if they cannot bring the innocent in and drain them of their spirit.

But know this one thing: That the reason they are doing these ceremonies, is to suck the life out of the future of the Spirit Lake Nation.

Take away the innocent, and they cannot touch you. Take away any pretense of respect for them, and shun them in your community. Do not invite them in. Do not speak to them. Make them invisible in your life. Take no gifts from them, and give no gifts to them.

Stop feeding them your future.

You know where to find me.


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