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Ronin's own Website The most basic money laundering/ponzi scam rivaling Maddoff


Write to me if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, information you want me to have or a correction to any information you see here.  I respond to all emails.  CAT  NOTE: I reserve the right to NOT respond to whack jobs that waste my time.

Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case.  Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.


NOTE: New feature for the site will be an overview of cases of murdered and missing in Indian Country.  If you have a case that you want posted, contact me and I will tell you what I need to be able to post. -Cat

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March 30, 2009 --Printer Version (2)
Overcoming Suspicions

I know that is hard to do. Especially out there where you have all been pitted one against the others for so long.  Learn to talk to each other.

I am breaking one of my own rules here. I am posting an email without the writer's permission. But since he is defending himself and since he was named in the previous postings, I feel it is the right thing to do.

One suggestion he makes is that people talk to those involved with his programs and his work and draw their opinions from that.

If only more people would do that! In everything!

Further, a point he makes is one that I have made, and the one that breaks my heart the most out there: People who work so hard to overcome the circumstances of the rez, go and get a real education, and then come back to help their community, because they love their community, and are torn apart by the community.  That is the single most destructive behavior out there. Running off the good people, who worked so hard to get an education, only to be treated like garbage by the Tribal Council and their own people.

I don't know if Charles Morin is the right guy or not. But I do know that if you want an answer to that question, you better make a point of talking to him. Apparently, he is available for that conversation.

Give it a try and let me know.

Here now, his email to me:

This is Charlie Morin
I would like to clarify what is being said about my previous job at the
college. I worked with the HCOP program at Cankdeska Cikana Comm College.
I in fact brought that program back from the brink of going under because
of the previous director Derrick Dauphinais who quit right before a big
report was to be completed and he didn't have a clue how to do it because
the college president made him do his own reports!! He always used
"consultants" to do his job. He was to do this reporting himself. He also
has used that same action with the Boys and Girls Club here on Spirit
Lake. I again took over a job he previously had and I am again cleaning up
the biggest mess I have ever seen!! The college grant "HCOP" had a lot of
money but I did not mismanage it like they "whoever" said! I did have many
students go on to other colleges and get trained in nursing and CNA's. Ask
some of them who are around here on the res. they will tell you how good
the program was before president bush decided he wanted a war in iraq, so
that is WHY the HCOP grant didn't get funded, along with every other HCOP
program in the US! So whoever made the comment that I did wrong better do
their homework and stop making accusations about something they have no
clue about. That is typical of how things work around here someone who has
worked hard to get an education gets butchered by people who would just as
soon cut down someone rather than get to know them and work together to
make our reservation a better place to live for our children."

If it is important that you elect qualified decent people to your tribal council, take the time to get to know who they are. If all you have is this blog, and all I have are the comments or rantings from people with no time to run my usual verification process, then let's at least hope I get some or most of it right. I can't do that without your help and your input.

Further, it is YOUR job to stand up for anyone you think is wrongly accused. If you don’t support or are not willing to stand up and speak up for someone that is wrongly accused, then you deserve the corruption that you allow to happen.

You know where to find me.


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March 29, 2009 --Printer Version (1)
Correction, BIG Correction

The Lenore Longie paragraph in the previous posting is now, officially corrected:  Lenore Longie's Medicine Man is NOT Joe Tiona.  It is Rick Two Dogs from Porcupine, SD.  Rick Two Dogs is a rare man of integrity and absolutely RED ROAD.

The person who sent in the previous information has to be very confused.  For that reason, I am striking through the paragraph about Lenore in that posting and correcting it here. I suggest that if any of you know where the previous posting is wrong about Clarice Brownshield or Charlie Morin, speak up NOW.

Is Clarice really a 'compulsive gambler'? Has anyone really seen that? Like I said, I don't know these people, you do. Or you think you do. Talk to them, judge for yourself.

What is in here is not my words, but is what is being said about them out there. It may be true, all or in part. It may be untrue, all or in part. This is your work to do. Find out. Discuss it amongst yourselves. Decide.

If you are waiting to get perfect, flawless information, you will wait a very long time. I only have what I am told, by multiple sources, for most of the blog. I get stuff in here that may or may not be true, but I have to wait until I get it verified by at least 3 reliable sources before I post it.

With this election, I don't have that luxury as most of you have said nothing. Now, start talking, to each other and to me, so we can get this out there.

You know where to find me.



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March 28, 2009  --Printer Version(2)
Negative Reviews

This is what you are going to run into out there. People who have well-defined opinions of candidates, but who don't discuss it with other people.  Unless you all get together and discuss this, not yell, not scream and not disrespect the people you are talking to, you will get divided and the wrong person will get in.

Here, from another reader:

"I can't believe people are stupid enough to vote for charlie morin, omg! He has mishandled funds from the college, he also lost a million dollar grant for the college. Now the tribe has to cover it. It was a grant for students who wanted too go into the health field to become doctors and scientists.

Clarice Brownshield would be the wrong choice for the Fort Totten District. She uses the tribal credit card for her own personal use. I have seen it for my own eyes. Her man is Donvan Robertson, brother too Galen Robertson. She is Seashelly's secretary and has access too all the district funds and Elderly funds, writes out checks for her family members, and she is a compulsive gambler.

The lined through Paragraph below is corrected in the later posting March 29, 2008

Lenore Longie would be the better choice out of the 3 of them, she was a devoted follower of Joe Tonhonie (*I believe they mean: Joe Tioni, the Black Road Medicine Man) of Green Grass, SD.  She always bad mouthed Melvin Greybear. She does have a 4-year degree in Education, but she could never teach because she could never write or read. She got her degree when the UND college was giving anyone degrees in the teachers core program. Believe me she will side with poopsie once she gets a taste of the money."

You see? This is why you should all be talking with one another long before election time. This writer seems to think that, or just writes in a confused way, that Lenore Longie would be better because she follows a Black Road Medicine Man.  You all know that is wrong. That anyone that would follow a Black Road Medicine Man will hurt The People. 

The other point being, I HAVE NO WAY OF KNOWING IF WHAT THIS PERSON IS SAYING IS TRUE.  Partly because it appears, perhaps because it was written so fast, that Lenore Longie is the Sundancer with the Black Road. They may have been talking too fast and meant someone else.

Because: Most of the time, instead of people working together out there, there is only gossip. 

There is only gossip because your Tribal Council has not allowed any reputable news source to thrive out there. The Radio station was just a tool of a few in Authority and so it only spewed propaganda.  The Newspaper was a joke, only for the purpose of getting a Journalism Grant from the Government, and then folding immediately after the funding came through. 

You cannot expect that you will ever get the truth from sources that are purely propaganda tools for the Tribal Council.

This leaves people out there not trusting one another, at odds with one another.  What you are being told could be gossip intended to hurt a good person, or it could be the Truth. 

I do know this much: If what is being said by that writer is true, and Clarice Brown is Seashelly's Secretary, she is probably on the take. They only hire people that do the same kind of dirty work that they do. They don't trust anyone else.

If Lenore Longie is a follower of Joe Tioni, she is under the spell of Black Road and committed her energy to Darkness. Joe Tioni has done only evil work out there. He is the one that the Turdclan relies on the most, to protect them from the consequences of their actions.  He attacks people who are trying to help and to heal.

I believe, for the most part, with very few exceptions, that people who write to me are well-intended and truthful. I also believe that many are passing on misinformation that they believe to be true, because they have had to rely on unreliable sources.

Until you get a healthy Tribal Council, and get a reliable source of information other than this Blog, this is all we have to work with. 

Like I said: I do not know these people personally. But, given that there is no reliable, constant, source for information on the rez, they, and I are all we have.  I have, out of the 100-150 sources that I use for the Blog, at least 25 that I consider highly accurate and I use those more than others.

Even the majority those are not coming in on this election, or any election. Because even they don't know that much about who is running until it is too late.

I suggest you have a forum wherein every one attends, and the Candidates get up and speak for 5 min each and then have 10 Min of questions from the audience.  You can judge for yourself at that point, who is telling the truth.

Meanwhile, you send it in to me, and I will post it. Start talking!

Also, what you have to do, all of you, is come out of the shadows and talk to each other.  Do it in a respectful way.  Listen and learn. Talk and share.  Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Only be afraid to NOT learn from the mistakes that are made.

You know where to find me.


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March 27, 2009 Printer Version (6)
Who Do You Like?

I am getting input from a very few people out there as to which candidates they think will be honest and reliable in the Tribal Council.  I, personally, do not know any of them so I have only your input to post here.

But, I want you to look at this, get together and talk about it and decide to vote for one you think is going to be the very best for this term.  If you start arguing over which is better between the two good ones, you will get neither, because you will have "split your votes" and the corrupt, who are better organized because they have all the money right now and can buy votes, will win again.

I know there is a prevailing sense of futility out there and this is not easy. But you have to keep cool heads and strong determination and do this together. Organize and follow through.

I am telling you to stop whining and stop playing the victim. Not because you have not been wronged, mistreated and abused--I know you have. I write about it and hear about it all the time. But I know that a victim is both powerless and useless.  They too, are not accountable and can do nothing. "Survivors", on the other hand, are powerful as a force. It means they will not be stopped. It means that whatever abuses and betrayals were laid upon them, could not keep them down and could not stop them from getting to their goal.

I want you to step into your survival self and become more powerful this time. It is the 'survivors' out there that have made the corrupt uncomfortable. It is the discomfort of the corrupt that has made them careless, more stupid and reckless and caused them to to commit their crimes in places where they were not safe.  That is part of what is bringing them down.

I remind you that it was the voices of the survivors, young girls and women, who managed to get their rapists into court, tried, convicted and sentenced.  Given that Lemon Longie got a very small sentence because Poopsie was able to bribe and threaten the right people, you may think it has had little or no effect.

Think again: Just a few years ago there would have been no voices to rise up and demand Justice because there would have been no support for them. Survivors got together, and what small support was out there was enough to start chipping away at the invincibility of the corrupt and their cronies in a place where no one ever wanted to look.

Now, again, you must be survivors and come together and choose one to be elected in your area.  You know who the corrupt are, even better than I do. Skip Bingo. Hold meetings in your house.

Make a plan. You are Indians and no one is better at strategy and courage than the people who came from this land and whose Ancestors spoke directly to The Creator. Draw on your power to dismantle the corrupt authority that has held you down and stolen from your children.  Start now and don't quit. Ever.

From the Inside now, the words of your own fellow tribal members:

Lenore Longie

"I sincerely believe that Lenore Longie is very honest.She is a Sioux traditional from a family of Traditionals.

She is definitely very well educated, and an expert in Sioux history with real college degrees. She was also a schoolteacher on the reservation for a very long time.Long before the casino came along there was a "smoker" every Friday night which was run by the "Otanka Club" which was run by her grandmother.

The profits were used to help the elderly. Back then, the elderly got more than they do now with a casino! Trust me, this is the right candidate for the people.

She is from a big family of traditionalists who participate in Sundance's, and sweat lodges and honor the traditional ways of life .Spiritually speaking,this is definitely the one that the people need. Trust me, this is the one."

Charlie Morin

"Cat, Pull for Charlie Morin (St. Michael District) he has his Master in Ed. and is very business orientated he is our only hope.

Clarise Brownsheild

and for Ft. Totten Clarise Brownsheild she is a sundancer and a very, very, spiritual lady.....please pray and blog this God bless Cat and keep up the good work"

Time is running out, so, if you have a candidate you think is viable and worthy, better get that to me so I can post it here.

Don't bother sending me any high praise for Lisa Grey Water or April St. Pierre... I would not want to get my computer dirty from typing their names, much less supporting them.

With Brian "Zit Puppet" Pearson in jail, someone named "Suzie" is running that office until the elections. I don't know which 'Suzie' it is.  I have heard really good things about one Suzie out there, and I hope she is the one running it now. Well-educated, qualified and honest.  She is usually called in to straighten up the messes in various departments that are mismanaged and mangled by the Turdclan. 

They appeal to her loyalty to the tribe in order to get her to come in and see if she can get things back on the right track so they can pass audit or get more money. Once she gets it cleaned up, they shove her out and muck it up again. I hear she got tired of repairing it over and over so they could mess it up again. I just hope THAT is the "Suzie" that is in there right now.

Walking Superstitions

The Spirits are definitely restless on the rez.  Pisster won't even stay in her own home any more. Too many 'spooky' events: Doors slamming, her name being called from the walls, and the scene of Eddie being murdered, replaying over and over again in the residual memory that some say, sticks to the walls, regardless of how much was torn down and rebuilt.

She has looked in the mirror and seen herself covered in Eddie's blood. Looked at her hands and seen them dripping with blood. Her bed shakes and objects fly around the house. Oh, and that big 'snake thing' that crawls through her floors and chases her to make her stand up on her furniture, screaming for help. 

Sometimes people hear her, sometimes they don't. Poopsie keeps her overloaded on pills and even if people believed she is having these experiences, they laugh at her.  Poopsie, tired of chasing her down in various bars, and finding her wandering and screaming in the middle of the day, down the streets of the rez and surrounding towns and other rezes, has moved her into his basement. There, he and his family, can better keep an eye on her.

Apparently, that which disturbeth her crumbling mind, has followed her. The events of paranormal nature that were so disruptive at Pisster's house, are beginning to make themselves at home in Poopsie's house.

Poopsie has called upon more and more Black Road Medicine to 'keep it down', and this has led to events growing out of control, being witnessed by more and more people. His Turdmother has prayed and sung as she as beaded eagle feathers and put crosses on them. However, given the blood on her hands and the lies that have come from her breath, these are of no use as either prayers or talismans.

It is the natural balance of things: If you add more negative, you attract bigger and more numerous opposition.

I don't know which of these are good and which of these are evil, but I know that their presence on the rezes is a warning to all.

The Snake from the Lake

Demus MacDonald, who helped the Turdclan to murder Eddie and to cover it up, has seen the monster come out of the lake and cross the road right in front of him. A huge snake with glowing eyes.  It was over 80 ft. long and about 6 ft. wide. It looked right at him.

Demus is a drunk and his spirit has been sickened by his use of alcohol and drugs. Maybe his mind is gone. But he was driving the shuttle at the time and the people on the shuttle with him, all saw it.  They say it was not the mist and it was not the dust and that it was both real and unreal at the same time.

Well, Demus, that was a spirit. The next time, it won't look at you, it will swallow you, whole. (I personally love that one!)

Big Bird Man

This has been reported walking around the Lake, also in Ft. Yates and in Cannonball. It is a man-like creature that is about 7 ft tall, with very long arms that look 'feathered' and he wears buckskins and has a big hood over his head. He is black, head to toe, like a shadow.  He is seen walking, day and night. Reports of his height vary from 6-8 feet so maybe there is more than one.

Those who have seen him are terrified.  One or more have shot at him, and are sure they hit him, but he just keeps walking.

Well, I guess if you can't kill it, you had best get away from it.


The woman that owns the Mission Store on the rez, reported that she had a woman come to the checkout that had no face. It scared her so bad, she closed the store (beginning of this winter) and has not reopened it.

She was also known to go to the casino every night and gamble the high stakes and lose a lot. Some think that the story she told was just an excuse to walk away from the store she embezzled to death.

However, there have been reports of other people seeing people with no faces (day and night).  Different places. One reported seeing a young child, with no face, walking on the road towards the casino.

Others have reported seeing both adults and children, sometimes in a line, with no faces, walking around.

I have heard in the past, where Faceless People show up, it is a warning of plagues, suicides or disasters. They represent clusters of death.


People have reported that the middle of the lake has, from time to time, becomes a whirlpool.  It turns black and then spins.  Apparently, it makes a sound that is really eerie.

I am told that some believe that the lake is a source of supernatural legends. Where the whirlpool spins one direction, it is supposed to release powerful, some say negative creatures that will roam through the lands and create sickness, sudden death and disappearance. That if/when it spins the other way, all those negative characters/creatures are drawn back into the lake and taken to the door that leads to the other world at the bottom of that lake.

I know there are better known legends about the Thunderbird battling the Monster from the lake that are out there. 

But these snakes, Big Black Birdmen, and Faceless people are not as well known, so I really cannot be sure what they are supposed to be an omen of. 

I do know that Poopsie is working the Black Road Medicine overtime out there.  I know that supernatural things happen and that when so much darkness has been laid upon a place, the land itself wants to rid itself of the blight and the energies conflict.

I know I am getting reports from people I know are sober and scared of what they have seen or what they have heard people they know and respect, have seen.

I know these things, if they are seen, would scare the crap out of anyone, including me. But I also know that my prayers connect me to The Creator and that is the greatest power in the Universe. Those who have done evil out there, and those who have allowed evil to be done and who have helped to hide it, you all might have something to fear. 

I suspect that all prayers, like mine, like yours, like theirs, are only as strong as our connection to the truth. Those who have participated in and covered up this evil, have weakened any chance of surviving an encounter with either the supernatural or the judicial. Not sure which you have more to fear, but I would not want to be you, in any case.

This has been a very busy week. My-Oh-My-Oh! I am going to take Barks Twice and head for the high ground, now that the snows are melting. Many of you should do the same.

And while we are all thinking about our own little lives, say a prayer for our Brothers and Sisters who are, at this very moment, struggling to save their homes, their livestock and their lives as the waters rise to a level never before seen.

Global Warming causes extreme weather. Deny it if you want, but get off your butts and go help those good people sandbag to save their homes and their lives. Maybe, that way, they will come to know more about Indians as People, and not believe the stereo-typed lies that are fed to them from the cradle to the grave, about who you are and what you are like.  Show them.

You know where to find me.



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March 26, 2009 -News Flash- ( Printer Version ) 1
Jail Bird Blues

Since this is the breaking news of the day, I figure I had better get it out there. Brian Pearson, Your illustrious Secretary-Treasurer is wearing stripes today. He is in jail. Yuppers, in a real jail. I have to find out which jail, but I am sure that in the flurry of emails coming in all morning on this, someone will know.

He is serving time for any one of his 20+ DUI citations/convictions of the past two years or so. Your money has been spent over the years, paying off insurance, lawyers and fines for his behaviors.  But some judge just got tired of seeing his Zit blazed face too many times.

That and how would it look if he finally killed someone (off rez, of course. On rez, killing doesn't count against a Turdling), and it came out that he had so many arrests previously?  Judges can be made very uncomfortable. 

Not enough Bribe Money, eh boys?

Poopsie knew this was coming down. The cost of keeping his zit splotched butt out of the slammer was no longer worth it to the Turd Clan.  That is why they started promoting Lisa Greywater as their candidate.

Even though he KNEW he was going to jail, Zit Puppet kept his name on the ballot. What a slime. 

Even though his mommy, Naked Lawn Ornament, KNEW he was going to jail, she did nothing.  Now, as a convicted felon, he can never "legally" run for office again. I am sure they will find a nice job for him at the Casino, after he gets out.

Then again, given that he will be surrounded by the smell of testosterone, and how he loves that, he may never want to leave prison! He will have so many new boyfriends---and they will have him.

This concludes the News Flash Edition of the Blog. I will be putting out a regular blog later on this week.

You know where to find me.


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March 25, 2009 Printer Version (3)
Send In The Clowns!

With the elections on the rez right around the corner, I have endeavored to bring you the names of those who are running for that all important office of Secretary-Treasurer, presently held by that drunken homo-rapist, Brian Pearson, son to the Naked Lawn Ornament, sired at some drunken party, by QBall. 

Brian has done his utmost to disgrace the tribe with his many drunk driving arrests, as well as the drunken wrecks and off road into-the-ditches which were committed on rez, so covered up and without penalty. Brian has managed to make an ass out of himself at every meeting, and especially in those out of town, out of State, out-of-his-mind, out of control behaviors, which have made SLN the laughing stock of all the tribes out there.

Your money is gone into ventures that benefit only him, his mommy (Your current Tribal Chairwoman) and his family of murderers and rapists. A little leftover for the Walking Ego investments and such, but nothing left for things the tribe really needs.

Remember: You all go begging for the things you are entitled to. You all go begging for the money that he has in his control, that was supposed to meet your needs, but for which he has used in other ways.

You need to go to a hospital? Need Heating Oil? Your roof leaks? Go fish. Nothing for you.

With Poopsie's help, Lisa Grey Water, knee pads and all, will be running and most likely winning the seat this time.

The Turdclan is a gang of thugs that knows no shame and who will pay for your votes with your money, pass out free beer and bus the drunks to the polling places. They will get what they want. They have wanted Zit Puppet OUT for a very long time.

In fact, it is almost time for him to go for one of those famous "Naked Laked" swims.  Poopsie has become paranoid of the lad ever since he realized that to keep his position, ZP has kept several sets of books, and has, from time to time, extorted 'favors' of one sort or another from the Turdclan in order to consolidate his own power base.

Zit Puppet may have caught on to his Mommy-Dearest's plotting behind his back, or he may not. Not sure how many brain cells he has left to rub together, and if it is enough to make any sparks or connect the dots. 

Truth is, Naked Lawn Ornament has ambitions that don't include the hermaphrodite offspring she abandoned at birth. She did not like him then and she only tolerated him as a connection to the 'family' that had all the pull out there. But he has lost his usefulness to her, and to Walking Ego and the rest of them.

Lisa Greywater will be easier to control. (Check your nose, darling. I think you have some powder on it.)  Between her addictions and her bad habits, she would be their best bet.

Also running: Darren Walking Eagle. Aka "Darren Walking Chicken".  He is smarter than most of them and would know how to steal the money and keep the books in order. Of course, that would leave his Uncle, Carl Walking Ego, the main beneficiary of the Secretary-Treasurer corruption.

Between Lisa and Brian and Darren, you have to decide, essentially, which Devil you want to steal from you.

Also running: Bubbles Jackson. She also works directly (under) with Poopsie. She's there in case Lisa gets too methed up before the election to actually stand up.

Lonna Jackson Stricker, whom I am told, was tribal "sexratary" at one point. Haven't heard anything good about her, so do your own looking on that one.

Rani Oldrock who used to be Lois Leban's secretary. The only thing I can think of here that is in her favor the words: "Used to be.." and that might be a good thing.

I am told that she could not type and that her position was one of those 'favors'. I have no way of knowing since only one person has sent me info on who is running. If this is not right, ask yourself why you didn't send in the information to me and make it right--sooner?

Lenore Longie, who used to be married to Fred Longie,Sr.. No clue. Let me know. I hear she is a power hungry type. Well, Duh! That's all that has been elected so far! What were you expecting?

Someone said that April St. Pierre was also running for this. Considering that she has already taken the tribe for millions, why not more? While working for the Tribal Council and working for the casino, she double billed both for her services, as a contractor! It was a thing of beauty. She has made quite an operation out of skimming tribal funds. Got her small business loans to start her business out in California from the tribe... all while working for the tribe. If she is running, figure you already know where it is going.  She is cousin to the Turdclan and they think she is just great! Oh, and she 'wants to help her people'. Yeah, right.

Wanda Jackson is also running. I have NO info on her at all. That might be the best choice out of the bunch.  I think (not sure) her brother was Sam Jackson. Sam was stabbed by Poopsie, in front of no less than 15 witnesses, none of whom ever spoke up to tell the truth.  She might be the one they are afraid of? Could be.

With so many running for the same office, without a strategic plan to vote for ONE of them, the votes will be split all over the place and the odds on Zit Puppet or Lisa Getting in are far greater.

I don't know that you have any real choices.

I don't see anyone out there organizing to run or to support any candidate of quality. Without you all actually investing in this with your time and energy, and standing up for someone that is willing to stand up for you, you get these kinds of choices.

The upside of another failed election cycle is this: Nothing will change, except it will get worse. Those of you who are accustomed to whining and complaining but never find the time or the will to do anything about it, will remain in familiar territory for at least another 4 years.

Hope your roof doesn't leak.

You know where to find me.


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March 22, 2009 --Printer Version (5)
History Repeats

History, like any teacher, has to repeat itself, over and over again. Some learn, but most don't. Reason being that most have never looked at the mechanics of history and HOW things went wrong or why.

Schools don't teach us how to learn, they teach us WHAT to learn. The fine art of regurgitation has created in us, a nation of confused, apathetic, fearful reactionary types that are too often, easily misled by inflammatory rhetoric.

As key as education is in the survival of any species, so is controlling the thought processes of the masses by dumbing them down, key to controlling the masses. The US is now one of the least educated countries in the world.

Worse, the processes of learning are not only ignored, but are systematically snuffed out by the very system that is supposed to be there to teach us how to save ourselves.

Curiosity is discouraged. Thinking outside the box or pondering deeper into a subject is discouraged by teachers who are ground out by the same mill that creates textbooks rife with factual errors and missing component information, from Math to History, and Economics is not taught in most schools now.

The Arts: Music, Dancing, Painting, Writing, Drama wherein the mind finds constructive outlets for expression and inspiration, are being dropped as 'wasteful'.

Ideas are not discussed, they are ridiculed. Debate is not engaged in, it is discouraged in lieu of recitation of accepted patterns of thinking. History is boring. Economics -- dry. Communications all about spin, (where I understand, there are bright futures and big bucks waiting for the adept.)

The very best teachers, the creative, the passionate, the inspiring, have been systematically weeded out to make it more conformist on the front lines, less 'educational'.

We have become a nation more uneducated and helpless than at any other time in our history. We substitute rage for constructive action, and get nowhere. We are easier to control and to mislead because we don't know how to think for ourselves or see what is really being said and done to us. We become 'dependent' on our elected officials, who in turn, can easily betray us.

Radical, wingnut extremists can recruit the fearful and the uneducated and use them for their own amusement, profit and political agenda. Perpetuating the cycle of futility, rage and mistrust.

Getting Lost for Lack of a Moral Compass

Now, we are literally, as a nation, wandering lost in the deserts of the Middle East. We have learned nothing of what the underlying mechanics of war are, and thus are surprised when we find ourselves again, spilling blood and treasure in lands where we don't even speak the language.

We were led there by those who exploited the ignorant fears in enough of the population, that those who had keener vision, were shouted down and trampled over, as the nation listened to lies and thought they were the truth.

We feel our 'trust' was betrayed. I have a real problem with that. If more people had learned how to learn, they never would have allowed a fraudulent election to render a dunce whose only goal was to demolish the Constitution, raid the oil fields of Iraq. We would have, more of us, seen through the rhetoric and the lies and laughed him and his band of mutant trolls out of town.

We could have stopped it. There were opportunities, not lost, but sacrificed on the altar of politics, putting us all at risk. Petitions by Members of the House of Representatives to overthrow the bad Florida Count and force a recount were brought before Congress more than 10 times by more than 10 Representatives.

All they needed was ONE signature from ONE SENATOR in order to be enforced. Representative after representative pleaded before the house. Each one was slammed down by the gavel when the leader asked if they had obtained the ONE necessary signature. Each had asked all 100 Senators and not one had signed it. Not one.

In that "Not One" unanimity, Sens. Kerry and Edwards. Ostensibly, they promoted themselves as the guardians of our Democracy, upright and 'not politically' driven. (Oxymorons, anyone? Passes tray of oxymoron’s to the crowd..). They knew that this procedural hearing would get little if any press.

Indeed, it received none. Why, if they were A: Democrats, and B: So concerned for our nation, would they allow what they knew and often said, was a fraudulent election, to stand?

I think they wanted Gore to fail so that they could run in 4 years, instead of 8. Politics above Country. The Dems, just as guilty as the frothing-at-the mouth GOP with their wingnut fringe leading the fray.

Moral Compasses neatly tucked away. No need to see what danger lie ahead, just bide your time and wait your turn. The monster they let feed on the fears of our nation, later overtook their campaigns with smears, lies and underhanded tricks.

Their egos suffered massive defeats, and our nation was flung into the abyss by the childish antics of a drunken, ignorant, spoiled brat from a wealthy, powerful family.

They could have stood up. They could have pulled the E-Brake. But they decided to let the train wreck, thinking it would make easier, their stepping into the shoes of the Presidency on down the road. Just point to the smoldering pile of national chaos, and smile paternally, and the prize would be theirs.

We all paid the price. But have we learned anything? Or do we only know how to get mad?

The Ends of War

I can tell you how the war will end. I have been to the past and the future is running down that very same track, so I am pretty sure it will end exactly as I tell you. First, let me qualify the statement of any war 'ending'. Once started, no war ever ends. There are only quiet interludes between the bombings. We call those, the 'ends' of war, but the cycle is not broken and nothing is ever won.

Wandering Lost In The Deserts

The war will end with all the oil companies and other multi-national mega corporations taking over all the resources in that area. They will engage their own security. In this case, it will probably be Blackwater, which has changed its name to "XE".

We will pull out most of our troops and engage our Diplomatic Corp in keeping whatever puppet government that install, viable. We will not allow anyone to take the Presidency of that nation that would not look favorably upon the US.

We have overthrown democratic regimes in the past, not because they were a threat to us, but because they wanted to keep their resources for their country and were not friendly to allowing major corporations to come in, create poverty by taking the resource rich lands for themselves, and then exploit that poverty in the following ways:

* Keeping the population too broken and scattered to unite against the raiding of resources and unable to hold elections to throw out the corrupt.

* To keep the overall impression of that region as scattered, unstable and in need of 'guidance'.

* To make it easier to bribe or coerce any elected official into allowing the resources to be drawn out without concern for the people, the land or the future. A corrupt government is easy to deal with. An Honest one more troublesome.


The issues surrounding that process will be shrouded in boring, monotone delivery. Information will not be available.

Little risk of our Nation, being raised on instant gratification and distractions, mired in our own grinding economic woes, even rising to question what goes on in a nation we know nothing about, and whose language and culture we do not understand.

It will remain a place where they don't look like us. That underlying racist inclination will allow not allow us to view them as anything other than "other".

The people in that broken country will, from time to time, attempt to rise up and retake the levers and the wheel of their own destiny, their own nation. Those will be shot down by the security forces of the conglomerates: XE or roses by any other name.

It will, if it even pings the radar in the West, be portrayed as "uprisings by renegades" and we might catch our breath for a moment. Then we will hear that it was all 'put down' and we can feel safe again.

The people will eventually sense futility in doing things democratically. They will tire of being treated like trash in their own country. They will become more and more angry at the accumulation of wealth by those in power, corrupt puppets who are supported by the Multi-Nationals.

They will become easy converts to the more violent, more radical forms of zealots. They will believe what they are told on religious and ethnic topics because they were raised in poverty, treated like trash and lack the education it would take to know that they are being misled and misused.

Violence will break out. Our country will then feel called upon to use the might of our military to put down the uprising. Bombings, assassinations, and our CIA covert, Black Ops will deploy to 'restore order'.

People in the region will shake their fists at us. Our leaders will make a sad face, declare that we were not appreciated. Our Nation will think of them as ingrates.

We will be ripe, once again, for attacks. If we have a president that ignores the warnings, he or she can then use them as a battle cry to once again wage war. We will be told that despite all that we have done for those people, they hate us because of our freedoms.

We, lacking the ability to learn, remember, or to think through how stupid that sounds, will again send our men and women, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers into a foreign land to spill their blood and the blood of innocents, at a cost to both nations, that is breaking the heart of God.

The cycle is already beginning, even as this war is supposed to be winding down. It has worked in every nation, including our own.

If we were to have learned anything by the scandal at the Department of the Interior, it is this one thing: Our nation is run for the sake of Resource Extraction by Mega Corporations who take from us, that which belongs to us, and then sells it back to us at exorbitant prices.

Those who live with the injustices of puppet governments, Federally supported intimidation and bullying, and who are thought of as 'ungrateful' and 'other' are right here, in our own backyards. Just look at Indian Country and you will see how this cycle of Nation Taking has worked for over 500 years.

Now, look at the Middle East. Look closer. Tell me what you see.

You know where to find me.


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March 15, 2009 Printer Version(5)

As I collect information on different people and events out there, I often have to hold off or wait on some of the more curious items as I try to get additional, or confirmation on things in order to get it to you in the best way possible.

A lot of things end up just languishing in the files, until later on down the line, additional information comes in and it all ties up neatly.  Some of it, like the leftovers from a big meal that didn't get eaten or frozen, get tossed.

I have a few curious tidbits here I'd like to put on the table here, and you all can take them or leave them. If you have any additional information that might make them into more of a meal, I'd appreciate it if you would pass it along to me so I can either clear it up, or throw it out.

True? Not True?

Somebody tell me: Was the daycare shut down? I heard that the State did an investigation and found so many violations, including Pisster and a few others, being drunk, that they shut down the Day Care. If this is true, it gives me hope that someone cares about the children. If not true? Well, let me know.

Q-Ball: Fulla Bugs?

We all know that he went to prison for the brutal rape of his cousin. In prison he was found out.   He liked to claim he was in for 'drunk driving', but word got out about him being a rapist and a child molester. Someone shanked him in the middle of his chest. He still has that scar. The reason it didn't kill him is because it missed his heart.  It missed his heart because, well, where would you find that in a Turdling?

Apparently, a few had their way with him in prison, just to let him know how it felt.

Most sex in prison is unprotected.

After Poopsie used his connections in the Justice Department to get him transferred to a lesser security facility, and gave him more privileges, the day finally came, when Q Ball was released, having served his full sentence.

Fast Forward to "Q-Ball gets a job he is not qualified for."

He was given a job in maintenance at the Casino, which his brother runs as his own empire, piggy bank, base of operations for his drug dealing, child pimping, etc. The problem was that QBall had keys to every door, and he was a Registered Sex Offender.  The law mandated that the pictures of employed sex offenders be posted prominently at the entrances of the casino.

Q-Ball's picture was never posted. But it was a technicality that was a problem for the casino. Any investigation into any aspect of what goes on at the casino could have led to even more serious, even criminal investigations.

Q-Ball was fired. Hold your applause. By that afternoon, he had become the administrator of the Sewer Department for the Rez. High Pay, Free Truck, use of the Tribal Credit Card--which he used at the local liquor store and quickie marts for a couple of years, until a notice went up that they were not to accept it from him anymore. Nothing changed. He still uses it to buy beer, get cash back, and whatever else he wants.

So, all was well. QBall had a job for which he had no qualifications, never showed up for, and all the petty cash, free vehicle and credit card perks he wanted. He was able to fire the qualified people and put in his relatives.  I thought he was happy.

A few months ago, I get emails about him raising a ruckus because, either: A:) he wants his office moved to a location away from the Blue Building---why? No one knows. OR, B:) he is mad because his office is being moved away from the Blue Building--why? Nobody knows!

I mean, he doesn't show up, so why would it matter where his office was? *scratches head.

Now, after him holding this job for which he is not qualified to hold, for years, a new wrinkle: Apparently, despite the rules and regs, he never had a "Health Test" to screen him for communicable diseases, which everyone that works in Public Utilities, is supposed to have.  Supposed to have so that communicable diseases, i.e., TB, Hepatitis, Mad Cow, etc., don't get into the system and the population at large is not exposed to those diseases.

Q-Ball always avoided the tests because they might detect any one or all of the array of drugs he has in his system at all times.  Cousin, Ryan Leaf takes all the piss tests for the Turd Clan, and Chuckles the Clown acts like he doesn't know whose piss he is handling, so if it was just a drug test situation, QBall would have no worries. But real doctors? Real Tests?

Apparently, he has managed to avoid taking these tests for several years. Up until recently. I have heard from a few people that he flunked, on a grand scale, the "Communicable Diseases" tests. I have heard it is everything from Hepatitis B to Gonorrhea & Syphilis.

The issue is not 'does he have these diseases?' although we may never know for sure which he has and which he has under control. Rather, the issue is that he has something and now he is claiming he 'caught it' from the job!

He wants to sue or at least be compensated by the tribe, for 'work related injury or illness'.

IF he had these diseases, he put everyone at risk in the public, that came in contact with him. Yeah, even those that shared the meth pipe with him, got a little something extra in that hit. By him stalling and avoiding the tests, he created a bigger and bigger window of opportunity for the spread of those diseases.  He could have had them before he went to prison, which is likely, or even contacted them in prison, which is also likely.

IF he caught any of these diseases at work, it had to be because he ignored all the safety rules for his job.  That would make it HIS fault.

So, it appears that the Tribal Council will not debate this, and it will just get 'settled' with QBall getting a large settlement and a monthly check.

So, ask your Tribal Council Member these following Questions:

A: Has Q Ball been tested for communicable diseases?
   B: For Drugs?  ---- IF SO, did he pass?

If he has NOT been tested, ask why not? You have a right to know if there is a public risk to your health, don't you?

While you are at it, ask them if they will tell you about any money being paid to QBall or any member of the Turd Clan, that is 'related to' any diseases or injuries.  It's your money. You have a right to know.

Come to think of it, you know where all your Tribal Council Members live, shop and work. You have a right to know where ALL your money is going. Ask them. Every time you see them, ask them.

Only the corrupt run, only the corrupt get in. The corrupt hate to answer questions. Make it worth your while.

Go Team! False Pride

The one thing, for the longest time, that people on the Rez took pride in and held up high, was their basketball team. It was as if the team went out into the world and showed everyone, they were top drawer, best of the best.  Indians on the Rez could hold their heads up high.

And then, when Mike Meade was killed, more and more came out about the behavior, on and off the court, and behind the scenes of the Basketball team. The drugs, the booze, and the rest of it. A total disgrace.

Coach Gourd got fired, and rightly so, as he was more the Party Monster in Charge than the mentor, or good example for the team. And since his family was involved in the biggest parties on the rez, where underage drinking and drugging was out in the open, people got upset.

I guess they were hoping that the team would have learned its lessons and straightened up. That the team would see how important their success was to the tribe, and behave in a way that was more appropriate for role models, than what they had been before.

And when the Tribal Council spent over $1M on the team Bus, instead of on the Wind Power project, I think you all guessed that really, nothing had changed inside that team, except which clown was coaching it now.

So, this month, the team got disqualified from a game and had to come home, on that big fancy bus, as losers. Why?

Here's what I am told: Coach Ricky Smith played a player he knew was ineligible to play. Either because he had played too many seasons (as in flunks, year after year. And in Four Winds, it is very hard to fail as there is nothing but corruption as far as the team goes.  Politics rules and the school is pretty much as big a joke as the rez itself.)... or the player was ineligible for any number of other possibilities. 

The point is: The player was ineligible. The Coach knew it. But he played him anyway. So your Coach either doesn't know the rules, doesn't care about rules, which makes him hardly the person anyone would want 'guiding' their sons along the Road to Maturity.  Teaching them to cheat, ignore the rules and to lie, if that is what they want to do.

I am not sure if Ricky Smith is related to Duane Smith, who is one of the other rapists that Galen palled around with as he raped women and little girls, and occasionally, the boys... Duane Smith is the Father of Hit and Run Riley Smith, who has never gone to court for running down that old man while driving drunk, and then fleeing the scene to wash off the evidence from his truck. 

Smith is a pretty common name out there. Really good friends with the Turd Clan. Do what they want. I'm not sure if Coach Smith is related to those Smiths, but you know, by his shameful behavior in bringing disgrace to the team, which pretty much has crapped all over itself and the community, makes him ineligible to be a coach.

Fire his sorry hind end. And do tell me if he gets a hefty 'severance package' from that very generous Tribal Council.

If any of you knows WHY, other than the player ineligible because he had played too many seasons, the team was disqualified, let me know.

I think it is time that the tribe take a hard look at what needs to be repaired, and stop looking for the misguided teenagers, their basketball team, and to let go of false pride.

Time to demand more of your Tribal Council and more of ourselves. Do not settle for corruption and for cheating as 'normal'. Start cleaning up the corruption in your politics. Clean up your yards, and your houses. Clean up your addictions and heal up. That will give you personally, and the whole community, something in which you can take great pride of accomplishment.

All this other garbage, is a joke. Everyone can see it by now. Even you.

Overcome your petty jealousies and worthless feuds and come together to make it better. The children are dying.They are dying because you are doing nothing.

They are doing for nothing.

You know where to find me.


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March 9, 2009 --Printer Version(8)
Winter Kills

Chris Jones

Chris Jones, age 51, was a good man, loved by his family. Was beat up and left to die in the freezing cold on his own front porch by Glen Abraham. He was not found for hours. He was barely conscious when his stepson and a friend found him, dragged him into the house and covered him in blankets as they waited for the ambulance to come. 

Chris was found on his porch, his jacket & wallet were thrown, as if from a moving car, next to the drive.  His dog had curled up next to him to try and keep him warm. He was still Conscious.  His son and son's friend dragged him into the house, called for ambulance. Chris did not make it

It appears that yet another Indian, this being the third, since December, has frozen to death after being beat up.  The cops are quick to make up ridiculous causes of death. In this case, "heart attack".  His Jacket and wallet being strewn far from him attributed 'Cold Dementia' wherein people who are freezing to death, remove their clothing.  Yeah, google that one. It doesn't exist.

I have heard of extreme cases where people have been lost in the wilderness for days, freezing cold, no food. After 'eating snow' and their core temperature dropping, they are unable to produce body heat.  Their clothing, at that point (and remember they are weakened from days of no food) is either too heavy for them to wear, or actually ineffective as they don't keep in the heat, they act as insulation keeping in the cold.

Example: When we come in from the cold, we take off our jackets to warm up. The clothing holds the cold.  Imagine after several days, not being able to escape the cold, wandering in the wilderness, weakened, and the clothing, essentially, too heavy and too cold.  Removing the clothing, speeds up the process of death by freezing, but the person cannot make the judgment to save their own lives at that point.

Chris was found on his own front porch, still conscious, but unable to move. He had all the signs of being beat up, cuts under his chin, blood and bruises on his face, defensive bruising on the backs of his hands, as if he had held his hands up to his face to try and fend off blows.

Sober for 5 years, then either forced/beaten into drinking, or tempted by his ‘friend, Glen Abraham, then returned to his home by Glen Abraham, and left to freeze to death.

For anyone to attribute his death to "heart attack" is the most cynical of all.  To say it was an 'accident' is a lie. To not hold those who caused this responsible, is a travesty.

But, by not having to investigate, we keep costs low. We don't have to worry about the stunning ineptness of the Badgers, coming to light. We cut down on paperwork. Just another dead Indian, and those in charge want the world to believe that Indians are so stupid they don't know that -30ºF will kill a person.  That Indians are so stupid they don't remember to put on their jackets before they head out in the night, to walk a mile or so, home from a party, as in Sergio Hunt's case in less than-0ºF weather.

Worse, the premise that Indians are so stupid that even though the Sergio Hunt case was ruled 'accidental' on his part (which freed those who beat him up, stole his jacket and threw him out in the sub zero December night, to never have to answer for their actions), but it tells the world that Indians are so stupid that even with that example of 'accidental' freezing to death, they did not learn to wear their jackets? 

There was another person supposedly froze to death in January, a woman, but I have not been able to get the information on that one yet, so can't tell you any of those details. 

I hear there is a new Police Captain. Someone from Belcourt. Is he that dumb that he is buying that one? Or is he selling it?

If we are to believe that this "cold dementia" bs overtook Chris, causing him to wander around his own front yard, shedding the warm clothing and throwing his wallet before curling up on his own front porch, it still does not account for the cuts and bruises on his face, and the defensive injuries to his hands. 

The case is closed. So don't worry Glen, no one will make you uncomfortable asking you why you left that man to die.  Even if you had just dropped him off, you could have helped him into his house.  But you want to make a joke of it and say you are too stupid to know that he would freeze to death.  And your cartoon police department either lacks the will or the intelligence to care how people are being killed these days.

Donovan Breakswind is waaay too busy creeping around on his hands and knees, looking for staples to figure out who is printing and sharing this blog. The Dead are not of any value.

It should be noted that Glen Abraham is best buds with Q-Ball. Q-Ball lives just down the street from him. They like to party together a lot. Q-Ball likes to beat up on people who can't defend themselves.  Women, children, and who knows? Maybe Chris was such an irresistible target, that he had to help his buddy, Glen, out. 

I mention QBall because I don't think Glen did this on his own.

Oh, and how do I know that the "Cold Dementia" was BS?  Because the jacket and the wallet were thrown. There were none of his footprints near it. Even if he had been wandering, eating snow for days (which he was not) he would not have the strength to "throw" anything. Those 'cold dementia' cases they have plucked to make it all so innocent, involve people 'dropping' their clothing. They are too weak to raise their arms, so they can't throw anything.

The condition Chris was in, he could not have thrown anything.

He was a good man. He was loved by his whole family, and friends.

I notice that Roger Yankton and Demus MacDonald got themselves listed as "honorary pall bearers."  Well, that was good for $75 or more, each. More ‘beer money’, boys? “Pall Beerers” Anyone know if Glen Abraham showed up to pay his last respects? Or was he unable to keep a straight face at having gotten away with it, and did not want the family to see how unhappy he was not?

Old Murder, New Murder

When Eddie was beaten to death in August of 1983, among the then acceptable method for getting away with murders was to try and disguise them as "Drunken Indian, hit and run".  They went to a lot of trouble, almost Keystone Kopps-esque, in trying to drag his body out of the Blazer and place it on the road, even running it over (screeching tires, screaming Jeanie Charbonneau blended into one eerie, unforgettable blood chilling wail that night) to leave tire tread marks to make it more believable.  They failed at that.

They failed at that because there were some cops in the Tribal Police, back when it was called Tribal Police, who didn't buy it or didn't go along with it.

But since that time, the Turdclan has pretty much taken over the cop shop as their own and filled it with family and friends that serve only to cover up their crimes, and the crimes of their friends.

So now, we have a new method of murder: Get em drunk, beat them up, take away their warm clothing, let them freeze to death.  Result: Natural Causes, Heart Attack or "Hypothermia", and shut the file, stamp it closed--- and wait for it to happen again.

Getting away with murder in Winter has become a sport.  Some like to ice fish, some like to get away with murder.  I guess it depends on who you know, eh?

A Gathering Swarm

The Restless Spirits are collecting like swarms.  The effect on the community is a collective darkness. More addictions, more suicides, more death. The Justice Department only serves those corrupt who hold the power, authority. They can make sure enough of the dollars go back to the right pockets to keep them in power and out of investigations. Indian Country is the biggest money laundering/recycling system in the world.

Indians don't need 'handouts'.  They need the same rights as all of us have. They need to be able to hold their leaders accountable.  For the most part, without the intervention of awareness, they are overwhelmed by the corrupt and the powerful.

The way it is set up, unless the corrupt leaders agree to be investigated, no one hears about it. Senators and Congressmen, who say they are concerned for the welfare of Indian People, are a joke.

They only listen to those who have the money.  Those who are in power.  They ignore, insult, accuse the writers of letters, or phone calls that come from those seeking justice. They dismiss any who would ask for help in defeating corruption in their own community. At some point, we must seriously ask why that is. It’s not just a preference, it’s a practice.

A lot more money is going into Indian Country with this Administration. Nothing will change. Some elected officials will have more campaign contributions from those who benefit from keeping Indians down, but nothing really changes.

Money will be given to the corrupt, some of that will then come find its way to the lobbyists and their ilk, and then back into the hands of politicians and their friends.  One way or another, that wheel keeps on turnin'. Since it is never audited, never taxed, and it is often in cash, there is no way of tracking it, should anyone bother to look.

IF the government wants to make things better in Indian Country, they need to invest in an army of Attorneys to go into Indian Country, open up old cases, and new, and deal with the rampant corruption, fraud, abuses and MURDERS.

Essentially, the government would have to investigate itself, and its own. You may start laughing now. Perhaps the sound of that will drown out the rising sound of the swarm.

We must revise the "Indian Civil Rights" which now makes it impossible for Indians to seek justice. It is laughable. It prevents them from seeking justice or even from expecting it from the State or Federal Government.

I describe it this way: Suppose your community had a Mayor and a Town Council. They were all related, and all good friends. They also were the Mafia?

Suppose that the State and Federal Government gave them all the money and trusted them to give you what you needed from that. Suppose the Government never followed up, never audited to see where the money went.

After a few decades, and the same people in power, your community is suffering under the control of these abusers. The people in power brag about how many they have killed, threaten to kill, and laugh at the thought of anyone ever stopping them.

You try to complain to your elected officials in State and Federal houses, and they tell you that before they can look at your complaint, you must get your Mayor and your Council to sign off that it is okay.

That is essentially, the model for the Reservation Systems.  Elections are a joke. Thugs tear up ballots, write over them, 'lose them' and your complaints about flawed elections go to your Senator, who then ignore it, or says you are just bitter because your candidate didn't win.  They never investigate.



Presently, the Secretary Treasurer, Brian Pearson, a full-time blotto drunk, homosexual rapist, up on an number of felony drunk driving, drugs, soliciting, giving alcohol to minors, car wrecks, etc., Is the Secretary Treasurer for the tribe. His mommy is it's Tribal Chairwoman. She too, a drunk, conceived her miscreant son by one of the Turdclan in one of their many orgies.

Money has been funneled out of the tribe and into the private enterprises and bank accounts, and into that most famous scam "Ronin" by the 10's of millions of dollars.

The SEC which pursued Martha Stewart with a vengeance for a $40K crime, ignored Bernie Maddoff and his $50 Billion Ponzi Scam, ignored Stanford and his mega billion dollar ponzi scheme, has also ignored Ronin. Your tax dollars to Indian Country, are there.

Brian, who also is clueless as to any of the laws governing accounting, has helped his mother and the Turdclan make and conceal millions of dollars every month.

Now, election time. Those running against Brian, are: Lisa Greywater, best known for her lack of education and her being on her knees to Poopsie at the Casino. She is also known for stealing from the cash registers, and the supplies for the resort.  She is there to win and make sure the Turdclan can continue to scoop all the big bucks into their accounts and keep all things the way they are now.

Also in contention, Darren Walking Eagle. He is educated and smart. He knows about bookkeeping. However, he is the nephew of Carl Walking Eagle and Carl steals as much as the Turd clan. People like Darren, but they also know he won't stop his uncle from stealing, won't turn him in. 

There are the "choices" for the upcoming election. What do you think will come if any of them gets it?  They are all crooks, or they all serve crooks.

With That In Mind...

Now, you hear that Millions of dollars more are going to your community. Your 'leaders' pose, all smiles, with your Senators and Congressmen.  There is a big party for them. Speeches are made. The applause-O-Meter registers standing ovations.

The people outside of your community look down their noses at you because you lack education, or even if you have education, you come from a different community.  Everyone knows that their tax dollars are going to YOUR welfare.

How do you cope with that? How can you change a system that is so corrupt, when the federal government strips you of your voice and your rights, and takes the word of your corrupt officials, as the 'voice of the people'.

If your leaders were criminals, who were the mafia, raping, murdering, drug dealing, assaulting, molesting, and incest rapers, and they bragged about it, and you saw the US Government using force to protect them, or US Attorneys and Federal Judges making a mockery of justice by their garbage prosecutions and trials, what would your sense of self, community and Nation be?

IT IS that way on the rez. That IS how they are run. Simply giving Indians the same access to the court systems that everyone else has, and the same protections under the law, and the same support for victims of abuse, would allow Indian People to regain democratic control over their own communities.

But, they don't have that. The criminal syndicate that runs the rez, includes their ability to run the manufacturing plant, SMC, which deliberately made inferior kevlar, under US GOVT Contract, which failed our soldiers, and got them killed.  The investigation into that was shut down and those who blew the whistle, the real heroes in this, are being slandered and threatened by those in power who are supported by OUR Federal Government.

If you don't care about Indians, and you don't care about our Soldiers, do you at least care about how your Tax Dollars are being invested in ongoing criminal enterprises?

If that money was going to the Mafia, to ensure they could continue to hold power over and rule their towns and cities, you would be outraged. You would demand investigations, trials and looong prison sentences. 

The criminal activities of those who run the rez make the Mafia look like kindergartners.  It gets worse the more it is ignored.  It has even reached out to kill our soldiers.

The question is: How much longer are we willing to allow our government to ignore or support this in-house evil? At what point do we say "enough!" and demand Justice for those who have been oppressed? When we do, we will see even more ugliness than we have ever imagined. The longer we wait, the bigger it gets.

But when we do demand that justice, and it does come, it will free and heal us all.

Winter kills. So does apathy.

Until then---

You know where to find me.


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