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Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case.  Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.


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December 28, 2008 Printer Version (2)
Minor Retraction

I just received notice this morning that Cheez Whiz Wang, although he does use his public office as State Attorney to boost his private practice (major conflict of interest) is NOT the attorney for Mayor Winson.  The paper got it wrong.  (That will teach me to rely on a newspaper, eh?)

Just the same, Cheez Whiz is in big poop on this one, regardless.  Not only has he got too many friendly and business ties with criminals in the state that he is supposed to be protecting, but he is headed down a road wherein he will meet himself in court. (re read that one.  It is circular and it reads accurately in both directions.). He is now headed for the ultimate conflict of interest wherein he could actually, because of this, end up using his office to defend himself as those with whom he does business, end up going to jail. 

If he prosecutes or continues to say anything about the Mayor Kevin Winson case, it will give Winson a reason to go after some of Wang's friends.  Cheryl, for instance.  She is Karen Peterson's sister. (Bartended the night that the Linehan truck crash fatalities).  Winson, to get a deal, a better deal than what he is facing right now, will give up both his drug biz buds, but also the competition.

Cheryl, fairly strung out herself, having dipped into the merchandise over time to the point where she is her own best customer, has a very 'close' relationship with Cheez Whiz Wang.  The kind of 'close' that pisses off the wife, if you get my drift.  If not, I will just tell you: She is one of his bed buddies.  Only, a bed is seldom involved.

Winson either deals meth and other drugs with Cheryl, to Cheryl, or she is the competition.  Winson will bring her down. If/when she goes down, she too, will make a deal.  Since the idea is to have your convicts roll over on bigger and bigger fish, don't you think that she will have a nice fat one to reel onto the deck for the Feds?

So, picture Wang in court, or in his office, helping to prosecute or defend Winson.  If he does not get Winson the deal which will take down Cheryl and the rest of them, Winson will bring him down. 

If he does his job, either of them, he will have to be the one to go after both Cheryl and the rest of them.  He does not dare go after them, not for real, because they all do business with him.

He could literally, be sitting at both tables in court: Prosecution and Defense. He could, literally be both Prosecutor and Defendant, as well as his own attorney.

So, someone, tell me: Who is Winson's attorney? And how is that person connected to, beholdin' to, or whatever, to Cheez Whiz Wang? Who would take the chance on being dragged down with this one?

The trestle is out, the train is not stopping, and everyone that gets in line, hooks up to the Wang debacle, is going down.  Meanwhile, Cheryl, is probably going down right now. Anything to make him smile these days.  She'll do anything.  And soon, so will he.

Off Air for 1 Week

No more blogs until 09.  Sorry, I still have not finished compiling all the documents on the Ronin scam. They keep coming in, however, so it should be interesting. Might have to work this into it's own section.

Meanwhile, I am going to R & R at the lodge, and there is no internet up there. I expect to be there until at least the 5th of January.  I might be gone longer. So do not worry!

You know where to find me.


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December 26, 2008 Printer Version(4)
Goose Cooked?

I am hearing that Carl Walking Eagle has been in the hospital for some time now. Not having any first hand knowledge of this, myself, my tiny brain just wanders all over the place.  Was the pressure of working with/for the Feds too much for him?  Did Poopsie poison him, just a little bit? Does it look like "Natural" causes? "Supernatural Causes"? Poopsie have one of his bought and paid for Black Road Medicine Men do a Little Hoop-de-Hoo on him? OR: Were those hemorrhoids, big as walnuts, just get out of hand.

Wow, hemorrhoids would be like the most embarrassing way to begin that part of the journey now, wouldn't it?

Must be a real aggravation for him if he is strapped, face down, to a hospital bed in Grand Forks, to know that Barbara can go dig up a coffee can or all of them, and spend, spend, spend all that money he stole. 

Scratch that. It's frozen ground.  One might say that while his ass is in a sling, his assets remain 'frozen'. 

Then again, could just be that his goose is cooked.  Maybe even a little burnt?


But all the other places he has stashed the cash, not so frozen. What if Barb, or one of the nieces, or the grandkids who have spotted it before, get to it again? Remember? Last time the niece dug up one of his coffee cans, he went after her with a loaded gun, to hunt her down and made her give back the lousy $100 she stole from him.

I know that after Christmas, or even during Christmas, people who get something they don't really want, will rewrap it and 're-gift' it to someone else. Sometimes, the regifted gift gets passed around over and over again, until it winds up in the hands of the person who originally 'gave' it in the first place.

So, what do you call it when money that has been stolen from the tribe by Carl Walking Eagle, or any of the others, actually, ends up being stolen from Carl Walking Ego or any of them.  "Rethieving"?  Is it better to "Gift"? Or to "Rethieve"? (Barks Twice groans, rolls over, covers ears with front paws) (Sorry, old girl! I had to).

Let's SEC What the New Year Brings

The Ronin Scam is not the only scam of it's sort floating around out there. With the stock market and the big fund companies (Big Fun Companies) continuing to rip off investors and now the taxpayers, a change is inevitable. 

The SEC having been de-nutted by consecutive administrations, and completely neutered, even its teeth pulled by the current administration, led to the rapid downfall of any illusion that the government, the stock market was safe.  Pirates wear suits these days.

Because of that, all of this, one of two things has to happen in the new administration if the economy is going to stabilize.  First, to regain trust, the crooks will have to be weeded out.  Big and small, investigations, criminal charges, jail time. Second: Firm, solid, unbreakable rules and regulations need to be in place so that this never happens again.

Ronin, and the scams like it, will have to be exposed.  Those who had structured this scam, and those who have participated in it, especially those who used Ronin and other similar financial vehicles to launder stolen Federal Funds, will have to be exposed.

Unfortunately for those who have been playing with your money, they did not foresee either the market going belly up like this, nor the depth and breadth--- Global, that this monster has become.

All those off shore accounts, used to stash the laundered cash, all of it from Federal Funds and from undeclared Casino proceeds, will be exposed.  The world is going to demand that these secret banking societies open their records and play by different rules.  When it was just hurting this group, that group; this city, that town, or some Third World Country that was being raped by a dictator, no one really minded.  No one really paid attention. It was allowed to continue.

But now, with every continent being adversely affected, and global economic collapse being this close (squeeze thumb and forefinger) to taking down those are are in power.  This is affecting those who are in the top positions of power. They will protect themselves.  To do that, they will have to come together, to agree on "HOW" things are going to change and be handled from now on.

Some are laughing, thinking that "banking secrecy/offshore accounts" are the one thing that will never change.  Because so many at the top of their own nation's government use those accounts, they are safe.  They are not.

Because, if the basic foundation of the economy is not shored up, all that is hidden is not revealed, it will become worthless.

Melting Down-Global Warning

Our economy has evolved to what it is today.  It was not always banks and stock markets.  If the economy crashes, the poor will not suffer, but the rich will perish.  Wealth will be based on a different foundation.  That different foundation will lead to entirely different forms of government.  Those in now in power, will no longer be in power.

For those reasons, they will be forced to make drastic changes.  It is key to their own survival that they appear to be in control and that what happens to the people is relevant to them staying in power.

The days of rule by force, are running out. Force can always be met by more force.  Rule will have to be by a mandate of trust and belief. Break that trust, lose the power.  If the people cannot rely on, nor feel secure financially, and if they cannot trust their government to protect them from crooks and thieves, the people will have nothing to lose.

Keeping the people in fear is less and less workable.  People kept in constant fear or futility, have nothing to lose and no reason to support or protect those who abuse, neglect and exploit them.

When life becomes not worth living, or so full of fear that the ever escalating threats lose their power, governments fall. When, no matter what you do, how much you save, it can all be taken from you by a greedy crook, who is allowed to walk free, while those he robbed are, in their devastation and disgrace, suiciding, yet he smirks and our government does nothing, you are witnessing the end of an economic age.

What was solid, is now running down the drain.  With it, the last string by which the people can be controlled. If the government does not show it has control over the economy, there is no reason for the people to believe they are really in control-- of anything else.

A government that does not appear to be in control by trust, must use force. A government that rules by force, and fear, is itself, in fear.  That fear is how it will fall.

For nations to survive, they must convince their people, and other nations, that they are able and in control, by the Rules of Trust.

Nothing else will succeed.  We see now, more than ever before, that we are all connected. What has an effect on one town, city, state and nation, if not remedied and corrected, will continue to grow in magnitude and affect us all. 

The Web is connecting us all. The internet, the economy, water, air, violence, affects us all.

This means that those who have structured and played these financial schemes will have nowhere to hide. No nation can be viewed as harboring someone who has practiced to destroy the economy for their own gain. No nation can be viewed as giving succor to the virus that could spread and bring all nations down again.

Lies and crimes will be revealed.  Only this time, it is up to us, to hold all accountable.  We must do this to save ourselves.  We must save ourselves so that our children will have someone to guide them as they begin the task of repairing all that we destroyed, in our ignorance, our apathy, and our racism.

We have to not be spectators in our own democracy, and we must be willing to take action to preserve our government, and hold those in power, accountable to the same laws that hold us accountable. Government cannot be separate from the people by privilege or class.   Those that are, will fall.  Other nations will walk in and soldiers will not defend against them.  Fear loses its appeal.  Greed breaks economies. 

Start At The Beginning

I believe this country, our Nation, will lead the way.  We must.  If we cannot lead in this, we cannot lead in anything and we fall from our perch. If someone else leads, we must follow.

It will start here. I believe it will start in Indian Country, because that is where it went off the tracks from the beginning.  That is the only place it can be set on the right track and have the most positive upward and outward effect. 

Removing the corruption will be like removing the cancer from the heart of our land.  From this point, we will grow stronger.  If we fail to do this in this way, the cancer will remain and whatever is done will come undone and we fall harder.

The documents that have come in on Ronin show that the rats are deserting the sinking ship, but not before hauling all they can out of it, leaving some of the lesser underlings, holding the bag when the FEDs come a knockin'.

What better place to start than the one place and the one state that is NUMBER ONE in corruption. (Cue the Cheerleaders) (Pompoms shimmering, high kicking cheerleaders, Whoo!)

I think that as that cookie crumbles, there will be plenty of nuts willing to tell all that they know.  If not to save themselves, then to get even.  Misery loves company.  A lot of companies are all out of love and fulla misery.

You know where to find me.


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December 23, 2008 Printer Version (5)
Whose Side?

Perusing the GF Herald piece of the previous blog posting, I noticed that Cheez Whiz Wang, who is, while being paid to be the State Attorney, acting as a private attorney for the Mayor of Maddock who was arrested for meth and theft.  Wang, speaking as his client's attorney, stated that the theft charges stemmed from Mayor Kevin Winson stealing copper wiring from farmsteads in the area.

Typically, your attorney says "Allegedly" or "is accused of" rather than "he stole" this or that.  I think the Cheez Whiz Wang mental process has been degrading for some time, and now, is officially, a brain pan full of Cheez Whiz.  Good move there, counselor.  (Is he appointed? Or elected? Whose fault is it that this criminal is in the State Attorney's Office?)

Election Note

The word has come down: Brian "Zit Puppet" Pearson is of no further use to the Turd Clan. He is falling apart.  He gets the shakes and DT's if he doesn't drink enough to make him drunk. He has been in court for drunk driving dozens of times. He is of no use to the Turdclan, and of no use to his mother. 

According to her, he never was.  'He never was entirely a he.. tee hee.' She is saving herself. In fact, it was her idea to have Poopsie's whore, Lisa Greywater, run for Brian's job this spring.  She is secretly supporting it. Giving her information to help her beat him should he be so stupid as to run again.

He looks like the AIDS got him solid in its jaws.  Maybe it does.  He has spread it around so much, he won't die alone. But he looks so bad. And he smells like cat piss. That is typical of meth heads. They smell like used cat litter.

Lisa, of course, is just beaming. All those years on her knees to Poopsie are finally going to pay off! Secretary-Treasurer! All that Money!!! Poopsie can control her easily enough. And for that reason, he has already promised that his Turd Clan will throw their support behind her and get her elected.

And of course, since those with an education who could do a proper job for the tribe, have been run off, you have no one else.  Remember: You yelled at them all those racist slaps: "You think you are better than anyone else just because you got some school!?" and you called them "Apple Indian" and "Half Breed!".  And then you would not let them get the jobs they were qualified for.  You watched and said nothing as cronies and relatives with no brains, no morals, took all those jobs. 

You ran all the people off, your own people, you ran them off.  Now your choice this spring: Zit Puppet, falling down drunk and dumb as a post; or Lisa Greywater, even dumber.

Good luck with that.

Things That Make You Say: Hmmmm

There are so many things out of place and so many things that point to the Turdclan as the murderers of Eddie Peltier.  Let's start a small list, shall we?

Despite being drunk, admittedly drunk at the scene on the road where Eddie's body was 'reported' as being found, and being the only vehicle on the scene, it was never investigated. It was never checked for tread marks that would have matched the treads across Eddie's chest. They ran over him, twice, to make it look like hit and run.

Drunk driver, dead body, vehicle never inspected, investigated. Hmmmm.

Eddie's body was not officially identified until the following tuesday when his prints came back. He was so disfigured from the beating, his own father could not recognize him. Yet, within two hours of the body being reported, Q-Ball and Weenie Boy were telling people that it was Eddie that had been killed. Hmmmmm.

And why was Eddie's body given first to the mortician and embalmed? Why was he not given to the morgue? Who gave that order? (Poopsie). Hmmmmm

And given that this was supposed to be at first, a hit and run, and then morphed into a party that never happened at Bernice Juarez's house 1/4 mile away, and he was supposed to have been chased by this 'gang' that beat him up 3 times, at different locations from the Juarez Driveway, the woods and then the highway, why were his clothes, which didn't fit him (they belonged to QBall. His clothes removed and he was bathed after they murdered him.  They dressed him in Q Ball's clothes), why were the clothes so clean? Why were the shoes spotless? Even on the bottoms? The Ambulance drivers noticed a lot of things were out of place. No blood on Eddie, nor where he lay. (*because he bled out at Pisster's house, and because he was bathed).  Hmmmmm

There was less than 7cc of blood in his body, but no blood on his clothes or around him. Hmmmm

And this improbable, absolutely contradictory scenario was presented by Lynn Crooks as a beating that supposedly took place at the Juarez house.  The Juarez House, btw, was spotless inside and out. Not like a party of 50 or so drunken Indians and a beating took place. Hmmmm

And Lynn Crooks, supposed to be a smart guy, ignores all these contraindications and continues to present a case, chock full of what he knows are lies... hmmmmm.  One has to wonder why he did that.

It was easy enough to do. Paul Benson was as crooked and stupid of a judge as ever took the bench. And they were pals from their Freemasons' involvement.  Hmmmmmm

Now, looking at what was going on back then, I wonder.  The M'd'wauken tribe, which has since been proven to be a fake, total fraud, started by a man without a drop of Indian blood in him, verified by other crooked tribal leaders, a man named Stanley Crooks... Hmmmm.  That tribe immediately got millions of government dollars for each member. Members vouched for by, well, one another, while actually denying status to those who were the real M'd'wauken tribal members... millions and millions of dollars.  Government never audits the money that goes into tribes.

The Casino was starting up in Spirit Lake, plans all drawn up.  That would also bring in millions per day, unaudited, unaccounted....

I wonder if the name of Lynn Crooks and Stanley Crooks is one of relatives and there is some benefit going on there that relies on corruption, sealed by blood and murder, and sexual deviations, and never truly investigated... I wonder if that was the payoff, given that the murderers are running the casino in spirit lake, and they had been running the HUD, and all the employment on the rez; all the housing, the welfare, the drugs, the grants... just makes me go... Hmmmm. 

How about you?

There is the possibility that Crooks was just stepping on the innocent Indians to get his self noticed for a Federal Judgeship on down the road. Guilt/Innocence of no consequence to him: Easy notches, the more corrupt the better, suited him just fine.

He missed that Federal Appointment to the Bench.  He was shattered. I mean, he committed a whole lot of sins, and continues to shore up the old cases that tend to fall apart under impartial scrutiny, by 'assisting' whomever is assigned or has charge of what's left of those records.

He knows his work will fall apart and turn to crap and stick all over him if he doesn't keep prying eyes from looking too deep, too close. Some of those looking into his older work are saying: "hmmm?"  They don't want to believe what they are seeing. It must be some mistake. But it is no mistake. They are seeing what they are seeing. He has come up with excuses, but those are falling apart as well.

Now, those who are running these old cases, trying to prepare for appeals and seeing that the cases were corrupt have to make a decision: Go along? Hope for a promotion? Hope that when it does fall apart, it is not going to be on them.  Or do they make the noble stand, reveal what they have found and continue to find, and be the one to bring out the truth? 

Many before them, have gone along to get along. "Don't' rock the boat" and they didn't.  There is a way to get to everyone.  Some people can be paid off. Some people can become involved in 'compromising' situations that could land them, at the very least, in prison themselves.  Some just walk away, pretend they did not see what they saw.

The line up of those being paid off is so many these days, Poopsie can barely keep up. Those he has threatened with exposure if they speak out, might get tired of being threatened.  Those who do not stand up and reveal the truth, fall into one of two positions: Being paid off and resented, possibly in line for an accident to stop the pay outs; or those who must constantly be threatened that if they speak up, those videos, those pictures possibly involving drugs underage children, same sex, or worse, will show up. 

I have to wonder why anyone would not think it through. Why anyone would step into either of those lines. How safe can they feel? Ever? Is it worth it? Hmmmm?

And the Truth never changes. It never goes away. It is always there.  Waiting. And when it comes out, it keeps coming out. Every dirty connection will be revealed.  Will it have been worth it? Hmmm?

Everyone that looked the other way, will be revealed.

Look at all the slime demons you have to hope keep their silence. Poopsie, Weenie Boy, Q-Ball, Pisster, and all their siblings. They all use drugs, they all drink too much. They all talk too much.

And then there is Lemon. He helped cover it up.  But now he is facing hard time as a child molester. He will talk. No backbone. He will talk. Anything to save himself. He goes down harder and harder each time.

Galen Robertson, now in prison for Rape. He will talk. He is already talking. Trade you this prison cell for a better one. I can give you a crooked judge, crooked Tribal Leaders, kiddie Porn rings, meth cooks... he will talk.

And those in the vicinity, all pals.  All playing the same reindeer games: Drugs, sex, child molest, theft, trafficking.  All were safe, all were protecting one another, until now. Now we have the mayor of that nearby town, arrested. He will talk. His wife, arrested. She will talk.

Click, clicka, clicka... dominoes starting to fall. Poopsie just plain wore out trying to carry bags of money to make payoffs, running to the bars to collect Pisster before she yells and screams at the patrons on how she and her brothers murdered Eddie that night.  To her, it is always like it was just last night.

Carl Walking Eagle, now hanging around with Poopsie, stuck to him like glue. Poopsie goes, Carl goes. Hey, wait! Wasn't he up on Federal Charges for the embezzlement scheme? And worse? He was due in Federal Court and was going to be sentenced. Now, he is out, butt buddy with Poopsie.  Shouldn't Poopsie wonder if Carl might have made a deal with his name on it? Shouldn't Poopsie be saying: Hmmm?

The whole system depended on no honest people getting in the way. No honest people getting into position to unhinge the mechanisms of payoffs, and extortions. Decades this has gone on. And it has gone deep. Mayors, Judges, State Attorneys, FBI Agents, local cops, trains, planes, automobiles, bankers, and bakers and boaters and paper floaters... Bar owners, horse riders, insiders and outsiders.  It has all collected like lint on a turd ball.  And now, so it seems, it is starting to come undone.

None of it comes off clean. None of you will come off clean. But how much do you want to have stuck on you at the end of the day, depends on how you find a way to get yourself out from under this turd log, and into the light.

Don't wait until you are like Lemon, or Galen, the Mayor, or the body that floats to the surface when the icy waters take you down.

You might want to look around. The lies are getting deeper and darker.  The truth is getting stronger.  More people know the truth now. Lies just trip over themselves in panic and confusion.  People in High Places brought down low by those who lived under rocks, and who hurt children, and who killed sons and daughters, and blamed the innocent for their crimes.

Well, it's Christmas.  Let's let those Sugar Plum Fairies dance in their heads.  I wonder what the New Year will bring.  Don't you? Hmmmm?

You know where to find me.


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December 22, 2008 Printer Version (3)
Oh Oh O'Town

Let us take yet another journey to the outskirts of the rez and visit O'town.  That tiny moon that circles Uranus.  Still looking at the Rhonda Linehan, Becky Ryan deaths that occurred immediately after they left the Oh Oh Bar in Oberon, last July.

We know the bar puts drugs into the patrons' drinks without their knowledge.  Liquid meth.  A few drops into their beverage, and they become really thirsty for more! Worse, they lose track of their money as they cannot count.  They don't know if they gave you a $5, $10, $20 or $100.  And they can be told, and are unable to argue the point, that they did not pay at all, and the bar can get yet another payment (or more) from the patron.

People who drink the mix of drug/alcohol, get the heebee jeebees and itch all over as if they are being crawled by bugs and turtles.  This leads to what many people have witnessed, as people jumping out of their vehicles, in the middle of the road, and 'crazy dancing'.

There is another concoction that the Oh Oh Bar brews up for patrons who like to drink and drive or a 'togo' order.  It is a 'slushie' type drink, with several different kinds of alcohol, (and meth?) that goes into a colorful slushie (slurpee?) mix and is put into a cup not unlike those you get from your local neighborhood slushee/slurpee vendor, complete with the bubble top lid. The idea is, of course, to make it not look like you are drinking and driving.  The cost is $10. Or, $100, depending on whether you can count or not.

We know the Linehan, Ryan, Datelle party was partying at the Oh Oh Bar all day long.  It was a birthday celebration. That big red truck of Rhonda's was parked outside the bar for hours and hours.

Towards the end, they were seen, outside the bar, 'dancing'.  They were loud. They were both seen and heard at that point.

Shortly after that, they got into the pickup, which then went off the road, killing the two women and injuring the two men.

Immediately after that accident, Pete Hager, Karen Peterson (owners of the Oh Oh Bar) went door-to-door, just like they did when that carload of people was killed a few months earlier after leaving the bar, knocking on doors, and planting their story with whomever would talk to them.

The story became, and this is before the ambulances even left the scene, mind you, that the party of 4 had only been in the bar for one drink.  That this was a total shock! 

Yeah, I can imagine some Insurance investigator getting that story repeatedly, and trying to reconcile it with the truth from people who know better and spoke up.

One drink, eh? Just one? Are you sure?

Of course, now, as always when you put morons in charge of lie, they have morphed the 'one drink' BS Version (BSV) into something even more unrealistic, and which, no surprise, contradicts their own BSV.

Now, adding to the 'one drink' story is this: 'They tried and tried to keep that woman (Rhonda) from driving her truck!  She was so drunk, but she would not allow anyone else to drive her truck! Those (good people) Cheryl (the beertender. *Also happens to be Karen's sister, FYI) and the others tried to make her let someone else drive them home, they were so worried about them being so drunk...' and to make it more Rhonda's fault, "but she would have none of it.'

This is the story, apparently, told to the Insurance investigators. Not sure if they are dumb enough to buy it, or dumb enough to think that this will suffice, but clearly, there are major conflicts with this latest BSV.

If they were that drunk, so drunk that the bar tender and others were attempting to get someone else to drive them home:

  1. How did they get that way?

  2. One drink? The one drink they served them? Were they that drunk and were served 'one more drink' regardless? Serving an intoxicated person is illegal.  The Bar could lose it's license for that alone.

  3. And since the Bartender thought this was a dangerously drunk person behind the wheel, did they do the legally required thing and notify, immediately, law enforcement to take them off the road before they got killed? Or killed someone else?  (Answer: NO. THEY DID NOT).

So much for the ONE DRINK BSV holding up. It was tenuous at best in its original form.  But now, leave it to Karen, Pete and Cheryl, (and I am sure the Old Biddy is in this too), to poke holes in that version thinking they are 'enhancing' the original version; shoring it up; making it 'bullet proof'. 

Now, who is going to go and take  a second look at this? What files are going to be re opened? How much can the corrupt State Attorney, Judge, help out their pals this time?

Oh, did anyone find a slushee/slurpee cup at the scene of that accident? Or others? Were you fooled when you did, into thinking it was 'nothing important'?

So much more on this, but it will have to wait. So many people know so much, but have no one they feel they can trust enough to report it to.

I notice that somehow, not sure how this happened, but Ned Mitzel, the previous sheriff, big pals with Pete Hager, has gotten to poking around in this matter.  Now, how did he get his sticky fingers on those files? What has gone missing from those reports and files?

Remember: North Dakota is Number ONE--in corruption. Business as usual. Despite the fact that Oberon has a legit Sheriff nowadays, there is still enough corruption out there to undo any good work he tries to do.

Cheez Whiz Wang

It just never ends, does it? Corrupt State Attorney, James Wang, while on the State's payroll, is also in private practice, using the authority and influence of his office! (No corruption there, no! *Nods head YES!*)

Last week, Dec 18th, the Mayor of Maddock, (Just a stoned throw from Oberon), Kevin Winson, was arrested on Drug Trafficking charges. He is cooling his mayoral heels in the Devil's Lake Jail awaiting his court appearance. (He gets to hear Christmas Carols piped in: "White Christmas" and "It's beginning to Look a Lot Like Christ-MAS!").  Read Grand Forks Story Here

His attorney, none other than James Wang. Yeah, no conflict of interest there kids! So Cheez Whiz, how are you being paid? Cash? Under the Table?(*Cheryl under the table?), or is this guy your supplier/biz partner and you just have to make sure you get him off so that you don't go down with him? Think your pal, Judge Foughty will be able to pull this one off for you like he has in the past?

These crimes, busts, are getting a little more awkward for you, aren't they.  I know.  I feel your distress. Oh, and you might want to get that bowel problem looked into. It's just not 'going away on its own'. It comes from you being full of it.

Ask yourself: "What can Ned Mitzel do for me now?"  Not much. He's next.

Oh yeah, there's more. Lots and lots more.  But time is short here and I want to get this one posted.  It's going to be a very busy week!

You know where to find me.


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December 12, 2008 Printer Version (5)
Full Moon, High Time

For those who noticed the previous blog had the printer version changed, allow me to 'splain that:  I was really tired when I did it, and when I went back over it, I realized the printer version ("Printer Virgin" as my niece calls it) was not formatted properly. I took care of that.   Better late than even later, eh?

We have one of those major, huge full-moons tonight. So, where are your kids? Out getting high? Taking dangerous drives down icy roads? Do you wonder when you come home from Bingo, and they are not home yet, if you will ever see them again?

Just know that all you have taught them, up until this point, about life, character, and boundaries, is either going to keep them from making a fatal mistake, or leave them without a clue as to how to get out of a bad, or dangerous situation. 

Kids are susceptible to stupidity, and it is contagious among the young. Part of the problem is that our brains don't fully function until we are in our late 20's.  The part that understands forward thinking, especially the consequences of any act, are not yet hooked up in a way that the alarms can go off, and evasive maneuvers can be applied.

The consequences, regardless of how many times they have been repeated in other similar events, are not understood.  Kids are vulnerable, at this time.  And they run in packs. Like the abandoned dogs, skulking around the rez, don't feel they have anything to lose. 

That is why parents have to start parenting, teaching them, often the same lessons, over and over again, from day one.  So that, just in case, while all the wiring in the brain is not yet hooked up, something will alert them to the potential hazards, dead ahead.  Hazards they will only realize in hindsight, that they were lucky to have missed; or after finding themselves drowning in consequences, or the lake, or their addictions, regret not having chosen not to go down that road, past those warning signs, trying to catch up with their friends, dead ahead.

North Dakota is Number One!--In Corruption

There must be a trophy for this somewhere.  To put it into perspective: The current scandal of the Illinois Gov being arrested, and his Chief of Staff being arrested for corruption, and all the governors and mayors and others in that state's recent history being busted for criminal conduct and corruption ...ranks 18th.

People in North Dakota like to think that nothing ever happens in North Dakota. Gee, how did you get to be Number One in corruption?  What have so many North Dakotans slept through and how did they miss the uproar?

See what happens when you fall asleep at the switch? You know that if this much is exposed in the media now, there is more to come.  Here's the article. Just so you know that I am not the only one that says there is a huge problem out there in North Dakota.  When a state with the smallest population, or nearly the smallest population, manages to garner the Top Rung of the Corruption ladder, you have to figure that this didn't just start to go wrong yesterday.  It's been wrong for a very long time.

One of the pillars that holds up our Democracy, is our Justice System. When that becomes corrupt, the entire premise crumbles.  Corruption is a symptom of rot. Rot stinks. So does the Justice Department.  Nowhere does it stink more than in North Dakota.

Corruption thrives where the Justice System is weak, or broken, or complicit.

Which brings us once again, to Billy Dean Cavenaugh.  Tribal Court Judge, who knows how to use his position. I hear that one of the pictures I garnered for the Thistles pages, features him draped over his step daughter and her friend, all of them fairly blasted.  I hear Billy Dean threatened his step daughter that if she didn't get all the pics of him partying off of Bebo, he would, as Judge, see to it that he kids were taken away from her. 

She knows he can do it. He's the judge. That's why he was never investigated for molesting her or her friends. Who's going to do the investigation? Donovan Breaks Wind? Nah, he's too busy trying to figure out where the staples are coming from that hold the blog together, that he is reading right now. 

Bentley Grey Bear? Hah! Don't make me laugh.  Don't make me cry.  People have been begging him to investigate crimes against children for years.  He just shrugs and walks away.  Bentley could not find who farted in the phone booth he is standing in. Now that the State has sent in an investigator to look into some of the many, many (too many) crimes against children, Bentley escorts her from case to case.

I heard she asked one woman, whose child had been bruised and battered by her ex boyfriend for years, "Why haven't you reported this before?".  Of course, if it is your child showing up with welts and bruises, broken bones and burns, you would expect someone to report it right?

The woman who was making the report now, points right to Bentley and says: "Bentley, I have been telling you about this for over a year!" Bentley just sat in the corner, dropped his head, tried to become invisible.  "Invisible" goes well with "useless". 

I don't know why people still think Bentley has any of the character traits that his father had.  At least his dad tried to be a good cop. He just had no support.  Bentley has adapted well. He not only does nothing, he can become invisible!


So, being a cop or being a judge on the rez doesn't require any particular training or education. (One man told me that he showed up first day on the job, no training, no high school diploma. He was given a revolver. "You know how to shoot a gun?" he was asked.  "Here, let me show you. This is where you put the bullets in...").  Being a judge or a cop on the rez, gives you a whole lotta power.

Poopsie used his badge to cover up his murders, rapes and molests. He liked to beat people up too.  Especially if they were too drunk to fight back.  He handcuffed them before he beat them, just to be sure.

Being one of the corrupt pillars of the Justice System, you can enjoy underage children as sex toys. You can, with your friends, do anyone, steal anything, kill, and get away with it.  The corruption on the rez is secured by Tribal Judge Billy Dean Cavenaugh, an impotent and corrupt tribal police department, "badgers", and corruption all up the ranks of power, and with North Dakota being NUMBER ONE! (*Cheerleaders shaking shiny pompoms, 'We're Number ONE! Wheee!) it takes only a logical connection of dots to realize who pals around with who from the State and Federal Level, and what they must all be doing. 

I guarantee you this: If any of the Senators, States Attorneys, USAGs or FBI AGENTS, Federal and State Judges that 'pal around' with Poopsie, Duane Smith, Billy Dean Cavenaugh, were straight arrows, there would be no big smiles, back slaps and hearty hand-shakes.  If any of these people were not involved, not actively participating in the corruption, they would be actively investigating the corruption. 

Corruption gets this outstanding, carrying the state with the smallest population to the highest rung of corruption, only because no one is stopping it. If they are not stopping it, what are they doing? Say it with me: "Participating".  It could be something as minor as 'looking the other way' as a favor. There are probably other forms of exchanges: We don't know the dark proclivities of some of these people, but we can guess by who they play with, what their reindeer games are about. 


If you hang around with molesters, rapists, embezzlers, murderers, and you befriend them, and you show up at the casino to get special VIP treatment, I can assume you are getting anything from a payoff in cash, to a chance to spend 'quality time' with some pimped out child; or worse.

When a State Attorney protects a meth dealer, a corrupt tiny town council, and a judge does not question why he is engaging in private practice cases as a Public Servant, I can only wonder about both the State Attorney and the Judge. 

Yet, those who know both, just 'shrug' as if we can just pretend it is 'stupidity' or some lower form of politics, rather than what it clearly is: Wrong, Illegal, Corrupt.

No One Questions it. That is how it Thrives. It crumbles when you ask the questions, and demand answers. It is that simple. It is that hard.  Silence is a sign of weakness. Corruption thrives on weakness. Speak out.

Corruption cannot thrive without the cooperation of everyone involved, including those who sell their votes, or who don't vote because they are too lazy to care. Don't want to take the time to study up and learn what is going on, with our tax dollars, in our name.  Democracy requires participation.  It is not a spectator sport.

The corruption is known. It is a fact. It is not a secret. So, how long have these people had their jobs? The ones that do nothing? The ones that contribute their share of stink to the rot in the pillars of Justice, that are no longer supporting our Democracy. 

Next Question: Why do they still have their jobs? Well, my friends, that comes down to you and I. Demand accountability. Demand investigations. Demand better. Heal our Democracy. Or just hold your nose and vote.  Try not to step in that sludge... too late. Try not to track that into your house now that you have it on you.  Just a little bit.

(My thanks to that ignorant Bimbo, Sarah Palin, for making the term "Palin' around" so popular!)

So, Billy Dean Cavenaugh knows how important it is that he keeps his seat as Judge. His pals know how important it is that he keeps his seat as Judge.  It's ignorance, corruption, abuse, all rolled up into a powerful, stupid man.   A man who has to get away with molesting, with assaulting and with rape, or there will be hell to pay.

Billy Dean Cavenaugh's best friend is Duane Smith.  Duane Smith was the second man charged in the vicious rape of that teenage girl.  Galen was the other man charged, and now convicted, and serving time.  Billy Dean managed to get his friend, Duane, off entirely.  Had to. Duane would have sold Billy Dean's involvement in that same rape for a 'Get Out of Jail Free Card'.

He still might. Poopsie and the Turdclan used their influence with the FBI and the Justice Dept, to make sure Duane was not tried in Federal Court. Poopsie and the Turd Clan need Billy Dean Cavenaugh to be in place so that charges against them for rape, assault, molest and incest will be dropped should they ever reach any level of investigation.

The cops know, and the Prosecutors know, there were two more people involved in that rape that Galen went down for.  They even know the names and that one of them is a Tribal Judge.  They just don't want to rock the boat.  Might be some political payoff down the road for them if they don't look too closely at what they are turning their backs on. 

Be nice to get invited to those important dinners, fundraisers, rub shoulders with the big boys. Yeah, there's a real future in corruption.

Congratulations North Dakota, (*Cue the cheerleaders) "We're Number ONE! Wheee!". (They rolled in on that super duper, Bus to Nowhere, with the 4 winded basketball team)

Corruption doesn't level off and it doesn't go away on its own.  It grows. You allow it on the rez, and it spreads out from there, and now you know, North Dakota is in it, up to the eyeballs.

Can you see it now?

You know where to find me.


PS: For those waiting for more documents, expect them early January.  I am compiling and condensing a whole load of them. Meanwhile, you know where to look.

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December 8, 2008 Printer Version (8)
Who Killed Superman?

I like the original Superman TV Series.  It was in Black & White. Things were either wrong or right in those days. Superman saved us from all that was wrong, corrupt, evil or just plain bad. He stood, arms akimbo, with the American Flag as a backdrop.  It was all good things rolled into one. And it was the American Way.

For that time, and until this day to a certain extent, we have always believed that Image was true about all things Super Powerful, and all things US Government.  No such thing as 'corruption', right? Everyone was treated fairly. 

Another series that came on, was "The Untouchables".  Elliot Ness, that high-minded, altruistic, idealist who was the Poster Boy for all that was pure and good about the FBI, also ran, daily, in Black and White, wrong and right.

Sometimes, our all powerful government, in the person of an FBI guy, would personally thank Superman for his good work. What a photo op!

We know that George Reeve was killed.  We suspect 'murder' but have been told, over and over, 'suicide'. His fictional friends at the FBI never bothered to look into the matter. 

Superman was dead.  The TV had only the FBI and the stories of Elliot Ness for the ongoing brainwashing about our all powerful government protecting us from evil criminals.

How hard for us to grow up to realize that there never was a Superman.  That when we found corruption, wrong-doing, murder and turned to the FBI to defend our nation from the evil enemies, very real, very evil, that they would instead, hang up the phone.

But to this day, the FBI refuses to admit how much corruption and pure evil they actually protect.  Worse, how much they are directly involved in as active participants.

When an FBI agent takes the stand and gives false, even ridiculous testimony, we, as a nation, want to believe.  Superman is dead. The FBI is all we have left. What would it take for us to call them liars? Even when they have been proved corrupt, untruthful, and their pseudo sciences ultimately debunked, those convicted by these lies and joke science, must rot in jail under the premise that the testimony rendered, false science results sworn to, 'had no bearing on the outcome' and a guilty verdict would have been rendered, regardless.

The courts, especially the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, has so often journeyed into a a mind-reading Time Machine and come back with that very justification for not allowing a new trial, that it is mind-boggling.  Especially, and most often, in cases where the defendants were Indians.

Perhaps those Mind Reading Wayback Time Machine Tours were accurate in this way: The jury pools were composed of racists.  How can we assume this? Because the trials were all held in venues where no Indians were even in the Jury Pool to be selected to begin with.

If a black man, a brown man, an Asian Man were put on trial, and there were only white jurors selected to hear their case, would not there be a cause for outrage?  Would not a retrial be mandatory to allow for a jury to be selected that actually was a 'jury of peers'?

I have said it before, and I say it here again: Indians are not given the same Civil Rights and Protects as every other person in this country. They are denied their rights.  Or, more accurately, they are denied OUR rights.  For that reason alone, a fair trial is only remotely a possibility.  Further, with the Prosecution having all the inside information on each juror, and the Defense left to guess only by responses that may or may not be truthful in the 2-4 minutes they are allowed to *Voir Dire each juror on the spot, whom do you think has the advantage?

*voir dire
noun Law
a preliminary examination of a witness or a juror by a judge or counsel.

The prosecution is allowed any level of theatrics and overt actions that would imply that the Indians on Trial are more dangerous than others because they come from a mysterious group of people we know nothing about; that live in a mysterious place (rezland); they are a conquered people; they look different than us; they scalped our ancestors, raped our women and now want all the land back, including the big cities. They want to take all our hard work and steal it from us. Why else would they make the jury ride in on buses with blacked out windows, cardboard to protect them from those different looking people? First, you make an already ignorant and racist jury fearful of their safety from a minority.  After that, it is fairly simple to get the convictions.

And later, when it is proven that the Prosecution lied, withheld exculpatory evidence, suborned perjury, and participated in the very criminal act on trial, one can assume that the racist prepping of the minds of the jurors would have rendered a 'guilty' verdict, regardless.

And as the Eight Circuit Court of Appeals further twists the legal reasoning into a complete pretzel, they allow a verdict to stand based on the fact that it was rendered by ignorant racist jurors who would have returned guilty, regardless.  That, under their definition, constitutes a 'Fair Trial'.

Once you realize that every one of those Federal Court Justices is appointed by the party in power, and that the appointment has less to do with judicial merit than with rewarding that particular politico who managed to fund raise a substantial portion of the winning 'donations'; you can begin to see where the Justice System is unlikely to render anything that would displease the powers that be. 

When you educate yourself enough to know that the most money that resides in our Federal System, is funneled through Indian Country via a complex series of 'tubes' which are never reviewed, never audited, and which controls billions and billions of our tax dollars as well as hundreds of billions of dollars of our resources (oil, minerals, timber, coal, water and Uranium) which are also never audited or accounted for, you can more easily see why it is important for the Federal Government to keep Indian People powerless, without basic Civil Rights, without Justice and without a voice.

The corruption in Indian Country would dry up and blow away if the Good People had the same legal recourse and access to the same processes as the rest of the nation has.  The Good People are not even allowed to have a leader. If a leader rises up, he is murdered, or he is arrested and sent to prison where he is cut off from his people.  The People lose faith.

Futility pervades into every part of every neighborhood. Leadership steals elections and people cannot even protest. They can be arrested or "floated off the rez" a process that although it is supposed to go through a hearing, and a process, never does. It comes with the knock on the door and a family is told they have less than an hour to gather all they own, and leave the boundaries of the rez.  If they return or are too slow, they are arrested.

What is left behind, is fair game for the leadership to take for themselves, hand out to their friends. 

One family protested to Senator Dorgan's office about being thrown off in exactly this manner. Dorgan's office responded by saying that the Tribal Council has to do this to keep the rez drug free! Considering that everyone on Council is engaged actively, in drug dealing, manufacture or other criminal conduct, this is tragically laughable.

When the writer asked if Dorgan's office was accusing them of drug dealing, the response was even more ignorant.  Not that it had been proved, mind you, but of course, the Tribal Council must have had a good reason.

No legal recourse is allowed. Think about that. If you speak out against your mayor, and the cops show up at your door and tell you that you have anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to clear out of town, and that anything left behind is forfeit, how many people would actually stand up to and speak out against their government?

If your Federal Government then said that they realize it is 'inconvenient' for you, but that 'there must be a good reason for it,' what effect would that have on your life? If you had this sort of ongoing tyranny running your life, say, for 7-10 generations, how much of this Democracy would you think you had?

When those who hold leadership positions, control the voting, throwing out or redoing votes to give themselves higher counts, and then your Federal Government saying your Tribal Council was 'duly elected', just how much would you believe in your government?

Now, when it comes to Tribal Court, and the judge has no legal education, but is hand picked by the Tribal Council, how fair would that be? That Judge is there to keep you down and to throw out any charges against the leadership. Federal Court is for felonies, which are then tried by jury.  A jury with no Indians and no one that even has a clue as to how things are done in Indian Country, and who base their opinions on their own lives, and ignorant assumptions about who and what Indian People are.  Add to that, the overt fear mongering by the Prosecution, and active bias by the Judge, who makes no secret of his prejudices, even overtly participates in assisting the Prosecution.

If that is not enough, bring on the FBI, their corrupt agents, junk science and shiny credibility, a holdover from those old Black & White, Wrong and Right, Superman shaking hands with the FBI, fictional times that never existed, and you get what you expect.

When you realize how corrupt it really is, it is like seeing Superman, drunk, unshaven, out of shape, slurring his words, and hearing the people cheer.  The Superman we loved, is dead.  What we have in his place, not even close. But still we do not realize what we should do about it, or what we can do about it.  We do expect someone else to come in and clean up the mess for us. That is how it always ends in TV land. Someone comes to save the day. Someone comes to make it right. Someone. Meanwhile, we do nothing, except complain when it gets worse.

Barking Dogs Become Lap Dogs

Media, which is supposed to be the watchdog of our Democracy, instead of barking and alerting us to the prevailing corruption and injustices, are all owned by conglomerates, whose CEO's have a different concern, often in conflict with getting the Truth out there for all to see and judge.

Stories about Indian Country are considered 'of no interest'. This from a machinery that can make Paris Hilton with no talent, Britney Spears for everything but her talent, famous in news cycles that repeat every 20 minutes, on every network.

They somehow can't make corruption that steals hundreds of billions of dollars a year from our nation, 'interesting'?

I have seen some major media exposés of the shameful way our Nation allows abuses in Indian Country, actually get made.  They are detailed.  They are riveting. And they are on at 2 AM, 10-12 years AFTER they were made.  "To Be Announced" is how I found one show. No details. And it came on at 3AM.

Well, there ya go! Mainstream Media DOES its job after all! It just does it in a way that it has noticeable effect on society.

Information about how our Current Prez, Bush, is often too drunk to be seen or even make sense, explains a lot of what we think is just simple stupidity. He's hammered. 

Reporters have known about it for a very long time. A drunk, or worse, has been throwing tantrums and leading us to war, based on lies. But not one reporter outed what they knew about his state of mind, his drinking, because it was more important to their careers to maintain 'access', a seat at the press conferences, than it was to report a piece of information that might have actually had an impact on how a lot of blind faith 'conservatives' viewed Mr. B, and they (and the rest of us) might have had a better fix on who NOT to vote for back in 04.

Journalists, the Big Ones, see their job as to protect their Access, not to inform the public. (Eyebrows go up? Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?)

I have to ask what good it is, how secure do we really feel, if that which is in place "Freedom of the Press", to protect our Democracy, is instead co opted to mere 'trophy' reporting, not for the sake of informing our nation, but rather to maintain their own personal connections, prestige and to better do their now primary purpose: Advertising revenues.

Numbers and Lies

When we do the hard human math: Over 2300 killed in the Twin Towers on 9/11 by a man who viewed the presidency as an opportunity to transfer wealth upwards and nothing else mattered. Not even the lives of our citizens; who later claimed to be the one keeping us safe, the media was too cowed to speak out. What he said directly conflicted with his actions, and the media stayed silent.  They kept their access. Their prestige was intact. We remained in the dark.

Now, continue the math: 4,946 soldiers are dead in a war we never should have started.  The bad guy has gotten away because we took to the war to the place where he was not. We have no idea, no firm count, on how many soldiers are wounded and disabled because of this war.  Even more with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that is more profound from this war and its serial deployments, than any war ever, prior, most of which is either ignored or 'relabeled' as something else, goes untreated.

Spin is the highest art form in government lately. "Call it something else, and the Sheeples will buy it." Torture" becomes "Harsh interrogation", "Prisoners of War" become "Enemy Combatants". "Enemy Combatants" encompasses anyone you want to torture, imprison, silence. "Rendition" becomes a shrug of the shoulders. "Questioning authority, investigating the lies," becomes 'Treason'.  Outing an active, covert CIA Operative becomes ...well, who cares. It used to be 'Treason', but find a fall guy and it all goes away. The dogs won't bark. In fact, we can use some of them to out the agent. We will trade him "Access" and he will do our bidding.

More math: We have killed, in Iraq alone, anywhere from half a million to over a million Iraqis. We never allowed anyone to do a proper count. That was considered 'treason'.  We have, by virtue of our war in Iraq, displaced over 30 million people. They have no home.  We have engaged in outright torture. We TORTURE! There is only one goal of 'torture', and one goal only. The sole purpose of torture is NOT to get the truth. On the contrary; it is designed to extract false confessions in order to justify the war we never should have started. Torture, when it was used by the North Vietnamese, by the commies we fought, was strictly to gain false confessions which were then used as propaganda.  Torture is never successful at getting the truth.  It cannot be employed fast enough to save anyone in any 'imminent danger'.  Nor can it be used to gain access to plans from the opposition. When an operator is captured, the plans change. It has always been that way.

We, as a nation, were driven over the cliff in grief over 9/11, and the horrible deaths of almost 3000 of our citizens. How do we feel about those who delivered those deaths to our nations door? How do we feel about the ones that delivered an additional, now-approaching 5000 deaths? The loss of limbs? The mental, emotional and spiritual crippling of additional hundreds of thousands of our brothers and sisters? How DO we feel about all that?

And he won that second election, with lies, smears, like he won the first. Our watchdogs are now fat, almost toothless. Who will speak for us when we speak out against injustices?

The upside is: We got rid of Saddam, who was about 15th on the ladder of evil dictators, but the other 14 we kind of support and they let us have their resources, so we 'get along' and can overlook their crimes against humanity, abuses of their own people. It's good for business.

Speaking of 'business', we now own and have sold to our pals in the oil companies, the Oil reserves of Iraq.  Killed a million of them, imprisoned and tortured thousands, raped their women, dispossessed 80% of them (makes it harder for them to seek justice against us) and we sold their resources to our pals, keeping some for ourselves. We have destroyed their infrastructure... I just don't know why they don't appreciate more, the sacrifices we have made in order to 'free' them into destitution and a constant state of refugees. Go figure!

Back to our discourse on the media:

The priority is now, to maintain 'access' and 'prestige'. They will inform, if it is convenient, and if no one on their Board of Directors objects, and if none of their sponsors has a vested interest in anything to do with oil, timber, mining, water, uranium; or control the public airwaves as a corporate property; or who are connected in some way to one of the many tentacles that comes from and leads into Indian Country, through the Bureau of Land Management, and all the drugs, alcohol, hookers that have been the ongoing currency of that department, and for which no one has yet been arrested, nor even lost their high paying jobs.

The FBI seems uninterested in pursuing any investigation. The media barely touched on it, as in too hot, might get burned? How many people have lost their lives? Their homes? Their hope in this country because the voice that is supposed to inform us, instead, sells to us products of little value. Our government seems uninterested in stirring any hornets nests that might sting them.

We are all Indians now. Our sense of futility and our low expectation of Justice or Fair Play, is not as visible as it is in Indian Country, but it is more prevalent and more pervasive than it was even 10 years ago.

We have quit expecting the voices of Freedoms to speak for us.  We might be okay this time. We have elected what appears to be a man of scruples, integrity, high intelligence, and compassion.  I think we expect that he will do for us, all that Superman used to do for us.  I think we will rely too much on it being someone else's job, his job, and not realize how much is our job, and we will fail to take this opportunity and rise as a nation from the ashes of corruption, ignorance, racism and apathy.

We have a system that was designed to work for us, only if we are vigilant and make it work for us.  Democracy is a full-time endeavor. We must, where we find the injustices and the imbalances, do our part to both shine the light, inform the rest, and to make it right, and equal for us all.

The light has been shown, and we know where we have to begin. I think we must also find a way to make the dogs bark to alert us of dangers and villains; not just to alert us to sales and new products we don't need. We need to hold accountable those who are in places of Public Trust, to do their part to preserve Justice and Democracy, not just transfer wealth to their families and friends at the expense of the rest of us.

We must become active and demand that media: print and electronic, earn our $ and our viewership, by covering stories that inform us on the workings of our government.  What good is access if they never bark as the thieves steal our democracy out from under our feet? We must protect and demand access for those who relay the information.  Government needs to come down from the 'For Sale' shelf, and be accountable to us all.  It can be done. We must find a way to come together and make it happen, by design.

We can start in Indian Country, where it went wrong from the beginning, and where it continues to bleed our nation of it's integrity and tax dollars, to this day.  We can hold accountable those to whom we entrust the levers and steering of our democracy.

We cannot continue to patch and allow to tear, over and over again, the very fabric that is supposed to be the foundation of our Democracy: Justice.

Superman does not exist. The Flag is real, and it should stand for something other than a decoration on some politician's lapel, or an excuse to shoot fireworks, drink too much beer, and ignore the fact that the lands and resources we stole from the Indians, are being stolen from us with the same lies and false contracts.

Superman was only human, after all. But something in each of us wanted to believe he was real.  Something in each of us is capable of being better, stronger, smarter than we have been up until now.  We can still make that flag of ours mean something if we make it represent a nation of Truth, Justice and Fairness to ALL.  Not just the people we know, but the ones we have never really known, but of whom we were taught only lies. We can uncover the truth, together. We can, as a nation, heal and move forward.

I see we have the opportunity.  It may be the last opportunity we get like this, for a very long time. Do we dig in and do the work together? Or do we expect Superman to do everything for us?

You know where to find me.


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