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November 30, 2008 Printer Version (6)
Indians, More or Less

By now, you have heard me say "We are all Indians" enough times that you understand how we are all connected.  How it is up to us to remedy the injustices by coming together and creating a better world for our children and the children yet to come.  You have seen the examples of people lied to and mistreated, robbed, and the effects of a long-term, slo-mo holocaust, not just on the people that are being mistreated, but on all of us, as the same tactics used to oppress one group, are then employed more generally, on all of us.

The recent economic meltdown, the fear tactics, the metaphorical gun-to-our-head "sign and agree to these unbalanced terms or face the loss of everything", which of course, turns out to be a mistake, because none of the terms we agreed to are being upheld and there is basically nothing we can do about it, except trust the same government that has betrayed us.  It gives us a bit more insight as to what it was like for Indians to be committed to treaties that robbed them, and the terms of which were never honored, and yet they had to sign again and again-- or face immediate extinction by execution.

The National Shame of those dishonored treaties, despite being widely known and understood, has never been addressed.  We have never set that runaway train back on the right track.  Result: The train continues to runaway--and now it runs over us all.

What we allow to happen to others, will happen to us. Simple.

We are all Indians, more or Less.


Government is supposed to serve The People, not rob them, not Control them.  But all governments these days, function on one premise: "Thought Control".  Especially here in the USA.

We think we are living in a Democracy.  It is our greatest pride that we have an enduring Democracy.  We can, many of us, recite our rights, including the Right to Free Speech, Freedom of the Press, and the Right to Bear Arms.

But think about it: When was the last time someone said something that was counter to the Government line and they were listened to, without fear and without reprisal?  The war in Iraq was wrong on every level. Proof of that is the fact that everything we were told to get us into Iraq, was a lie.  Truth is not based on lies. If we are not standing in the light of Truth, we are in fact, blindly following-the-leader in the darkness they impose to make us fearful, too fearful not to follow them.

Protests before the war began were astounding. They were global. Millions of people gathered to protest. Yet, it was not shown on any network.  Global issues, global events of that magnitude, ignored by the media.  The media which instead of informing the people, has mutated into the carrier of the Government's message.

So much we needed to know, but we were not told.  It is the same as withholding information from us, and expecting us to base our decisions on the narrowest set of information, none of which was true.

We were then witness to anyone that spoke against the war, or the government's actions, being labeled as 'traitors' and their comments as "treason".  The very core of our Democracy rests on Free Speech, and yet, it was nowhere safe to be spoken in the land of darkness and lies.

In the past, it was Students who protested.  Their messages of protest were carried by folk singers: Dylan, Baez, Seeger, all of those voices.  But not one song came to us from those quarters. 

All the airwaves had been bought up by a single minded group that was extremely Right Wing, with the help of the Bush Administration, which put in high place, not a watch dog to ensure that fair play on the airwaves (which are OWNED BY THE PUBLIC) was enforced; but rather by a lap dog who allowed a single interest to buy up, own and control the content of 90% of what came over the airwaves. 

We all knew, or at least sensed, that the Emperor had no clothes, but the flag waving parade of "Patriotic Zombies" never gave room for the voice of even one person, to speak out. 

And then it happened.  Natalie Mayne of the Dixie Chix, spoke the words that defined what tens of millions of people in the USA and the even more around the world, knew to be true.  She said she was ashamed of our President being from her home state of Texas.

Instantly, the airwaves, owned and controlled by one man, ceased to play their records.  Death threats poured in.  Country singers who prided themselves on being Patriots, condemned her in song and speech for exercising that one basic Right of speaking her mind.

Some claim that even though what she said was true, she should not have said it because we were in a time of war.  That made it treason.  It did not. The Truth is never Treason. If the time comes, and it has, that the Truth cannot be spoken, we must all realize that we have lost our rights and that we must once again, rise up and fight for our Democracy.

Consider also that Hitler lied to his nation and kept them in a perpetual state of war in order to silence any dissent.  It is a tactic. You will know that it is happening when you are afraid to speak the truth, afraid to voice your opinion, and worse--afraid to listen to anyone that thinks differently about things than you do, for fear that a free exchange of ideas will mark you as the enemy.

The Truth was spoken from the most unexpected quarter of our culture: Country Western.  Once again, it was a little bitty woman who had the heart of courage.  She had the support of her family to carry her through. She had millions of adoring fans.  She also faced serious death threats and risks to her personal safety as well as threats against her family and loved ones.

But she would not take it back and she would not be silent. Her voice continued to carry. The radio conglomerate that had tried to silence her, tried to break her, and tried to shatter her, has itself, spiraled into a series of losses and is fragmenting of its own doing. 

Natalie had her doubts, anguish and fears.  But she did not let it stop her.  Courage does not come from not being afraid. Courage comes from not letting fear and intimidation stop you from doing what you know is right, and what you know must be said or done.

Her single act of speaking out, as it turns out, was the single most definitive act of Patriotism and defense of Democracy.

And the most powerful, most corrupt president in our history, could not stop, could not silence the truth.  They all feared her.  They feared her not because she was armed and dangerous; not because she had made threats; not because she had an army.  They feared her because she spoke the truth.

The Truth had no way of getting out until it just erupted from her. It had to come out and it had to be heard.

She did not bring down the Nation. She woke it up. That is the responsibility of each and every one of us, in this life: To keep the truth alive and in plain sight, and ringing like a bell, across the this land and in the lands of our grandfathers.

We Have Begun

We have begun, with the election of a man who is Black, and who has all three of the most different-than-any-other-president's names, to reclaim our Democracy.  The merchants of fear came out in all their glory and waved the flag like they owned it and we didn't. 

Democracy won, despite the opposition, or, because of it. Because the voices would not be silenced, neither the voices of madness and fear, nor the voices of reason and Truth, the people heard and The People acted.  Clearly, as a nation, we could see what we were facing and what we needed to do.

And just in time.  The nation is on the edge, peering into the abyss of economic and moral collapse.  Globally, fear is making its last stand and we must not be afraid to go forward and defeat it, and those who employ it in their attempts to control our very thoughts.

During the campaign, much was made of Obama's willingness to talk to the opposition.  Somehow, an open mind is a threat to those who prefer to not exchange ideas, but rather to force, by threats and wars and intimidation on every level, to control other nations.  Those who fear discussion, prefer to use force as the only means of reaching an objective. 

We would be, if we go down that road, in a constant state of war. There is a book out, several in fact, that deal with this very real tactic: "Endless Enemies" by Jonathan Kwitney, explains this in a way that is a wake up call to the entire free world. "The Shock Doctrine," by Naomi Klein (gee, another woman?) explains how disasters are created or allowed to happen so that the public at large will be too stunned to see what is going on, or to react in a way that would save us from the tyranny of abusive politics. 9/11, Katrina, and all those types of events, were all used against us, and to rob us of our Rights, at a time when we were too stunned and disorganized by the horrendous scope of it, to see what was being done to us, not for us.

It is up to us, to enlighten ourselves in matters large and small. It is up to us to think for ourselves and to ask questions. "Question Authority" was and is, my all-time favorite bumper sticker. It is not just our Right, it is our moral obligation.  We owe it more to our children than to ourselves.

Fighting Sioux

Laughable how much as been made of the University wanting to use that as their team name. Nothing dishonorable towards any tribe. In fact, it reminds people that Indians are people of courage and pride and are not going away.

Yet, with the help of government and media that favors tyranny, this became the cause de-celebre in which heated arguments, even among Indian People, ran like wildfire.  You want to see a huge turnout for a protest?  Mention "Fighting Sioux" and they will show up in droves!

Almost every Indian you talk to will show up and protest, or speak out against how wrong it is for that name to be used. To say anything less or different, leads people in the communities to label their fellow Indians as something less than Indian. Something that betrays Indians. "DON'T EVEN THINK, about not standing with your leaders on this one." (DON'T EVEN THINK!) Code for: "Be afraid to think", "Be afraid to speak contrary," and most important: "Be AFRAID."  Indian or not, you will be labeled 'racist', or worse.

But when it comes to something that should define Indians today, something that Indians all over the country should be standing up against and protesting, speaking out, and shouting out; you can see a 'couple of dozen Indians showed up.'. 

When it comes to the wrongful arrest, trial and conviction of Leonard Peltier, in one of the greatest Judicial disgraces ever perpetrated against Indian People, and in the Name of the United States, only a handful show up.

What, protesting injustice and oppression not 'fashionable'?

I urge everyone: Indians, non-Indians and people who don't know that they have Indian blood and are connected to this history more than they realize; everyone, I urge you to contact Russell Means and his group, and stand up for something that is real, is relevant and is important to us all.

Screw the "Fighting Sioux" straw man BS.  If you don't stand up and fight for Leonard Peltier, and for the truth, you don't stand for anything Indian. In fact, if all you are is symbolic for the corrupt leadership, stay home and shut up. You aren't fighting for anything you want. You aren't fighting at all.  You are just whining.

We are all Indians, more or less. If we don't fix it here, and now, while we still can, we will never be able to get the runaway train to stop before it runs over all of us.  And there will be no one left to help us to help ourselves.

Finding Voice

The Truth has a voice. It comes out in the least expected places: From the heart of a Country Music singer; from the relentless charges of a young girl who refused to be silent and protect her rapist/abuser, even those bigger and stronger than her were afraid to listen, afraid to help.

It comes in the silent determination of a nation that showed up to vote, despite knowing that machines were going to destroy their vote, and that every excuse to quit, every reason to give up was presented, they "endeavored to persevere."

If it can come from these women, those children, who are we to not find the time to stand up, speak up, and demand Justice from the government that has gone off the tracks of our Democracy?

Are we more? Or are we less?

You know where to find me.


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November 28, 2008 Printer Version (5)
Running Out of Time

The year is almost out. Barely over a month left.  Things are going to be very different next year. The entire Nation, if not the world, will begin a transformational shift of sorts, for which many of the people already sense.

The horrors of Mumbai, India show that the selling of FEAR to control people, is in its desperation phase.  As horrid as that is, and it is still ongoing as I am writing this, my sense is this:

"Those who control the masses with Terror and Fear, are losing power and this is all they have left.  And the people are rejecting it.  People are tired of living in fear.  The tactics of Terror only backfire on those who employ them."

I say that because, despite the noise of this thing, and the brutality, there was no goal, other than horror and brutality.  No ransom, no demands, no cause.  Just fearful bullies out to destroy.  It is always easier to destroy and disrupt than it is to build, or repair and continue.  Anyone can destroy. Violence leads nowhere.  There is no glory, there is no reward.  There is only anathema towards those who orchestrated and carried out the horrors.

People, by nature, are designed to come together and to help one another. Doing something to help another person, large or small in deed, creates a 'rush' or a 'high' that no drug can match.  Creating ugliness, on the other hand, gouges the spirit and leaves the doer, empty, burning, and confused.

The Day of the Bully, is ending. People are tired of fear, and are not responding in the expected way.  People are coming together, regardless of Race, Creed, Religion or Ethnic background.  Like pieces of a puzzle, clicking together, creating a larger whole, bringing more of the "Big Picture" of our potential as the Human Race, together, visible.

The Ghost in the Machine is Dancing. It cannot be stopped. It is in each and every one of us, stirring to the beat, the rhythm of cooperation and unity.  It is our better nature, rising up, within us.

This plays out in Nations and in Communities. The tide is turning. Fear is on the wane.  Those who have employed brutality and fear in the past, know no other way, and you can see how lost they are as they struggle to regain or maintain, what is left of past success.

Short Journey Back

Those who attend the gatherings, meetings, might recall when the signs of Fear and began to erupt in what had been a powerful protective silence that had shielded them until the light started seeping into the cracks of their dark secrets.

Remember when, at the District Meetings, when Turdmother thought she could display her arrogance and pretend all was well by asking, over and over again: "Why does everyone want Junior?" (*Junior is Poopsie, btw) "Why is everyone mad at Junior?" And she had this sickly smile pasted on her face.

People noticed then. But they did not realize what it meant. Given that no one at the meeting had mention Poopsie, and there was no topic on the agenda regarding him, her bringing up the question showed it was bothering her.

Up until that time, they had all pretended that nothing could bother them.  Nothing could get to them. Nothing could make them afraid.

It was a sign. It was a small sign, but it held great import.  It meant that people talking about the Murder of Eddie Peltier, and how it really happened, and what she and her family did, was no longer safely stored away, chained by fear.  Rather, those chains were breaking and the secrets were not being kept. It was a sign that the rocks they had all been hiding under, were being kicked over. 

No one had seen the all powerful Turdymomma squirm before that.  They did not know what to make of it. She is the foundation of all that is evil and corrupt in that community.  To see her squirm was so different that people did not know what to make of it.

And now, they all squirm.

Now, their greatest fears are in the walls of relatives and accomplices, that is crumbling around them. They have to scramble to prevent entire sections of those walls, of their Fort, from caving in.  They know that one breach will lead to a flood of light and investigations into the entire corrupt system.  RICO is not something they can fight, once that gets rolling.

But for now, their greatest fear is that they can no longer trust that the fear they had spent their lifetimes instilling in people, is holding up. They have to keep finding more ways to prove they are in control. Anyone that has to prove they are in control, is not in control.  That is a fact. If they were in control, they would not have to prove it.

They relied on two things: Fear and inducement, to keep themselves out of reach of investigations and to hold onto the power seats of that tribe.  They bribe the lowly with as little as a six pack, or a few bucks; the more key players, in Federal and State government and agencies, require more.  Some are bought off with freebies from the casino, others with intricately choreographed payoffs through lobbyists. And if that fails, there is always the blackmail: Either the person themselves, or their loved ones, caught in a compromising situation, exposure of which, could cause ruination.

They control all the housing, all the jobs and all the government funds for the tribe.  They control the police, the schools and the clinics. They control the drugs, the alcohol, the kiddie porn, and the prostitution. They control what is necessary to life, and all that is evil. People had to stay quiet, do what they were told, or risk losing everything.

And yet, recently, investigations into the criminal conduct of those around them; family and friends, is yielding convictions.  Convictions of those who protect them, leaves them not only less protected, but visibly with less power. One of the plus points for being a protector of their evil, was that those who participated would also be shielded from consequences.

The visibility of some of their most prolific abusers, who had always enjoyed the protection, going down in the courts, sends a message that the Turdclan cannot really protect anyone.

Worse, it is a vulnerability to them in that those who have been snagged by the reach of Justice, are weak and without any real loyalty or other quality, that would make them a better person.  They are as weak and selfish in the consequences as they were to be bribed by the protection from those consequences.

They will sell out the Turdclan and their allies, to save themselves, to get a better deal, and to get even. Why should Lemon languish behind bars while he holds the keys to his own earlier release or more comfortable circumstances by revealing what he knows about the Murder of Eddie Peltier, and the ongoing corrupt enterprises that run rampant through the tribal dealings, many of which reach far beyond the boundaries of their Tribe, the borders of their State.  Waaay beyond! Lemon has no courage. Lemon will talk.

And Lemon knows that they know he will talk.  He knows they will pay a high price to have him killed while he is in prison, and it just look like another baby raper has met prison justice.  He knows.  He has nothing to lose by talking and everything to lose by remaining silent. For all we know, he has already worked to cut a deal.

The Turdclan, pretending to be on his side, paying for his attorneys, wants him released to home to await his second trial in January.  What they want, is for him to be where they can get to him.  They think they can make it look like a suicide. If that fails, it will look like someone else did him in because of what he is.  If necessary, they will have someone handy to frame.  They prefer to frame "some mexican" as they put it, and with all their drug dealers out there, it will be easy to pick a patsy for this one.

I see many holes in this plan, but they think it is iron clad. Then again, they were sure that murdering Eddie would be easy, and that they could make it look like a hit-and-run, and of course, we all know how badly that brilliant plan turned out. This too, shall turn on them.

It is the price that they pay for having created an army of weakness, of fear and selfishness.  That was all they had to appeal to, and now, that is what brings them down.

Galen being convicted, and facing the possibility that not only will more victims come forward and additional charges be laid against him, knows a lot of how the corruption works through the Turdclan and the Tribal Council. He has a lot to trade.

There is a tribal Judge, Billy Dean Cavenaugh, who is not sleeping well at all.  He looks pale, and is jumpy.  Billy Dean can be brought down by someone as stupid and flawed as Galen Robertson.

What tales will Billy Dean Cavenaugh have to tell? What will he be willing to trade for a lesser Hell when he gets that knock on the door?  He knows it is coming. He has nowhere to go.  He might just decide to get a jump on what is coming and start angling for a better deal before it is brought to him, with handcuffs.

All these rotten teeth are aching and falling out of the jaws of terror that has for so long, kept the Good People of Spirit Lake, in its gnashers. Now, that monster is losing teeth, in the most painful way.  "Why is everyone wanting Junior?" she says, grinning, with gaping holes in her smile, fear seeping out, like drool. She slurps it back, hoping no one will notice.  Her smile pasted on like a decal, belied by her eyes searching to see if you see her fear: fear that you will tell her you know what she did, what her sons and daughters did, not only to Eddie Peltier, but to the innocent they accused, and the community they tore apart with hatred and suspicion, fear and silence.

I wonder if she will try that smile now? I wonder if when she does, she looks so ridiculous, people just bust a chuckle, right to her face.  That would be such a loss of power for her.  A sign she has lost so much control. A sign that the tactics of fear and corruption, have run out, and now have turned on those who had, for so long, employed them.

Be Grateful

Be grateful that the time of the bullies is coming to an end. You will know it when you feel it in yourself and stand up to them.  They already know it, and they fear every sign of their empire collapsing around them, closing in on them.

And, I understand that the Casino Check this year is a paltry $322.  That figures out to about 89¢ a day, per person. Wow.  Remember how they sold you that casino because it was going to make the tribe prosper?  Look at the high price you all have paid to make the select few wealthy and powerful.  Ask yourself: "Can I be bought for 89 pennies a day?"

That is how little those in power think of you.  Perhaps you might want to find some non-violent, but very definite way to tell them what you think of them.

Be grateful that as long as you are alive, you can change. You can change what you do, how you react, how you find a way to forge new alliances within and without your own community, to come together, to end the days of Monsters running every part of your life.

No one is coming to do this for you, but you will find, when you decide to do something, that you are not alone.  Many and many more will come to do it with you.

The days of terror are not over, but they are coming to an end.  It is by your cooperation that it has endured, and by your changing who and how you cooperate, that it will come to an end.

You know where to find me.


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November 24, 2008 Printer Version (3)
Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving and Columbus Day are sore spots with a lot of First Nations.  I like to set the record straight where and when I can.  Columbus Day, I will again launch into how it was the Church that came with the intention of eradicating Indian People and how Columbus was in awe of the people he found in "The New World" (which was probably older than any world he had knowledge of) and he declared "En Dios!" (later lapsed into "indians") which meant: "in God" because he thought they were, by mere physical presence and extraordinary appearance, stronger, healthier, almost superhuman. 

Like I said, that is for the Columbus Day rant.

Thanksgiving, we are told, came about because the Pilgrims, who were starving because they arrived in "The New World" and there were no stores open for them to shop at (essentially) and they were craftsmen, not farmers or hunters nor gatherers. 

The Indians, one in particular, Squanto, from the Patuxet, saved their lives by showing them how to hunt, grow corn, fish, etc.  That after the first harvest, a feast of thanks was given to show gratitude and friendship between the Indian People and the Newcomers.

It's been mostly downhill since that time.  I would like to see the true meaning of Thanksgiving to return.  I would like to see people all over this great nation, throw a feast and give thanks to the Indian People and to God for putting Indian People in this world to save the helpless hides of the forefathers of our nation.

It should not be hard to do. I think most of us know where to look to find Indian People. Invite them to dinner, and give them thanks, and some nice gifts. 

Get to know the people that saved this nation from failure, and honor their ancestors and possibly your own, by showing thanks and respect. 

After the dishes are done, and before the leftovers walk out the door, exchange phone numbers and emails and stay in touch. It might be what God intended? Unless of course, you think it was God's intention that these Good People would save us all, and we should then steal their lands, massacre their villages, and then create a slo-mo holocaust to destroy what is left of their culture and way of life.  Unless you think you are a Good Person, Christian or otherwise, by turning up your noses and making rude comments as you walk past the descendants of those who saved your ancestors from starvation and plague. 

Give thanks, in a way, more real and closer to the intention of the original occasion.

Giving Information

As reported in an earlier blog, Galen has been found guilty of raping that girl at a 'party'. He and his accomplice, Duane Smith, who turned State's Evidence and testified against Galen, did viciously rape that woman.

Rape is a Federal Crime when it happens on the rez.  So I was puzzled when I found that there was so much effort put into trying to get the case reduced so that it could be tried in Tribal Court, under the corrupt eye of judge Billy Dean Cavenaugh. 

I speculated that BD might, as he had in the past, been in line for some heavy gifting after the verdict.  Usually, it is cattle or casino comps, or other goodies.

I was wrong. BD was in it for far more than that.  A not guilty verdict would be more important to him in this case, than any other that I know of (currently).  You see, there was a third person attending that rape.  I had known it for awhile, but could not find out who it was.

It was Billy Dean Cavenaugh. Billy Dean is hoping that dirty little piece of information will stay out of the hands of investigators.  Apparently, it is widely known on the rez because BD and his buddies, who like to drink and brag, not unlike the Turdclan in general, were boasting about how this was all going to go away-- and then it didn't.

And now, it might erupt into a bigger investigation.

Poopsie and his FBI Poodles, past and present, are working diligently to snuff this information out and keep prying eyes away from it.  They can't afford to have yet another part of their protective wall of corruption and secrets, crumble. BD knows a lot of their secrets. He goes down, he takes them with him. BD does not want to face the prospect of going to prison as a former judge, and, well, going down.

What's Cookin'?

Billy Dean is getting a sense of his predicament. He knows that everyone knows.  He knows that people around him will talk to save themselves. He knows that the Turdclan cannot afford to have him in a position to rat them out.  He knows that the Tribal Council cannot afford to have him in a position to rat them out.

The walls are closing in on Billy Dean.  His friends are not his friends, but possibly the very people that will silence him.  Money is hard to come by unless those who control it pay you to do a job.  Billy Dean is not a man of good character, and he does not associate with people of good character.  All he has to do is ask himself what he would do, if he were any one of them, and the situation arose where he needed to keep them silent, or if someone was to offer him enough to silence another... His past is his future. And it does not look healthy.

So, now the question, unspoken but understood, arises: Does BD wait to see who comes for him? Or does he make the bold move of turning on those he knows are already turning on him, and spill his guts, hoping to get a better deal. 

I don't know.  You will have to ask him.  Do they have Witness Protection Programs for Prisoners? I think they do.  I think they call it WIPP. 

So, Billy Dean, what's Thanksgiving like around your house this week? Oh, and you look awful! Have you not been sleeping well?

I know Poopsie and the rest of them are not looking so good these days.  People who can and will bring them down, are going down, and not liking it.  Lemon, Galen, next it will be Billy Dean Cavenaugh, and others.  Dominoes, house of cards, pick a cliche, any cliche (fans out a deck of cliches).

I think I know what's cookin'.  I think it is someone's goose.

This is going to be a very good Thanksgiving.  Remember to give Thanks.

You know where to find me.


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November 17, 2008--Printer Version (5)

One of the places I have found a great deal of hypocrisy is in the field of counterfeits and counterfeiting.

Basic examples of fraud/counterfeiting, can be found just about everywhere. Counterfeit money is worthless.  Yes, it is printed the same way (almost) as real money, but it is not from the proper source, so it is not only worthless, but if enough of it gets around, it can undermine, destabilize, the economy of an area. 

I am told that on any given day, $20 million in counterfeit money is circulating in the US.  I am also told that there is no way to actually divine that, and it could be much higher or much lower. (Maybe we should discuss counterfeit statistics at some point?)

It mixes with, often passes for, the real deal. 

Now, what does one do when they realize they have a bogus bill? Do they turn it in and take the loss? Or do they try to pass it off on someone else? Perhaps a merchant? A vending machine?  They could always claim they didn't know.  They might get away with it.

Do they get angry that it was passed to them by someone they trusted? A friend? A merchant?

Counterfeit accessories are big sellers. They look like the real thing, unless you look closer, or you find it falls apart on you, the stitching is cheap, the materials thin.  Be it a purse, a watch, sneakers, software, music, movies, counterfeits are everywhere. 

When it comes to accessories, it is hard to imagine why anyone would want to look like they are carrying a bag worth $2,000 when anyone that would notice that bag, would also notice that person getting into a beater car, has not got the 'style' to carry it off (hair, make up, clothing, shoes... hey, looking high maintenance is expensive!) If you think people won't question the authenticity of that bag (watch, shoes, hat, jacket, whatever) when they see you strolling around with it, think again. 

If thoughts were formed visible to the eye, one could see big question marks, and then the word "FAKE" would pop up like prairie dogs as the stroller comes into view, passes by. That snickering would be hard to contain as people exchange smirks.  Counterfeits don't fool anyone you would be trying to impress. 

People you are trying to impress know the difference.  If they don't, what's the point?

And then when the cheap knock off that 'looks like, but isn't' the $2,000 bag, (but you got it for ONLY $50!) falls apart, you will sneer and declare "Cheap P.O.S." as if you have been ripped off.

When that fake Rolex loses time, the gold turns your wrist green (were you expecting REAL gold?), and the crystal falls off, you will feel you were ripped off. 

But you knew it was fake when you went after it, right?  You ripped yourself off.

I hold the criminals responsible for counterfeiting.  But I hold those who seek out the cheap and easy knock offs, responsible for making the market so lucrative.

There are other counterfeits, harder to detect, and priced as if they were real: Counterfeit drugs (prescription) can be deadly. What is supposed to heal you, poisons you, or does nothing to save you.

People trust healers: Doctors, pharmacists, drug companies.  People generally have no way of knowing if they have been given bogus medicine, until it is too late.  The effects might give a clue, but people trust their healers sometimes more than they trust their own wisdom.

Sometimes a trusted provider gets greedy, and takes a turn down the Black Road, cuts corners, buys on the cheap, doesn't ask questions, doesn't want to know, passes the bogus meds on to those who trust them. Betrayal.

People should question those who provide healing. They may get lied to, but they have to at least form that question and hold accountable anyone that misleads them.

Spiritual Deceptions

I watched the documentary on Jonestown last night.  I remember when it happened. All those people, 909 of them, suicided and murdered after following a charismatic mad man into the jungles of Guyana, where he had free reign to indulge his psychotic terrorism on men, women and children.

He had begun to reveal his psychosis before he migrated his followers to the Jungle and slaved them out, lied to them, and eventually murdered them.  He had started to say and do things that should have set off alarms but his followers, for the most part, had created in their own minds, that he was (squeezes thumb to forefinger) that close to God, and they failed to question what they were hearing or seeing.

I suspect that in their desperation for spiritual connection, and thinking they were that close to someone 'that close', they completely shut down their critical thinking and followed a man who claimed to be a man of God, and later claimed to BE God, into Hell on earth.

The other part, most likely, was peer pressure.  Nobody wanted to admit that they could not see the Emperor's new clothes.  After awhile, they were simply afraid of his rage in retribution if they dared to question or not obey his every command.

He was drunk on the power, and no one stopped him. 

All they had to do to stop him, was ask the question.  In fact, the mass murder was brought about, because someone from the outside, Congressman Ryan, who was not under his spell, had not been conditioned by isolation, starvation, sleep deprivation, came in, and asked the questions that should have been asked long before the move to Jonestown.

The tyrant crumbled into a ranting, babbling puddle of his own fear. He knew that the questions had revealed him, and he had nowhere to go.  Unwilling to let go of power, he, and those whom he gave high positions of authority, and weapons, made the people drink the Kool Aid, which was laced with cyanide.

So many had already lost their will, that even though they knew they would die, could not stop themselves, nor even save their children.  They fed the poison to their children. 330 of the 909 victims, were children.

Jim Jones was a spiritual counterfeit.

And he is not the only one. Spiritual Fraud runs rampant in almost all the religions that I have seen. Including, Native Spiritual ways. Cults begin as spiritual fraud and advance when people no longer question the actions of the leaders and members.

Communities where the people accept without question, despite the obvious signs that something is amiss, the behaviors of their leaders, is as bad off as any cult, any Jonestown because they have lost the will to save themselves, or their children.

People who claim to be something they are not, are as dangerous to your entire existence, as the counterfeit medicines dispensed knowingly, or otherwise, from the hands of trusted healers, who themselves may have been fooled.

But here you can save yourself.  You can look a little closer. Do the parts look genuine? Are you getting a Black Road knock off from someone that hungers for power? Or are you getting the real deal, genuine healing, from someone that has been called by The Creator, and who walks a clean Red Road?

Is the Altar carried by someone that drinks? (except during ceremony). Do they run around on their spouse? Do they sell ceremony to make themselves richer? Better ask the questions.  Better find out, before they pass out the Kool Aid, or the spiritual equivalent of your spiritual destruction.

If that person drinks, only once in awhile, stay away. If they abuse drugs, stay away. If they run around on their spouse, stay away.  Red Road is a full-time walkin' way of life, not a past time stage act, cheap thrills for the adoring audience.

No person, who claims to be walking in the Light of God, can bring anything but sickness and destruction to their community and anyone that gets close to them, if they foul their energy with alcohol, drug abuse, infidelity... oh, and one more: Murder.

A lot of counterfeits out there, claiming to be the real deal. You may want to accept them as that, but you do so at your own peril.  I tell you now, something you already know: It is not by God's Grace that they have what they have.  All that they have, in property, in status, in sickness and in suffering, comes from the evil which they feed.

I know, some counterfeits look and sound like the real deal.

Now that you know the difference, and you realize that Tony MacDonald and his brother Demus, his daughter Mary, his wife, Lavina, are counterfeits, what are you going to do? Turn them in? Throw them away? Or try to pass them off to others as your keys to the Kingdom?  Where do you think it will get you?

Counterfeits bring sickness, suffering, and murder.

They are the fakes, trying to impress you.  Either you know better, or you are, as they hope you are, too dumb or too weak to know better.

Ask them each, how they justify their part in Eddie's murder, and in covering up the killings by the Turd Clan.  Most of all, ask Mary how she feels Jesus and God look upon her, with those lies she told that convicted an innocent man, still firmly on her lips, like sores that will not heal.

Ask her when she thinks Jesus would want her to finally tell the truth.

You can stop the counterfeits from contaminating your community, infecting your children, by asking the questions and revealing the truth.

Or you can continue to drink the Kool Aid, knowing it is poison, not having the will to save yourself.  But before you do, look at your children, grandchildren.  Whatever you do decides their life to come. Do you share the poison by not stopping it? Or do you say: "Enough"?

I know you know. Everyone knows. Everyone knows that everyone knows. The level of self-deception is what makes that counterfeit spiritual currency keep undoing the entire community.  Self deception becomes a habit, like drugs, alcoholism and worse. It stops when you regain the ability to ask the questions, challenge the lies.

Asking, challenging, is where you begin to regain your power. It's where you begin to heal, and become stronger.

How do you know something is really wrong in Spirit Lake? An innocent man is still in prison, while the murderers are running the place, with the help of your silence and your friendship.

You may not be able to tell, right away, when you have been given fake medicine. But you should know a fake watch when you see it coming apart over time.

You know where to find me.



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November 11, 2008 --Printer Version(5)
Court News

If you go to the documents page, via the "site map" you will see the latest rulings on both Galen Robertson and Lemon Longie. (Go ahead, click the link, I made it easy here). The short part of it is this: Galen, found guilty and that is the ruling for those who want to print it and send it out, hand it to, put it on the desk of, the car seat of, Seashelly.  She is still paying his court costs, legal fees and whatever, with Tribal Funds.

Lemon Longie was found guilty on one or more of the counts he was charged with, but he was able to wrangle a 'hung jury' on the subsequent counts.  Kudos for the prosecution and the Justice Dept on this one as they are tenaciously continuing the push to retry him and get a proper 'guilty' verdict.  His retrial is scheduled for January 20th. Do keep me posted!

The case against Galen was investigated by: The FBI, Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Ft. Totten Police.  If that last part is true, it would be the first time that I know of that a rape was investigated by Tribal Police, at least in Ft. Totten.  Usually, the victim is derided, subjected to tortuous jokes and comments, or ignored completely.

Further, since Donovan Wind is so hell-bent of investigating only those who read or print the blog (last seen on all fours, sniffing the carpet for staples), I find it dubious that any serious investigation from that department could ever manifest, much less succeed.

If it did, it did so without Donovan Wind and his lazy ass, scared, piss-themselves badgers.

IF there was anyone in the Badger shop that did investigate this, in a professional way, let me know!

What we have to look at here are two things: One, change is coming. People are no longer as compliant or willing to allow the fear of the corrupt to control them and beat them down. The corrupt are afraid of being found out and held accountable and they can, less and less often, sell that fear to their victims nor force their victims to protect them.  People know they can have a better life, that they deserve a better life, and that they must stand up.

Clearly, with both of these rape cases, it is the women and the young girls doing the work of standing up for themselves.  By them doing that, they become the example for everyone else, on how to stand up for themselves, and for their community.

These young women have done more to rid the community of the plague of corruption and perversion, than the entire police force, and all the men who just sat around, getting drunk, complaining; put together.

Now is the time for everyone, man, woman, child, in communities that are oppressed by corruption, to realize that even though they don't have the political power; even though they are at risk for standing up, speaking out, that the greater risk is in allowing the corrupt to continue reigning evil over them.

The power is yours.  You give it up to the corrupt when you refuse to use it. This is one of the places where courage is seeded and grown in the community.

Support those who have stood up, those who are standing up.  By supporting them, you support yourself and weaken the corrupt.

Do not be divided by lame prejudices, mindless racism, jealousies and all that has kept us from uniting for our own good in the past.  You know when you are feeling those things. Question yourself and get over it. It is the only way to save yourself, ourselves, from the tyranny of abuse and corruption.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Self-pity is one of the most destructive behaviors we can indulge in. It weakens us by giving us 'excuses' to fail. In turn, we fail by not attempting to change anything. Not every attempt will be successful, but each attempt is one step closer to success.

Nobody is perfect. Do not expect perfection from others. Expect respect. You will get it as you deliver it unto to others. Hold others accountable and expect that you will be held accountable. Act accordingly. Do not 'react' but do not fail to act: "Respond".

The Times They Are A' Changin'

Those who have, for all this time, held themselves above others by blood, skin color, or religion, are losing power.  They would, to have their way, continue to spout their racist and hateful rhetoric in hopes of retaining a sense of 'superiority'.   They deliberately refuse to see that we are all related, and that we all do better, together, than we do isolated by fear, racism, jealousy.

This country of ours is, for the first time, beginning to come together in a meaningful way.  Racists will be a thing of the past. Racism is a fear-based thinking that comes from people who are afraid they themselves, are not worthy, and can only belong if they can prove themselves superior.

Anyone that needs to feel superior reveals that they believe they are inferior.  Why else would they need to 'prove' it? Men who feel inadequate and unmanned, to the extreme, commit rape in order to feel 'manly'.  By definition, they feel inferior in their manhood.

People who claim a racial superiority feel inferior, and completely do not understand either what it is to be a Human Being.  Most of them who claim to be 'strong Christians' are neither. I see nowhere in the gospels, where Jesus preached racism, or hate for other races or religions.  I am amused at how many weak-minded racists claim to be 'strong Christians'. Their hypocrisy reveals their true self to others. They then feel they have to intimidate others into 'agreeing' with them or 'accepting as right' their statements.

Essentially, they must sell their fear to others in order to maintain a clearly unbalanced mindset.

In other words, our silence is viewed as 'agreement'.  Their being louder, more abusive, or intimidating, they feel, is all they need to be 'right'.  They are not right.  They are wrong.  They are simply, louder, more violent. Pathetic.

Remember this one true thing: Nothing Done in Anger will ever succeed. 

Obama, attacked from within his own party, lied about, betrayed by those whom he had so deeply held in high esteem, did nothing in anger.  He stayed focused and he accomplished that which most felt could not be done.

The attacks from the opposition lost their power because they had no soft spot, no vulnerable point of rage, to penetrate.

His attackers made the supreme error of becoming angrier.  They became weaker for it. The smart thing for them would have been to change tack.  They continued to attack. Obama, on the other hand, stayed steady, on course.  He was able to adapt with out anger.

Fact of the campaign is that he dismissed anyone in his campaign that acted out of anger.  Not because they were disloyal to him, and not because they were not effective and well thought of.  Rather, because their anger became a point of vulnerability for the entire campaign.  He made hard decisions that needed to be acted on.  The opposition did not.  They played 'loyalty' politics within their own ranks, to their own undoing.

They continue to unravel, amazingly, before the election until now, with no end in sight. Talk about self-pity leading to self-destruction!

Reminded me of that scene in the Matrix, where Neo realized that he had the power within him to accomplish his destiny.  His anger left. When his anger left, his fear had nothing to hold onto. He suddenly became calm.  The opposition threw everything at him, and the bullets (symbols of attacks), suddenly had no energy and fell to the ground.  The bad guys then hurled all they had left, their personal rage and fear at him. The battle became one-sided with the bad guys unable to infect Neo with fear, they undid themselves.

Some people glory in their ability to display rage. The highest point of rage is the weakest point of our being.  We are at our most vulnerable, spiritually and physically, in our state of rage.

You can be angry, but learn how to deal with anger.

You cannot change anyone, except yourself. If you are dealing with a moron, or someone that refuses to learn, or continues to ask for your advice and then do the opposite and then ask for your help to fix what they break; stop.  you are not helping them. You are only helping them to take your energy, your focus, your time and drain you on all levels.

It is a fact that people can kick over their buckets faster than you can fill their buckets for them.

Second to that is this: The more time and energy you spend trying to fill the buckets of those who do not fill or repair their own, the less you have for to fill your own bucket and meet your own needs. When you need help with your bucket, you will find you are surrounded by people with empty buckets and no desire or ability to help you with yours.

Those who ask you to fill their bucket, over and over, and continue to kick that bucket over and over, are there to distract you and drain you.

If you really want to help people, then help them to help themselves. Do it with them, not for them.  Lead by example, not by dragging them up with you.

The more you hold others accountable for their own doing, the more you have to hold yourself accountable for what you do or fail to get done.

Some people, continually martyr themselves and complain on how much they do for others who don't appreciate it are really saying: "I have no intention of doing my work to succeed on my path and meet my own destiny, so I am using other people as my excuse for my lack of progress."

I am not saying to not help, not lend a hand.  I am saying that if we actually take the time to know who we are helping, we can help them better by working 'with' them, not doing it for them. It's actually more work, but it's actually more worth it.  You can then move on to help others, and learn from them, each time, something better in yourself.

But as long as you see yourself as 'hero', you miss the point entirely. Heroic deeds are rare, and they involve, without exception, intervention from a greater power that works through the individual or groups that perform acts of heroism.  Ask anyone that has been in that situation, and they will tell you true.

I have no enemies.  I have 'opposition'.  An 'enemy' would require time and energy on a constant basis, that would drain me of my own ability to walk my own path and meet my own destiny. Those who are my 'opposition' either do not understand my destiny and hope to distract me by steering me towards their pits of fear, or they do understand it and mistakenly think that by stepping off their path, to confront me on mine, can 'win' that which cannot be 'won', only earned.  By stepping off their path, they have weakened themselves.  By stepping onto mine, in opposition, they go not only against the force of my destiny and all that is mine, but they do so without the strength of their destiny, which awaits them on their path, which they have probably lost their way and cannot find back again.

What is true for me, is true for everyone. Learn more about your own path and how strong you are when you are on it. Learn more about the paths that join and which cross yours and how they weave the fabric of this world into the shape, texture and color that it is now, and will be later.

Each path holds only one. You are strongest on your own path. The more you can succeed on your own path, the brighter the light will shine on the paths that are close to yours. 

We are all guided by the light of other paths and we all bring a light by which others are guided.

The fabric of all things is connected, interwoven, and we are a part 'of' that, not apart 'from' that.

When a major event happens, it is felt throughout the fibers of this fabric as grief, celebration, awe or suspense. It is a 'collective' sense we have about our world.

I say that the young woman and the little girl who were raped, but stood up and spoke up, risking even more abuse from more directions, are such an event.  Small in that they're not famous, but having an effect on the community as a whole, by showing they could stand up.  It's not that they were not afraid, rather that they did not allow that fear to stop them. And now, it never can touch them again.

Courage is not something you are born with.  It is something you earn by standing up to that which scares you, for what you know is right.  Once you have it, no one can take it from you.

The Ghost in the Machine, is dancing. We are all becoming aware.

You know where to find me.


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November 07, 2008 --(Printer Version) (3)
The Good News Just Keeps On Comin'

Remember how Galen Robertson, with help from Seashelly, kept on getting away with rape?  Remember how she even protected him after he viciously raped her own niece? That was the 17 yr. old. 

That trial, the real one, started on November 3rd--the Day before the Election-- and Ended November 5th. GUILTY ON ALL CHARGES!

He had been denying everything, but this time, DNA nailed his sorry ass in court. Seashelly used Tribal funds to buy off his previous victims, and to hire people to threaten other victims.  She has used Tribal Funds to bail him out, hire his lawyers, and pay his court costs.  He is STILL on the Board of Education, and being paid for the job he never found time to show up for, at the Rec Department.

Despite all her efforts, he was found guilty.  Naturally, Seashelly, the drama queen, made a scene when the verdict was read.  She wailed and screamed. 

I guess the Truth hurts, eh Seashelly? Going to hurt a lot more when your crimes, come to light.  Maybe they will give you adjoining cells? Nah! You'll get one of your very own, to be shared with, perhaps the biggest, meanest dykes they can find as your cell mates.

Now, if we could just get the Justice Department to send a platoon of USAGs to the rez to try the other 2 or 3 thousand rapes, assorted murders, and that ever popular, incest rape, as well as the embezzlement, and ongoing corruption... you know, all the things that define RICO. 

Maybe the Justice Department, under the new Administration, Barack Obama's White House (Get used to it!) will deem it of higher importance to begin the work of bringing real justice to the people of Indian Country.

Remember: Galen went down because people stood up.  The more you stand up, the more they crumble.  (I was going to say, 'the more they go down,' but who knows where some of your minds would have run off with that little gem!). 

The more we stand up, the more we can stand up, and the more we must stand up.

In fact, go outside when you can.  Find yourself a high place and stand up on that. Now look around. The more you stand up, the more you will like what you see when you look at yourself.

Wish I had the time to blog all of what is going on, especially with Ronin this past month.  Hoo Boy! (*The sound of shredders grinding to a halt, bearings overheating...).

I do hope I will be able to get it all together for you before the year is out.  I am putting it in report format, and seeing if I can get a friend to add comments in layman's terms so that we can all understand what is going on there.

And, apparently, Ronin is not the only game in town.  There are several, modeled on the same format.

But there is news and happenings on several fronts, ongoing simultaneously, that are important to note.  As much because they play out in a way that shows a global shift in awareness and people becoming pro active, as well as on an individual level, people are evolving.

And there is the ongoing crumbling of the forces of darkness, as viewed on several fronts: Our political scene is shifting seismically, and the global shift in how those who have terrorized, and tortured, are suddenly finding themselves losing power, losing ground.

We have to be aware of these events in the nation and the world because it shows a trend that is moving in a direction that we can tap into, spiritually, in our own lives, to move forward and catch some of that growing momentum.  Seeing it happen in places near and far, large and small, is the ghost in the machine that we need to understand.

It is what saves us from destruction, and brings us to a better day.  It is what makes us sure that what we are doing is worth doing, when it seems like there is too much to do, or that we are not big enough or strong enough, to do it all.  We see by the evidence of events, that by doing our part, large or small, we turn a bigger wheel.

I have a major project to finish this next week, but I hope to get the blog posted at least twice before next friday.

This is YOUR blog. Write in with the news of what is going on in your corner of darkness or light, and I will share it with all who want to know.

Once again:

GALEN THE RAPIST IS FOUND GUILTY.  I await for information on his sentence. When I get it, I will share it with you all.

The more we do, the more there is for us to do. Find strength in that. I do.

You know where to find me.


November 6, 2008 --Printer Version (6)


The plan is, now that the elections are over, I can update this blog more frequently.  My travel this past year or so, has been as much a factor as anything else. I am not as technologically adept as I'd like to be, and sometimes, I am in a place that advertises 'free wifi' but I can't get it to work for me.  I am lucky if I can get my email!

The People Have Spoken

One of the most historic events of our time, took place Tuesday, when we elected a person of color to the highest office in the land.  He is, arguably, one of the most qualified, intelligent, and savvy Presidents we have ever had the opportunity to vote for.

He ran his election cleaner than any I have ever seen.  There was plenty of low-hanging fruit, as they say, in the vernacular of scandals and gaffes, that he just walked by, even while garbage was being thrown at him, most of it lies, all in an attempt to make him seem "Dangerous". 

"Dangerous" is how we view the racial divide, the religious divide, the economic divide and all the other divides that keep us from doing the one thing we have to do, to save ourselves: Unite.

He bypassed the easy, and what would be effective true stories that would make his opponent seem even 'scarier' and instead, he kept on his path and did not detour chasing down those same rabbit trails that so many before him, had fallen for, and lost their way in the process.

He stayed focused, steady, and intent on the finish line in a way not seen before in this nation.  He was not tricked by anger into acting against his own best interests. He was not tricked by rants and diversions, and he stayed true to his path.

That was how he ran his campaign. He won without owing political favors to the Corporations, The Banks, or even to his own Party Leaders.  He did it by bringing us all together, for our own good, and the good of this nation.

It can be done.  He competed against those who were born into wealth and power.  Nothing more ridiculous than his opponents trying to stick the label of "elitist" on him, because he was well-educated and smarter than they were, because he worked his whole life to become what he is now.  He came from a background of love, struggle, food stamps, welfare, and being bi-racial in a time and place where he was considered not enough of either to 'fit in'. 

Had he succumbed to 'Self Pity', and stayed there, he would have found every excuse necessary, to fail.  Yet he overcame his own worst enemy, 'Self Pity' and focused his energy on making his life what he wanted it to be, serving a purpose greater than himself. 

As weak and dumb as the McCain/Palin ticket was, and as thinly coded racist the slurs were, and as outright threatening as the rally crowds were, he stayed respectful, and did not attempt to demean the other guy.

It only added to his air of being unflappable, strong and intelligent.  The opposition was selling fear, racism, empty promises and lies, and he was reminding us of who we really were, inside, before we had been stomped down, by rampant corruption, abuse of power and deceptions. 

When we started to wobble, he reminded us again. This is who we are.  This is what we can do. And no one can stop us from getting up, if we all come together and help one another.

He brought enough of us together, that this time in history, as we stand on the river's edge of rising economic disasters, collapsing markets, expanding wars and weary soldiers, and the world ready to write us off as having any power, much less being a super power and we held our breath, waiting for the banks to crumble and wash us away, knowing there would be no one able or willing to save us if we could not save ourselves. 

And we came together.  Enough of us came together.  The wreckage that has to be cleaned up spans not just the last 8 years, but centuries.

Now that we are uniting, we must continue to unite and to find ways to come together, and to help one another to make this a better world for the children and their children yet to come.

Barack Hussein Obama, with every excuse to fail in this world, chose instead to reach for all that was not yet in sight, much less within his reach, and now, he holds the world in his hands.  A testament to believing in yourself, and working to fulfill that belief.

Everything in his early history, even his name, made his struggle greater.  The struggle made him stronger.  And now, we are all stronger, as a nation, uniting.   We are believing again.

And that is what terrifies the opposition.  We are remembering and relearning how to do the one thing that will save us all: We are coming together, and that is powerful awesome to behold.

Obama is the symbol of what we can overcome and what we can be, as a nation, and individually.

Knowing who we are, and what we can do, is the beginning of our finding our path to freedom.  And we cannot do it alone. We must all come together. 

Ghost In The Machine

The 'Ghost in the machine' theory of all things is this: "Once something has been accomplished, achieved, produced, the event is more apt to be replicated more easily and more frequently thereafter." 

Manufacturing the first artificial diamond, and 'baking rubies', are two such 'events'.  Up until that point, the point where it actually produced a diamond, and rubies came out of the oven (BIG oven.. do not try this at home), it was thought that the processes were too overwhelmingly complex and required too much power to make it happen.

It took years to create the first gems. That it had become 'accomplished' was, at first, viewed with sneering skepticism.  It was dismissed without even being examined, as a 'hoax'.  Those who were considered the 'experts' in the field, laughed it off, even spoke against it being possible.

The next diamond was bigger, and took less time. It became easier, faster, cleaner, less expensive to do. Rubies are made by the pound, daily, with the process that makes them, and they are more perfect than rubies found in the wild.

Those diamonds have made huge strides in industry and manufacturing, possible.  Those rubies have accelerated our ability to use lasers, build satellites, and send information.  And they are beautiful to behold!

Now, we take it for granted that not only diamonds and rubies can be man-made, but other gems as well. 

What we once thought was impossible, has become commonplace.  Not only accepted, but one can hardly remember, even though it has been relatively recent that we have them, a time when they were not available.

Another example of Ghost in the Machine, is Star Trek. Remember the "Communicators" Those nifty, flip open thing-a-ma-bobs? And then they advanced to 'com badges' that they had only to touch to talk?

Ghost in the Machine dictates that once you think something is possible, it becomes more possible. The mind begins to find a way. Behold! Not only cell phones, but wireless devices that fit inside the human ear, that we need only touch to talk.

Gems, communicators, and now, a Black Man, with a name we had never heard before, and which we would not think was one of ours, is our President.  And he knows that all things are possible.

What Dreams Will Come

And we have seen that all this is possible.  We have seen it with our own eyes and we know it is possible. Now, we know that even more is possible.

I watched and I was so humbled by the heroic act of 'standing in line for hours, up to 12 hours' by people who knew that was the one thing they could do, had to do, regardless of their own discomfort, health or loss of wages, they had to stay on that path, stay in that line, and not be discouraged, not feel sorry for themselves and not buy the fear that was being shouted at them from the sidelines and the airwaves.  They held steady, and THEY made this all possible.

They were in every state where voting had been made difficult to impossible for the poor, the non-white, and the disabled--democratic regions.  They could have quit. They could have given up. There were plenty of excuses to allow that.  There were plenty of hardships to make it easier to give up, but they did not give up.

They did not get angry, they did not complain, and they did not quarrel.  They kept standing, taking one step at a time, until they reached their ballots.  They did it for themselves, and they did it for all of us.

He could not do it alone. He could not do it without us, and we cannot do this without each other. He is not there to do this for us, but rather, with us.  He knew it could be done, and we proved to him, it would be done.

The effort was heroic. Quietly heroic. No one in line was given an award, a medal, fame or fortune.  They may never be known individually for what they did, but what they did, all over, in the most difficult of places, won the day for all of us.  Some of our greatest heroes are never named.  So it is with this. 

What they did, changed the world.

You may never know their names, but they were united in one goal-- to vote.  And that vote changed this nation forever.  Our Nation shapes the world, and we now shape this nation, and we can't be stopped if we don't give up.

And, to this, other heroes.  A legion of lawyers, thousands of lawyers stood by, were on call and responded to, within minutes, areas of trouble where voters were being denied their right to cast a ballot.  Those ballots were cast, and the tactics of deterrent were defeated.

Lawyers did this for free, at their own expense for travel and staff.  Lawyers, poor people, coming together for the common cause of saving our Democracy.

Some were deterred, some were defeated, but enough held on to make it to the end, for all of us.  And we can be so proud that we showed the world what we are made of and what we can do, and that we are now, more than ever before, united.

And the armies of volunteers. Knocking on doors, making phone calls, talking to strangers, walking, driving, answering phones, running errands and keeping the communication with their leaders, instantaneous, they made this happen, in a time, in a place, in a land, where it had never happened before, and many thought it was impossible, too complex, required too much power-- they made it happen.

And now that we have proved it can be done, it can happen; It did happen: What dreams will come?

Everything we have in this world, everything we know, was first dreamed into being by someone who then built that dream, good or bad, and that is how this world is made or destroyed. 

We watched the destruction beginning, progressing, and we could have given up. Instead, something in us, rose up, stood up to the tyranny of fear, racism, lies and deceptions, and we have now begun, all of us, to cross the threshold into a world we can repair, rebuild if we continue to remember how it was done this time: Unity.

There is power in unity. It has been used against us in the past, when we allowed those who had it to divide us and weaken us.

Now they run in fear, throwing lies in their wake, trying to distract us from our pursuit of Justice.

I say it is a good sign. It is the symbol of our awakening, and the beginning of our healing.

Much work to be done.  But we know it can be done.

We are all Indians, and Indian ways are powerful, healing, constructive and Just.  When Indians can unite with other Indians, and non-Indians, we will find ourselves in a better day, able to heal, repair and rebuild, together, for our children and their children yet to come.

A Black Man, Barack Hussein Obama, is our president. It can be done.

We must, continue this wave or realization, across all communities, all people--regardless of how they are different in gender, gender preferences, the color of their skin, the way in which they worship, conduct their spiritual walk, their level of education or ability. 

We are just beginning to get a sense of our true power and the magnitude of what can be accomplished. 

It resides in all of us, in those places where we recognize one another, not as strangers, or alien; not as someone to be afraid of, or jealous of; but as our brothers and sisters, in whom our true power, or real strength, resides. Allies, united.

The opposition is more apparent now that it has failed, for what it is.  Almost comical as they try to herd us, stampede us, with tricks of fear that no longer have the same effect on us.

We will not be tricked by our anger, misled by our greed, nor our fears, into ever turning back again.

We are ready now.  Look around you. You see others who are awake, aware as never before. More are waking up.

The 'machine' is the 'mind'. The 'Ghost' is the knowledge, true knowledge, of what can be.

The Ghost In The Machine is dancing. Judgment is coming.

You know where to find me.


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