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Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case.  Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.


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Sept 8, 2008--Printer Version (8)
Sticky Fingers Fisher

Watch Video of Dennis Fisher Squirming! (He tries to distract security by asking for water, and then tries to worm over to the trash can to get rid of the knife in his pocket! He gets caught!)

Sticky Fingers Fisher

Update on Sticky Fingers: His License to practice law has been suspended, indefinitely.  I think we should make it definite, don't you?  Petition the Bar to Revoke his license all together.  Unless they think that breaking the law makes him a more effective, solid representative of the Bar.

Then again, I wonder what Bar he has been seen in lately?

Oh, and if he is looking for a job, I am sure he can get one with the tribe.  He has a track record of doing exactly what the Turdclan wants him to do, and the tribe does not require a law license of any sort to be in their Judiciary!  Plus, he can boost all he wants out of Poopsie's Casino. 

Poopsie's friends can do anything they like.  Steal, drugs, lie, not show up, be abusive to guests and other employees... Fisher would fit right in.

He could rise right to the top! Be right there cleaning up after Poopsie, literally, and figuratively, as he has done so many times in the past.  Hey, Fisher would be right at home, and among friends. 

Bet that turns his Frown Upside Down!

Speaking of Casino News and Blues

I hear that Jackie Blackbird quit the casino.  I know nothing about her, except that she is the sister of Dewey Blackbird, who acted as a paid informant for the prosecution (lying his ass off) to help convict the innocent and protect Poopsie and his family, whom we all know, were the real murderers. 

Why would Jackie quit?  Anyone know? Anyone care? Me neither.


Two quotes that I like.  The first one, I have not looked up the attribution.  The second is attributed to the author:

"Don't Steal - The Government Hates Competition" (Does Fisher, being a thief, worked for the dark side of government, qualify for an employee discount?)

"The moment we begin to fear the opinions of others and hesitate to tell the truth that is in us, and from motives of policy are silent when we should speak, the divine floods of light and life no longer flow into our souls." - Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

I Get Emails

One frantic emailer wrote 7 emails in less than 5 minutes: "Test", "Are You Getting these?" "I have information for you!" and that sort of thing.  I respond to each email, approx one hour later (I have a life of leisure and only when the cabana boy brings me my lemonade and my laptop do I go online), and have not heard a peep from them since! 

What are you laughing at, Barks Twice? (Barks Twice barks twice, and rolls over and over).  Oh, the"life of leisure", comment.  Yes, I am sure they get it. 

So, I am left to wonder if the writer:

A: Died
B: Was murdered (and died)
C: Got drunk and forgot they had written to me
D: Was blasted to the gills when they wrote to me. (And then forgot?)

Or my personal favorite:

E: Got paranoid about being spied on.

Let me assure you that if you write to me, I will respond within 24 hours unless:

A: I die
B: I get murdered and die
C: (I don't drink so it has to be) Get stuck in a poker tourney and have no mind left to email
D: Am traveling and away from my computer/internet for the duration.

A & B are not likely.  C is rare, but D happens more and more these days as my travel seems to have become worthy of Frequent Flier miles.

Frequent Liar Miles

I am quite taken with the elections this time around.  The world is becoming very surreal.  I see that the lying game, the old politics of lying through teeth, really gets the GOP Base energized.  Anyone see any Native American Faces? Black Faces? Asian Faces in that 'base'?  Me neither.  Just one.  The husband of Palin is, and these are the GOP Spokesman's words, not mine: "Half Eskimo." 

I laughed so hard when I heard that! Eskimo? For the past 20 or more years, we have all known that the term is not valid.  There never was an "Eskimo" tribe.  There are Inuit tribes (plural), but no "Eskimos". 

Can't blame the GOP though.  They are so unaccustomed to dealing with anyone that is of any color other than white.  They never really learned how to address heritage that is not their heritage.  It's never been important.

Besides, with the legislation that is already in place, Indians who do not Inbreed, will, by law, breed themselves out of existence. 

No politician has Indian People's best interest at heart unless they hold a policy, a platform to change that most disgraceful form of genocide and wipe it off the books, out of the laws, and restore us all to our Rightful Place, legally, amongst our brothers and sisters. 

I can't imagine having a law that says that if you are less than 1/8th Jewish, your Jewish Heritage was invalid and your ancestors wiped from the records.  Imagine that if you were less than 1/8th German, Italian, Chinese, any other race, that your heritage would be 'expunged' as if it never existed!

We have to work to change the 'blood quantum' laws.  They are wrong.  They only apply to one RACE of citizens, and that is Indian People. 

Finding Indians Back There

I have said it before and I will say it again: Indians are hard to kill.  They are, despite the genocides and broken treaties, residential schools and all the addictions, alcoholism and toxic politics that they have had to deal with for the past 2 hundred years, still HERE.  Therefore, that is some skookum blood! ("Skookum" is a West Coast term meaning "Strong!").  One drop of that blood has to be so much stronger than all the other blood, that one drop makes anyone that has it, claims it, entitled to name their heritage and include every Red Grandmother/Grandfather back until the Time when the land began.

Don't let anyone tell you that you are NOT Indian enough.  NEVER call anyone "Half-Breed".  Never use racism against your own family, your own community or your own nation. 

Racism is a form of self-hatred.  Learn as much as you can about your heritage, your background, your ancestors, and claim it all--proudly.

There is a profound change that strikes some of the people who have searched their ancestry and found that they carry Indian Blood in their lineage.  Some as recent as a Grandmother who was a full-blood!  Others, who have a great grandmother/grandfather... back there. 

It becomes a different story when that was your grandmother that was run down, raped and murdered by soldiers, who then posed as ‘heroes’ and took ribbons and medals for their ‘valor’. It becomes a different story then. 

It's always a different story when it happens to US.  This is why we have to listen more, learn more.  We will find that it is now, has been for a long time, happening to US.

It gives them a different perspective on the way the history of this land has been told to them.  It shakes their self-image somewhat and they find that they too, feel robbed, having been denied the identity, even being taught to disrespect those who are, in fact, much closer to family than they realized.

Others, their racism so firmly imprinted on their psyches, they go into fits of denial, and their racism, their self-hatred, becomes more destructive, destabilizing.

Imagine how different this world would be, this Nation would be, if we all knew not only our true heritage, but our True History.  It would be harder to separate us from one another and we would be more inclined to look upon one another as "relatives" rather than "them, over there" or "those people."

We would be less apt to accept the lies about others as if they were 'racial characteristics'.  We would question more, the injustices, the unfairness.  We would, essentially, instinctively, look our for ourselves by looking out for our 'own'. 

I strongly recommend that everyone read the "other" history books, the ones written by people who were there, the Indian People, who tell the history as matter of fact, not as glamorized fiction.  Read from that point of view, and learn more about what has been to us all, in our name, by our government.

The same government that expects us to follow like sheep as they continue to give away our resources to the wealthy corporate types, and then tax us into exhaustion as we try to make ends meet in a land where the rules keep changing to keep us from getting ahead. 

Promise Breakers

Read and realize: We are all Indians now.  They do it to anyone that gets in the way of "big business".

Time to demand that our government serve us, not just 'control' us.  Time to listen to the shouts of protestors, the drumbeats of of those who only want us all to have the Truth so that we can make decisions in the best interest of all of us. 

We are still divided by mindless racism.  Lies are thrown out like red meat, to cause chaos and justify 'crackdowns' on our Freedoms.  Politicians are breaking the promises the Constitution Gave Us.  Just like Politicians broke the Treaties with the Indians. 

Don't accept promises that are contrary to the person's previous voting records.  They don't change their stripes.  They are Political Animals and they don't care.

Find one that does care, has always cared, about the common man.  Find the ONE that knows, and has worked to improve the lives of those Big Government has stepped all over.  That one will be the one to put into office.

Then hold THAT ONE accountable. 

We are all Indians now.  The powers that be in Government, small and large, fear that we will come together, not as this or that races, but as a HUMAN RACE and take control over our government, our lives once again. 

If a politician lies about their record, or lies about their opponent's record, that politician is a liar.  They are lying to you, me, all of us.  If they are lying, they are not to be trusted.  If you don't trust them to tell you the truth, you cannot trust them with your government. 

They lie for one reason: To hide the truth.  They hide the Truth because they don't want you to base your decision on truthful information.  They are there to mislead you.

Doesn't matter how many times they tell that lie, or even if you believe it.  Repeating the lies over and over, to drown out the truth, is a tactic.  It has worked, significantly, twice in the past 9 years.  And we have all paid the price, and will continue to pay the price, until the pages of history turn to dust.

Every politician knows what you want to hear.  They tell you what you want to hear.  But if you think, and remember how to think, you will realize they are lying.  That will tell you all you need to know about that one.

The Right To Lifers on the FARRRR Right of the political spectrum elected our current administration based solely on one issue: Denying women the right to determine their own pregnancy, contraception, or abortion. 

They elected someone that did nothing to make it easier for a woman to make the decision to keep her child.  Women, to them, are just 'breeders'. Even in cases of RAPE, Incest Rape, or where the mother's life is in danger.  They don't care.

If they don't care about the mother, they do not care about the child she carries.  The mother is essential to the child.  If they seek only to disempower the mother, their intentions towards that child are suspect.

That same 'Right to Life' President attacked a country that never attacked us.  He killed hundreds of thousands of those citizens.  Many of the dead were 'children' and pregnant mothers had to be in those numbers as well.  Set aside your racism, and think about those mothers, those children.  This was done in OUR name, by someone who claimed to have Right To Life policies.  Ironic, yes?

He was known as the Governor of Texas who had more prisoners executed, regardless of evidence of innocence, and he started a war that has killed, possibly, over a million people as well as more than 4000 of our soldiers, not to mention the physical, mental, emotional ruin of those who survive.

They voted for "Life" and got Mass Murder.  They then voted him in again. 

Stop and think: If Life is precious to you, then all life is precious to you.  Taking away someone's rights to determine their own course of health and happiness is not how you protect life.  You protect LIFE by respecting life, all life.  You make it economically, emotionally possible for an unwed mother, single mother, any other mother, to receive care, and help in order to make it so that she can keep and then raise, in a suitable environment, a healthy, happy child.

You then have a nation of better parents, happier, healthier children, and that is a start.

This country should be based on mutual respect for one another.  Not criminalizing someone that is poor, deficient or abused.   Fixing the problem is work we can all do.  But we have to do it together.  You cannot just make it a mother's burden to defend and protect the life within, when everything around her puts her in danger, her child in danger.

The Bible does not state the moment when life begins.  Neither should anyone in government declare themselves to be the sole judge.  Nor should we blindly, self-righteously, elect someone that will say they will protect life, and then go out and engage in mindless wars, covered in lies and deceptions.

That is just plain evil. 

Protecting the unborn means protecting the mother of that unborn child.  Not taking away her options, criminalizing her situation.  Protect the mothers and you protect the children. 

Anything else is just mindless sloganeering by some sneering, power hungry politico that wants to trick you into voting for their brand of evil by telling you the lies they know you want to hear.

Vote Counting

I don't care how big or small the election is: Vote and make sure your vote counts.  You see how Indians were betrayed, marginalized through the process of corrupting the government that was supposed to be fair, supposed to protect the rights of us all. 

It's our turn next. Already, our Rights have been diminished.  We are to approve of torture and the false confessions those yield. We as a nation, are becoming global evil.  We are allowing, by our ignorance and our apathy, for Evil to be done in our name.

Broken Treaties, were accomplished to make sure the resources could be given away to the powerful.

Indians know, have always known, that the resources of the land belong to ALL the people.  Indians are being robbed, to this day, and government is claiming 'overwhelming ineptitude' as their excuse for not paying for the resources they steal! 

They want Indians to settle for a fraction of the value of what was stolen from them.  There are corrupt Indians who run their tribes who will greedily sign off on those terms, as long as they get a huge payoff for themselves, personally.

They run for office acting like Indians, but really, they only want to be in a position, not to help their people, but to rob them. 

Courageous Indians, many of them women, are fighting for their people.  Fighting the corrupt Federal Government, the Greedy Corporations, and their own corrupt Tribal Leaders.  They have been fighting for decades!

We, as a nation, hear none of it.  We don't hold media accountable to inform us, only to entertain us.

No one is watching, but a battle between Good and Evil rages, courageously, in Indian Country.

Meanwhile, we have to look at what is being stolen from all of us.  When we realize that we are all Indians, these silly elections, the ones in Indian Country, take on more importance.  We need to monitor those elections, and make sure every vote counts.

If we can, in the small elections in Indian Country, make sure that the votes count, then we begin to take a stand against the evil that dwells in the heart of this land.  The evil that robs us all.  If we can't or won't then we allow evil to grow. 

If it is not important until it comes to our door, then it is already too late.

Takes resources from the Indians to make the Powerful richer and more powerful. 

They take those riches, that power that they steal from Indian People, from Indian Country, and they use it against all of us.

They don't want us to come together.  They want to divide us by race, religion, color, gender, class, and party.  That is the only way that Evil can continue to create turmoil and suffering in this world. 

Time to realize that we are all Indians.  What happens in Indian Country, happens to us.

You know where to find me.


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September 15, 2008--Printer Version(9)
Clown Joke

Two cannibals were making soup out of a Clown in a big cauldron. First Cannibal turns to the second and says: “Does this taste funny to you?”

Nice Tries Dumb Guys

Like I have said a zillion times (but who's counting? *Shrugs) credibility of a source depends on A: Them knowing what they are talking about and B: Not lying to me. 

If I am to use anything they give me, I have to think, or at least be fooled (for a time) into thinking they know what they are talking about and B: They are not lying to me. 

People can be mistaken, so if there is room for error, I generally ask the contributor to be more specific.  A lot of good info does not get used because A: I have to find more information to support it or B: The person got parts of it wrong and so it is unreliable, or C: They were lying to me.  (See a pattern here?)

Last week, a valiant attempt to trick me on one piece while offering me other pieces of information, which may or may not have been valid, fell flat. 

Remember I said that Jackie Blackbird quit her job at the casino?  I wanted (and still want) any information that will tell me what her job was and why she quit. 

The casino is a ball of crime and the hot spot for most of the criminal activity that goes down on that rez, and neighboring  areas.  It is a common gathering place, overseen and protected by Poopsie, that wallowing, over-sized slug of a creature that wears Man diapers, shipped (to the casino?) in plain wrappers.

Going aside for a second here.  When watching him make a hasty (blubba-ba-ba-ba, blubba-ba-ba-ba) exit from the casino back rooms, carrying a large plain package under his arm, heads turn.  Question marks pop up like prairie dogs all over the place (hallways, parking lot, etc).  Is he carrying a discreet shipment of man diapers? Or is he hauling out a few hundred thousand dollars (discreetly)?

Okay, back to the Jackie Blackbird question.  I still want information on that one.  I do not want to hear from the Bozos who tried to convince me that Jackie Blackbird was Wacky Jacky of Turdclan fame.  Wacky Jacky married a man named Young.  She either goes by Yankton or Young, but you can call her Wacky

When someone tries to throw me off like that, they become instantly discredited. Too bad.  They seemed to be offering other information on a lot of teachers suddenly quitting Four Winds High School.  I know, that part was probably true, but I'll have to hear it from someone else.

The strange part about that writer was this:  Every time I got an email from them, it 'felt' like there were at least 3 people writing it.  Each possessing 1/3 of a brain.  The parts, although in agreement, not entirely interlocking.  Could have been just drunk.  Hard to tell. 

Anywho, they, collectively or otherwise, were trying to convince me of the Jacky thing and I did not buy it. 

But now I am curious about the High School losing a cluster of teachers. Info? And remember: be straight on this, okay?

Previous emails, which were outright frauds, have come from Zit Puppet, who was pretending to be one of his half-brothers, Patrick.  I guess, (*ponders ceiling) one could say that Zit Puppet is the epitome of anything that is half-male, right? Surgery or no; inside or out, spiritually, morally, he is only half of what he should be. I guess that is why he is always drunk.  Completely drunk. No half-way about that!

Small Victory

Dennis Banks' daughter was murdered in a meth house and two of her killers were brought to justice.  Both found guilty.  One has been sentenced.  She was in her 40's.  Meth spares no one. There is no one that takes it, tries it, that does not become its bitch. Doesn't matter how good of a person you are or were, once meth touches you, you become its bitch.

Very few people have survived it, kicked it and are living clean and sober after shaking it.  One woman told me that she felt she was only clean, hour by hour, and she had been clean for 9 years.  "It's always right there," she said.  "It wakes me up at night with a taste, a smell, a dream, a nightmare... takes me a while to realize I'm not there, I don't do that anymore.  I see my friends on the streets... that could have been me." She thinks of it all the time, prays for the urge to 'taste' to go away.  "I don't ever want my kids to go through what I put them through, again," she says. "I know I messed them up and I can never make that go away." 

For Dennis Banks, despite his high ideals and any perceived advantages he had from his fame, Meth came and killed his daughter.  She was beat to death by her 'friends'.  (Sound familiar?).

So, the guilty got caught, will serve time. Small victory. 

The greater battle needs to be fought.  Don't count on your leaders.  They are the ones that market the misery, sell the poisons, and then campaign to get the funds to help the community, and just put it in their pockets. 

Huge Story

So, it is now coming to light that the Department of the Interior, is corrupt?  That they have had sex and drug parties with the Big Players: Oil and other resource extraction Corporations.  Sex and drugs, corruption running wild all through the ranks of the Interior Department? Anyone here surprised? Not me. All the Indians have know this for 40 or more years!

Seems that OUR Government is shocked and surprised. (Duhh!)

And this is ongoing.  Nothing has been done to stop any of it.  What was a secret, is now coming out, bigger and wider, with no end in sight. But no one has lost their job.  Positions are secure (it's all sounding rather tech sechsy, isn't it?)

Indians have a few courageous, dedicated fighters who have been, for decades, battling in the courts, to recover the hundreds of billions of dollars they and their communities, are owed by the Oil Companies (and others) who have literally, through their connections in the Dept. of Interior, sex, drugs and rock and roll, been robbing the Indians into grinding poverty. 

Indian Communities where people live in run down, leaking, bug infested shacks, and live off of commodities distribution, and who are denied all the assistance they are entitled to, as their leaders use them as Poster Children to demand more government handouts, which, they keep for themselves, and live quite well.  Their leaders, who travel first class, throw hundreds of thousands of tribal dollars on to the tables in Vegas and casinos all over the world, look down their noses at the people who are suffering.

Their leaders deny them money for heat in the winter, yet pay their own relatives hundreds of dollars a day to go drinking.  Elders being screamed at and demeaned for asking for what they are entitled to, by corrupt 'leaders', who spend more than a million dollars on a luxury bus to take their drunken, stoned, high school basketball team to games they can never win, especially if they are drug tested.

People go hungry, cold, without meds, and are treated like crap on their own reservations, by their 'leaders' who laugh as they steal, with no fear what-so-ever that they will have to answer for their crimes.

Those poorest of the poor, many of whom you never see because they are not the drunks on the street, passed out in the alleys or panhandling at the McDonald's, but are instead, quietly suffering, trying to maintain what small dignity they have left; they are owed a King's Ransom.

Money that could have changed the lives of their parents, grandparents and their children and grandchildren.  All of it robbed from them by a government that now admits it has 'a few bad apples' (masters of the understatement!), but has taken no steps to stop the criminals nor to rectify the losses suffered!

Oil companies, literally, take what they want from the ground and do not have to pay for it. Nothing! They take the timber, and the minerals and even the waters from Indian Country, and make their families wealthy beyond our imagination, by robbing the poorest of the poor. 

The Black Hills, stolen from the Indians, now, even though the government admits it was wrong in taking it away from them, doesn't see how it can give it back because they sold the mining interests to the Hearst Family!  Wow, sure would be awful to see the Hearst Family, and other wealthy, well-connected few, have to forego a few billion dollars in future profits from stolen lands.  Wow, and they paid a few million for it, right?

Can't you just wonder who was in bed with whom, literally, on that one?  How many hookers did it take to close that deal and other deals, too numerous to count here, just like it?

Hate to see any of those 'important' people have to lose out on a deal over stolen goods.  That would be a real crime, eh? Better to just let the Indians keep suffering.  After all, they look poor.  They are used to suffering. And they are not important, right?

I tell you again: What is going on in Indian Country is criminal.  If we don't stand against this most egregious outright theft, abuse and demand restitution from both the companies that have stolen the resources (OUR resources, Nation, OURS.  Not just Indians, but all of OURS).  If we do not stand up and demand that they are held accountable, publicly and Judicially, then we are saying this to our children:

"If you are rich enough, powerful enough, connected to government enough, you can corrupt at will, steal from everyone, and never be held accountable."

Remember: These are the same corporations, and the same Pillars of the Community/Nation, Families that are given awards and honors on a regular basis as our Society rewards their many successes.

If we don't realize that our Democracy has been stood on its head by the greediest corporations, and the most corrupt government, and do something to change it all NOW, we may never get a chance again, to save ourselves.

At election time, there is always momentum.  This time, there has been a real awakening.  That awakening is being drowned out by cynical, slick, unscrupulous campaign operators who have spread lies, and smears to the point that the media is almost reacting to it.  The media never will.  They are not the watchdogs on our Democracy, we are.

The media is owned by the same powerful elite that control government. They walk a fine line between pleasing their masters, their Boards of Directors, and trying to keep the public watching their shows for their sponsors. 

The McCain campaign is literally lying outright.  All in an effort to do two things: One: convince the 'stupid' portion of the public that their Candidates are qualified by lying about what they have done, or did not do, and, Two: Keep people from looking at what Obama has to say, to offer, by clogging the airwaves with the GOP Lies and smears and all the noise that surrounds that activity.  They literally drown out the message of their opponent. 

Ask yourself this:  Would they do that if they had a plan of their own?  Would they do that if they really had anything of value to offer?  It's a bullying attempt.  It works.

Proven fact: They can grind out more lies in an hour than a team of attorneys can challenge in a week.

Is that what you want from your candidate? Is that what you want from your government?

Personally, I don't want someone to be president that is only as smart as me.  I want someone that knows the answers, understands the issues, and has actually put thought into a response. 

Not someone that will repeat slogans every time their eyes glaze over, and someone pulls the string in their back.

I want someone who will, when they get into office, make a real change, for the first time in decades.  Someone that will not look at the corruption and ongoing criminal activity in the Department of Interior, and shrug and say: "Well, what do you want me to do about it?".  I want someone that will start us down the road of respect, dignity and accountability.

When I see someone that lies about their accomplishments, lies about 9/11, and who has all the Oil, Banking, Mortgage lobbyists that caused the repeated economic downfalls in this country, working in his campaign, I don't get a good feeling that anything will change.

It will get worse. I guess “worse” is a kind of change, if that is all you are looking for.

When McCain is confronted with one of his many, too many to count, lies or bad remarks; instead of explaining it, he reminds us of his being a POW.  He has become a national disgrace and a joke.  Being a POW does not entitle him to lie, cheat, say demeaning things about others, threaten others, and not be held accountable. 

Being a POW means he had a really bad time in Viet Nam.  He was tortured and he survived.  He carries the scars, as do so many others, from that nightmare experience. 

However,   We do not owe him a pass on everything because of that.  We do not owe him the Presidency because of that.  Personally, I think he has disrespected every POW by using that experience as a shield to prevent him from having to answer any tough questions about his own behaviors.

In one of his own biographies, he himself declares that he ran for President in 2000, not for some high ideals, not because he loved his country, but because of his own personal ambition to get that prize. He reads that book in Audio Books.  You can hear him say that in his own voice!

What do you think has changed in that man since then? Would he have converted to high ideals and put love of country ahead of ambition now? If so, why is he throwing smears and lies to drown out the voice of real change? With all those lobbyists (and there were 160 or more on his campaign until it came to light, now he is down to about 20) whom do you think he is running for?

When I heard Sarah Palin, (not even flinching when she said it) saying "of course we may have to go to war with Russia..."  I got sickening chills.

With what army? What we have has been worn to the bone by repeated, extended tours of duty in Iraq. Do we return to the draft so that we don't run out of soldiers to throw into wars that we were lied into? You want those days back again? Our sons and daughters, stolen from us, against our will, against theirs, and turned into strangers who return broken on the outside, shattered on the inside, or in flag-draped boxes? Is that the war she won't even blink at?

Or shall we just hit buttons and send the nukes flying? What 'war' and "whose army' and what 'final solutions' do they have in mind? Or are they relying on their lobbyists to guide them? You know they are not listening to or thinking about us.  They are being marketed to us, as NEW and "Change" when in truth, at best, they are an even more extreme copy of the "Cowboy Diplomacy" that has ruined us, set us back in this world, and is killing our sons and daughters today.

Four Years On a Bus

Imagine, if you will, the next four years of a bus ride.  The Driver is old, has health problems, but his co-driver is young.  However, she does not (yet) know how to drive.  He might run us off the road and he might die. Or worse yet, deliver us to the lobbyists, who will then rob us some more, lower our wages and raise our futility.

But what if the co-driver takes over? Do you want your children on the bus while someone is 'learning to drive'? Do you want to be on that bus? What do you think are the dangers?

Business Reputation

Now, those of you who have a business.  Something you have scratched and struggled to build.  Would you want someone taking it over that has all these other people that tell him what to do, and they don't give a hoot about you, what you have worked for and the reputation of your business (country) but just want their own interests met first and only (Lobbyists); Or his 'protégé' that knows really, nothing about that sort of thing, but who is a 'quick learner'?  (We only have her word on this stuff, and we know she lies)

A woman who has fired people who disagree with her, and hired people who are loyal to her, regardless of actual qualifications. (You see how we are ALL becoming Indians here? You've seen this mind set at work in Indian Country.  We have seen it at the Dept. of Justice.  Now, we can have it in every aspect of our lives!)

I personally, do not know what her qualifications are.  I only know her character.  She has lied. Lied repeatedly about her accomplishments, about her crimes, and about her opponents.  I can only assume, as in the criteria at the beginning, that, A: She does not know what she is talking about; or, B: She is intentionally misleading us; or, C: She is just lying. None of which gives her any credibility.  Why should I believe anything she or her Tutor tells us?

Why should we have to sort out their bizarre lies and see if anything in there is may be true?  Given that the most of it, the important parts of it, the most repeated parts of it are lies, provable lies, I have to assume that none of it is true, or not worth the time to figure out if it is true or not. 

I would rather listen to someone that is not lying to me.  I tend to trust them more. Don't you? Or, don't you?

Do you want either of them driving your bus, with your family onboard, or running your business, with your reputation to the world at stake, hoping they won't wreck or ruin it too much?


Would you want someone that not only understands it, but knows how to make it better? Someone with a great education, brilliant negotiating skills, and who knows how to make your business prosper for you.  Whom do you hire?

If the bus ride with a learner's permit doesn't scare you, and your business reputation isn't important, then I pretty much know how you will vote. (Cynics Unite!)

On the Other Hand

When I see a man that carries himself with dignity, who has emerged from the shadows of racial bias, has lifted himself up from food stamps to succeed at one of the greatest Universities in our country, and then go back to helping the poor to rebuild their lives, instead of just reaping the financial rewards for himself, I say, "Put that man to work for us."

He KNOWS what is possible. He has lived it. He is proof that we can fulfill our potential and rise above our circumstances. 

I think Integrity is a qualification only shown by ONE side in this campaign.  I think Integrity is what will save us.  I believe that if we can get real integrity into the White House, we can begin to make changes, not just in energy, not just regain our standing in the world as having the moral high ground, but also bring about fundamental changes in other areas, such as the Dept of the Interior. 

I think that someone with Integrity, would put a stop to it.  I think someone with Integrity would hold criminal conduct accountable.  I think we can start to heal, as a nation, if we get someone with integrity working for us, not for lobbyists, not for corporate greed, not as a personal trophy, but someone that really believes that we can make things better. 

I think we only have one chance at this.  I think we have to do this right.

McCain doesn't care about Indians or Indian Country.  He has given away sacred lands to Coal Conglomerates, and worse. If he was going to make things better in Indian Country, for Indians, he would have done it by now. He has only made his friends richer.

We are all Indians here.  We have one chance to get a leader with integrity.  They don't come along that often.  When they do, we have to work, be vigilant and vote.  Or we get worse and worse each time.

As bad as it is now, it can get worse.

They are still laughing, sharing hookers, doing drugs and giving away our resources at the Department of the Interior.  They don't think anyone will stop them.

I say: "Yes We Can."

The Children are watching.  The world is watching.

You know where to find me.



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September 19, 2008 --Printer Version (5)
Local News

Got to love the small town presses.  They can have tons of fun in them.  Reading over last months events in O'Town, came across this little ditty:

A small entry, probably slipped in without the City Council approval, by the new bookkeeper for O'Town.  She took over from Ruth Buehler, who could never seem to bring the books to city meetings, (she kept them at home, no less) and would never let anyone look at them. 

Well, she got replaced about 8 mos or so ago (I forget), when the City Council hired a new bookkeeper.  I guess the State was actually knocking on the door and wanting to know where funds were going?  Anyhow, the new bookkeeper probably realizes by now that she is being set up as the fall guy.  Ruth and her kids, who help her, apparently, "write the books", holed up in Ruth's house for over a month while the books were being 'worked on' before the hand off.

All highly irregular, mind you.  Probably illegal as well.  But since having a FIRE was out (I had blogged that would be their remedy for books that were already over-cooked; and that the problems would follow with the books being illegally stored... so they just 'fixed them.'

New Bookkeeper running into problems? Probably.  She slipped this little item into the minutes posted in the August Benson County Press:

"There is a skip in the check count for Oberon City Account. stopped 8890 and started 9010."

That, in case you didn't catch it, means that someone has taken 20 checks from the City Account.  Now, why would someone do that?

Oh, look here!  What is on the page, actually facing that little entry?  Why it is a little piece written by Ruth Buehler, regarding her recent vacation with a buddy!  Wow! Looks like they had fun!  Bet that cost a pretty penny.  Wonder if... Nawww! (*Nods head yes).

"Ruth Buehler & Anne Nelson Gallivanting last week" (They had pictures.)
"Went to Medora (Badlands) took in a musical at the Burning Hills Amphitheater.

Enjoyed Breakfast at Eagle's Ridge B& B
Friday... then stopped at the casino 4 Bears on the way home. "

Wow, that sounds like so much fun!  How many checks are left now? And where will they be spent? Well, I'm sure we can rely on Ruth Buehler to tell us herself! 

Cheez Whiz Wang

I don't know if it is the same in North Dakota as it is just about everywhere else, but I thought James Wang was the State Attorney.  Yes? No? Still? Not anymore?

The reason I am asking is because he advertises his services as a private lawyer-- Again, in the Benson County Press.  Wouldn't that be a violation? Put him into a conflict of interest?

Tourist Traction

An adventurous Gentleman toured through SLN on his bike. You have to scroll down in his blog to see what he wrote about Spirit Lake what are they doing with the money?

He talks about riding through here and there, stopping in at the casino, winning a couple hundred $$ and then looking around and seeing how crappy the homes are, the roads, and he wonders what they are doing with all the money from the casino.  That perhaps they should apply some of the profits to the community.

Gee, sound familiar? Let me guess: You think HE is cat west?

Chasing Cats

Back to O'Town, just for a minute.  (Have you found those missing checks yet?). 

I think last time I talked about Crazy Karen, it was her incident with the shovel, the car window and some injured drunk... (sitting in his car, the window broken, by the shovel, she was holding, up by the school...) yes, that Karen. 

Well, she's more off the rails now, than she was then.

Karen Peterson, Petesky's main squeeze, the one who faked cancer three times (at least.  Maybe more) to get sympathy and fraudulently collect funds (and then bragged out loud, how she never had cancer...) anywho, that Karen, wants to sue Loretta Stensland.  I tried to find out why, as the two do not have any business dealings together, from what I could see. 

Well, apparently, it is just her 'crazy talk' (which she goes into rather frequently these days--full moon notwithstanding) where she just sparks up, be it in the bar, out shopping, or around her own kitchen (what is that smell???) that she still thinks that Loretta Stensland is me! Or vice-versa. 

Okay, for all the Karens out there, for all the crazy talking, don't-make-sense-rant-and-rave-fakes-cancer types that are rolling around on loose nuts out there: You can find all the photos and some surveillance footage of me if you go and ask Poopsie for it.  I am sure, Karen, you can trade him something he really likes.

Poopsie went to a lot of trouble (so I am told) to get those photos and that tape of me, walking around. He has one up for a dart target, but his arms are so fat, he can't throw the darts right.  They arc out to the side.  Maybe he will let you have that one. 

Also, the other woman in the area who just happens to have the same name as me, is also NOT me. 

Clearly, the name is as common now as it was when I got it.

So, Karen, and any other totally insane, incredibly stupid people out there (you may or may not know who you are), save yourself the spinning, spitting and getting your hair caught in the toilet seat madness, and just go talk to Poopsie.  See the picture. (Jealous?) and calm down.

Oh, and whoever is phoning the other Cat West, really dumb.  You have no idea how dumb, but you will find out.

Jackie Blackbird Saga Continues

Okay, what I have so far on that is this:  Jackie had wanted a position and she didn't get it. It was given to a friend of the Turdlings, doubtless less qualified.  They did, however, want her to stay on and continue doing the work, just not get paid for it.

Now, of course, they have no one that is qualified, and worse, no one that is vaguely able to do the work. Can't wait until the next tourist cruises through and then wonders why things look so bad, inside and out.

Can't wait until the next tourist looks around and wonders if they have stepped into zombie land.

Just business as usual, in Indian Country.

No Balls In Your Court

Looks like the Tribal Council has managed, once again, to protect their friends, regardless of crimes.  Gaelen Robertson ( Seashelly's squeeze) who raped her sister, and her niece, and was arrested, along with Greg Greene (they like to tie them up, rape them for hours... just 'fun' stuff), are being tried in Tribal Court instead of Federal Court. 

Felonies are supposed to be tried in Federal Court. Anyhow, Billy Dean Cavenaugh is the Tribal Judge.  Not sure what his qualifications are, but stands to reason, he has none.  Not that it matters to SLN, mind you. 

Anyhow, he managed to be the judge on the case of Gaelen, and pretty sure he got off with probation.  Not sure exactly.  Have to check my notes. 

And just like the missing checks in the lead story, another amazing coincidence, is that Billy Dean was gifted some cattle. 

Wow, that should make Tony MacDonald really mad.  He got cattle too, but he had to sell them his (at the time)14-yr. old daughter, Mary.  Let Poopsie and his brothers have their way with her for a few days, and then, she became a 'witness' who lied on the stand to put an Innocent Man, Richard LaFuente, into prison for the murder that Poopsie and family had committed. 

Of course, the cattle died.  He neglected them. I wonder if Billy Dean's cattle will die?

Gifts from Turds stink.  Remember that.  People who accept gifts from Turds get that same stink on them.  Remember that.

So, Gael an and Greg will both end up with either probation or not guilty, or whatever a good cattleman can conjure up as "Justice". 

What a scare it must have been!  I wonder who and how many they had to bribe (and how much it cost the tribe) to get those trials moved from Federal Court into Tribal Court?  Good thing that Billy Dean doesn't have any balls, eh? 

As a Side Note:  Gaelan remains on the Education Board and collects pay, even though he is listed as 'absent'. I would complain about there being a rapist on the School Board, but look what else is on that board?  Rapists, Yanktons, Greywaters(same-same) and all their friends. 

Lemon Lie Pie

Lemon Longie, the creep who raped his step children. One who was only 6 and in a wheelchair, and the other older, but still very young, is also in jail.  Now, remember, he got away with this for years and years because he is a cousin to the Turdlings.  He also helped cover up their murder by reupholstering the Blazer to remove all the seats, carpet, headliner, door panels, dash, anything with Eddie's blood on it.

Well, Lemon has been moved to the jail in Devil's Lake.  The family likes to keep him close, you know.  They don't want him to start talking to get himself a better or safer deal.  Child rapists don't do that well in jail. 

Apparently, in order to elevate himself, status-wise, in the Devils Lake Jail, he was telling everyone he was in for drug charges. 

Well, now they know what he is in for. 

So, where you going to move him now?

I wonder how many cattle that one will cost you?

What is amazing to me is this: Lemon was protected by the Turdclan.  He tortured those children. He laughed because no one would do anything about it.  One young girl, ONE YOUNG GIRL, stood up to him and talked and told. 

Now, because of her courage, he is in jail. 

One little Indian Girl has more guts than your entire Badger Shop.  What does that say about the community?  Is it doomed because of the corruption? Or is there hope because if one young girl can find the courage, maybe others can as well?

Still finding reasons to not do what needs to be done? Think it doesn't show on you? It shows.  The whole community is visibly rotting.  Just ask a tourist.

You know where to find me.


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September 30, 2008 ---Printer Version (5)
One More For The Road

Well, since my friends know where to find me, I have been given the "nudge" to get another posting in before the end of the month.   The same friend pointed out that the "crystal meth" poem is disputed on (a hoax busting site) as being a valid poem, but that the origins are not as claimed.  Several people claiming authorship.  (Interesting since the author supposedly died.)  So, I corrected that aspect, and left the poem up.  But without the claim of its authorship/circumstances.  (You write, I fix)

So, one more blog, before the end of the month. 

Melt Down

By now, most everyone has heard about the economic meltdown.  Our government has failed us and leaves us to clean up the mess.  We don't clean it up, we all lose.  Essentially, we are held hostage, and the ransom is all our money, our children's money, their children's money for decades to come.  (Any clue as to how much the interest is on a trillion smackaroos? Me neither.)

Here's how it works: (Let me know if you recognize a pattern): Congress is about to go into recess and we are being told (lied to) that the 'fundamentals of our economy are strong', despite the alarms going off as major housing market downturns, foreclosures continue to plague the land of the free, home of the brave.

Suddenly, (and the clock is ticking here) we are warned of an impending disaster that would rival the Great Depression.  A 2-1/2 pg. 'plan' is handed to congress as the only solution.  And it needed to be acted on NOW. Urgent! Hurry! Danger! Danger!

It was the largest money grab in history. One trillion dollars in the hands of one man.  An appointee of the Bush Administration.  Same folks that brought us a war that had nothing to do with 9/1l, Taliban or WMDs, under the heaviest possible warnings, including words like "mushroom cloud" and 'global danger'... Same folks that brought us the Patriot Act, which essentially stripped us of most of our rights as American Citizens and gave unbelievable power to a man we now know lies and lies and lies...

That same Administration appointed the man who now, urgently presses a 2-1/2 page proposal into the sweating fists of congressional leaders who are reeling from the numbing news that our economy is in a state of collapse.  The simple proposal, which was claimed to be the only solution to impending disaster, ("mushroom cloud"?), of global proportions... required that we trust him with one trillion dollars.  We also could not ask, direct or oversee anything he did with all of that money.  Nor would he be accountable to anyone, ever, for how he used the money, and no laws could touch him. 

In the past, just as congress was ambushed with dire news, we were lied into a war, and into giving up our rights as citizens, to protect our country. Note: Dictators take all the rights from the people, all the power for themselves "to protect the country".  Just ask them. Benevolent every one of them! (Unappreciated, too!)

Crying Wolf

People were up in arms.  We had been lied into a war, tricked by our own fear of appearing 'unpatriotic' into signing away our rights in the Patriot Act, and now, just before the elections, just before the recess of congress, one last grab for guts and nuts of the US, making the pillaging of our treasures complete.

The Little Boy who Cried Wolf, as we remember, did it so that he could 'fool' people.  It made him feel powerful.  The last time he cried 'wolf' there really was a wolf, but no one believed him and he was wolf dinner.

This might very well be, and from all appearances it is, the real wolf this time.  But we have lost faith in our government.  We have lost trust for having been lied to, too many times.  The credibility of our President and Vice President has hit the ground with a mighty splat. 

Not so fast this time. We want to know more.  And maybe, just maybe, we want to be sure that what we are getting is the real deal this time.  More than anything else, we want to be able to hold people accountable:  Those who fix the mess, as well as those who "brung" it to us.

Accountability is the one thing that makes democracy work.  Without it, you have a dictatorship in disguise. Disguised, perhaps, as a crying wolf, begging to save us, if we only will see the wisdom of letting him in?

Lose Lose

Either way, we lose.  If we allow this bailout, it comes just before the elections and whomever comes in afterwards has a mess to clean up.  Could be a whole new crew in the House and Senate.  Will be a new crew, for sure, in the White House.

If we don't proceed with the bailout, we risk our ship sinking with all hands on deck; the rats having deserted the ship to off shore accounts long ago. 

The second option has an upside from my point of view.  It would be a great leveler, so-to-speak.  The economy collapses, and all financial structures fail. We become completely dependent on one another to make it through from day to day.  We become 'tribal'. 

A lot of death, chaos and confusion, but we might find we have actually, some control over our own lives as we fight off the looters day and night, and other predators after night falls.  Be a total Mad Max movie with a cast of billions.

Our economic geniuses at the helm knew that taking away the rules, taking away the penalties, would eventually lead to this.  They didn't care.  This was held back from us until the very last minute, when little could be done about it. 

Instead of regulating and repairing years ago, when the trend was forecasting this result, it was hidden from us.  We hid it from ourselves.  We did not want to see.  We did not want to believe we were being herded over the cliff. 

Now, at the end of the session, just as the elections are in play, we are being stampeded again, to the cliff's edge.  We wake up just as flag waving riders, come at us, full gallop.  Doing this, of course, for our own good. For the Good of the Country.

Two flags being waved: One is the American Flag, and we must do this in order to save our country. That flag waved at us to blind us in the past, pushed in our face as if to say: Look it’s Patriotic!

The other flags are all the red flags that we were told, as recently as two weeks ago, were ‘false alarms’ shouted by alarmists.

Now, all flags fly and we are being stampeded, misdirected, redirected, and not properly informed as to where we will land. (Isn’t that a cliff over there?)

No wonder, given the pattern of lies, abuse and scandal of this President and his pals, the people balked.

If we go for this, it will be a debt born by the generations not yet born. If we don't, it will be the unraveling of our economy.  You pick.

It was the lack of accountability that did this to us. Never again just accept what your government tells you.  Learn, educate yourself, and think.  Talk to others, listen to their ideas and opinions and learn.  Do not be afraid to actually find out for yourself what is and what is not, true.

Melting Pot

How did we get to this point?

Wrong question.  Look around you.  Where are we now? We have been bled to grey of our soldiers, our treasure and our credibility in this world.  Now, our economy is worthless.  Our resources have been handed over to private industries, which raid them, destroy them and sell back to us 'necessities of our lives'.

Oil, minerals, uranium, gems, timber, water and even the airwaves, are all under the control of private persons who take that which belongs to us as a nation, for their own personal profit.  As we have seen with the recent revelations of the Department of the Interior's multitude of scandals, we have in fact, been robbed by drunkards, drug dealers, thieves, embezzlers.  The hookers were just there to seal the deals.

The environment is disrespected, and we are restricted on where and how we can travel.  We can be stopped by any cop, any time, for any reason, and arrested without cause and held without trial indefinitely.

We have nothing to leave our children and grandchildren, but debt and futility for a long time to come. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Indian Country.  We are all Indians now.

It started when we allowed our government to steal land and resources, break treaties, which are essentially promises in contract form, and mistreat a class of people without any of us either being aware of the depth of ongoing holocaust; or when we got a glimpse, not wanting to know how deep and bad it was.

Besides, what was being done to the Indians was making it possible for our country to thrive and develop and make progress. It was for the good of the People and the Protection of the Country.  And they were just, you know--Indians. 

Well, now we are the Indians. It's being done to us.

Just like Red Cloud and the rest of them were cornered into signing bad treaties, or risk the slaughter of their people; we are now faced with signing a contract that is a bad deal for us; with a government that has a history of not honoring promises or contracts.

How does it feel? Scary? Uncertain? Hopeless?

Well, folks, there is something we can do.  But we have to come together, and work together to get it done.

We have to remember that we are a Melting Pot.  That together, we are a stronger mettle, for all our histories have much in common.  More in common than not. The sooner we realize that, the sooner we can let go of the self-defeating traits that serve only to keep us at from uniting, and promote our suspicions of one another.  The sooner we let go of our ignorance, the sooner we can better serve our own best interests.

We can let go of racism and jealousy, and come together.  We can, when we come together, hold accountable those who have, for hundreds of years, controlled us and set us against one another by manufacturing fear and mistrust, racism and radical reactionaryism.

We got to this point because we allowed it to happen to others. 

We got to this point because we didn't think it was important when it was happening to others.

We got to this point by believing we were separate in the eyes of the Creator, and unequal in our differences.

We can get out of here, and go to a better place as a nation, but only if we drop the dead weight of jealousy and racism and come together.

Jealousy and racism spring from fear. 

Fear fades when we realize that we can make mistakes and learn from them.  We can trust others because we can trust ourselves to survive any betrayals delivered to us.  We know we can, because we already have survived so many.

Or we can stay divided, coddle our fears, defend our ignorance, and wait for it to get worse.

The choice is ours. The time is now.

You know where to find me.


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