Restless Spirit: The Murder of Eddie Peltier
A True Story

Fri February 29, 2008 5:07 PM


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Write to me if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, information you want me to have or a correction to any information you see here.  I respond to all emails.  CAT  NOTE: I reserve the right to NOT respond to whack jobs that waste my time.

Eddie's GraveIt is as much about the ongoing events and behaviors of those who murdered Eddie (and others)  on the Fort Totten Eddie Peltier ArmyReservation, North Dakota today as it is about how it was that night Eddie was murdered.  How the ongoing criminal enterprise continues to flourish unabated and without a single response from the Justice Department.  Well, not surprising on that!  They would have to investigate themselves and how some of their elite were directly involved and have prospered from the corruption that exists, protected and funded by US Tax Dollars.

Even if you don't live on the Rez, it's your money, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.  You owe it to yourself to peek in once in awhile and see what you are paying for

Texas Monthly Magazine has done a feature on this case.  Read the October, 2006 Issue.  OR, go to the online version.  Michael Hall went to the rez and saw for himself.



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(Printer Version) (Sorry for the 'test drive' comment I am using temporary software until my 'real' software arrives!)

February 23, 2008

I am back!  I can receive emails for the next 10 days or so, until I head out to the next locale, which may, or may not have internet access for me.  I am receiving lots of info, and so we have a lot to talk about.  However, the time will have to be starting on Monday because I am just too tired right now (looooong day).

Those of you who have received the 1099 forms, scan them and save them as either a .gif or preferably, a .pdf and email those to me. I will block out your identifying information until there is a call for a thorough investigation into the entire scam.  I think we might get one with this.  If not, we just collect more information to add to the pile.  Eventually, it will all come back to bite them on the ass.

Y'all heard about that Senator from Arizona (Republican) "Benzi" I think his name is, who just got busted for a huge money laundering scheme?  I think, overall, the country has had enough.

SMC Outrage

Crawl McKay still manages to not know enough to keep his mouth shut.  SMC was busted on valid information of his fraud.  He got off with a slap on the wrist and rewarded with another $72 Million no-bid contract.  (I assume 'No-Bid' as he appeared to be surprised that it happened--and so quickly after the bust that it made even his pinhead spin like a pinwheel).

But for some reason, he feels that he must both slander and libel those two whistle blowers that turned him and the whole scheme in.  That actually opens the door for them to sue him under the laws of libel and slander and get the whole case opened up even bigger. 

Some law office somewhere is probably delighted to watch how he continues to bark at the knot hole in the fence, totally unaware of how big is the dog on the other side.

Keep on yakkin' ya moron!

People are outraged that soldiers lives were put at risk just so he could skim a few bucks off of each vest, helmet and armor plate, to put into his own pocket.  People are outraged that the politicians are so accepting of the glib assurances that are, in themselves, counter intuitive and raise even more questions about the fraud and who is helping to keep a lid on the information and keep the $$$ marching into the pockets of the corrupt while the soldiers are marching into harm's way, wearing inferior weave, under woven Kevlar, Politicians saluting them as they pass by.

Okay, this is brief.  I just wanted you all to know that I am online right now and to go ahead and send emails.  I will post when the email conduit closes for a period of time.  I expect to be on the road for the next couple of months.  Getting a lot of interest in various aspects of this whole project, lately.  Very encouraging!

You know where to find me.


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February 25, 2008 --Printer Version (3 Pages, no headers) (temporary software, bleh!)
Won't Stay Dead

Looks like the SMC story just won't stay dead and buried.  I see there is interest in this outrage spreading throughout the web and some rather vocal groups are getting involved.  See the links page for details.  I have made a page of links regarding SMC here.  There you will find a site about an online petition put up by vote vets (dot) org, and the actual site as well as the most adorable parody of Cheney talking about how SMC put out defective material and then was paid millions to replace it.  Cheney Parody on SMC.

A lot of people not buying the whitewash on this one.  This is a war that everyone is paying attention to.  These men and women who are getting maimed and killed over there are not just numbers, they are someone's loved one.  They matter, they count, they deserve better.

All the high-fiving going on between Crawl McKay and the politicos that keep shoveling money his way, will become the echoes that haunt them as the American Public hunts them down, makes them face real charges in a real courtroom. 

Of course, that would be the best outcome for all concerned.  These jerks forget that the dead and crippled whose families may not have all the restraint of the rest of us who believe in making the laws work the way our founding fathers intended.  If one of those people, worn out by grief, anger, and the rage at corruption finds these guys, who knows what will happen?  The safest place might just be behind iron bars for a few decades.  Just an option you may want to consider, you adorable little corruptlings you! (Pinches chubby cheeks, leaves a purple bruise)

We can force congress to investigate and we can force the Justice Department to follow through.  There are already a lot of people at the Justice Department that are chomping at the bit to get their hands on all of those CEO's Managers, and a few of the Political Sharks that lurk around the money pool, not caring whose blood is spilled.  It won't take much.  Once that dam springs a leak, it will be a race to the bottom to see who can spill their guts and broker the deal the fastest. 

Poopsie, Crawl, Politicians, CPAs and Government Inspectors who didn't do their jobs, all clambering to be the one to make the deal. Door Number 1? Oh what will come!


I also see that all of you who received the 1099s received them after the January deadline.  The company will be fined for that as well.  Anyone save their envelopes?  That will help prove it.  I think this and a few other 'irregularities' regarding Ronin will urge some agencies to investigate.  Keep your eyes on the blog as I will be posting links where you can report these frauds directly to the government.

FBI Poodles Puddling

You know, it just occurred to me:  These FBI Poodles that Poopsie keeps as personal pets and who do his bidding while ignoring the criminal operations ongoing around them, might be in for some problems of their own when this whole thing starts to crumble.  Poopsie is fully prepared to play 'Dumb Indian' who was intimidated by corrupt FBI agents into buying drugs, laundering money---for them!  He is fully prepared to throw those dogs to the wolves should real investigators come a knockin' at his door.  (Poopsie peeking from behind the curtains, afraid to answer the door).

And with all the things that were reported to the FB Eyes that they refused to look at, or investigate; as well as some of the highly questionable participation in some activities ongoing on the Rez that Poopsie has, well 'documented', might cause some agents to puddle up where they stand. 

Think about it:  You make a deal with the most evil you encounter, what makes you think you will not be the bargaining chip in the next deal he makes? (Mop up on Casino Craps Pit 1)

The Air Electric

Things are changing in this world and in this nation.  People are awakening from the fog of complacency and ignorance and demanding action against all wrongs.  People have seen to where the road of apathy has led us all and we are ashamed that we have let it go this far.  But not so ashamed that we will not find common ground with one another to fix the things that were so wrongly done in our names, while we were distracted.

You see a political movement unlike anything seen in this nation for more than 100 years.  You see people coming together, working together, listening to one another and impassioned in their dedication to end the tyranny of fear and lies. 

In many ways, from where I stand, I can see the process of awakening working from inside Indian Country and I know that more and more of the story will be told and heard and believed and acted on. 

I see the process of the Nation around us awakening and shaking off the blankets of fear, and coming together.  I wonder if what I am seeing is an awakening both from deep within the country, as well as all around the country, and that we are fast approaching the time of real changes wherein we look at one another as our brothers and sisters, neighbors and allies, and find a way to come together.

There is a palpable crackling in the air, vibrant and alive. The voices of a nation rising like a hive of expectation, and the awakening from too long of sleep. The sound of thunder shaking the land like an unending herd of buffalo as we learn to stand up together and move forward together, will not be denied.

People sense these things, in themselves and in those around them.  It raises the vibration of the nation and in that, all things are possible.

Those who live in fear will try to say they hear nothing, see nothing, sense nothing and will ridicule those who do hear, see and sense, in an effort to stop the changes that are in process.

Denial will be the mantra of those who fear being held accountable for their participation in the evil that has hurt their families, neighbors, community and nation.  They too, will ridicule those who are breaking away.  There will be threats, intimidation, and suffering and loss. 

The difference this time, is that it will not stop us.  Sacrifice and loss are not to be feared, but embraced as it gives our life purpose, intention and leaves a legacy of healing and awakening to smooth the road for our children and their children and their children.

The difference this time is that the change has come and is, now, at this time, in this place, happening inside each and every one of us: Those who cling to their fears and those who have shed those blankets and walk in the light of Truth and Redemption.

Remember the Prophecy:  "Someone is coming." Remember: That 'someone' is YOU.

You know where to find me.


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February 27, 2008--Printer Version (3 pages, no header)
Dorgan Takes A Bow

I see that the Dorgan the Organ has once again pushed legislation, which on the surface, appears to be downright noble.  Indian Health care, according to the news released today, offers up $$$ to the Tribal Councils for them to improve the dire state of Indian Health Services. 

Well, that would be fine and dandy IF that money would actually go to providing the people with qualified services in decent facilities.  However, there are the usual problems not addressed in this Money Bag Give-away, that render this legislation as nothing more than another waste of Taxpayer monies, as well as a cruel joke on the Indian People who desperately need improved and qualified services.

What we do know about Indian Health Services, especially in the area of mental health and addictions counseling and rehabilitation in North Dakota, is that the qualified people, the ones who struggled to rise up from the poverty of their own reservations to get the education, skills and degrees and/or credentials necessary to render quality care to their own community, are in fact, not allowed.

Those qualified are harassed, run off, intimidated and their confidentiality bond with their clients is compromised almost from the outset.  Those who have politically powerful connections with Tribal Councils will gain access to information that should be kept confidential.  Those who try to protect their clients privacy, will be threatened, harassed and intimidated.  Some are not paid for services.  Everything possible is done to discourage the qualified, who are then replaced by unqualified cronies with usually no educational skills or credentials.

At the start-up of these programs, in order to qualify for the money, Good People are put in place.  Once the money starts flowing, so does the abuse, and everything quickly declines into the same corruption as before. 

For people to heal from generations of abuse, addictions and emotional battering, as well as the physical abuses suffered by battered spouses, molested, raped children and adults, there needs to be trust.  Without trust, there can only be more damage.

Gee, I wonder why the suicide rate is so extreme on reservations?  'We keep throwing all this money at them and they just don't seem to know how to help themselves…' seems to be the common impression that prevails. 

The money, as we have seen, seems to go into 'other' pockets with nary a blink from anyone, especially Dorgan, who should be wary of the fact that no audit and no oversight exists.  Dorgan, instead of investigating where his good friends on Tribal Councils got the $142+ MILLION to put into the money laundering scheme of Ronin Wireless, chooses to find pity platforms to pump more money into those same pockets.

And since most people are not aware of anything that goes on in Indian Country, and most won't even look for fear of what they will learn, the rip off of the US Taxpayer goes on and on. The abuse of the people in Indian Country continues to be ignored.

So, Dorgan The Organ, take a bow!  You have done it again and the applause continues to echo across the land, crackling like a Prairie Fire, consuming those Good People you use to secure your own political and financial future. 'Well Done' as in 'cooked', as in 'bookkeeping.'

Zen Moment

The more you let go of fear, the less of a hold it will have over you.

Ronin and the 1099 Fiasco

Continue to send in any 1099s you get.  My report will be put together at the end of March, Edited mid-April and sent out June 1.  That's the plan.  Here is where it will be submitted: IRS Criminal Investigations  Feel free to drop into that site and look around.  You might find some topics that ring a bell for you.

We live in the day of the internet folks.  We can find information that used to be kept out of reach and we can share information, even directly, to agencies like the IRS.  Hey, make them work for us for once.  Why not?

Oops.  I see some of that fear you all are letting go of, reaching around and grabbing the Turdclan and their Turdfans by the short and curlies.  Owie, eh?

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

Had one of Piggy Cavenaugh's minions try to resume correspondence with me again.  Got a giggle out of it all.  I wonder what is up?  They got caught in their lies, (always were on shaky ground with me from the get go) and got mad when it was exposed how Piggy has no qualifications for her job, and yet was able, by stealing confidential files of clients, to force the qualified mental health administrator out, and take his/her place.  Piggy was a receptionist, and not really qualified for that job.  But after sharing confidential information with key players in the Turdclan and Tribal Council, the top job was hers.

Gee, I wonder why there are so many suicides on the rez?  You reading this Dorg Bone?  You see what you are encouraging?

Addicts don't stand a chance of healing or recovering if she gets her hands on their information or harasses the good counselors out of their positions.  More crippled spirits, broken people and despair.  Yup, that is what keeps the rez running.

Later, after people forget that there are billions of dollars going into the rez, unaccounted for, managed by the unqualified and run by the illustrious incompetent, Dorgan the Organ will once again push through a few million dollars for his friends. 

I just thought it was odd that the writer would suddenly try to appear on the radar, emailing me like an old pal, 'wanting to help the people' (*Pop!).  Yeah, it all sounded so noble. And then the article about the money being funded into Piggy's program popped up the next day.  Coincidence?  Who cares.

I did hear from one of Piggy's former friends who is apparently on the outs with her right now.   Suddenly she wants me to 'know' all these deep dark secrets about Piggy's life and behaviors. I was, only briefly wondering if Piggy had begun to lose her old friends by her trying to climb even higher into the Indian Health Services agency. She will need new friends when she gets there because the old ones are kind of embarrassing to be seen with.  I thought that was what was happening.  Then I realized, not important.

Here's thing:  If you are unreliable as her friend, and you are put on auto-responder, you are equally unreliable as her secret enemy, and you stay on auto-responder. Information from those people is like trying to get a rebate.  It's just there to suck you into a buy. Liars are liars.  Doesn't matter which side they take, I'm not buyin'.

Probably just a coincidence that two flakes associated with the Health Care happen to get in touch with me just as Dorgan makes a pile of money appear (and then later, it will magically 'disappear').

Keep me posted kids.  You know I love those emails!

You know where to find me.


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February 28, 2008--Printer Version
The Boys of Summer

How DO they continue to get away with corruption?  Why does no one in government seem to be able to find the time, energy and inclination to investigate not only the squandering of billions of US Dollars, but the corruption that is rampant in Indian Country?  Why are they not able to investigate, look into the numerous abuses, rapes, murders (some listed as 'accidental deaths', some as 'natural causes' some as 'suicides) in Indian Country?

Well, let's see how busy our elected politicians are:  Presently, they are in the second year of a major, and I do mean "MAJOR LEAGUE" investigation into steroid use in --- Baseball!  There are committees, panels and hearings… swearing in, oaths, lawyers, questions and testimony, all having to do with steroid use. 

Nice to see that the government has their priorities in order.  I see that everyone who would otherwise be engaged in the Nation's business, or would otherwise maybe have the time to look into the billions of dollars going into Indian Country and how this money is actually being spent, are badgering Roger Clements. 

Even now, when we know for a fact that almost every vest, helmet and padding made with the kevlar that was significantly and deliberately under-woven at the Sioux Mfg. Company in Ft. Totten, ND, put our soldiers lives and limbs in mortal danger, and possibly was the reason many were wounded, crippled or killed, we look not, investigate not one bit.  We accept the glossy "no evidence that anyone was killed or injured…" bs from the politicians, who cannot and will not tell us how they based that assumption. 

Did they look into any of the deaths involving this under-woven fabric? No. Probably didn't want to spend the money, time and energy.  And besides, Baseball, the integrity of Baseball, is somehow MORE important than the Indian People, or the Soldiers (some of whom are Indian People, btw) who are in harm's way, as we speak.

Many would ask, given the chance: “What about the integrity of the armor our soldiers rely on?” But they would be shouted down as “Unpatriotic,” I have no doubt.

Sure, steroids, illegal, probably a bad thing.  Investigating, probably a good thing. However, if something had to be put on the back burner between the two issues, which would you choose? If one had to be shut out completely, which would you choose?

Déjà Vu-ish

I tend to think of these bizarre, circus-like events in our government-on-parade in the media ongoing events as 'calculated distractions'.  I tend to think that there are more important things we should be looking at or into, but we are deliberately taken down this cartoonish road, to prevent us from actually making any changes in how things are done (or to whom they are done) and thus keep the status quo. 

A lot of fanfare, coverage, noise and commotion, but nothing changes.  Nothing.

But, because we are inundated with this noir comedy from the media, as if it were the most important thing, the only important thing, the general public is somehow, lullabied to sleepy land.

Case in Point:  Remember the OJ Simpson Trial?  Non-stop, day and night coverage on every station.  The sum total of the days events could have been broadcast in less than 1 minute on any news program.  Instead, it was labored over, colored, re-colored, 'debated', analyzed, and re-analyzed.  (Personal note here:  I had just purchased an $800 TV before all this started.  Two weeks into it, I gave the TV away).

Yes, OJ was a mediocre celeb, lacking overall in talent or appeal, but a sentimental favorite to die-hard sports fans and wife-beaters.  And yes, the murders were horrendous.  I cannot help but think that had there not been the distraction of wall-to-wall coverage, remarking on the prosecutor's new clothes, new hair style, OJ blinking 'x' many times, and creating another talentless celeb out of the flake, Kato Kalin, nothing really got done that rocked my world.

Meanwhile, the whole time the OJ circus was going on, another trial, perhaps a little more important to all of us as a nation, was in process.  A trial that involved our government, at the top levels, involved in a corrupt dictatorship, spending billions to keep a tyrant in power, and our own CIAs possible involvement in world corruption and drug trafficking, was flying low and dark under the media radar.  Manuel Noriega's trial began on the same day and ended on the same day as OJ Simpson's trial.  Not a peep.

Oh yeah, Noriega was found guilty.  I believe he was guilty.  I would, however, have liked to have seen some of his evidence that proved collusion on behalf of the US Government, CIA and other major agencies and been allowed to judge for myself if those charges were true and possibly, if I believed they were, demand an investigation into those practices.

Never had the chance.

Right Now

Our elected leaders are spending millions if not billions, to investigate baseball.  I would like us to find a way to come together and demand equal time and effort in the matters of corruption in Indian Country.  Corruption that not only takes taxpayer money; not only affects 'a bunch of Indians'; but which also is of grave concern (dark pun intended) to our soldiers and armed forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and any place else in the world where our soldiers face bombs, bullets and bayonets from the enemy.

I know that they cannot investigate the SMC Scandal without opening up a whole can of worms and end up turning over rocks all over the political and judicial spectrum, including but not limited to the FBI and their role in covering up the crimes for decades.  Yes, it will get messy, embarrassing, devastating to our illusions of moral high ground, but perhaps, if we address this now, and don't quit until it is done, there will be the kind of fundamental change in our Nation, our Government and Abroad that will lead us all to a better day. 

Perhaps it would lead us to a time when we could once again trust those we elect to do the right thing and not sell out to the first devil that comes bearing gifts of corruption and extortion.

Wow, that would be so much like the United States of America that I used to believe in.  How about you? They say we only get the government we deserve, and demand, and are willing to fight for and diligently oversee.  Are we willing?

We watch other nations struggle to reach Democracy, Rights and Freedoms that we think we already have.  They die in the streets, in front of their families, and they die on the battlefield for that one glorious ideal.  We get glimpses of these blood baths on the news.  We count ourselves fortunate. 

But how fortunate are we if we lose this Democracy because we were too lazy to hold onto it?

We say we live in a Democracy.  I think we should test that, regularly, by demanding that those we elect do OUR best interests over the benefit of Special Interests.  We test it by demanding that we get priorities in order at the top of the political food chain. 

Which is more important: The integrity of Baseball?  Or the integrity of the fabric that is supposed to be protecting our soldiers?

The Illusion of Democracy? Or the real deal? When you think about it, the choice is ours.  The power is ours. The responsibility is ours.  We just have to take it.

We hear a lot about "Change".  I think the time is right.  Right, Now.

Well, I have to go now.  The 'Rocket' is being grilled.  Oooo!

You know where to find me.



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February 29, 2008--(Printer Version)
Dorgan Dummies Up

C.R.E.W. I have updated the SMC LINKS PAGE with that link.  Apparently, Dorgan, who has been instrumental in procuring many of these no-bid contracts for SMC, seems blissfully unaware of the scandal, the raid, and the facts surrounding the penalties assessed against SMC for deliberately under weaving the kevlar fabric, which left our soldiers, all of them, without protection, while at the same time, filling the pockets of the corrupt.

Dorgan the Organ has never uttered a word of concern regarding the entire matter.  I suspect that he was called the day of the raid and t' was probably he who managed, after hanging up the phone (being told the FBI was hauling out computers and boxes of files), who immediately secured a $74Million no-bid contract for SMC, to ease their financial woes.

Since C.R.E.W. contacted Dorgan's office, and actually played the undercover tapes for him (so as there would be no doubts, he personally knows the people speaking), and requested he respond. 

Well, forcing Dorgan the Organ to go against his pals proves to be a slippery animal.  'Greased Pig' comes to mind. A portion of his response (if you can call it that) is here:

"If the allegations are found to be accurate, the Department of Defense will need to know that, and the consequences will be significant," said Dorgan. "If the investigation determines that the facts do not support the allegations, then it raises other questions about how and why this matter was pursued."

He suggests that this is all news to him and that the allegations (which were proven so I assume we can call them 'facts' now?) are specious.  The implied threat is that the people who risked everything to bring this information into the light, should be persecuted?

His support of the most corrupt in the Tribal Council has never wavered, not for one second. Kind of calls into question, or at least it should, his competency or his integrity or both.

If I had a son or daughter, father or mother, sister or brother in Iraq or Afghanistan, I would not want him, nor anyone like him, in a position to cover up, ignore and shovel money into those who commit this most greedy of frauds.

This scandal won't die.  Unfortunately, soldiers will.

At some point, Human Life, and the protection of our soldiers, should ping his radar a little louder than his zeal to fatten the corrupt.  So far, he has proven to be a man of little or no conscience, willing to stand stupidly in the glaring lights of facts, and declare he, personally, will do nothing.

I ask you:  Is this the sort of Politician you want representing North Dakota?  Any state?

Perhaps two things need to be done to send him and his pals packing:  Elect someone else, and demand an investigation into his ethics, finances and possible criminal negligence and or involvement. 

Taking action on that level requires we be willing to pursue, be vigilante, and keep the pressure on every department, agency and member of congress, to make this sort of corruption/incompetence not worth it to any of them.  It would also send a loud signal to the others like him, that they too, will face this kind of scrutiny, and outcome. 

Ain't Democracy grand?


We are witness to events taking shape in our Presidential Primaries, that can only be described as a substantial departure from the norm.  Whereas people are generally turned off by all things politic and the primaries are considered the most boring, which has allowed savvy politicos to run us over for generations; this time, is anything but dull, boring. 

This time, there has been a spark ignited in the heart and soul of the American People.  Passion and Substance, Integrity and Intelligence, are driving us all to collect in greater numbers, more alert, aware, and most of all, involved. 

At first, this ever-increasing thunder of many was ignored as a 'fluke'.  Now, it is being recognized as a 'phenomenon' and it is driving a 'movement' that if sustained, will change the tone and tenor of elections, and the way our government views us and we our government, from this election forward.

That is the "Change" that is most evident.  There are blatant attempts to drag the primary process back into the mud, distract from the goals and the issues, and those attempts are suddenly, because we are so much more awake and aware and involved-- falling flat.  They are revealing where the last bastions of Big Time Political Maneuvers are garaged, and which politicians are dependent on the tactics of fear and lies to succeed, by who pulls them out and tries to run us over, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, to squash the opposition.

But, despite the heaviness of these political war machines, their age is showing.  They are rusting, and lack the power they had over the media and the minds of the voters, falling short of the mark at the same time revealing the truer nature of the candidates that employ them. 

More information is out there, and more people are questioning and researching and coming to informed choices because of it.  The ‘Change’ in biggest part, is in US.

One can almost feel the trembling and smell the sweat of the Old Time Politicians who have consistently relied on a disenfranchised public, worn down from mud slinging and lies, dispirited by the process, and heart-broken by the broken promises, too cynical to vote intelligently, and no real choices to choose from. 

Those days of despair are vaporizing before our very eyes.  Crowds are gathering.  People are coming together.  People are working together.  People are involved.  It is happening on a national level and the world is watching.

Ghost In The Machine

It can happen in Indian Country in the same way, with the same result.  It can happen anywhere now that it is happening in view of us all.  There is a phenomena called "Ghost in the Machine" which I will summarize for this writing: 

'Once something has happened and it is viewed as real it becomes more possible and will continue to happen more readily and smoothly, again and again. Things once not imagined, become imaginable.  Things previously thought of as impossible, become possible.  From that point, they become known as doable and they begin to manifest as commonly achieved.'

Once you see it happen, it becomes a part of the consciousness that allows it to happen again and again.

There are myriad examples of this, but you can search those out for yourself.  It applies to all things physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and Political.

I want you all to watch these primaries and stump speeches on You Tube.  Even if you turn the sound down, look at the numbers of people attending, their energy and their involvement. Look at the lines of people who wait for hours in discomfort so that they can get in.  Failing to find enough seats, they wait outside to hear the words that resonate exactly what they themselves believe is true and possible and doable. 

They are in the process of nurturing the Ghost In Their Machines process that will allow them to do more, believing they can do more and have more of an effect on circumstances that surround them.  A sense of control by involvement which is the very thing we need to wither apathy and disinterest; disempower the fear tactics and empower each of us to believe in ourselves as individuals and collectively, as family, community, neighbors and nations, to step out of the grinding darkness, heal and repair; rebuild what is left into a better world for our children.

We now see, know, understand that it is possible.  With that, we are obligated to make it happen. Each of us, in our own way, must lift ourselves up, and support those around us who are doing the same. 

"Someone is coming," the Prophets told us.  They were right. "Someone is here," they told us. We now know that that 'someone' is in each of us. You know where to look to find yourself now.

You know where to find me.


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