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October 29, 2008  Printer Version(3)
Politics of Fear

As one of the most important and dynamic elections of our generation comes to the final stretch, those who have stolen and held power for so long, are becoming fearful.  Awhile back, we discussed the way fear works, as a tool to control people.

A brief refresher: In order for others to intimidate or control us, they have to make us afraid to act in our own best interests.  They have to make us both afraid OF them and afraid of anyone that would dethrone them. We become complicit in our own submission and abuse.

In order for Fear to work, those who employ it have to understand it. For them to understand it, they have to have it, in themselves.  In order to use it against others, they have to first 'sell' it to those they want to intimidate and control.  If we don't buy it, they have to take it back.  That makes them even more afraid.

Only those who are weak, cowardly, and fearful, would try to sway our opinion, or drive our actions, by fear.  When they lose that effect over us, they wither, squirm and flee from our sight.

It works on the schoolyard, the workplace, the family, the community and the nation. Or, at least it has until now.

I was told by those who used to work on old TV shows like Rawhide, Gunsmoke, Lawman and such that cattle stampedes were difficult to shoot because it took so many takes.  At first, the cattle would stampede at a loud noise.  Then, after a few takes, they quit stampeding.  They get 'lazy'.  So bigger noises, scarier noises, people waving flags and shouting nonsense to stir the cattle up again.  After awhile, nothing works.  They have to bring in fresher, younger cattle.

This election reminds me of that description of cattle stampeding.  The Republicans are clearly losing power.  They have created, unabated, destruction upon our Constitution, our resources, our military and our economy. 

Those who have power are reluctant to let go when they are defeated. There are reports of vote flipping, where machines mark Republican or McCain, regardless of which buttons are pushed.  Republican Governors, some, not all, and Precinct Managers, are engaging in unethical and illegal 'purging' of voter rolls to prevent legal voters, in the tens of thousands, from voting, in areas that are mostly Democrat and/or Minority, which tends to vote Democrat.

Horrible scare tactics are being smeared across the airwaves, trying to create a 'fear' of change, and a xenophobic reaction to anyone of color, ethnicity, or religious affiliation as 'Dangerous' or "Godless" or "Threatening".  Terms like "Socialist", "Radical" "Baby Killer" and "Godless" are being launched in greater and greater efforts to terrify, stampede voters into either so much confusion that they either won't vote for a change, or they won't vote, period.

They are shouting nonsense, waving flags and charging at those who are steadfastly marching forward, patiently standing in long lines, waiting to vote in their own best interests, for the first time in a lifetime.

The sad part of this, is that it reveals those who have held power for so long, not as noble, not as decent, but as creepy, wild-eyed power mongers who never had any integrity, and who obviously have been lying to us for a very long time about who they are, and what they stand for. 

The betrayal of our communities, our Nation, has never been more clear. 

We cannot be discouraged. We must continue, clear-headed, to summon our resolve and to join our fellow citizens and demand our right to vote, and to use that right to save ourselves.

Lost In Place

With all this garbage flying, especially out of the desperate maws of the Republican party, it is too easy to just lump them all together, the rotten and the decent, and throw them all out.  It is also too easy to assume that just because someone is a Democrat, and has been in power, that they are by default, the decent ones. 

We must, if we are to take back our country, act in our own best interests.  Clearly those who are corrupt, must be thrown out--impeached if necessary.  We have tolerated too much for too long.

Clearly, those who have launched vile, repulsive, offensive, misleading and deceptive ads, statements and tactics must be dealt defeat at the ballot box. 

But do not throw out the baby with the dirty water.  Look closely at who it is you are voting for. Look closely at their character, their abilities and add to that their tactics and that will tell you if they are both qualified and have integrity.

I believe there are good people in both parties.  What we need is GOOD PEOPLE, not just A PARTY.  Good people will do the right thing for all of us.  We need people who will put US first, and the party, second. Not the other way round.

It would be our loss if some brilliant, qualified, decent minded Republican was to be hauled out with the rest of the trash.  It would not do us any good, and it could do us great harm.

Vote with your mind clear, not with your anger. " Anything done in anger will come undone."--I learned that a long time ago.  We will have fewer regrets that way.  We will have better days ahead, if we vote that way.  Good people need other good people to work with, and we have to make sure we do our part to make that happen.

Don't be stampeded by fear, or anger. Get in line, ignore the loud noises, the nonsense being blared in your direction, and the idiotic flag waving.  It's only for show, and you know it.

Don't allow anyone to ever take your vote or your not voting, for granted.  Vote: It counts.

You know where to find me.


November's blog will be on "Judgment". 

Our condolences to the family of Aaron Dunn, who died, tragically, when the car in which he was a passenger, went into the lake and he could not get out.  Arron was 24. When I get details, I will pass them along.

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October 23, 2008 Printer Version(6)
Nervous As A Bunch of Whores In Church

A reader told me that because of Lemon Longie going on trial, and the domino effect, house of cards (pick a cliche, any cliche: fans out a selection of cliche cards), the Turdclan and their entire corrupt coterie in Spirit Lake Nation, and some in the Halls of Justice (FBI, current and retired) are 'as nervous as a bunch of whores in church!'

Let us look at why and how:

Child Rapist, Lemon Longie, is currently on trial for the ongoing rapes of his stepchildren.  As you recall, I blogged about how he had, worst of all, been raping a little 6-yr. old girl, who had multiple handicaps, is non-verbal for the most part, and in a wheelchair.

It is not looking good for Lemon. Two things have gone seriously wrong for him:

1. After being given a free pass from his Turdclan relatives for years, even after the reports came in about him raping the most vulnerable of children, Lemon thought no one could touch him, ever.  He flouted his behaviors, even bragged them up, and laughed at anyone that even gave him a hard look. He thought he was "Untouchable". (NOTE: India has a caste system and "Untouchables" are the lowest of the low. So, in a way, he was 'untouchable' in that sense)

2. The older sister of that little girl, just a little girl herself, would not be silenced.  Even when her own school counselors tried to shut her up, she told. And she told and she told and she told.  One little Indian Girl had more courage to stand up to the evil than all the Badgers in the entire Spirit Lake Nation. If even one of them stood up to the evil the way she did, things would be very different out there.

3. After he was arrested and could not get out on bail, Poopsie and the Turdclan moved within the circles of power that they have in their pockets, and had him transferred to a less secure facility in Devil's Lake, so he could be closer to home. They wanted to be able to protect him and to keep him silent.  They wanted to prevent him from trading better conditions or a shorter sentence by telling what he knows, and what he did, to help Poopsie and Co, cover up their murdering of Eddie Peltier. 

But that move backfired. For while sitting in the DL Jail, he was among those that knew what he was in for. NOT for 'drugs' as he had claimed in order to stay safe from "Jail Justice" that is often rather brutally meted out to child molesters and rapists in jail.  He got found out.

Now, wherever he goes, he will be looking over his shoulder, wondering where the next attack is coming from.

And the little girl continues to speak out.

Now, being that he is not able to stand up to any discomfort, the likelihood of him ratting out the Turdclan, telling how he personally replaced all the upholstery, including the headliner, carpet, dashboard, door panels of the Blazer that Poopsie had used to transport the blood-soaked body of Eddie Peltier, the odds on him making a trade, is very high.

Multiple scenarios arise from this: He will be found guilty. Unless Poopsie can bribe the jurors, threaten or silence the truth in some way, Lemon is going to prison. Lemon will talk.

If they can't get the jury corrupted, and he goes to prison, they have to silence him.  Lemon now has to worry about being killed by other prisoners, one or more of whom would be likely doing a 'hit' for the Turdclan.

Now, Lemon is stupid, but he is not that stupid. The only safe place he will be able to find is by talking, in detail, very quickly, to agents who will pursue his own family, their murders (Eddie's murder was not their first, nor their last), before they can get to him.

Wow, not laughing now, are ya, Lemon?

Ham Sandwich Confessions

Given the systematic conditioning of citizens in the US to discredit any minority, and to view any minority as 'the problem', it has been way too easy for corrupt federal agents to systematically oppress and abuse those populations.  None more so than Indian People.

Not going into the entire 500 year history here, but keeping it current.  As has been recently exposed in the news, (although receiving less coverage than Madonna and A-Rod) is the outright corruption in the highest offices of the land. One in particular, the Department of the Interior, which oversees all things Indian Country, we have been told and it has been proven that agents regularly, took bribes to give away our resources to big resource extraction companies: Oil, Minerals, Timber, etc, without them paying a fair price. Even giving them access to resources that were essentially stolen from Indian People who were never compensated.  Hookers, cocaine, alcohol and cash, all played, regularly in these 'negotiations' and it was rampant.

No one has been fired. No one has been arrested. No one has stopped it. Hundreds of Billions of dollars, every year, squandered by those in charge.

Those in charge have a vested interest in keeping this level of corruption ongoing. In order to do this on both Federal and especially on Indian Lands, it is imperative that government, at the highest levels, keep corruption in place, in control of Indian People.

This is why you had Dickie Wilson and his Goon Squads being protected by both the FBI and the National Guard, during those dark decades.  That was when two cowboy FBI agents were involved in a shootout of their own making, and got themselves killed.

The FBI did not care who murdered those agents. What they cared about was stopping anyone from finding out how the corruption on that Reservation, and most of the other reservations in the nation, was being supported by government and why.  They also needed to remove anyone who could potentially retake leadership and undo the corruption.

They needed to control the very thinking of the Indian People into thinking that nothing they do could ever help them. To keep them in a sense of futility that would allow the secure the ongoing corruption, at the highest level.

The death of those two agents became, on the spot, the vehicle by which they could accomplish all things corrupt. They could fabricate a case against AIM (American Indian Movement) and paint it as 'violent' and a 'threat' to not only Indians, but to the rest of the nation.

With phony science, perjured testimony, with threats and bribery, and with terrifying people either into reciting the government scripts, or into complete silence, they succeeded in convicting Leonard Peltier.

They could not have done it without the help of Judge Paul Benson, well known for his outright bigotry towards Indian People and his total disdain for any kind of fairness in his courtroom. And, it did not hurt that he and the prosecution were all members of the same secretive Masonic Lodge, that puts their brotherhood above all else: Family, Country, even God.

With all that in place, Lynn Crooks smiled and declared that he could get a confession out of a ham sandwich.  Those 'confessions' were a hallmark of his prosecutions.

Part of the process in making it believable to jurors, was to play on their innate ignorance of Indians and Indian life and culture (no Indians were ever allowed on any of the juries where Indians were being tried) and to play on the stereo type available.  Jurors were bussed in, the windows on the busses covered with cardboard to 'protect' the jurors from 'attacks' by Indian Protestors.

First of all, it must have been terrifying for those jurors to be bussed around, in darkness, fearing attacks from 'Indians' (What? Scalping?). Further, how dumb do you have to be to think that cardboard would protect you from any projectiles that would be thrown from any dangerous Indians? Cardboard stop a rock? A bullet? Hardly.

It was mentally conditioning those jurors to think of Indian People as 'dangerous' and as 'other' and as 'them, not us'.

Had the jurors been allowed to see out their own windows, they would have seen men and women, with their children, coming to see if Justice would be done.  They would have seen people not unlike themselves, except for race. 

Prejudice pays off for the government.

The same tactics were worked on the case against the 11 innocent men who were tried for Eddie Peltier's murder.  Ignorance and Fear, Prejudice and Perjury. Ham Sandwich confessions that made no sense, but which were not allowed to be challenged by the Defense.

It worked.

But now, if Lemon Longie talks and the right people listen, the fact that the guilty have been running the show, protected by the Government at the highest levels, could be exposed.

One Murder Too Many?

The murder of Eddie Peltier, not the first, nor the last by the Turdclan, might have been the one that undoes them, and their friends in high places. An entire system of corruption is in danger of being exposed.

I can see why they are all nervous as whores in church. A lot is at stake here.

And, the murder of Anna May Aquash, connected to Leonard Peltier's trial, AIM, all of that. It remained 'unsolved' and a 'cold case' at risk of heating up if the public ever became curious or enlightened about how things work in Indian Country.

That case had to be 'put to bed' before an incoming administration could investigate it, with an eye for Justice, and it would unravel all the corruption that went into the kangaroo trial, based on corrupt investigation, of Leonard Peltier.

And then the question would lead to another and another and another question, and all of that could lead to revealing who, in high places, has been, for decades, selling out all of us, Indians and Non-Indians, to the big companies that extract OUR oil, OUR coal, and OUR MINERALS and Timbers... illegally. 

Now that we know what hundreds of billions of dollars can do to our economy, maybe we should look.

Meanwhile, to close that case without allowing the truth about what happened back there, back then to the Indian People, to Leonard, to those FBI Agents, the Ham Sandwich tactics came into play again.

Arlo Looking Cloud was not only convicted in the same way, but to make it 'stick', the Feds used that tried and effective method of involving other innocents as 'conspirators' (because we loves a conspiracy, yes we does), to reinforce the notion that they had an operation that had to be busted up, not just one cold-blooded killer.  They had to look like they were doing their job, and not like they were covering up their own operation which, most likely, was assassinating Anna May for their own ends.

They picked on the wrong guy as a co-conspirator. They picked the wrong guy to make it look like their case against Arlo Looking Cloud was solid.  Arlo's conviction was supposed to make their conviction of Leonard Peltier look more solid, and to close the case from prying eyes of future administrations.

The guy they picked, John Graham, based on Ham Sandwich testimony which was supposed to tie it all together, was maybe one too many.

Graham is not a US Citizen. He is Canadian. And Federal Law, which was designed to thwart Indians from filing suit against their own corrupt officials, caused the case against Graham to be thrown out of court.

And, somehow, even though it was proven that the court had no jurisdiction, and the agents who arrested him had no jurisdiction, and as I mentioned, the case was thrown out, despite all that, Graham remains behind bars while the prosecution appeals the ruling!

So much for Innocent until Proven Guilty. Just rot in jail until we can change the law.

Now, he has a case against the government: False arrest, malicious prosecution, malicious persecution, false imprisonment, to name but a few. Some are criminal as well as civil and the government can end up defending itself in such a way that would actually reopen the case against Arlo Looking Cloud, and that would also reopen the case against Leonard Peltier.

A lot of plates are being juggled right now, by the Feds. Do they continue the now tangled and failing policies that support and encourage corruption? That, at best, can only stall the inevitable, and will place them, by name, in the history books as culprits in the greatest ongoing injustice in any civilized nation.

Or, do they turn instead into the heroes, cleaning up the corruption from their own ranks and re investigating cases that will, doubtless, call into question the reputations and actions of their own predecessors and perhaps, administrators.

Like I said: Awards will be rescinded, toasts will be retracted, false idols will fall.

It's lunchtime. I'm going to make a sandwich.

You know where to find me.


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October 20, 2008 --Printer Version (9)
Forgive Me, For I Have Zenned

Someone Sent this to me, so I had to pass it on:

Zen Sarcasm 

1. Do not walk behind me, for I 
may not lead. Do not walk ahead of 
me, for I may not follow. Do not 
walk beside me either. Just pretty 
much leave me alone. 
2. The journey of a thousand miles 
begins with a broken fan belt or a 
leaky tire. 

3. It's always darkest before dawn , so 
if you're going to steal your 
neighbor's newspaper, that's the 
time to do it. 
4. Don't be irreplaceable. If you can't 
be replaced, you can't be promoted. 

5. Always remember that you're 
unique. Just like everyone else. 
6. Never test the depth of the water with both 
7. If you think nobody cares if you 're 
alive, try missing a couple of car 
8. Before you criticize someone, you 
should walk a mile in their shoes. 
That way, when you criticize them, 
you're a mile away and you have 
their shoes. 
9. If at first you don't succeed...... 
skydiving is not for you. 

10. Give a man a fish and he will eat 
for a day. Teach him how to fish, 
and he will sit in a boat and drink 
beer all day. 
11. If you tell the truth, you don' t 
have to remember anything. 
12. Some days you're the bug, some 
days you're the windshield. 
13. Everyone seems normal until you 
get to know them. 
14. The quickest way to double your 
money is to fold it in half and put 
it back in your pocket.

15. A closed mouth gathers no foot. 
16. Duct tape is like 'The Force'. It 
has a light side and a dark side, 
and it holds the universe together. 

17. There are two theories to arguing 
with a woman - Neither one 
18. Generally speaking, you aren't 
learning much when your lips are 
19. Experience is something you don't 
get until just after you need it. 
20. Never, under any circumstances, 
take a sleeping pill and a laxative

I like those because they contain humor and truth, and give us a way to look at things in a new light. (I put that last one on there, specifically for Poopsie)

Racism: A Tool To Divide and Conquer The Masses

Let us once again visit the wizard and throw back the curtain and remember that behind all that smoke and thundering bluster, is a scared little man who wants to control all the wealth, all the power and to have no one ever find out that he is the wormy little bully that he is.  That the only power he has is if we give him ours and allow him to mistreat us. 

To herd and control the masses is a 3 step process.

Step1: Make people afraid.

People who are afraid 'react', rather than 'respond'. They don't think. They don't look. They don't consider alternatives and they don't even consider that they may have been misled.  After they React, they are unwilling to look back, for fear they might 'regret', so they justify whatever reaction, over-reaction they played, by using ever more mindless, 'circular logic', and even get angry at anyone who might point out the flawed thinking process.

People who are afraid, are more apt to react with anger.

Step 2: Exploit Fear, Incite Anger

The one way to conceal the shame of being afraid is to put on the trappings of anger.  Anger needs a target.  That target can be anyone or anything, that is in any way, 'different'.  This is where 'racism' plays on fear and anger and feeds into the downward spiral that plays on ignorance and seems only to need the louder voice, the uglier slogan and the more mindless, the better.

Racism pits God's children against one another.  Oddly enough, those hold some of the ugliest and deepest racist feelings, also claim to be staunchly religious.  As if God would approve? The level of ignorance required to sustain racist beliefs on this level, is staggering.  Considering that Racism is a learned thing, it is one of the first clues as to who among us, is most susceptible to brainwashing.

This kind of mistrust, racist/religious/ethnic/status/whatever becomes more 'hair trigger' if you mix in economic fear along with all the other 'fears' already in the mix.  It becomes, to the fearful racist, a matter of their own life or death, to do all they can to keep the other person down, or to put the other person down. 

People feel they are competing for fewer jobs and blame, not the government that allowed their jobs to be out sourced and kept their wages so low they could not transition/retrain for another job without desperation measures sinking sharp teeth into any dignity, plans for the future that person may have had.  Targets are available in the face of everyone not like us.

We fail to draw on the one greatest resource we all have in this world: One another. Working together, we could save ourselves, our democracy and our dignity, and we fail to see that and buy instead, the lies that create in us more fear, more rage, more mindless anger.

Our focus should be on those who failed to lead, those who were corrupt, but the fearful are easily led to targets that require no thought, no reason, only rage.

This keeps the little man behind the curtain in power.  He continues to keep us terrified, fearful, and afraid to think differently or to save ourselves.

True Believers become militaristic, jingoistic and we hear labels like "Commie", "Pinko", "Socialist", "Terrorist", and "Muslim" all being shouted by people who are literally, setting their national house on fire, showing the world the worst, the most ignorant, the most divisive and dangerously uneducated factions of our society, vying to become the dominant and declaring war on tolerance, acceptance, equality and Free Speech, in the name of 'Patriotism' and "Honor". 

Our nation is humiliating itself, pissing all over itself, on the world stage, with these throwback behaviors reminiscent of the worst of the Cold War Paranoia and our shameful racist beginnings.

Step 3: Repeat Lies, Exploit the Fears, Racism

By the time we get to this step, we are self-defeating. People who are already programmed in the previous 2 steps, are ready to be misled, misdirected, deceived, and will blindly follow those who have systematically fed us toxic hatred, mindless racism.  By now, it does not matter how obvious the lies are, those indoctrinated in the first 2 steps, hunger for more of the same rhetoric to justify their acting out against people they don't know, and who have done nothing to them, or to anyone else.

Lies are easier swallowed. The indoctrinated are more easily confused.  They may linger in the 'undecided' column, but they are not 'undecided'.  Rather, they are afraid to save themselves.  Afraid that those around them will question them, their patriotism. 

Or, perhaps I give them too much credit. Perhaps, inside their undecided little hearts beats a cluster of misgivings based on racial mythos that never quite accepted equality and longs for a sense of superiority, and a candidate of different race might shake up the system upon which they base their reality.

It is those fears, and the fear of making a decision that would not please the little man behind the curtain, I believe, that so firmly lodges a handful into the 'undecided' column.  If they are not decided, even by now, it is merely that they are so frozen in fear, they have not been able to think freely.

Step 3 is completed when you have both mindless rage stampeding people in the wrong direction, and those afraid to think for themselves, standing like deer in the headlights of an oncoming election, unable to save themselves because they don't want to be responsible.

The Next Step is easy: Keep the people in fear, keep them divided. If you can, create more confusion with more lies.  You can measure how effective the program is by the number of undecideds which represents those who are afraid to think.  Those who are afraid to think more gladly hand over their power to someone who will do it for them.

That is key to how the Emerald City continues to run in mysterious cloaked way.  If the people start to get restless, the smoke, the loud noises blare out, and the people tremble.

The Art of Distraction

Every magician whose worth his/her salt, will tell you that the biggest part to making any illusion work is to distract the audience. Make them look OVER THERE (be it a sexy assistant, winking, wiggling, strutting, or a pigeon, or rabbit, or smoke and again, mirrors; all the while, what they are doing is over HERE.

We should all become suspicious when those who have lied to us, tried to make us afraid to not believe those lies, are 'warning' us of what the other guy is doing.

I watch as ACORN is being made the distraction for the McCain Campaign. Few know that McCain has supported and been a supporter of ACORN all these many years, and he has sought their endorsement in this election.

They do grass roots work. They help with housing. They help with rights for the HOMELESS to be able to lift themselves up, and not be marginalized or forgotten by the government whose policies and practices abandoned them into the streets to begin with. McCain had high praise for ACORN as recently as this year.

But one of the tools that was used to secure the Republican Presidency in both 2000 and 2004 is Voter Fraud. Polls in high Democratic areas were late to open, by hours, closed early, or unfairly challenged people who came to vote based on their registrations being illegally 'purged' from the voter rolls in the 90 days preceding an election. Hundreds of thousands of voters were denied the right to vote. These were not people who had lost the right by conviction, or who had moved, or who had failed to register.  These were people who were turned away, illegally.

One community, in Florida, more than 100,000 were illegally kept from voting. Their only recourse? The courts.  That takes years, and money. These were not wealthy areas.  Some of the USAGs who were looking into the voter fraud cases, were fired. 

We have seen the results of this kind of takeover. Remember: The same people who stole the election in 2000 allowed 9/11 to happen and then used that fear to convince us that they were the only ones who could keep us safe. 

And, so far, they have kept us safe. If you call stealing an election, getting us into wars that have killed our sons and daughters, killed the innocent, cost us dearly in treasure, and destabilized and made the world a more dangerous place, "safer", then you know how to vote. Steps 1,2, 3 are completed and you are too weak to save yourself.

They are doing the illegal voter registration roles purges again. They want to remove hundreds of thousands of people from the roles in areas that are heavily Democrat.  People who have gone into foreclosure, for sure, will not have the financial wherewithal to fight in court when they are turned away at the polls. Even if they did, it would, as it has in the past and continues to this day, take years to wind through the courts and can be defeated as simply as firing anyone that would investigate the charges.

Toxic Rallies, Polluted Waters of Democracy

If you feel safer for having sold off our Democracy, allowed fear and hate to steer your vote towards more war, more economic plundering and dividing us racially, religiously and ethnically worse than ever, then you know who to vote for. McCain is your man. Palin has high ambitions of her own and is only riding that worn out old horse until she can get to the higher circles of power. After that, he is useless to her, and to those who courted her in. McCain too foolish to see that he is not the star of his own show?  Or does he crave this office to the extent that he cannot taste the cold metal of hatred and fear he has created to get there?

That would be the man whose rallies champion racist jokes, shouts of "Kill Him!" "Terrorist!" and "Muslim!", and who never allows reporters to ask questions of the woman who will most likely step into those big shoes within a year of the election. In fact, the campaign of McCain Palin keeps all the reporters in a "pen" at the rallies and will not allow them to interview anyone in the audience! You cannot question the Candidate, his running mate, or the audience? Does that sound like someone who wants to protect your freedoms? Your rights?

Or does it sound like someone who is throwing smoke and mirrors, and acorns out from behind the curtain to distract from his own pathetic weaknesses, and his willingness to stoop to gutter level to smear his opponent, while at the same time planning on the same tactics of voter suppression to give him the win where he would otherwise be defeated?

Is that really what we want our nation to be? Isn't that what we criticize other nations for? Suppressing the votes? Mistreating their own people? Attacking other nations and stealing their resources? Isn't that everything we used to be against?

I look at this election as our last chance to save our Democracy, restore our dignity in this world by right action and truth.  No, actually, I look at it as a chance for us to restore our Democracy to what it should be. To what it was on the way to being, before all this insanity of flag pins and faux patriotism poisoned the airwaves.  Lying comes easy to those who only want to distract you, make you fear, stymie your thinking into immobility. 

Lies are revealed by contradictions that emerge: The list is very long indeed, but the most glaring is the premise upon which McCain predicated his campaign against Obama: "Experience Counts", and then, without vetting, without thinking, afraid he would lose if he did not do something desperate, he did something inexcusably bone-headed: He chose the unknown, untried and untested, Sara Palin as his VP choice. A woman who is embroiled in scandals of corruption, which the McCain camp should have known about, but didn't, and which it is trying to squelch any of the investigations that began before she was picked and those that have cropped up since.

Her ignorance is touted like a virtue.  Her lack of depth, or thought, they say is 'refreshing'. They shield her from reporters, only allow the strictest of guidelines for any interviews, and declare her 'ready'. Ready? For what? Apparently, the first and the biggest lie McCain ever told to the voters was about the importance of 'Experience'. He decries 'Ayers' as a terrorist, and yet, his connections to him, through the same organization (Annenberg Foundation) are even more recent than Obama's.  His ties to unrepentant terrorist G. Gordon Liddy, even telling him how much he admires him, is disgraceful. "He did his time," McCain declares. Well, Ayers was never convicted, how does that figure in? And we all remember G. Gordon Liddy advised the Branch Davidians at Waco to ...Shoot the ATF Agents in the head because they will be wearing body armor.. apparently is ok with McCain? The connections to radical terrorists and those who would overthrow our government run deep with McCain, just in the person of G. Gordon Liddy, and with several others.

Is that what he was afraid would be exposed? Is that why he harps relentlessly on Ayers? More distraction? It only serves to bring up his past, recent, and distant, and a constant disturbing thread of connections emerges. 

McCain is battling to make Integrity a weakness.  But the more he tries to undo the man armored in it, the more he reveals his own pale, quaking self, squirming in his own stink of lies and corruption, hoping no one will notice.

There are powerful people behind McCain/Palin. They will try again. We must be vigilant. This time it is very obvious.  Next time, it might not be so easy to distinguish. And next time, there might not be enough of us around who are not afraid to think and to speak out.

And another reason we must stay vigilant: If we get the President we want, at best, we only have him for 8 years. After that, the game begins again.  We must be wary of both sides and not allow our assumptions, the mythos, betray us into our own undoing. For that reason, we must be vigilant and pro active, not just at election time, but all the time.

We owe it to our children to give them a chance in a Democracy we used to be so proud of, and can be again.

If we allow ourselves to continue to be distracted, stampeded by fear, anger, racism, we will never have the chance to even begin to go back and fix the wrongs, or make right, the injustices done in our name, behind our backs, with our tax dollars and quiet racially justified approval.

We need to protect ourselves, not from the other guy that doesn't look like us, but from those who try to convince us, with lies, with hate and fear, that they are our best chance to feel superior to our brothers and sisters.

Repairing Our Image and Our Nation

There is a lot of work to be done to fix all that has been broken.  With the right people in office, we can begin that work without fear of losing the future.  There are powerful, wealthy people behind the endeavors to undo our democracy for their own enrichment.  They will try wherever they can get a foothold. For a long time now, they have tried it with Republicans, and turned that once model party of intelligent, well-groomed, successful (by education and work), conservatives (conservatives used to care about the balance of budget and condition of the people and the infrastructure), into what we see today at the McCain/Palin Rallies: The screaming unwashed, uneducated, boldly racist, hateful mobs that scream "Kill HIM!" "Terrorist!" "Muslim!" while the candidates smile, wave, wink and the Secret Service only there to prevent the Press from finding what they themselves refuse to see. 

The message is this: "It's approved. And, if you elect us, we will let that angry hateful monster in you run free! Your racism is safe with us. We are the real Americans. Us against the rest of the nation." (wink)

The world is watching. Is that really what we want them to see as US? Would that make us appear more powerful? Or weaker? Capable? Or just Confused? Right? Or Lost?

I know I say to vote for Obama, and that is how I feel. But as soon as you can, those in North Dakota, you must find a good replacement for Dorgan the Organ and Kent Conrad.  I have seen their actions, and how they condone corruption, and how they have done nothing for those in Indian Country, except for the powerfully corrupt, whom they call friend.  North Dakota deserves better. North Dakota will have to work to get it. And North Dakota will have to stay vigilant.

The little man behind the curtain doesn’t want you to look at him. He wants you to look everywhere else. He will even point out that there are a lot of other little men behind a lot of other curtains out there. True. But don’t let that stop you from cleaning up this one, in this place at this time. We must start now, here, and then we can move on to more and others.

Corruption in high places in other states. Let them find their own blogger. This is where I am looking and this is what I have seen. It's time for a change. I am the barking, annoying little terrier that keeps pulling back the curtain on this one. We can do much more, much better, together.

You know where to find me.


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October 15, 2008 --Printer Version (6)

Note: The following is now permanently on it's own page: Anna May Murder which will contain more information on that case, which is related to the Leonard Peltier Case, both of which follow the exact same tactics of corruption and abuse by the Justice Department.  A "Pattern of Prosecutorial Misconduct and Abuse" are the least of the charges that are provable in these cases, and in others.

Anna May Aquash Murder
How Old Justice Department Tricks Die Hard

Here are some vital links for you to follow in understanding the gross miscarriage, nay, the HIJACKING of Justice by the corrupt.

I will continue to update these links with related links as time goes on.  My thanks to those of you readers who have tirelessly scoured this and other related issues to bring greater enlightenment to all the readers of Restless Spirit.

Worth noting is this: The common argument against the claims of corruption in the Justice Department rests on the apparent "Lack of Motive" on the part of the Justice Department to engage in, especially such long-term enduring, 'conspiracy' to protect corruption in Indian Country.

Just because a motive is not apparent, does not mean that one does not exist.  For those who are content to get all their history from brief paragraphs in grade school, or all their political acumen from so-called "news programs" on TV, and who are content to question nothing, research nothing, and believe whatever their government tells them as gospel, you need read no further.

Recently, stumbling into the light, are the whistle-blower accounts of rampant abuse and bribery running amok at the Department of the Interior.  There has been a long-standing policy of corruption, bribes, sexual favors, open drug use and alcohol partying which on only became more blatant during the Bush Administration.

Department of Interior is the one that gives out the Federal leases for all the resources: Oil, Timber, Water, Minerals,  Coal, Uranium, and land leases for major producers, including cattle. They are in charge of securing fees, and making sure that those who own the land (Indians) get their fair share of the revenues, as well as making sure the process is open to all, equally.  Further, they are supposed to protect the environment, and not allow anyone, any corporation to take from those who own the lands, that which is not theirs to take.

Hundreds of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS per year, beginning back in the early 70's, has been channeled illegally, without proper oversight, and with regulation enforcement, to cronies, and major players in the business of Resource extraction.

Those are FACTS.  So, with this rampant corruption going on, making it easy to rob Indian People of their lands, their resources, and steal from all of us, without any concern of being held accountable.  These are powerful people. They are the biggest behind the scenes players in every administration since Kennedy.  They have every reason to keep the corrupt in power in Indian Country, and to prevent Indian People from coming together to protect themselves or to hold government and their Fat Cat Corporate pals accountable.

They also are the major stock holders, power brokers and players in all the media: Radio, TV, Newspapers and News Outlets. They buy and sell access to information.  They dictate what information is allowed to make news cycles, by policy for those they own, and by threats of withdrawing sponsorship or by bribery for offering sponsorship or "support" and by backroom dealings with one another.

Have you ever wondered why CNN and the rest of them focus on Britney, Anna Nicole, Paris Hilton, Bears on Trampolines? 

Behold the Economic Meltdown. Surprise! That, my friends, did not just fall out of the sky. That was taking place, in full view of congress, and in the policies and in the ongoing de-regulation, (code for 'removing the laws that protect people from unethical practices by major corporations').  Stories that we should have been hearing about, but were denied as curtains of distraction were drawn on every 'news' program out there, for years and years.

We have become the least informed society on the planet.  Information is key to our being able to make judgments, hold our leaders accountable. What else is being hidden from us? when do we start looking?

We need, all of us, to see where it started, how it works against us all, and to form a strategy of coming together, as a community and as a nation, to break the cycle of darkness and despair which involves all of us, but which cannot work against us we don't allow it.

For those who have had that nagging feeling that things have been concealed, and that we must pursue past injustices in order to clear our national conscience, as well as to prevent present and future injustices, I offer you this website, and these links for your consumption.

I encourage you to search them all, and to find others that will shed more light, reveal more pieces of the puzzle that has, until now, been hidden from public view by obscuring our view with distractions, lies and refusing to answer, honestly, the questions that go begging.

What has been common practice by our Government in Indian Country, is being implemented in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in countries we barely hear about, and in our economy, right here at home.

I say we start looking. A good place to start looking is where it began, and where the corruption has been perfected and practiced for more than 150 years. It is relevant today.

Buckle up.  This will take a lot of work on the part of all of us. But if we fail to begin this work, we leave even more darkness and confusion for our children and their children.  To that end, we fail to support and to protect our Democracy.  However, if we begin now, maybe, just maybe...

Some of the following is a brief synopsis of the Government's case Against Arlo Looking Cloud, recently convicted, and the flaws in it:

Anna Mae was found lying in a fetal position wrapped in a blanket. Which could imply that she was comfortably sleeping in a fetal position, on her left side & wrapped in a blanket because the bullet hole was found under the right ear. Her body was placed somewhere that it froze in that position. This scenario explains the discrepancies in Arlo's testimony. (Bodies stuffed in Freezers and barrels and other hiding places tend to be folded into 'fetal position'.)

It was Cleo Gates (Dick Marshall's wife) not Thelma Rios, who saw Anna Mae wearing the heavy winter coat & offered her something to eat the night of her supposed murder when they stopped off in Allen, SD. 

However, Anna Mae was found wearing a lightweight, burgundy jacket, blue jeans, tennis shoes & shirt. (totally different than what the FBI reported.) Arlo does not recall stopping off in Allen, SD.

Another thought is that Anna Mae was shot while sleeping, which explains the blanket she was wrapped in & then left in cold storage (an unheated garage) then later the frozen body was tossed down the ravine leaving strands of hair on the ravine rocks.

Remember there were no ropes, board, bullets or gun found at the crime scene. Thelma Rios had previously said the last time she saw Anna Mae she was wearing a heavy winter coat. When they found the body she was dressed differently. The FBI said when they found Anna Mae's body she was wearing a dress & moccasins. (try to figure that one out-- Maybe that is why the movie "Burn after Reading" was produced?)

There was no fence to cross over as Arlo testified crawling through the fence. (Fence was not built until years after the murder) As IN: the person who found her body (Roger Amiotte) was out looking to build a fence to keep the cattle in. He testified the body was lying in a fetal position as if asleep. Arlo later testified that they went through the fence.
But, the fence was not built until (15 ?) years later.

These are inconsistencies found in Arlo's testimony. He said he emptied the gun by shooting the rest of the bullets into the ground. Hence, no bullets were found in the ground as the authorities used a metal detector to look for bullets. He said he buried the gun under a bridge, hence, no gun was found under the bridge he directed them to. His testimony is not consistent with the original crime scene as stated by witnesses Roger Amiotte & police records.


A recent news article was interesting to me. It said that 30 of the Pine Ridge Tribal Police resigned and that the Feds are sending in 'support personnel' to maintain police presence in Pine Ridge. Hmm. Let's see: The Tribal Police have a dispute with the Tribal Council and are willing to quit what is probably their only hope of employment?

Given that Tribal Councils are inherently corrupt, and use their police forces to bully and intimidate their own people, (Most proudly and blatantly in the the time of Dickie Wilson and his "Goon Squad"), what does it say when once again, the Feds step in to keep the Tribal Council in power, without regard to what the people want? Without regard to what is legal or illegal? Without regard as to what is Right or Wrong?

Would it not have been nice, in a journalistic way, to have at least explored the issue and let the readers outside of Pine Ridge get some understanding of what is going on there and why? Are we setting up for another Leonard Peltier event?

Is it because of the Arlo Looking Cloud, Leonard Peltier and now the 'Oops, Benson is a Canadian?' issue that the Feds feel the hot breath of people crying out for truth and justice and they need to be sure that no one hears them?

So, Indians of other Tribes, what are you doing about this? Or do you just wait until it is your turn?

Resuming The Blog Episodes
O'Town Insanity Ongoing

Not much time to write about this one, but just to keep you all posted: The Old Biddy of O'Town and her pals continue to try and paint themselves as victims of this evil blog. But they do it in such a weird, nay, Bizarre way, that I am left both laughing and mystified as to how they actually think in that alternate reality that circles Uranus.

The Old Biddy, having been voted by her peers as the smartest person in town, tried, time and time again to convince me that Pete Hager, and her relatives, especially Karen fakes-cancer Peterson, were innocent of any crimes or wrong doing, and that the corrupt little town council was pure as the driven snow.

She tried. Bless her black little stony heart, she tried. Finally, unable to change my mind, hurt my feelings she swore off ever contacting me again.

She then incarnated, thinly disguised, as a web designer who had posted a derogatory site against me. Which somehow got 'frozen' and shut down, within about 24 hours of its going up.  Apparently, she was not as clever as she thought she was.  Not by half, what her friends thought she was, even in her sloppy disguise.

Since then, still denying it is her that is writing to me, but giving herself away, time and time again, she tries various other email 'disguises', most recently pretending to be a young girl questioning whether or not those 'good people' in 'that town' were being unfairly treated by me and my blog.

Not sure how she will pop up next: Perhaps as a talking fish?

Several things remain clear about O'Town:

There is runaway crime there, most of which emanates from the bar, which drugs its patrons, several of whom end up dead shortly after leaving the bar, often in mysterious car accidents, which the owners of the bar seem to think they can go door-to-door to explain away with stories that baffle the logic of the least curious.

Crimes that enabled and sanctioned by a Town Council that has never faced an election, and remain to this day, self-appointed.

The one honest sheriff has had to face an uphill battle with odd restrictions set by the Town Council, i.e., not allowed to patrol in, nor around the bar, despite its history for crime, death and suspicious activity. (At one time, you recall, the Town Council, right after their pet sheriff lost re-election, actually fraudulently moved the boundary lines of the Town to have it become part of the rez. The State of North Dakota made them move it back. (Altogether now, Heave!)

And the Old Biddy cannot, despite her swearing she would, she cannot resist trying to influence, control or anger me.  Unfortunately, each attempt appears more clownish, more sophomoric and is to me, more amusing.  (Can you speak fish?)

But I will give her this: She probably IS the smartest person she knows among her friends.  Not that it is saying much, just that it is likely true.

Zit Puppet In Court Again, Again, Again..

As he continues to drink, drive, drug, drive, and be arrested, show up in court, he only runs up more and more bills for the Tribe to pay on his behalf: Bail, Attorney Fees, Court Costs, (bribes?).  Yet he remains in office as the Secretary-Treasurer for the tribe.

Yeah, why do all the other Indians laugh their asses off at the SLN? Gee, go figure!


Well, the Debate is on.  I know, the format is anything but a Debate, but that is what will take my attention for the next few hours.

You know where to find me.



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October 13, 2008--(Printer Version)11
Politics of Fear

Okay, we structure the blog now with the most recent post first. Apparently, it is blog law.  Other bloggers read it and they say it is the one thing that must be fixed. Okay, "fitzed it".

As the economy "melts down" we are inundated with fearful images: Wall street wizards with the look of utter distress on their faces, staring in vague disbelief at a board full of abbreviations chained to numbers going negative.  Their minds unable to comprehend new images of hot cars and willing women fading from their dreams, replaced by the nightmares of overdue bills, losing their seat at the country club, and shopping at K-mart with 'those people' (Code for "us").

We get, if you listen to CNN, a constant undercurrent of music that loops endlessly after 3 bars, reminiscent of the low string section in the movie JAWS, just before the shark got a snack. In case the news is not bad enough, they want you wound up like an old watch, springs over-wound.

Ironically, those repetitious news 'bits' are followed by advertisements for Cialis, Viagra and Mood modifying drugs.  Oh yeah, keep your priorities and other parts of your anatomy, straight as you can. (Message: "Things are really bad! But if you can still afford this here drug, life is good!")

The airwaves, which are supposed to be public, only rented by broadcasters, used to be obligated to relay real information, pertinent to our lives. However, it has become yet another resource co-opted and used against us, as a vehicle by which to mindlessly drive consumerism.  Consumerism is driven by sexual images that do not relate to the product.  Therefore, Fear is drummed by the dogs of the media, while sexual innuendo calls the siren song. Consumer feels they are 'safer' if they can purchase that which makes them 'sexier'. 

Fear is a great marketing tool. People are 'herded' to both products and plans that have nothing to do with reality, their life and which are, on the face of them, untrue, unhealthy, unhelpful to what needs to be accomplished.

The sexual imagery also 'distracts' from the overt fear imagery.  Alternating fear, sexual imagery, fear, sexual imagery, keeps the herd moving in the direction that best serves the system that is running us all, serving only a few.

By the time the dust of history settles, only fragments of true history, scattered here and there, remain. And the herd has moved on and no one has time, nor interest to pursue those fragments.  Indian Country was created in one of those sustained social stampedes. 

In that brilliant creation of Indian Country, all problems were solved: Land was stolen, but 'settlers needed it' so the Indians had to be pushed aside, no time for Justice nor to honor treaties. Contracts for Railroads and Gold were in the offing and we had no time for such foolishness! Indians, then, were just in the way.  Nothing personal.

There were lands to conquer, people to evict, resources to put into the control of a select few.  Resources, which, btw, belong now to all of us, are the exclusive wealth machines of a select few. They stole it from the Indians to give it to all of us (Our national resources).  But long ago, they stole it from us. We all have more in common with Indians and Indian Country if we but allow ourselves to see the similarities, rather than listen to the racist, divisive mantras of the powerful (who are only thinking of our best interests and we should never question their motives, intentions or acts).

But in case you want to revisit the issues surrounding wrongs done to Indian People in Indian Country, and in case they want to stand up for themselves, we have 'trigger' terminology to make sure no one wants to look too closely. "Uprising, renegades, warpath," and the notion that if we allow Justice to occur in Indian Country, next thing you know, "they will be wanting it all back: All the cities (we built), our homes, (our women?) and all the resources (for which they never got paid).  We just can't afford that. Heck, we can barely afford gas! Indians just in the way. Indian Country? No time for that.  Thank Gawd that 'uprising' was short-lived! I was in fear of my scalp!)

Ain't Fear great?  Look what you can get done! People put aside their values, their morals and even set aside any form of critical thinking when it came to what they were seeing of blatant injustice.

In fact, if you did question the politics of Fear, you were labeled "Indian Lover" or worse. Your peers sneered at you, rejected you, and you were isolated.  And to keep your 'free thinking' from infecting others, you were systematically discredited. 

Fear, part 3 is this:  People are afraid to even think about things that displease those in authority.  It becomes a 'blind faith' operation of the worst kind.  You could not even, regardless of the process or the outcome, question the process or the thinking behind it.

You accepted that it must be 'for what's best'.  It wasn't. It was for the protection and enrichment of a select few. It was ours and they took it all. 

We were stampeded into World Wars.  Wars that could have been prevented if people had not been so conditioned to follow the herd into stampeding over the edge of reason.  We pick out villains: Hitler comes to mind. Napoleon, Ivan the Terrible. 

All bad guys, without a doubt. But they would not have had the power to be bad guys had people, good people stood up and said "No". No to the fear, no to the bribes and NO to the wrong thinking. Armies of evil were built on people being unable to say "No."

And wars are profitable. If they were not profitable, we would not have them. You and I are going broke paying for them, but look who's getting wealthier by the minute. Let's have two endless wars going at the same time.  Double down.

Fear got us into Iraq.  People who maintain a voluntary level of ignorance still think that Iraq had anything to do with 9/11.  Iraq did not. Worse for us, Iran helped us AFTER 9/11 to locate and capture many of Al Qaeda.  So, now Iran is the enemy.  We need enemies.

Enemies generate fear.  Fear leads to mindless social stampeding and herding. Resources are usurped, wealth is created, and wars are good for business. Besides, keep killing, maiming and damaging our men and women, and they will be too busy chasing their own nightmares to ever think about questioning how we got here in the first place, much less, what can we, must we do, to get out of this cycle.  Wars are great.

If you are against war, why you are just plain "Unpatriotic".  Right up there with "Indian lover".  Wow, don't put me there, bro! Here! I'm wearing my flag pin. I'm one of you. Okay? Can I have my job now? Can I live in this neighborhood? Am I okay with you? I won't ask questions. Promise!

The fearful tell us over and over again that we have been kept safe since 9/11.  No, actually, we have not.  For one, 9/11 did not have to happen. It was avoidable. The real intelligence was shoved aside and ignored by the Bush Administration because they had a greater goal: Baghdad. Oil. But you could not stampede us into the heart of Baghdad without an event. Ignoring the warnings on Al Qaeda insured that an event would surely take place. And it did.

So, yes, we are "safer" in that another attack has not taken place since 9/11.  And the guy that created the event opening, promises to keep us safe from another attack and many want to call him a hero. You are unpatriotic if you think he is a criminal.

But let's take a look at what we have been robbed of, on behalf of 'what's best for us'.  The cost of gas alone, robs families of more than $300/mo.  It shows up at the pump, the cost of food, utilities, heating, medical, insurance.  Everything went up because of the cost of oil, alone!

We have lost our Rights.  The Patriotic Act (love that name! How could anyone vote against it and not be labeled a "Terrorist!"? Wow, it is just perfect!). People who do not understand Habeas Corpus think they don't need it anyway. It is the foundation of our justice system kids. Without it, you can be taken away, kept in an undisclosed location, indefinitely. You can be accused of being someone you are not, and or of having done something you never did and you are not allowed to even know what it is you are being charged with.  Does that sound like a 'Free Country' to you? Anyone in a position of privilege and power can have you put away, for their own benefit or amusement and you can't do anything about it. Nor will your family even know where you are.

Congress was stampeded into that one. Given it at the last minute, thousands of pages deep, voted on 10 minutes after it hit their desks. Everyone who's a patriot, raise your hand and say "Aye!". U-effing-nanimous! Gone. (Starting to get the idea of how it works in Indian Country? Seeing the similarities yet? Don't worry, you will!)

Soldiers are dying in defective armor and the manufacture of that armor gets an even bigger contract to make up for the defective under woven kevlar.  Tax dollars pay for that party, and all the blood you can stomach. 

But you can't even think about questioning the process, the system, so corrupt it kills our soldiers in a war created by deliberate lies. Media doesn't want to risk FCC hassles over their license to rent our airwaves by actually investigating something of substance that goes to the heart of the machine that is consuming us all.  TV NEWS is there only to drive consumers to products. Not to inform.

Recently, a journalist bemoaning the label of "gotcha journalism" which is the Republicans way of saying "We don't want to answer simple questions" finally, after the economic meltdown, delineated the series of events that never got serious or even any coverage, over the years, that led up to the markets crashing like badly stacked bottles when the earth shakes. He named each event, each regulation that got removed, laws passed that allowed more and more corruption to take hold.  Next to those events, he put the Big stories of that period, and the number of news cycles they rode during that time.  Know what our illustrious CNN, ABC, CBS and the rest of them were touting and spouting? Want to know what got coverage over and over again? Anna Nicole Smith, life and death, autopsy, Estate trial, Custody issues; Britney Spears, Britney without underpants, Britney shaving her head, Britney and her separation, divorce, custody, drug issues, breakdowns; Paris Hilton, where she went, what she wore, who she was with, how she drove without a license, got arrested, thrown in jail, released, re arrested, broke down in jail, wrote a diary in jail, got released from Jail; next, her former BFF, Nicole Ritchey, too skinny, arrested, 20 minutes in jail, pregnant, Back to Britney: her sister, pregnant, gonna get married...

And that is what they flooded the public airwaves with.  Whom did they serve? Behind that curtain of underage drinking, sex and stupidity, wave after wave of mindless 'celebrity driven' news cycles, we were being robbed of more than one trillion dollars.

Oh, and the war in Afghanistan? In case you have not yet heard, the prez of Afghanistan, as well as General Gates, who is running operations in the Middle East, have been, for the past 8 months, negotiating with the Taliban to share power. 

Remember 9/11? I know. Who could forget! It was awful! It was Al Qaeda and the Taliban that did that to us. We have been fighting and dying over in that sand for years. Our standing with other nations over things like 'lying about WMD', torture, 'rendition' (the kidnapping of civilians and putting them in countries that will torture them for us) as well as the tax dollars that could have built bridges, fixed roads, built schools, hospitals, invested in rehab, housing for the homeless, saved lives, went into that war (which we don't dare question because that would be unpatriotic.  Flag pin anyone?), that Taliban, that Afghanistan, now cutting deals to be friends again.

Iran, after coming to our aid, being then called the enemy, clearly lined up in our sites as our next war (after all, peace is coming to Afghanistan as soon as they can get the Taliban back into the government), is labeled a 'terrorist' nation by our wise leaders.  Our leaders who have invested so much of our blood and treasures into the two ongoing wars in the Middle East, which remains so dangerous that any visit by any Head of State from the US or Britain, must sneak in, no announcement and wear body armor to protect life and limb.  However, when the prez from Iran comes for a visit, he is welcomed with a parade, and travels about in garb fitting the occasion, no armor necessary.

What have we done? What have we allowed to be done in our fear and ignorance, that made this upside down world that is so dangerous for us now? Why are we still afraid to think? Still afraid to question? Still feel so threatened by anyone that does think, does question, that we don't feel we are safe among our peers unless we spout terms like: "terrorist", or "unAmerican", "Traitor" or other isolating term that keeps us from knowing the truth that we so ineloquently, consistently, hide from ourselves?

At some point we have to stop mid-stampede and take a look at where we are and how we got here.  Tune out the barking dogs, ignore the distracts of sexual imagery marketing products we don't need, can't afford and which are probably unhealthy for us anyway, and just think.

Where are we? How did we get here? Why should I sign over another Trillion for those fat cats? Why is no one being investigated? Why is no one going to jail? Why is this just 'acceptable' as what we need to do to 'save our economy'?  Why don't we, instead, look at what we need to do to save our country?

I know a great place to start. It holds the keys to fragments of history that once you see them, understand them, you can deal with them.  Then we can start to see how much we have in common.  How much we have lost, collectively, and figure out how to get off this road to oblivion and disgrace, and onto the road of Unity and Peace, first within our own communities. Second, in the world around us.

Remember How It Started Here

We must stop being stampeded by our fear. We must not ignore what is being done in our name:  Torture. Murder. Nation building, which is a euphemism for "stealing the resources of people who can't fight back". 

It's a pattern used time and time again, at home and abroad, to accomplish the same ultimate end: The wealthy get it all, the rest of us are not allowed to question, dare not to think too long, lest we hit that danger zone wherein we become the enemy and our peers shun us, and we are isolated and discredited while the machine rolls over indigenous people, who just got in the way. 

Fears Gone By

Yes, it is bad.  As bad as in Gramma's day? Maybe. But better in some. We can watch the crash on TV (until the TV Station goes off the air; or the cable bill isn't paid, or some half-crazed cat burglar comes through and takes all our possessions to sell on Craig's List).  Today's fear is no different than the way fear was used to divide us, herd us, in the past.

This time, it is all our money, and we must now borrow the money they are going to steal from us.

We have to put this in perspective: It's the really rich who are scared.  They don't know how to survive on less than a million dollars.  They don't know how to be anything except extremely wealthy. They can't survive on just moderate wealth. They are not like us. They always say they are not like us or that we are not like them. Somehow, that is supposed to make them feel like they are superior.  I say, let them eat equality. Let them learn how to be 'like us', "of us" and "among us".

We can survive.  We are stronger for it. We should not 'co depend' their addiction to obscene wealth any longer. That is not helping them to grow in the ways they need to grow. We are hurting them by giving them a Trillion dollars.

Almost everyone we know, can survive on very little. Because we have been surviving, essentially, on the scraps of this economy for decades now.

We know what it is like to live in a really scary neighborhood.  We know what it is like to go hungry.  They don't.  They are really scared.

So, in order to change the balance of fear, they do all they can, to project that fear on us.  All of us.

Because they don't want us to think, only to react. That is how cattle and sheep are herded.  You send the dogs barking on one side, and the hooves all beat for the other direction, thinking they will be 'safer'. 

TV reporters, at this point, just barking dogs. They have no clue about the economy. They put 'experts' on to explain it to us. Somehow, watching Suze Orman on AC360, wearing a designer space suit, talking to me to explain what I need to do with my portfolio, which may or may not have any cash value at this point, really didn't hit any high notes with me.  I turned it off.  I don't have a portfolio.  I can barely get through a week without shaking down my furniture for spare change.

The Balance of Fear must be maintained.  If the very wealthy are scared, they might lose control over us.  So they have to make sure we are as scared as they are.  To accomplish this, they show us the rich people who are scared.  Money men looking distressed.

As if that Trillion we just gave them wasn't enough, and now, because they are afraid, we should be afraid? Hah! If a Trillion is not enough to make them feel better, then the thing is broke. Let it fall down and we build something else.

Yeah, I know, "invaders" will come in and take over our country.  We need to stick together now and all give another Trillion to the billionaires.  Right. First off, no one invades a country with 300 million hungry, angry people in it, many of whom own guns.  That is not how a country is taken over.

You don't invade and take over a country that you then have to feed and medicate.  Not in the 300 million range. Too awkward. Too time consuming.

No, you take over a country by making it borrow from you, and then you foreclose on everything that is theirs: Resources; timber, minerals, oil, uranium, precious metals, water and airwaves.   You then structure the collapse of the market by artificially driving up prices, de-regulating (which is code for 'removing the laws that protect the people') and then you pull everything out, just like a rug.

Everything goes up in the air, everyone scrambles, and junk stocks land everywhere. Pretty amusing. But wait, it gets better. Threaten that if the TAXPAYERS don't give up a Trillion dollars, RIGHT NOW, things will get worse.  I was amazed at how many congressmen actually voted for the Trillion debacle because Bush and Cheney, typical of how they got us into Iraq, threatened that far worse things could and would surely happen by the following Monday.  "Markets could collapse and we will have to impose Martial Law" (which means, btw, no elections.  No new prez.). 

Martial Law? Are you kidding me? Are the stockbrokers going to riot in their shiny Italian shoes? Risk those silk suits on a messy door-to-door riot?

Or is it us 'poor folk' who will go crazy because ... because.. I dunno.  Perhaps because we are mimicking the distress seen on the faces of wall street wizards that have lost their dreams, as the line plunges below the electronic kiosk and goes underground?

I know. Stores won't have what we need.  Yeah, riot over that. Trust me, we will, all of us, somehow, get by.  And if the whole thing drops into the soup, so be it.  Let the formerly very wealthy who are down to their last million worry about where their next million is coming from. We have all we can handle by worrying about next months rent, and we have gotten used to that.

The poor will not riot.  The wealthy are too lazy to riot. So, martial law, I don't think so.

The McCain campaign has been trying to capitalize on the fear being drummed up out there. People get scared, they get mean.  His 'rallies' have become lynch mobs, and he has fed on that as his Last Hurrah. He and his empty-headed Fembot sidekick, stir up race hatred (Shouts of "Terrorist!" and "Off with his head!" and "Kill Him!" to which Palin actually responded: "Bless your heart") and play on the fears of the deliberately undereducated, in a shameless fear mongering campaign that has led not Republicans to reject their Standard Bearer, admonish him in publications, and fear for their own futures as well as their own political futures, two different things.  Republicans have gone from being branded the upper class and educated segments, to the radical, hate-mongering, under-educated NASCAR Beer guzzlers who had been buying into his falsely connecting and accusing Barrack Obama of 'paling around with Terrorists' (nice to have a racist term you can fling around, isn't it?), to the point that they are ready to stampede, not only to vote, but to do violence to Obama, his family, or to any other person that resembles him in color or the false conception that he is also a Muslim and an Arab)

These race baiting frenzies have reached a pitch that has disgraced our nation, and given pause to anyone that previously believed he was a man of honor, or that he put Country First.  Clearly, by whipping up the mobs, inciting the hatred of a man for his color, or for the false notions of him being either Arab or Muslim, also alienates more of the world who have among their number: People of color, Muslims and Arabs.

McCain knows he is wrong. He knows he is losing. He does this shameless pandering for attention. An old pathetic man, unable to cope with the changes that are about to come to our nation.  A man of integrity, upon which, McCain has broken his own image or illusion of honor and permanently damaged the brand of Republican, Conservative, and in too many corners of the world, American.

Oh yeah, now, after being warned that the violence to come will be laid at the feet of his campaign, he is trying, desperately, futilely, to turn it around and undo the harm, the lies, and the racist inflammatory rhetoric. 

And now, the mob that he and his Bimbo side-kick have whipped up into a frenzy of race hatred, fear of 'Terrorists", turns on him.  They boo him. He has lost the lunatic fringe. His side-kick, still wallowing in the rush of mob mentality, will not be stopped.  Her past is catching up to her. Her time in the light is over. Her lies coming out of those dark places where she and those amazing handlers of hers, who thought putting in an airhead who could memorize a statement for an hour and then completely forget the content, would put them in power for another four years, still want more. 

This thing won't end pretty. McCain has disgraced himself and now, he has nothing left.  His rantings are debunked, and his wild-eyed feasting on the mob anger, has left him empty and scared. 

The lunatics will find some event to vent at.  WWE, NASCAR, Dog fights, cock fights, all things they base their manhood on, and their Patriotism on, will be at hand.

They won't change.  They don't want to. No one can 'make' them.

And those who read this blog and think that voting for a Black Man is the worst thing in the world, I want you to take a real good look at where the last White Man you voted for put you.  If you vote on race or color, you vote to destroy your nation.

If you vote to install the one person who has the education, the intelligence to lead us out of the worst downturn in our nations history, economically, in two ongoing wars, in an unsettled world where our standing has become a joke because of our own self-destructive stupidity; if you vote for the one person that can and will, work to restore our nation to respect in this world, you will vote for Barrack Obama.

If you believe, wrongly, that we can bully other nations, invade and attack anyone that disagrees with us, and that somehow, shouting and stomping, race baiting and threatening is how we regain the respect of nations that have lost respect for us, then you are too broken to fix.

And if you are willing to break this nation beyond repair with your ignorant race hatred, go ahead.  I can't stop you.  But don't call yourself a Patriot. Don't call yourself Right. You are neither.

Better stock up on those flag pins.  It's how we identify the good ones. Right?

Fear Not

Maybe the economy submerging, maybe our being robbed outright, is what we have needed to be able to see ourselves in this light, more clearly. And to see those around us, more clearly.

Maybe this is what we need, for people to come together.  People to work for the sake of all of us, and not for the sole purpose of propping up false idols of success, in this country that has allowed the shame of homelessness become common place. Let the wealthy fend for themselves and do not give them one more dime of my money. If I can live within my means, and must live within the scope of my financial genius, then so can they.

It just might be incentive enough that instead of promoting and protecting the corrupt in high office, we might get a government that has our best interests at heart and practices real democracy. 

All that is happening now, and it is loud and scary, is the very powerful are losing their balance(s) and contemplating life without luxury.  And they are terrified.

You and I, we will be just fine.  We already know how to get along.  And we know who our real friends are.

For those who were always overly impressed with the trappings of ostentatious wealth, you will need another god to worship. 

I am sure that those who have had the helm all this time, and who have been writing the rules that ruled out the common man, will find a way to cannibalize one another and survival of the fittest, smartest, and best among them will prevail.  We'll deal with that one later. The rest won't be missed.

Next Blog: Arlo Looking Cloud. How Fear makes injustice possible.

You know where to find me.



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October 5, 2008 --(Printer Version)10
Blood Quantum Physics

"Physic" used to be an old-timey word for Bromo Seltzer, or other anti-acid (ant acid?) remedy for what ails the gut.  Sometimes, whatever the glutton consumed was just too much and a simple physic could not undo the harm done by the consumer who had, quite frankly, swallowed too much.

The appetite seemed not to be based on what was needed, or wanted, but what was available.  If bad food (or food that was bad for you) was all that was available, you ate it, and relied on the 'physic' to somehow make it all stay down, quietly.

Blood Quantum "science" in Indian Country is one of those things that that, even though it often was the only thing around, should never have been swallowed.  It is the worst form of genocide.  It's the kind where people take of up the cause of racism and go after their own citizens, claiming this or that one doesn't have enough of this or that blood, as dictated by the racist government policies that created the rating system by which Indians self-exterminate.

Government continues to enforce and support Blood Quantum Mechanics to disqualify people from having a part of their own heritage, a voice in their own communities.  Someone who has parents that are from two or more tribes is considered less than 1/8 of any particular tribe, even though their actual bloodlines, for a thousand years, are all Indians, they are 'statistically disqualified'. 

Again I say this: The only way to maintain enough 'blood quantum' to qualify as a member of your own tribe, following the rules set out by the government, is to commit to rampant, multi-generational incest.  Inbreeding brings its own kind of extinction. This is not winnable for Indian People.

The rules regarding Blood Quantum, and the status or non-status that brings, as well as the convoluted rules that apply as to what makes who an Indian and when and where, were designed to defeat Indian people and prevent them from even wanting to come together.  It was designed to make Indians hate Indians as well as the other races; essentially, isolating themselves, weakening themselves, destroying themselves.

That is the sole purpose behind the fake science of 'blood quantum'.  I have to say that the Nazis learned this one from us because we did it first.  The 'rules' were made so baffling as to be almost impossible to understand, let alone overcome. That's just the way the government likes it. Based on fake science, but enduring.

This complex maze of rules, and what qualifies one to be this or that, has finally come to bite the hand that has been poisoning it in the case of John Graham.  He is accused by the FBI, of being one of the people that killed Anna May Aquash 30 years ago. Now, I do not know if he is guilty or not.  But I do know that the FBI has NO credibility left after the way it has pursued fabricating 'facts', used false science (bullet lead content, for one), and terrorism to conjure up witness testimony from people who were either never at the scene, or never knew the accused or the victim for that matter, over and over again to get convictions that were 'slam dunks'.

I would not believe any evidence presented by FBI in Indian Country as relates to any of the cases I know, and we all know, they lied through their teeth.  At the time they were doing all this, and indeed, up until present day, it did not matter that the courts were aware of the lies, and the judges and the US Attorney Generals of such low esteem as Lynn Crooks and Dennis Fisher (aka: "Sticky Fingers") all knew that the prosecution was presenting lies.  It did not matter because the only people getting hurt by this were "Indians".  Didn't matter that those known to be innocent were falsely accused and wrongly convicted, from the famous Leonard Peltier, to the lesser known cases, such as Richard LaFuente, (convicted, ironically, by the same team that convicted Leonard) for killing Leonard's cousin, Eddie.

It did not matter that the innocent were imprisoned and the guilty were and remain free.  Government got its way, in Indian Country, always---until last week.

Here comes the Anna May Aquash murder again.  And it comes at a time when people will pay more attention, and be able to look into it even more closely.  People might even be interested in what happened then and what happens now.  John Graham's trial, and the murder of Anna May, actually made the New York Times pages. 

Not so much for the case back then, but for the case now.  You see, John Graham is also an Indian.  Anna May was an Indian.  But neither of them was an Indian from HERE.  Rather, they were both Indians from Canada (different parts, mind you) and therefore, under the complex rules that were designed to prevent Indians from uniting together to seek justice or make claims, the government finds itself at odds with itself.

The Judge in the Graham Case, last week, threw out the case as the government had no jurisdiction, according to their own rules! Of course, within an hour, the prosecution promptly filed an appeal of that ruling and the man has to stay in prison until the prosecution can prove that they even had the jurisdiction over the case to arrest him!

Wow, just like the old days, eh boys? If you win, Indians lose. If Indians win, Indians lose. Some things never change.

Now, here's the problem for the FBI and the rest of them:  They have a man locked up that they probably, according to their own rules, have no jurisdiction over.  That goes down a lot of legal rabbit holes in the near future.  His capture and being taken into custody can be considered, among other things, kidnapping, false imprisonment, false arrest, and any number of other abuses.

They can't just let him go.  They made a big deal out of this.  Like I said, I do not know the man and have no clue as to his innocence or guilt. I just know that the people that say he is guilty have no credibility, and are now in a quandary.

The old case, where a conviction was gained by illegal and immoral tactics, has somewhat surfaced in the MSM (Main Stream Media) and that in turn can put it in the minds of a greater population.  That in turn (follow these turns, you will get dizzy, but you will see more clearly.  Here, hold onto the chair)... that in turn means they will look like fools and morons for arresting him and attempting to try him without covering those bases (Good ol' days are gone boys.  You may actually have to follow the rules this time); they will also look weak and worthless if they have to let him go because they botched it so bad.

Either way, it brings up questions as to the behavior and actions by the Government.  If it brings up questions on this case, it cannot help but reflect on the other cases to which it is related.  If this one comes undone, it could pull away the curtains of deceit, fraud and worse that were practiced in the previous cases.

There is a palpable tension in the USAG's offices these days, surrounding this case.  Credibility already crumbling around this case, could reveal more and worse wrong doing over the years by people who, at the time, gained fame, fortune, political clout, prestige... all based on lies.  Lies that convicted the innocent, protected the guilty, and betrayed all of us who trusted our Justice System, not so much to be perfect, but to absolutely not shame us with corruption.

All of that can come up now. Old cases looked at in new light. Corruption exposed? Careers based on corruption exposed? Oh, I bet they are passing physics around the offices like halloween candy these days.

Like OJ

They could have quit while they were ahead.  They didn't care who murdered the FBI agents, as long as they could use their deaths to defeat one of the few times in modern history when Indians were uniting. As long as they could defeat AIM, it didn't matter if they knew that the people they accused were innocent, as long as they could make them guilty.

And they got away with it. They lost on the first case because the judge was not corrupt and would not play the fool for them.  Judge Benson, on the other hand, was there to help his buddies redeem themselves by giving a kangaroo court style trial to Leonard Peltier, with the help from his Masonic Lodge Buddies.  Benson is in the ground now, but his buds are still, like turds that circle the porcelain, but won't flush completely, still floating around.

The Anna May Aquash part of the murders just would not stay quiet.  The FBI wants to do housecleaning. They have to pin her murder on someone.  They want that case closed. Murders in Indian Country are always closed without investigation, thousands a year.  Anna May's was more high profile because the government had made this big deal about convicting Leonard Peltier.  Therefore, anything connected with that case, becomes more high profile.

Now, remember: The FBI and their stellar Medical Examiner, originally tried to say that she had wandered off and died of exposure.  He had ignored the signs that her hands had been tied behind her back. And, oh yeah, the bullet in the back of her head. 

All these years, and the questions kept coming up. The government actually was uncomfortable and felt that the 'unclosed' case, left open the possibility that a cold case investigation could possibly open up too many files. Files that would shed a different light on her murder, the murder of the FBI agents, and might reveal that they always knew who the killers were in those cases, because they were informants who did the bidding of the FBI by infiltrating the AIM movement, and creating problems which would then give cause for the arrest of its members.

All that could have happened.  Someday it probably will. This is why they never perform autopsies on Indians.  It is not a 'cultural' thing.  It is a way to keep the numbers on Homicides a fraction of their true weight.

So, to make sure that Leonard Peltier stays in prison, rots in fact, and to make certain that history never uncovers the truth, another fall guy had to be found, made guilty, and locked up and forgotten.  They want everyone to forget.  That is their only hope for cover at this point.  Everyone forget.

That is why you never hear of the major crimes, regardless of how large, how encompassing of all features that 'news' is supposed to inform us, you never hear a peep about Indian Country doings in the MSM.

(Note: Lambert, a Sr. Writer for the NYT did a story on the SMC plant raid that exposed the deliberate and dangerous 'under weaving' of the kevlar that was supposed to protect our troops; the company getting, even as it admitted guilt, an even larger contract to make up for the defective material: And he was abruptly 'laid off'  What happens in Indian Country "Never happened, got it?" as they say.)

But Anna May, just would not stay down.  The ultimate loose end. Annoying the corrupt.  Like floss stuck between their teeth. Like a splinter in their ass. Like an ingrown hair... well, they just could not get comfy.

They managed to create a story, and again, no way of knowing if it is true or not as it relies solely on the same FBI tactics that fabricate science, falsify evidence, and terrorize witnesses, to secure a conviction.  With all those old toys back out of the box again, they managed to get a conviction of a man who was supposedly involved in Anna May's murder. 

And of course, to back it up, as they like to do, they created an accomplice or two. That just makes it more believable.  Just like in the Murder of Eddie Peltier, they had to keep getting accomplices in order to make it look believable to anyone that did not know the rez; splicing together as friends and party goers, people who hated each other, were feuding with each other, would never have socialized together, or didn't even know each other.  

From that pile of poop, they created suspects and from that they created informants, and from that witnesses.  That is how they 'backed up' their case. Lies, more lies, and more lies.  It's what they do.

No different in the case that preceded Graham's.  They got a conviction.  But in order to 'back it up' they created a name of someone that for them, may be the undoing of their entire premise, their entire case, and the total unraveling of the Leonard Peltier conviction.

And it happened because of the government's own rules about Blood Quantum, status, etc. 

Oh, and it looks like they got unlucky and drew a judge that was not indebted to them, was not dazzled. Some say he was not even mildly impressed with their less than stellar composition of a case.

I bet right now, like OJ, they probably are wishing they had just not pushed their luck that one more step.

OJ, in attempting to hide his treasures from the father of Ron Goldman, played a dicey game with people he owed money to, as well as those who had about the same level of scruples as he did.  And, to prove he had the bigger dick, instead of just swallowing his pride and letting it go, he went after them in person, to let them know who was the boss around town.

And now he is guilty.  14 counts guilty. He can spend 5 to life in prison for that level of ego play.  That last play on his part; overkill. 

Symbolic Coincidence

I believe that we are given information all the time.  That we but need to pay attention to what is going on around us and how some events seem to reflect other, perhaps unrelated events, giving a sense of 'trend' to the whole picture.

OJ was found guilty. Not of murder, but of kidnapping, armed robbery.  But it related to the murder he got away with, way back.  The two are connected in that he had gotten away with murder and he wanted to get away without paying the judgment that was awarded to the family of one of his victims. He ended up being his own undoing.  He ended up right in the very spot he had been running away from since the night of the murder.  He ran himself in a circle and didn't even see it coming.

I look at John Graham's case. Guilty or innocent not the thing at play here.  What is at play is the case of Leonard Peltier, Anna May Aquash, being brought to the fore again.  As if the ghosts will not rest. As if their spirits are pushing in from all sides, disquieting the corrupt in their ivory towers, and forcing them, despite themselves, into the light of Justice once again.

And this time, having gone after that one conviction too many, they have cornered themselves.  No matter what they do regarding this case, from now on, it is coming undone.  A thread from the lies woven back more than 30 years ago, has been, by their own hand, unraveling.  I bet they can feel the breeze on their butts as they read this.

Newer players coming in where older players left ruins.  Too many new guys to bring into the fold and not enough time to indoctrinate them and make them 'safe'.  Someone might see the political trend towards integrity and decide to do the right thing.

Now, what do you do if someone in the USAG office decides to do the right thing? Do you kill him or her? Do you try to reassign them (apparently that doesn't work as well as Bush would like)? Do you discredit them and risk that backfiring and opening up more questions?

The problem this time around is, for the lack of a better word: polymorphic.  It is occurring in many instances, not all of which, or even most of which, can be controlled.

It is happening in an age and at a time when people are more aware, more skeptical, harder to fool (except for McCain voters who are committed to fooling themselves).  Overall, people do not buy the old pat stories, and are less susceptible to the stereotypes of racism.  They might, just might, this time, not accept the lies.

And we have better science these days, better advocates.  And we have an entire country that is angry about being lied to by government.  This could snowball.  Things have a way of snowballing these days.


Having gotten away with murdering Anna, gotten away with convicting the innocent, there was that chronic discomfort nonetheless, in the Great Hall of Justice.  The splinter, the ingrown, whatever.  They were, despite their controlling all the levers of laws, government and public perception, unable to rest easy.  They were squirmy to one degree or another.  Most creatures that live under rocks tend to squirm deeper and deeper when they fear the light might be getting too close.  It was that kind of squirmy.

It was deep inside them.  It was not their conscience, for they had long ago shed that for their fame and career.  It was their soul.  The one they sold to the devil, over and over again, with their lies and corruption. Yet it was always squirming in discomfort. 

To ease that mild discomfort they boldly, stupidly, pursued to further their crimes along the same lines as they had begun it 30 years ago.  Had they only been willing to accept that growing discomfort and take it to their grave, events might have played out differently.

But that is what happens when people seek to control other people.  That is what happens because, while they are out trying to control every guess, every perception, ever move made in their direction, they lose control over themselves, and make really dumb moves.

Hence, John Graham's case is thrown out of court.  Foolishly they pursued him.  Now, they have no choice but to continue their own train wreck, undoing themselves by their own rules; one of the most basic of which is Blood Quantum.

The Universal Law of Perfect Balance

Karma, as I define it, and perhaps as others also define it: Is the Universal Law of Perfect Balance.  It does not, as we have seen, always move swiftly (See: 'Instant Karma', next to "Instant Oatmeal"). But it never stands still.  The Universe is constantly in motion, and all within it, therefore, in motion.

Basic Law of Physics: Every action creates an equal and opposite reaction. 

One of my favorite laws applies to momentum: "A body in motion tends to stay in motion."

As long as we keep remembering, keep talking, keep learning and keep working to come together, we are, by all the laws of Physics and the Universe, unstoppable. 

Those who practice darkness, practice what can be undone with a single light.  That single light is in each one of us. We are all capable, in ways small and large, individually and collectively, of ending the rule of darkness.

Even as those who practice against us end up undoing their own protection, and being revealed for their corrupt and evil ways, are already coming undone; both by our continuing to stay in motion, and their own discomfort.

By the way, if you see Lynn Crooks, Dennis Fisher or any of the rest of them, offer them the laws of physics.  Remember: Physics settle the nervous stomach. I'm sure there is plenty of that going around.


Being vigilant is not the same as being a vigilante.  Being vigilant is being aware and ready to make the next move when the opportunity presents.  Being a vigilante is to use violence against those who create violence. They win because we become what they are.

Being vigilant requires that we remember who and what we are, and why we are doing what we do.

We pay attention to the clues provided in our environment, be that on the news, at the ballot box, or in nature that surrounds us, feeds us, nurtures us, and which, in the last, will embrace our remains. 

Notice the trends in events, and do our part to keep the wheels of honor, of Truth and Justice turning in the right direction. 

Being vigilant sometimes means we have to look within, and see what it is that has held us back in the past and what is holding us back now, and make the changes we know we must make for the reasons we know we must make them. 

It is a known thing. It is known in each of us, what it is we must do in that equation of Perfect Balance, to find ourselves in the comfort of integrity, decency, knowing we have, regardless of how it turns out for us, done the right thing.

Those who fail to do the right thing experience the discomforts of their spirit, their soul, squirming under the rocks of their corruption.

We owe it to ourselves to remember that we owe it to our children. That is the wheel that is still turning.

Comfort In The Darkness

Those who have, for so long, sought comfort in the darkness are beginning to realize that the darkness they created, and utilized to hide themselves, was achieved by extinguishing the one light that could have saved them in this world and the next.

It's like the story of the dragon who sat atop a mountain of jewels, selfishly, greedily, collecting each and every one of them.  Stealing them from children, from the land, from the Elders and from every corner he could reach.  Each jewel he stole took the light from that person, that place, and left darkness in every corner of the land.  Each jewel he kept, gave him the power to keep himself safe in the dark caves where he hid.

And now, he had almost all the jewels and he craved to have them all.  He needed to have them all.  A single ruby tumbled off the pile and rolled down the mountain.  The dragon, fearing he would lose that one, that it would be out of his control, chased after it.  His heavy steps shaking the ground, causing more and more jewels to tumble and roll away.  Madly, frantically, he chased after them all, fearing that one or more would escape. 

The faster and harder he moved, the more the ground shook, and the more he bumped into the mountain of jewels, and the more they scattered. 

In the end, he had managed to clutch one single jewel in his claws.  Too late did he realize that the momentum of his fury and flight had led him down steeper and steeper terrain.  Now, ahead, he could see the cliff over which he would fall, but he was unable to stop his own running, falling and tumbling and over he went.  The jewels scattered across the lands and into the waters, never again to be collected in one place ever again.

The people, and the creatures of the lands and the waters, one by one, found the jewel that best fit in their one pocket, and they were happy.  They knew they had exactly what they needed to be able to have all that they wanted in their lives.  They knew that they could all come together, and create with their unity, the light, the songs and he energy of peace in their lands.

And each jewel was passed, from father/mother to child.  Never again would the land know darkness. At least never, as long as they were vigilant and protected what was theirs in a way that made it so everyone could help one another, protect what was theirs, and what would be left to their children.

It's kind of like that within the realm of Indian Country lately.  Corruption at the Dept. of Interior being exposed.  Billions of dollars in resources stolen from a country that now sees that we are all being robbed in the same way as the Indians have been robbed all these years.  Robbed by the government, the Justice Department and our own 'leaders' who laugh at the wake of destruction, wars, and debts they drag us through.

Elements of power, that we have all been robbed of, no longer hidden, but falling into the light of day, everywhere.  The more they try to put a lid on all of it, hide it from us, the more they expose who they really are.  There are disillusionments to be contended with, that is for sure.  But the truth only hurts us if we try to twist it back into the lies that kept it from us, all this time.

Denial hurts. Truth heals.

We are all Indians now. And the sooner we recognize that and ignore the blood quantum laws of extermination, the sooner we can come together to repair, rebuild all that is left, and heal ourselves, our country, our land, in the process.

I see the wheels have never stopped turning. And those who thought they could control them, rode them all the way to the top, and are now unable to stop the momentum of their own folly, going to be run over by the wheels they thought they controlled. 

We are all Indians, and our time is coming. Be vigilant. Be ready. Be willing. Be brave. The Children are watching.

You know where to find me.


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